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  2. I haven't watch the two eps yet.  Something is wrong with viki access so I have to try again later. An artist (realtwo) rendition of Emperor QiZhen.  (Realtwo is a very talented hobby artist from China.  He uses make up palette for drawing).    
  3. Jeon Ji Hyun 전지현

    Congratulations to Goddess and Mr. Choi! Finally their little prince is here! Thanks god both mother and son are in good condition. Now I'm dying to see her little prince...
  4.   Yeeess This Man reallyy Fuuny, i reaally like Seo in young n this  man act soo funny lol ..
  5. Shin Hye Sun and Kang Dong Won's kiss scene becomes a hot topic Thursday, February 11, 2016     When asked if she liked her kiss with Kang Dong Won in 'A Violent Prosecutor', "Did I? There wasn't supposed to be a kiss scene. I'm sorry to him. He's someone who hardly does kiss scenes but he suddenly had to do it with someone like me. I was so nervous but I pretended to be calm. If I show too much excitement, he might feel burdened" Mydaily - Nate: 'Happy Together', Shin Hye Sun on kiss scene with Kang Dong Won "I pretended to be calm" 1. [+732, -18] I envy herㅠㅠ Unni, you're totally lucky ㅜㅜㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠ She got to kiss Kang Dong Won ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 2. [+706, -16] She didn't save the nation in her past life, she established one ㅋㅋ 3. [+223, -4] She is the biggest beneficiary of that movie ㅋㅋㅋ 4. [+58, -4] I watched 'Violent Prosecutor' today and her kiss scene with Kang Dong Won is freaking sexy ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Haa..... So jealous 5. [+55, -6] When she's in dramas, she looks quite petite but I was surprised when I found out she's 173 cm. And I thought she's only about 22 or 23 years old but she's already 28. Such a baby face 6. [+38, -11] You should realize how lucky you are 7. [+35, -3] I'm a guy but I'm jealous that she got to kiss Kang Dong Won   tv Report - Naver: 'Happy Together', Shin Hye Sun "Kang Ha Neul moved to our school when Lee Jong Seok transferred" Shin Hye Sun: I was classmates with Lee Jong Seok and Kang Ha Neul. They were famous because they're both good-looking. When Lee Jong Seok transferred, Kang Ha Neul moved to our school. I hit the jackpot" 1. [+1,789, -70] Having to kiss Kang Dong Won is a bigger jackpot 2. [+1,282, -42] What the? Kang Dong Won, Lee Jong Seok and Kang Ha Neul~ Her luck with guys is exploding~~~ 3. [+1,011, -70] She's bursting with so much charms. I can tell she's gonna be big 4. [+1,211, -243] I won't call it a jackpot because you're also really lovely. Definitely someone who's worth kissing Dong Won tuna 5. [+497, -35] Both are good-looking♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 6. [+92, -3] Kang Ha Neul was so handsome when he was younger 7. [+73, -4] Kang Ha Neul's freaking handsome Xports News - Naver: Shin Hye Sun "Didn't think our kiss scene in Violent Prosecutor would become an issue, sorry to Kang Dong Won" 1. [+770, -44] Just so pretty 2. [+647, -36] This unni's super charming ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Hwaiting. I'm supporting you 3. [+431, -34] I really like Shin Hye Sun 4. [+373, -34] Do well Shin Hye Sun~^^ 5. [+67, -7] Even just that kiss scene alone becomes a hot topic ㅜ She's charming and good at acting, she can only go up from here   Credit :
  6. hm.. kimbap couple. sounds cute but a bit weird I think,  no it's weird... @Kasmic okay call them all here, let's have some cheese fun here.. it's better that you're still a baby, I think I'm still a fetus to do that, But I'm trying to make it, if there's something works, then I'll post it here...    
