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Top 10 Prettiest Korean Actresses!



  • J2BiNJ2BiN Posts: 532Member


    edited February 2007
    here my list....

    kim hee sun
    lee da hae
    lee hyori
    kim ha nue
    lee bo young
    son ye jin
    choi ji woo
    chae rin
  • luvxholicluvxholic californiaPosts: 428Member
    hmm off the top of my head in no specific order:

    -song hye gyo
    -sung yuri
    -jung ryu won
    -kim tae hee
    -lee yun hee
    -son ye jin
    -shin minah
    -lee na young
    -song ji hyo
    -han ji min
  • IsseyIssey Soompi=? SingaporePosts: 1,506Member
    Cant really name 10 but i can name my top 5..

    1.Song Hye Kyo image
    2.Kim Tae Hee
    3.Jeon Ji Hyun
    4.Lee da Hae
    5.Song Ye Jin
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  • Thanh Tra 221Thanh Tra 221 Posts: 106Member
    1.SUng Yu Ri(Snow Queen)
    2. Han Ga In
    3. SOng Hye Kyo
    4.Kim SO Yuen
    5.Yoon Eun Hye
    6.KIm Hee Sun(Smile Again)
    7.Le Yo Won
    8. Kim MIn Jung
    9. Lee Da Hee
    10. HAn Chae Young
  • deelowdeelow Posts: 40Member
    To aid those of you who are constantly searching for images. My top 10.

    1. 전지현
    2. 이연희
    3. 김태희
    4. 남상미
    5. 송혜교
    6. 성유리
    7. 이다해
    8. 강예솔
    9. 이소연
    10. 박수애

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  • jnccrsjnccrs Posts: 4,639Banned
    1. Yoon Eun Hye

    2. Nam Sang Mi

    3. Han Ga In

    4. Song Ji Hyo

    5. Ha Ji Won

    6. Kim Hee Sun

    7. Go Ara

    8. Kim Tae Hee

    9. Song Hye Kyo

    10. Jung Ryu Won
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  • tengtengtengteng noognaresPosts: 2,122Member
    Not in any particular order:

    Song Hae Gyo
    Lee Da Hae
    Soh Ye Jin
    Yoon Eun Hye
    Lee Da Hae
    Shin Min Ah
    Kim Sa Rang
    Su Ae
    Han Hyo Joo
  • madcoolmadcool NoVA, USPosts: 314Member
    prettiest in my eyes...

    Yoon Eun Hye
    Ha Ji Won
    Jeon Ji Hyun
    Lee hyori
    Han Ga In
    Han Hyo Joo
    Son Ye Jin
    Kim Tae Hee
    Lee Young Ae
    Nam Sang Mi
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  • lackingmoonlackingmoon Posts: 869Member
    There are too many pretty actresses but here are the beauties that appeal to me the most. Not in particular order:

    Actress Only!

    Nam Sang Mi
    Yoon Eun Hye
    Sung Yuri
    Han Ga In
    Jung Ryeo Won
    Choi Jung Won
    Han Chae Young
    Song Hye Kyo
    Kim Tae Hee
    Lee Yo Won and many more

  • strawberry-chanstrawberry-chan Posts: 286Member
    I think the prettuest korean actress are
    1. Song Hye kyo ( Full house ) all the way !
    2. Jeon Ji Hyun ( My sassy girl ) have you ever saw her in the bannish girodano cf w/ benny benassi - satisfaction ? she was so so hot !
    3. Yoon Eun Hye ( Goong ) She gettin' prettier and prettier everyday... you really notice the difference between X-man and the photoshot of the moment...
    4. Jeong Ryo Won ( My name is kim Sam Soon ) She so pretty and act really good as well
    5. The 2nde lead actress in Goong... Song something just can't remember lol ... Even though in the drama she is a real b**** loll ... I have to admit that she is pretty
    6. Lee Da Hae ( My girl )
    ( and I must have forgotten people ...
  • __to-delete__to-delete SingaporePosts: 374Member
    I don;t have any top 10, but I think
    -Lee Da Hae
    -Song Hye Kyo
    -Nam Sang Mi
    -Yoon Eun Hye

    are all really pretty.
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  • fwnc_b!fwnc_b! Posts: 2,309Friend of Soompi


    edited February 2007
    1) Song Hye Kyo
    2) Lee Yeon Hee
    3) Jeon Ji Hyun
    4) Jeong Ryeo Won
    5) Sung Yu Ri
    6) Shin Minah
    7) Eugene
    8) Kim Tae Hee
    9) Lee Hyori
    10) Yoon Eun Hye
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  • cookiemonstercookiemonster super eye candy~ soompi.Posts: 3,092Member


    edited February 2007
    Not in particular order

    1. Song Hye Kyo
    2. Lee Da Hae
    3. Yoon Eun Hye
    4. Han Ga In
    5. Kim Hyun Joo
    6. Kim Tae Hee
    7. Yoon Sang Hyun
    8. Lead girl in Goong S (dunno her name image )
    9. Lee Hyori
    10. Nam Sang Mi
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  • bakarshrimpbakarshrimp PhilippinesPosts: 75Member


    in order:
    1. Yoon Eun Hye(Goong)
    2. Song Hye Kyo(Full House)
    3. Park Shin Hye( goong S)
    4. Lee Dae Hae(My Girl)
    5. Eugene Kim(more like her in Save the last dance...)
    6. Jeon Ji Hyun

    don't know much about Korean girls.... just the names listed above...
  • d0nutd0nut Posts: 20Member
    for me, def sung yuri, song hae gyo, nam sang mi, lee da hae, eugene. jung ryeo won when she smiles, jeon ji-hyun when she doesn't. and maybe kim tae hee too but i'm not a big fan of her acting, heh.
  • jaja_donghaecrazejaja_donghaecraze MalaysiaPosts: 5Member
    -Lee Da Hae
    -Song Hye Kyo
    -Kim Tae He
    -Jang Nara..she's pretty cute
  • YunHo&YuRiYunHo&YuRi Brisbane, AustraliaPosts: 454Member


    My top 10 is:

    1. Lee HyoRi
    2. Lee YeonHee
    3. Song HyeGyo
    4. Sung YuRi
    5. Jang NaRa
    6. Kim TaeHee
    7. Lee DaHae
    8. Eugene
    9. Park ShinHye
    10. Han GaIn
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  • john_andertonjohn_anderton Posts: 149Member
    here's my list..

    1.) song hye-gyo

    2.) han ga-in

    3.) eugene

    4.) kim hyun-joo

    5.) sung yu-ri

    6.) park chae-rim

    7.) jeon ji-hyun

    8.) soo-ae

    9.) ha ji-won

    10.) lee young-ae
  • hekijo_00hekijo_00 somewhere greenPosts: 146Member

    1.Nam Sang Mi(she always look beautiful)
    2.Kim Jung Hwa(natural beauty,love her)
    3.Song hye Kyo(another natural beauty)
    4.Son ye Jin(favourite actress)
    5.Lee da Hee(charming)
    6.Han Hye Jin(love her in 1 percent of anything)
    7.Park eun hye(she looks innocent in silent)
    8.Jeong Ryeo Won
    9.eugene(great actor and singer)
    10.han ji hye
  • ChiperaholicChiperaholic atlantaPosts: 1,683Member


    1. Song Hye Gyo- she's the prettiest I can think of now. Very natural, others don't give me that vibe.
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