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  1. zagigirl added a post in a topic [Movie 2015] Beauty Inside 뷰티 인사이드 (Main Trailer on page 5)   

    Europa chingu...and it'll probably come as well at some point...but i don't go to movie theaters and usually watch on the internet...sooner or later it will be online 
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  2. lhynne added a post in a topic Kim Soo Hyun 김수현 [ UPCOMING MOVIE "REAL"]   

    He looks like he is enjoying himself here...  he gets cooler and cooler as the years pass by...
    I don't know if anyone noticed it too but he's rather stiff when he sings before he doesn't do much but basing on this pic he looks a lot more calm and happy... and this boy can sing too 

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  3. adikkeluangman added a post in a topic Yoon Bak 윤박   

    Yoon Bak talks about wrapping up his latest drama.
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  4. Newsie added a topic in hot off the press: soompi news!   

    Lawyer-Broadcaster Kang Yong Suk Sues 200 Malicious Commenters for Slander
    Lawyer and broadcast Kang Yong Suk, who was wrapped up in an affair scandal, will be suing 200 malicious commenters for contempt. Kang Yong Suk will be filing the lawsuits on September 1. About this, Kang Yong Suk said on August 31 to the local media, “During the month of August, we found about 30,000 […]
    The post Lawyer-Broadcaster Kang Yong Suk Sues 200 Malicious Commenters for Slander appeared first on Soompi.
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  5. kenxynth added a post in a topic Gong Seung Yeon 공승연   

    Horror-comedic themed CF of Gong Seung Yeon from LG Uplus.
    Published on August 31, 2015
    CF2 (shower!)
    some screencaps: (sorry for spamming keke)

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  6. liddi added a post in a topic |WGM Chinese Version| We Are In Love - BF Choi Siwon |SUJU| and GF Liu Wen |Victoria Secret Model|   

