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Nail Thread



  • I_CMOONI_CMOON Posts: 171Member
    pretty nails =]
    i dont like those fake nails though. they look extremely too long and too thick? not trying to offend anybody
  • cowsiecowsie and everytime when you breathe, a wish comes true. NEW YORK.Posts: 1,623Member
    Ooo pretty!
    all smiles.
  • YUNA!YUNA! BAN COU BAPosts: 3,930Member


    edited November 2005
    i dont like growing out my nails

    few reasons:
    - i can't type
    - i can't write
    - i can't play piano
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  • dark twilightdark twilight San JosePosts: 334Member
    I've never gotten my nails done. haha
  • I AM MOJO JOJOI AM MOJO JOJO Posts: 846Member
    i JUST took my nails off...
    mann!! =P
  • ellenkeemellenkeem Posts: 46Member
    so nicely donee =]
    IPB Image
  • melkimxmelkimx momoPosts: 6,066Administrator


    edited January 2009
    QUOTE (mishelljoogo @ Nov 6 2005, 02:44 AM) »
    no one really cares about your nails. It's just a pain in the Richard Simmons to grow them out and then a waste of money to paint them pretty. No guy will say hot nails. Work on the face.

    it's not necessarily a waste if you yourself like it, is it? you're the one who has to live w/ your nails so i'd say it's your opinion that's the most important. and guys do compliment you on your nail polish color sometimes. hehe i don't think they really care that much about it, but they'll still say it's nice.

    me, i'm too cheap to go out and get my nails done and too impatient to apply nail polish, so i can't post here. image

  • pumaxgirl<3pumaxgirl<3 Posts: 317Member
    hehe this inspired me to do my nails instead of keeping them plain and ugly :]
    they're not that great_

    IPB Image
    IPB Image

    i just spent like 15+ doing one hand image haha i glued each heart onto my nails
    i gave up on my other hand haha ><
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  • snowwhitesnowwhite Posts: 371Member
    i would love getting my nails done.. but yeah my mom thinks it's a waste of time so.. lol x___-
  • im` l0vEdim` l0vEd x3 CALiPosts: 2,573Friend of Soompi
    pumaxgirl<3: thats really cute!! xP
  • leila4everleila4ever Posts: 202Member
    edited November 2005
    i wish i can do my nails i only did it for one day and i took it off cuz it felt weird and stuff image' now i want one!!! errrghh is there one where u can buy it and stick 'em on?
  • polaresspolaress hellPosts: 1,536Member


    cute nails
  • eliteninjaeliteninja YOOOOOO Posts: 2,055Member
    edited November 2005
    my nails were "did", but now they`re not
    IPB Image
  • ohJOYohJOY Hello! CAPosts: 2,725Friend of Soompi
    you girls all have the best nails >_< i don't do anything w/ mine except cut them every once in a while
  • miss_supra95miss_supra95 sacramentoPosts: 132Friend of Soompi
    all you girls with long natural nails i am so jealous!!! my nails can't grow too long because they are weak.
  • STEPH-KNEE*STEPH-KNEE* Posts: 65Member
    edited November 2005
    IPB Image
  • Atlanta, GeorgiaPosts: 15Member
    aw, i wish i can get my nails done. image
    i never gotten them done before, not even for homecoming. image
    my mom doesn't let me.... image image image image image
    but it's okay, my nails take forever to grow long and i end up chipping them or them being broken in the end since they are so weak. image
    pretty nails. my hands look so stubby if i dont have longer nails, haha.
  • embolembol when dreams die Posts: 1,098Friend of Soompi
    I can't get my nails done anymore ever since I started wearing contacts. There's no way I'll be able to remove them.
    And I remember when...
  • umademesmyleumademesmyle Posts: 670Friend of Soompi
    how pretty!
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  • super bunnysuper bunny 703 Virginia :].Posts: 219Member
    If I didn't play the violin and have to keep my nails short. I could do them. Although my mom owns a nail salon, so in the summer when my nails grow out, I have them done image.
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