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Gatsby Moving Rubber Hair Wax

T.LUUT.LUU 5:13 heaven.San Jose, CA(:Posts: 1,743Friend of Soompi


edited August 2008 in beauty & fashion
Only soompi sellers' list updated 7/31. Please post if you sell it

Spiky Edge [PINK] [Styling Guide]- For v. short to short hair - Creates wild and 3D style spiky hair that lasts all day
Wild Shake [PURPLE] [Styling Guide]- For medium short to short hair - Creates a casual messy look
Air Rise [GREEN] [Styling Guide]- For medium short to medium hair - Creates bounce and airyness with a light setting
Loose Shuffle [ORANGE] [Styling Guide]- For short to medium long hair - Creates a natural wavy look easily
Cool Wet [BLUE] [Styling Guide]- For short to medium hair - Creates a glossy wet finish without stickiness
Grunge Mat [GREY] [Styling Guide]- For v. short to medium short hair - Creates a natural look with mat finish
Nuance Motion [YELLOW] - ???

Big thanks to apparition for the styling guide scans & v3rmillion for the styling chart =)


Click on GATSBY TV , go to Chapter 1 Moving Rubber
and then you can watch videos of the different hairstyles made by using the wax :]
There's a section for videos with hair styled by pros
and there's a section for videos with hair styled by just normal people x]

I post these videos on here just 'cause Gatsby Moving Rubber was used in them.

Spiky Edge - PINK

Wild Shake - PURPLE

Loose Shuffle - ORANGE

Air Rise - GREEN

Nuance Motion - YELLOW

Cool Wet - BLUE

Grunge Matte - GREY

What You Should NOT Do

[Included links for directions and reviews to most places]

San Francisco - Ichiban Kan
San Diego - Mitsuwa Marketplace; Nijiya Market
San Mateo - Ichiban Kan
San Jose - Mitsuwa Marketplace
Torrance - Mitsuwa Marketplace
Sawtelle - Nijiya Market
Rowland Heights - 99 Ranch Market; Pacific Plaza [Takashima]
Union City - Marina Foods
Alhambra - near 99 Ranch Market
San Gabriel - 99 Ranch Market

??? - Tomato

Arlington Heights - Mitsuwa Marketplace

New York
New York - Jas Mart; Sunrise Mart

Houston - Hong Kong City Mall

Seattle - Uwajimaya
Renton - ???

Toronto - Galleria; Seefu Hair Salon in Downtown; a hair salon in Market Village
Markham - First Markham Place; Pacific Mall [Chic]
Vancouver - Parker Place; Aberdeen Center; Crystal Mall
Ottawa - Mai Mai Salon in Chinatown

Beijing - Watsons

Prices w/ with shipping include shipping to US.
[store] cindytangstore - $16 shipped.
[store] crazypilovee - $13 shipped.

[store] straw - $12 shipped.
[store] [survey] Babycremepuff - $12 shipped.
[survey] jenlien93 - $13 shipped.
[store] gloomy-bear - $10 shipped.
[survey] saving_carmen - $18 shipped.

Ice Cream Party [run by v3rmillion] - $14 shipped. - $8.99 w/o shipping.

I just started seeing this being sold around Soompi, and I wanted to know if it's really as good as some people say :]

Just share your opinions and experiences. Which one did you use? Loose shuffle [orange], air rise [green], etc. What length hair do you have, and how well did this product work? Any styling tips would be welcome too ^_________^
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  • HeistHeist Posts: 27Member
    I bought Air Rise (Green) when it first hit the market and I absolutely love it.
    It's very versatile and you can re-mold it anytime you want.
    A little dab is enough for a large area.

    It doesn't flake and it isn't residue-y and it's nice and matte.
    Sleeping with it wake up to some funky styles for sure.
  • sugar_puff &lt;3sugar_puff <3 TorontoPosts: 1,062Friend of Soompi
    My brother used it and he looks good =D

    He looked like those fobby korean/chinese/japanese boys with nicee hair haha

    Yea, a little bit is enough, you don't need to smother like tons of gel in your hair which when messed around with it'll flake and feel gross image

    It's nice and light but holds perfectly =)
  • NJSK.NJSK. ????. ? Posts: 9,486Friend of Soompi
    edited May 2008

    My friend bought the whole set while she was in HK image
    She used Loose Shuffle and it looked really natural (:
    I wanted one but she told me it was for guys & so she gave hers away..... o_o

    -edit 12 May 2008-
    I currently use Grunge Matte. Very light & I love the texture... it smells good as well (:

