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  2. [Current Taiwanese Drama 2015-2016] Bromance 愛上哥們

      @jbying7  Yes...I did not doubt for even a second that 君(Jun) meant Baron coz the sentence formation is indeed from traditional ancient chinese. There's a separation from the previous sentence as she used 最后 as a start. There's no way that she'll use 君(Jun) on the director as he is a 前輩 (senior), 年長導師 (mentor) to her. There's a intimate meaning when it's used like that. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH is right.  When I saw that she used 君,  I knew it's an intimate term of endearment . No lady will address a fellow colleague 君. Not even a close brotherly figure, which will be at most 哥(Ge) or 兄(Xiong). Traditional Ancient (古代) ways of using the word 君(Jun) - 君子(gentleman)  正人君子(honorable gentleman) 如意郎君(Ideal husband)  夫君(husband/master). It's definitely a term of endearment for the lady's beloved / betrothed / lover / husband. (Side Story) I still remember reading 山无棱 天地合 乃敢与君绝 from Princess Huan Zhu / Princess Returning Pearl / My Fair Princess. It means "Unless the mountains lose their edges, the heaven and earth merge into one, not until then will I part with you." That's what Princess Ziwei says to her beloved. The last words 与君(with Jun)  绝(part - has the meaning of till death do us part) . This is a really old Cdrama way back in 1998 recommended by a friend to me a few years ago. Quite interesting if you are learning chinese, lots of chinese proverbs but you need be good with basic chinese to be able to grasp the meaning. More to Basic going Intermediate level. 
  3. [Drama 2015] Answer Me 1988 응답하라 1988

    @m3lon4 this is your first post on Soompi, I am afraid that people will judge you, attack you and call you names, but I hope you don't let it get to you. Congrats on the first post, I hope you enjoy it here.  . I skip so many post here on MT for the last several pages, so apologize for sounding ignorant, but you are the first taek shipper whose word are kind, warm and emphatic. Honestly, I am thankful for having read your opinion above.  As a viewer who don't get to see the husband that I expected him to be, the pain of the heartbreak alone would be enough to last me months or years. It’s like a giant hole was pummeled into your chest, with no hope of repair. It is the most painfull feeling that someone can have. So I don't get it when some people say harsh words here in MT, deliberately try to inflict more pain to an already broken heart/soul. Can we be a little bit kinder in our words ? . It's a fact that taek is the husband, It's a fact that after so many years being together, deoksun is happy with him. We saw it in the drama itself. As for the JH shipper, I think most of them have accept the ending as it is, but Yes, we still talk about what could have been for JH and DS. We love them both, we love their dynamic together, we think that they are well matched, we still hope seeing them being husband and wife and grow old together overcoming all the problem that might occured. We would like to see how they handle it. We just like seeing them together. Is it a crime ?
  4. Joo Jin Mo 주진모

    But please, please... a comedy next, I don't want to see any more of these:   Or OK, a villain, so that if he suffers, it's because he's been bad, and not too good as usual. 
  5. And,,, TRIUMPH!! Further vindication of my telekinetic powers to shape the plot of KDramas as demonstrated in earlier threads. Yesterday, I posted a connection between Na Yeon's painful SNSD cover and Lewis Carroll's joke about ravens and writing desks. And behold, in today's episode, for no discernible reason whatever to people unaware of my occult influence, Na Yeon decides to dress up as Alice in Rooftopland.  
  6. Don't know the content of this video..but it just looks too good as this explores choi taek's daily life lol.  
  7. Wow, the thread is really moving fast, thank you everyone for keeping it alive during this really really hard week. I guess I should be happy I have tons of work this week to keep me busy, lol  can I ask for a wish ?? We know we're having the reunion on episode 11 and some sweet scenes as well, one thing I want though really badly, can Yoo Jung gift Seol another little lion doll ? Hers was squashed and crashed by Min Soo, I'm already imagining the scene rig now, I guess that means I'm becoming obsessed with the drama now, right ? And I also want Seol to spend more time with Jung, because she really is spending her entire day with In Ho, pleaaaase writer-nim.   also, I've been wondering for a while now, how did Young Gon know about Jung's dark side ? Did something happen between the two of them before that basketball game ? And is it me or does Young Gon look jealous of Jung the entire time ? He wants to be THE most popular student and the one loved by everyone. What do you think ? 
  8. there r so many but off hand my favaorite triplets moments/episodes that i ca not in any ordee   1) thinking chair 2) scholar episode when the teacher scolded minggukie for messing the floor n deahanie comforted minggukie 3) appa told 3 boys to the zoo. manse stepped on minggukie hand. 4) minggukie cleaning up for manse 5) manse told minggukie to come.back for fear his bro will be drown. 6) robot episode 7) appa bring boys to show them horse riding 8) minggukie singing pansori 9) manse speaking to his dad feet.  10) appa singing 1,2 , 3 song to deahanie 11) deahnie telling his dad he can sing well n sang many songs. 12) triplets eating dumplings 13) triplets eating giant pork ribs.  14) triplets running all directional when appa brI ng them to park   
  9. Be happy and smile... Photo credit to the OwnerLee Jong Suk Fans Philippines FanEdit By: LJSFan                                          
  10. BTOB‘s Yook Sungjae and Eunkwang made the audience laugh by dressing up as Jumong and a horse on “Idol Star Athletics Championships.” On the February 9 broadcast of the show, BTOB’s Yook Sungjae and Eunkwang participated in the archery portion of the games wearing unique costumes. While Eunkwang pretended to be a horse, Sungjae parodied […] The post Watch: BTOB’s Yook Sungjae and Eunkwang Crack Up the Audience by Wearing Costumes appeared first on Soompi. View the full article
  11. Joo Jin Mo 주진모

