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  1. irilight added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] I Remember You 너를 기억해   

    Seo Young-Ju to have a guest appearance in Remember You aka Hello Monster

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  2. MaraT added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Love on a Rooftop (Love From Today) 오늘부터 사랑해   

    @kdramafan469, why are you saying there's no progress with the OTP? Aren't they together?  Except now that DJ saw YH leaving SH's place, he might be wondering if she's cheating on him? I don't understand why Yh took her to the orphanage, though.  It didn't seem like she was all that happy to be there, so I don't understand what his motive for taking her there was.
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  3. irilight added a post in a topic Seo Young-Ju 서영주   

    Seo Young-Ju to have a guest appearance in Remember You aka Hello Monster

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  4. wilddove added a post in a topic ❤ Lee Jonghyun ♡ Gong Seungyeon ❤ [JongYeon | Brown Eyed Couple]   

    If I were the powers that be in MBC, I would kick the WGM team left and right if they show the wedding next week...... after all the hinting and them asking our BE couple to make preparations and BAM they didn't show all those..... that's a bad business decision in my opinion.... at least they should hint on the wedding guests list.........I'm sure they want a high tv rating more than anything else
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  5. uhmforce added a post in a topic Uhm Tae Woong 엄태웅 aka. UHM FORCE [Currently on: Superman Is Back]   

    Media captures. Uhm Force's sleeveless shirt. 

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  6. Giya2909 added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Darling Couple (Lee Jong Suk ♡ Park Shin Hye)   

    I used to think that JS likes SH more but after watching the dvd cuts : she likes him as much as he likes her lol
    and SH especially likes to lean on JS shoulder awww...well, who wouldn't kekekeke
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  7. MaraT added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Save the Family 가족을 지켜라   

    OMG, this family sure needs to be saved, and soon!  WJ needs to get away from YW, but it seems as though he sees her true self, little by little.  He doesn't realize his attraction to HS, but it's obvious that he enjoys being in her company.  A lot.
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  8. Kris Silva added a post in a topic Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 Upcoming movie "Bounty Hunters"   

    LMH-ssi featured in Instagram pages of Elle Korea and Deomk_Official:

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  9. reenios added a post in a topic VOTE: Who Is The Best Celebrity Couple?   

    Darling Couple of courseㅋㅋㅋㅋ i don't care they're really dating or not. close-friend is fine, lover is extremely fine. they just so cute and good together❤
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  10. molaihawaii added a post in a topic [Official] Hong Jong Hyun ❤ Yura (Kim Ahyoung) - JjongAh Couple || Thread 2   

    Kyaaaaa! So many updates while I'm sleeping!!!! Ring My Bell MV is Outttt!!! Goshhhh!!!! So perfect!!! and Addicting!!!
    While I'm driving i listening to their song in YouTube!!! I can't stop singing!!! 
    Thank you Jjongaholics for all the vids, and pics of Yura and Jjong!!! She so pretty and sexy!! Dang! That legs i can't stop admiring Ahyoungie's legsss!!! 
    Daebak!! Jjong will be the MC and GsD will be there too to perform??? That's double Daebak with extra bunos!!! I'm so happy right now!!!
    So proud of my girls!! This is the only girl group that are funny and so natural off and on cam. Their interaction of each member are extraordinary... They get along so well and do funny stuff! They really appreciate their fans too! Awww.... Love them!
    Good to see the Dream T CEO came to their showcase to support the girls!!! How nice!!! Can anybody share the link of GsD youtube channel Ring My Bell MV? I can't find it in youtube. Lets support the girls by pressing the replay button and vote in every music shows! And also buy their albums! yahooo!!!! GsD and Jjong Fighting!! Can't wait to see the Ingikayo interaction!!! 
    Thank you all and good day!!!! 
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  11. chrissa31 added a post in a topic [Official] Hong Jong Hyun ❤ Yura (Kim Ahyoung) - JjongAh Couple || Thread 2   

    Not sure if this was posted-- full Naver Starcast video
    Cr: gsdwave
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  12. mangekyux added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Hwajung 화정 -Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 pm KST!   

    Our Lord Valsava is back! 
    Heheh, baby steps, Cedar, baby steps for our Joo Won.
    Loved these two scenes! Not trying to be a jerk, but anyone else feel the camera-work for the hugging scene was really weird?
    Felt like one of my videos I used to make in high school with a camcorder..
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  13. cilian added a post in a topic [Current Taiwanese Drama 2015] Murphy's Law of Love 莫非,這就是愛情   

    the preview is like they are falling love over again.... Lol
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  14. Netka85 added a post in a topic ❤ Lee Jonghyun ♡ Gong Seungyeon ❤ [JongYeon | Brown Eyed Couple]   

    I watch last episode soo many times that I going crazy.. and always notice something new np. ep 12 car scene when she said to him "Let's take a look inside" he do shy smile and correct fringe. This was soo cute.... And in last episode when she kiss him and he discover mark lipstick he do exactly same think... 
    ps. I'm from Poland
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  15. leeagassi added a post in a topic [Official] SEOHYUN (서현) Thread   

    Ouuwww... so quiet in here! Where is Seomate? Are they don't get invitation for PARTY tomorrow?