    Grazia Sep 2, 2015 article translation
    Part 1
    Liu Wen finally enjoys her youth
    The Fall/Winter photoshoot this time was done just after Liu Wen's vacation. She was in good spirits, uncharacteristically wore a dress, and even said herself, "This is rare. I don't know what's with me today." In between shoots, she smilingly took the initiative to talk about her holiday. Her staff all said they can sense that Liu Wen finally learnt how to take a break, finally understands how to relax. In the past, even when she was on holiday, she would always keep thinking about work. "This year, she totally rejected all work and had a complete rest," her manager said.
    Early August every year, Liu Wen would go on vacation with her parents. This year, after much consideration, she decided on Sichuan - they went to Dujiangyan, climbed Qingcheng mountain, and even went to see the pandas. The reason for not travelling far is simple - she only had a week, so did not wish to waste time on the road. "A few years ago, we went to Shangri-la. They had altitude sickness, my father suffered from vomiting and diarrhea in Lijiang, and was very sick. Before they were fully recovered, I had to go back to work, and could not stay with them. That's why I want to give them the most comfortable, enjoyable vacation within a limited period of time. So we stayed behind Qingcheng mountain, which is a fair distance away from the city. My work requires me to be in contact with many people, always to be in bustling places. It is a rare opportunity to be able to stay in the mountainside. It feels really peaceful, beautiful, a comfortable feeling," Liu Wen said.
    To date, for this year's Fall/Winter, Liu Wen has accepted 7 advertisements [CFs?] and counting. "I don't always follow her on her overseas work. I cannot take it after flying with her half the time. 3 to 4 countries in a week, going straight to work once we get off the plane - totally pressed for time." Even her closest manager dares not imagine how much of a workaholic she is. On the day of the shooting, they worked from 10am all the way to 9pm. After the interview, the staff invited her to go for dinner, but she was sitting at the dressing room, changing her makeup. "There is a video shoot after this."
    Over the 10 years since her debut, she had never lacked for work, and we are used seeing her full of vitality. Who would have thought that this year, she suddenly fell sick and had to be admitted to the hospital. "This is the first time I have seen her faint and throw up since I've known her. It truly frightened me," her manager said. During this interview, she kept mentioning her age - 27 years old, and said, "All the assistants that I've met are born in the 90s, so I always joke that I was born after year 2000. But it does not worry me, because this represents stability, just like how I did not know what being sexy meant. However, the 27 year old me - although not having much romantic experience, already knows that [it can be expressed] through a look of the eyes, or a word. This could only have been inhabited in the person I am today. If you had asked the 20 year old me, I possibly would not have known how to answer." When she spoke of her age, she would often associate it with change, such as being more feminine in what she wears: "This year, I really wish to try wearing high boots. Before I would never touch them, but I feel that a 27 year old woman must look her age, to be more feminine. Right now, I am still in between being feminine and tomboy. I am still not comfortable being overly feminine."
    Another point that kept being brought up is "enjoyment". "Now, I really enjoy time away from work. Previously, they said that I was someone who had no childhood, but now I'm different. For example, this time when I went to Chengdu, I was mocked for not even knowing how to play mahjong. Now, I am able to ride a bicycle, I know how to regulate my breath when I am swimming. Next, I wish to learn how to bake, because I always had a dream to open a small dessert shop or café, to enjoy the baking process, then sharing it with others." Is this the same workaholic whom her manager herself described as "being insecure if she has no work the next day"? "Perhaps as I grow older, I slowly realised that [living] life is really important. There is no need to be totally focused on work. Instead, there must be time to enjoy one's youth. Material things can be obtained any time, but time with the family is very important, enjoying one's youth is also very important. Um, it's almost the end of my 27th year, the start of my 8th year, so it is high time to enjoy the best years of my life."
    Every year, Liu Wen will give herself a challenge. Last year, she did the video program "Wen Li". This year, she joined the reality show "Let Us Fall In Love". "Before accepting the program, we wrestled with the idea for some time. She has phobia for men. When asked for her phone number, she would never give it out, and could not wait to escape," her manager said. "She really never had a relationship. However, I felt that once her career has reached a certain stage, she needs to have some in her life... so I said, 'Just give it a go. In the program, there are 60-70 people helping to plan, how to go on dates. There are even make-up artists and stylists to help you. We joked and said this is a golden opportunity that she won't get in real life. As such, we asked her to relax and enjoy the feeling of being in love."
    Before she joined the show, Liu Wen applied her diligence by watching Korea's "We Got Married" and some other talk shows, as well as filming two more seasons of her own program "Wen Li", to gain more experience facing the camera, before feeling more at ease to accept it. "At the time, I didn't worry about it too much, and felt that this is a job." Only when she finally arrived on location for the reality show filming, did she realise that this challenge was harder than she expected. There was 7 to 8 cameramen, over 10 equipment following her. In the beginning, she was not allowed to speak English, and there was also no translator by her side, so the atmosphere was very awkward. "After filming the first week in Seoul, I realised that it really was not as easy as I thought, so I told my manager, 'My God, I am about to collapse. I want to go home. I didn't know what to say, and my body could not move." Next to her, her manager added, "It was only up to the 3rd or 4th episode that she really looked properly at Choi Siwon. Before that, she was so nervous that she dared not not look directly at him." "Actually, even to the last episode, my feelings were still the same - I did not know how to express myself," Liu Wen said.
    Many viewers love this nervous, demure girl, feeling that she is very unaffected, innocent, adorable, coming across as being totally real. She herself did not rate herself as favourably: "What I displayed was all my weaknesses [literally: black hole] From the program, you can see that I don't know anything. I had no experience in a relationship, I learnt to bake on the spot, I didn't even know how to ride a bike... it felt like all my weaknesses are exposed on the show. The only [good] thing is that I feel I am quite brave, to go skydiving. Before, I always wanted to try it because I never really enjoyed gentler sports activities, but preferred rock climbing, horse riding etc. Skydiving means totally trusting in the trainer, and letting him control everything... this is a huge challenge. Once I did it, I realised that I too could be this brave."
    "Being on the reality show enabled me to change a lot, including daring to talk to people, to mingle, including flirting with the camera etc. In a reality show, we are not allowed to look at the camera, so much so that even now when I am doing photoshoots, I would avoid looking at the camera, and when the photographer says "Look at me. Look at me", I would be disoriented momentarily, thinking 'Wasn't I not supposed to look at the camera?'"
    After the program aired, the response was even better than expected. More people came and asked for photos or autographs, and her fanbase age range increased. Previously, most of those who loved fashion were young women. However, during her transit in Tokyo the other day, she met a 50+ year old couple who told Liu Wen, "We are really optimistic about you and your 'boyfriend'". At this, Liu Wen was a little embarrassed: "It is not that I am not willing to take photos together or sign autographs. It's just that my first reaction is to feel extremely shy and unsure. In addition, I am a woman who is not good in expressing my feelings. I did not know that I would be so well-received, and I am truly grateful. Perhaps, previously everyone's impression of me was of a model. Now, everyone knows what kind of a woman I am. This is a beautiful story, one that will be a very lovely memory when I am old."
    Alongside [the popularity] comes, not only attacks, but fans who are profuse with their opinions and advice. Since these bring negativity, she blocked her Weibo comments in order not to affect her mood during the time with her parents. "Actually, I am a very straightfoward person. I take what people say seriously, but I am the kind of person who is willing to accept and give out positive energy. For example, I can behave a little silly while on shoots, in hopes that everyone would happily and smoothly complete their work and go home."
    Would blocking her Weibo comments really enable her to feel more at ease? "Every woman will have her temper tantrums, her moods. So while the comments are blocked, it will be open again one day." Liu Wen said (at this time, there was a pouty tone, which everyone understands). "I am a girl after all! Although I am a 27 year old woman, but sometimes I will also have my little girl moods. Surely everyone can understand?"
    So... everyone is saying both of you have gone from reel to real? "What does going from reel to real mean? Ahahah I don't understand. My Chinese is not good hahaha." Liu Wen laughingly answered. This statement sounds familiar.
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  7. donadoraxoxo added a post in a topic Actors Under Sidus Hq   

