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  1. Gerry58 added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL]✩Jang Wooyoung♥Park Se Young✩[THE YY NATION] ♥Congratulations Seyoung♥   

    Here's another of wy showing his legs.
    think he is competing with sy 
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  2. ate added a post in a topic [Official] Sungjae (BtoB) ♥ Joy (Red Velvet) Byu Couple ♥ SungJoy - Welcome JaefulJoys!   

    Hello everyone,
    I come across FMV's of SungJoy on Utube but I don't know how to post them here. Not sure if they've been posted here before but I just want to share them.
    Credit to the owner of the vids. Sorry if I haven't ask your permission to post them here. Thanks for the FMV's btw. I enjoyed watching them. You guys are awesome. Keep it up!
    Btw, not really familiar with Soompi's Rules. Did I exceed the number of video I have to post? Used to be a crew of an Entertainment Forum before, sorry if I violated a rule. 
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  3. Misstwilightfan1416 added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Hwajung 화정 -Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 pm KST!
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  4. tealee added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] JYJ Kim Junsu - 김준수 Thread   

    Very nice...
    Hope you have fun!  Enjoy!!!
    Been busy with real life so unable to update as much as I normally do...
    Full version of Junsu's Photoshoot for Scene Playbill
    scene Playbill
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  5. edzkie77 added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Darling Couple (Lee Jong Suk ♡ Park Shin Hye)   

    agree with you @yuan19900!I love what you said..
    Can I use the term delulu also.. I'm just happy to see them active, and I can feel the happiness for both of them! Love is in the air for our darling couple..I can't express my feelings that much b'coz of my poor English I'm just happy reading all Your opinion bout our couple like shin hye said jong suk is their vitamin in the set but for me you guys are my vitamin for every post and opinion bout our couple..can I kiss and hug u all!!
    Btw I am a shin hye fan became a darling shipper b'coz of pinocchio and now am also loving jong suk.
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  6. meh2222 added a post in a topic Song Ji Hyo 송지효   

    Oh. i do hope someone post a pic of them together. it's not like unusual really to see them together because they had a drama together. but i miss ex-bf really. i found myself giddying most of the time in that drama. their chemistry is off the charts, i must say. and it really felt natural, not just mere and pure acting. it felt realllll
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  7. keylimeshi added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] ✿ Oh My Ghost 오 나의 귀신님 ✿| EP 11-12 On August 7-8 | Fri-Sat 20:30 KST   

    no omg i havent watched it yet! So are they really gonna do it? I don't want it to be SA having sex with SW, it's not fair to BS in a way. It seems that both the real BS and SW want to take it slow and steady until they're both ready to take it to the next step. I know she gave SA permission but it still doesn't feel right to me, it still feels like SA is just using BS as a vessel for sex. LIKE GOD PLEASE REALIZE IT'S NOT SEX YOU NEED, BUT AN EXPLANATION OF YOUR DEATH! 
    It's also kinda sad we're barely getting any character development of BS. I mean has she even had any real cute moments with SW besides the bike ride and pajeon date they had? it's not fair 
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  8. kaciemom added a question in problem solvers! community forum tech support   

    How do you go about changing my avatar in my account?  I forgot how to do it.  If you can show me where, I greatly appreciate it.
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  9. irilight added a post in a topic Yeon Jung-Hoon 연정훈   

    Yeon Jung Hoon Shares His Wife Han Ga In’s Reaction to His Evil Role on “Mask”

    Actor Yeon Jung Hoon has been playing a total villain on the SBS melodrama “Mask,” which aired its final episode on July 30. On August 1, he sat down for an interview at the headquarters of his agency 935 Entertainment to talk about the show’s ending and his character.
    Yeon Jung Hoon says, “My wife said to me, ‘At first it seemed like he was a nice guy pretending to be bad, but then after the tenth episode he was really a wicked guy.” His wife is of course none other than actress Han Ga In!
    He comments, “When I was acting, I think I really got into the character of Seok Hoon.” He adds, “I didn’t want any feelings of pity, I just wanted to show complete and total evil.”
    Are you sad to see the end of “Mask”?
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  10. severus added a post in a topic [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2015] The Journey of Flower 花千骨   

    Even dying Shifu is soooo pretty. Shiffuuuu huuu huuuu huuuuu.
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  11. Exora added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] VIXX 빅스 Thread!   

