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    Credit as tagged via HJW bar weibo
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    I am also hate my hairstyle and want to change it. It is very simple like old one and also dealing with hair loss issue.
    Generic Store 
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  4. farbarri added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Yong-Pal 용팔이 | Wed-Thurs 10PM KST | EP 10 Preview on pg 230   

    What? Dont other people think the same way I do?   It's not just dodgeball, you know. It's a prophecy. I'm a psychic, I can predict things. I predicted that the couple will do those drama cliches, and they did. Man catching woman who nearly fell, piggyback, spoonfeeding, etc. Kidding! I'm no psychic.
    Seriously, out of all dramas that I watched, this is one of those dramas that can justify those drama cliches perfectly. Most, if not all dramas does it because the girl/guy gets drunk. That's SO cliche~ But our Yongpal did it because the girl NEEDS help to walk or for her other physical therapy. If not for those, I dont think our couple will do those cheesy things. Taehyun even cringes at times when he had to do romantic stuff. His actions are very manly. He's straight to the point, and didnt beat around the bush with his feelings. This is somewhat the same personality as Joowon, when it comes to straightforward in feelings.

    I find their romance this episode very realistic. It's almost as if they are characters from real life. Their actions and reactions synchronized each other perfectly. If I didnt know their real age or know that KTH already has Rain, then I will be supporting them 100% as a real couple. Their chemistry is no joke. Heck, age is just a number. They oozes chemistry so strong that I find it difficult to believe it is just acting. Something must have fluttered their hearts for real. Well, Joowon more than Taehee. We all know how Joowon fanboys over her.
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    "Sado" Press Preview (2)

    cr: as tagged
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  6. lash added a post in a topic Yoo Jae Suk Talks About a Time When His Seniors Made Him Cry   

    If I remember well the episode, he said this to himless because he was angry and upset, that was not a senior.
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    isnt the article dated 3 sep 15? I think the photo is old but the interview should be recent as she went to Taiwan for fan meeting.
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    Upcoming drama 'She Was Pretty' reveals the main characters' individual posters!

    Hope you're getting hyped for the upcoming drama 'She Was Pretty' as they've now revealed the main characters' individual posters!
    The posters show the adorably cute cast. From lovely winks to cheesy stares (*coughSiwon cough*), the drama looks to be a very fun and promising one!
    The story will revolve around Ji Sung Joon, played by Park Seo Joon, a dashing handsome man that was once an ugly duckling trying to find his first love Kim Hye Jin played by Hwang Jung Eum, an 'ugly' (emphasis on the quotes) woman who was once very pretty. 
    Judging from the character relationship poster, it looks like Kim Hye Jin and Min Ha Ri, played by Go Jun Hee, are friends with a jumble of mysterious love lines/friendship lines among the four main characters. I guess we'll have to watch the drama to find out!
    The drama will premiere on September 16 at 9:55pm KST and will air every Wednesday and Thursday. 
    Stay tuned for more details! You can check out the individual posters below!




    cr: allkpop
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    Hello @prettysup,  Thanks for the update stills 
    It's been  while for actor Kim Seung Soo he's been real low on the radar. What he did about 2 or 3 dramas after Jumong and I kind of lost track of him after that..   
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    LYB just uploaded a photo of her with blood on her chin. Hmmmm.
    Yes, just a few more hours!
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    September 2, 2015
    CHA Seung-won Period Film Begins Production
    KANG Woo-suk’s Embarks on 20th Film with GOSANJA
    by Pierce Conran / KoBiz

    Period film Gosanja: The Great Map of the East Land (literal title) began production on August 17th with star CHA Seung-won in the lead and veteran director KANG Woo-suk at the helm. Based on PARK Bum-shin’s 2009 novel ‘Gosanja’, the film will tell the story of KIM Jeong-ho, thought to be the first cartographer of the Korean peninsula during the Joseon Era.
    CHA will play KIM Jeong-ho, who fosters a strong desire to make a detailed map of the Joseon kingdom following his father’s death, which resulting from using an incorrect map. Setting out on foot to do his research, he embarks upon creating the Daedongyeojido (The Great Map of the East Land).
    A popular film star who has recently been more active on the small screen, CHA most recently appeared in JANG Jin’s comeback feature Man on High Heels last year. Joining him on screen will be The Target star and frequent HONG Sang-soo performer YU Jun-sang. Rounding out the cast will be KIM In-kwon, NAM Ji-hyun, TAE In-ho, NAM Gyeong-eup and SHIN Dong-mi.
    Gosanja is both KANG Woo-suk’s first historical film and his 20th production as a director. The filmmaker, who also founded Cinema Service, has helmed the Public Enemy series (2002-2008) and Silmido (2003) among others.
    Cinema Service is producing the feature while CJ Entertainment is handling financing and distribution.
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  14. crystalcove added a post in a topic B.A.P Preparing for Comeback With TS Entertainment   

    Gosh, darn it! I miss them~
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    Good morning All!  It has been a little slow in the Bae Universe.  Not much news about him lately, so I have been able to take time to get my real work done before the big three-day weekend coming up here in the U.S. 
    Thank goodness for Café Daum and Yume3.  A couple of days ago they published a new voice mobile message.  Here's the picture.

