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Kil Gun (길건) Thread



  • kyffkyff multiversePosts: 385Member
    edited May 2007
    that's one of the first times i saw her too image she was amazing. That clip never ceases to keel me, two great woman dancers totally OWNing the hall <3~~
    but aw, you're not feeling the songs x] some of her old tracks are too close to techno for me, but maaaann~ HunDurEoBwah is love. It's impossible not to get up and dance to that

    hey, i bring World Cup memories image
    Kil Gun, Shim Eun Jin and Baek Ji Young and some concert thing last summer
  • 波斯猫波斯猫 Los AngelesPosts: 354Member
    Did Kil Gun ever perform "Shower?" That was my favorite song on her album.
  • FiNmInFiNmIn Posts: 154Member
    I love her song Shake It. Any1 hab the HQ vid&perf to it?

    She's such a GREAT dancer <3 <3
    IPB Image
  • jikuhart89jikuhart89 Jaejoong&#39;s fragile crystal eyesPosts: 56Member
    does anyone have her song " shake it" ( mp3) ??? and the download link for Shake it's MV too .
    I'm looking around but I couldn't find . Esp I can't download from SS nor MU T^T

    her dancing skill is amazing !!!
    She used to be Hyolee's teacher , that is what I've heard from Arirang TV
    image image image
    .. because he is my life
  • jojo12144jojo12144 Posts: 519Member


    yes, indeed kil gun was hyori's dance choreographer and also her backup dancer at one point
    then people realized her true potential, thus she debuted
    so underrated her dancing!

  • shingishingi Posts: 75Member
    I think she is so pretty and has amazing skills, I really love when she dances "Shake", i bought her latest album/single and im so happy for having it image
  • haniehanie Posts: 3,032Member


    kil gun! ahh! i love her! image

    but i'm just curious, a while back it said that she had breast's not it?
  • EMPIREEMPIRE Posts: 2,101Member


    oh wow there's a thread on her noww
    i lovee her 2nd album ..very underrated on the net though ..don't know her popularity she is over Korea but i think her songs are very fun ..absolutely love all the songs on the 2nd album ^^
  • dreamweaverdreamweaver CanadaPosts: 12,080Member


    available in my CB image

    [HQ] Star Golden Bell (2007-06-09) [700.5MB]

    Ryan & Ace (Paran), Seo In Young, Kil Gun, Yang Eun Ji, Jo Young Koo & Shin Di (Three Three), Kim Yeh Jin, Jang Yoo Mi, Yoo Seh Yoon, Yoo Sang Moo, Ha Joon Hwa, Kim Hyun Sook, Park Seul Gi, etc.

  • jj*ferventjj*fervent Posts: 41Member
    Just drop by to say that I'm a huge fan of hers too!
    Never get tired of watching the 흔들어봐 perf. ^0^

    Unnie, fighting!!! p^0^q
    하늘위에서 져도 그댄 내 손가락만 보고있죠
  • toxic-appletoxic-apple Posts: 638Friend of Soompi


    hi i wonder if there is any recent update about kil gun?
  • capsasincapsasin Posts: 296Member
    edited July 2007
    i saw her perform at music bank when i went to korea.
    i just came back today, lol.
    i sort of have "connections", so i went through the back where everyone gets ready and stuff.
    it's sooo crowded with back dancers.
    i also saw her perform at the rehearsal and a back dancer had a wardrobe malfunction, but they fixed it.
    i saw her outside by the doors with her dancers and she's really tall and has a nice body, not super skinny like everyone else.
  • kyffkyff multiversePosts: 385Member
    QUOTE(Alexiel @ Jul 12 2007, 06:33 AM) »
    MBC Show! Music Core - Episode 82 (07/14/2007):
    Fly To The Sky, Ivy, Kim Dongwan, MC The Max, Gilgun, ChunSangJiHee The Grace, Typhoon, Son Dambi, Daylight, Nolajo, LPG, Block, Min Hyekyung

    ♬ Power Dance
    - Gilgun『샤워 (Shower)』
    - Son Dambi『Cry Eye』

    OMG image!! i only just found out about this. Has anyone watched it yet?
    kahflkahsfsja Must.Download *glares at CBX*
  • UNee4LifeUNee4Life U;Nee Mina & Jelena Karleusa 4 Life Posts: 1,703Banned
    Yeah Kill Gun is def. an underrated dancer. I see all those topics on "Whose the best female dancer?" and they NEVER put her up? I mean that's very rude, I think on account of her being one of the best female kpop dancers out there.

    I wish her waite didn't YOYO so much. I bought her first album and didn't like it too much and downloaded her second album and... it was okay. I just expect different music from one of the best dancers lol. Some of her music is not even that dancable lol.

    The dance battle between her and U;Nee was image I know U;Nee wasn't trying her best, but wow Kill Gun sure was and good for her
    Jelena (PerfecT) Karleusa
    Mina Official Fan Forum
  • motoway065motoway065 the crave. Posts: 2,815Friend of Soompi


    I'm recently adddicted to her song, Shower
    but at 1:42 into the song, I noticed that they put a bit of Namie Amuro's song, "No" at 1:25?
    It's very brief but was that done on purpose?
    The part that goes "How about some sweet peach" or something in those lines O__________O

    Anyway, I loved her perf for this song.. =D
  • mandy_quyenmandy_quyen Posts: 2,434Member


    [HQ]Kilkun - Mcountdown 070816 - Shower[KoreanEnt].avi

    Available at :
  • kyffkyff multiversePosts: 385Member
    ♬ Special Stage ♬
    - Kilgun, Typhoon

    from Music Bank on the 19th. ~FLAIL~ i need to watch this o___o
  • kyffkyff multiversePosts: 385Member
    I was just watching old SuJu clips and, wow, totally forgot about this
    She appears in Pearl Blue team's first love episode
  • shesmilesshesmiles HEART of SEOUL.Posts: 656Member
    she's so freakin crazy dancer. she's so of the best female vocalist that can dance.

    "Eve was not taken out of Adam's head to top him, neither out of his feet to be trampled by him, but out of his side to be equal with him, under his arm to be protected by him, and near his heart to be loved by him"

  • kimmyroutkimmyrout space.Posts: 428Member
    edited October 2007
    i feel like she doesn't get enough credit as a dancer but she's really seems like dancing comes naturally to her and it doesn't seem forced.
    her dance in this one is a little image image image but she's really flexible
    dance battle betw her and unee
    xman ep 64 her clip is towards the middle

    is she from the states? i don't know why but it seems like she is...

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