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  2. I was raised by my grandmother who taught me that if a married person is even thinking romantically or sexually about another person, it is the same as being with that person. I can't remember the exact words she used to say, but they what she taught me has stuck with me my entire life.
  3. actually when someone is  facing something that stirs with  emotions the person tends to drink water as a form of relaxation, concentration and a way of coping with their emotions.  T
  4. I like Gook Hee better when she was Bom's 'ajuma' than now... She became so overprotective... i want to find out how or if Gook Hee will figure out that it's Ahran's fault why Bom when to the malt whatever... I hope she gets busted again! like any other dramas and love story... The guy loses the girl in the mid part of the story then gain back towards the end. So I am asuming, Bom and Maru will break up soon... I am curious about what danger the fortune teller is talking about. I do hope though that the one person that seems to be badluck and needs to be busted is Ahran!
  5. This week episode was hilarious. The bravery test was so funny. At the end when jihyo and haha were going against each other and jihyo hair got stuck on her large name tag, it reminded me of episode 108 where kwang soo hair also got stuck on his name tag. I can't wait for next week episode since I love watching Detective Conan. It's going to be very interesting.
  6. SW omma interview translations kim seon yeong interviews 1-3 on sports today   Kim Seon Yeong “‘OnamTaek’? The scenario was interesting” (Interview ①) source: Sports Today[Sports Today Reporter Cha Ji Soo] Actress Kim Seon Yeong discloses her candid thoughts on the husband hunt in 'Answer Me 1988’.In a recent interview with Sports Today, Kim Seon Yeong spoke regarding Taek (Park Bo Gum) becoming Deok Seon’s (Hye Ri) husband, “The entire scenario was interesting to watch.”According to Kim Seon Yeong, Director Shin Won Ho was resolute in emphasizing the family stories as the central theme from the beginning, and telling stories that he himself wanted to tell in this series that he didn’t get to in the previous ones.“It wasn’t a scenario that came together just for the husband-hunt. From an actor’s standpoint, it was a scenario that was frankly greatly interesting, a scenario in which one could immerse oneself into the entire flow. For me, it was family, and if I think about all of our stories, this kind of flow was alright, but because the time spent on the kids’ friendship seemed insufficient, it seems that there were a lot of discontent voices,” Kim Seon Yeong said.Among the viewers who wished that there would be less of a husband hunt, there were people who commented criticisms against Kim Seon Yeong. Their intent was to express that they wanted to see Hye Ri’s loveline with Ryoo Joon Yeol and Park Bo Gum instead of Kim Seon Yeong’s loveline with Choi Moo Seong, but Kim Seon Yeong was a little hurt by it.“I saw comments which included people’s discontent regarding the fact that my loveline got more exposure than Ryoo Joon Yeol and Park Bo Gum. When I saw the comments speaking ill of me, it hindered my acting. I preserved my feelings about acting, but I haven’t looked at the comments since that terrible moment,” she spoke frankly, revealing her innermost thoughts.Kim Seong Yeong portrayed the role of Seon Woo’s (Go Kyeong Pyo) and Jin Joo’s (Kim Seol) widowed mother, Seon Yeong, in Answer Me 1988. She deeply moved the viewers, attaining a warm friendship with the Sangmundong mothers, Il Hwa (Lee Il Hwa) and Mi Ran (Ra Mi Ran) as well as a loveline with Taek’s (Park Bo Gum) father Moo Seong (Choi Moo Seong).   Kim Seon Yeong “The 'YOF’ kidnapped kids’ reactions were wonderful” (interview ②) source: Sports Today[Sports Today Reporter Cha Ji Soo] Actress Kim Seon Yeong reported the reactions from Ryoo Joon Yeol, Ahn Jae Hong, and Go Kyeong Pyo, who were kidnapped by PD Na Young Seok from Phuket.In a recent interview with Sports Today, Kim Seon Yeong described the situation when Ryoo Joon Yeol, Ahn Jae Hong, and Go Kyeong Pyo, who were enjoying an 'Answer Me 1988’ reward vacation, found PD Na Young Seok and suffered shock.Kim Seon Yeong said, “Nobody knew. Just before the hidden camera started filming, only the adults were told that the kids would be taken and they would leave. We got really anxious and were taken aback.”They suddenly left for 'Youth Over Flowers’ filming, and everyone involved became even more panicked. “When they were lead away, everyone’s reactions were like illusions. They followed obediently, but because it was 'YOF’, it’s not like they could do anything about it,” said Kim Seon Yeong., “Wouldn’t it be great if they took us later on and we got to have our turn for 'NOF’,” she added.