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  1. suchadiva42 added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015-2016] Glamorous Temptation 화려한 유혹   

    ‌@valsava, Sorry to reply so late went out to do some errands, but Good Afternoon chingu.
    I certainly agree there's always someone has to be jealous of another person, but I'm definitely looking forward on how ES will take her revenge out on II Joo since they were good friends growing up.

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  2. nona88 added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] D-Day 디 데이 | Fri-Sat 20:40 KST | Ep 7 Tonight!   

    me too he so cute ,and she think herself going crazy ( who can blame her !!!) , who cant love this two    by the way thanks for live recap , so waiting for full recap and sub , but i am worried about LHS he showed a lot symptoms of trauma , it not his first time it look the accident that kill his father and make his mother like that , was not just accident and he was having trauma from that , and now with all that happen , he showed that he can't sleep , that night nirg not normal one, i am so worried about he became so crazy about saving people and he shown symptoms of  palming himself about every things happen hoping it will not getting worse and sure JDM will have to help him , and wake him up from that - that mean so much love , hug , cute and heartbreaking scenes
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  3. liliankuan added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] ✿ She Was Pretty 그녀는 예뻤다 ✿ | Ep 9 on October 14 | Subbed BTS on Pg 322 & 339 :D   

    She same like us, if she has determines, definitely she keen to make it right. What make her encourage to transform is from the criticisms and environment. If she works in the fashion magazine office, somehow she need to groom better.
    I am sure HR had a lot of clothes beside party clothes, she can lent HJ some if she 's generous.
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  4. sweetestpmy added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    ♡♡our cute minvely♡♡
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  5. nevill added a post in a topic Chae Rim 채림   

    @nenggeulis she was Married BEFORE?
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  6. Rania Zeid added a post in a topic Lee Jong Suk 이종석   

    [Oct. 9, 2015] Lee Jong Suk  at Korea Drama Festival 
    Cr: DC
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  7. luvtokki added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Lee Jonghyun ♡ Gong Seungyeon [House Of Brownies] ♥   

    @‌usafarmgirl - your post about 'courage' was right on and very eloquently stated!   Yes, this is what I hope and pray for them, that they step out of the shadows like so many other idols have done and confess what they feel in their hearts without fear of reprisal.   It does seem like the tide is slowly turning toward acceptance of 'idols' dating and having normal social lives!   I hope that our brave couple will also make a statement supporting their rights as a human man and woman to have a loving relationship.
    When the time is right for JH & SY I hope they declare they are a couple.   I hope they have the courage and are brave enough to confirm what we felt and saw when they were together on WGM.  I hope and pray that what we saw and felt about them on WGM wasn't a 'lie' or another manipulation of our hearts for the sake of a 'show'.
    Yes, there will be fans getting all 'butt hurt' and nasty comments and all kinds of turmoil for awhile.   But, if they stay strong and stick to their beliefs and "tell the story of who they are with their whole heart" and hold tightly onto each other's hands during the storm they will prevail.  Their strength will set another landmark for other idols in the same situation to follow and allow them to attempt to find their happiness also.
    Can I say? - @‌usafarmgirl - you make me very proud!   You have grown a lot while being on this forum and become quite the philosopher on love and relationships.   Your posts have advanced from simple 'cheerleading' to deeply thought out and deeply touching essays on what your heart and mind feel about our JH & SY.  
    I hope this journey has taught you something good about humanity and about how a sincere, trusting, honest relationship can grow into a loving one.   I hope you can find examples of how JH & SY grew their relationship and can apply them into your own life and find love and happiness with someone special like they did!  
    Bravo, girl!  You've done good!       
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  8. Ariadna1 added a post in a topic “She Was Pretty” Viewers Get Even More Excited for Next Episode Due to Surprising Final Scene   

    Oh yes if you think the change did not take a second :) when you remember SJ walked near her desk one day in a hooded jumper and then in a coat and also the onion the first day did not have the green long leaves :) She looked happier and somehow calm after the "transformation"
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  9. Lmangla added a post in a topic (OFFICIAL) Micheoseo Couple T♥G Taecyeon ♥ Gui Gui; Global Couple Thread !! TaecGui ♥ YeonJie Part 2   

    didn't even connect the pink sweatshirt @packmule3 with the farewell..... awesome catch! if it is the same, wow, she does not clean out her closet then? keeps clothes for a while? for some reason, thought entertainers get rid of clothes a lot since they probably get a lot of freebies.... well unless this pink hoodie was special to her! kekeke...

