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[MANHWA] The Bride Of The Water God



  • LycheeLaLycheeLa HerePosts: 985Member
    edited April 2009
    o_o I have a question

    Is this done in Korea or is it still on going?

    If so what chapter does it all end image

    edit: LOL ._. Just read the first page..ha
  • RenleekRenleek Posts: 8Member
    QUOTE (Teqq @ Apr 2 2009, 10:07 PM) »
    Should I just not bother using spoiler tags ?? LOL.

    In that flashback to when Mui's mom (suhwangmo..western queen or whatever) had Mui, the then-emperor (current emperor's older brother) was advised to get rid of Mui (i.e. kill him) since Mui's power had manifested as water and his own is fire and Mui's strength was such that he summoned the most powerful dragon. However he did not kill Mui. However he had to be separated from Mui so that their natural powers do not collide... and Mui's father is of his faction but his mother refused to leave Mui and would protect Mui wherever he goes so the mother and father got split up that way. Anyhow. In the April 1st issue: Soah is not being dressed/pimped up for a wedding. She's just being treated like any normal time by handmaidens since the emperor wanted to hold a celebration the likes of which would not be seen again. Soah confronts Mui earlier in the day in his child-Habaek form and addresses him as Habaek-nim and asks him if he recalls her name and he says Soah. And Mura had been talking with Habaek just before that and so is shocked to see Soah alive since she had pushed Soah into that mirror pool from which no one returns on their own accord. Then the emperor showed up and was like ah so you're all here. Habaek says that if there was no real reason he was summoned there, he would take his leave with his bride. And the emperor is like oh of course I had a reason but don't just go, let's have a celebration, etc. And the night came, so Habaek changed into his adult form and the emperor pointedly noted how Soah was not participating/partaking in the celebration because she claimed she was not feeling well or perhaps she may even be hurt. So, Mui (Habaek in adult form) went to her room and asked why and she said she didn't feel all too well (she was in the middle of doing embroidery) and he says okay since you seem to be okay I will leave now. And she notes how his sleeve seems to need mending and tells him to enter (the room) so she can fix it. And to do so he has his robe half-shrugged off and he keeps smiling/looking at her and then says It seems like I'm drunk. And she says, "Excuse me? What are..." and he says 갑자기 네가 예뻐 보이니 말이야. (you look pretty all of a sudden.) And she says, 놀라지 마세요. (basically, don't make fun/jokes/don't play around) And then she follows it up with, "I was wondering about something, could you possibly tell me what it is?" And he asks what it is. And on the final page (his robe is still half-off since she was supposed to be mending his sleeve) she asks him, "How is it that your appearance by night and by day differ?" Then to be continued...

    Wahhh!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Actually, I like the spoiler on just because it's easy to spot where someone's giving a summary so thanks SO MUCH!!

    I've been treading in and out of this particular thread for what, 2 years about and it's SO nice to see people still helping out fangirls and boys who can't read Korean. I must say though, it's confusing me more and more but in a good way!!!

    Wait so does this mean that Hoo Ye will not marry Soah? Also, is he *actually* in love with her for real or is she part of a plan that he's trying to execute against Habaek? Hmm, Hmmm.

    @chire: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING VOLUME 8!!! Waiiii!!!

    Again, EVERYONE who's been keeping us posted and sharing raws (eyes the wonderful Chire), THANK YOU!!!!
  • chirechire Posts: 93Member
    Looks like the flashbacks are done...?

    Download Chapter 56
    Read Online
  • laila~laila~ Posts: 11Member
    Great~ image
    Thanks loads for this one....!
    Can't wait to read~

    (-__-") What a great leecher I am... Just can say thanks and stuffs though.
  • retarded_spongeretarded_sponge Posts: 192Member


    QUOTE (chire @ Apr 9 2009, 08:42 PM) »
    Looks like the flashbacks are done...?

    Download Chapter 56
    Read Online

    And wow, that last panel with Soah was absolutely stunning.