[t/l note: NOF = Noonas Over Flowers]The 'Answer Me 1988’ production staff and cast went to Phuket at the end of the drama broadcast for a reward vacation. Ryoo Joon Yeol, Ahn Jae Hong, and Go Kyeong Pyo, who were enjoying their vacation on-site, were lead away by PD Na Yeong Seok and immediately departed for Africa. Park Bo Gum, who returned first to Korea, got on a plane to Africa immediately following the fulfilment of his filming schedule for 'Music Bank’.   Kim Seon Yeong “A melodrama with Choi Moo Seong was crazy good” (interview ③) source: Sports Today[Sports Today Reporter Cha Ji Soo] Actress Kim Seon Yeong discloses her feelings about acting out a melo with Choi Moo Seong.In a recent interview with Sports Today, Kim Seon Yeong revealed a particular affection for her melodramatic performance together with Choi Moo Seong on 'Answer Me 1988’.Kim Seon Yeong said, “The melo with Choi Moo Seong was very good. It was crazy good. I want to do more of these” and “I feel like I could perform this without regret in indie films.” In the drama, Choi Moo Seong portrayed Taekie’s (Park Bo Gum) awkward and unsociable father. Kim Seon Yeong said, “The actual Choi Moo Seong is even more so than Taek’s father.” “It made me wonder whether you could call out a person for being this awkward. However, he may appear stoic, but he’s now a comfortable person. He has a unique charm,” she explained. Kim Seon Yeong further revealed, “Choi Moo Seong has really great talent as an actor. And thus far, we’ve gotten really close. I was a fan of Choi Moo Seong before AM88. I had a lot of interest in him. I was surprised when I heard who my partner would be for the romance that Director Shin Won Ho had told me about.” In 'Answer Me 1988’, Kim Seon Yeong and Choi Moo Seong portrayed characters who each lived on their own, having lost their respective spouses, but had also spent their childhood years together as if they were brother and sister. They both hid their affection for each other in the face of worrying about their children, but, in the end, they became a married couple, and joined their families into one.  posted: horafuki@lj Aww I feel bad for her, not only her loveline got curse, SWxBR too!!!. I feel bad for SW family. T_T Thank you to @melissala for sharing it at MT. =)
  7. The Heirs continues to dominate airtime To be aired on: BS12 Tuerubi is free of BS broadcasting station. Digital TV, or you can receive if there is a tuner and a BS antenna. 1st episode broadcast "Encounter in despair." Airtime:   February 11 (Thursday) 16: 00- 17:00 Broadcast lineup February 17, 2016 broadcast Episode 5 "Visit turning point" February 16, 2016 broadcast Episode 4 "Unexpected events" February 15, 2016 broadcast Episode 3 "Conceal pain" February 12, 2016 broadcast the second episode "Good time" February 11, 2016 broadcast # 1 "Encounter in despair."                   source and broadcast details :  
  8. The members will go to Harbin to remember the 3.1 Movement which was the first Korean resistance movement against the Japanese occupation in Korea.  Harbin is the place where An Jung-geun, a Korean nationalist, assasinated Ito Hirobumi, former Resident-General of Korea.  Harbin is also the place where Unit 731, a Japanese Biological & Chemical Warfare research that did lethal human experimentation during the second Sino-Japanese war took place. The victims of these barbaric experiments were mostly Koreans, Chinese & Mongolians.  The members will no doubt be doing a historical trip to Harbin.  I took the liberty to search for Harbin and the 3.1 Movement. If anyone wants to correct the info I've gotten, please do so. 
  9.   Hi lavender2love, one thing that's become clearer to me than almost anything else is that the secret to happiness is pure, genuine self-love & confidence. Obviously, confidence and arrogance are not one in the same. I know confidence doesn't always come easy. Hahaha - the best thing about dating someone is you seem to have larger-than-life confidence, because loving someone else is more fun especially if your "other half" is supportive. When the latter comes in, trust comes easier. Insecurity breeds paranoia, and that can be a major cause of trust issues in a relationship. If you're dating someone who's really comfortable with herself/himself, you can feel free to leave her/his alone anywhere, anytime without fearing that she/he will berate you for "abandoning her/him" later. But on the whole, being confident means knowing your worth —While real confidence means more than just thinking you're gorgeous (if you are, but whatever), it's definitely a plus to be with someone who doesn't care how she/he looks, even under the glare of florescent lighting especially that limelight thing they call.....
