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[movie 2006] Daisy 데이지



  • cookiemonstercookiemonster super eye candy~ soompi.Posts: 3,092Member


    Anyone knows where I can download this movie? image
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  • maly&ahpuleemaly&ahpulee Friend of Soompi FIJI ISLANDSPosts: 2,124Friend of Soompi
    I loved it!!! Omg, it's my new favorite movie!!! =)
  • bellegraybellegray USAPosts: 712Member



    I really liked this movie....
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  • cookiemonstercookiemonster super eye candy~ soompi.Posts: 3,092Member


    Just finished watching Daisy! Aside from the pretty stars and the wonderful setting, I find this movie very interesting and different from the usual love stories. I highly recommend this movie. *thumbs up*
    _i just can't get enough ________*HIATUS*_______r e q u e s t thread alyak.
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  • captivacaptiva Posts: 216Member
    I ordered a box set of this movie. There are two versions - the one shown in the theatre and director's cut version. I have only watched the director's cut but thought that version was very good.
  • bubblieribubblieri Posts: 471Member
    edited May 2007
    so i just finished this movie a few minute and ago and wow it left me with a lot of mixed feelings!! i honestly wasn't expecting much because many korean movies don't work for me and i thought this one would be the same. but honestly it really got me. i recommend it to anyone.

    well spoilers come now sort of...

    it was really sad and made me think so much. i couldn't tell if jeong woo really loved her or not. jws (i forget his character's name...did they even mention it??? i don't think so because she couldn't even really speak afterwards!!!) was kind of stalker-ish but then again he was the guy she was waiting for. i kind of got annoyed that jeong woo never told her the real truth but he died...but it all worked out really well. there were so many things i really liked about this movie. i was never bored or distracted...and it was really enjoyable. i liked that there was no real ending kind ends the movie but didn't make me wish to see them together or be extremely sad. the landscape was gorgeous and the acting was pretty good. what made me think soo much though was would she have stayed with him when she knew he killed jeong woo....did she really love him??? if she had to choose who would she choose??? there's so many different questions that could arise from this....and did she really love jws??? i don't know...but those were the thoughts that came to mind when i watched this movie. i kept thinking it would end but it kept going and i liked that image i don't know if i watched the director's cut...but yah.


    i just read some of the past posts about the movie and the ending and some other stuff and now it's slowly making sense. i really like this movie!! so much to read into and it's an enjoyable reading into and analyzing image
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  • Vanessa728Vanessa728 MichiganPosts: 1,262Member
    edited June 2007
    this movie seemed so beautiful and calm at times when it shows the landscapes and art. it really takes your breath away. i really enjoyed this movie. but im so curious, when the girl find out the killer was her true love, did she love him back?
  • insigniainsignia BostonPosts: 293Member
    Did anyone by the limited edition DVD? It's only $18.99 on YesAsia, but none of the extras are appealing to me. Just wondering if it's worth buying.
  • JaponesqueJaponesque London @ Posts: 3,513Friend of Soompi


    i watched it just then
    and boy was it sad ='( i almost cried.
    i love this movie because its so different.
    its filmed in the Netherlands which is surrounded by culture.
    and the fact that she;s a painter - its so cool

  • GreenerGreener Posts: 239Member


    i like this movie. Atmosphere and feeling of movie is very well. i was curious and sad when i knew the end of it.
    Jeon Ji Hyun, Jung Woo Sung, Lee Sung Jae i was glad that they were together in this movie. image
  • Bijan630Bijan630 Bronx NYPosts: 653Member


    I watched this movie by accident. It turned out to be one the better movies that I had seen in a while. After watching it, I was at a loss and felt empty because it was over. This was one that I definitely recommended to my friends.
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  • time22shinetime22shine Posts: 77Member
    Wow, so many mixed reviews.

    Anyway, I personally LOVED it. Now, I would have to find the uncut version (HK/International) since there were a few things I wanted the movie to expand or elaborate upon. After reading everyone's reviews, no one spoke or questioned who JJH loved!?? I kept wondering that the entire time especially when it ended and luckily, came to an answer.

    In the beginning, you can already see that whether LSJ was the Daisy man or not, JJH was already attracted to him as she smiled and liked spending time with him but what totally won her over was when she discovered him behind the vase of daisys as she opened up the door shop. But even though, LSJ knew that JJH had good feelings for him, he knew that in her heart, he somehow couldn't completely erase the Daisy guy out of her heart thus would always remain in the shadows of the Daisy Man. That explains why at some point, LSJ wished he was really the Daisy Man as he knew that part of JJH's affection towards him was based on the lie that he was the Daisy Man. Then you see JJH being able to sketch LSJ's face from memory, displaying that he was already in her heart.

