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What Should Short People Wear?

dotoridotori Posts: 1,634Friend of Soompi


i am wondering what kind of things short people wear to make them seem taller?
like in reference to color, length, patterns, etc.
i am really short (not fat) so I wonder what would make me look taller?
besides highheeled shoes *O*



  • eunhee_lemonadeeunhee_lemonade Posts: 976Member
    edited July 2007
    Zac Posen, the designer, has said that mini skirts are wonderful for short people (like me!)
    But I really don't think it matters <333
    Short is cute !!

    And don't wear ankle boots with .. skirts/shorts/pants that don't go all the way down.
    I honestly think that peasant skirts overwhelm ANYONE.
    And capris/shorts that are above your knee. image
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  • NightmareNightmare MerdePosts: 929Member
    edited July 2007
    For pants, make sure they're not too wide. Cropped pants generally make you look short, but it depends on how your legs are. If you're going to wear shorts, wear short shorts. Pants with up/down stripes will definitely elongate your legs. Pointy shoes will make you look taller, too. If you have thick legs, I recommend avoiding almond/rounded shoes and go for more pointy/squared shoes. For shirts, go for empire waist. Or whatever lifts the waist and makes you look leaner and longer. Since most shirt aren't made for petite body, I don't recommend buying any shirt with the waist already design onto the top -like a shirt with a belt or band around the waist. Most likely it'll make your look shorter. I hope those tips help, because it varies on body type, too.
  • bluesky19bluesky19 east coastPosts: 1,560Member
    yes, shorter length skirts & shorts can make you look a bit taller~
    cropped pants will make you look shorter.
  • MoiraEllaMoiraElla Posts: 1,812Member
    skinny jeans look good on short people only if youre skinny though. makes their legs look longer image
  • pockiieexpockiieex Posts: 82Member
    hmm, maybe try long tunics/tops.
    i've tried it, and people think i am taller(:
  • hippiehophippiehop I miss the sound of your voice... AtlantaPosts: 6,193Member
    edited July 2007
    pants that fit at your waist. NO LOW RISE. and NO LONG SHIRTS. They both make your legs look SHORTER and LENGTHENS your torso.

    I learn about that all the time on "What Not To Wear" - the TV show.
  • Green_LuverGreen_Luver Posts: 61Member
    I'm about to say mini skirt with highheels... weel I have no ideas cuz that wut I always do...wear highheels all the time... I'm 5'1...don't ask me if it hurts... I get use to it! -____-
  • situponatree*situponatree* bloop bloop. where it&#39;s always 2PM&lt;3Posts: 2,486Member


    vertical stripes. haha.

    you're beautiful
  • beautiful__liarbeautiful__liar Posts: 297Member
    No tops that go below ur butt. My short friend did this once and it killed me.
    Wear jeans that fit your waist. Low rise can make your legs seem shorter due to the butt area.
    Wear capris that up to the knee.
    Never wear anything that goes only up to your ankles.
    Wear knee-length boots.
    Oh, and heels can do wonders.<3
  • love_pixielove_pixie CAPosts: 1,294Friend of Soompi
    edited July 2007
    ehhhh i really don't know anyone who's short, but i think short shorts and skirts should do the trick.

    stay away from the long shirts/tops/tanks, the sort.
  • twinkle_l0vetwinkle_l0ve Sydney, AUSTRALIAPosts: 10,190Member


    ankle boots and i think also flats are a no no.
    though i love flats image
  • sonujungsonujung PhiladelphiaPosts: 269Member


    i don't know what you should wear to look taller but never wear skirts with leggings, long shirts, boots, shorts with high top converse chucks, and thick belts. also, when you're going to show your legs, don't wear high socks.
  • pockiieexpockiieex Posts: 82Member
    QUOTE(hippiehop @ Jul 1 2007, 02:56 PM) »
    pants that fit at your waist. NO LOW RISE. and NO LONG SHIRTS. They both make your legs look SHORTER and LENGTHENS your torso.

    I learn about that all the time on "What Not To Wear" - the TV show.

    image really?
    people must've been lying to me then T____T
  • eternal.happinesseternal.happiness SUPERsweetLOVE ? TORONTO &#9829;Posts: 4,243Friend of Soompi


    Skinny jeans are definitely a plus for short people.

    Honestly, low rise pants do not necessarily make you look shorter if you're already short.
    It really depends on the cut/style/look of the denim >.<
    And also, it depends what you wear with low rise pants.

    Skirts is another plus for short people.
    But not extremely long skirts because that'll make you look just weird o_o
    Shirt wise, tunics/tops in general do not look bad on short people.
    But it depends how you wear it and match it with your whole outfit.
    For example, if you wear a pair of skinnies than you can match it with a tunic [any colour] than add a belt on it ^^
    Wearing them with heels would not make you look short, and that is basically what I am getting at.

    IF you know how to coordinate colours/length/overall look you should be fine :]
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  • justaddcloudsjustaddclouds Boston, MAPosts: 3,389Member
    i so belong in here.. haha yayy short people!
    thanks for the tips everyyonee

    skinny jeans make you look taller? saaawweeeet!! i love`m
  • hesaid143hesaid143 San Jose, CAPosts: 2,327Member
    bright colored bottoms ? image It makes sense. Basically anythign to emphasize your legs. HEELS! haha
    materialistic? -- almost.
  • L0VE_LYNNAL0VE_LYNNA Posts: 276Member
    to make you look taller? lol i dunno usually short people wear heels to make them look taller but otherwise... short people can wear anything. just buy pants in short or oyu might have to roll it up.

  • PYRITEPYRITE Posts: 15,216Friend of Soompi


    perhaps, more skirts, less pants? image
  • tahweesuhtahweesuh texas =)Posts: 729Friend of Soompi
    QUOTE(pockiieex @ Jul 1 2007, 09:55 PM) »
    image really?
    people must've been lying to me then T____T

    actually ann.. i never thought tunic tops made you look taller LOL. =) off topic i know.

    i think what makes people look taller is wearing skinny jeans.. especially with skinny legs, like said above ^^;; it just.. makes legs look more elongated.

    which is why im in search of the perfect skinny jeans now. image
  • Saebin :DSaebin :D 아직도 너를 원해! 싱가포르Posts: 2,231Member
    rofl. im short,and i always wear low rise jeans but with long tops to cover. o_O or i wear 3/4pants/cropped pants.
    & i dont wear skirts (not to mention SHORT mini skirts! o.O) or shorts etc

    So.. wth i am doing all the wrong things ahahhaa

    and im only like 145cm . 14 years old image

    im the shortest soompier here. helloooo~
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