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Girls Have U Rejected A Guy Badly Then Want Him Later?

question to the girls.
I was wondering if u ever had a guy who really really liked u, did alot of stuff for ur attention and all, and say u rejected him badly back in the day. All of a sudden, a few years later, or a couple experiences later, u kinda like him, and want to be with him? Does this happen is what I'm wondering, if so could u explain ur personal experience. Thx I'm wondering if this is common. image


  • chin_ai22chin_ai22 ♥FULL HOUSE♥Posts: 2,019Member


    ive been in that situation before. its very hard. as in. ;( now i want him back but he's with another girl now. too bad.
  • zavyrzavyr Posts: 6Member
    Ok umm i didnt actually REJECT a guy.... becoz i am a guy BUT!! i got rejected soo this might be helpful to you ok? listening?

    OK a girl i really really liked ok rejected me ... not once.. but 15 times... i mean yes i was heartbroken and yet i never gave up for 3 years...

    3 YEARS?!?! and you have no idea how many ppl yelled at me.. for being stupid for liking her this long...

    But.... if she did like me now.. i would be happy...

    So if you confess to him now.... it can go either way.. it can either hit you back as badly as it hit him.. or... he may still love you.. but is too afraid to tell you becoz you rejected him b4.. and he doesnt wanna get hurt agian....

    but if u do oncfess and he also confesses he likes you.. tell him you are sorry.. and tell him.. it jsut took you a while to see the real him.. the him you'd fall foir any day. or sometihng along those lines.

    Hope that helps lol image image
  • missimperfectionmissimperfection Closer to the sun. Posts: 808Member
    =_____= yeah... haha. it sucks very much. i didn't know that person very well when i met him, so i just dismissed him. but then, after a while i got to know him... and he was the SWEETEST person in the world T^T...

    but its too late ^^.. we're just good friends now
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  • wheelsunwheelsun 626, California.Posts: 89Member
    edited June 2007
    wow this actually happens? lol
  • hkedhked ~xioble Sydney...your homePosts: 1,133Friend of Soompi
    this kind of stuff needs to happen more often ^^

    hsc 2008 ~ =|
  • momochanmomochan Fremont, CAPosts: 48Member
    i broke up with my ex-boyfriend before.. i was really really hurt.

    and then found someone. that guy was so nice to me and he really liked me so much. so i gave him a chance.. thinking that i would forget my ex-bf. anyway, so we dated for a month. and then i broke up with him. the reason i broke up with him is that i felt that i haven't gotten over with my ex, but i didn't tell him that, of course. i just told him some stupid reasons.

    im not regretting or anything. i just feel bad for myself for doing that. i wish i could have given him a chance. what would it feel like if i dated him for a long time. image

    this happened when i was in high school. it's been 5 years. anyway, past is past.
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  • hippiehophippiehop I miss the sound of your voice... AtlantaPosts: 6,193Member
    no, this has never happened to me before.

    i might think "wow this guy is a great guy" but not to the point where i want to be with him.
  • piinkcesspiinkcess Posts: 294Member
    edited June 2007
    i didn't really know he liked me actually, so i didn't think at the time that i was rejecting him.
    but sometimes i get that "what-if..." feeling, when i see him with his gf image
  • tofuutofuu :] CanucksPosts: 1,349Friend of Soompi
    edited June 2007
    I did that to my current bf :x I was afraid to commit, didn't want things to change, and liked our friendship so I rejected him. He still hung on..and then 4 months after I realized that I really did like him and then we started going out. It's been a little over a year and a half now image He still brings it up and tells me it's the most depressing stage a guy goes through image

