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  • mr.vivianomr.viviano USPosts: 737Friend of Soompi
    Chinese Student Union Poster (to get people to join)

    Area 8 Interact Poster

    Chinese Student Union Tshirt Design i lost=(
    image (front) it was supposed to be like the front is the US and then this little plane starts coming to the other side which is like China, its like a east meets west theme, and also there is a sun because like of the different time zones and the stars are like night becuase its the stars of the chinese flag =D*if you get that x-x*

    Chinese Student Union Food Festival Poster - we were selling pearl tea

    English Project (sorry for the lq all these pictures were taken witha web cam

    End Hunger Interact Poster
    its liek a pac man team and the earth is alittle pac man and he 's eating the little food to eat and like feed his hunger and the people are the lives that are killed by hunger

    Lord Of the Flies English Project- the blood is like the savage blood and the handprints are the savage boys

    yeah i make alot of club posters and usually am the person who decorate the poster for group projects XD sorry for all the picture spam x-x
  • superfousuperfou CAPosts: 292Member
    it's sloppy but whatever i don't care because it works :B
    it's not meant to be a clutch, but a purse/hipslinger
    made from scratch out of an old skirt hahahahaha
    Whispering from the Solarsystem~ :)
  • c a t h e r sc a t h e r s californiaPosts: 1,440Member
    does food count? XD XD XD


    dont make fun of my gingerbread men image

    if food doesnt count....then.......


    yes he is my creation. he is ASIAN HARRY POTTER!!!! lol. (i didnt mean for him to look like that image)
    TEI. JJ <3
  • gingerpyegingerpye Posts: 1,630Member
    ^ cute ^o^

    QUOTE(Fashionista* @ Jan 11 2007, 02:13 PM) »
    Poop-Shoop-A-Loop: LOVE your cupboard, its so cute! it looks like it could be something from "mean girls" lol
    CHOWduh: adorable! i want to buy those charms and attach them to earring hooks
    BabyK: loving the tote! did you stitch it on? i want to make bags...
    ss5o1em: i ADORE your bead collection and tools! i have tools but i don't have any nice beads.. must go out and by some image
    ITS VIVIAN! =D: your shoes are so cute! your talented, i can't draw on my shoes, i'd prob ruin them lol
    gingerpye: i LOVE your locker wallpapers. so colorful and funky!

    well i started making jewellry but i don't have pictures of that
    i did take graphic arts in high school from grade 10-12 and I like graphic art so here's some of my graphics. they are technically made by my hands (fingers on keyboard and hand on mouse) lol

    Assignment: A book cover and back I did in grade 12 graphic arts class. It was really fun to do and I'd want to make some more on my free time. Can you tell that I used Daniel Henney as my main character? image
    frontcocaineqf1.jpgBack: don't mind my picture >.<c i thought it'd match best with the other colorsMagazine Ad:purellheroll7.jpgSubway Banner:purellmuscle2qm1.jpgAssignment: making a magazine of our choice. I chose to do a bright funky fashion magazine. i ended up with two final covers which i couldn't choose between. The Hyori one would prob appeal the asian population? lolFirst magazine cover:angelinamagcoverhb2.jpgSecond mag cover:hyorimagazinegy3.jpga page from my mag:fixedonedg8.jpgAssignment: this was actually for our school's semi-formal. i was on the social council and ended up making ads for the formal. there are more versions but i like these two the best?azure19ts5.jpgazure14ij2.jpgoh i made this for my ancient history class in grade 11. lol yes its very elementary school like. We had to make an artifact and i chose Pegasus the flying horse lol. the wings were so hard to make! i had to attach one feather at a time into the litte holes in the wings and then i had to find a way to attach it on to the horse. i ended up tying the wings on with string. lolhistory15fl2.jpgdamn thats a lot of pictures lolcomments anyone?i love your graphic designs. they're pretty.
  • elizabethelizabeth NowherePosts: 9,943Member


    edited January 2007
    QUOTE(ITS VIVIAN! =D @ Jan 11 2007, 02:24 AM) »
    ^the idea from the Goong flats. i drew it on my converse instead.