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  10. jeanny88 added a post in a topic Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Drops Promo Video for Solo Comeback Starring f(x)’s Amber   

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  11. irenetan added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Darling Couple (Lee Jong Suk ♡ Park Shin Hye)   

    Maybe the writer of the allkpop article is a shipper too...  hahaha... for me, it doesn't matter whether they won best couple or not 'cos in my heart they already are...

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  12. NaBonq added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] ✿ She Was Pretty 그녀는 예뻤다 ✿ | Ep 9 on October 14 | Subbed BTS on Pg 322 & 339 :D   

    Anyong Pretties and Handsomies!! 
    I just finished Ep. 7 and Ep. 8 tonight! And omg Ep.8 is such an intense Epi !!!!
    What I really love about these two Eps is that the way SJ fell for HJ, and the way SH fell for Jackson are so natural and effortless! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it so much!! The development of their feelings are sooo satisfying and exciting to watch! And SJ fell for HJ BEFORE he knows about the truth. It's just soooooo AWESOME!!!
    Dun know if these pics has been posted in our thread yet. The scenery of the beach scene is so beautiful I like it so much

    And this scene! My heart almost stopped watching it! SJ facial expression is EPIC!

    And I hate that I love SH a little more than I should! I love him as much as I love SJ and I don't want to feel that way! T_T.. My heart will be broken for that ridiculous man and I don't like that!! SH-yah can't you just stop being a God and be a jerk instead??? So that I can hate you and don't need to worry about my poor heart in the future???
     Yahh I guess I need to stop before I get too emotional lol
    And I just realized I'm always writing comments at late night when everyone is about to sleep haha. Night night pretties and handsomies. Goodnight @onnififi unni and @hazelzerone 

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  13. purpleME_luvMIMI93 added a post in a topic Jyp's Wonder Girls (원더걸스) Official Thread 3   

    151010 One K Concert 

    Instagram update 



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  14. jongski added a post in a topic [Upcoming Drama 2016] Signal 시그널   

    Signal. Jan 2016. TvN
    Just checking in on this thread. No other updates yet. Waiting.
    Wish it's Jan 2016 already! I'm truly missing good action crime thriller drama right now!!!
    I've watched and re watched and marathon my favorite MBB(ocn) but I'm still wanting a good thriller!
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  15. apqaria added a post in a topic Lee Da Hae 이다해 李多海 イ・ダヘ   

    @samzz This is so weird? how Airirang is scheduling to announce this news when there is actually no news has been out about her confirmation to appear on this drama?? or may be they will announce it in the next couple of days and either her agency or the production team did leak this news to the station beforehand as it will be out before the program air??
    This whole thing seems so suspicious that makes me feel so uncomfortable either she does the project or not!!! I don't know what is really going on in this drama casting kitchen but something feels totally off.
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  16. hkana added a post in a topic Hong Kyung Min (홍경민)   

    FIX YOU concert

    cr. lezhinvhall 

    cr. Sung Min Ju
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  17. nevill added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015-2016] Six Flying Dragons 육룡이 나르샤 - Mon. Tue. 10pm   

    actuaaly i had that feeling and therefor rooting for JDJ although off course history has a different view on things 
    to me it is a very different way of thought
    kings rule by blood - blood line from father to son
    and ministers if theyre not corrupt are chosen by capability 
    so im more for JDJ than LBW
    isnt  Confucian considered a philosopher more than a prophet?

