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  1. ibloodayu added a post in a topic [Official] Sungjae (BtoB) ♥ Joy (Red Velvet) Byu Couple ♥ SungJoy - Welcome JaefulJoys!   

    lol even the caption said "sungjoy's fanmeeting" 
    how can they dance freely?  
      *i can't posting picture, just click the link byu ~
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  2. gabrielangel16 added a topic in performers   

    (Dance Cover) T-ara - Sugar Free by Hot Synergy
    Our cover for T-ara - Sugar Free
    Our page on Facebook :
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  3. kenxynth added a post in a topic ❤ Lee Jonghyun ♡ Gong Seungyeon ❤ [JongYeon | Brown Eyed Couple]   

    Morning fellow Brownies (yawn)
    sharing our SY's IG activity hours ago..

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  4. sunflower91_ added a post in a topic Song Hye Kyo 송혜교   

    hope fans will be considerate enough as to the privacy of their fave celebrities , as SHK fan im fine with her public IG and I understand if she wanted to have another private IG which other stars are doing also , besides SHK do update her IG from time to time and she will be giving us her new k drama DoTs soon!
    her latest IG post garnered attention from Dispatch article
    Selfie ★] “인형의 후예?”…송혜교, 방부제 미모
    ▶ Selfie(셀피) : 자신의 모습을 직접 찍은 사진을 의미하는 단어로, ‘자가촬영’ 사진의 줄임말. 2013년 옥스퍼드 선정 올해의 단어다…. [더보기]

    Selfie ★] “인형의 후예?”…송혜교, 방부제 미모
    ▶ Selfie(셀피) : 자신의 모습을 직접 찍은 사진을 의미하는 단어로, ‘자가촬영’ 사진의 줄임말. 2013년 옥스퍼드 선정 올해의 단어다…. [더보기]
    Selfie ★] “인형의 후예?”…송혜교, 방부제 미모
    기사입력 : 2015-08-27 08:47 오전
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  5. cutie_let_let added a post in a topic [Upcoming Movie 2016] Missing 미씽   

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  6. UnniSarah added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Save the Family 가족을 지켜라   

         @valsava  SJ only cares about how much money her IN LAWS have before agreeing with marriage. She doesn't want any of her kids worrying about money. She herself was upset about how they mistreated TJ but it isn't enough for her change her mind about the rich. I think her in laws me mistreated her so bad  that all she sees is money. What she hasn't realized is how cold and cruel the rich can be. Until she has seen them literally physically or emotionally abuse Ujin will she change her mind. 
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  7. Gerry58 added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL]✩Jang Wooyoung♥Park Se Young✩[THE YY NATION] ♥Congratulations Seyoung♥   

    @wingting - a BIG thank u cos I finally can watch Cat Funeral. Even though the video stopped halfway but will try again later.
    Sy is a natural and super cut, she is the main focus of the movie. kAngin's acting is also not bad for an idol. The kissing is ok, just a quick peck. Sy is so pretty esp in orange outfit for friend's wedding. Maybe someone can take a photo and post her pic here.
    regarding YY last episode, it is a pity they filmed 2 hours but only show 5-10 mins. The poor owner didn't even got the cafe's name shown else all YY fans will visit
    thanks again, glad to have u join us
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  8. Nevi99 added a post in a topic Kim Yoo Jung 김유정   



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  9. Booger Face added a post in a topic How Are You At This Very Moment?   

    I'm currently listening to Ha:tfelt's "Wherever Together" from her DAMN AMAZING album!
    I'm eating chips, Ruffles Sour Cream and Cheddar Cheese, because I said I was going to go on a diet.
    It is damn hot right now. 101F! I wanna go downtown to get some gelato. Maybe I'll do that tonight after I hit up the KOREAN store for some kimbap/cali rolls SUPPLIEZ.
    I just woke up from a nap because I was BORED.
    I'm feeling really grateful for being able to do all this dumb crap.
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  10. Misstwilightfan1416 added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Love on a Rooftop (Love From Today) 오늘부터 사랑해   

    Episode 100
    Credit: DramaKBS
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  11. MissAria added a post in a topic Online Dating   

    For what use to know where they live? 
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  12. agdr03 added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Warm and Cozy 맨도롱 또똣   

    thanks @‌packmule3 I was looking at that size too and yes it doesn't look big at all. I might have a quick look at episode 1. Is it 52 or 59 square meter? is that even the same size as the house of JJ in Jeju?
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  13. syah4brit added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Yong-Pal 용팔이 | Wed-Thurs 10PM KST | EP 8 Preview on pg 177   

    I hope to see Han Yeo Jin looking again like the portrait of her in her house.
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  14. thisisablack0ut_stv added a post in a topic [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2015] The Journey of Flower 花千骨   

    I'm turning 16 in December.  I literally know no one else my age that watches this drama! It's nice to meet you! 
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  15. FashionFreaky added a post in a topic Park Shin Hye 박신혜   

    Park Shin Hye + Agatha Paris 2015 Constellation Collection
    (Marina & The Diamonds anthem) You bought a star in the skyyy toniiiiight!
    by kpopbreak
    She’s baaaack! Park Shin Hye is ready to present Agatha Paris‘ Fall 2015 collection once again. The brand that is all about affordable chic jewelry has a new line called The Constellation. It features cubic zirconia stones (in yellow, purple, and blue) cut into round gems. The sparkling “celestial spheres” appear like a scattered set of accessories. Check out the earrings-necklace-ring combo Park recently modeled below!
    P.S. To see Park’s 2015 Spring/Summer lookbook photos and jewelry breakdown, click here!
    The Constellation Collection

