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How To Put Collar On Graduation Gown

HemeraHemera Posts: 4,350Member


help me por favor not sure where this topic belongs in..please move it if it's at the wrong section

the's barney purple =__=:

they gave me picture instructions and worded instructions, but i don't know what they're talking about "yoke"....and that one picture isn't clear. at all..

so does anyone know how to put it on? please? :DDD

instructions josten's provided:

1. position collar around neck to insure uniform performance
2. fold approximately 1/4" of collar around the inside of the yoke
3. attach one tab [of sticker] to both the collar and gown above the size label in the back of the gown. attach one tab to each end of the collar and onto inside front of gown

thank you
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  • forgottenmemoriesforgottenmemories Under the same blue skyPosts: 3,589Member
    At least yours came with instructions. I didn't even wear mine because I didn't know how to attach it.
    Sorry, can't help you there. image image
  • SteventStevent NorcalPosts: 2,524Member


    i think that the "yoke" refers to something inside the gown near the neck area.

  • dianannsanodianannsano Orange County, CAPosts: 1,064Friend of Soompi
    I never wore my collar. Not for my high school graduation or for my college one.
  • akira53akira53 AieaPosts: 7,842Friend of Soompi


    edited June 2007
    like the directions say, place it around the collar, fold it over and tape it.
  • PinkiePinkie Posts: 353Friend of Soompi
    haha i my gown today n i got that but yea i have not a clue now to put it on, but a fews years back when my bro graduated i dont think many ppl even put it on so i wouldnt be worryed about that btw i like that purple color of ur gown! (ours dark blue image)
  • dysfunkti0naldysfunkti0nal -M O O- Posts: 1,367Friend of Soompi


    edited June 2007
    I sew mines in. Just position it like 1/4 of the white piece into the neck area its supposed to go around the neck to the front. I've enclosed pics of my grad gown from 4 years ago. I hope it helps.
    Just sew it in and fold it back, if u sew it in, no one sees it anyways cause u fold it back. The tape might come off.
    Having the collar makes it look nicer cause the guys are supposed to wear dress shirts where their collars come out, so thats why the females need to sew theirs on, to kinda look in sync.

    Let me know if you have anymore questions. Hope the pictures help. image
    Congrats you guys. image


  • asia11asia11 FloridaPosts: 153Member one at my highschool wore that because NO ONE knew what the heck you're supposed to do with it and yeah the picture and instructions didn't help much >.<
  • martineemartinee californiaPosts: 329Member
    QUOTE(asia11 @ Jun 6 2007, 12:48 AM) » one at my highschool wore that because NO ONE knew what the heck you're supposed to do with it and yeah the picture and instructions didn't help much >.<

    seriously. and most people at our school were wearing dresses and shirts with collars already so it would've looked a little weird with it on.
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