    i remember this question also in white Christmas 
    and if it means you have "Evilness"  in your DNA than i for one dont agree
    but this kind of philosophical questions are right up my alee - love them 
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  18. jeanny88 added a post in a topic Super Junior’s Donghae Wants to Replace Kyuhyun With an EXO Member?   

    ha ha ha where ever they put Kyuhyun he always shine and bright don't worry Kyuhyun has a lot of magic charm
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  19. hazelzerone added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] ✿ She Was Pretty 그녀는 예뻤다 ✿ | Ep 9 on October 14 | Subbed BTS on Pg 322 & 339 :D   

    Here's a video for us to chill a bit...i have to read both SWP and KMHM, better take a rest. Ciao.. Enjoy!!! 
    [Cr to owner]
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  20. tovsleeptov added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Yong-Pal 용팔이   

    It really don't feel like the end!! I want mooooore!!! I still remember the excitement while waiting for new episode every week. Listening to the ost, every memorable scenes popping up in head. I miss Yong Pal so much..... 
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  21. kdramalovers added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] D-Day 디 데이 | Fri-Sat 20:40 KST | Ep 7 Tonight!   

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  22. sin2sa added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] ♔ MinShin (Lee Min Ho ❤ Park Shin Hye) ♔ - Thread 2   

    Big news for Heirs fans! Your prayers may have been answered. The original production company of the 2013 hit drama, Hwa & Dam Pictures, has signed a deal with a Chinese studio to jointly produce a Korean movie version of Heirs.
    While further details are not yet available, there is a chance that the original cast could be returning. The fact that the original Korean production company will also be producing the movie is a great sign and leaves open the possibility for a cast reunion on the big screen. Wouldn't it be great to see Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin, and all the rest reunite once again? We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed and stay tuned for further updates!
      The production is reportedly already underway and they are aiming for a release date by the end of 2016.
    Are you excited about this news? What kind of story would you like to see told in the movie version of Heirs? Share your thoughts below!
    credit to drama fever
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  23. cruncyroll added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2   

    Good morning my dearest Solimers family.!!!!!!!!! May everyone have a nice weekend & a little piece of mine from a tiring worked in week days.Just dropped by for a while to post a Solim recap episode 17.Hope every one can enjoy it.. Later dearest. Ppyong! 
    From an ampitheater on top of Pamukkale hill, their next destination was Pamukkale hot spring, A hot spring that created  from carbonated minerals left by flowing water.
    Here, our couple enjoyed soaking their feet in a running hot water drain, from the top of the hill.Its a refreshing feeling for them after endless walking in the vast field of Hierapolis ruins. After soaking their feet,these two enjoyed the breathtaking view at the cliff of the salt terrace.

    Wifey who was mesmerized by the white salt terrace spreading upon her eyes, suddenly spreading her up, mimicking the Titanic movie......
    Hubby: Wanna fly?..***.suddenly wrapping his warm around her....
    Wifey : "Ahhh ~~~ Shiroo"~~~  
    Sigh, if that really happened, I guest Honeybee will not fall asleep at night..raping the replay button all over again. So Eun maybe fluttered or she might stunned when hubby suddenly wrapped his hand around her's an intimate action you know..for a her sudden shocked can be understand...beside she at the edge of a cliff...of course she was shaken. 
    Then they went back to the hot water drain to soak their feet again.
    Hubby accidentally sat down on the cold water puddle and wet his butt.
    Hubby:" Aaaaa~~~**whining** "I felt uncomfortable.Among all the places,why did i sat over there?"..(keep touching his wet pant)
    Wifey: "Let's dry you in the sun. This won't do.Dry yourself at the sun"
    Hubby immediately focusing the sun heat on his butt. "Should i dry like this?" he said
    Wifey: Feeling embarrasses by her hubby silly act, she said,... "Act like you don't know me" ...
    Adding more embarrassment to his already embarrass wife by calling her Yeobo in front all those peoples. So that everyone know she was that silly man wife...hahahahh 