    @Calphurnia2007, it's funny that you've posted the last photos, because I was just coming to write about Fashion 70s' that I finally watched. I don't know why I avoided it so long, maybe because it looked like the typical Korean makjang drama that I abhor, but it's actually interesting and very well made. It has, of course, the major tearjerker elements (reminder to myself to drink more water these days to compensate the losses haha), but these don't feel simple or gratuitous. Anyway, it's good overall and I can see why people still talk about it. And JJM's acting is exceptional in some scenes. Not to mention that he looks ridiculously fine in it, I think I need extra disc space for all the screencaps I made (too bad there's no a higher quality version of the drama available).   
  12. There's only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you We love you.... Photo credit to the Owner FanEdit By: LJSFansPhilippinesLee Jong Suk Fans Philippines
  13. [OFFICIAL] Kwak Si Yang & Kim So Yeon

    I Need Romance 3 - I don't have anything against Song Joon but that I'd like to see a remake with SiYeon and SiYang  LOL
  14. For the love of Cheese Why's today Tuesday only??? and why can't I post image :((( Cre:
  15. Lee Jong-suk donates 200 million won for unprivileged children Lee Jong-suk practiced an act of kind-heartedness. He donated 200 million won for children in and outside Korea. Lee Jong-suk delivered the fund to The Korean Committee for UNICEF on February 8th. The Korean Committee for UNICEF is a subsidiary organization under United Nations (UN) that provides humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries. He said, "I wanted to return at least a small portion of such big love I received from my fans" and "I won't forget the warm-heartedness of those who help people in needs". The donation will be used for children. 100 million won will be used to help build houses for children of immigrant workers and Koreans overseas. The other 100 million won will be sent to UNICEF China office. The fund will be used to improve the education environment in mountainous regions in China. Source :
  16. Not really interested in guys

    I think asexual is the word?
  17. In re-watching some of the scenes, I find it amusing how all these people talk about this other side of Jung, this fearful side, but none of them seem to fear him.  YG brings Jung to this room with just the two of them and taunts him about having those text messages.  If Jung is someone to be afraid of, he didn't show it. Actually, he seemed more fearful when SC showed up. The same with the underwear thief. Considering that a lot of guys would have beaten him the same as Jung had if he had assaulted their girlfriend.  The same goes for In Ho.  They all talk about this fearful side of Jung, but none of them seem to fear it. I'm still waiting to find out what actually happened between In Ho and Jung, but I was very disappointed in the scene when In Ho caused In Ha to give up on her dream of being an artist.  I hope she's able to rekindle that dream.
  18. Jerry Yan 言承旭 Siu yue...
  19. An Indonesian TV news coverage The tweet says: Most awaited Korean Drama: Descendant of The Sun & Goodbye Mr.Black..The pict caption's about DoTS; love story of a doctor & UN's peace troop
  20. Pictures from the links provided by HwonHwon and Yuzu.    
  21. WOW..sweet sweet sweet overload  thankyou chingu 
  22. Jerry Yan 言承旭

    ..F4..the best time life...!..
  23. [OFFICIAL] Kwak Si Yang & Kim So Yeon

    Cable channels.....hotter kiss scene? Hee...
  24. @Charmee Gregory i know right! I'm happy to have you guys...whenever im in a bad mood this room always light me up  let's keep it up.. Anyway i'm re-watching the 4th episode now, well i know it's not saturday yet but i just miss to see TK-DS soo soo much. 
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