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  2. [Current Taiwanese Drama 2015-2016] Bromance 愛上哥們

    Thanks so much for everything, really appreciate the effort  Bromancers Daebak Jjang ! Happy Valentine's day everybody, hope everyone will have a wonderful time with your loved ones Today's Bromance Day , Bring It On Episode 17 !    
  3.   OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. Love their convo!!!!! So cute!!!! Luoyin can totally tell that Guhai is addicted to him hahahahaha Thank you thank you!!! TBH, I haven't watched subbed episode 8 hahahaha. I haven't got the time actually T_T Will do now.. Guhai must have been happy that his effort paid off. He doesn't even need to beg Luoyin to let him sleep at his house. Luoyin himself invited him hahahahaha
  4. EVERYONE ! ! ! MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION ! ! ! AND THE AWARD GOES........TO.......SW ! ! ! ! ! ! !   For being the stupidest character ever ! ! !  I really didn't think that this drama could get any worse.....BUT I WAS WRONG ! ! ! SW lets that family in the house where OW's children are living?  OMG ! ! !  If OW was really dead she would rolling over in her grave. SW sits there and lets that old woman and CB's mom slap those children reaching for a potato and then takes their candy and SW does NOTHING ! ! ! ! And in the preview we see SW getting married to CB.  I'm soooooo sick to my stomach right now.....where's my bucket ! ! ! I am finished with this drama ! ! !  NO MORE ! ! !  This writer has taken a wonderful group of actor and actresses and made such a mess that it's unwatchable ! ! !  And to top off things, It's more important  to OW to get revenge on HS than to be with her children who miss her terribly and her father and brother who have looked for her for over 25 yrs. OW is so selfish ! !  She is a witness of three times HS trying to kill her.....that's enough to put her under the jail, not just in it !  Every character except those who children have done wrong. There is not an innocent character in the entire drama. How dare SW ask DY to take that family back in when SW herself has turn her back on DY. SW is the one who needs to end up in a mental hospital and HS under the jail. I don't care if OW gets her revenge. I don't care if DY ends up all alone. I don't care if the Kang family gets forgiven for their sins. I don't care if SW and CB get married.....they deserve each other. This writer must have wrote this drama while being a patient in a mental hospital. The whole drama  has mental issues. I am finished with it ! ! !  Not wasting anymore of my valuable time watching. Hope all of those who stick with it can get some type of satisfaction when it ends. But I can't stand it anymore. Wishes to all to see you again in another forum with a GOOD drama.
  5. Park Shin Hye 박신혜

    Happy Valentines Guys
  6. @dejavoe Thanks for the translation of the two songs! Such a beautiful lyrics!! @alvinboi Thanks for the summary! I was thinking along the same line as you! Not exactly a factory worker suit but more like, why can't she wear something prettier when she's meeting Guhai? :-O And why would he ask Guhai to hit Luoyin out of a sudden?! Is she mental or something?! Do you know anything about the iPhone? Did Luoyin really bought the phone for Guhai?
  7. Guhai & Luoyin rolling on the bed.... <3  Remember the rooftop chat? Luoyin asked Guhai to move in. Oh!!! This part!! Lol I've no idea where Luoyin's dad get the money for iPhone too... And your guess is so close! OMG. Guhai asked Luoyin what phone he is using. Luoyin said he's not using a phone as he has no one to contact. Guhai replied he has him to call. And Luoyin said he's together with him 24/7 and doesn't need to call him. Guhai replied that he doesn't need a phone too, by Luoyin's reasoning. Luoyin told him not to rid his phone as he needs that phone to distract Guhai's attention away from him. (LOL Luoyin!!! <3) And Guhai replied, "Then, won't you have to hate this phone to death?" xD Luoyin's a little annoyed that, when he asked Guhai about his dad's change of job, Guhai acting like he doesn't know.
  8. [Current Taiwanese Drama 2015-2016] Bromance 愛上哥們

    Baron updated his weibo!!!!!!    一同激烈滚床后,起来时后脑勺有些刺痛。一定是天气太热了⋯嗯 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Can't really wait for tonight's episode!!!!!
  9. Ryu Jun Yeol 류준열

