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  1. hiranade added a post in a topic [Upcoming Japanese Movie 2015] Bakuman Live Action Movie/ バクマン。 Opening this Oct. 3, 2015 in Japan envy with australian fans, seems they 'll be first international fans who get  chance to watching bakuman. I heard the distributor in my country didn't get licency to screening of bakuman in theatre :"(
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  2. andra30 added a post in a topic Ha Ji Won 하지원   

    25 Korean actresses who are gorgeous without makeup
    Achieving flawless, dewy skin is the priority of many Korean girls' beauty regimes. All Korean actresses seem to have glowing skin, but some are known better than others for their natural glow. Take a look at these 25 Korean actresses who are gorgeous without makeup, and hear about their skincare secrets! 
    5. Ha Ji Won

    Actress Ha Ji Won is a fan of healthy looking skin. After washing her face, Ha Ji Won puts on J.ONE Jelly Pack, Chic and Chick Sunblock Star, and Giorgio Armani fluid sheer BB cream. Ha Ji Won stresses the importance of finding a few products that work and sticking to them.
    Of course a natural beauty as Jiwonni looks gorgeous even without makeup and incredibly much younger ....we all can see that in GO can she looks so beautifully  when she just wakes up ?


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  3. hkana added a post in a topic Kim Dong Wan 김동완 - the singer [ PIECE feat. Cjamm teaser ]   

    Oppayam  I don't think I've watched this interview, or maybe I forgot that I did but LOL! Oppayam + food = OTP 
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  4. krypticsage added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Save the Family 가족을 지켜라   

    Watching these subbed eps is such cheer delight. Hearing WJ tell SJ point blank how exactly his relationship with YW was going to be made me laugh. "To get one thing, something else must be given." Telling her straight-up that all he is getting from marrying the owner of One's daughter; the wealth, the status, the power - it all comes at a price. And since he brings nothing of equal value to the table, what can he give up but his pride, dignity and family?
    LMFAO at her crying him down talking bout, "Why do you have to grovel?!?! You weren't the one chasing YW!" That's right, SJ! He's not the one who was running after YW - as a matter of fact, he was over YW and was interested in someone else, BUT we ALL know what happened there. In fact, SJ, if memory serves the one running after YW and trying to force a relationship with her scrawny richard simmons was *scans crowd* YOU!!
    He basically told her, "Yes mother I am going to grovel and beg for forgiveness because that is all I can do. This is what you wanted and I am giving you what you wanted - at the cost of my pride and dignity." And then he put the final nail in the coffin, "I am not as big a catch as you think I am."
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  5. kristalperi added a post in a topic [Turkish Drama] Güneşin Kızları   

    Most beautiful  acknowledge of love scene i've ever watched!
    Selin: The boy in the airspace, why don't you just leave me alone? 
    Ali: It's no go... I can't. I am trying but... I'm fail.
    S: Yes, i like someone.
    S: Why all of you guys, give me a hard time? Am i showing so much that i like someone?
    A: If i gave you hard times, forgive me.
    S: Maybe you should give. I have to face. I can't escape, i can't.
    A: Don't exert yourself.
    S: Do you know, what will i do right now? I'll shout his name to these sea waves... But nobody will hear. Even he won't too.
    S: Nobody will hear.
    A: You don't have to do. 
    S: Blue-eyed boy in the airscape! (She calls Ali like this)
    S: Blue-eyed boy in the airscape! 
    S: Did you learn?
    A: No. I didn't learn.
    Don't look at me like that
    They'll get it
    This world is against both of us
    They won't understand us
    Don't close to me like that
    Don't touch me like that
    This world is against both of us
    They won't understand us
    If this life will keep our collar like this
    Had it asked to our heart when it said let's live like this
    Don't speak with me like this
    Don't close the doors
    This world is against both of us
    They won't understand us
    Don't fool me with love
    Don't close me to the truths
    Don't look broken,too
    Don't make me cry more
    If this life will keep our collar like this
    Had it asked to our heart when it said let's live like this
    Don't look at me like that
    They'll understand it
    This world is against both of us
    They won't understand us..
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  6. hmmmgood added a post in a topic [Variety 2015] Three Meals A Day - Fishing Village 삼시세끼-어촌편 (tvN)   

    I just noticed that Viki now has a fan channel for Three Meals a Day - Fishing Village.  If you want Viki to sub the show, please please submit a request.  Here is the link:
    Under Community Wall (which you may have to click on), you'll see a form request.  Otherwise you can just use this:
    I submitted a request.  Please submit one, too.  It'll be great if we can get both Three Meals a Day - Fishing Village and Three Meals a Day in Jung Sun on the Viki roster.
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  7. sexiasiangurl added a post in a topic Breaking: IU and Jang Ki Ha Reportedly Dating   

    SMH People are so biased. How is this any different from when the news broke out that Sulli and Choiza were dating? They didnt deserve the hate

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  8. LavelyShai added a post in a topic [Official] Sungjae (BtoB) ♥ Joy (Red Velvet) Byu Couple ♥ SungJoy - Welcome JaefulJoys!   

