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  2. @littlesame thanks for the goodies and tidbits. at least i'm giggling this morning and my mood was brought UP UP UP! lol so the class started at 8 am in my time zone. what time is is there at your place? okay the agility lesson is under which subject? hahahaha. is it from maths or chemistry?  about him putting his hands in the pockets.. okay maybe i should rewatch the clip. thanks again. this is the exact comfort that i need. 
  3. [Current Taiwanese Drama 2015-2016] Bromance 愛上哥們

    I am having redrawal symptoms. can I have the links to fanfic?   
  4.   Somehow, I have this crazy idea that the first scene of the drama, where Seol is drunk and babbling that she's going to take off college time again because of YJ, is the party that they were advertising when YJ was sick and Seol took care of him and he changed his opinion of Seol. I don't know if this makes sense but that party took place in the day after and when Seol fell, YJ seemed really concerned about her, thing that wouldn't be possible if it was during the period that he disliked her...  The party theme also appeared to be the end of semester and right after the flashback, Seol found out that she gain the scholarship and began a new semester. It is also confuse in the beginning of the webtoon, with so many flashbacks...
  5. What is happen to our JYS, chinggus ???? Credit : KBS Drama
  6. wow the earthquake seems to be pretty serious.....hope everyone is safe ><" cr: Naver (
  7. @kenxyth stay strong my dear. I have been there before and only those who have gone thru it knows the pain. But hang on there, you can get thru it. Just know we all pray for your speedy recovery. 
  8. I've finally watched the two latest episodes and the way the story is unfolding is really good though, apart from funny/embarassing scenes like when SW was carrying SD on his back and they were like flying ROFL !!!! IT WAS TOO FUNNY !! Lee hyun woo is doing a good job I hope the rating will increase because they deserve it seriously pleeeease :(.  Of course I must comment on the kiss. IT WAS TAKING MY BREATH AWAY LITERALLY, I TRIED SO HARD TO BREATHE HAHHAHAHA!!! IT WAS A-MA-ZING !!! Lee Hyun woo, seems like you have some experiences on kissing girls hahahha !! Awwww I loved the kiss, it was perfect !!! *-* His smile and his gaze at that moment was like... perfect... just perfect !   
  9. Good.morning brownies. I watched the last 3 episodes this morning. It's been a routine to watch at least an episode a day. It's funny but this is the 4th time I'm watching the last episode. I have watched the other episodes 100s time but I have to build courage in order to watch the last one. The last time I watched it was Nov 2015.  It happened again while watching the last episode... I cried. OMG, I couldnt help the tears. It's been months now the last we saw them in WGM but why am I still like this? Dear God, let it be a happy ending.
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  11. Jung Hwan x Deok Sun COUPLE

    You've just finished the drama? Take your time, it's okay  It's been 3 weeks for me but the feels are still there, haha..
  12. Ryu Jun Yeol 류준열