    AWESOMNESS!! did you used permanent markers or pain(what kind)? I like it.
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  • vietbabiboovietbabiboo Posts: 122Member
    edited April 2007
  • baoibaoi SUPER MEMBER!! BostonPosts: 10,578Friend of Soompi


    lols.. i hate recieveing HAND MADE stuff unless they are REALLY TOP NOTCH..
    but the feeling that they took a very long time to make it is nice.. it's just not me.

    and it's weird knowing they spent so much time for you.. i'd rather something cool
    from the store... hand picked! or hand bought!

    but the things you made are really cool..
    Soompi is so different from what it was before. I miss you old Soompiers (who has moved on in life).
  • MOOVERDOSEMOOVERDOSE I'm usually sane. Beautiful British ColumbiaPosts: 9,916Member


    Holy cow. They all look great, very impressing!!

  • smirk_itsmirk_it Posts: 327Member
    Fashionista, I want to read your book!
    Illusions never changed into something real

  • renacheeboorenacheeboo ? ? ? CaliforniaPosts: 1,610Member
    I love your locker wallpaper, gingerpye! It's soooooo cuteee! <333
  • riceandunderwearriceandunderwear Posts: 41Member
    hoorah! its a bag made from old t-shirts and jeans!
    looks like a rag to some people, but i love it and use it (sometimes, haha) anyways!
  • Poop-Shoop-A-LoopPoop-Shoop-A-Loop ^ xoxo esoteric. <3 Posts: 5,510Friend of Soompi


    edited January 2007
    QUOTE(BabyK @ Jan 10 2007, 11:45 PM) »
    ^Hahaha! That's really cute! I want one! :3

    I made these while I was still in Junior High. About 2-3 years ago o__o And I was a wFL fanatic back then XD Hahaha!

    Just wondering but did you happen to go to Riverview Middle School? hahaha cause I made both of those things in my Teen Living(?? forgot the class name) class in Middle School too XD

    omggg. i want to quote everything, but can't. EVERYTHING IS SO PRETTY i loveee :] the AOL food is funny. haha.
    I, Poop-Shoop-A-Loop, are King of the [stupid people] world [which does not exist].
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  • yamaki_LOVEyamaki_LOVE Posts: 3,593Member


    QUOTE(superfou @ Jan 11 2007, 03:29 PM) »
    it's sloppy but whatever i don't care because it works :B
    it's not meant to be a clutch, but a purse/hipslinger
    made from scratch out of an old skirt hahahahaha

    OooO thats hella creative and nice how did you make it lol
    ALWAYS on facebook& myspace(:
    git at it if yaLIKE
  • wishlesswishless 'Cause the heart, it never sleeps 604Posts: 1,264Member


    edited January 2007
    Fashionista* - omg i love the pegasus. <3 i make stuff like from clay for art but i'm feeling lazy lol.

    vietbabiboo - hahahaha i like your containers image
  • koreanchick1019koreanchick1019 my brother&#39;s roomPosts: 78Member
    i think we should all come together and make a fashion line!!XD we'll better thank all those famous designers like andre kim from korea...ect...
    head line
    the youngsters came together and made a fashion line!
    became the youngest designers in fashion history!!
  • thereceivrthereceivr Posts: 473Member
    i made a wallet, but i don't have a camera sadly ahaha

  • x3mangox3mango Hong KongPosts: 1,755Member
    The locker wallpaper are def pretty! I love them.

    Everyone who are making stuff to sell in thier shops are so creative too! I might just go buy some. (: & I love folding stars!

  • Fashionista*Fashionista* 간지난다 ★ ♥ Posts: 2,420Friend of Soompi
    QUOTE(gingerpye @ Jan 11 2007, 06:59 PM) »
    ^ cute ^o^
    i love your graphic designs. they're pretty. image Pegasus looks really nice too

    aww thanks love image

    QUOTE(wishless @ Jan 11 2007, 09:53 PM) »
    Fashionista* - omg i love the pegasus. <3 i make stuff like from clay for art but i'm feeling lazy lol.

    vietbabiboo - hahahaha i like your containers image

    thanks love. glad to know some people like the flying horse! it took me so long to make though. never again lol

    that reminds me
    here's our messy but yummy gingerbread house me and my friends made on christmas! LOL what fun
  • gingerpyegingerpye Posts: 1,630Member
    thanks rena & x3mango image

    i wanna make a dress. image like an everyday dress but the problem is I have no clue on how to make clothes at all. Heh. image
    Well I guess that's a goal. I actually wanted to buy the dress, but it's a freesize and doesn't fit me. Plus it was $33 dollars with shipping. :\
  • saolaoanesaolaoane what can't destroy you makes you stronger TacomaPosts: 1,320Member
    I made this like two years ago. It's a zabuton but I use it as a pillow since it came out too small to be used as a zabuton.

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