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  2.   @trust71..... II Joo has no remorse and truly believes that she can do whatever she wants.  She didn't even appologize for destroying HW's life . All she can say how could he do his to her???? I mean she completely forgot she got his father to commit suicide. 
  3. My guess is any student or staffs can bring in an outsider.  You see, Soon Deok was supposed to bring Chi-Ang into the school and was walking together in the woods but lost him as he was engrossed with the butterfly. In fact she was puzzled as to how the seal was unlocked when she arrived later than them. The same goes when the 4 of them returned from Moorim Peak. They didn't show us as to how they enter the school. All we see was that they were walking in the school compound. As for Shi Woo's ability to stop things. so far I see that Soon Ah is the only one that can see his ability though Chi Ang was at the same place as her. Both were in the concert and especially in the cave. How come Soon Deok and Chi Ang never mentioned that they saw his powers when he was trying to save Chi Ang from the wolf? My take is because they are siblings, she can see Shi Woo's powers what others cannot see..    
  4. Ahaha, can we just shove Baron in a pilot's uniform and make Megan an air stewardess? It would be kind of beautiful...
  5.   Just finished watching the sub... I still don't get it why Guhai trying to avoid Luoyin's suspicions? I mean his current house/room is no better than that fake house he went in. So why the detour? The shower scene is totally cute but why did Guhai called him a pervert? It should be Luoyin who called Guhai the pervert for inviting him to take shower with him! I was LOLing when Youqi asked Guhai why his brother was here?! But I get him. Sometimes when I look at her, I thought I'm seeing a man with long hair. She has a sharp feature. I mean she's beautiful in a model kinda beauty because her face is eccentric.  Anyway, the reason why Guhai likes her probably the reason why he fell for Luoyin? He likes the aggressive type but girls are mostly feminine and delicate.. well except for his "tiger" lol. I mean I think he doesn't have much interest in any girls in the first place. I'm so in love with Guhai. Where can I find a boyfriend like him?! He's willing to buy Luoyin a puppy. Offers him food first. Basically putting Luoyin first in everything ("you first"). Who can dote me as much as Guhai?! And I think it's so sweet that he's copying Luoyin's handwriting  And he looks so disappointed when Lulu told him that his writing is totally different from Luoyin's even though he just copied it *gives him a hug* And he stays at a shabby room so that he can live closer to Luoyin and go to school with him. How much sacrifice he's willing to do for Luoyin?! OMG! I think Luoyin already started to have some feelings for Guhai but maybe he's not too sure about it yet, don't want to admit it. Why? Because he waited for Guhai in front of Guhai's so-called house. Then he counted the days (2 days!) that Guhai hasn't eaten breakfast at that place so he must be looking for him every time he ate his breakfast there!! Luoyin is such a tsundere! Every time Guhai asked him "Are you waiting for me?" "Do you miss me?", Luoyin just coldly brushed it off lol. Now Youqi... I think he has a tiny weeny crush on Luoyin.. LOL... When he's mumbling by himself that "always sticking together doesn't mean love", with his expression and all, kinda feel like he's consoling himself. Huhuhu... His character reminds me of Xiao Shuai, the doctor in Counter Attack. He's best friend with Suowei and sorta have some feelings for Suowei... Phew.. What a long essay.. This is me when I'm so invested in a series! Hahaha   @JTanis Guhai's dad and Luoyin's dad are both hot guys  
  6.   We can assume both are rumours... since SH himself never tells us how MW's mom died.. even when the teacher asked him about MW's mom, he just said that he raised MW alone since his birth.. Even when MM asked MW about his mom, he said that she's prying too much (he never tells too).. hahaha But for now, we'll stick with rumour no. 1: She died while giving birth
  7. WOW WOW WOW ... THIS DRAMA IS DAEBAK!!  I mean they haven't mess up the drama yet and I hope they don't mess up a pretty good drama. The pace, the story , the actors and everything else is great.      Wow wow wow.... Did you see the look on bothe KSMand HW's face it was PRICELESSSSSSS LOL LOL.... Even my mouth dropped open and I am SHOCKED SHOCKED 
  8. Park Shin Hye 박신혜

    cr dc psh gallery (from fighting6809  ig)
  10. @cathyjoyenrico Because of the Lunar New Year it seems like it won't air any episodes this week.
  11. @KiaraRouisse045  Is JH still following SY? sorry for being curious coz i have no IG accnt.
  12. There is no CITT today and tomorrow!! 
  13. Jung Hwan x Deok Sun COUPLE