  • .:daRkwinGs:..:daRkwinGs:. c O-O L i e C o-o L c O-O LPosts: 1,637Member


    QUOTE (christiane @ Apr 7 2009, 02:59 PM) »
    Volume 3 in english will be out at amazon on may 20 and the 4th on september. TDark horse do really want to kill us! so long! between 5 to 9 months for a volume! oh my god..image

    i bought the volumes...
    n always waiting...for the third.
    so finally huh...
    im happy to hear.
    thanks for sharing.
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  • TeqqTeqq Posts: 47Member
    QUOTE (amienguyen @ Apr 6 2009, 07:49 PM) »

    By the way, who is the guy with the horn that is hanging out with Soah?

    The horn guy is the unicorn you saw earlier who was supposed to be protecting her or at least be near her to guard her. (Reports to Hooye)
  • LilcyLilcy The insane one UPSR PMR SPM STPM (heard of these?)Posts: 50Member
    edited April 2009
    Just a question, in the raws Wang-suh-mo (blah, what'ze name again? the queen, habaek's mom(== image) was seen talking to the guy with the book where it says who is connected to who with a red string. then we see Soah and Habaek was kinda wrapped in strings.... image

    does it mean Soah and Habaek is gonna be ...fated together...(i ran out of words D:) image

    Thanks for the new chapter! <3
    *runs around giving hugs*
    aya, Soah is so pretty
    Move along =D
  • mwtkmwtk USAPosts: 632Member


    Thank you so much for the translation website and spoilers for those (like me who can't read Korean) and is waiting forever for volume in English to come out!
    Avatar by--> popstarhil @ LJ

    imageby niannarash @ LJ
  • narcissus_himenarcissus_hime Posts: 71Member
    Chap 66 Preview
    so is Nakbin really dead? did Hooye killl her & why? I remember when Mui met the girl named Yeowha, she seemed quite innocent. Then how did she become so evil?
    Wow so many girls falling for Mui: Yeowha, Nakbin, Chunhoo [Mokrang], Mura and Soah image
  • keira_keira_ Posts: 58Member


    very nice artwork

    you can read it from

    Habaek is so cute and Miu is hot
  • ValentinValentin Posts: 64Member
    QUOTE (narcissus_hime @ Apr 12 2009, 12:11 PM) »
    Chap 66 Preview
    so is Nakbin really dead? did Hooye killl her & why? I remember when Mui met the girl named Yeowha, she seemed quite innocent. Then how did she become so evil?
    Wow so many girls falling for Mui: Yeowha, Nakbin, Chunhoo [Mokrang], Mura and Soah image

    I don't remember the chapter in which Mui met Yeowha, when I presume she wasn't under the guise of Nakbin. Can you point me to it, please? Thanks!
  • swt_decadentswt_decadent Posts: 207Member
    I love this manhwa but it confusing me a lot. Lots of new characters showing up and goes. On the past story does that mean Nakbin is not a bad guy?
    Arghh this love triangle is reminding me of inuyasha. So does Habaek still love Nakbin?
  • TeqqTeqq Posts: 47Member
    edited April 2009
    Uh.. not quite, narcissus_hime. In chapter 19 you see the thief singer whose name is Yeonhwa <-- n. 연화.

    The one masquerading as Nakbin is Yeowa (여와) <-- no n and no leading aspirated 'h'.

    The April 15th chapter (ch66) was very very crazy. lol! I'll summarize it later. I don't have it with me and I wouldn't want to leave some parts out: it's so good.
  • TeqqTeqq Posts: 47Member
    edited April 2009
    Ha, darn! The new preview for the May 1st chapter spoils it!! LOL. To confirm for those wondering:

