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Your Current Ringtone Is....

ss5o1emss5o1em mini korea , sydney , nswPosts: 3,926Member


tell us ur kpop ringtones ^^
- mine is currently we belong together--big bang

but it's on rotation each week.. these are usually the songs i have on rotation;

- a fool's tears (is that the write translation? lol..) - big bang

- balloons- dbsg

- tomorrow- hwanhee

- sarangserowoh- kim jong guk.. ^^

share yours!!

KYU<3 = LOVEimageimage

credits to trymylove@quainte(av&sig icons)


  • eUn_jI28eUn_jI28 Posts: 166Member


    my current one is EpiK High - Fly ^^
    "When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you leave, the world cries and you rejoice" - Unknown
  • msmilktmsmilkt FairyTale LandPosts: 787Member


    ringtone -
    DBSK - ''O''Jung.Ban.Hap [extented version]

    message tone -
    H.O.T - IYah [omg~~ had this forever ^^]

    others i have used -
    ShinHwa - Hero
    ShinHwa - Young Gunz
    ShinHwa - Angel
    J.T.L - A Better Day
    J.T.L - Just Say Goodbye
    Super Junior - Miracle
    DBSK - Balloons
  • tualekzzetualekzze ? ? ? Bangkok, ThailandPosts: 444Member
    i'm using asso! - se7en's ringtone in Goong S so cute <33

    another ringtone i use by group are
    - one - dongbang
    - showmeyourlove - dongbang superjunior
    - the way you are - dongbang
    - rising sun - dongbang
    - my destiny - dongbang

    (lots of dongbang - -)

    and i use dancing out - super junior as my ring for alarm clock


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  • heartdropsheartdrops 신화짱 Posts: 7,053Friend of Soompi


    the one Se7en uses in Goong S..
    the oppa jangjangmyan one (lol, i know i spelled that wrong)
  • rapunzel283rapunzel283 Posts: 5,134Friend of Soompi


    It's a rotation between;

    Hyori - Depth
    Hyori - Slave
    Hyori & JunKi - AnyStar
    Bloodhound Gang - Bad Touch

  • kecziantheikeczianthei ore wa homo ja nai.. toma<33 in dreamland.. with seunghyunee &lt;33Posts: 2,114Member


    im using se7en's in goong s.. the 'oppa did u order jjajangmyun?' one..
    bleach .+. deathnote
  • beckiibeckii 한번뿐인 인생 이렇게 살수 없어. Posts: 4,668Member


    *rofl* at the first two posters! my first kpop ringtone i used was fly - epik high, and the 2nd one was run - se7en, 3rd [one i have now] is we belong together - big bang!
    facebook. twitter. tumblr.
  • nickynisanickynisa KL, MalaysiaPosts: 1,329Member
    song from sad love story OST
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  • umbananaumbanana scotland :)Posts: 914Member


    my ringtone right now is se7en's lalala
    but ive got the goong S one which i want to use soon XD

  • butterflyeffectbutterflyeffect ... Los AngelesPosts: 11,910Friend of Soompi
    I've been using Tohoshinki's Miss You for almost two months now.
    I want to change it soon. xD

  • xiaochuxiaochu my Heart &#9825; ::SS501::Tei::WooHyuk::Posts: 1,432Member


    Mine's also Se7en's ringtone in GoongS.
    The other ones are all SS501 songs...I assign to different groups of friends..
    Unlock, 4Chance, Hana, Sky, Wings of the world, etc.
    get me a sig?
  • NiceNice ThailandPosts: 487Member


    Anyclub stick as my ringtone since it was released
    it alerts me a lot
    sometimes I change to se7en's song

    I planned to use jjajangmyun as se7en in Goong S soon.

    my calling melody is Rain's Move On
    I'm a girl living in Bangkok ^_^ # 1
  • kumiko88kumiko88 Posts: 21Member
    YeepiE...mine is CSJH- My everything...diz song is nice o...^^
    IPB Image
    credit to myself^^...

    do U KNOW dat u r da BEST!!!!
  • jack_yamapjack_yamap Donghae&#39;s heartPosts: 360Member
    I use 'oppa did u order jjajangmyun?' from Se7en's ringtone in Goong S right now ^^ Very cute !!

    Friends - Tictoc (SUPERJUNIOR)
    Bussiness - O (DBSK)
    Family - Dirty Cash (Bigbang)
    VIP - Foolish Love (Leejunki)
    Stars - Crash ( Battle)
  • YELL;OHYELL;OH Posts: 2,340Member
    QUOTE(lOstie @ Jan 25 2007, 07:19 AM) »
    message tone -
    H.O.T - IYah

    me tooooo xD

    my ringtone, however, is kim ah joong`s [maria]~
  • simply_dreamsimply_dream NYC~~HKPosts: 900Member


    i guess everyone assign their tones too =D

    my reg ringtone is
    this love - big bang
    passion - se7en
    bump - minwoo
    forever with you - big bang
    24/7 intro - se7en
    keep holding you - sunmin ft. hyesung
    sarangahnhae - baek ji young
    u - super junior
    lalala - big bang
    and 1 of the song from goong.. lol forgot the name

    LOL so i guess u can say almost every1 in my list have diff ringtone XD
  • KuYA IIKuYA II Posts: 5,627Member


    sorry if this is kind of off topic but,

    where do you guys get your ringtones? I want to have some kpop songs in mine instead of the american music >>;;
    [credit] JeannieV. "Take my revolution.."
    "Even if the two of us are ever torn apart...
    that..I will change the world.."

  • nonwinkynonwinky Posts: 800Member
    edited January 2007
    ^i got mine at but you have to pay for it.

    general ringtone: epik high-fly
    close friends: guhbookee- bihaengi
    family: gom 3 mari
    alarm: leeseunggi- hagi himdeun mahl
    av credit: sides. ♥ sig credit: mish♥
  • mashmellomashmello Posts: 8Member
    Ice-Cream - MC Mong

    DBSG - Step By Step

    K.R.Y - Hansarammaneul
  • deppstardeppstar SingaporePosts: 3,375Member

    I am currently using 3 ^^
    one for my close friends, one for my family and one for general friends image
    I love personalising my hp! haha

    balloons : DBSK
    You're my miracle: DBSK
    Black glasses [chorus] : ERU

    Sometimes i interchange them with ERU's white snow [chorus]

    or DBSK "O" extended version ,
    either the dance intro or the chorus part =)

    I also use Rain's music sometimes ^^

    currently, I have these 3 artists songs in my hp image

    For those who are wondering how come i add in 'chorus' part,
    that's because I cut the song and use only certain parts as ringtones image
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