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How Many Ap Classes Should I Take?

sweetxbeansweetxbean Posts: 31Member
during Junior Year.
I was wondering how many AP classes a person should take during junior year. I'm planning on taking one AP course (Bio or Chem) and Honors English and I'm planning to take history as a summer course during the summer. But I keep feeling that one AP course and one Honors isn't enough and I'm also worried that colleges will not take notice of me because of my lack of AP courses. What should I do?

Do colleges notice how many AP classes a person takes?

image Help.


  • donny fyaskodonny fyasko Posts: 356Friend of Soompi
    edited February 2007
    If you feel like you can take more than 1 AP and 1 Honors course then take as many APs as you want.
    Just keep in mind that AP classes won't mean much if you get a C in them.
    Don't bite more than you can chew.

    My advice to you is to take 2 AP classes. Most people can handle two AP courses.

    For me I took 4 AP courses and I did perfectly fine in all four of them in my junior year.

    I took AP U.S. History, AP Chemistry, AP Psychology, and AP Computer science.
    The most trouble I had was AP Chemistry since other classes were basic memorization.
  • courtzn3ycourtzn3y Posts: 748Member

    maybe look over your grades right now, and try to
    predict how well you can handle work =)
  • x SaRaNg HaE xx SaRaNg HaE x I adore you. ? 626, CAPosts: 6,699Friend of Soompi
    Most Juniors at my school take 2-3 AP classes. In Sophomore year a lot of people took AP World History, so they got a feeling of how it was like to take an AP course.
    1 AP class is ok, 2-3 if you want more of a challenge, and 4 if you're asking for it.
    But if you feel like you can't handle too much workload, then just stick with the Honors classes.

    Right now I'm taking AP Language Composition, AP US History, and AP Chemistry.
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  • Childlike FaithChildlike Faith Posts: 2,666Member
    I'm taking three this year, my junior year, it's a killer. But the thing is, I can handle it, I'm just not trying hard enough.
    And I've never taken an AP class before this year, so the workload really threw me off at the beginning of the year.

    Take a look at your grade, I'm doing well in my AP classes, except calc, and it is screwwwing me over.
    If your grade can handle it, then I say go ahead.
    Since you don't think it's enough, I'd reccomend two AP classes, and one honors class.

    Is the honors class hard? At my school, they're not, but if it is, then I would just stick with one AP class and one honors.

    In general, 2 is a nice number for juniors.
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  • malevolent.malevolent. ignorance is bliss. S0LE CAL.Posts: 3,450Friend of Soompi
    edited March 2007
    I took 3 AP's during my junior year. Passed all with B's. Didn't pass the AP test though. image

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  • AhleesOhn<3JJAhleesOhn<3JJ Southern CaliforniaPosts: 177Member
    I think it depends whether you think you can pass the AP or not.
    Even if you passed all your APs with A's and didn't pass the AP that looks worse to colleges then getting a good grade in a regular class.
    AP classes aren't everything...
    but if you take them, you have got to be prepared for A LOT of work....
    i repeat..A LOT of work..
    haha im in my junior year right now..
    and im slowly getting through it.
    it's tough....
    but it's up to you whether you think you can handle it or not.
    image image
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  • jess89jess89 the 410Posts: 840Member
    QUOTE(malevolent. @ Mar 1 2007, 12:03 AM) »
    I took 3 AP's during my junior year. Bassed all with B's. Didn't pass the AP test though. image

    ^haha same here! i was trying so hard to get B's in chemistry and world history that my calc grade fell ):
  • _BeLLe*_BeLLe* Posts: 515Member
    i only took 3 my junior year. AP Chem, AP USH, and AP Lang. and Comp (English).
    it really wasn't that bad, espeically compared to the 5 i'm currently taking.

    but i say take a look at what your school offers. and it wouldn't hurt to take another AP class, as long as you know you can handle it.
  • dark_chancellordark_chancellor I ATE YOUR SOCK! =D In your sock =OPosts: 2,481Friend of Soompi
    pst pst pst.. there's a general AP topic that's been pinned =)
    Feel free to msg me if you want contact info :D
  • illneverletyougoillneverletyougo i want to fall back into love. farawayPosts: 1,715Member


    edited March 2007
    nowadays colleges are looking at the number of AP courses you take than your gpa and if you are in top ten percent or not. b/c people like to play the "gpa" game. of course you have to do well in your ap courses though lol. I like this because so many people in my class are taking the "easy" way out and not doing AP classes cause they said it will "ruin" their gpa because they might make a B instead of an A. Gets me mad.