    1. Constellation Earrings ($52.00)
    2. Constellation Necklace ($69.00)
    3. Constellation Ring ($69.00)
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  16. badsmuler added a post in a topic Song Il Kook 송일국   

    Yup...thats my Daehanie and he's so tall...
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  17. FashionFreaky added a post in a topic Jeon Ji Hyun 전지현   

    Jun Ji Hyun + “Rouge & Lounge” For Marie Claire September 2015
    Time to watercolor your purses!
    by kpopbreak

    You Who Came From The Stars actress Jun Ji Hyun is still the muse for Rouge & Lounge. After modeling for the brand’s 2015 Spring/Summer collection, the beauty has returned for the 2015 Fall/Winter lookbook. Marie Claire shared preview photos from the new line in its September issue. In a totally unexpected move, Rouge & Lounge has added more color this time around (but the black leather!). In fact, the theme is a paint splattered print and someone call the label’s creative director because he still thinks studs are in for bags. Heels? Yes. Skirts? Versace yes. Leather jackets? Always. Purses? It’s a season thing…
    Anyway, only two bags are available from the new line in online store SK Fashion Mall. You can shop for them below!
    Rouge & Lounge Senso Medium Bag ($608.00)

    Rouge & Lounge Vito Mini Bag ($440.00)

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  18. mary-ann added a post in a topic Song Ji Hyo 송지효   

    these are pictures from the recent fanmeeting, jihyo looks like a doll, talk about natural beauty!

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  19. h_heartstrings added a post in a topic [Upcoming Movie 2015] Pure Love (Do Kyungsoo, Kim So Hyun, David Lee)   

    I couldn't link updates from one of the staff as he disabled the feature on his ig. Posting a photo is harder for me than directlinking it. Hehehe. 
    So here is an update from Twitter(which the same photos I would like to share) complete with a notice to all of us.
    (I realised that there are some individuals who sell kdramas cd that they downloaded and burned the cds illegally. And the young fans uploaded photos of the pirates cds on Instagram)
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  20. themarchioness added a post in a topic [Current Taiwanese Drama 2015] Bitter Sweet 軍官‧情人   

    Oh boy . . . Once we knew the sister was the person Yu Fang met all those years ago, it was only a matter of time before that awkward love triangle came to fruition.  I wouldn't be surprised if Huan's initial reaction is one of jealousy and maybe even annoyance, because we've seen how insecure she feels whenever she's compared against Wen, and how it makes her competitive towards her older sister.  But I think ultimately it won't be any sort of big deal because for Wen, it's probably at most a memory of something that happened to her in the past.  She clearly hasn't put any stock in the meeting in the same way that Yu Fang has.  She's too caught up in her past relationship with her boss.  Plus, those old feelings she and her boss once shared are already being rekindled.  I have a hard time seeing her switching directions just because finds out that Yu Fang harbors a crush on her.
    From Yu Fang's perspective, I think he'll just have to get over the embarrassment of knowing he's idolized this woman for so many years only to find out it wasn't reciprocated and it wasn't the Grand Fate that he'd been imagining all along.  One thing I really liked was several episodes back when Wen encouraged Huan to help Yu Fang track down the other woman, she pointed out that it's really easy to put someone on a pedestal for so many years and think that they're everything you want in a partner when in reality, that may not be the case.  It's so true and I know I've experienced that myself, so her words really resonated with me.  I truly think in this drama, that'll be what happens between Yu Fang and Wen.  (It won't be like in "Dear Mom" where the same actor playing Yu Fang played a character where he had a brief meeting with a woman, fell in love with her at first sight, and then waited for her for so many years until she later returned and they actually got together.  At least that's my prediction.)
    Once Huan gets over her ire that her crush thought her older sister was the Woman For Him, and Yu Fang gets over his first love, they can be happy and together.  At least that's what I'm hoping for! 
    And so excited to hear the old platoon sergeant will be visiting the boys: Xiang Dang Haaaaaaaaaaooooo!  LOL! 
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  21. Merry added a post in a topic Lee Joon Gi 이준기   

     I saw it first time from his weibo update in Dec 2013. Due to his sns updates, he wore it during his family trip in early 2014, then rewear it in late 2014. And recently again in 2015.

    This following one is another necklace of the same brand that I noticed he seems to love. The last time I remember is him wearing on the SWWTN script reading day.

    Not only these accessories, he even doesn't afraid of wearing some clothes many times, lol. He doesn't try hard to look cool off-screen in front of his fans. Just love him for this and that kind of his genuine nature to us <3
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  22. EvilTreeFrogs added a post in a topic Shoo’s Twins Ra Hee and Ra Yool Get Adorable New Haircuts   

    Oh my goodness they are adorable!!!! XD
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  23. Soah-Bin added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] ✿ Oh My Ghost 오 나의 귀신님 ✿| Thank You Ghostess :D   

    Here is another article about the kissing scene:
    If someone is bored and wants to practise their korean... we would appreciate it hahahaha.
    Google translator is no help, it just makes everything more confusing hahaha. I need to start learning korean.
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  24. MAROSA_JIN added a post in a topic Han Ji Min 한지민   

    Han Ji Min Anacapri 2015 F / W rukbuk

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