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  1. sc_12c8b0ed95055cea92622993793eb685 added a post in a topic [Official] ❤ Taeyang Couple ❤ Duk Sun and Sun Woo Reply 1988   

    In pre ep 7, BR asked SW not to tell to anyone, but then they sit next to each other on the sofa.
    Just don't know what this drama wants lol =.=
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  2. skeletonworks added a post in a topic [Official] ❤ Taeyang Couple ❤ Duk Sun and Sun Woo Reply 1988   

    @nearsea As I was digging for article about Shin PD & writer Lee waited for JW, I found a different article. The link to the site is dead. It's translated by blue_angel. Excerpt from the interview with Shin PD:
    Makes me nervous again because it's true the story of the main loveline in R94 is not heavily twisted or was there even any (because I can tell it's always Trash-Najeong since episode 2)? So I reckon they're gonna keep it simple to this time? If it is, I bet that JH is the husband. 
    Anyway, on top of waiting for JW to complete his military service, you do know that R94 is created before R97 script but they decided to air R97 first as a guinea pig plus because they're waiting for JW.
    @nearsea @sc_12c8b0ed95055cea92622993793eb685 I wonder if there's any significant for basing a character on this guy. Like why? It'd be funny if the guy did a cameo for the adult Taek lol.
    IKR. I just can't seem to connect with her character actually as compared to with Naejong. I mean Naejong came off as strong, passionate, stubborn, obsessed with basketball & Lee Sangmin. With DS, she has no ambition, lack of motivation, single track mind (friends told her SW likes her and she believed them >_>). Maybe because the two of them came from different family background?
    Anyway, I wonder if DS will give up her love for SW after all this fiasco of episode 6? But judging from her personality, I think she will. I mean Najeong didn't even when Trash pushed her away. I still remember that phone booth scene where Trash put his cap on Najeong or when Trash was late to meet her at the bar or when he moved out, her love for him never waver until Trash himself can't hold it in himself. That's one of the trait I dislike about DS. She's easily influenced and no strong determination. If she didn't give up on SW, then I'll take my words back.
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  3. jl08 added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Kwak Si Yang & Kim So Yeon   

    No worries. Me 30 times and still counting.... 
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  4. rosemarieztan_at_yahoo.com_stv added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2   

  5. lclarakl added a post in a topic [Current Weekend Drama 2015] I Have A Lover 애인있어요 | Sat-Sun 21:55 KST   

    Also, we have to remember, the only intervening HK did initially, was to buy SR some shoes and collect JE's shoes and let him know that he should be careful because SR likes him. That's all she did. JE then has a little keys/hands moment with SR. Then the next night in the elevator, he kisses her. HK seeing this kiss is when she starts to truly intervene.  Up to that point, HK had did nothing more than what any other wife would have done--actually other wives would have cussed SR out and told her to stop texting and stalking their husband.
    LOL, I'll stick with the 25%.  JE is the worst depicted male lead I've seen yet in a drama.  The writer isn't through with him or HK, but I really hope she's not going to dump more on HK in an effort to excuse JE's actions. She dumped on HK every way possible for the first 9 episodes. JE got off easily and continues to get off easy.  For some reason in this drama, I don't see BS as the second lead. I see him as one of the main leads.
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  6. yongchoding added a post in a topic Kim So Hyun 김소현   

    @TinnieBoom thanks for the warm welcome and it's nice to meet you too.sohyun looks mature for her age and has soo much potential at a young age.i also like her as a person based on what we have heard so far from her co-stars and fanaccounts.a beauty with brain and pure heart.i hope sohyun continue to gain success both in dramas and movies.
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  7. MyStars added a post in a topic Park Soo Jin 박수진   

    So sorry that after all this time I have not had the resources or the time to adequately keep up this PSJ/Mrs. Bae Yong Joon website.  There is so much information that needs to be included since May, 2015, before the wedding, and now.  Here is an unusual YT video of Mrs. Bae talking about her husband.
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  8. roshinip added a post in a topic Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 [Upcoming movie "Bounty Hunters"]   


