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Watermelon Hwa Chae Posts: 1,346Member
edited March 2007 in food
a delicious summer desert.
My first time posting in the food section. ;]

well..since spring and summer is right around the corner, i decided to share with you guys a recipe for a delicious summer desert!! Made with watermelon..its the perfect way to enjoy the summer when its hot outside. Many of you may know this..but for those who dont..its a perfect chance to try something new and easy!!

First of all..i'm not even sure if its a desert..but i guess you could call it one?
and second...its really simple and easy to make, so anyone can do it. image

*ingredients may vary for everyone. it depends on what fruits you like. ;]
also, the way you make it might differ too, because people might have learned it differently. but this would be the basic way.


-watermelon (whole would be best) and the sweeter it is, the better!!
-sprite, ginger ale, etc. (DON'T use beverages like coke and pepsi. it'll turn out bad. image )
-sugar (optional)
-fruits: strawberries, grapes, apples, etc. anything you want to put in the watermelon.
-cubed ice


1. cut the watermelon in half. you may wish to store the other half away if there arent alot of people eating it. or you could use the whole thing if there are alot of people. ;]

2. use a spoon (preferably big & easy to use) to scrape(?) the watermelon so you end up with little pieces of watermelons. at this point, if you wish, you can put the pieces of watermelon into another bowl.

3. when you have scraped all the watermelon (and are using the watermelon itself as a bowl), you can begin to add your other favorite fruits. image preferably chop/slice them into smaller pieces such as strawberries and apples. if there is too much watermelon juice, you may use the spoon to take some out.

4. once you have added all your favorite fruits, add some sprite or ginger ale into the mix. be sure not to pour TOO much making it overflow. but other than that, you may pour as much sprite to fulfill your taste buds. image

5. at this point, you can add sugar if you would like to make the mix sweeter.

6. last but not least, add ice cubes so it'll make the whole thing cold and refreshing!!

*if you are sharing it with other people, you may wish to place the HwaChae in bowls...distributing the amount equally. ;]

its a very delicious and refreshing desert so i hope you guys will get to try it out one day. image
perfect way to cool off in the summer and enjoy something delicious with your friends at the same time!! image

if you have any questions or comments, feel free to post away.

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  • intoxicate.intoxicate. NYC !Posts: 1,159Member
    sounds like fruit salad with sprite xD i'm gonna try this =)
    thanks for sharing~
  • SooshiSooshi Posts: 224Member
    Mmm I haven't had that in a while. My mom used to make this for me all the time when I was a kid.
    Watermelon + ice cold Sprite = soooo good and refreshing. image
  • juju<3juju<3 Posts: 764Member
    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh looks SOOOOOOO good :]

    I'm gonna try it in the summer ^^
  • Mz.Mo0.NiQu3Mz.Mo0.NiQu3 Posts: 432Member
    ^i AGREE!!!

    it looks so PERFECT as a summer dessert ^0^

    not to mention how pretty the presentation is o_o;
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  • StupidGurlStupidGurl honey honey~ HawaiiPosts: 678Member
    sounds good. image

    but i dont like ginger. oh well.

    it looks REALLY pretty tho. image
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  • evolution_evolution_ CanadaPosts: 781Member
    QUOTE(StupidGurl @ Mar 4 2007, 11:49 PM) »
    sounds good. image

    but i dont like ginger. oh well.

    it looks REALLY pretty tho. image

    lol. It's not ginger she put down in the recipe, she put GINGER ALE. XD

    It looks yummy. I'll have to try this one day. image
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  • KorowaKorowa Sound of the Nations Los Angeles, CAPosts: 1,674Member
    ah this is quite a refreshing snack to have during the summer, especially at all those family picnic gatherings. Whenever my family made it, we would use 7-up and Orange Tang instead of Sprite and sugar.

    It's a different taste but good.
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  • NotFromThisPlanetNotFromThisPlanet ★★★Milton Teagle Simmons★★★ 892 MOMONA ST, HONOLULU, HI 96820Posts: 3,211Friend of Soompi
    from reading the recipe it seems like it would be a refreshing treat. i think ill consider making this for a company barbeque thats in the near future.
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  • wish*wishwish*wish my_little_spacePosts: 580Member
    wow...sounds interesting and yummy too!
  • [msaimee][msaimee] ? A R T ? M U S I C? MinnesotaPosts: 1,749Member


    Wow it looks good!
    I should try it this summer!

  • Queenie<3Queenie<3 everythings bigger in TexasPosts: 854Member
    thanks for the recipe it looks very refreshing! Im going to try it but I think it would be cuter if you used one of those melon baller things to scoop the melon out. Im going to try it that way =]
  • aznbabe90aznbabe90 +*Posts: 863Member
    omg.. that looks so yummyy
    thankx for the recipe ^^
    i'm so gonna try it dis summer hehehe
    image » ♡ « image
  • EmblaEmbla Posts: 815Member


    edited May 2012
  • baybeexdishonestbaybeexdishonest Los Angeles, CAPosts: 38Member
    Oh my gosh! That looks so delicious. I should try it! Thanks for sharing
  • jollyrancherjollyrancher Korea/U.S.A.Posts: 805Member

    when i saw this picture summer memories hit me~ image
    I think all you need is lots of watermelon, lots of ice,
    and a few cups of sprite (I think sprites the BEST soda
    to use it in, it doesn't have too much flavor and lets
    the watermelon-taste have more of an effect)
  • mle_4umle_4u Classy and Fabulous CaliforniaPosts: 1,341Member
    i have eaten this but w/o the sprite before. its delicious image

    thanks for the recipe
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  • NJSK.NJSK. ????. ? Posts: 9,486Friend of Soompi

    that looks so refreshing and cool. ~_~

  • Shortyyy126Shortyyy126 Posts: 1,490Member
    wow it looks refreshing. ;D let's hope my parents let me use a whole half a watermelon for my lil experiment. haha. thanks for sharing! =)
  • broken.wingsbroken.wings Posts: 1,584Friend of Soompi


    That sounds good! Thanks for sharing~
  • Romancer.Romancer. ??? ? England, UKPosts: 3,414Member
    I will definitely make this! O_O
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