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  1. flybabyfly added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Second Time 20 Yrs Old 두번째 스무살 | EP 13 on Oct 9   

    I really, really want to believe this but No Ra was quite the ms.congeniality back then but I couldn’t see signs of her liking him in a romantic way
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  2. bubbyyboo added a post in a topic Adventures With Jenny: iKON’s Unforgettable Debut Concert + Giveaway!   

    Hi Jenny!

    I love ikon simply because they never failed to make me proud. Since WIN all the way to their debut, i watch them through process, waiting, up and down's. The comfort zone was never their favorite, a spirit to improve for the better was the only thing they believe.

    I myself also love music and occasionally perform on stages. Being a fan of ikon lets me learn few important things on how to become a good musician and performer. Everytime i was about to perform and became too nervous, i always got remembered of their words about how to have fun and give your best on stage. They've helped and encouraged me alot on keep going to reach my dreams.

    One thing for sure, i know they're not perfect. Hiphop style isn't even such a new thing. But they've always been hardworking, with a humble heart, and strong bond between each members that i treasure so much.

    I honestly have no regret. It's been 2 years, from 6 to 7, from 'climax' to 'welcome back'. Jenny, i know you already saw the prove of what i'm saying here through the concert you've watched :) isn't it amazing? They're young, they're still gonna improve, impress, and inspire not only me and ikonics, but also many people. I love ikon for who they were, what they are now, and what they'll become. ♡

    (IG : @kitbby)
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  3. nyser added a post in a topic YG’s Yang Hyun Suk Says iKON Reminds Him of BIGBANG   

    Didn't YG just recently say he was uncomfortable with the Big Bang comparisons? Yet he is the one who keeps bringing it up!
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  4. im_cun added a post in a topic 2PM (투피엠) "Don't Stop Can't Stop Until We Reach The Top" Official Thread #2   





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  5. seogeekk added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Second Time 20 Yrs Old 두번째 스무살 | EP 13 on Oct 9   

    OMG. That scene. Where HNR is looking at CHS's killer dimples. I was all 쿵쿵쿵  at that scene. Thank God for this drama. I thought CJW lost her way on "Temptation" but this drama keeps me less interested to other kdramas I am watching right now. The writer is really 대박! The character development and the flow of story really suits my style
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  6. irenetan added a post in a topic Lee Jong Suk 이종석   

    Cr: snowprince312
    Source: [uploaded 02.10.15]
    <<Stars from Korea>> Season 2 preview (Jong Suk from 0:37-0.42 min)
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  7. ferlycious added a post in a topic Ha Ji Won 하지원   

    ladykate ‏@ladykate1023  
    Whatever you do, you will and always be the center of attention  
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  8. samzz added a post in a topic Lee Da Hae 이다해 李多海 イ・ダヘ   

    Anny, the reason why we suspect agency transfer or end of contract bc the news abt CC are so limited in the K-net/SNS/DC, only 3 media outlets mentioning it , even in China, the C-media only copied K-media, none from their own resources. which very strange considering who is Alibaba and their first/debut drama.
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  9. monarizkas_stv added a post in a topic Adventures With Jenny: iKON’s Unforgettable Debut Concert + Giveaway!   

    Hi Jenny :)
    It's my very first time to comment on the internet like this, and i'll definitely try my best. :)
    I am just gonna make it short yet efficient.
    To start with, there are actually so many reasons why i DO LOVE iKON. But the greatest reason is that because they are the first group that i have been following since predebut era and it means a lot to me. They show me how hard it is to be an idol group in Korea (and in the world) and it's not as easy as it looks like. They, iKON, changed my perspectives towards idol groups (of course in a positive way). Especially because i find iKON as the role model for the next idol groups in Korea (not to mention their sunbaes) in which they are talented, hardworking, and nice as well. I am proud to be an Ikonic. Thank you.
    twitter: @sexyhanbin
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  10. finpeo92 added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Lee Jonghyun ♡ Gong Seungyeon [House Of Brownies] ♥   

    My day wil not be boring anymore cuz I have Running man and 6 flying dragon coming soon woaa, i hope she will have lots of time on air
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  11. myaShe added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Darling Couple (Lee Jong Suk ♡ Park Shin Hye)   

    it will be wonderfull if its comes true
    i'll say amen to your dream
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  12. Newsie added a topic in hot off the press: soompi news!   