  • juiceboxjuicebox potassium <3 hydrogen with the fairies.Posts: 1,873Friend of Soompi
    iunno.. mayb im inexperienced with styling hair XD but i got the green one.. air rise i think and yeh.
    i dont kno how to use it =S so i cant tell XDD
    © br4d

    I recently bought the dark blue one and it works really well, better than the pomade stuff and other american products I've tried. I use it to get that fobby asian hair look image
  • T.LUUT.LUU 5:13 heaven. San Jose, CA(:Posts: 1,743Friend of Soompi


    I just ordered some yesterday from a Soompier
    Green Air Rise ^____^V
    This one seems to be really popular :0
    I'm getting my hair cut to around.. chin length? And layered,
    so I hope it'll give me a funky new look x]

    aaaand I think girls can use this stuff too.
    Just as long as their hair isn't past shoulder length..?
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  • kwokkwok B& ont., canadaPosts: 2,158Friend of Soompi
    I'm using Air Rise right now and it works realllllllllllly well. Doesn't feel nasty since a little dab is good enough and it holds pretty well, even in the wind =o.
  • pikapikapikapika Posts: 3,983Friend of Soompi


    i bought the orange one and it works well~but im like hair retarded so i never know what to do with it

    someone showed me how to make my hair cute with it but it totally forgot everything...-___-" so its kinda dusting away in my bathroom until i get a shorter haircut or learn some new tricks
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  • starnotedreamerstarnotedreamer CaliforniaPosts: 367Member
    they have some videos on how to apply and do it on youtube.
    their pretty funny!! haha
  • miss adorablexdmiss adorablexd NYCPosts: 2,630Member


    well im a girl and i think i want the orange one.. do you think i can use it? my hair is long. like the front is past my shoulder about 7-8 inches long form my shoulder .. and the back is like long.. LOL

    do you think it will be useful for me. tahts my quesiton. lol
    image Credits to Jobogae;Nail Blog <3

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  • T.LUUT.LUU 5:13 heaven. San Jose, CA(:Posts: 1,743Friend of Soompi


    ^ If your hair is layered, then I'm guessing you could probably use it on the upper section of your hair. Make it all puffy and light at the top. Just what I think ^_____^;; Someone correct me if I'm wrong ><;;
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  • __CHINA.DOLL__CHINA.DOLL Posts: 5,211Friend of Soompi


    Do any of you have any before and after pictures of yourself using the product? =)
    Im kind of interested in getting one.. but for some reason my hair is like O_O
    no products work on my hair

  • boazxpboazxp Posts: 1,437Member


    did anyone buy in america? there is this japenese market where i bought my reg. gat. wax but i havent been there for a while and was wondering if they carry it~

  • Lanie_Lanie_ Posts: 132Member
    Mmm... I have the blue one lying around somewhere, I don't use it much though. I dont really put naything on my hair actually, just wash it and that's pretty much all.
  • t1ff13 izZ m33ht1ff13 izZ m33h Elk Grove, CAPosts: 1,274Member
    can girls use this? cus i thought it was only for guys. does anyone have a pic of them using it and is a girl?
  • T.LUUT.LUU 5:13 heaven. San Jose, CA(:Posts: 1,743Friend of Soompi


    ^ I'm pretty sure that girls can use it too.
    It was made for guys, but it's just a hair wax, so why can't girls use it too? ^^;;
    I think for us girls instead of using the wax to spike our hair or whatever
    we could use it to give our hair the messy but casual look?
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  • InevitableInevitable CaliforniaPosts: 1,275Member


    I havent seen this stuff around the asian stores in america, hopefully they'll get them soon so I can try it out! image
  • T.LUUT.LUU 5:13 heaven. San Jose, CA(:Posts: 1,743Friend of Soompi


    yay!! I just got my Gatsby today in Air Rise ^_____^
    It works really well. I used it to make little tendrils at the bottoms of my hair
    and to volumized my hair.
    I used a little more than a pea sized amount, and it held just fine.
    I'll probably take pictures later! :]
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    edited May 2007
    They have videos of it being used on youtube.


    If you live in NYC, they sell it at JAS Mart.
  • bomjitbomjit MelbournePosts: 126Member
    edited June 2007
    yep i use this and love it image
    I have the green air rise one. You only need a tiny bit and it like keeps everything up for most of the day, and even if your hair like does become a bit flattened then just using your hands to fluff it back up is all it takes to make it look good again, no need to like add more. Also even tho i'm a girl, i think it holds pretty well, I have long hair but the top part is cut shorter so i can spooff it up and all and Gatsby works wonders image
    Seeing i'm going back to australia i bought myself a couple more to share with my brother.
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