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Card Game Punishments.

jeezchris.jeezchris. World World WorldDiamond Bar, CAPosts: 767Friend of Soompi
what are some??
What are some good card game punishments for the losers? XD

So if someone loses a card game, they have to do a certain "punishment".

other than..
-drinking lots of WATER (then having to use the restroom 932478329 times)
-frog jumps

thanks n__n
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  • Classic ExampleClassic Example Miscellaneous Los Angeles, CAPosts: 4,437Member
    You can bonk the loser on the head with something xD My friends and I commonly use an empty soda bottle haha.
  • quietraindropsquietraindrops Posts: 1,958Member


    If you live somewhere cold.....
    Preferably with snow ^^
    And have easy access outside ^^

    Send them outside and make them run outside and lock them out xD
  • cbxjenncbxjenn Posts: 2,281Friend of Soompi
    lick someone's foot. haha
  • &&TiFF;ANY.&&TiFF;ANY. 916Posts: 2,173Member


    Slap each others arms with two fingers!

    many thanks to lilitadaki
  • sub.limesub.lime VancouverPosts: 3,211Member


    run around outside in tshirt and shorts LOL
  • _obsession_obsession CaliforniaPosts: 1,571Friend of Soompi
    edited January 2007
    suck a lemon
    draw a line on their face or arm with lipstick
  • joonagejoonage SeattlePosts: 5,155Member


    QUOTE(cbxjenn @ Jan 14 2007, 09:51 PM) »
    lick someone's foot. haha

    I had to kiss someone's foot last year. Horrible experience. image

    Hmmm ... this is what I do with my friends.

    1) Make the person face the wall with there head about an inch or half an inch from the wall.
    2) Hold a piece of paper against the wall above the person head.
    3) When you say "GO," drop the paper down the wall ....
    4) They have to try "stopping/catching" it with their forehead.

    image image image

    It's a fun game. Pretty funny when people hit their head too hard against the wall. image
  • pandazombiepandazombie Posts: 1,624Member
    its like truth and dare!! the dare part XD

    kiss someone's Richard Simmons
    write their name in the air with butt
    moon the highway, etc XD
  • darkboydarkboy Posts: 586Member
    i cant believe no one mentioned strip pieces of clothings hahaha!
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  • x SaRaNg HaE xx SaRaNg HaE x I adore you. ? 626, CAPosts: 6,699Friend of Soompi
    Lick a guy's thigh [make sure it's hairy].
    Lick the pole or railing.
    Push-ups... the usual.
    Anything involving make-up.

    Or the best... make yourself look like a fool in public.
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  • EcksiEcksi Posts: 12Member
    edited January 2007
    Not really healthy, but my friends and I would mix up a whole bunch of junk with a combination of odd seasonings... Then force-feed the loser. image
  • DDukDDuk NYCPosts: 2,973Member



    hehe all of the friends are supposed to hit the person who lost 4 times on the back while saying INDIAN BAP!
  • AznbananaAznbanana No one knows what hockey is =|Posts: 1,195Member
    the whole group slaps the losers hand on the top of their hands.
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  • shizniz00shizniz00 Posts: 1,131Member


    umm make the loser kneel until they win first place and have to take a
  • DOVAHKIINDOVAHKIIN smash! Posts: 6,028Friend of Soompi


    Mindcrush them like Yugi does.
  • BoSoxdirtdogBoSoxdirtdog Fenway ParkPosts: 215Member
    make them give you money. Isn't that obvious?
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  • Steph*Steph* Posts: 3,908Friend of Soompi
    edited January 2007
    smack their butts with a belt. it's pretty fun lol.
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  • Aice 29Aice 29 Posts: 419Member
    usually my friends and I use washable markers or makeup on the loser's face. The winner gets to choose to draw whatever on the loser (unibrows, mustaches , or a phallus across the side of the person's face image ) . It's fun to take pictures afterwards.
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  • xhkxboixxhkxboix Sunny Southern CaliforniaPosts: 431Member
    eh.. korean retreats are the best..
    ppl come up with the best stuff for that harhar//

    Onetime a guy had to drink a glass of oj. and someone had to put somethingin the OJ but thee drinker wasn't allowed to know what it is.. so we got the fattest guy to drip his sweat in there..

    and the guy drank it and afterwards we told him.. and..
    well.. he threw up.. harhar

    but at Korean retreats.. man.. good punishments..
    *난* .. 너를 좋아 하는데
    *바* .. 라만 보고 있어도 행복한데
    *보* .. 여줄 수 없다는게 마음 아플 뿐이야~

    투명인간.... 박제성....

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  • TwiggyTwiggy ArizonaPosts: 155Member
    lol I don't remember what my username was, haven't been back in awhile Annyways..

    Ok I KNOW all of you know how to play cards lol, ok maybe not all but the majority of Asian people I know have played cards.

    I was wondering when you're playing a game with your friends, do you guys use punishments if someone loses. I was playing spoons with my friends today and they practically raped my arms image , because our punishment was if you lost everyone used their fingers to hit your arm. Lol i wanted to change that rule cuz almost everyone's arms started bruising.

    Do you guys know any good ways for someone who lost to suffer, we also sometimes use dares like eating something nasty *shivers* ok I don't want to get into that. or running around the street screaming "I'M HORNY!!" (guys are half-naked for this image )

    what do you guys do and anyone want to share any of their card game experiences? lol also we're too poor to play for money
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