    That bad selfie hahaha...I thought the same. How could scold sangchul to took a bad pic of you when ...uppss I mean when you can't do take a good photos as well.  But regarding how s skin, I think he was lucky to just born with that skin. When he came back from Namibia his face was the most brighter even though I believe he did the most craziest activity amongst the boys since well, hes adventurer and want to try everything. Look at his leg...solo dark wkkkkk Just read entertainment weekly about Girls day and Pretty minah pick him as husband if she were Dukseon. Yayyy good choice minah (not to mention she was my favorite girls day member) Any chance of him in your solo MV next ???
  10.   Go to this instagram. Got many video GKP in the doota fansign ;)0
  11.   Jung Kyung Ho Shares Thoughts on Acting With Jang Nara for “One More Happy Ending”   Actor Jung Kyung Ho is glad to finally work with Jang Nara for MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “ One More Happy Ending .” On January 18, the main cast consisting of Jung Kyung Ho, Jang Nara, Kwon Yool , Yoo In Na, Yoo Da In, and Seo In Young met with the press ahead of the drama premiere scheduled for this week. When asked to share his thoughts on acting alongside Jang Nara, Jung Kyung Ho revealed his excitement, “I’ve followed Jang Nara since high school. I had been looking forward to acting with her some day, and I feel honored to meet her.” Regarding their chemistry so far, he commented, “The shoots have been fun. For the teaser, we had to shoot a scene of us falling to the ground together. The producers had were quite worried at first, but fortunately [shooting the scene] turned out to be not that difficult.” “I’m honored to spend my January together with such good senior actors. I think we’re off to a good start. I hope that 2016 will turn out to be a year filled with happiness thanks to you.” Cr: Cha Ero Tul YT
  12. This maybe my last post on AAMM...just want to say I have not yet seen the latest Episode (53) but have seen the clips from it and I am so disappointed with the writer for not giving the highlight of the series to our OTP even in the last 2 episodes...I mean how can you put Chaeri in the same situation as that of Jinae...why make her pregnant too???!!! And when did they ever find time to make a baby when all they do is fight and separate and reconcile...where did that come from???? I may have to blacklist this writer for playing favorites...why not change the poster of AAMM too and make the maknae couple as the main pic...that could justify what this writer did to this series. So disappointed   
  13. Seems like revenge is more in CB's mind than "ending the war." I also don't think CB truly loves SW.  But what do I know.. the writer is so unpredictable.
  14. [OFFICIAL] Kwak Si Yang & Kim So Yeon

    Not to say what but I really wonder those fans that keep saying Soyeon should leave this show. She is constantly saying how grateful and happy is she on WGM. Wouldn't the fans feel happy for her too? Like she can relive her young times, going on dates publicly. Even I am not a hardcore fan I feel so happy for her to actually felt the freedom to do things she wants
  15. There's no blood ties between JS, HT and Hoon. If HT had taken his son and left JS would have had no claim on the child because they are not related by blood. They all live in the same house but JS is not blood related to none of them. Once HT and PSK get married HT becomes her son in law again but this time through her bio daughter.  It will be interesting how JS and PSK address each other once she's married to HT.  @Lunkera This drama is frustrating but it is an interesting watch. There's another drama that most of us you know are watching. I'll PM you the name. 
  16. [Current Drama 2016] Jang Yeong-Sil 장영실

    Credit: MyloveKBS
  17. @funnyhunny07 .  welcome to BFF. Enjoy your stays here and also at RPS thread of Baron and Megan. 
  18. i love you too... hehe. glad that you and other BFFs enjoying and loving those gifs! well, i'm only can contribute in making gifs. i'm not so wise in words unless in Malay so i'm gladly happy to make you guys happy and feeds our hunger for RM magic moments!  yes, i love those gesture too but unfortunately on that moment the camera were not totally focusing on that time! if they shoot it from the front angle, it will be much perfect!   @funnyhunny07 . welcome aboard, dear! lets go crazy over RM! hehehe...
  19. Ha, Yoon Bak and Rain at drama Come Back Mister set. Current JYP actor and former JYP artist.  
  20.  Heheh...yess !!! Love his character in TB, Will spend my weekend re-watch the whole eps... ^^;
  21. [BTS] One More Happy Ending - 인기폭발 한미모  
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