  7. i'll help you with posting the video  this is the same video but I got it from Okniverse ^^  
  8. Rating Ep. 1 ( nationwide ) : 4 % Credit : AGB Nielsen
  9. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    @athoughtcloud I observed all the same things are you when it came to spartace’s progression. I try really hard not to be delusional with my theories as to the development of spartace but rather reason out the possibilities. If anyone disagrees or has other reasons, feel free to disagree with me. I think SJH might have had a bit of a crush on KJK in the beginning (notice her reaction to his jump into the pool in her first episode and her heartbeat rising for his song on the train), which possibly comes from her being a Turbo fan. I don’t think anyone can really argue that SJH isn’t a Turbo fan. You can see SJH's reaction to Turbo songs throughout RM. She screams when he dances in ep 122, when he shows up in ep 209, and he might possibly sing part of Twist King to her in ep 260 (it's hard to be sure because of the editing). If you watch her on Family Outing, YJS has her shout "I l_ve you" to KJK. It seems an out of the blue thing since there's no conversation between them about her being interested in KJK or even any conversation about him begin interested in her (especially since he was with Lee Hyori doing love line stuff at the time). Anyway, YJS getting her to say "I l_ve you" probably has to do with some off-screen or not aired confession of interest in KJK on her part, and since they'd never met before, it's possible she was interested in him since she is/was a Turbo fan. In ep 28, when they sing Turbo songs for karaoke, YJS looks at and comments on SJH dancing pretty quickly - possibly because he knew she was a Turbo fan before this. Anyways, I think it took a little while for KJK and SJH to get close off screen because she says in an interview that it took her a year to stop calling KJK, KG, and HH hyungs/sunbaes, and she still calls him “hyungnim” when she answers his KAIST call in 2012. But they do start getting much closer in the 50-80 range. However, I don’t think KJK was interested in or knew he was interested in SJH until after she started dating the CEO. Ep 95 is one of the most interesting spartace moments for me. Yes, because KJK gives the win to SJH. And yes, because of the infamous liger couple talk. But also because YJS asks KJK what he’s doing with SJH. Seeing KJK and SJH together shouldn’t be strange. They worked together in the superpower episode, they worked together in the Sherlock episode – they work together a lot. But for some reason, YJS seems surprised or disapproving of KJK being with SJH. And then, KJK mutters an unintelligible answer. I’m sure there are other explanations behind what they said, but YJS’s strange response to KJK and SJH being together coupled with the liger conversation seems really suspicious especially since SJH is in a relationship at the time. It’s possible that YJS was just trying to exaggerate how big of a threat KJK and SJH were teamed up, but he wasn’t acting dramatic enough. It’s also possible that YJS knew KJK had feelings for SJH, but warned him off since she was in a relationship. But even that doesn’t fully make sense because YJS then participates in the liger conversation. Though HH initiates that. Though it’s possible, YJS and HH assumes the liger conversation wouldn’t be aired because the staff would want to protect MC. What I’m saying is that it seems as though there was a change in the way YJS viewed KJK and SJH teaming up around ep 95. I also think SJH and her CEO’s break up was pretty mutual. If she had been really upset by the break up, I think she would have announced its end sooner. At least, if it were me, I wouldn’t want to be to think I was still dating someone I was mad at. So even though, SJH and CEO broke up in 2013 sometime, I don’t think it’ unrealistic for her to start dating KJK not long after. And it makes sense that KJK would be a huge MC supporter, especially since it’s a great cover for their relationship (not announcing the end of SJH’s relationship with the CEO also is a good cover). Who’s going to suspect him of dating SJH if he wants her to be with KG? I think a good example of this is the episode with Shinhwa where KJK says move SJH to the top three ranking, saying that it’s because the viewers like MC, but then in the helicopter, she falls asleep on him and sits closer to him. I’ve seen multiple comments on youtube videos where people say, “KJK and SJH are suspicious, but he supports MC so it can’t be real.” So, if that was his intention, it’s working. My best guess is that SJH and KJK started dating in fall 2013. SJH talks about partners in the workplace in an Emergency Couple interview (which talks place in November, I think), and she seems pretty specific in her answer – saying her partner doesn’t have to be an actor – which makes me think she’s actually in that situation. Another big moment for me is in ep 213 where CYJ switches partners so that KJK and SJH end up on the same team (JSJ and KMS being the other pair). From what I know, CYJ is good friends with SJH. The pair switches has no impact on CYJ (and actually puts the supposedly dangerous Sparta and Ace couple together as well as gives KMS the actual heir JSJ). I can’t understand why CYJ would put SJH and KJK together unless she thought SJH wanted to be on a team with KJK. This could be because SJH has said she likes being on KJK’s team or because CYJ thinks SJH and KJK are cute together or because SJH and KJK are dating. No matter what, it’s a weird swap for CYJ to make. Another big episode for me is ep 230. Not because of any obvious spartace moments, but because for an episode based around crushes, spartace shared a lot of glances. Like after the conversation with the high school girls, SJH and KJK look at each other immediately. She also glances to her left a lot during the conversation with the girls (though she could be looking at KG or JSJ as well). Then, after the conversation with the older women, KJK seems to want to follow SJH when she appears to be sad or hurting. Also, I find it odd how KJK has started saying he will marry in a specific year, like he has control over when he marries. He may just be saying a specific year to answer to the pressure of being constantly asked about marriage, but I think a reasonable explanation is that he is in a relationship (this applies even if it’s not SJH) but is delaying marriage for some reason. HH even talks about this at the SBS Award Ceremony, saying that one of the RM members told KJK to postpone his marriage. I honestly can’t think of any woman whose involvement would require KJK to postpone his marriage except SJH. I seriously didn’t mean to write so much, but I wanted to share my opinion on when spartace started dating (if they are). I’m dying to hear other people’s opinions. I know some people think they’re not dating and haven’t realized their feelings for each other yet, but I find that hard to believe because how can KJK hold her hand when she’s upset or sing the chorus of Loveable to her (see fanmeets) and not realize he has feelings for her? It’s possible that they both realized their feelings but decided to wait until RM ends. But that’s a long time to wait. To me, it’s either they’re dating, waiting for the right time, or they really are just bro and sis. Because I’m a spartace fan, I tend to believe the former.