    "Fate only takes you so far.Once it's up there it's up to you to make it happen"
                                                                                                          Unknown author
    After the amazing salt terrace's time to play in a hot spring pools.Cleopatra hot spring.An ancient hot spring where you can swim above ancient ruin.Before heading to the pool, his wife arrived shyly with a pink bathrobe wrapping all her body..hubby said..
    Hubby : "Jagineun, what did you wear? One piece? T-shirt?" ***suddenly got curious with his wife cloth right after he showed her his low V cut "Sinsational" undershirt..& earned himself a complained from wifey for being too sexy..."
    Wifey: "Na? Aniyoo...i'am wearing a bikini. Isn't normal?"
    Hubby: "Stop the filming !! Adwae ~~~ Adwae !! " waving his hand to the camera crews to stop filming.
    He looked really serious about that.  Then they started to play in the pool. Wifey got scared by the depth of the water but water is hubby he helped her to overcome her fear.
    Caption: Stop the filming !! No one can see my wife bare skin ~~

    MC Misun : Ommmoooo !!~~, Me: Omo,Omo,Omo.. ~~ jaw dropped, Soompi Honeybees; OMG !! fanning themselves 
    B Teams Members : So Eunna !!! Where did your rubbed your leg ?? !! BGM ~~~ "His going to dive in ~~~"
    Hubby enjoyed been in the water so much that he turned to be a jaw from Yonsamdong. He emerged from the water to kiss or sniffed?? his wife arms when all of a sudden she remembered something.....
    Wifey : "Ahhhh ~~ "Matta" Oppa isn't this scene look familiar? On that drama, you had a underwater kiss scene with Boa right?"
    Hubby the Yonsamdong jaw, immediately sunken and drown underwater..playing death...
    Wifey: "What you doing ~~ Come over hear !!"  **  kicking his butt under the water** kkkk...we can see that so eunna...
    Hubby who's having  a short term memories lost for not remembering his own partner in his drama suddenly remembered a pool kissing scenes happened in American dramas.. This was went he made a bolt statement...a declaration on a national TV he wont kiss his wife until she said so....***** A statement that literally broke every honeybees hearts, knowing that, by wifey personality, she wont gave him a green light so easily like that....sighhh....
    After their wet & sexy scenes in the hot spring pool, they went to a restaurant to catch their lunch.Both of them were so hungry, they ate the meals deliciously, making the MC in the studio drooling over their foods.In conjunction of their 100 days anniversary...hubby  asked his wife, did she know about him a lot?...which she replied as ...**que BGM "I believe~~~~ "
    Wifey: "Of course. Nampyeoneun, you like riding a motorcycles.You likes skulls.You can't dance.You love meat like me. You try to express you masculinity a lot".****Now its hubby turned...
    Hubby: "From what i know about you...You're pretty...and cute. Lovable & sexy.You're a cutie.Your shoe size is 230.Your birthday is in September"...
    Wifey: September what?   ***making a serious expression** Me : Aigooo...he got trapped on his own games....sigh...
    So Eun: "Who's that richard simmons?? !!! Bring her here !!!"
    Wifey: "How come you don't know my birthday?..We're almost 100 days now."
    Hubby: "Then when its my birthday?" **** his retaliation...and made her  frozen !!
    Caption: The best couple awards. The couple who don't know each other birthday 
    After the annoying feeling of not knowing each other birthday subsided.Both enjoyed a thick aroma from a Turkish black coffee while talking about their fortune teller. 
    Hubby: "My fortune teller said,after thirty i'm suppose to meet my future wife"
    Wifey: "Now that i think about said i could possibly get married at age 26 or 27". **Their fortunes match each other
    Hubby: ** Cool & calmly said  "That's why we get married"  "Why is it fascinating?,,,Its fate." **Hubby is a believer of fate & destiny
    Wifey: "We can't avoid destiny"....
    Hubby: "That why just follow me"
    "When it's time for soul to meet,
    There's nothing on Earth can prevent them from meeting,
    No matter where each may be."
    While discussing about their next plan, hubby got sulked from a prospect of having to ride a hot air balloon at their next destination Cappadocia. Wifey try then convince him with a cool &  chicky promise "Don't worry.I'll protect you" 
    After finished with their lunch.They got their fortune telled from their coffee dregs . Wifey got her's first.
    Fortune teller : "You have to roads.If you go straight,you'll be happy.But if you go the other side,you'll cry all times."
    Hubby twisted words: "You're going to cry all the times,if you go without me".
    Fortune teller: "You will travel frequently...You're so tired"
    Hubby twisted words: "You have wanderlust. You're a tiring women"......
    Hahaahahah...& wifey reaction to her hubby twisted yet very creatives words...............
    Now it's hubby turned.
    Fortune teller : "Oh my god !!~~ You love her too much"  **looking amaze by the coffee dregs in his cup.
    Hubby: "Exactly !! I love her "....
    Fortune teller: "Yeah ~~ You wanna to be a father"...
    Wifey :" What's he's talking !! Malde andwae!!" ***Frantically shocked by his words!!!
    Hubby embarrass reaction was priceless
    Wrapped up with their fortune telling. Now they were on the night bus for10 hours ride to Cappadocia. A place for a hot air balloon ride in Turkey..Spending their night in the bus listening to a various songs that hubby prepared for his wife....One of them wifey favorite song.."I'am Yours" by Jason Mraz
    Que music : "So I won't hesitate no more~~. No more~~.......It can't wait. I'm Yours"~~~~
    They were having so much fun listening to the music, although hubby almost ruin wifey good mood by making her jealous about him liking a girl group idol AOA song "Like a cat", Despite that...they genuinely very happy been closed & stuck together in 10 hours journey on the bus.
    When wifey, try to catch a sleep, hubby warned her, what's might happened if she fall asleep...Still she leaned & snuggling on his shoulder..knowing that she will be safe with him...kkkk...Me: He's self control is really daebak !! ...
    Despite been blind fold...she just leaned to his her body knew...hubby shoulder will always be there to support her.This automatic reaction by our body...can only be happened when our body unconsciously memories the same actions after doing it for so many times.....Ermmmmmm, i wonder how many times she already slept on his shoulder...kkk

