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  2. Before BJH decided to join this horrible drama her azz should've check and seen this writer work especially looking up Come Hang Bo-Ri drama whom I'll never watch again. I truly understand the hate for BJH character right about now. Because she's being a complete fool for love toward CB, and I'm also thinking he's playing SW just to get what he wants as well as need just to save his devilish no good father 
  3. [Current Taiwanese Drama 2015-2016] Bromance 愛上哥們

    I think River should do a short film called a date with my spidey. 
  4. Lee Jung Hyun in fluttering India is different. Did they film it after the ep. 1 and 2 of we got married when he met SY? Did he know that the other boys in the fluterring India knows GSY? or did he already have a clue that the boys other than him had connection with GSY? LJH and the 5 boys act different when they met so maybe they already know LJH is the virtual husband of GSY in we got married?
  5. [Current Taiwanese Drama 2015-2016] Bromance 愛上哥們

    You both are great GIF-fers and we appreciate them all, no worry. I see all contributions as ways to share and spread the love of Bromance, thank you.
  6. Kim Woo Bin 김우빈

    ^ i can't see the last post T__T
  7. i agree with your conclusion.... MIDO AND PUDOXIN can only be the reason JR can continue  put blamed on DHK...she knows a lot regarding the involvement of DHK in this issue...MTS was keeping  all the evidence... She cannot use the the reason that DHK  was the reason WHY her father died it could have a backlash  and DHK will point her finger that MH also killed his father and it will lead for the couple of no reconciliation. WRITER BAE really knows how to let her viewer confused...and eager to know if the two main lead have a happy ending or ????????????
  8. Yay!!! Finally i'm finished my new art work for first page and really sorry for my late T^T. Hope you guy love this art work set. ^^ .......................................................................................................................................................
  9. Oh dear spoiler alert esp those whom have not read the webtoon or not passed season 3 chapter 73.. dont click the spoiler tag  EDIT- Yes my post looks kinda plain and boring because all the contents is inside that spoiler tag. So heres a pic of Kim Go Eun and her signature... I like it but Im not sure I can picture her name in it. Ive noticed lots of stars do that too. Maybe its meant to be in Hangul   
  10. HALLELUJAH it's monday! it's CITT day! we survived!
  12. 1. I wrote in an earlier post that the seal is the school's security system. Dean Hwang was to have lifted it just before Chi-Ang arrived, but the deal undid itself instead, clearly by a force who could do it other than Dean Hwang. Right now we're assuming (and probably correctly) that it's ShiWoo.  2. Perhaps as a child, the pendant was tied to the children's wrists because it was placed on them as a bracelet. ShiWoo possibly put it on himself as a pendant in later years. The wife probably knew the keys were shared across the family. She after all knew people were after them and that's why they had to flee. 
  13. Triplets support their Appa for Jang Yeong Sil drama (short video)  
  14. [Current Taiwanese Drama 2015-2016] Bromance 愛上哥們

      @winterbubbletea, Thank you so much for the Recap. Watching the Raw was understandable no so much in words but in actions. Your recap just confirmed what I thought was happening.  Sad that Dad was forced to take the fall of for his son...happy that son finally grew a pair and fessed up. Love DZ's mom..a no nonsense woman.... It looked like Z tried one more time at the hospital for a pity party and the answer was still no...just guessing. Loved the who is missing at the dinner table scene...very confirmatory of feelings. Preview aha ! I suspect we know why ( a sign) in Epi 11  DZ had custom made couple suits. ( we only saw the lining at the tailor) in White (Epi 12) no less !  A <deep> bow to the writer and director...slid that right on by us..LOL
  15.  ah, okay, thx for the information. It looked gross - I'm so not into raw seafood, I thought, it was still living   @ bbucyket list: Yessss!!! I know, it can't last forever - but some months would be fine! Do you know, how long the longest stint of a couple in WGM was? Is there a record-holding-couple?
  16. These two are funny, Seoeon pretends to cry then takes Seojun's puzzle piece which make Seojun scream NO!. But everything is OK when the puzzle piece is returned.    
  17.   If i'm not mistaken, she said "Oh I also got to drink it! Thank you!!!!"  Ahhh... i'm craving coffee right now.. just woke up from sleep.. hahaha When will we have new preview??
  18. Are you talking about Glass Mask with Seo Woo? That was also said to be very bad. I'm not sure which of the two dramas are worst.
  19. @songilkook is true appa real IG acc please follow him so happy that appa make our dream come true, he opened ig exactly one week after their last eps in TROS    
  20. Ive been lurking ever since the drama started, and only now do i finally have the courage to join the discussions. XD I love everyone's opinions and insights into the characters, especially Jung since i find him so complex and hard to understand at times, plus hes my favourite character along with Seol (JungSeol ftw- i know the next eps tomorrow but im still impatient for their reunion... these 2 weeks were torture). However, i find it quite saddening that the other characters dont seem to get as much attention here because i do love the others as well and would love to see more discussion about them, eg InHo, InHa. So I kinda get that some lurkers are afraid to express their thoughts since this thread is so pro-Jung (which tbh im quite thankful for coz a lot of other places are so anti). I may be stepping out of line, but i hope we could all talk more about the other characters as well as Jung, and as much as i love the shipping contest (<3 <3 <3) maybe keep that to the shipping threads if possible.
  21. Kim Go Eun 김고은

  22. From what I'm reading, BJH is receiving harsh criticism towards her acting because of the character she is portraying. I hope this to be a lesson for BJH to be wise when choosing projects.  I wonder if she regrets dropping out of 'Six Flying Dragons.' I,too, thought she was going to shine in MDGSW and its unfortunate what the writer did. I don't think her acting is lacking, because every drama, she was the "side character." I do, however, think she needs improvement. But nothing is really her fault.  Her villain role in 'Empress ki" was impressive, so I can't really judge her acting as whole. I feel sorry for her. 
  23. [Current Drama 2016] Signal 시그널

    in episode 8, we learned that Ahn is supposed came from the area where PHY's hyung's case happened. 
  24. Maybe, it's the same with the face pack he once used. Remember that every product they use and posted online may become an unpaid advertisement for the artist. 
  25. And it's Monday!!! Well - it's only 00:22, but still; I have never waited for Monday this much like I have done this weekend.    
  26. It's just a few aways now... what a relief I can say hours instead of days hahaha! Hugs , hugs and hugs galore please... Looking forward to a HAPPY, ROMANTIC and CHEESY REUNION!!   cr DC gallery Because I need eng subs     
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