    Anyone can help me, pleasee?
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  8. ayannipa added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Oh Yeah Couple || Oh Min Suk && Kang Ye Won ||   

    @LavelyShai I knew his character in All about my Mom but I haven't watched it yet. He is just a terrible brother right?hahaha actually his character in a thousandth man is also 'emm' for me. He even make a tear drops from our Yewon.hehehe it should be very interesting if we can play a role that completely different from us.hehehe that will be challenging for him also.
    I thought that the first segment of our couple is a special segment for @heartoppaya.hahaha they were so obvious for me. To ambiguous. Lol 
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  9. donadoraxoxo added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    me too. i am frustated too. that's why i stop guessing about what will happen in the next episode
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  10. rubie added a post in a topic Lee Tae Hwan 이태환 (Kang Soo in Pride & Prejudice)   

    August 31, 2015
    Lee Tae Hwan cast in "Thumping Spike"
    Source: Xportsnews via

    Lee Tae-hwan from the actor group Surprise is leading the Korean-Chinese web-drama "Thumping Spike".
    He plays Baek Woo-jin, the captain of a volleyball team which always comes last. He is full of passion for volleyball and has an outstanding brain for a volleyball team setter.
    Lee Tae-hwan, who played a crazy high school teen named Oh Tae-suk in the drama "The King of High School Manners" and Kang Soo in "Pride and Prejudice", is a skilled volleyball team captain who is also outstanding in various fields.
    Rising Hallyu star who also starred in a Chinese drama recently is expected to earn reputation through the drama "Thumping Spike".
    Meanwhile, "Thumping Spike" is a sports romantic comedy about Woo-jin and a female volleyball team goddess Sera (Hwang Seung-eon) as well as a member of the men's volleyball team Jae-woong (Song Jae-rim).
    "Thumping Strike" will be released in Korea and China. 
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  11. agdr03 added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Warm and Cozy 맨도롱 또똣   

    thank you ‌@kaiskloset      I have only seen WooJoo's kiss and the one from High Society but not the rest. I will watch later and see if any of it compares to our WooJoo   I like this pic  
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  12. Gilian added a post in a topic Hyun Bin 현빈   

    Hyun Bin For Rogatis F/W 2015

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  13. LavelyShai added a post in a topic [Current Taiwanese Drama 2015] When I See You Again 他看她的第2眼 (Ep14 Preview 3 on pg15)   

    Not yet, it's only 21% subbed on Viki. 
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  14. RoseM added a post in a topic Jin Se Yeon 진세연   