    BTOB Celebrate Ilhoon’s Birthday on Set of New Music Video
    BTOB threw a sweet surprise party in celebration of Ilhoon‘s birthday today! On October 4 at 11 A.M. (KST), the boys of BTOB held a fun live stream event through Naver’s popular V app. They gave fans a preview of their upcoming music video set and concept, and finally celebrated Ilhoon’s 21st birthday by throwing him a surprise party. The members first divided up into two […]
    The post BTOB Celebrate Ilhoon’s Birthday on Set of New Music Video appeared first on Soompi.
    View the full article
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  13. ferlycious added a post in a topic Han Ji Min 한지민   

    Photos taken the November issue of cosmopolitan Gonzo #랑콤 Han JI-min
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  14. denarvie added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] ✿ She Was Pretty 그녀는 예뻤다 ✿ | Wed-Thurs 22.00 KST | Ep 7 On October 7   

    I swear I tried to backtracking, but I think I still need time, 
    I tried to see this drama in Hari POV and it become melo-drama, truly amazing, a heroine that force to act as someone and unintentionally falling for the guy and struggling to find her place in this world, have best friend who is funny and became a sidekick, both guy that equally fun in their own way and overly complex family problem when she seeks her real mom. I can totally make this makjang. 
    but then we have this drama in Hye Jin Pov which just make it comedy, I like the little interaction, even the plot not moving but the moments is worth, sometimes rom-com has too much unneeded plot to be funny when I find this drama is fun and funny in its own way, no need to think so hard too.
    I laugh at ep 5 and ep 6 opening alone to make pause for like 5 minutes just because my imagination runs wilder than my initial thought. 
    I like the silver lining fate that actually connected them through everyday lives, yeah it happen but they encounter each other so naturally and as viewer I can see them as 4 people and the interaction between each pair without connecting how and why too much. It just a little things, not overly swoon or overly sweet moment but shining individual moment.
    I saw many people talks about SJ and HJ chemistry, 
    am I the only one who like that they're not so flowery romantic?
    I mean, they just knew each other and both of them doesn't seem interesting to each other to be in relationship, HJ only has sweet memory and SJ just attracted with her natural self. If they're lovey dovey in love already.... isn't that more weird cause this show focuses on how they fall for someone, not rejoicing love that been blossom enough. 
    yeah they attracted and care to each other when they're young but I don't think that love should stay the same (like the adoration) until now, even if they find how sweet they are before, it's only work for the reminiscing experience and I really hope this show can do it right, for loving a person in present time because they fall again, without knowing the identity. Maybe that's why I adore HJ so much for not LOVE this new SJ immediately just because they're childhood friends, and  I hope (if ever) SJ falls for her, it's for her NOW, not knowing that she is the YOUNG HJ he looked for. Isn't that beautiful, a simple love story. 
    Somehow this drama reminds me of Jdrama on how the interaction and how the moods sets up even the angry boss things. 
    nb : and sorry if this already discuss
    I think I am gonna be PANTIES, (don't ask me why?)
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  15. Yammylicious added a post in a topic Lee Jin Wook & Ha Ji Won (1 + 1 Couple)   

    Missing you a lot Dad..
    and perhaps she miss you even more......
    ctto: the owner

    There's still more?????????????? we're waiting....
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  16. Jannahllamas added a post in a topic Adventures With Jenny: iKON’s Unforgettable Debut Concert + Giveaway!   

    Hi jenny
    I love iKON because i can see their sincerity for their job and also for making the fans happy, they waited for their debut and finally yesterday a day we will never forget it is their debut concert.I love it how they enjoy their work and how they love their family,Bobby is amazing because when he joined show me the money,he really improved his rapping skills and for hanbin he kept making mistakes and failed ,but "true failure is when you stop trying" i really love this quote because iKON dis not give up on their dreams and we are here to support them.Hanbin is a really good leader he can manage the group and workhard on his responsibilities.The other members are also the best they are all so talented i hope they can be more successful in the future.They also said that they will never cry again but only cry with tears of joy.
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  17. cynkdf added a post in a topic Bae Soo Bin 배수빈   

    SooBeenPortal gave BSB this beautiful cake yesterday (thanks to @Logicalsong for the pic). 