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  • EleeElee The things that are unexpected are the things most worth waiting Illinois, babyPosts: 2,826Friend of Soompi



    its really hard...
    because its hard to admit that youve done wrong :[
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  • LA_BELLALA_BELLA Posts: 491Member
    i'm sure it' s happened to other ppl, but it' s never happened to me

    for some reason i' m not that attracted to guys who try to get my attention

    and once i reject them it' s final, no after feelings
  • SHINHWA ILOVEUSHINHWA ILOVEU VirginiaPosts: 1,776Member
    I've rejected guys but never wanted to go back to them. I mean when I broke up with a couple of my boyfriends, at times I did miss them&&wanted to get back with them but then I'd be like "Fcuk that" so I'd just move on. I don't believe in second chances =/
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  • JFaithJFaith Hello, hello~ Here.Posts: 1,373Member
    Well... I liked this one guy in sixth grade... and he... didn't like me back. XD We became best friends though and I eventually got over him. Near the end of eighth grade (and middle school, in general) he started hanging out with me more often and hugged, put his arms around me a lot. So I knew something was going on, but I didn't do anything about it. (Which, I guess, is kind of like rejecting him?) O.O; I wished that would've happened in sixth grade. =___=;

    So then after that, in my first year of highschool we just hung out regularly and he didn't hug me as often, but we were still close. :] Just friends. And then I saw him in my second year of highschool and he grew. @__@ Like, taller, cuter... Hah, so then I started liking him again but he didn't get the hints soooo...

    We're still friends, but not as close. :]
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  • PYRITEPYRITE Posts: 15,216Friend of Soompi


    I'm assuming you're being hopeful? Lol.
    Yeah, it's happened to me before. There was this guy that liked me when we were really young, and I found him super annoying and ugly. I guess when highschool rolled around he hit puberty and became pretty damn hott. image Let's just say karma bit me back and I had absolutely no chance. image
  • Rainie_DaysRainie_Days United KingdomPosts: 3,156Member

    I think I'm doing it now.

    Like 2 months ago, I rejected someone, but not too badly. Reason I rejected him is cos, I didn't feel like I wanted a relationship and even if I did I think I wouldn't bother cos, I'm not in a position where I can have one [putting studies before me].

    Well, I have always liked him...I still do, and I think he does too xD I think we're just too scared to commit.
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  • RekidaiRekidai Ritsuka Fan ? CanadaPosts: 2,288Member


    yess the guy asked me out in gr 8 and i didn't like him so i rejected them but in now (gr 11) i like him haha not anymore though. Anyways it happens sometimes.
  • damn.udamn.u noudleliiiciiious USPosts: 1,594Member
    the rejection wasn't all that bad...i think. but yeah, this guy asked for my number and so i was like...ok, y not. he got a pen and as i was writing my number on his hand, the pen wouldn't work so when he turned around to ask his friends for another pen, i changed my mind cuz i felt weird giving my number out to some stranger and so i walked away. i later found out that the guy goes to my school and was the one who would always stand at the end of the hallway and supposedly wait for his friend who's in the same class as i was. i remembered him giving me glances everytime we pass each other in the hallway. i then realized that he must have liked me which got me to really start liking him as well. and i'm noticing for the first time how good he looks. but now that i am developing a great interest in him, he's dating one of my old friends from elementary school. so there's nothing i can do now but to regret the chance i let slipped by.
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  • thea_thea_ Posts: 940Member
    QUOTE(chin_ai22 @ Jun 18 2007, 04:00 AM) »
    ive been in that situation before. its very hard. as in. ;( now i want him back but he's with another girl now. too bad.

    hahahhaa that's same for me x.x soo sadd
    ..Thea// <33
  • itsanniesitsannies i&#39;m from the bay trick&#33; ;]Posts: 624Member
    haha, thats happened to me before. i knew the guy from elementary school, then we went to diff middle schools and met the summer before high school. we started talking and stuff. we went to diff high schools, but we were really close friends through out 9th and 10th grade. in 10th grade he told me that he liked me. i kinda liked him too, but i told him i didnt cause i didnt want to be his replacement cause he just broke up with some other girl. and then we werent as close anymore. its been 2 years and my friend asked him if he still liked me recently and he said no. =/ i missed out thought of what if for a while, but there are other fish in the sea. =D
    sadly, some people will never change no matter what you do.
  • XSE7ENSL0VEXSE7ENSL0VE CAPosts: 2,975Member


    only if he starts lking another girl or gets a gf.
    then i "want him" and i start wanting to be with him, lalala.
    but if i doooo get him back again, then i start thinking.. did i really like him ?

    yeah. so i never say aynthing if i think i like them afterwards.
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