    Cr. demisoda/scorpion mino
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  9. allnaturalcrunchtime_stv added a post in a topic |WGM Chinese Version| We Are In Love - BF Choi Siwon |SUJU| and GF Liu Wen |Victoria Secret Model|   

    I'd be stunned if H&M plasters these shots (as is) on billboards; they're a huge brand, and their celebrity campaigns (like the recent one featuring David Beckham) are normally so natural-looking and professionally done. Maybe their quality standards are lower when it comes to Asia-only campaigns, but even so, I can't believe such badly airbrushed, awkwardly plastic shots would be deemed acceptable. I swear, Siwon's facial hair looks painted on...terrible. Remember their joint ELLE cover shoot? Aside from Siwon's bad haircut, they looked so relaxed, so gorgeous without a hint of artifice in those photos, and of course the accompanying videos corroborated that. Funny how their chemistry in photo shoots is more evident while they were working on LFIL - maybe that's because those high-school feelings were still on a high back then, whereas the challenges and strain of maintaining a long-distance relationship are now beginning to show.
    And those translations of Liu Wen's latest comments aren't very positive at all, but that's the way it always is with these two...up and down, up and down, just like on a see-saw. We get overwhelming evidence that they're together and then little slivers of naysaying info come trickling in, making us doubtful...we've been on this merry-go-round so often that I've decided that until we get incontrovertible proof that either one is dating someone else, I'm going to continue believing that they're a couple.
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  10. mdj101 added a post in a topic [Current Weekend Drama 2015] I Have A Lover 애인있어요 | Sat-Sun 21:55 KST   

    @Lmangla --- about your post on p.313, with Hae Gang being the frozen surface of the sea, , beneath which seals and other mammal (warm blooded creatures as we are, too) swim and survive --- safe from Predators that roam that cold, barren  surface.  NOW, I see the Hae Gang of Episodes 1 - 9.  A more "heroic" Hae Gang, frozen in order to protect those she had loved!  
    NOW the name FITS, I think.   And I'm wondering if HK will change her name once her memory is made whole again? I wish she would!  It would announce her newly adopted identity to the people. Present herself as she intends to live and to work as a Lawyer TODAY!   Of course, AFTER she does what is needed to make amends, accept responsibility, etc. for her past actions. 
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  11. keight314 added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Kwak Si Yang & Kim So Yeon   

    is it just me?
    i think i watched the latest episode for more than 10 times and that's for real...
    and gonna watch it again after this post...
    OMG the feels, never thought that Siyang can look at Soyeon in the eyes as if
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  12. JenniferG added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Darling Couple (Lee Jong Suk ♡ Park Shin Hye)   

    @mujay and @JenniferG, thank you so much for the concerns, I know you understand what I mean. Of course, there is a reason why I said my goodbye.  I wonder if it is okay with you both that I send you a message when I am ready, since as of now I opt to be silent as I am still hurting.  If not, then let's consider that issue closed.   Love you both.    

    @azuvilla2006 my dear your always welcome to pm me. i dont know what happened but i will always here to listened to you when you felt that it is the right time to shared it. you can count on me? i know what you feel right now and i respect you if your going to keep mum for a moment. but don't forget were always here for you. were like a family here. love you too
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  13. saeedeh added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Bubblegum 풍선껌 | Mon-Tues 11 PM KST   

    Hi friends i`m one of bubblegum lovers like you who was fallowing this thread from first episodes and appreciate all of your great comments and daily updates for this show and i must admit i`m now a hard core fan and totally addicted to this beautiful show that i count down the days for the next episode but on the one hand i`m sad and asking myself why why why this show not getting much attention and love by people even by soompiers that causes this thread not be such a noisy thread like some others or if people taste in choosing dramas have changed suddenly...but imo this series deserves more than what it is now.
    anyway l was listening some songs and saw this song fits with the mood of our couple in the last moments of their separation
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  14. Adwina Oltariani added a post in a topic Park Seo Joon 박서준 ~❤❤   