    i took three this year. (junior year)
    and next year I am taking six or seven. (seniorrr)
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  • misz.perfect.misz.perfect. oh it's on. everywhere(:Posts: 1,360Member
    Do colleges look at Honors classes as well? Or only AP classes? image
    Bye, love.
  • angelxmdawbangelxmdawb Posts: 19Member
    I don't think that "AP" classes really matter..
    They take in account to what you do outside of school, besides all your grades.
    but like someone said, you can get As in your AP courses, but you need to pass your AP tests, otherwise it is a total waste of your hard work, and the college probably won't like it either.
  • KorEaNKorEaN CaliforniaPosts: 348Member
    i took 1 AP class (AP euro) during my sophmore year and it was pretty chill, no stressing
    but as a junior currently, im taking 4 AP classes and i have to admit its pretty tough hahah
    its not impossible to take more than 2 APs, but if u lack determination and self confidence, LOL i recommend not taking over 2 AP classes
  • chocolateturtlechocolateturtle californiaPosts: 513Member


    edited March 2007
    QUOTE(malevolent. @ Feb 28 2007, 09:03 PM) »
    I took 3 AP's during my junior year. Passed all with B's. Didn't pass the AP test though. image

    yeah..same, i took 2 instead but i didnt really study for the ap exams, just trying to get through the class xD

    My friend took 7 aps during her junior year, with the flexible schedule of block, it's possible but it's crazy...i think she got all A's also.
  • piQpiQ Posts: 281Member
    QUOTE(misz.perfect. @ Mar 2 2007, 12:02 AM) »
    Do colleges look at Honors classes as well? Or only AP classes? image

    They look at all the classes you took, so both of them
  • epuolatnacepuolatnac Posts: 164Friend of Soompi
    Take as many as you can image It's not that much work.. I'm taking 6 now. I took 5 last year and 1 honors class
  • mkaymrxomkaymrxo cstxPosts: 260Member
    edited March 2007
    I'm taking Enlish Honors, Algebra II Pre-AP, Chemistry Pre-AP, and U.S. History Honors ahah image . Algebra and Chemistry doesn't have AP classes...pre-ap's the highest level. I wonder why.
  • joonagejoonage SeattlePosts: 5,155Member


    Hmmm ... next year for Junior Year ... I think I'm taking two ... AP Lit or AP Eng (It switches every year so I'd take one of the two senior year) and AP Government. Also, I think the Chemistry class is honors ... so yeah ... Hope I can last ... >.<
  • jenniifer xOxjenniifer xOx n-villePosts: 1,098Member
    haha i'm only taking AP psych my junior year. honestly, i knwo this isn't the bset attitude, but i know i can get into college....buuuuut i have a pretty strong schedule right now and barely any electives. if i do have an elective, it's about business and i want to major in business.
  • alicimooalicimoo o>_____<o BostonPosts: 5,852Friend of Soompi


    edited March 2007
    I just spent some hours deciding on this today. xD
    I'm taking 2 AP's, 3 honors, and 1 regular for junior year.
    Senior year I'm taking 4 AP's, 1 honor, and 1 regular. xD

    Here's what I have down for my schedule so far (I'm not sure if telling you this will help you at all):
    Junior Year:
    Biology AP
    Computer AP A
    English 11 Honors (English mandatory)
    Pre-Calculus Honors (Pre-Calc Honors mandatory)
    Spanish 4 Honors (Spanish 4 Honors mandatory)
    U.S. History (History mandatory) mandatory..

    Senior Year:
    AP Lit (English mandatory)
    Calculus AP AB (Calculus AP mandatory--I'm pretty sure I'm still stuck with AB by senior year)
    Economy AP
    Enviromental Science AP
    Chemistry 2 Honors
    Physics 1
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