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  1. valsava added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Save the Family 가족을 지켜라   

    @gnaveyar,  We all knew that Yc was worthless garbage when his big overgrown butt lay up on his mom like that and don't do nothing day in and day out.. But I fault his mom for this Korean women seems to think of they sons as gods and don't have to do nothing.. She have always went to bat for Yc and she's doing it again now she didn't ask to see the little girl or even a picture just these are the terms take it or leave it.. I find it funny she's calling Mina a low life when Yc is one himself he has nothing going for him take away mom wealth and he's just a bomb..
    As for Halmoni she's not slick WJ liking HS was just and excuse to put HS out of that room so her son and his wife could live there who's only going to cause more trouble to JW then anything those two already counting they chickens before they hatch thinking of using one to open a restaurant and Halmoni subject to tell WJ to marry Yw illness and all so Uncle won't have to payback contract money that he owes..      
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  2. Misstwilightfan1416 added a post in a topic [Current Weekend Drama 2015] All About My Mom 부탁해요 엄마
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  3. BluenB added a post in a topic Park Shin Hye 박신혜   

    #MiracleinCellNo7 & #RoyalTailor on #KoreanFilmFestival in Argentina!! + Info: Go Argentina!

    via: pshperu
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  4. iluvugudbye added a post in a topic Lee Ji Ah 이지아   

    It's so quiet in Ji Ah Wonderland. I wonder what Ji Ah 공주 is up to lately. I hope she is having a great time whatever it is. Anyway, while waiting for her to resurface again just wanna share these throwback photos of her.

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  5. MissAria added a post in a topic Help please?   

    I think your topic will get a page 2 when the page 1 will reach a specific number of posts which  is the same for every pages.
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  6. ssyolk added a post in a topic ❤ Lee Jonghyun ♡ Gong Seungyeon ❤ [JongYeon | Brown Eyed Couple]   

    Does anyone here have the direct link to for the last episode and the last unaired scene by BEST? (as in the link isn't but since I can't access google links ; - ; Thank you!
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  7. JexxaS added a post in a topic Kim Yoo Jung 김유정   

    Kim Yoo Jung needs a new coordi?
     Article: 'A hoodie and silk skirt?' Kim Yoo Jung's beauty saved this awkward fashion look
    Source: Mydaily via Nate

    1. [+1,161, -21] Her coordi's her anti if you've noticed her outfits lately. Her coordi should be helping her dress her age but look at that hair style, she just ages her... Kim Yoo Jung dresses herself better than her coordi does. She looks great with her hair up too.

    2. [+877, -11] She needs a new stylist... really doesn't do her job...

    3. [+608, -6] Maybe the coordi doesn't think she has to do her job because she's so pretty

    4. [+24, -3] Her beauty really did save this outfit

    5. [+22, -0] This one's really bad... I remember she wore a long skirt at an awards ceremony that accentuated her thin waist and thought her coordi was starting to do her job..

    6. [+18, -4] Getting prettier by the day

    7. [+17, -1] She has the best waist but this outfit does nothing for it

    8. [+17, -1] She always hasd a weird hair style that makes her face look big and ajumma-ish... can't they give her something better fit for her age?

    9. [+17, -0] Why would they dress such a pretty kid like this...? Let her dress her age ㅠㅠ

    10. [+17, -0] Coordi should voluntarily refund her pay, that's a mess
    - Lol my sense of fashion is bad because i still find her pretty with the outfit and hairstyle but i cant deny her coordi messed her up sometimes like what she wore at "The Unfair" Vip Premiere (the dress & the hat doesnt do justice to that pretty face of her) and recently at "maze runner" it was almost perfect but the shoes is kind of mismatch..
    Of all events Yoo Jung attended this yellow dress is still the best..from head to toe it's perfect lol..see nothing to be bashed.

