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Digital Perm!



  • ShiroiyukiShiroiyuki YOO AH IN Posts: 462Member
    Rainie wrote on 20 June 2007 - 06:21 AM:

    I got a digital perm last year in the summer, and it's lasted a may not be curlier than before, but my hair is more wavy now.

    This was a pic 2 months after my perm:

    4-6 months:

    Recently 8 months:

    So my curls are still holding...I just do a lot of scrunching after a shower, no products...and I haven't brushed my hair in a year, except for my bangs O.o.  Now my hair has grown down to my lower back.  I would say a digital perm is well worth it if you go to a really good place.  I got mine done at a Koreantown salon in China, and it was around $70 CAD.

    I LOVE YOUR CURLS!!!!!! Really, I do! What's the name of the store???
    I'm having some doubts about getting a perm because my hair is already curly (it's actually wild, messy and wavy). Won't my hair be more messy when I get a perm?
  • KateKate Philadelphia, PA, USAPosts: 682Member


    Will getting a digital perm help disguise the fact that my hair has no volume? My hair tends to lie flat against my head, which is super unattractive since my face/head is large to begin with. I noticed that most of the volume gained is near the bottom end/back of the hair, since that's where the curls form the most. Will I gain more volume overall?
  • xindixindi Posts: 1,093Member
    edited July 2010
    Chinesexgirlxmongolia wrote on 28 July 2010 - 06:37 PM:

    Youre hair is super nice! MY hair is sort of like yours..I have hair about the same length as yours (maybe a bit longer... but im due for a cut soon) and my hair is thin as well..... but the damage and split ends are from dying my hair.. i dont really curl it.. I like the curly hair look.. but im not sure... how much was your perm??? i hope to see pics of the re-perm

    thanks! please just read what I wrote, I mentioned the price in the 'Time/Cost' category :)

    AsianBamboo wrote on 31 July 2010 - 12:40 AM:

    Will getting a digital perm help disguise the fact that my hair has no volume? My hair tends to lie flat against my head, which is super unattractive since my face/head is large to begin with. I noticed that most of the volume gained is near the bottom end/back of the hair, since that's where the curls form the most. Will I gain more volume overall?

    My hair was thin and nearly pin-straight, so as you can imagine .. NO volume haha :(
    Digital perm adds a little bit of volume, but not much, especially not towards the crown/root area (and I know that's where people tend to direct their volume) since the curls always start a few inches down. I was never too volume-crazy so I am content with volume just occurring where my curls are and still having flat hair on the top of my head haha. I DO feel a difference in the volume because when I hold all my hair in a ponytail, it feels much fuller than it did with straight hair.
    If you're looking to just add volume to your hair, there's different types of perms that can do that :)

    edit: I said 'volume' and 'hair' soo many times there^ haha .____.

  • KateKate Philadelphia, PA, USAPosts: 682Member


    xindi -- Thanks for the great information. I'm sorry to bother you again, but what kind of perms are meant more for volume focusing on the crown? I'm looking for something to balance out my big head, whereas I feel like a digital perm might actually focus it around my cheeks/chin where I really need more definition and less round-ness. Or I could totally be being paranoid. xD
  • xindixindi Posts: 1,093Member
    ^ aw no bother at all! and I'm sure your head is a good normal size XD the ones who notice our imperfections the most are always ourselves! lol~
    I think the most popular perm for volume is the body wave. I don't really know much about it, but I do know someone who got it done and her hair was indeed very loosely wavy (not curly) + voluminous ^^ good luck!

  • babiikuknobabiikukno Posts: 4Member
    xindi wrote on 26 July 2010 - 12:06 AM:

    Hi Soompi! I've been in and out of this digiperm thread for so long, and now I can actually contribute :)
    HOWEVER, this is only part 1 of my experience. The upper half of my hair didn't take to the perm :( so only the bottom has curled correctly lol. My re-perm is this Saturday (for free! yay), so expect me again in a while~

    First of all, ANYONE WHO IS GROWING OUT THEIR HAIR FOR A DIGIPERM… you should get a consultation first. If your hair is too thin like mine, they're just going to cut a bunch off anyway because it will be too heavy to hold up big curls. Just a heads up :(

    Day 1, before + right after perm:

    Day 2 (you can see in the front that some parts loosened up a lot, mostly cuz of how I slept.. so don't panic if that happens lol, it will curl after you wash!)