    Seyeon is now following jung il woo and bora on ig xD now just waiting for him to follow them back 
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  15. beelove added a post in a topic ❤ Lee Jonghyun ♡ Gong Seungyeon ❤ [JongYeon | Brown Eyed Couple]   

    Damn scary lol! I almost screaming.  I think she challenge herself to do the CF and successful.  I can see she really scared and as we know she never act when dealing with scary thing. In other words she want to show JH that she can endure the sraced feeling. 
    All the best to uri SY.. 
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  16. dramafan100 added a post in a topic Lee Jong Suk 이종석   

    I do not plan to use my phone to capture photographs because I am afraid I will miss things.  So, I will be 100% focused on him.  I feel there will be lots of people who will capture his smile in camera but I want to keep it all in my brain for future.  I promise to share everything that I will feel.  Because I know I would want to know that too.  
    I am so excited!!!!!  I have been reading about Korean food, making lists of things I want to eat...Places I want to see... I am alone for the first 4 days before my LJS friends join.. So, I need to find a way to enjoy stuff on my own.  So, plan, plan, plan...
    I walk around with a smile on my face whole day.  I have had wonderful vacations in my life but none of them would be like this one.  Hoping for a great experience!!!
    If there is someone who is reading Soompi posts and is in Seoul, and if you may be available duirng 7th through 9th, please hang with me.  I would appreciate it.  If you know anyone, please pass this message along.  I need company as I do not speak the language and want to eat delicious food that I might not be able to eat alone.
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  17. Rania Zeid added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Darling Couple (Lee Jong Suk ♡ Park Shin Hye)   

    now tell me where is she sitting here plz

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  18. Newsie added a topic in hot off the press: soompi news!   

    Yoo Jae Suk Beats Out Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun as Korea’s Favorite Top Star
    Yoo Jae Suk proved his unwavering popularity by being voted by viewers as Korea’s favorite top star. On the August 31 broadcast of tvN‘s “The List 2015,” Yoo Jae Suk, Jun Ji Hyun, and Kim Soo Hyun became Korea’s top 3 favorite top stars. The national MC topped the list which was voted by 5000 viewers, […]
    The post Yoo Jae Suk Beats Out Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun as Korea’s Favorite Top Star appeared first on Soompi.
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  19. plappi added a post in a topic [Upcoming Drama 2015] Oh My God 오 마이 갓 | So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah Confirmed!!   

    Yes! We have confirmation from KBS! Drama will be released in december.
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  20. Nancyzak added a post in a topic Kim Tae Hee * 김태희 * 金泰希 * キム・テヒ、   

    LOLsss!!! This YP comic strip is so funny!!! Made in anticipation of a memorable scene in this week's YP, as told by JW.
    Image and credit :
    What I want it to be? Nothing short of a very happy surprise!!! Let us wait for this week's episodes! 
    YP OST part 3 will be released too, titled : "Actually I", for Kim Tae Hee's part. Ahhhhh, so much of anticipation with all the above!!! 
    From SBS YP FB (I will repost the images later):
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  21. Rania Zeid added a post in a topic Lee Jong Suk 이종석   

    Lee Jong Suk & Park Shin Hye are the cutest couple holding hands and skipping down the street in new 'Millet' CF!
    September 1, 2015 @ 12:38 am  
    For those of you that were disappointed when Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye denied the dating rumors, we hope you'll be a little more satisfied watching these two play out a cute couple in the new 'Millet' CF! 
    Dressed in Millet's Fall/Winter season outdoor attire, the CF oozed everything delightful and adorable. From their undeniable chemistry to their oh-so-natural skinship - do you see all that hand holding, arm wrapping, and couple selcas? Oh my. We hope the fans will be happy seeing them together here. We know we are.
    You can check also out some released photos below too! Are they still your OTP?

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  22. Newsie added a topic in hot off the press: soompi news!   

    UP10TION Reveals Debut Teaser Image
    A new debut teaser image for UP10TION has been revealed. On September 1, the group gave fans a sneak peek of their upcoming debut through their official Twitter account. In the revealed image, the 10 members are standing in a line with matching outfits of white clothes, black hats, and boots. Despite the uniform, the […]
    The post UP10TION Reveals Debut Teaser Image appeared first on Soompi.
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  23. sunshinesageuk20 added a post in a topic Kim Yoo Jung 김유정   

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