    At the end of chapter 66 (April 15th's chapter) Yeowha/Yeowa/fake-Nakbin hears someone say "So, are you the one called Yeowa?" and in the preview you first see Yeowha at a loss for words and then finally "And you are...?" And then "It can't be..." Then finally "Nakbin...?!" There is much more to chapter 66 than that very end where Yeowa encounters Nakbin, however.
  • laila~laila~ Posts: 11Member
    edited April 2009
    Well...sorry for interrupting in the middle. I keep seeing comments about Soah having two red strings attached with her.
    Assuming she has two men in her life, is it possible that both of them are the same man?
    But maybe different body condition or some different era/space?! image
    I know I'm not making sense, but earlier I've read a manhwa with this type of confusing connection-of-the-red-strings.
    Although it has not much a romance scenes in it but definitely a great work to read for me.
    See Threads of Time (Sal-Le-Top).
    Short summary of the manhwa:
    Atan Hadas (granddaughter of Genghis Khan) is engaged to General Sali Tayi; some sort of psychopath, maniac murder image but also a great leader.
    He don't care who he kills as long as no one is in his way. He always made a sarcastic comments to Atan Hadas, but he actually love her since she was
    a child! (This is known after reading several vols). By the way, he's my fave characters. image (Masochistic, uhh...I know)
    But Atan Hadas is in love with Moon Bin. He has stranded to the historic era as Sa Kyoung Kim, the young master of a Korean warrior family.
    Moon Bi (the main character) also somehow infatuated with her. Since he saw her resembles in his present days (go to the same school, aha!).
    Moon Bi is also believed (by the monk saying though) he is paying the karma. Do some bad in the past, you pay them later.
    Blahblahblah. Read the manhwa for better words.

    Don't read below for better effects of reading the manhwa.
    Conclusion: Moon Bi is actually Sali Tayi. Both of them is the same man who has different faces.
    Moon Bi is paying his bad things he done when he was Sali Tayi.
    No wonder Atan Hadas has two red strings. Since both of the men have come in the same pictures.
    Quote from Sali Tayi: "For you alone I wait. No matter how long it takes... Even across several lifetimes." Tadaa~ image

    All in all... Maybe Soah is actually fated with both Mui and Habaek himself. *Convenience thot for Soah x Habaek fans.*
    Or maybe (just maybe) Soah is Nakbin?! image Since the title stated; The Bride of Water God. Not 's', people. image
    I hope not. Since Nakbin image is quite hateful.
    I just wish The Bride of Water God ends up quite prettily in both arts and words. image
  • JustalilodreamerJustalilodreamer no tax for mePosts: 6,914Member


    edited April 2009
    Can somebody refresh my memory? Who the heck is Yeowha again? Its like she just suddenly popped into the story image and is Chunhoo the girl who sends messages from the emperor to the villagers and now she works for the emperor and is evil? *confused*

    Somebody should make a character chart/list type thing, it'll be very helpful lol
  • Nana.YahXDNana.YahXD vegasPosts: 1,350Member


    QUOTE (Justalilodreamer @ Apr 14 2009, 12:32 AM) »
    Can somebody refresh my memory? Who the heck is Yeowha again? Its like she just suddenly popped into the story image and is Chunhoo the girl who sends messages from the emperor to the villagers and now she works for the emperor and is evil? *confused*

    Somebody should make a character chart/list type thing, it'll be very helpful lol

    Yeowha is NakBin

    haha to refresh your memory when she first appeared in the water kingdom she announced she was Nakbin
    but no one would believe so she said just to call her Yeohwa until Haebak really believed that she was

    hahah annd

    Soah (소아): A girl from a small village chosen as the sacrifice to please the Water God, Habaek. When she was a child, she was prophesized to love two men in her life. She finds herself attracted to Muhee, who she believes is Habaek's cousin, unaware that Habaek (the child) and Muhee are the same person. In Volume 5, it is hinted that Habaek and Soah met when Soah almost drowned when she was young.

    Habaek (하백):
    The Water God, a temperamental deity who has not allowed rain to fall in Soah's village for many years. He is a child by day (Habaek) and an adult (Muhee) by night, with his powers being reduced in the presence of heat or sunlight. Soah recognizes the child as her husband, but is unaware of his transformations; Habaek, unable to explain, introduces his adult self as Habaek's cousin, Muhee. He was deeply in love with his first wife, Nakbin, who died young, not knowing that she had actually betrayed him. Habaek gradually becomes increasingly attached to Soah, though his behavior towards her is inconsistent.

