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Wide, But Not Fat

- how does that work?
Well my gay friend tells me that i'm wide and slim
but i'm not fat
i have no idea what he exactly means by that
or if that even works

he also thinks that if i was fatter i would look better

does anyone have a clue of what he means?!
and is there any way to make myself look less wide?!


  • tainted_innocencetainted_innocence 재중's closetPosts: 332Member
    I’m guessing that means you have a large frame? Meaning that you probably a large bone structure or a muscle mass.
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  • BabyKBabyK CaliforniaPosts: 4,147Member


    Yeah I don't get it either o___o Maybe he means your hips are just kinda wide but you're skinny with no tummy. Ehh my best guess ^^;
  • KIM_SAYS:KIM_SAYS: Posts: 1,083Friend of Soompi


    Maybe it's just your body frame? Like you're "big-boned." I think I have a friend like that.
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  • chickerychickery Q O O never♡LandPosts: 1,483Friend of Soompi
    I know a lot of girls who have a wider frame (larger shoulders/ribcage/pelvis) but are still slim with flat tummies and toned bodies.
    They look good as they are IMO.
  • StacyStacy 韩庚 ♥ Bay Area, CAPosts: 9,239Friend of Soompi


    I think we need an official Skinny/Fat thread. image
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  • kimchibabykimchibaby Jacksonville, FLPosts: 135Member
    My best friend tells me that all the time. I don't get what she means but I really don't want to be known as being wide lol.
  • PINKXDREAMERPINKXDREAMER orange countyPosts: 1,769Member
    i think i know what you mean.. there are some people who just have a larger frame.. i don't know if this will offend you.. but like... big boned people. there are people who just have like... a large frame, but it's not fat... it's just... their body shape. i've seen people like that.
  • pink1epink1e 我 是 쇼바holic SF Bay AreaPosts: 4,369Friend of Soompi


    QUOTE(Sp0iL3d_Br8t @ May 16 2007, 07:17 PM) »
    I think we need an official Skinny/Fat thread. image

    Yes... we really do. There's a sudden increase of fat/skinny threads.
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  • sushiwhoresushiwhore Oldie Washington~Posts: 10,313Friend of Soompi


    edited May 2007
    ^^ i'll make that thread

    it means that you have a wide frame o_O blame the bones
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  • beautiful__liarbeautiful__liar Posts: 297Member
    big hips, big shoulders.
    it doesn't necessarily mean that ur fat, its just ur bone structure.
  • x_candyyyx_candyyy Posts: 552Member
    that's like me. i have a small butt and flat stomach. from the side i look like a thin person, but from the front i look normal. i'm not fat though, i just have a small waist and wide hips. i'm flat from a side view, but a lot wider from the front view.
  • chutsarangchutsarang Posts: 312Member
    i think we need a picture of you to explain that
  • pinkmarkerpinkmarker CAPosts: 354Member
    edited May 2007
    i'm like that too. i hate it. XD
    I love SUJU ^.^ .. .. 예성 <3

  • StacyStacy 韩庚 ♥ Bay Area, CAPosts: 9,239Friend of Soompi


    edited May 2007
    QUOTE(sushiwhore @ May 16 2007, 09:07 PM) »
    ^^ i'll make that thread
    it means that you have a wide frame o_O blame the bones
    I don't think you need to. Our mods could just merge all the Fat/Skinny thread and make that the official thread. Now, which mod to PM is the questions..
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  • MissTeeMissTee Corvallis,OregonPosts: 161Friend of Soompi
    i guess I can relate to that. I have a wide but toned, flat stomach. Sometimes I prefer to myself as being fat since there're so many asians girl with small, slim figures. My friends used to tease me about it but i was like "I'm not fat, i'm big-boned". lol kinda reminds me of Cartman in Southpark. but yeah, it means you have larger bone structures. =)
  • Lanie_Lanie_ Posts: 132Member
    I think he means you're wider around the hips and all and have a larger bne structure but you're really thin so it's kind of odd.

    Oh well, you're luckier than me, I'm really really thin because of my metabolism and people make un stuff about me being anorexic image
  • boazxpboazxp Posts: 1,437Member


    i think he means that when you turn to the side your wide./ like your waist isnt really small, but when looked at from front your fine?

  • making00dluvmaking00dluv La Jolla, CAPosts: 325Member
    i have a really large frame too :/.
    sometimes i like it because it's easier to hide fat (image), and people think i do sports, which doesn't hurt image. but sometimes i feel so ostracized standing amongst tons of skinny little petite-framed korean girls. ;____;
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  • amarynthisamarynthis Posts: 616Member


    edited May 2007
    Hmm I'm kinda like that too.. I'm medium-large framed compared a lot of asian girls but I'm slim. And I weigh a lot because of my bones. Most people are surprised when I tell them my weight.

    So the problem is I can't be petite-looking even when I'm very skinny. I just look like a big skeleton lol
    But the good thing is that it's easier for me to look slim because when I lose weight I become bony due to my big bones.
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  • Awkward SmileAwkward Smile SoCalPosts: 1,256Member
    its like some girls can be skinny with no curves yet there are other skinny girls with curves (defined waist and hips)
    And I wish that we had never talked,
    Our hips said it all..
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