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  16. akar added a post in a topic ❤ Lee Jonghyun ♡ Gong Seungyeon ❤ [JongYeon | Brown Eyed Couple]   

    thank you... everything is new to me  because its first time, i never read fanfics before  
    i will read it right away,,,, 
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  17. NaughtyDog added a post in a topic Rant All You Want Here..whining Allowed.   

    It's hard having to type such professional emails when I text things like "Having a good poop? Don't stink it up too much, I need to not want to throw up while brushing my teeth. kthxbye" on a daily basis....
    P.S. - @ValerieK Girl, you need some sort of intervention to keep you away from these stupid guys lol... Starting with lots of single female friends and alcohol is always a great start
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  18. Newsie added a topic in hot off the press: soompi news!   

    Lee Bum Soo’s Wife Lee Yoon Jin Earned Her Nickname “Miss Korea University” Thanks to Yoo Jae Suk?
    Actor Lee Bum Soo’s wife Lee Yoon Jin has revealed a unique story about herself involving MC Yoo Jae Suk. Participating in a recent filming for KBS 2TV’s “1 vs. 100,” Lee Yoon Jin declares that she “became ‘Miss Korea University’ thanks to Yoo Jae Suk.” “Yoo Jae Suk visited school to film ‘Koong Koong […]
    The post Lee Bum Soo’s Wife Lee Yoon Jin Earned Her Nickname “Miss Korea University” Thanks to Yoo Jae Suk? appeared first on Soompi.
    View the full article
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  19. Kajal138 added a topic in love & relationships   

    Why do girls bash on pretty boys so much?
    Okay, I'm not getting something.  This is a kpop forum right?  Then why is it that when I go on these forums about would you date a pretty boy, most girls say no.  Like I think it's really rude and offensive for people to say they wouldn't date them.  I mean how do you think they feel when they hear that?  They get hurt and they're sad right?  I also think it's very selfish and hurtful when girls say: "Oh, he's so pretty but I wouldn't date him or anything."  Like they're people too you know?  They need lovin' just as much as manly guys which I know all you girls like.
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  20. the girl who! added a post in a topic Lee Min Jung 이민정   

    ^ @star218 that pic is from her old CF for Outback Steakhouse ^^ 
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  21. awsparkle added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] My Love Eun-dong 사랑하는 은동아 — Fridays and Saturdays at 8:40PM KST   

    @jadecloud, @valsava, 
    When ED and HS first met it was to push that cart uphill. Then you have that flashback of them wrapped in a blanket sitting up high above the rest of the world. After this they were separated. I always believed things happen for a reason. I've come to think of their lives as they even though ED and EH were fated it just wasn't their time to be together.  Both of them had things to do and experience and lessons to learn. Evil stepped in and changed the course of their lives. 
    This is where JH comes in.  JH tried to kill them both but they lived. In his twisted mind he believes they were fated to be together. He got his wish to be with ED but not truly has her husband. That spot was already been reserved and taken. RA was the proof in that pudding. 
    ED's wish was to marry HS, work and take care of him. It wasn't HS that she married but how she wanted live came to be. She lived worked and took care of her husband. The life and experience she lived was not a happy one. It was not filled with peaches and cream nor starlight and rainbows. On the other hand ED's disappears got HS's butt into gear to work hard to become the best in order to find ED. 
    Fate steps in the write the wrongs. Of all the people in the world ED is the one to write EH's book. Flashes of her memory starts to return. She receives HS's letter but does not read it until evil tries to interfere again to keep them apart. 
    It is now their time and fate  has finally brought them together.. They set off this time down hill and onto the road together. It's a long road but it's a road they will travel together. 
    I think ED's fears of Taxi/Sedan cars was all do to the evil that has been done to her. She felt trapped and closed in. Once she met EH her fears started easing. Her life started to smooth out. She still has some fears to overcome and she will since EH is now a fixture in her life. 
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  22. alcides14 added a post in a topic Park Shin Hye 박신혜   

    Don' t you guys think that bg might have to do her next project with one of her past co- stars, just to play safe?   
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  23. SeGafanlady added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Mask 가면 | EP 13 on July 8 | Wed-Thurs 10PM KST   

      OMG please don't.... that dude is creeping me out at the most when he stalked our OTP. He planted hidden camera everywhere I think he saw OTP naked when they changed clothes.. especially Ji Sook/Eun Ha and eeww I think it's pretty sickening. Please go far away and turn off the frickin' Samsung phones and just be with the two of them for a couple of days and the love flowers surely grows at its beauty with many many sweet and lovely moments between them.....  OK I won't talk about bed scene again since many pros and cons but at least.. few kisses.. hugs... lovey dovey... flirty  
    can't wait for the preview... hope we'll able to see it tomorrow....
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  24. carmolita added a post in a topic [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2015] The Journey of Flower 花千骨   


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