      You know I never actually thought of that lol, so similar!
  14. tonight ep. was exciting... HW once again put  IJ in her proper place...IJ was so naive to be fall-in love w/ HW she never learn and think...she's been playing dumb in what happen on HW's father can never see  that she was sorry for all the misdeed she was done... In this ep. ...IJ still thinking that she was being used by HW....WHAT A BIG EMBARRASSMENT....WHEN ALL HER VIDEO WAS PLAYING INSIDE THE CHURCH. OUR OTP ..even when they want to comfort each other it was difficult for them to show their emotion  because it's not proper , ES was already married.  thanks to  @UnniSarah   @andy78  for the live recap....
  15.     Feeling the festive Lunar New Year with Rain! With Well are fit and Lovo. So, where is KTH? Busy at home, helping out mummy with the new year? Yes, that's certainly and it goes without saying that she and Rain will not missed some quality together time; a RED HOT date or dates to usher in the year of Fire Monkey, i.e. the Red Monkey!                 
  16. [Current Taiwanese Drama 2015-2016] Bromance 愛上哥們

    Ahhhhhh!!!! That new vid!! Thanks, @rukiaichigo! X-Rated Baron again! Baron: Attack the 'birdie'!! (Elbow on inner thigh of Megan) Megan (in a cool tone): If you can find it..... These two !! ROFL!!!!
  17. i noticed an inconsistency here. so which is which?  
  18. Jung Hwan x Deok Sun COUPLE

      And you know what, hermione ended up with Ron and they always bicker with each other and Ron always had a secret crush on her. Like he doesn't want to admit it, he was in denial but we all know that he likes her. JUST LIKE JH and DS!
  19. OMG OMG  I TOLD YOU GUYS KSH WAS JUST EVIL. HE USED THE MONEY FROM THE SLUSH FUND TO GET OUT OF JAIL AND NOW HE IS GOING TO THREATENED HW . POOR HW LOOKS SO DEVESTATED . I really hate KSH. He is dispicable and unbelievable. I mean who the hell did he bribe to get out of jail. Where is the justice in this drama. I hope to god that his aid is stil in jail if not the how the hell are they stick it to KSH for good. smh smh smh @andy78... Thanks for recap Chingu. 
  20. On Facebook they're saying there will be some sort of surprise on the 11th...And it's not the final fan meet (Apparently. But who knows, they like to be very last minute on that -_____-;; Maybe they're lying because they want to limit numbers..) So people are guessing it's some sort of BTS video or extra content...maybe it'll be the long SPOP video?
  21. Jung Hwan x Deok Sun COUPLE

    The rudeness and superiority complex are so unnecessary. Calling someone ignorant for thinking JH is the husband? Ignorant is not the correct description. Here are some that are accurate: Misled, deceived, fooled, hurt. I felt like all 4 words for thinking JH is the husband.  Did I miss all the clues? Yes - I missed all the clues that the writing would be so cruel as to switch the husband all the way up to episode 18. You betcha! (My bitterness will fade - just not sure when)
  22. Jung Hwan x Deok Sun COUPLE

    I really hope that the writer scraps the husband hunt all together because she clearly lost the plot towards the end in the last instalment. I rate her highly as she got people talking and the focus on the family aspects was extremely loving in 1988. For me the best will always be 1997, it was fresh, made more sense and had more back story. Personally she should have extended the episodes for 1988 and take more time on writing as the two filming break did her no good. In my own opinion the best female was Sung Shi-won from 1997 (strong, wise and had more logic), male is a combination of Trash (honest, loving and dependable) and Junghwan (selfless, family oriented and loyal).   
  23. As expected, only a trashy & dirty old man who can easily get out from jail. Take care yourself HW. I can sense he'll kill you or put all of the blame to you. Fighting, Baby  
  25. Jung Hwan x Deok Sun COUPLE

    i'm 100% agree with all of you here! i tried to move on really hard and forget about junghwan's broken heart from my mind these couple of days but i couldn't. i can't. i won't. junghwan need justice, the least lwj could do is to give him a chance to confess properly or cut their ties completely for awhile so he can move on fully from deoksun. but no, she made his beautiful confession into a joke (at least in front of his friends), she put kim and sung houses near with each other (meaning : junghwan probably will se a lot of deoksuns because their families practically living together like one big family), and yes @noname noname !! lee miyeon said they're having a great difficult problems before finally getting together and i was like WHAT KIND OF DIFFICULTIES ARE THESE? afraid to ask about the kiss because you're friends???? and yet you saw him as a love interest???? najeong confessed to trash oppa and she's not scared because they're 'family' but she scared that trash oppa would reject her! i mean her relationship with trash is even more bonded than deoksun and taek, they have to face dongil-ilhwa before they date each other, but once the girl saw the boy as her love interest, she didn't even afraid to ask trash out. beside isn't it awkward to see junghwan here who touched deoksun's underwear, who trapped in the alley together with her, who felt deoksun's chest first before her husband, and his little me get touched by deoksun accidentally when they're arguing, as someone who's not going to be her husband? isn't sexual tension really important for a relationship? well for example harry love ginny and not hermione because to him, hermione is his sister, she's always been there for him whenever he's facing a great difficult but that's it. it's different with ginny though, he's secretly desiring his bestfriend's sister on his mind and to think that ginny always waited for him since book 1 kinda remind me of jungpal. so congratulations lwj, to me you just make harry and hermione dated and married each other, a couple who doesn't even have any sexual tension, on your drama.
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