    Oh oh I didnt know her parents opened that UOOZ business. That's new to me
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  8. jewel11 added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    Hello to all fans of scholar who walks at night specially to valsava. I like the story. It is so sad to think that just two episodes sode and it is over. Thank you to the writer directors actors and to all part of it up To the crew. Great job. This is so awesome. Hoping and wishing for the nice and beautiful ending. God bless everyone. Fighting!
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  9. b2stsb2uty added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Yong-Pal 용팔이 | Wed-Thurs 10PM KST | EP 11 on Sept 9   

     What in the world is going on?  President Go is truly the Head Baddie In Charge (HBIC) he gets the calls about what is happening around them before The Weak Chairman does.  And what does that make the Chairman do, scream at the Secretary, for his feeling small.  Well, is betrayal of the Chairman in the Secretary's future as payback?  I hope so.  The President has everyone's number including seeing CY for smarter than her husband ever thought she was.  Oh does anyone remember the term for a king with no ruling power?  That's my definition of the Chairman, people think he rules his empire but instead he is just a puppet king with president pulling the strings.
    I think I now understand the reaction king, no I mean Dr. Spineless, no I mean Chief Lee.  First Do No Harm is rule he broke a long time ago.  But for all of the bad things he has done he has not lost his sense of guilt and remains with a conscience.  Evidenced by his flashbacks of YJ calling him a murderer and not having the strong frame of mind to do surgeries or even to take care of his patients well.  For that I truly feel sorry for him, unlike the Director who was shameless until the end. Do you Yongpal-ers think that Chief Lee was always spineless or that maybe he started out as a humanist that lost his way (kinda like TY).
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  10. MiAmour added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] VIXX 빅스 Thread!   

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  11. SMP567 added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Hwajung 화정 -Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 pm KST!   


    If one worked to remove a king from the throne, he should have at least done something equal to ( if not more than ) the previous king who worked so hard on that seat.

    Either way, if the political parties found Gwanghaegun inadequate, they should have removed In Jo after seeing how he led the country to the dark pit.
    In the end, this country had to suffer so many years ( over 200 years ) ....   

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  12. colcolyn1958_stv added a post in a topic [Current Philippine Drama 2015] On the Wings of Love (Episode 16-20 this week!)   

    @zagigirl and kdik i think the teasers you saw were just promotional teasers they shot before they started filming. It happens a lot here in the Philippines and they usually reshoot it. GOSH!! I guess we are right! In the preview, Leah saw her mom that's why she was trying to follow her but she was lost in the crowd. What kind of mom would pretend she's dead and abandon her family?? Actually if this ends in January, it wouldnt be that long compared to other dramas. The director was interviewed and she was misquoted to say that OTWOL will run for only 3 months ending in November, but the Jadine fans and viewers went balistic and posting, tweeting to extend the program. I didmt know about all the fuss at first, but Direk Tonet calmed them down thru her tweet and another staff i guess. I think she meant filming will end in Nov but the show will finish January  2016 (the 2017 was my mistake sorry)since she has a movie to shoot for MMFF. DO U GUYS KNOW THAT THE INDOOS SCENES WERE ACTUALLY SHOT IN THE PHILIPPINES? i heard they had to make the most of their time to shoot out a lot of outdoor so those room scenes are more recent than the USA shots.
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  13. annichoi added a post in a topic GOF Porter Couple: Lee Seo Jin & Choi Ji Woo   

    hee hee....BIG thanks to  Tac , KKK , NaPD and all the teams.....DAEBAK you make my day !!!
       "Seojin Jiwoo"
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  14. tinatrix236 added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Save the Family 가족을 지켜라   

    @gnaveyar Thank you for the translation! Sorry to cut your post.
    YCM: Don't even think of using the child as an excuse to cling to my son. I would not stand by and see my son's life destroyed by a mistake. Do you get it?
    Lmao!! Is she for real or just delusional? I have to agree...what is there to destroy when he's already useless? He neither does anything nor brings in any money and will probably depend on HJ after they are married. Speaking of which...isn't she at risk of losing her job for dating one of the clients? 
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  15. KateInfinity added a post in a topic Battle of the Maknaes: Round One (Female Edition)   

