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Sung, Yoo Bin

icecreamcooky7icecreamcooky7 USA Santa MariaPosts: 255Member
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ballad singer
Name : Sung Yoo Bin

birth date : 8/31/1987

Height : 179 cm

weight : 66 kg

College : Dae Duck college (major model)

Hobbies : song writing and making, home recording, and exercise

Others : loves playing instruments

Family : has one brother Lee tae sung(actor) mom and dad

ent : Mk entertanment

: Musical puncky puncky

Awards : 2004, 별망성예술제 대상
2003, 안산시 청소년 가요제 금상

first allbum : Never forget you.....


1. After I close my eyes
2. reason of why I'm laughing
3. I love you
4. D-day (ft. bee joo)
5. Just look at me from now on
6. Propose
7. yun sim
8. my heart is yours
9. Wedding
10. Day by Day
11. Friends
12. Only one
13. I love you (MR)
14. D-day (MR)





he's really nice
people who has korean cyowrld
go to visitor section and comment to him
he always responds it back it you ^^

Sung Yoo bin cyworld

currently reading :Shinee World <- best fanfic EVER!!! I recommand it for everybody <3



  • HitorijimeHitorijime ????? poopPosts: 1,768Member
    edited June 2007
    Actually, there is already a Sung Yoo Bin thread:

    But thanks for the information. I've been trying to find some for so long. (Odd you even posted there lmao)
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