    MUCORE Cut
    ISAC Preview
    Full Subbed
    MORE Fancams...
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  12. didixiaoyu added a post in a topic Jung Il Woo 정일우 - Upcoming web drama 'High Class Unrequited Love'   

    Translation for Noblesse China interview with Jung Il Woo
    interview date: 06/05/2015
    original interview script:

    Noblesse: As a Korean celebrity who received 'Fashionista Award' at the 2012 Asia Model Festival Awards, you look stylish in both candid snapshots and public events. What kind of outfit will you choose for public and private situations?
    Jung Il Woo: Actually, the style I like changes every year. In the workplace, I try to dress for different occasions. Personally, I increasingly like to wear comfortable and casual outfits. I often wear relatively loose clothes.

    N: As a stylish guy, what is something a man must have?
    J: The must-have for a fashionable man should be a good-looking face. (laugh) Actually, skin care and staying in shape for men is as important as those for women. I pay particular attention in self-caring. Exercising, restricting calorie intake, dressing well and facial makeup are important daily routines in my opinion.

    N: What's your favorite accessories?
    J: I choose different accessories in different situations. Sometimes I like watches. At other times I like shoes. I like sneakers very much when I was young. Now I increasingly like dressing shoes, maybe because I am turning 30 soon! (laugh)

    N: You wear formal clothes in many occasions. Is there any specific style you prefer for your custom made clothes? What are your requirements for your custom made shoes and handbags?
    J: I like men's suits and shoes by Thom Browne. I rarely wear custom made shoes. I prefer custom formal clothes. These clothes are made to fit your size and shape, therefore I always order custom suits that fit me well. I prefer British fabrics and style. As for custom handbags, I rarely carry handbags. I like brand with simple design, such as Givenchy and Balenciaga.

    N:  Many of your photos were taken during traveling. What kind of clothes will you choose for vacation?
    J:  I prefer comfortable clothes during traveling. The final outfit I choose depends on the destination. For example, I went to Paris recently, which is one of the centers for fashion. So I took time to dress up. If I were going to a recreational island like Hawaii or Bali, I would wear something appropriate for that occasion, for example, shorts with floral print. Therefore, I don't have a preference. I choose outfits depending on the situation.

    N: Have you done research on cologne? What scent do you like?
    J: I love cologne very much. I used to like Creed and Byredo. Later, I like creating my own cologne. The cologne I have been using recently was made by myself in Paris. Now, there are a lot of workshops to design your own perfume in Korea. As for scent, I like wood scent such as oak scent that i am using now.

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  13. severus added a post in a topic [Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama 2015] When He Comes Close Your Eyes 他来了请闭眼   

    Wallace Huooooo. He's soo prettttyyyyyy. 
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  14. meh2222 added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] I Remember You 너를 기억해   

    it will be really interesting that there would be a circumstance where JiAn actually saves Min.   
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  15. tealee added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] The JYJ Thread   

    [PICS/OTHER INSTAGRAM] Past photos of Jaejoong at SDA 2013 & Yuchun at SDA 2011
    July 31, 2015 · rilanna2015.07.27
    [PHOTO] #OST상 수상자 #김재중
    [TRANS] #OSTAward winner #KimJaejoong

    [PHOTO] #SDA2011
    #박유천 과 #카미키류노스케 의
    [TRANS] #SDA2011
    #ParkYuchun and #KamikiRyunosuke ‘s #tenderhearted-shot

    [PHOTO] #SDA2013
    #김재중 님은 OST 부문 수상을 했습니다.
    퀴즈! 무슨 드라마의 어떤 곡 일까요? .
    흰트.. #사또재중 #조선매디컬
    [TRANS] #SDA2013
    #KimJaejoong nim won the award in the OST category.
    Quiz! Which song of what drama was it? .
    Hint.. #LordJaejoong #Joseon-medical

    Source: sda2015_
    Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
    Shared by: JYJ3
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  16. irilight added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Mask 가면 | Thanks for watching!   

