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2006 SBS Drama Awards

Dahee FanelDahee Fanel 아름답기 위해선 눈물이 필요하다고.Posts: 1,456Member


Post all info and pics here!
2006 SBS Drama Awards

Official site:

Airing time: December 31st at 9:45 p.m. (Live)

You need to have an SBS account to vote.

Ten Stars Award

Vote here:



Gam Woo Sung (Alone in Love)
Kim Kab Soo (Yeon Gae So Mun)
Kim Kyung Min (Bad Family)
Moon Jung Hyuk (Eric) (Invisible Parachute Agent)
Lee Dong Gun (Smile Again)
Lee Seo Jin (Lovers)
Lee Tae Gon (Yeon Gae So Mun; Dear Heaven)
Lee Hoon (Love and Ambition)
Jo Min Ki (Love and Ambition)
Joo Jin Mo (Queen of the Game)


Kim Min Jung (Stranger Than Heaven)
Kim Jung Eun (Lovers)
Kim Ji Young (My Love Motnani)
Kim Hee Sun (Smile Again)
Kim Hee Ae (Snowflakes)
Park Jin Hee (Please Come Back, Soon-Ae!)
Son Ye Jin (Alone in Love)
Shim Hye Jin (Please Come Back, Soon-Ae!)
Lee Da Hae (My Girl)
Lee Bo Young (Queen of the Game)
Han Go Eun (Love and Ambition)
Han Hye Sook (Dear Heaven)

Special Awards (Viewer's Choice)

Vote here:


1. I want to meet them, just once! (characters in dramas who never really showed up, but you wish you had gotten to know)


Sae-hyun (Bae-deuk's son) (Dear Heaven)
Shin Jun (Queen of the Game)
Na-rim's real family (Bad Family)

2. Most frustrating death (a death you didn't want to happen)


Mother (Love and Ambition)
Sophia (Love and Ambition)
Chun Gwan nyuh (Yeon Gae So Mun)

3. Parody Award (best parody)


My Girl
Please Come Back, Soon-Ae!
Invisible Parachute Agent

4. Fighting Adversity Award (embarrassing/odd characters/scenes)


Cho Eun (Park Jin Hee) (Please Come Back, Soon-Ae!)
Ee-ri (Park Ji Sub) (Dear Heaven)
Oh Dal-gun (Kim Myung Min) (Bad Family)

5. Sacrificing oneself for the better good award (given to the actor who spared no risks to his/her body for the character)


Choi Kang (Moon Jung Hyuk) (Invisible Parachute Agent)
Il-suk (Yoon Da Hoon) (Please Come Back, Soon-Ae!)
Hana (Park Shin Hye) (Heaven's Tree)

6. Invincibility Award (given to actors who shot hard fighting scenes)


Kang-jae (Lee Seo Jin) (Lovers)
Jung-ja (Choo Sang Mi) (Love and Ambition)
Ja-kyung and Bae-deuk (Yoon Jung Hee and Park Hae Mi) (Dear Heaven)

7. Queen of the Tears Award (Best crying scenes from an actor)


Sun-hee (Lee Yuri) (Love and Ambition)
Jung-woo (Lee Jun Ki) (My Girl)
Seul-ah (Lee Soo Kyung) (Dear Heaven)

Clarification: The ones listed above are just "fun" awards that they'll be handing out for entertainment's sake. The REAL awards, such as Best Actor, are still going on. But they haven't released the list of nominees yet.


Top Ten Star Award

Son Yeh Jin
Shim Hye Jin
Lee Da Hae
Kim Gap Soo
Park Jin Hee
Kim Jung Eun
Lee Bo Young
Lee Seo Jin
Han Hye Sook

Highest Popularity Award

Male: Lee Seo Jin (Lovers)
Female: Park Jin Hee (Come Back Soon Ae)

Dae Sang (Highest Award)

Han Hye Sook (Dear Heaven)

Best Acting Award (female)

Son Yeh Jin (Alone in Love)

Best Acting Award (male)

Kim Gap Soo

Best Actor for a Mini Series

Eric (Parachute Agent)

Best Actress for a Mini Series

Shim Hye Jin (Come Back Soon Ae)

Best Actor for a Period Drama

Lee Hoon (Love and Ambition)

Best Actress for a Period Drama

Kim Ji Young

Newcomer Awards:

Park Shi Yeon (My Girl)
Go Ah Ra (Snowflower)
Lee Jin Wook (Smile Again; Alone in Love)
Yoon Sang Hyun (Marry a Millionaire)
Yoon Ji Min (Invincible Parachute Agent)
Kim Soo Hyun (Lovers)
Lee Ha Na (Alone in Love)
Kang Ji Sub (Dear Heaven)

Best Supporting Actor/Actress in a Miniseries

Gong Hyung Jin (Alone in Love)
Oh Yoon Ah (Alone in Love)

Best Supporting Actor/Actress in a Period Drama

Jeon No Min (Love and Ambition)
Choo Sang Mi (Love and Ambition)

Child Actor Award

Kim Ji Han
Nam Ji Hyun

Merit Award (merited service)

Lee Kyung Ho
Lee Ho Yeon

Veteran Award

Kim Myung Jin (Yeon Gae So Mun)

Special Awards

I want to meet them, just once!

Sae-hyun (Dear Heaven)

Most Frustrating Death

Sophia (Lee-sook) (Love and Ambition)

Best Parody

Please Come Back, Soon-Ae!

Fighting Adversity Award

Oh Dal Gun (Kim Myung Min)

Sacrificing oneself for the better good award

Choi Kang (Moon Jung Hyuk)

Queen of the Tears Award

Sun-hee (Lee Yuri)

PD Award

Kim Myung Min
Kim Jung Eun


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