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  2. Four Angels friends forever cr.OMHE DC gallery Love how they always support each other no matter what... that even thou they each have their own individual problems they will put their friendship first. 
  3. February 12, 2016   ‘My Love from the Star’ a hit in China   It stars top actors Kim Soo-hyun and Jun Ji-hyun, and centers around an alien who arrives on earth in the Joseon dynasty and also travels to the modern era. According to data released by Chinese television network Anhui TV, the drama has retained its popularity with an average rating of 0.5 percent. In China, a program is normally considered a megahit when its ratings hit 1 percent, according to news reports. The TV series had to go through some ups and downs before it could be aired in China due to the nation’s strict broadcast regulations. In China, characters such as aliens or ghosts are banned from appearing on TV but the drama’s main character Do Min-joon, who is played by Kim, is an alien. Even before the drama aired in China earlier this year, it had already garnered nearly 4 billion views through various Chinese video-sharing platforms including iQiyi.   (  
  4. Lee Jin Wook & Ha Ji Won (1 + 1 Couple)

    Behind the scenes of the drama "The Time We Were Not In Love" Such a romantic drama !
  5. I know right, that's unconditional love, so unlike DOM, bad lover, bad father too!!!!
  6. Why is SoonDeok crying in the Ep 9 preview? Why???
  7. Ryu Jun Yeol 류준열

    Ah okay, after a long debate, I think love oppa in red!! But but, black is a good one too? Omo I cant pick one!! *Calm down* But for hair I know for sure which hairstye i like the most *nosebleed*
  8. Ryu Jun Yeol 류준열

  9. Wow ... YA is sacrificing herself to save ES? because HW can't live if anything happen to ES ... and It could be why ES looked so sad.   
  10. Ask The Ladies - Read First Post

