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Corsets = Flat Stomach?

ChrissymaruChrissymaru New York CityPosts: 325Member


edited April 2007 in beauty & fashion
sorry if this was posted before
I was wondering if corsets really help you in getting a flat stomach.
I've also heard that you don't get as hungry with a corset on. Is that true?

Thanks ^^


o.O Organs moving around? omg >.< now I'm scared. I don't think I'll get one then.
Thanks for your help everyone!
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  • chibilalachibilala Posts: 333Friend of Soompi
    O_o....a corset will hide the tummy fat, but it wont get rid of it. And if it actually DOES decrease your hunger, its only bc its crushing your abdomen x_x. A tightly fit corset will also affect your breathing a bit -_-
  • cyberfruitcyberfruit Mythbuster! Ft.Bend County ---&#62; (soon to be) Arlington, TxPosts: 5,338Member
    Nope. It might take an inch off your waist, but it will not get rid of a flat stomach. You have to do exercise for that.
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  • BabyKBabyK CaliforniaPosts: 4,147Member


    edited April 2007
    I remember from the korean hula hoop thread that they showed a picture of a corset and what it did to your body.

    You'll have a smaller waist but your tummy will still be there. And the corset squishes up all of your organs from the inside and that's BAD!!!!!!!!! o___o

    Also it make sit hard for you to breathe that you might pass out. I remember this because the girls from ANTM had to do a photoshoot with corsets on and they SERIOUSLY couldn't breathe o__o

    If you want to get rid of the tummy and have a SLIGHTLY smaller waist you should probably do a Body wrap.
  • youre sexy <3youre sexy <3 Posts: 1,358Member
    idk if it'll necessarily make your stomach flat but it makes you eat less
    i had to wear a back brace for almost 2 years and i got pretty skinny cus i couldnt eat that much...but after i stopped having to wear it..i gained some mad weight.
  • tifachantifachan New Yorkiee.Posts: 3,946Member
    Flat stomach? Most likely not.

    Organs moving all around? Hmm, possible. >___<
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  • BatgirlBatgirl The Oracle San Jose, CAPosts: 2,634Friend of Soompi

    Bad corset:

    This is when you are purposely stringing the corset as tight as you can as in the olden times aiming to seriously push your boobs out and make you look like you have a size -30 waist.
    You'd have to be stupid to consider doing that. Its all around bad for your body besides the whole "organs moving around" You can not breathe properly in a getup like that.

    Good corset
    linked coz i dont know if its considered "taboo" =P

    This is for just to fit you and make u look sexy for your boy toy with all the lace goodies.
    You'd have to be stupid to not consider doing that. hahaahah jay kay =)
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