    Day 4, after wash:

    1 week:

    2 weeks ( you can see in the side view that the top half isn't curled)

    Damage: The first 4 days (after wash), my hair didn't feel any different, though the ends were a bit fried. It barely compared to the damage I wreaked on my hair when I began learning how to curl with a flat iron haha! 2 weeks later, with my usual routine of Neutrogena Triple Moisture hair mask (once a week) + Aussie Moist Conditioner (everyday otherwise), my hair is still soft and healthy! :) It's SO NICE having curls that feel soft rather than stiff from products/hair spray. Keep in mind my hair is thin and susceptible to damage, so I'm really happy with that!!
    Also for anyone wondering about smell, mines had a weak chemical smell that faded after the first day :) Depends on your stylist though!

    Styling: I never blow dry or towel dry my hair the way I used to. I flip my hair upside down and scrunch with a towel so that the water is only blotted, NOT rubbed out. After that, I twirl each section into a curly rope and leave it to air dry. When it's fully dry, I just shake it out with my fingers to loosen up the curls. I never comb it, maybe some finger combing in the shower during conditioner but that's it lol~ I don't use any products either, but I'm thinking about testing out some curling mousses :D

    Results: I used the second to biggest curlers, and the part of my hair that DID curl I am happy with! And again, it's really nice to have soft curls without any heat or products :) I really don't have full results since I'm getting my re-perm this Saturday. The only thing I'm UNHAPPY with, is that I had to switch to morning showers T___T My perm completely flattens when I sleep lol ;_;

    Time/Cost: My digiperm took 3 hours, which wasn't so bad since I brought a book haha~ I got a package deal of $150 for cut/wash/perm without tip, which I guess is a moderate price… prices really depend on where you go. It tends to be more expensive outside of Asia :X

    Advice: (1) Digital perm is not accommodating to all hair types. If you are thinking about a digiperm, go in for a consultation before hand!! While there are a lot of beautiful styles that can be achieved with a digital perm, there are certain hair types that may not even be able to take to it. For instance, thinner hair can't have huge curls OR super long hair, and anyone with a Japanese straightening perm may have trouble getting a digiperm. For me, besides the fact that I had thin hair, I also had problems due to my hair being completely virgin to chemical treatments. My stylist said the second time around, the perm would come out much better. Anyone who has thick hair will probably have the best experience lol, you guys are so lucky T__T
    (2) Go to a good stylist!! If you live in U.S., use and search "digital perm" in your area… read the reviews and make sure you get a good job! Reading through this entire thread, I found that a bad stylist can definitely mess up your hair. Oh, and make sure your stylist cuts your hair AFTER the perm… idk why some (mines included) did it before the perm, this method just leaves you with fried ends anyway -_-
    (3) To make your perm last longer, don't expose it to heated styling products (including blow dryer), don't towel dry by rubbing, and let your hair air dry as much as possible. Always scrunch your hair after a shower. I really don't know any other tips, but I'm sure there are more haha :D

    OMG SO LONGGG sorry about that, I hope this was helpful to someone XD
    If you have any questions, I'll try my best to help! :)

    ..this is probably the longest I've ever gone without using a curling iron since I learned how to curl hair LOL

    i lovee your perm!! (:
    i was wondering where you got it donee?
  • xindixindi Posts: 1,093Member
    guys, please refrain from quoting images because it lags the page ^^

    babiikukno wrote on 31 July 2010 - 01:16 PM:

    i lovee your perm!! (:
    i was wondering where you got it donee?

    Thanks! :D I live in the U.S. got it done at a local, small, family-owned Korean salon. I'll PM you the details cuz I don't want to put my general location publically online lol ^__^;

  • rowrow11rowrow11 Posts: 15Member
    Been reading this thread for like agesssss O_O hahahaha
    but yeah, my hair useto be typical straight and long, but since 3 years ago my hair started getting really wavy and now my hair is proper naturally wavy and its like WTHECK?? :(

    anyway, so im going to hong kong in 2 days wand was thinking bout getting a straight perm?

    does anyone know a good salon in HK? (name and price please ^^) so when i go i dont need to trudge around for days looking and comparing salons :P

  • erikatxxerikatxx United StatesPosts: 27Member
    is there a chance dying my hair at home will mess up my digital perm?
  • chptsueychptsuey Posts: 1Member
    edited August 2010
    Which Salon in DC did you go to?
    StellarEffect wrote on 22 May 2010 - 04:41 PM:

    blush - I have loose/wavy curls. I actually got the spiral perm done with BIG curlers which I'm not sure is available in most salons, but I did a little research and found that this was available at an American salon in DC. I'm able to loosen/tighten the curls depending on how much product I use, and I guess it kind of looks like I came back from the beach when it's wet, heh.

