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[drama 2007] The King And I 왕과 나

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[SBS] Oh Man Suk, Goo Hye Sun, Go Joo Won, Lee Jin
SBS 왕과 나 The King And I


50 Episodes
Airing August 20th, 2007

Filming starts Mid June.


Oh ManSuk - Kim CuhSun

Goo Hyesun - Yoon SoHwa

Ko JuWon - King SungJoong

Lee Jin - Queen JungHyun (The 3rd queen/concubine)

Queen KongHae (The 1st Queen/Concubine)

For more cast go here.


The drama is about the life of Kim CuhSun who is a loyal and faithful eunuch who becomes the attendant of various Kings such as the 5th King, MoonJoong and the 10th King, YunSan Goon, during the Chosun Era.


  • C51236C51236 U.S.Posts: 1,076Member


    wasnt jung yoon suk in jumong??? he played little yuri rite?? also soooo happy to see that goo hye sun is in a new drama... wow she really likes dramas that film for long periods of times doesnt she???

    *suhdong's song
    *pure 19

    *king and i

    interesting... cant wait
  • loving_Dloving_D 우리시카 잘한다 ♥ Posts: 4,365Member


    lee jin? it's about time she snagged a drama. she's been MIA for so long.

    glad to see goo hye sun in another drama. =)
  • vannessavevannessave CaliforniaPosts: 408Member


    Thanks a lot for starting this thread I have been looking for information on this show for a while.
    We will be known forever by the tracks we leave behind.

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  • krcoffeekrcoffee Posts: 205Member
    Kim Cuh sun! image he's fantastic in vineyard with eun hye! ^^
    Goo Joon Pyo . Geum Jan Di . Ondubu.
  • sPark*sPark* CNB&ST&SJK<3<3 Posts: 4,668Member


    im looking forward to goohyesun =] i heard its something about eunuch in love with the queen.
    interesting... lee jin? wonder if her acting has improved~
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  • jina_bing_bangjina_bing_bang OregonPosts: 10,022Member


  • dream_ondream_on Posts: 2,112Member


    O_O i loveeeeeee the cast! thanks for the news!! i'm really looking forward to this~

  • vannessavevannessave CaliforniaPosts: 408Member


    Just thought I would check in and see if there was in more news about this
    We will be known forever by the tracks we leave behind.

    To own the earth. There is no word for that in the Sioux Language
  • SollySolly ♥ LEE MIN HO'S WORLD ♥ Posts: 5,159Friend of Soompi




    haha~ can't wait to see this xDDDD 50 episodes??
    aiya~ well~ for oh man suk i can do it! lol! xDDDD

  • nightfallnightfall In your mindPosts: 86Member
    I adore Kim Cuh sun. good thing he's back. i miss seeing him.
  • xmishyxmishy nyPosts: 648Member

    ah august so far away

  • vannessavevannessave CaliforniaPosts: 408Member


    Does anyone know if this show has started filming yet?
    We will be known forever by the tracks we leave behind.

    To own the earth. There is no word for that in the Sioux Language
  • C51236C51236 U.S.Posts: 1,076Member


    edited July 2007
    i was intrigued about the plot of this drama after reading this post from shirley from another thread....

    QUOTE(shirley @ Jun 14 2007, 01:37 PM) »
    SBS 왕과 나 [ The King And I ] , i think is scheduled to be boardcast on 20 August .

    Cast : Oh ManSuk , Goo Hyesun , Lee Jin

    Oh Man Suk is casted as the main lead role of famous eunuch Kim Cheo Seon . The story will span the period during the regin of various Kings during the Chosun Dynasty : from the 5th King Mudong to 10th King, Yeonsan Goon [燕山君] .

    Goo Hyesun plays Lady Yoon who was a concubine to the 9th King Seongjong . And she is a woman whom Kim Cheo Seon is in love with .

    Due to the death of his Queen, the King was asked to choose a new queen and Lady Yoon was choosen . She gave birth to a son who is Yeonsan Goon . However, later she was ordered into exile . The Queen who replaced her was Queen JungHyun which will be play by Lee Jin .
    PS: if you had watch the movie The King and Clown , that king in the movie is Yeonsan Goon, the mad king . In that movie , it also revealed what happen to his mother . the deposed queen yoon. And eunuch Kim Cheo Seon also was in that movie , the faithful servant to the King .

    so i googled 9th King Seongjong becuz i wanted to know what happened to queen yoon that resulted in her exile... apparently she was jealous of the king's concubines living in the palace... tried to poison one of them.. dont know if she succeeded or not... she attacked the king... the queen mother ( king's mother) found out and she was exile... queen yoon was the second queen after the first queen died w/o a son... she gave birth to the king's first son who would later become the crown prince and later the king who is known as Yeonsan Goon...

    i really hope what happened to her in real life doesnt happen to her as well... so i'm guessing that oh man suk will have a one sided love for her...

    highlight if you want to know what happened to queen yoon
    > she was poisoned and died.. her son found out what really happened to his mother and was bascially soooo pissed... he killed the ppl who had a hand in what happened to her...(i.e. his grandmother, court officials, scholars....)

    here's the site... it's wikipedia so the info may not be accurate... (husband of queen yoon) (son of queen yoon) you might find more about her at this site..

    btw will this drama be subbed??? i know it's a really long drama with 50 episodes but will it be subbed??? in chinese or english????

    will anybody be uploading this drama on veoh, youtube, or dailymotion so that the ppl who dont want to download it can view it????

    thanks....just want to know...
  • oxanaoxana Hardcore TripleS x Kamilia x Jaywalker x BlackJack Hyori'shouse at O*STYLE Ent in 360kpopWorld.Posts: 975Member
    woow ... i find it more ....
    LeeJin , I can't wait your comeback ...
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  • mlsblue88mlsblue88 lee sun ho&#39;s &lt;3Posts: 80Member
    so excited, the story line sounds really interesting, and I CAN'T wait to see LEE JIN's been so long...thanks for the info!!
  • lilyellalilyella Posts: 334Member


    can't wait to see this one! i miss Lee Jin.
  • homeschoolers4lifehomeschoolers4life Posts: 125Member
    Sounds pretty good. Looking forward to seeing GHS in a new drama. Love her
  • junkiluvjunkiluv USAPosts: 1,859Banned
    oh this looks interesting i can't wait till it comes out
    I Love You Lee Dong Hae!
  • aircastlesaircastles gotcha. Posts: 1,487Member


    This seems rather interesting.
    And I'd like to see Lee Jin and Oh Man-suk in historic attires.

    August 20th, though? That's a long wait.
  • sparklinghugssparklinghugs USAPosts: 814Friend of Soompi


    goo hyesun and lee jin eh? must watch this. although i don't see them in a historcal drama. i see goo hyesun as a cute type like she was in new nonstop and her other drama (blanking out). but darn it, airs after august? i'll download it and watch it during break. xp
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