  10. Here we go again.  I heard some rumor Eric would have a drama comeback this year.  Don't really know how true this is because with Shinhwa's comeback in the Fall / Winter, his only chance is Spring/early Summer.  The casting is filling up fast for early Spring dramas, so it should come out soon or it's not happening.  Please take this rumor with a big grain of salt.
  11. @mgicc I don't mind contributing. I suppose I am more Round 2?
  12. Song Il Kook 송일국
  13. [Current Taiwanese Drama 2015-2016] Bromance 愛上哥們

    @Oh Ting look at that compilation of love! @JenL are we splitting translations?   @chinoischick I know right!!! So amazing! Go everyone  
  14. I am going to miss drama.  It was well written.   The music and characters are really well done.   I wouldn't mind if they have extended to 60 at this point.  But all good things must end.  I do wonder if they end with the mom passed away with kids born or end it good with her still living for the time being.    Well we will found out tomorrow at least.
  15.     Hi @yumikokai, I tried to watch "1% of Anything" because of the love story and I know how good looking KDW is but I just can't get pass the female lead who looks fierce to me. I gave up after 2-3 episodes.   Keep our fingers crossed that we get to watch Get It Beauty live. If not, hoping that it is uploaded in the YouTube very soon after airing!  I also hope that while she is considering offers for movie/drama, she does more shows aside from Get It Beauty, like for example Noona Over Flowers with her good friend, CJW. She should see how her latest IG update attracted so many likes within a few hours and now (at the time of this post) stands at 30.3k! I have not seen her IG updates attracted so much like within a short span of time. This is very good for her. It shows her popularity especially after Yongpal and she is so missed in less than 6 months!     
  16. Yess I started downloading already, thanks a lottt ...
  18. New picture from bukcaroo And YOF
  19.   It really suites our couple! And even i can't understand the lirycs of the first music i just feel in love
  20. Kim Bum 김범

    No.  I started but just don't have time to watch right now.  So intense!  I will later.  I am sure Bummie will be a great baddie.  He can do that attitude thing real great!  I guess he is going to be that evil thing in sheep's clothing?  So I am going to love to hate him?   Hehehe! 
  21.   OMG ! Love how they still come together back after all that happened!
  22. Uhhh, I hate typing using my phone - it never works as it does on my computer or anything else (not a mobile). Anyway, guys, I must say that I m one of many who don't share any special talent that would help fulfilling the requirements of the contest. I am good at finding music or creating a sort of thematic playlist - more or less. I usually use music or quotes to easily convey the message of my photos.  If you need this kind of stuff, please let me know! Meanwhile enjoy some music - the next two songs are special - the 1st one is about love that makes you grow up and that will happen to both, Jung and Seol, and 2nd one to describe Seol who is beautiful - the artist sings/ keeps repeating just one word which is beautiful in Korean, and the song becomes more meaningful. 1 st song   2nd song   Seol to Jung    . “I will love you always. When this red hair is white, I will still love you. When the smooth softness of youth is replaced by the delicate softness of age, I will still want to touch your skin. When your face is full of the lines of every smile you have ever smiled, of every surprise I have seen flash through your eyes, when every tear you have ever cried has left its mark upon your face, I will treasure you all the more, because I was there to see it all."— Laurell K. Hamilton, A Lick of Frost  
  23. Monday please come faster!!!  Can't wait to watch the bed scene.....TVN please do not disappoint the fans!! FULL fan service please include a PHJ shower scene.  
  24. [Current Taiwanese Drama 2015-2016] Bromance 愛上哥們

    @t0pino @Christine H. & Co. Thanks for compiling such a beautiful Valentine's gift for our beloved OTP. I'll be going off in a few minutes to the airport and flying overseas for a vacation! Not likely to not join my BFFs for the live broadcast. Happy Valentine's Day! Buy enough oxygen tanks!    
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