    Pic of BSB's scooter by Logicalsong - he rides it to the theatre whenever he has performances, thus he doesn't have to trouble his manager.

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  18. dhilamd added a post in a topic [Current Weekend Drama 2015] All About My Mom 부탁해요 엄마   

    Annyeonghaseyo, yorobeun.. decide to unlurk because I'm curious about the OST I've been following this drama on kbs world, and starts to hear good duet ballad on the recent episodes, But don't know the title and the singers. Anybody knows?maybe somebody has posted in this thread, but I didn't have the chance to read all pages. I've browsed the net but only found 1 official OST, which is Sunny Hill's I Like You.. Can't find the other one because of my lack of Hangul.. So, kindly repost if anyone knows the song I'm talking about, chuseyo
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  19. flybabyfly added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Second Time 20 Yrs Old 두번째 스무살 | EP 13 on Oct 9   

    Min Soo is changing but I don’t want him for Seung Hyun. I’d rather pair her with Soon Nam who she gets along with and somewhat the opposite of her. likewise, I don’t want Soon Nam to be paired with Sang Ye. Sang Ye choose any man there except Hyun Suk of course!
    Park Dong Joo he’s too perfect. I’m doubting he is human lol
    Cha Hyun Suk is the ideal perfect for me. Perfectly imperfect too true
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  20. dangdelionv added a post in a topic Adventures With Jenny: iKON’s Unforgettable Debut Concert + Giveaway!   

    Hi Jenny!
    I don't really know how to start this because whenever I think of my love for iKON, I don't think that I can ever explain it to the point that all of you will understand and feel me, too. Maybe this love is too extreme that I can stay through ups and most importantly downs. I laughed and cried with them since WIN: Who Is Next and from then on, I started rooting for them. They give me feels that even I myself can not comprehend. I can say a bunch of things like, I love iKON because they are so talented, they inspire me, because Hanbin is so responsible and so strong, because Bobby has this extraordinary charisma and stage presence, because Jinhwan always makes me smile and is so charming, because Junhoe makes me go menbung almost all the time and makes me fangirl over his gorilla voice, because Yunhyeong is so caring and lovable, because Donghyuk's falsetto makes me go hmmm and because Chanwoo is a happy virus that never fails to make me smile, but at the end of the day, that is still not it. All of that can't completely represent or hold the very reason why I love iKON. And that is how I love iKON, that is what my love is, to be this genuine and irrevocable, to be this extreme and true.

    Instagram: SHENDASHEEP
    Twitter: @dangdelionv
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  21. bebebisous33 added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Yong-Pal 용팔이   

    Indirectly it was kind of answered. The nurse Hwang must have belong to the house staff in the past. She must have loved YJ (picture), while butler Yeo preferred HDJ. Butler Yeo is the opposite of nurse Hwang. While the latter got obsessed with YJ (love-obsession), she considered her as her doll, the other found YJ scary and she had noticed that YJ was the favourite child (desdain-affection). However, meeting KTH made her realise that YJ was different, from what she thought. He opened her eyes: YJ as a lonely person with a big heart! So she came to love YJ as she realised YJ's loneliness but also big heart. YJ had chosen KTH as husband, a nice doctor and loving husband. While the other got more and more violent, butler Yeo became more and more protective and affectionate towards YJ.  
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  22. KLSOO added a post in a topic Han Ji Min 한지민   

    @‌neih212, our JM looks very good in this hair-style  Wow! that was in 2006. Time flies and she's still having the same look. Doesn't seem to age!
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  23. badsmuler added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Yong-Pal 용팔이   

    Despite its flaws...i still love this drama and never regret to watch it that i will definitely buy their DVD once its release in my country...
    I will cherish Joo won and Kim tae hee couple for a long long time...
    Thanks to all Yong-palers for their recaps and contributions to this thread...see you again in another drama threads...
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