    After the shooting incident and JJH lost her voice, LSJ returned to Korea leaving room for JWS to enter the picture. When he did, JJH rejected his good intentions, adamantly saying that she was in love with someone else but accepted JWS as a friend since JWS proposed that idea. Throughout the entire time, JJH was so fixated in the heartbreak from LSJ, she didn't notice that JWS had dropped many hints to her, leading her to the true Daisy Man like when he gave her some daisys on their first dinner together. Or like when JJH discovered that JWS reads painting books and also plants daisys all around his house. When LSJ died, JWS was the first person she tightly embraced and again, JWS became the comforting party. One whole year passed, JJH and JWS were still friends but when LSJ died, JJH, although said that she would draw everytime she thought of LSJ, she only drew JWS. And notice, JWS was nowhere in that room, which means that JJH had also memorized JWS's face as well, symbolizing that she had already slowly and unknowingly fallen in love with him. Also observe that in her painting room, instead of portraits of daisys like before, she drew black tulips, which only goes back to JWS who she saw receive so many black tulips. Then when JWS was so fixated in the movie scene, she was also fixated on him and then his lip reading abilities. All of her emotions didn't come crashing down until JWS left her that note, explaining everything truthfully. That's when JJH ran to the scene wording JWS to stop the assasination, something she was wide aware of now and doesn't care. She had grown to love JWS for who he was but sadly and most importantly, she showed her love towards him as she covered the bullet and died in his arms. The song also depicts her feelings for him quite well too.

    Anyway, the movie wasn't black and white clear but you can draw some connections together. The whole point to the love triangle is summarized with this cliche phrase, "Sometimes, you are so fixated or stare at one closed door for so long, you miss out on other open doors." JJH was so fixated on her heartache from LSJ's departure both times that she basically buried emotions for JWS. JWS slowly made his way into her heart without her awareness shown by her paintings of tulips and of JWS. But she kept wasting time by suppressing her emotions for JWS, only regarding him as a good friend. And friends usually will always be there so JJH probably assumed that no matter what, JWS would always be by her side but when she discovered the truth that he was an assasin, she finally realized that she could lose him. I mean, JWS would not return back to JJH even as a friend because like he said, he doesn't deserve her. Plus, he was planning on disappearing from her life, the agreement he made with LSJ if LSJ goes back to JJH.

    JWS's love was very admirable, very unselfish, doing whatever it takes to make JJH happy. I'm sorry, it was NOT creepy the way he watched over her and protected her. Without him, she would have been dead during the first shooting incident. He could have ratted out LSJ by telling JJH the truth but he didn't. It would be too much pain for her so he had to painfully watch her fall in love with someone else and heartbroken from someone else. All he can do was stay on the sidelines.

    LSJ was selfish, he lied for his mission and personal gains but that's not entirely his fault. As for JJH, she was just confused. I don't even think she fell in love with LSJ but because she had waited so long for this Daisy Man and thought it was LSJ, she clung on tightly without maturely reasoning things or understanding her heart. The one who carried the show was JWS. Gosh, he's such a great actor. I didn't cry in Sad Movie or AMTR but in this one, my eyes were a bit teary.

    And thank you cjoey for making it even more clear that JJH loved JWS through that little painting introduction thing, something I didn't see as I didn't watch the International version. It was a simple story beautifully woven together. The graphics were awesome, gorgeous music, and wow, everything was just so dramatically put together. One of my favorite movies, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
  • she-smilesshe-smiles ♥♥♥ Posts: 3,929Member


    loved this film!
    i didn't quite get the ending though, when the 3 of them were under the roof while it was raining.
  • Katerose .Katerose . Hanoi Posts: 61Member


    I love Jeong Woo (by Lee Sung Jea) more than Park Gi (by Jung Woo Sung). Murder is always a murder, no daisies can change the fact that his hand is full of blood!!! If Park Gi were not such that killer, his love would be great. But if he weren't that bad guy, he wouldn't love HY that great way. Anyway, from the start to the end, HY only loves the Daisy Man, neither Joeng Woo jor Park Gi!!!
  • Katerose .Katerose . Hanoi Posts: 61Member


    It's an impressed movie!! But what made me crazy is till the end I didn't know who is the man that heroin loves!!! Anyone can answer? Who does the girl love?
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