  10. nooooooooo.... please give me the scene tonight. NOT ep 20. why don't we suggest to writernim,, or producer.. if he amateur don't know how to direct such OTP skinship scene... chelleshawol,  ferily, singtoluv, anyone of us, just fly to Seoul, and help to demonstrate... hahahaha... i said before once, "i volunteer as tribute." blush blush blush... agree? hahahha. but above all., i demand, i insist, i plead, i threatened, MUST LET JINWOO and INAH be together forever loving each other by end of ep20 !!!!! my utmost plea !
  11. This is cute~~! My ships is sailing.. Bon Voyage!!!  PHJ: oh you're still here? KGE: *pabebe* hahaa
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      I guess we can post it here under spoilers? This is so long as your post has something else related to RJY I guess.     cr as tagged. Oppa likes to cover his mouth cos of his braces. 
  14. So much conflict over wanting Monday to come... Hahaha... Don't want a new work week to start, but I so badly need the next episode of Moorim School!!!
  15. @hey_beautiful Ya, I wonder why SBS releases this news when KBS has finished the casting, lol But It might be everything is fine. Great to see actor Choi Seung Kyung uploaded the scrpit book of Episode 01 5 days ago. ---  "moorim school" stopped airing last week, "baby sitter" will run on March 14th.. So our drama will start on March 28. Add one more week for our drama. Pretty fine
  16. Episode 17 Mi Hee (florist) is call to the stand as witness Lawyer Hong: The Witness....3 months ago, you were under IG entertainment as a trainee, are you not? MI Hee: Yes Lawyer Hong: What is the relationship between The Witness & Seong Ha Yeong MI Hee: We are friends Lawyer Hong: The you often at times hear or had knowledge of the relationship between Seong Ha Yeong & the defendant Mi Hee: Yes (I do know) Lawyer Hong: Is it not often at times that Seong Ha Yeong mentioned to you that she had a liking for Nam Gyu Man Prosecutor: I object...The defense is leading the witness for a beneficial answer with his line of questioning Lawyer Hong: The line of questioning is important & will determine between what actually is their relationship or whether it is assault & rape Judge: Defense proceed with the question Lawyer Hong: I had heard that Seong Ha Yeong had mentioned to The Witness that she would like to start a relationship President Nam Gyu Man, is that true?.....The Witness.....please answer the question Mi Hee: Ha Yeong.....had never once said this Flashback to In Ah & Ha Yeong persuading Mi Hee to testify the truth MI Hee: I also from Nam Gyu Man had encounter the same "trauma' as what Ha Yeong had experience...although I tried to fiercely resisted but Nam Gyu Man succumb me with brute force Lawyer Hong: Your Honour....This is none other than The Witness making up her own assumptions Judge: The may proceed Mi Hee: Also as for Nam Gyu Man, had consider to use money to buy me off Lawyer Hong: I do say...The Witness Mi Hee slam the envelope at the witness table Mi Hee: I....don't need your you think that just as long as it is money ....that it will be able to resolve all matters Judge: The witness...kindly refrain Prosecutor: The prosecution will like to add another offence to Nam Gyu Man to witness tampering in order to try to eliminate evidence
  17. A fan posted this of Sy busy shooting her drama, very hardworking still holding her script  Must be very cold cos both wearing thick jackets
  18. On the February 10 episode of MBC‘s “2016 Idol Star Athletics Championships,” boy group idols fiercely compete in a 60 meter dash. Spoiler The competition is stiff, but six idols total, MONSTA X‘s Jooheon, BTOB‘s Lee Minhyuk, Snuper‘s Woosung, NU’EST‘s Baekho, BTS‘s Jungkook, and BIGSTAR‘s Sunghak, outrun their peers and make it to the final 60 […] The post MONSTA X’s Jooheon, BTOB’s Minhyuk, and BTS’s Jungkook, and More Compete in Close 60 Meter Dash on “2016 Idol Star Athletics Championships” appeared first on Soompi. View the full article
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  20. I just saw a news that they will go to Harbin, China next week...sorry I can't paste it here as I read it in Instagram posted by one of JJY's fans. Anyone who find the news please post it here. Thanks in advance. JJY is having so much fun in Switzerland now...he mentioned in one of the interviews that he wanted to go vacation to Switzerland and I am happy he managed to go there. I watched Sugarman too...both CTH and JJY are so adorable hehe!!!
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