    I had to wait until today for a kind soul (Thank You!  Shinara) to publish a rough translation:
    Everyone can make mistakes, at least once.  Cheer up!
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  16. Irisz added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    I like your thoughts @theone4me ! Thanks for sharing them! What do you think of the secret plan itself?
    Hae-Seo's(first guardian vamp) said the followings:
    1. total eclipse of the moon
    - so the attack has to be on a specific day like that?
    2. Kings will and a human to call him out then the guardian vamp can finish him
    - Okay, the "calling or chasing him out" part could mean that he has left his hiding place for good in ep 17 and now he is the king so he is known by the public and does not want to hide himself anymore?  
    -About the "will" part, it's okay if LY does not want him anymore as the descendant(but of course he can't be a true descendant if we talk about royals I mean biologically ), but it could be mean also YS's will too, the way she was using her "ability' on SY is very unique.
    -And of course there is SY as the guardian vamp who has to kill him off using YS's blood or not.
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  17. sunshineo added a post in a topic [Upcoming Variety 2015] New Journey to the West 신서유기 ( tvN x Naver) | Presscon on Sept.1st!! Live Broadcast at 2pm KST -->Live Backstage with LeeSeungGi at 1.30pm KST via V-app!! First Episode on Sept.4th 10am KST via Naver TVCast!! \^0^/   

    Articles from yesterday
    Lee Seung Gi drops a photo from press conference for 'New Journey To The West'

    Lee Seung Gi dropped a photo from press conference for 'New Journey To The West (tentative English title).'

    On September 1st, the production team of tvN 'New Journey To The West' uploaded a photo of Lee Seung Gi on the program's website.

    The production team wrote "Wo Ai Ni (I love you)" below the photo.

    The photo shows Lee Seung Gi holding a cake that his fan club members sent, and many fans and netizens are showing hot reactions for Lee Seung Gi's charming smile.

    Meanwhile, channel tvN's new variety program, 'New Journey To The West,' is going to premiere on September 4th through Naver TV Cast (PC & mobile).
    /Reporting by Kim Dong-Joo
    Kang Ho Dong & Lee Seung Gi coming up with new variety program 'New Journey To The West'

    On September 1st, press conference for channel tvN's new variety program, 'New Journey To The West,' was held at 63 Convention Center in Yeouido, Seoul.

    During the conference, the production team of 'New Journey To The West' presented a highlight video from their recordings.

    The video shows clips from Kang Ho Dong, Lee Seung Gi, Eun Ji Won, and Lee Soo Geun's trip to Xi'an, Shanxi Province, China.

    'New Journey To The West' is a variety program that was motivated from Chinese classic novel 'Journey To The West,' and it is being talked about as one of the most anticipated variety programs of the year among many people.

    Production director Na Young Seok said, "I wanted to make a program that is new in every ways, including genre and format. Providing busy businessmen and students with short break in the midst of their hectic daily routines. That was our motto."

    Director Na continued, "We are going to release about five new clips at once, and each clip is going to be about ten minutes long. Those who can afford the time can watch all of the clips in order, and those who cannot afford the time can just randomly pick whatever looks good."

    'New Journey To The West' is going to be streamed through online instead of TV broadcast, and the program is going to show the members enjoying themselves in much more uncomposed ways.

    Lee Seung Gi said, "I realize the amount of anticipation and excitement that many people have for this program, and I had a great time while recording this program with my older brothers. I believe that many fans will enjoy this show."

    'New Journey To The West' is the first project of tvN's digital contents brand, 'tvN go,' and director Na said, "I thought that we should make the most energetic show as possible, and viewers will find many topics and contents that would not be allowed on regular TV channels. We could make the show in more relaxed manner, and viewers will also be able to enjoy the show in a much more relaxed manner."

    Regarding the show's potential of success, director Na said, "We had a discussion recently, but we really could not agree on the standard of 'success.' Ambiguously speaking, maybe surpassing 10 million views would be pretty satisfying."

    Writer Choi Jae Young said, "This new program, in its entirety, was a big challenge for all of us, and we are still quite anxious about it. We just hope that the show would make viewers laugh."