    Finally after a long tiring 10 hours journey on the bus. Our couple arrived at Cappadocia. A place for a hot air balloon ride in Turkey. Wifey clearly was so excited,that this was her first ride and her body & heart pumping her the excitement.  
    A nervous & pale husband trying to calm down his excited child a like wife...
    Wifey: " We're going to ride a hot air balloon ~~~ Finally we're going to ride it !!! "
    With his hand gently wrapped around her shoulder....they finally went to ride a hot air balloon. Gentlely the balloon floating to the air.
    From a hot water spring of breathtaking Pamukkalle Salt Terrace to an amazing hot spring pool of Cleopatra and finally they floating gently in a hot air balloon of Cappadocia. WGM gave them, an amazing journey of a lifetimes for this two.And its become so priceless when they spent it together with each other.
    With I ended up  my recap for Solim episode 17. See you all next week my Solim's family for another "dugun dugun" episode. "Hubby bold confession enc-hoe through a sky of Cappadocia"      Bye ~~ bye for now !!! Ppyoong !!!
    "It's a black or white with So Eun. She'll be unhappy if she travel one road.She'll be happy if she choose another road.
    That road sung by Sung Shi Kyung. The road to me."

    all gifs credit to the respective owner Aivzthegreat.
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  24. pucca_chan added a post in a topic ♥ Official Khuntoria Couple Thread ♥   

    MV skinship Khuntoria
    100923 รายการคันปาก-Khuntoria@thailand
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