    @betchay, It is a good drama. JJH, JCW AND CSR are awesome in it. Hang on to your sit. This drama will take to where you could not imagine before.
    I agree with you about the love-line, but it is of little concern to me - because it was not a big part of the story. It was really a side story. The main story revolves around the two sons and the mother/stepmother.
    @kanyaprasetyo,    @duongbi1234     Me too.. I loved "Mask" many times over "Secret.".    I thought both storyline, and acting in "Mask" by all leads, were far superior to "Secret".
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  17. kaciemom added a post in a topic [Upcoming Drama 2015] Second Time 20 Yrs Old 두번째 스무살 (Second 20s) | 2nd Teaser on pg 8   

    Thank you @nm2 for the teaser.  I love JiWoo and her cuteness.  I love watching her in the latest "Grampa in Greece" or something to that.  She will bring so much cuteness to this drama.  Too cute!!!
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  18. severus added a post in a topic How long have you spent on Makeup every morning?   

    I am now a master at putting on makeup on the train/ at red lights/ steering with my knees while bluffing out my foundation. So time in the morning isn't too much of an issue if I'm in a rush. 
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  19. tealee added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] JYJ Kim Junsu - 김준수 Thread   

    [NEWS] 150731 Kim Junsu invites NGO officials to the musical ‘Death Note’…. shows supreme consideration and kindness
    July 31, 2015 · rilanna
    According to a representative in the business industry, Kim Junsu had invited ADRA(Adventist Development and Relief Agency) KOREA officials to Seongnam Arts Center on July 22 in order to watch his musical ‘Death Note’.
    Kim Junsu said, “Although I have never been to Cambodia personally, I have thought deeply and profoundly about how many of the children can study, and will be able to live in a better environment with everyone’s help,” and, “If I get a chance I want to go to ‘XIA Junsu Village’ and spend a significant time singing songs and playing sports with the children”.
    This isn’t the first time Kim Junsu has invited officials from this NGO to his musicals. Since debuting with ‘Mozart’ he has invited them to his musicals without others knowing.
    ADRA Korea began construction of their 12th ‘House of Love’ in Jindo, Jeonam last week with the support of Kim Junsu. The house is being built for a disabled senior who lost his home in a fire and has no where else to go.
    Sources: Wow TV via Naver
    Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3 + ohmyjunsu
    Shared by: JYJ3
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  20. kanyaprasetyo added a post in a topic [Upcoming Drama2015] Descendant of the Sun 태양의 후예 Confirms SongJoongKi, SongHyeKyo, JinGoo, KimJiWon   

    Hahaha I meet you again here, unnie...
    Who wanna bet on bed scene here? Hahahaha
    No way next year! I've been waiting for SJK's comeback since long ago... now I have to wait till next year?? KBS please don't torture us..
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  21. irilight added a post in a topic Joo Won 주원   

    Hi everyone,,
    I came across this blog write up about Joo Won.
    I don't think it had been posted here before.
    Melty Over: Joo Won

    So I’ve been meaning to do a k-love post for Joo Won for more than a year, ever since blog reader sarahlantz made a request (or several ) last year, for some Joo Won lovin’ on the site.
    Honestly, I did a bunch of preliminary, er, research for this post as early as May 2014. Heh. And by research I mean spending hours and hours trawling the interwebs for Joo Won pretty. Oh, the hardship – not!  XD It’s just only now that inspiration has struck in full force, for me to actually top off that research with one last burst of goodies, and put the post together. Coz yes, k-love posts need inspiration too – you guys are looking at an inspired piece of research, I swears!
    Come admire, melt & swoon with me, y’all. 
    Read and see more HERE
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  22. narye added a post in a topic The Official Dooley/YongShin Couple Thread (Jung Yong Hwa & Park Shin Hye)   

    YH: "oh! today is Saturday... het.. het.. ‪#‎embarrassed‬"
    YH: "I was hoping for a welcome break...? I'll come back again when the school re-opens"

    YH: I went there to see this guy but couldn't meet him

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  23. Akopinoy2228YS added a post in a topic ❤ Lee Jonghyun ♡ Gong Seungyeon ❤ [JongYeon | Brown Eyed Couple]   

    We Got Married Ep 282 ratings

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