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Does Anyone Have This Weird Bump In The Middle Of Your Nose?

~koe*no*sainou~~koe*no*sainou~ RIPosts: 1,777Member
edited June 2007 in beauty & fashion
like a bone or something? O.o; how do you get rid of it?
hmm...besides plastic surgery, is there anyway to get of this bone thing in the middle of your nose? where the bridge is? not sure if anyone knows what im talking about...ill post up a pic.


look at the top half of my nose...theres that random bump there T.T how do i fix this? =[ is there some kinda injection i can do?
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  • cyberfruitcyberfruit Mythbuster! Ft.Bend County ---> (soon to be) Arlington, TxPosts: 5,338Member
    Are you asking if people have a Roman nose?

    If so, then yes, I do but I have learned to embrace it. You're better off embracing your nose than worrying about fixing it.
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  • mistresstigressmistresstigress Posts: 1,743Member
    edited June 2007
    That gives you a lift to your nose structure, I don't see what's bad about that hun. ^ ^
  • ~koe*no*sainou~~koe*no*sainou~ RIPosts: 1,777Member
    edited June 2007
    yea that!!! roman nose...but the thing is, its nto like i was born with it or anything..i think i got hit in the nose with a frisbee when i was little >.<;; and i had this habit of pinching my nose (umm...i had a REALLY flat nose and by pinching it, my nose rose [lmao that rhymed] and got taller...but the bone got there too =[)

    and i dunno...its been bothering me lately =[

    That gives you a lift to your nose structure, I don't see what's bad about that hun. ^ ^

    u mean without it, id have a flat nose? =/
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    Height: 5'1" HW: 147 CW: 125 GW: 105 UGW: 90
  • xserenexserene Southern CaliforniaPosts: 793Member


    yeah, i have it too, but its very slight.
    its not exactly bad, but a straight nose is more attractive
  • iisandyx3iisandyx3 NYCPosts: 5,729Member
    hmm i have that too... a little bump on my nose

  • mistresstigressmistresstigress Posts: 1,743Member
    edited June 2007
    u mean without it, id have a flat nose? =/

    Nah what I'm saying is it's better to have a lift there than the other way around, of course in my view. I know a friend that had a flat nose before but something hit her really terribly on the nose (not just once like three times) and got a little bump there and now she has a lift and it's not flat anymore. She look much more attractive since her nose appeals a bit more. Bleh every noses are beautiful don't take me wrong now, I'm saying that it really depends on your face structure and as for your look perfect with it. I'm guessing that most people have a slight lift there, no? I've always thought that.
  • xl0v3juicyxl0v3juicy DOLLFACE~ Posts: 3,205Member
    I have it... I just noticed it a few months ago o_o. It's barely noticable though. I was pretty unhappy with my nose... until I learned to accept it tongue.gif.
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  • deportedkoreandeportedkorean Kelie C. Honolulu, HawaiiPosts: 4,528Friend of Soompi


    its bone, you cant get rid of it besides shaving it off (surgery).
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  • RosechimeRosechime !@#$%^&*()_+;',. +.:*My Dreamworld*:.+Posts: 1,647Member
    edited June 2007
    Isn't there a pain-free injection for bumps on noses? I don't know, I don't have much info about it, my mind is probably b.s'ing.

    Well, I do agree with cyberfruit. Just learn to embrace it, besides, once you do you'll feel so good about yourself; but do whatever you want, it's your life, but I'd say that bump on your nose makes you unique. There's nothing wrong with it.
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  • calcal Posts: 216Friend of Soompi
    Can't help about the nose, but I'm surprised about the comments about how the nose is so suceptible to change--I never believed that pinching your nose would be able to make it higher. It just seems like it would take a LOT of force to change your face.
  • mistresstigressmistresstigress Posts: 1,743Member
    edited June 2007
    ^ I know I thought that too, but my friend got hit more than once at the same spot oddly enough. Many..many scary things happen to me that involved my nose close to a broken nose but it didn't change my shape at all O__O luckily. So I guess it depends on the situation. I think it's a more self-noticable changes. And trust me, I know we've got tons of those lols.
  • RainieRainie Posts: 9,029Friend of Soompi
    The only way to get rid of it is by shaving it off, and so surgery. A lot of ppl have it...and yours isn't that noticeable.
  • __In Lust`__In Lust` nn 2008.. Posts: 1,382Friend of Soompi
    i have it.. i dont like it.. i wish my nose would look straight.. stupid bump. lol
    It's just life.
  • burntvinylburntvinyl flying machines unspecifiedPosts: 1,424Member
    isnt it called a convex nose?
    you inherit it from your parents, its a dominant trait.
    having a straight nose is a recessive trait.
    hah im in grade ten :|
    i dont think you can get rid of it unless you get surgery but i could be wrong
    jon minus nine
  • rigashirigashi Posts: 1,472Friend of Soompi


    Yea the only way you can remove it is through surgery. I have one too! It's completely unnoticeable from the front, but from the sides it looks so huge to me. My face is really long, so the bump makes my profile look top-heavy. But oh well, I can breathe fine so it's all good haha.
  • -s m i l e f o r m e. C a n a d a.Posts: 1,498Friend of Soompi


    i have one too...but it's really, really slight
    i can't see when looking at a mirror,
    but i can feel the difference when i rub my nose
    i think the only way to get rid of it is by surgery,
    since it's (i think) a part of your nose bone or cartilage thingy

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  • hpnotiqhpnotiq Southern CaliforniaPosts: 3,755Member


    I have it a little.
    You can't really see it, but I don't like it.
    I wanna get rid of it.

    Sidenote: isn't that what Ashlee Simpson did?
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  • xJKxJK `sydneyPosts: 201Member
    lol if its a bone, the only way to get rid of it is surgically.

    i think everyone has it? its just some are bigger then others.
    my one isnt really visible, but once my boy bit my nose
    (dont ask me why), ahah right where that bone was and it
    was swollen and bright red for liek a day.
  • x SaRaNg HaE xx SaRaNg HaE x I adore you. ? 626, CAPosts: 6,699Friend of Soompi
    I have it. I don't like it, but my glasses hide it.
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