    This is what it looks like right now:

  • xindixindi Posts: 1,093Member
    Hey guys! I'm finally back haha! This time, I didn't really take time stamp progress pics since the loosening process looked pretty much the same as the pictures I showed earlier, so I'll just post 1 week and final results (which took longer than usual since they used a stronger solution for my reperm)

    1 week

    Final result:
    Styled by scrunching
    (please excuse my lame pajama shirt and the mess in the back, I'm packing for college! XD)

    Styled by twisting + scrunching'

    As you can see, my curls are a bit tighter than before. This is either because they used a stronger solution, OR because I started using curling shampoo and curling gel after the re-perm (I'm guessing it's the latter since they said the stronger solution just takes longer to loosen up)

    If you want to see detailed info about cost/hair type/progress pics etc, please see page 39! :D My post is toward the bottom~ if anyone has any questions, I'm here to help! :)

    And now my question… For those of you who have a digital perm and shower in the morning, how do you dry it? I've been getting away with just letting my hair air dry, but college is starting soon and even with 11AM classes, I need to get out to eat haha X: I have nooo idea how to blow dry curly hair x_x I can't take evening showers since the curls flatten in my sleep -_-'

  • rabbit-heartrabbit-heart Posts: 13Member
    digital perms look so pretty! i would like to try it in the future. would it be safe for dyed hair? my hair is pretty healthy, but I recently dyed it.
  • xindixindi Posts: 1,093Member
    ^it should be safe as long as they're not done too close together. Some people schedule perm and hair dye on the day and that will just fryyy your hair! I'm not entirely sure what the time window is, but I believe you're supposed to wait a few weeks after dying before you treat your hair with chemicals again.

  • strawberrii chuuustrawberrii chuuu ㅜㅜ Posts: 1,300Member


    do you guys style it in any particular way? or do you guys just let it air dry?
  • chouxchoux Yet Another Short Asian USAPosts: 301Member
    d o l c e vita wrote on 05 September 2010 - 01:54 AM:

    do you guys style it in any particular way? or do you guys just let it air dry?

    When it was damp I scrunched this Tresemme hair gel for curly hair into it and then applied the hair dryer to different twisted sections that were wrapped around my hand. :)


    ☆★_♫__ my requests.

    credit to dartz and k o o k i e. @ soompi for avatar and banner
  • xChristineeexChristineee VirginiaPosts: 3,711Member


    I got my hair permed like 2 weeks ago. They chopped off so much ): < You can see how my hair is now.

    This was after a week?

    Even though my hair is dyed + highlighted, my hair doesn't have any split ends & it didn't get more damaged. The only thing that has changed is that more hair falls out in the shower.

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  • XHINAXHINA Posts: 26Member
    I've always wanted to do this to my hair. I'm trying to grow out my hair. Right now, its towards the middle of my back.

    Anyone know of salons in NJ/NYC that are reliable? =]
  • blushblush vegasPosts: 1,738Member


    I got a perm about a month ago and I absolutely LOVE how it looks now. It's more loose & more natural looking. However, I have layers, and my longest layer (basically the bottom) is pretty much straight now except its end which curls up like a J... does anyone else have this problem? It really bugs me lol

    Also, yeah... the volume around my top SUCKS and it's so noticeable because of the curls. It looks nice for the first like 1-2 hours but then it gets all icky and flat :((((( I have to keep using my hands.
  • VaLeSLiEVaLeSLiE Posts: 15Member
    A digital perm is more natural and isn't as damaging as a body wave/perm. I find that a digital perm is modern.
    * VALESLIE *
  • jodycolourjodycolour 사랑 Posts: 2,769Member


    My hair is actually naturally like this!
    But, the result of pretty much all of yours look super pretty!
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