    1. what's the height cutoff that you would date for an asian guy? (specifically korean if that matters, i'm aware the average korean is taller than chinese) 2. how tall are you? 3. do you care that the guy is just 3-5 inches taller than you or do you want him to be a specific height, llike >= 5'10" or >= 6'0" be honest, i'm 22 years old, very good looking, in med school, just don't have height going for me (5'8" in the morning) i've f'ed plenty of girls so i don't mind any rude/brutally honest replies. i know white girls definitely want 6 ft+ master race, and asian girls are similar. but for asians, is the threshold more like 5'10" or what? yes i am ridiculously good looking so i don't mind any BRUTALLY HONEST comments about height. i want HONEST answers don't bring in bs about confidence or personality or whatever, i'm 22 years old and graduated university, thanks i am fully aware >= 5'10" bros are preferred, my main questions are directed to shorter (<5'3") asian girls but i'm curious and looking for answers from girls of all height i know for a fact my height is holding me back, just wondering HOW MUCH is it holding me back
  11. I think that's why Kdrama try NOT to kiss for real.. they don't want to get the feelings.  It is hard to control our body sometimes, when instincts kicked in.
  12. SH and MM still have the whole night ahead  My own preview or rather a forecast (because I just can't stop thinking about them): MM can't help but touch SH's hair again while he is sleeping (have you noticed the way she looks at his hair all the time, she is obsessed) + to the previous point: she tucks in his blanket and watches him sleeping)) since we have a lot of parallelism here (e.g. drunk SH and drunk MM not able to get into their apartments, HJ and SH being MM's clients and so on) should we expect that SH is going to take off his clothes in his sleep and MM will have to cover him with the blanket all the night - I highly doubt it but it would be fun. MM finds the box from the time capsule (or will this box be used by SH to give MM a wedding ring later?) MM and SH have breakfast together. MM becomes very awkward around SH. And here comes accidental skinship that will embarrass her to no end. Jealous like there was no tomorrow HJ rushes to Dalbit school first thing in the morning and interrupts SH and MM. in 2-3 episodes MM understands that she likes SH but the day she musters up her courage she will see him with A Ni (this girl never gives up).   P.S. Taking into account how often these two get drunk and can't open their doors they should tell each other their secret codes. Just do it already! you will be able to visit each other anytime you want) I dreamt about Yoo In Na today. I told her she was pretty and she shouldn't believe what they say. To tell the truth, I can't understand why DM was the least loved member of the group. She is such a cute and lovely girl. 
  13. If the group decides to join, I will cheer you on because I don't  know how to do mv, gifs, fanfics...Fighting!!! 
  14. @auntyem You nailed with calling HJ a wretched,woman because it's exactly what she is. As mentioned before HJ has no boundaries. She does and says what she wants and no one has taken her to task for it. HJ is a control freak and she's controlling them all. This twit has DB's life in her hands and by all means she means to destroy her. DB is already broken from all the tragic things that have happen in her life. With what happen at the hotel and GH's anger and then HJ's verbal attack wiped DB out. Now with this new nasty ploy of HJ's this will wipe her out completely if HJ manages to get away with it. Something is going to have to happen that will pull DB up by her boot strings and push her up and forward. @suchadiva42 I'm still trying to figure out GH because he knows what this twit is like. He has no feelings for the twit and has no intentions on have feeling for her. Then he continues to let her get away with the mess that she does. GH knows talking sense to this twit does no good because she will do as she pleases and no one will stop her. If where he wants to get is through this crazy woman he deserves all the misery that comes his way Even with not knowing he let a woman be destroyed all to get where he wanted to be.  @Ldy Gmerm, I agree HJ has no thoughts on it could have happen to her. Her only thoughts are of herself and what she wants. She's the only one that matters and if anyone missteps into her world according to her wants and needs will be tarred and shot. 
  15.   Fantaken (KBS Drama Awards): Singing G.O.D's "One candle" + cute embarrassment   love the second gif, the way he's grinning is so cute. credit : (official park bo gum forum)
  16. Preview to Episode 45 HK on the phone with BS BS: Don't go saying that you are alright,  HK: I am not alright at actual fact I am in a total mess right now New recruited lawyer for BS law firm Ha Seon Jeong: Senior Park introduce me to here, I am Ha Seon Jeong MTS running from the authorities  Lady: The man with the cap...go & arrest him MTS hiding out MTS: I will not fall.....I will persist...I need to survive JE declines HK kindness JE: Go & live well with your family kin HK: Idiot!...Are you trying to thwart me? JE: I am someone that you shouldn't take too much concern HK: If it is your wish for me to disappear...I will disappear forever
  17. Dear Drama, All I want in the end is for Jung and Inho to rekindle the bromance they had in high school. Throw in Inha Regina King scaring Seol for being Jung's girlfriend, but that's just being how they roll in their womance and I will be a very very very happy fangirl.  Mrs.SoJiSub I am sooooo freaking jealous. All I am doing on Valentine's Day is sit alone and wallow in my 'forever alone' status (nah I got a brunch with some friends planned) but how I wish I was meeting my princess KGE instead. I would give an arm and two legs to be able to afford a ticket, and a hotel, and fly to Korea and be there for her event. Those people who go to hug PHJ and NJH are soooo lucky. But what is up with those basic hugs? I would totally run into their arms, leap and snuggle myself into them and wrap my legs around their waist and never let go. We are totally have a 'The Notebook' type like leap hug. Suck that PHJ, NJH, and LSK may not be able to attend the trip. I strongly believe KGE may not be able to go because of filming schedules and prehaps not SKH because I know he's already inked for another tvN drama. Maybe they should just change the trip day to one that would be best for their leads to be able to attend too. No offense to the crew and supporting characters but it kinda sucks if your leads who I assume had a more taxing filming schedule and such, can't attend ther own reward trip. If one or two wouldn't be able, sucks for them LOL. However when it's starting to look like you whole leading line up can't attend, maybe it's best to change it to a date more accommodating/best for all. I really hope that schedules can be adjusted and that they all can go, but if not, maybe best to change the day.....? 
  18. [OFFICIAL] Kwak Si Yang & Kim So Yeon

      ..from what i understood is that, the set of letters will be the initials for each word to be used.. for example the set of letter given is "cwmabml" .. you can use this sentence "Come With Me And Be My Love" .. am i correct?? am i making sense.. hahaha.. 
  19. @yaqiyuki Thank You Chinguuuuuuu for the video and text translation!!!  YA is my new hero, I take back all the bad things I said about her, hahaha.
  20. Me & my friend talked aftr watched ep 8...we think the writer want to run away frm SLS cliche but still need to work hard on it.. jz imagine if HJ is main & SH is 2nd lead...for sure ppl will choose SH cz he already have that criteria fr SLS...but in this drama he is main.. Although I don't like AN but am hoping she keep intefere with SH life (i knw she will hurt in the end) to confirm MM feeling fr SH..nw she jz feel it based on that "pat the head hold the hand" scene but she also need to see SH being woo by other lady.we want to see which one hurt her more, HJ-ex wife or SH-AN..  Fr end of ep 8, i hope she didn't heard it(half of me want her to heard that sweet confession) but it jz her dream when suddenly SH enter the room.with drink/food and scold her fr being stubborn walking alone that school area.reason is because she keep memorizing SH criteria & want to knw what inside the small box that SH keep (since it is rom-com not a melodrama plus MM love to imagine/dream)
  21. It's in Chinese. There's speculation it's KWB's company doing. KWB stated before it's been 3 years since he broke up with his gf. But suddenly he was on dating scandal with model and they've been together for 2 years. So there's difference in timeline. It's either they're really dating but KWB lied or it's all PR.
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