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I *heart* Perfume!



  • chic_chic_ Sydney, AustraliaPosts: 712Member


    i got:

    narsico rodriguez 'for her'
    ralph lauren 'romance'
    estee lauder 'beyond paradise'
    estee lauder 'pleasures: exotic'

    I want:

    Viktor and Rolf 'Flowerbomb'
    Kenzo 'Flower'
    Burberry 'Brit'
  • lilliumslilliums Michigan.Posts: 1,652Member


    edited June 2007
    I hate wearing perfume...but that changed when I encountered DKNY Green Apple! It's the only scent I'll wear. The bottle is really cute too.
    Icon credit to lovemydanger
  • melkimxmelkimx momoPosts: 6,066Administrator


    QUOTE(chic_ @ Jun 7 2007, 12:55 AM) »
    narsico rodriguez 'for her'

    oh yeah, that's one i forgot to mention... it's great.

    ... well, actually, instead i would've mentioned sarah jessica parker's lovely. they smell really similar at first, but this one is a bit softer as you continue wearing it. and it's just a very nice wearable everyday fragrance.

  • agehaageha UKPosts: 956Member


    edited June 2007
    I have:

    Anna Sui - Dolly Girl
    YSL - Cinema
    Dior - J'adore
    Estee Lauder - Pure White Linen
    Issey Miyake - L'eau de Issey

    I want:

    Dior - Miss Cherie
    Dior - Dior addict 2

  • bethie_mebethie_me Posts: 104Member
    I don't ever wear perfume... but lately I've been craving for

    Anna Sui's Secret Wish
    Juicy Couture's Fragrance

    Juicy Couture perfume comes with a necklace ~ and the packaging is so attractive!
  • NJSK.NJSK. ????. ? Posts: 9,486Friend of Soompi

    - Estee Lauder; Pleasures
    - Anna Sui; Secret Wish
    - Issey Miyake; (forgot the name haha)
    - Baby Doll
    - Christian Dior; (forgot this one too)

    gahh.. I can't remember half the names haha XD

  • XxSwt Lilo LuverxXXxSwt Lilo LuverxX Brisbane, AustraliaPosts: 1,742Member


    gucci - envy me 2,
    but the smell doesnt last long

    going to try dior - j'adore & anna sui - secret wish =]
  • CriiistalCriiistal Posts: 120Member

    Gucci- Envy Me
    Clinique- Happy
    Dior- J`adore
    Burberry- Touch
    Calvin Klein- Eternity
    Dolce and Gabbana- Light Blue
    Elizabeth Arden- Green Tea
    Victorias Secret- Very Sexy
    BCBG- Metro
    Abercrombie- 8
    Chanel- Allure
    Escada- Rockin Rio

    Most of them were gifts but I only wear Envy Me these days
  • ~S2~~S2~ Butterfly dreams PerthPosts: 2,902Member


    ANNA SUI SECRET WISH^^ its so fruity! i want it! i've got davidoff cool water
  • AgentDNAAgentDNA EarthPosts: 442Member
    Victoria's Secret Heavenly...I thought it was supposed to be pretty common, but I'm surprised no one has mentioned it yet. That's the only perfume that I wear everyday.
  • SadanaSadana Dirty JerzeePosts: 1,151Member
    I recently brought Guess? Question

    It's one of the best perfumes I smelled in a long time. I LOVE IT! I dumped Dolce for it
  • queencakequeencake Posts: 251Member
    wow, seems a lot of you guys have such a huge collection!!!

    yeh, i like fruity, citrus fresh scents generally, but i scents like GUESS attract me, a hint of spice! sexy*o* anyway. I dun like DKNY be delicious.. thats my opinion. its not my type. i cant pick a favourite outta my collection. its so hard to. cuz i use it depending on wah i feel like. recently ive been using Lovely Prism.

    other perfumes ive set my eyes on are:

    armani code =love the sleek purple and black bottle!
    Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker (not a fan of celeb scents, but this is a really gud one, esp the liquid satin version)
    Betsy Johnson

    i think i have more some how..but im not rmb-ing....

    other perfumes im attempting to buy but never smell the scent b4:

    Escada -SExy Graffiti and Ibizia Hippie (they are discontinued!)
    BCBGirls=Metro or Nature (kinda did smell, my fd works at a perfume store, and i sorta smelled the testers that the store was selling, but i dun think i got the scent properly) ...and ive notcied some of you guys have BCBGirls. any suggestions?

    im kinda curious on how agent provocative smells like. i love the bottle. is egg-ed shaped so smooth looking. and if you pay more attention, it kinda looks like a grenade.

    i kinda wanna get britney spears' midnight fantasy...but then i might not like it in the long run.

    outta curiousity where do you guys purchase your perfumes? dept stores? online? discounted perfume stores?

    QUOTE(♡Peachie @ Jun 7 2007, 05:11 AM) »
    Gucci- Envy Me
    Clinique- Happy
    Dior- J`adore
    Burberry- Touch
    Calvin Klein- Eternity
    Dolce and Gabbana- Light Blue
    Elizabeth Arden- Green Tea
    Victorias Secret- Very Sexy
    BCBG- Metro
    Abercrombie- 8
    Chanel- Allure
    Escada- Rockin Rio
    Most of them were gifts but I only wear Envy Me these days

    previously i was planning to buy Escada's Rockin' Rio, im wondering how that smells like. cuz i think it came out 2-3 yrs ago. and dept stores dun have it anymore and theres no testers for me to sniff. i kinda wonder wah type of scent is it. cuz one of my fd is also of fan of escada perfumes. and she told me some escada perfume smell the same. (im not very sure) and also. wah about BCBGirls-Metro?
  • x kisekiboshix kisekiboshi Posts: 1,502Member


    Kenneth Cole- Black, Reaction for Her
    Lacoste- Touch of Pink
    Abercrombie- Classic

    I wanna try Dolce and Gabana's light blue, I heard it smells so nicee. :]

    Wow, you guys have a lot of perfume o____o;
  • cyberfruitcyberfruit Mythbuster! Ft.Bend County ---> (soon to be) Arlington, TxPosts: 5,338Member
    QUOTE(queencake @ Jun 7 2007, 03:24 PM) »
    armani code =love the sleek purple and black bottle!

    I love this scent, but I don't own it.

    Does anyone here like DKNY - Women? Probably not. I love it but it's really strong.
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  • queencakequeencake Posts: 251Member
    QUOTE(cyberfruit @ Jun 7 2007, 03:31 PM) »
    I love this scent, but I don't own it.

    yeh the armani code scent is so beautiful! it smells sexy and dangerous *o*
  • `Babykisses`Babykisses Posts: 579Member


    rockin' and lovin'

    Vera Wang - Princess <3
  • utopianutopian USAPosts: 6Member
    I only wear Stella by Stella McCartney *beautiful roses*
  • donano9donano9 Posts: 194Banned
    Instead of buying all those expensive bottles of cheap cologne, get samples and decorate your room!
  • renjitehsmexrenjitehsmex aw man. SingaporePosts: 1,628Member
    Salvatore Ferragamo
    Gucci ENVY ME
    Gucci Rush 2
    Anna Sui Secret Wish
    Hugo Boss Intense
    Hugo Boss Femme

  • crackednutcrackednut MassachusettsPosts: 5,562Member
    can anyone recommend a sweet, sugary sort of scent?

    I've been thinking of Hanae Mori Butterfly because I LOVE the scent
    but I want some other choices in case it doesnt work well with me personally

    I love The Body Shop's Neroli Jasmin
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