    Hot trend oppa looking amazingly good in a suit  Ryu Jun Yeol and Lee Dong Hwi for Gillette CF Cr: RJY TH
  13. I think kbs PD work now with editing "We are siblings"  
  14. Finally was able to have a few minutes to watch all the goodies from last night and two Taiwan friends were pulling all nighter (ran into a bad earthquake in between ) and found the last post in PTT but was removed later, you'll see why The first outburst of on FB was how they were standing apart during the thank you speech, and so? Many leading men/women do stand apart, normally guys are with guys and girls with girls, don’t know why but they can’t always stand together right?  About Amanda, who takes body-to-body selfies, hmm I think that’s her style and everyone has their freedom to behave anyway they feel comfortable.  I personally don’t feel he has a thing for her or he wouldn’t do all the very personable, intimate and unnecessary things with Megan while she was also onset. I just want to squeeze one short  girl bonding crush I have before moving on – I LOVE the friendship/bonding between Megan & Mandy and their little sister Katie, aren’t they the Asian version of sisterhood of the traveling pants  Body language, I'm actually a bit  he was standing apart from her. From the lineup, Amanda was standing in one single row with the rest of the cast to the right while he's standing back 1/2 a row with the older male actors to the left.  One thing to know, when this Mr. subconsciously wants to keep a safety boundary (for whatever reason, so someone doesn’t turn on jealous mode again???), he always puts both of his hands in the pockets. If you look at how he stands with Bii & Megan, he's himself so his hands are out and all over the places and he likes to talk with his hands if you haven’t noticed  so hands in pockets isn't this man's cup of tea~ About seating arrangement, it was brought up tonight by the naysayers so I want to address this. Back when they were at the marketing dinner banquet, my friend and I asked her cousin who was a Sanlih ex about seating arrangement, she said the only arrangement is to have the same cast sit together and normally the closer friends will mingle & sit together, if the actor is in two shows, he/she is ask to sit with the on-air or may combine the two shows into one table, she said most of the time, if the actors of the same cast aren’t too close, they end up sitting with closer friends at another table, and you’ll see they’re always missing when the news crew wants to interview them. When she found out the TRUTH behind us asking her the Qs, she couldn’t believe we’re shipping people but said they must be close for them to sit together.  She doesn’t want to say much but commented the reporters assigned to this show have good eyes for "thingys" and then told us to get a life   whatever~~~ Class in session - V NECK         -              Hi~ I'm purple because both love purple. What have our professors taught us today? That you need to have agility. See how quickly he moved his chair away from the "left" when showbiz went live streaming? He was eating and then heard they are behind so he immediately placed his chopsticks down and moved his chair closer to Bii. Too bad though professor R you weren’t fast enough to move your dining ware in time haha… good job! Hi, I think there's enough room for me to sit between them    It’s Friday~~~ so let’s study the physics of hand-in-hand again and how to ask for a innocent indirect kiss while looking straight at her Sorry Bii, you're a great dividing line Oh and he suggested that he and Megan can play dad and mom with Bii  SORRY BII, sincere apology.  Another note: when YN’s wedding gown was exposed by SOMEBODY, like any sponsor, the wedding boutique complimented how elegant Megan looked and she had a good taste selecting the gown, and then later replied, yes, love to see that, they were very sweet together privately. Last but not least, the two crazy friends read it before the msg was removed later on the PTT, Someone saw them and Mandy, Katie and another guy (they guess is Johnny) went to another after-party.  The posting was later removed and the user said she doesn’t want to share more in case “others” pick up for the wrong reason.  Yup, people, this is when the naysayers are out in full force so let's respect each other's opinion but let's not telecast to the whole world. ta ta~  @Oh Ting aww how about a hug~ XOXO~
  15. Jung Hwan x Deok Sun COUPLE

    I'm gonna celebrate with this scene: Meow, so happy  
  16. Ok explain this for me.  I've watched episode 1 probably 5 times now and the timeline is still a little iffy for me.  Did Sol end up taking that year off when she got drunk?  Or did Jung stop her because of that scholarship?   For some reason I thought Sol took off from school twice.  Also, did Jung start liking Sol somewhere in between when they first met and when Jung got sick at the restaurant? 
  17. @Ldy Gmerm, chingu I could'nt agree more about that twit and you see how she was saying GH is hers now in her mind at the hospital, I really wanted to cut my screen in half grab that delusional witch and shake the hell out of that din wit 
  18.   It's not just you!!!  I am by no means a Sang Chul fan.  I tolerate him as much as Seol does.  But man, I just finished rewatching Episode 1.  And when we reached that part where Seol narrates in a voiceover that she never was able to figure out who changed her schedule, but that she's decided to think the person was someone more desperate than her, and then it cuts to a scene of Sang Chul in his goshiwon spouting lies at his mother so she won't worry . . . I admit, I did a little *sniff*.  It's amazing how much one forgets even when they're following along closely, and because I clearly had forgotten that scene, I was glad to be reminded of it.  I realized that for the most pathetic of people, even when you're actively disliking them, they're capable of being pitied too.  I think that's what makes this story and this drama really shine.  There are aspects of the webtoon/drama that clearly off the charts, but there are other parts of both like this that are so true to life.  It's thought-provoking.
  19. BEAST‘s resident rapper, producer, and lyricist Yong Jun Hyung recently filmed a video pictorial with video magazine NewBIN, released through Naver TV Cast. The pictorial has a wistful, artistic vibe, pairing Yong Jun Hyung’s narration with sweeping orchestral music. In the narration, the rapper shares some philosophical musings on life and fear. The video shoot starts off […] The post Watch: BEAST’S Yong Jun Hyung Broods About the Meaning of Life in New Video Pictorial appeared first on Soompi. View the full article
  20. Ryu Jun Yeol 류준열

