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Naturally Fuzzy, Curly Hair, Only On Top?

bubbbleteabubbbletea New YorkPosts: 620Member
edited May 2007 in beauty & fashion
천연 반 곱슬머리 anyone?
Some people have this really nice natural curls.

Some unlucky people have this really ugly curl & fuzzy hair, ONLY on the front
(right above your forehead, where everyone can see)
or on the TOP layer of hair
and all the other parts are either striaght/ or little curly.

People call this 'half curl' / 반곱슬
and its worse then having full curl or having striaght hair.

it's basically the worst natural hairstyle a person can have.

is anyone else halfcurl like me?

those straightening gels NEVER work on half curl hairs.
and the hair becomes like a LION's MANE after walking around the city for few hours.

how does everyone else deal with this?


  • ~Shelly~~Shelly~ DANCE KITTY DANCE! In the land of ばか... ^.^Posts: 1,460Member
    edited May 2007
    I totally understand what you're saying! I'm like that, my under-layer of hair is like nice and straight and such but the top parts were all frizzy and curly and horrible!

    I somewhat sorted out the main problems though by getting a lot of my top layers of hair thinned out A LOT! That way when blow-drying or straightening I only need to do the top parts of my thinned out, shorter hairs and it's all good after. I also do a deep-conditioning mask every 1-2 weeks to restore moisture otherwise the frizz gets worse.

    Get your hair thinned out and you'll find it'll be a lot more easier to manage the frizzy parts.
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  • reallyAmusedreallyAmused Yay Panda! SeattlePosts: 1,711Friend of Soompi
    I have it too, no matter what happens they are always there, it's so annoying! but i don't just have it near my forehead, it's spread out every where image ! i really want to get rid of it (maybe without thinning my hair though...)
  • versatilesmilesversatilesmiles United StatesPosts: 337Member
    Ahh. Definitely. Straightening and curling my hair is really annoying too =__=; I wish my hair was just naturally curly or straight not in between.
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  • peace170peace170 somewhere coldPosts: 161Member


    edited May 2007
    OMG my hair is like that. i never knew that there was a name for this.
    The top layer of my hair is straight but the bottome is kinda wavy.

    I usually use leave in conditioner, then anti friz and straighten gel. Then put hairstray in while I'm straighten it.
    It works most of the day....well about 9 hour.
  • joonieballooniejoonieballoonie Posts: 786Friend of Soompi
    Aah, I have 곱슬 머리, too. It used to be really bad, exactly like a lion's mane - it was really frizzy and would start rising at the ends so my head would look like a triangle. I did the magic straight perm for a couple of years, but I got really sick of it and I haven't done it for about two years now. Now I use jojoba oil/olive oil while I condition, then leave the conditioner in for about 20 minutes before washing it out. (My favorite conditioner for my hair type is probably the Pantene Pro-V Restoratives Conditioner - I know everyone says light conditioners like Dove for Asian hair, but the Restoratives works really well, and my hair always comes out looking normal image ) Then I put in anti-frizz serum, and I dry my hair carefully. You can try straightening it, too, I guess ... I'm not too sure about the damage, though.

    Also, I only wash my hair every other day - by the second day my hair is a lot more manageable and smooth.
  • Malice_KaiserMalice_Kaiser The Real ? Posts: 12,072Member


    ah, what? What's this? Pictures! Post 'em!
  • snoopysnoopy Posts: 1,721Friend of Soompi


    my hair's like that.
    that's why i need to get like magic straight during the summer cause it just gets really gross.
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  • qraceqrace caliPosts: 665Member
    uh.. i sort of have it (i think?)
    well, my bangs are like wavy and the rest of my hair is straight..... it's annoying and oogly!
  • hope_hope_ Posts: 927Member
    *shoves hand in the hair*

    I have it + it is the absolute worst. i had the biggest, most boofiest hair around. . . + now i get it straightened once a year and constantly give it treatments. i mean the roots grow back curly, but i just have to put up with it otherwise i straighten it at home.
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  • missM.missM. Posts: 1,330Member
    u should see my hair
    not only does it curl like hecka at the top
    then it fizzes out and i look like i have a half of an afro
    that why i hate going to tropical places like hk
    my hair literally gets bigger and bigger...
    i got it permantly straightened
    but now my hair is gowing and its coming back image
  • latinalatina Chunnie= my sinoatrial node. PurpleLine districtPosts: 2,011Member
    i have that too!!!!

    its annoying... esp when i pony tail my hair...
    I'm a girl
  • yukinohanayukinohana Posts: 1,181Member


    oOoOoOoOoOoOhhH........i have never heard of this!
  • adagio12adagio12 VancouverPosts: 500Member
    QUOTE(~Shelly~ @ May 6 2007, 06:42 PM) »
    Get your hair thinned out and you'll find it'll be a lot more easier to manage the frizzy parts.

    what do you mean by "thinned out"? image
  • MOOVERDOSEMOOVERDOSE I'm usually sane. Beautiful British ColumbiaPosts: 9,916Member


    edited May 2007
    ^ Layered evenly so it doesn't appear so thick.

  • DollyDolly drove through ghosts to get here. the middle of nowhere.Posts: 575Member
    i wash my hair, then tie it till it dries, it leaves my hair nice and straight. =]
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  • Lets_BeLets_Be Washington StatePosts: 659Member


    I have hair like that too, but instead mine is the inside of my hair. The top is pretty staight. It was so annoying when I was young and my hair would just be a big poof. Thank goodness for ceramic and tourmaline straighteners! =]

    i used, sunsilk "straightening" shampoo and it seemed to calm down my hair after I slept on it. You would think that since I slept on it, anything would calm it down, but sometimes it can make it worse.

    now i just have to straighten my hair, and i don't like getting magic straights since it makes the hair stick flat on my face.
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  • emc123emc123 the cold, very cold north *sighPosts: 1,199Member
    i hate my front hair curls. they look so out of place. i tried flattening them but they don't work because they're too thin and i don't want to burn them off. on good days they're flat or hide in my hair but on bad days it looks like i have horns
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  • FreshhFreshh ???||??? Posts: 6,469Friend of Soompi


    i don't really understand how it looks like, do anyone have a picture?
  • rycekrispies1212rycekrispies1212 2PM! NorCalPosts: 993Friend of Soompi
    edited May 2007
    OMG I HAVE THAT AND IT SUCKS SO BADDDDDDDD. T_T The top layer of my hair is so crazy.
  • caramelzcaramelz Posts: 476Member
    Mine is like when it dries up after washing it, then i slept, the next day is normal. haha.
    Don't noe why. Use conditioner might help and straightening shampoo. image
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