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Speed Racer -live Action Movie-

JiNi;JiNi; lol i'm lazy to change my avvy :DVirginia Beach, VA, USAPosts: 3,374Member


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American production

All Reuters Movie News
Christina Ricci gears up for "Speed Racer"
Saturday April 14 1:03 PM ET

Christina Ricci is joining "Matrix" creators Larry and Andy Wachowski's live-action adaptation of the 1960s cartoon "Speed Racer."

Emile Hirsch, Susan Sarandon and John Goodman already have boarded the high-octane Warner Bros. project, which is based on the anime series created by Tatsuo Yoshida for Japanese audiences and later imported to the U.S.

"Speed" centers on a young race car driver, Speed (Hirsch), and his quest for glory in his thundering, gadget-laden vehicle Mach 5. Ricci will star as Speed's girlfriend Trixie, his formidable ally on and off the track.

The show revolved around Speed's family. In the big-screen adaptation, Goodman will play Pops, a race car owner and builder. Sarandon is on board as Pops' wife, the backbone of the family as well as the Mach 5 Go Racing Team.

The Wachowskis, who are writing and directing, are eyeing a summer shoot in Berlin with a summer 2008 release.

The casting is a change in direction for Ricci, who has tended to star in such indie-oriented fare as "Monster," "Penelope" and the recent "Black Snake Moan." She also appeared on ABC's "Grey's Anatomy," a turn that earned her an Emmy nomination last year.

hmmm here we go again image hope its good~

Rain(Bi) is Taejo Togokhan


  • vanjuvevanjuve pervie-worldPosts: 626Member
    Ricci does remind me of Trixie image
  • MissMonikaMissMonika SoCalPosts: 1,336Member


    While my faith in American production of comic book/video games movies is small, I really hope this turns out to be at least a decent movie.
  • yoojiniyoojini BEST RECOGNIZE, PSH. Espa�a.xPPosts: 4,723Member
    aww, emile's got a cute n' small face like speed too. image
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  • JiNi;JiNi; lol i'm lazy to change my avvy :D Virginia Beach, VA, USAPosts: 3,374Member


    And supposely Rain will starr in this movie as well image
    Of what role is not confirmed yet but he'll be attending a press conference in Berlin at the end of this month.
  • SoySoy Mission... Daebak! Florida.Posts: 7,909Friend of Soompi


    ahh PLEASE do not mess u p this movie .. haha i love speed racer and if they kill this .. i will hate .. movies forever
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  • LucasBunnyLucasBunny What will I do without him? Posts: 15,205Member


    edited May 2007
    QUOTE(JiNi; @ May 8 2007, 11:18 PM) »
    And supposely Rain will starr in this movie as well image
    Of what role is not confirmed yet but he'll be attending a press conference in Berlin at the end of this month.


    Rain should be racer X! lol so what if he's asian and the main guy is white
    lol who cares.

    I loved him in the cartoon lol
  • Malice_KaiserMalice_Kaiser The Real ? Posts: 12,072Member


    Ohh, I'm excited now. XDDD Wanna see Rain in this movie.
  • monchichimonchichi ?Muh-muh-muh My Shirota? Melbourne, AustraliaPosts: 3,494Friend of Soompi
    I wonder if they'll be talking the same in the movie as they did in the Eng dub of the anime hahahaha...

    Oh well, I liked the Matrix movie, so I hope this one will be just as good!!
  • cyberfruitcyberfruit Mythbuster! Ft.Bend County ---&#62; (soon to be) Arlington, TxPosts: 5,338Member
    Hollywood, please stop destroying my childhood.
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  • Access DENIEDAccess DENIED Behind you~~Posts: 583Member


    ick..not the Wachowskis. I feel that Speed Racer will be lackluster because of these guys. The first matrix was all right, but not the sequels. V for vendetta was mediocre.
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  • LucasBunnyLucasBunny What will I do without him? Posts: 15,205Member


    I think this is going to be good

    I think they got the casting down pretty well!

    Especially goodman lol
  • Happy_DayHappy_Day Posts: 5,323Member


    So I heard Racer X is Matthew Fox?! I love him in Lost woohoo!!!! image

    I wonder what role Bi will have.. Is there an Asian role in the original cartoon?
  • joyyangjoyyang O.C.Posts: 296Member


    Rain Lands Part in Hollywood Movie

    The Korean singer and actor Rain has a foot in the door in Hollywood after being cast in "Speed Racer," the next film by the Wachowski brothers, who created "The Matrix." Rain is to play a character who takes part in high-speed car races to secure his father's company. RainЎЇs manager claimed the K-pop starЎЇs role "holds the key to the movie.Ў± Ў°Though it is a supporting role, Rain will manage the flow of the movie between the two main parts." The characterЎЇs name has not been decided.

    He was picked by the director after competing with 20 Asian actors including top stars in Asia. Rain met with the Wachowski bothers at Berlin in April. He will participate in a production press conference in Berlin on May 31, and start filming in the German capital for two months after finishing his world tour in June.

    "Speed Racer" is based on the popular Japanese animation "Mach Go Go." The movie is expected to be released next May and cost W260 billion (US$1=W924). Emile Hirsch, who starred in "The Girl Next Door," is to play the hero Speed. Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon, John Goodman, Christina Ricci will also appear in supporting roles.

    "It is my debut in Hollywood. I will do my best, taking each step cautiously,Ў± Rain was quoted in a press release as saying. It is the singerЎЇs second movie role after "I'm a Cyborg, but That's OK" directed by Park Chan-wook. Park Joong-hoon was the first Korean actor to appear in a Hollywood movie.

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  • Happy_DayHappy_Day Posts: 5,323Member


    ^ Yay!!!! Wow, I hope it's a good part!!! I wonder if he will gain a lot of American fans.
  • L_O_V_EL_O_V_E Posts: 586Member
    it's confirmed!
    im so glad rain's deciding to act in this!!
    can't wait to see it!
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  • itonobaraitonobara USAPosts: 253Member
    YEAH!!!! So happy that Rain is going to be in a US movie!!!!!

    Waiting for: Wolf and Dog

    Absolutely thrilled about: Shun+Maki in Hana Kimi jdrama!!!
    image image
  • KuYA IIKuYA II Posts: 5,627Member


    ooo thats awsome i can't wait to see how he acts =). Any release date?
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  • extrapetiteextrapetite Northeast, FLPosts: 588Member
    ^9 May 2008 according to

    but that is subject to change maybe? OoOo i can't wait to see this.. mMmM that site shows more of the cast it doesn't have Rain's part though image

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  • Malice_KaiserMalice_Kaiser The Real ? Posts: 12,072Member


    Whaaat? We have to wait a whole other year?? No fair! XD
  • valentivalenti Posts: 212Member
    2008?! i thought they are already shooting this movie. we have to wait for another year to see this. image
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