    Yook-oh (육오):
    A grandfatherly butler who serves the Water God. He previously served Habaek's mother, the Goddess of Punishment and Torture.

    Hoo-ye (후예): The commander of the Water Kingdom, also famed for being the best archer in the realm of gods. He appears to be loyal to Habaek, particularly after an unspoken incident involving Nakbin in the past. However, as of Volume 5, he appears to be under a 'contract' of some sort with the Emperor, concerning Soah. On her arrival in the Water Kingdom, Soah at first mistakes him for the Water God, and later comes to rely on him as a confidante and friend, which makes Habaek jealous, more so since Hoo-ye is attracted to her.

    Tae-eul-jin-in (태을진인)
    : A doctor in the Water Kingdom, a relatively recent inhabitant to the realm. He appears to have his own motives regarding Habaek and Mura warns Soah not to trust Tae-eul-jin-in so readily.

    Mura (무라): A witch who lives in the Water Kingdom, originally from the mountains. She is in love with Habaek. Like several characters, she seems to know more than she is willing to tell Soah and appears to have her own agenda. She is especially adverse to Nakbin when she reappears in the Water Kingdom. Mura was previously involved in schemes with the Emperor against Habaek.

    Ju-dong (주동):
    The God of Fire. He loves everything that is cute. He once stole a peach from Suh-wangmo's garden 400 years ago. In the Emperor's war against Shi Nong, Ju-dong had hoped to be on the opposite side of Habaek in order to learn if he was stronger than Habaek.

    Yo-hee (요희): a goddess who is friendly to, and very fond of, Soah, going to the extent of rebuking Habaek for sending her away without warning and going to see her without taking anyone else along. Although she appears and behaves like an immature child, she is several hundred years old.

    Suh-wangmo (수왕모):
    The Goddess of Punishment and Torture and Habaek's mother, a beautiful woman who is centuries old. Ironically, she is also the Goddess of Love, Hate, and Disease. Habaek also does not appear to get along with her, though she seems to only want her son to be happy. She has a rather absent minded servant named Cheong Jo.

    Nakbin (낙빈): Habaek's first love. As of Volume 5, it is known that she had attempted to betray him in some way, under orders from another person: however, the exact details concerning what she was supposed to do, are unknown. Hoo-Ye cared for her a great deal as she was his sister. She reappears again in the Water Kingdom, going by the name Yeo-wha when Habaek refuses to acknowledge her as Nakbin and schemes to get rid of Soah.

    The Emperor:
    He first appears in the guise of the dead Nakbin, shocking Soah, who thought that Nakbin had returned. In a later chapter he expresses interest in Soah, going so far as to snatch her out of Hoo-ye's arms. Hoo-ye is seemingly bound to him by a contract that concerns handing Soah over to the Emperor, though Habaek, as her husband, prevents him from taking Soah. He is responsible for the curse on Habaek, which reduces him to the form of a child by day. He is eventually revealed to be the father of Hoo-ye and Nakbin and schemes to obtain Habaek for the sake of winning a war against Shi Nong, a god who favours humans, while the Emperor despises them.

    Banwing (반윙): A masked messenger who serves the Emperor. He wears a mask as a result of Hoo-ye attacking him in the past after Banwing presented a message to Habaek and threatened the Water God and his wife. He has made repeated indirect attempts to capture Soah, including going along with the schemes of Yeo-wha.

    Ban Chun Geun, Bi Ryeom (반천근, 비렴)
    : The God of the Winds and ruler of the West Side Forest, who rescues Soah and Muhee when they are stranded in the mountains. He lives in exile for opposing the Emperor in the past. Bi Ryeom is an old acquaintance of Mura, drawn to her by the kindness she showed him when she believed him to be an injured animal. He comes to the Water Kingdom to fulfill a promise Mura had asked of him - to help Habaek as she had helped him. He seems to have feelings for her, though is aware of Mura's unrequitted love for Habaek.

    credits to wikipedia image
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  • TeqqTeqq Posts: 47Member
    And Wikipedia is wrong. Yeowha is not Nakbin.

    The two of the meet face-to-face in the April 15th issue.
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