    Production director Na Young Seok lastly added, "We are very grateful for many people's anticipation, but we also feel a lot of pressure. We could describe this whole show with one word, 'somehow.' Somehow, the idea about this show came up, and somehow, we get to try it. Somehow, we got to go to China, and somehow, we got to get Lee Soo Geun back with us. We are show producers, and our job is giving fun to viewers. That is the attitude that we are going to bear on ourselves forever."

    Kang Ho Dong, Lee Seung Gi, Eun Ji Won, and Lee Soo Geun had worked director Na Young Seok for '1 Night 2 Days' in the past, and they are going to show another fantastic collaboration through 'New Journey To The West.'

    Meanwhile, 'New Journey To The West' is going to premiere on September 4th 10 AM.
    /Reporting by Kim Dong-Joo
    More PressPictures
    tvN "ShinSeoYuGi" Press Conference

    more pictures (81 pics) :
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  18. Checkmate24601 added a post in a topic [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2015] The Journey of Flower 花千骨   

    More photos since pictures are always great and speak a thousand words.   
    Sha Jie Jie is capable of getting along with his sister's chosen love - behind the scenes of course

    Poison Lady being flirtatious with Sha Jie Jie

    I think it's just a common trait that demons just lounge so beautifully!  HQG wasn't just channeling her Demon God self during this moment, she was also channeling Sha Jie Jie!

    I was so happy to hear that Wu Qing Luo and her sidekick got married - though I wished the series actually showed their wedding (!) instead of focusing so much on QS and MXL.  Their relationshp doesn't add much to the plot even though it will explain QS' betrayal later but seriously 10 minutes to them!!!  And Hunan actually promotes JoF using Wallace and Liying, but gives so much time to the secondary cast - that's just cheating! 

    I mean they're such decent, nice people but they get so little air time.  I mean in all the recent angst, why not show their wedding or something!?

    Oh dear ZR is up to no good again!  Trying to kiss Demon God HQG soon?

    Getting ready for battle?

    Outlaws Unite! 

    And last but not least, GROUP HUDDLE! 

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  19. Ldy Gmerm added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Eve's Love 이브의 사랑   

    I'm just starting this crazy drama.. and I refuse to go back to episode one so I am just finding everything funny as I watch SN to continue to do her dirty work from a wheel chair faking being mute and paralyzed and yet no one still buys the act or likes her.(I love her mother in law in this one, I want her to pull her hair some more.) I have to agree, who can not see that this girl is NUTs and has a thing for SA and ruining her life? She does these things to hurt SA but gets caught. She has no remorse over the pain she has caused this woman who was suppose to be her friend all in her jealousy and greed. Over some misplaced idea that SA took from her or looked down on her or what the heck ever reason they make up in their crazy heads..
    Lets not even start on the Father in Law this man is oily as a greased rag! What is his problem? How much dirt has he done in his life that he is working with SN? I have to agree he has a lot of skeletons in his closet and he has done something awful that he is still trying to cover up. If you guys are talking about a potential twin sister for SA than perhaps as you speculate above he did have a hand in her going missing. It looks to me like he may have done something like this for business reasons but what do I know I watched a few episodes in the beginning and waited to join in at episode 74 (safer that way for me..).
    I will continue to watch the crazy unfold and I hope that at some point some one sends SN down the road or rolls her in the path of the big white Hyundai truck of doom.. I always find it crazy that women have so much envy or jealousy that they go to such extents to take from and hurt the object of their jealousy and never get that they are the cause of all the misery until they are either hurt badly, finally exposed and ostracized in society or go to jail or even loose their life at the last moment doing something selfless that is suppose to wipe clean the other 125 episodes of their mess.  lol
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  20. ayahuasca added a post in a topic Rant All You Want Here..Whining Allowed.   

    Also, then, a dad bod would be considered hot
    Carry 4 nails, and flatten all 4 at once
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  21. anne018 added a post in a topic ❤ Lee Jonghyun ♡ Gong Seungyeon ❤ [JongYeon | Brown Eyed Couple]   

    I wonder what was JH's reaction about the 02 thing on their album. I'm sure he knows that fans will interpret it as a connection to SY. Or maybe he's the one suggested it. hahahaha Sorry about that delulu thing. 
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  22. Sai Sei added a post in a topic Battle of the Maknaes: Round One (Female Edition)   

    Seohyun - smart, talented, naturally beautiful, stylish, hard working, ambitious, sexy & cute♥
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    Jooyoung and SISTAR’s Bora Are Passionate Lovers in “WET” MV
    Singer Jooyoung and SISTAR’s Bora turn into a sexy couple in his new “WET” music video. The short version of Jooyoung’s “WET” music video, released on September 2, centers around a passionate couple who are deeply in love. This is Bora’s first time filming such a steamy music video, which is why it’s drawing much attention […]
    The post Jooyoung and SISTAR’s Bora Are Passionate Lovers in “WET” MV appeared first on Soompi.
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