    If you didn't know any better, you'd think LDH was a RJY fan himself.     What I would give to be him at this moment:   (ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ) I love the caption this picture was with:   @chloee34, I couldn't agree more with this!  
  21. Popping in to say that there are all kinds of people that we meet everyday. For MS, she was weak and easily manipulated. She had low self esteem and YG came by and provided the support to make her feel better (for his own purposes) and use her to needle Seol. Does YG actually like or hate Seol - the line is not very clear. As for the scene in the library where she tells Seol she saw YJ near the computer, she was trying to be friends with Seol and Seol was trying to find out who changed her schedule. She thought she was being helpful to Seol (not necessarily targeting YJ as the mastermind). It was Seol who already had a prejudice against YJ and jumped to the conclusion that it was him who changed her schedule. [I am not blaming Seol as well because we do jump to conclusions at times too, right?) What else can be the evidence that it was not YJ would be the fact that he changed classes to be with her (not that she knew it). I mean he changed from a professor who people were frantically trying to get into his class to Prof Kang, the hard nosed professor. *PEACE* EDIT: I feel that the fight was good for MS as well. A form of catharsis where all her anger and frustrations came bursting out and now she needs the time to reflect on what has happened. The old MS would never (I believe) have done the abuse to that poor lion.
  22. [Drama 2015] Answer Me 1988 응답하라 1988

    Your #taekhwan wish has been granted!      Bonus: Really like the scene where JH and TK walk together and JH ties TK's shoelace. The bts clip above is mushy~ Everything changed when TK confessed he liked DS. Changed when TK found out JH liked DS. Everything changed when the fire nation attacked...*Avatar the legend of aang reference*  
  23. Hello everyone PLEASE HELP US HELP YOU watch Goodbye Mr. Black on  VIKI  by filling out this form: ►◄ We need to request its license first so that we can contribute on this project. You can vote for our Team's name (HERE) Thank you for you help  
  24. I've been wanting a female Youth Over Flowers but it's kinda impossible. They need to find people who would be fine without make up for the whole trip plus repeating clothes. There's the monthly annoying thing too which would be annoying when going on trips like this. Noonas Over Flowers is more of a possibility, hopefully with the 3 lovely ahjummas of 88.
  25. Jung Hwan x Deok Sun COUPLE

    Oh, what is that I hear? Freedom?? Freedom calling for me?? Why, hello there, my beloved Junghwan-Deoksun couple thread!!! HOW I'VE MISSED YOU SO!!!! Till this day I do not regret boarding this ship. And I never will. Junghwan-ah, Deoksun-ah, loving you both individually and shipping the both of you together brought me the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. But looking back, three weeks after the soul crushing finale I can finally laugh about how emotional and dramatic I was. I meant every word and felt every shred of despair in that doomed finale week, but in retrospect I am in marvel of our collective resilience. I think our group heartbreak over our failed ship has undoubtedly brought us closer, and it is such a wonderful gift to be able to look back on pain with a sense of humor. Of course, that takes time, and not everyone grieves at the same pace. Just know that you are not alone when your eyes well up with tears at Oh Hyuk's Little Girl, when your heart pangs when you see a light pink shirt or gloves, or when your heart tightens whenever you see or think about Junghwan.  With love, let's look forward to the fan sign event on Feb 15!!! We'll get to see the Ssangmundong crew again.
  26. Excited for this. @larus thanks for the  longer teaser. Shin Ha Kyun ♡♡♡
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