    JIYEON !!! <3<3
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  16. MiAmour added a post in a topic ******EXO {엑소} Official Thread*******   

    my KAI really looks like father material there LOL 


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  17. miaka fy added a post in a topic [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2015] The Journey of Flower 花千骨   

    Sorry everyone I wasn't so here still HUNTING FOR THE HD uncut version 1-58 and well here some spoilers video....(in a same time I rewatch the whole serie again from episode 01 ..yes I'm crazy in love with this serie 
    hope everyone like this spoiler video  do i have the whole coming episode answer hm...I can't answer it grrrrr still wait something finish stupid baidu program!!! oh god ....
    here someone have write the four stage of love from Zi Hua  ..his evolution in face with sexuality LOL isn't sound like FREUD with his oedipus complex LOL
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  18. purplepanda added a post in a topic August 2015 CFs: Suzy, Kim Woo Bin, Park Shin Hye, and More   

    The ads from 2PM and SJ & Park Shin Hye's were my favorites--seeing the clips of Jeju island felt like a mini vacation! :D
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  19. gnaveyar added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Save the Family 가족을 지켜라   

    Heehee~ you're welcome. Happy to be able to help.
    I am glad to see HS and gang leaving the household for now. It was pretty bad to see Grandma's attitude towards the younger kids. Even WJ's mom was quite against her attitude. Some distance and time away is necessary for the WJ's family to feel the emptiness. Maybe HS can do some small business elsewhere. Their farewell with Grandpa was kinda sad. 
    As for Mina and DB, they would be so much better without any further contact with YC...he is like rotten garbage...worthless to the core.
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  20. lunasxo_stv added a post in a topic GIVEAWAY: “Show Me The Money” Brings the Kings of K-Hip Hop to the U.S.   

    I would love to go to the LA Concert c: My favorite was Basick :D
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  21. valsava added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] A Daughter Just Like You/딱 너 같은 딸 20:50KST   

    @tinatrix236,  I was never in support of him because he allows his mom to control him to much all she do is sit around and try and make people dance by her strings well JS told he not anymore she want them divorce fine she will divorce.. So JS letting her know she's not calling shots when it comes to her..  
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  22. LavelyShai added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] - The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law aka Virtual Bride 별난 며느리 | Mon-Tues 22:00 KST   

    IF Choon Ja were to leave and Soon Hee tried to step in, she still wouldn't be able to handle it all. The responsibilities that Choon Ja has are a lot and it takes some major dedication to keep everything running. That household wouldn't survive without the matriarch. 
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  23. azuvilla2006 added a post in a topic Park Shin Hye 박신혜   

    Park Shin-hye, "With Taecyeon, whatever we do together, we'll have good chemistry"
    Source | 2015/09/04


    On the September 4th episode of tvN's 'Three Meals a Day', Park Shin-hye harvested corns with Taecyeon. The two created such sweet mood while working together.
    On this day, Park Shin-hye and Taecyeon harvested corns in the corn patch that the two made together two months ago. The method to harvest was efficient in the way Taecyeon held the stalk parts and Park Shin-hye picked the corns. Producer Na gave them applause as they showed perfect chemistry.
    Park Shin-hye during interview said, "When oppa (Taecyeon) held the stalks and stepped on it, I felt we'd have great chemistry whatever we do together".
    On this day, Park Shin-hye appeared in the variety show, 'Three Meals a Day, as the last guest of the season.
    Source : /Hancinema
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  24. ManseCutie added a post in a topic [Variety] The Return of Superman 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 WELCOME NEW FAMILY Lee Dong-Gook - 2 August 2015-E89   

    This haircut makes Daehan look a lot like Manse even with the glasses.
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