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your favorite acoustic songs?

roflingsamroflingsam Posts: 265Member
i want to try out some new songs..


  • vc1188vc1188 Hong Kong (currently)Posts: 5,317Member


    edited April 2006
    Extreme- More Than Words
    Incubus- Drive
    Matchbook Romance- Tiger Lily
    Daphne Loves Derby- Simple, Starving to Be Safe

    and Jack Johnson & John Mayer are always good
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    .music kings of leon; late night alumni; the hush sound; slumdog millionaire soundtrack
  • epunx99epunx99 Posts: 462Member
    landslide-the smashing pumpkins

  • litoxshortaiilitoxshortaii Posts: 2,783Friend of Soompi
    jack johnson - better together
  • sarah is sleepysarah is sleepy new york cityPosts: 121Member
    edited November 2005
    spoon - i summon you
    iron & wine - upwards over the mountain
    iron & wine - trapeze swinger
    iron & wine - sea and the rhythm
    weezer - butterfly

    mmm acoustics <3
  • CATHERINE.CATHERINE. Posts: 251Member
    Lifehouse - Hanging By A Moment
    Incubus - I Miss You
    Lifehouse - You And Me
  • Da-ReDa-Re i r live in cardboard box. A Cardboard BoxPosts: 592Member


    edited November 2005
    Loso - Koey Bauk Wah Ruk Gun
    Kai - It Might Be You
  • elizabethelizabeth NowherePosts: 9,943Member


    Howie Day- Collide
    Avril Lagvine- Nobody's Home
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  • cannotfindservercannotfindserver i.. can't.. lie. Posts: 2,045Member
    the acoustic version of Iris by the GOOGOO DOLLS is awesome.
  • heartxbroadcastheartxbroadcast stone fox Posts: 810Member
    hopeless love.
    the best of me.

  • ooo_it's_mEooo_it's_mE Austin, TxPosts: 3,335Member
    the acoustic version of:

    Josh Kelley - Amazing
    John Mayer - Love Song For No One
    Kelly Clarkson - Since You Been Gone
    Dashboard Confessionals - Screaming Infedalities
    Foo Fighters - Times Like These
    Frankie J - Obsession

    just call me Ashley
    Prom Pics
  • Wang Nun IWang Nun I Posts: 621Member
    Bob Dylan - Mr. Tambourine Man
    Bright Eyes - Lua
    The Libertines - France
    Syd Barrett - Here I Go
    Life is a waste of time, time is a waste of life, so get wasted all of the time and have the time of your life!
    - Tom Waits
  • kwyetkwyet Posts: 197Member
    jason mraz - i'm yours
    josh kelley - almost honest
    john mayer - daughters
  • burntvinylburntvinyl flying machines unspecifiedPosts: 1,424Member
    edited September 2007
    acoustic version of
    dont slow down - copeland
    jon minus nine
  • idyllicidyllic outside the boxPosts: 2,135Banned


    This Crazy World by Atticus Finch
  • jiwonjiwon Posts: 29Member
    "that'll be the phone" - don ross

    strictly acoustic!

    john mayer has good ones too
  • Posts: 324Member
    foo fighters - everlong [ acoustic version ]
    daphne loves derby - simple, starving to be safe
    anything by dallas green
    maria taylor - speak easy
    most john mayer songs
    dashboard confessional - the ghost of a good thing
    mae - songs from b-sides

  • banabana Member AustraliaPosts: 1,016Banned
    Layla - Eric Clapton
  • lilyphilia.lilyphilia. {wickedly perfect!} <3 {Trollywood}Posts: 1,786Member
    lisa loeb - stay
    sugarcult - memory
    daphne loves derby - aware, rust and repair
    daphne loves derby - tenniscourt soundtrack
    michelle branch - all you wanted
    sarah mclachlan - building a mystery
    finch - letters to you
    dashboard confessionals - screaming infedilities
    dashboard... - this bitter pill
    craig david - fill me in
    tonic - if you could only see
    incubus - i miss you
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  • ybloodyblood Posts: 1Member
    green day - good riddance
  • Stop Coming To My HouseStop Coming To My House Posts: 153Friend of Soompi
    QUOTE(epunx99 @ Nov 11 2005, 11:05 PM) »

    landslide-the smashing pumpkins

    It's superb.
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