    I just realized Red Velvet are wearing their Dumb Dumb outfits haha 

    Lol See? [Irene & Hyungsik]

    I found another one, not sure if it's been posted here. Credit to the owner.
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  9. Triton823 added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] A Daughter Just Like You 딱 너 같은 딸 20:50KST   

    You know the title of this show is should be "Mother's like Ours!" LOL Because frankly it would be a orphan with no mother than the two in this who is evil and one who is deem witted and busy body.
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  10. minorityelite01 added a post in a topic K-Pop Best Body Tournament: And the Winners Are…   

    aw changmin, i'm sorry. i didn't even know about this TT but Cassies did a good job getting you runner up :) oh well not like it was important and it is a little ridiculous since runner ups look better than the winners, lol no offense to jimin and soyou
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  11. Triton823 added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] The Return of Hwang Geum Bok 돌아온 황금복 7:20pm KST M-F   

    Actually per the rules of kdrama if halmoni had learned that ES was prego with TJ child she would have taken the child as it would be a direct heir to the company. ES not saying anything actually has nothing to do with the company, but more of a parent fearing that her child will and would be taken away from her.
    The thing about MY, RH, YR is yes they know that GB is TJ daughter. That doesn't help them any in fact it hurts their cause. I am excitted at the pace this writer is going. I can't recall any "Oh god I want to toss my computer moments like I've had with Save the FAmily or You're Pretty"....
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  12. Tofu_Cloud added a post in a topic Taeyeon Receives Suspicion of Having Recent Plastic Surgery   

    I forgot when she got her nose and eyes done 2013 i think and im pretty sure she didnt get more done. Cuz she doesnt need too anymore. She looks fine leave her alonr
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  13. tlt added a post in a topic [Mainland Chinese Drama 2015] The Journey of Flower 花千骨   

    @IMOmusings, I knew you were referring to at drama the moment I saw your comment. It was an ATV drama with Kristy Yang and Alice Chan playing the twin. Mimi Fung was the student while John Chiang was the sifu. The title of that drama is The Snow Is Red.
    Anyways back to BZH, I don't think he's denying either. It didn't say that he loved her but he does. His responsibilities were too much and he's the one that need to get his things right to maintain peace within all sects. 
    Back in the day student and sifu relationship is something that's against the society. Even in the modern that it is still a problem. That's definitely conflict of interest as @BellyButton mentioned. It's not really something that can be accepted.
    @PUNG, I totally don't mind China do a remake of that drama with Wallace and LY as lead characters. It'll be awesome.
    @bubblyb00, thanks sweetie! My roommate saw sounds of desert and she loved it. But I'm not a fan. I haven't start any drama since HQG ended. I don't think I'll start anything soon. Maybe rewatch it again lol
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  14. minorityelite01 added a post in a topic Changmin and Lee Yoo Bi’s Fan Event Tickets Are Being Resold at Ridiculous Prices   

    though i'm glad to see how loved Changmin is, it's not good for fans to be taken advantage of like this.
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  15. LavelyShai added a post in a topic [Official] Sungjae (BtoB) ♥ Joy (Red Velvet) Byu Couple ♥ SungJoy - Welcome JaefulJoys!   

    I wouldn't pay attention to negative stuff, Joy has a lot of fans who adore her as does Sungjae so those who are mad about it don't matter. 
    Pann is full of fangirls anyways so most comments about female idols will be negative.
    A wee bit OT: Can you make the gif in your signature smaller? It's too large, if you need help just ask me. 
    I love Jasper Liu btw  
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  16. Sarang21 added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] ✿ She Was Pretty 그녀는 예뻤다 ✿ | Ep 8 Recaps on Pg 301-318 | Subbed BTS on Pg 322 :D   

    It´s because of MOST deadline. SJ is in korea only for those three months to help the company after that he will return to the US. So HR want to be with him for the duration that he is in Korea.
    (SMH but at this point there is nothing more to say about HR that hasn`t been said)
    No both her parents are alive they showed them in one of the previous episodes. They became poor because the father`s business failed.
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  17. TheaN added a post in a topic [Upcoming Drama 2015] Awl 송곳 - Starring: Ji Hyun Woo, Kim Ga Eun, Hyun Woo, Yesung and more   

    Announcement of new start date:

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  18. shineeukshawol added a post in a topic ▶ ✩✩✩ SHINee (샤이니) Official Thread # 2 ✩✩✩ ◀   

    151007 OFFICIAL 'Because it's the First Time' Ep 1- Minho
    I'm gonna write this drama as 'My First Time' from now on cos 'Because it's the First Time' is too long hahaha!
    ARIRANG The ShowKACE Promo vid- Taemin
    'My First Time' Ep 2 Preview- Minho
    150727 ENG Please Take Care of my Refrigerator- Key
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  19. Dear_Daphne added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] ✿ She Was Pretty 그녀는 예뻤다 ✿ | Ep 8 Recaps on Pg 301-318 | Subbed BTS on Pg 322 :D   