    Congrats PSJ for winning popularity award!! I get teary too when he was all choked up in his speech.. so cutem i love how he always overwhelmed everytime he wins awards. Such a humble man. Here's hoping he will win Best Actor someday...
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  15. seoyounglby added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] The Village: Achiara's Secret 마을- 아치아라의 비밀   

    Just watched SBS translation in Mandain. JS told her mom "it's a Monster." "I gave birth to a monster".
    She told SY" do you think she is human?" "She's a monster."
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  16. roshinip added a post in a topic Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 [Upcoming movie "Bounty Hunters"]   

    I envy the guy who's touching his hair

    Cr Minoz Peace
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  17. jl08 added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Kwak Si Yang & Kim So Yeon   

    Picture of sheer bliss. Beautiful couple.
    If berries need to recharge, just take this as your daily dose of Vitamin SiSo. It will boost your energy for sure.
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  18. jenmarie30 added a post in a topic Park Shin Hye 박신혜   

    @jenmarie30 : please remove your post bcz I don't think it belongs here .
    Seriously shin hye I miss you please come back quickly 
    You are so beautiful Today  You are an awesome person   I love you <3
    @NileRose which post of mine should i remove. pls. stated it so that i will know which one is not
    appropriate to post. tnx for the reminder...
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  19. nearsea added a post in a topic [Official] ❤ Taeyang Couple ❤ Duk Sun and Sun Woo Reply 1988   

    The first snow conversation's DS and her husband in 2015:
    @sc_12c8b0ed95055cea92622993793eb685 Thank you chingu-ya 
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  20. OksanaS added a post in a topic Park Min Young 박민영 South Korean Actress and Model, News on her upcoming Chinese project on p.361-362   

    New teaser for REMEMBER!!

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  21. seoyounglby added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] The Village: Achiara's Secret 마을- 아치아라의 비밀   

    But I do find JH a disgusting woman. She knew that HJ was her sister's daughter, and used it to threaten her brother-i9n-law for money. I was wondering why YN's dad was so worried about the hair and the blood-stained rug that he had to give the school to JH. Well, the disgusting JH just sold him the evidence so that he could prove the relationship between JS and HJ. That is why he told GH to quietly sold the assets so that JS can't lay hands on them after the divorce. When GH asked him the reason, he mentioned that JS had another child.
    This could even make it clearer as to why JS need to be so insistent about HJ. Even in the 20th Century, having a child before marriage would render her to be kicked out of the house. I can only empathize with her plight.
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  22. sc_12c8b0ed95055cea92622993793eb685 added a post in a topic [Official] ❤ Taeyang Couple ❤ Duk Sun and Sun Woo Reply 1988   

    Some people still have question about "brother-in-law" and "Jaewoo", or a name, whatever.. I don't think it's very important. Don't take it so seriously. 
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  23. Lmangla added a post in a topic [Current Weekend Drama 2015] I Have A Lover 애인있어요 | Sat-Sun 21:55 KST   

    - if I had to guess, I would put it very low, like less than 10%. while she does hurt at letting him down, think it is a sign of friendship and not love. we would hesitate to hurt a good friend if we don't return the feeling and we would try to be gentle as possible if it is a friendship we value. unless there is a huge audience debate, the second lead does not get the girl. can only think of a handful of dramas where audiences so fell in with the second lead that the writer ended up re-writing the end game. in her other dramas, the second leads develop great friendship (the writer must be a believer in friendship) but not necessarily romantic love. so while it is still possible that HK might end up with BS, if I had to do a betting game -- >10% with BS, 25-30% - she ends up alone (she is happy nonetheless), <30% - she ends up with JE...
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  24. apqaria added a post in a topic Lee Da Hae 이다해 李多海 イ・ダヘ [Upcoming Drama Best Couple]   

    ‌@Msiafan Unfortunatly I don't know exactly dear. I just found out about her participation in the news and then  while searching found the pic from the link above at the event. I don't know if a video is available for us to know the details but I guess it would be just a short message.
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