    I like the makeover because to me it symbolizes Hye-jin's return to her self-possessed, confident nature such as her pre-teen self, before her life took a turn for the worse. While we can all agree about Hye-jin being lovable and adorable the way she looks with her triangular hair and permanent blush, it's apparent that Hye-jin herself was not happy with the way she looked, shameful of her own neurotic (but endearing) habits, like she put in her own words -- tired of being sock full of holes. She reminisced longingly about her days as the "cool kid" she was at 11 years old.
    After her family lost their wealth, Hye-jin went into a downward spiral. She couldn't afford her trendy clothes or to do her hair treatments she did in the past, plus she developed ruddy cheeks at an age when girls are particularly sensitive about their complexion. She was probably mocked for this (mirroring the young Seong-joon), perhaps even more maliciously by her peers considering how popular she was shown to be before. Because of the battering of her self-esteem and more pressing concerns, like a lack of fiscal security of herself and her family, she never bothered with fashion, make-up, etc. like she used to -- she resigned to being plain. It still hurt her, of course. Especially because she had a pretty BFF beside her as a reminder to how differently people, especially men, would see her. This over the years made her nervous, mousy, unnecessarily apologetic, paranoid, and gave her an inferiority complex, an eagerness to please others, and a lack of self-pride (the way she brushed off her Manager's comments and treatment of her). She became a very different person from her young self. These past experiences are why she sent Ha-ri in her place at all.
    Hye-jin is shown to have a pretty distorted view of herself, like brushing it off as a joke when Shin-hyeok told her she was still pretty or immediately mocking herself for even thinking that Seong-joon would find her attractive and not even bothering to be "Most-like" despite working hard at other aspects of her job.
    So the makeover to me just shows that she no longer thinks of herself as incapable of being, in Kim Ra-ra's words, "Most-like". I take it as a part of her evolution as a character rather than a trite and somewhat harmful message about appearance mattering above all. And I hope it was her who initiated it than Ha-ri or Ra-ra or whomever. 
    By the way, hasn't Seong-joon technically gone through a makeover too? Albeit off-screen.  He isn't as chubby as before nor does he wear those adorable round glasses.
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  20. kyunii88 added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] ✿ She Was Pretty 그녀는 예뻤다 ✿ | Ep 8 Recaps on Pg 301-318 | Subbed BTS on Pg 322 :D   

    maybe i'm minority here....i think she could make it by her own effort, i remember when the last time Kim Rara asked her when she will be MOST-like style....she said she's been making effort.

    I guess these scenes, can explain whats she said, she has been making her own scrapbook about fashion, and what would she wear later.
    Seems my SLS getting in serious condition after watching the RAW...ottokheee???

    Sorry pretties, i'll back read later not now^^
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  21. Sarang21 added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] ✿ She Was Pretty 그녀는 예뻤다 ✿ | Ep 8 Recaps on Pg 301-318 | Subbed BTS on Pg 322 :D   

    Hi prettiers
    Today I managed to watch ep 7 with sub
    The whole episode was just are some of my favorite scenes:
    - the Kanye West smile from SJ
    - SJ wearing the apron and covering his chest like: " why are you looking at my boobs?"
    - SJ, HJ and SH drinking together
    - When the other girl from the team needed to go to the toilet
    finally my absolute favorite was SH´s reaction when he saw the kiss and figured out what is going on. He was like "Oh man what a mess"
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  22. thunderman1 added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] ✿ She Was Pretty 그녀는 예뻤다 ✿ | Ep 8 Recaps on Pg 301-318 | Subbed BTS on Pg 322 :D   

    Loved the ending and the looks of her so-called fellow co-workers' faces.
    Her freckles were an easy fix.. in real life if she did have freckles, you can hide them with a little bit of concealer. As for hair, straightening it with a straightner and even a flat iron will do the trick. It's all about her pure heart that sets her aside from the rest.  
    One last note.. HJ's family.. didn't one of her parents past away hence the reason why they became poor? I must have missed this part..
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  23. na-anita added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] ✿ She Was Pretty 그녀는 예뻤다 ✿ | Ep 8 Recaps on Pg 301-318 | Subbed BTS on Pg 322 :D   

    I wonder maybe the writer will create the situation where Ha Ri is sick that she was sent to the hospital and then both Sung Jun and Hye Jin will rush to the hospital, then the truth will come out. just by guess but I still want her SJ to discover and confront Hye Jin and Ha Ri himself
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  24. sisabel63_056f added a post in a topic [Upcoming Drama 2015] Imaginary Cat - 상상고양이   

    quirky drama about cats?   count me in !    hehe 
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  25. irilight added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] D-Day 디 데이 | Fri-Sat 20:40 KST | Eps 5-6 Recaps on pgs 22-23   

    @nona88     Welcome to the thread 
    I too, am disappointed that the drama has not progressed in subbing this whole week.  Maybe they borrowed the subbers for another drama?
    I just added a comment on ep. 6, saying we would so appreciate it if they bring it to the 90%'s before tomorrow.
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