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  2. Hello! I'd like to register on behalf of the Cheese In The Trap: Park Hae Jin x Kim Go Eun // Yoo Jung x Hong Seol (Cheesy Couple) thread~~ Thank you~~  
  3. Yoon Eun Hye 윤은혜

      Happy Valentine's day !!!
  4. [Current Taiwanese Drama 2015-2016] Bromance 愛上哥們

    They are so cute~ I love that scene.    
  5. Corrupt A Wish Game

    Granted, but you're always going to change the timeline I wish I had an alpaca farm
  6. Happy Valentine's Day  @blame2pm what a lovely gift  love it very much  2pm tickets are sold out  both trending   
  7. The February 14 broadcast of SBS’s “Running Man” featured a Sherlock Holmes-style mission in which the members were charged to find the culprit behind the theft of a precious diamond necklace. At the beginning of the episode, Lee Kwang Soo received an invitation asking him and the “Running Man” members to come to a mountain […] The post “Running Man” Searches for Culprit Behind $16.5 Million Diamond Theft appeared first on Soompi. View the full article
  8. "Everyday is Sunday night ..but I can't wait for Monday morning, Monday morninggggg..."  (K-OS.mp3) Alright chingus... maybe there will be bad news and please don't be disappointed - In episode 11, there will be no kiss scene!! - the bed kiss scene will be aired on episode 15 or 16!! Just teasing you!!
  9. OMG. it pisses me off to watch SW. I hate her so much,  even more so than the so called evil characters. I have nothing to say anymore. I, too, wish BJH picked Six Flying Dragons...Now after watching this, I don't even want to watch any of BJH's dramas anymore ( even though I know it is not her fault ). I just can't stand watching her because I'll be reminded of that horrible character she played in MDGSW. The writer is either a mental patient or he/she is just trying to ruin these actors/actresses careers.   
  10. I see what you mean but I am speaking though of the delivery of the actors or the portrayal of their parts. They are different actors yet they delivered the parts of LBW very similarly and emphatically one would think that they were LBW. The actor portraying the young BW Nang Da Reum was excellent he made us believe in this child who was so angered by being helpless and powerless as he was being bullied by those students he had to exact justice. That is how he took back his power. The problem was someone else was implicated and punished and BW he was powerless to stop the consequences that followed. HIB took advantage to mentally torture the child and for all those years showed him how powerless he was. He was trying to show BW that power taken by whatever means is what matters most. What is the use of following the Confucian tenets if someone like the corrupt Dodang can exile and torture that person?
  11. Joo Jin Mo 주진모

    JJM traveled to a (still) unknown place 3 days ago:  
  12. Goo Hye Sun 구혜선

    @kgrl43 that's my wish too if LSW can be partnered with Koo in a family drama next time. I just love his gentle handsome face. (right now he's doing a family drama)  Hope our Koo will consider doing family dramas next time. I miss her so much. 
  13. @colourgrae I myself, was a little thrown off with the liar detector but, honestly it has been used in We got married a lot and just like fortunetellers I don't think it should be taking too seriously. At first, I was suspicious of Minsuk but now I am more suspicious of Yewon. I don't think she has or is seeing someone else at least not till the we got married is done. However, I think she needs to stop being insecure and trust Minsuk. Minsuk reminds me of Kwak si yang a  little bit. I don't know if you guys knew this I also silently follow the KSY couple because I  like the older couples more in We got Married. Basically, to put it shortly Kwak si yang did another variety show where he was saying how he had dates a lot of women and some questioned his sincerity on the show. I never really believe in a lot of what I read unless it is confirmed from the parties mouth. Minsuk reminds me of KSY a little bit in regards, to haivng a lot of women surronding him and having a lot of female friends so he is misunderstood a lot. If Minsuk, at least was not honest enough to tell Yewon he has feelings for someone else than I would question his sincerity but that is not his character. He is charming and easy to get along with and that is why he attracts female attention. Whether he has contancted a girl maybe, Yewon knows that Minsuk has some femlae friends and is slightly jealous of that and that is why she was like Nooo, i know your lying. But, she needs to realize that as an actor he will always surrond himself with female  colleagues. Also, it is important that Yewon understand its like the pot calling the kettle black(not sure if I used this in the right context) But, shouldn't Minsuk also be suspicious of you Yewon because your always surronded with males and you have  a lot of male friends. Many that are married but still she has some male friends that are single. Idk, if Minsuk did not care for Yewon he would not have been upset about the Liar detector test and if Yewon did not care about Minsuk she would not be convinced he was cheating on her(or he has been contacting someone else). Maybe, because her past relationships did not end so well she has a wall up and she is apprehensive. She does not want to be blindsided and does not want to be cheated on so that is why she may be calling Minsuk out based on her suspicions. Minsuk may know she has a lot of friends that are male(handsome) and that is why he may feel insecure too. I think it takes time to trust someone especially, if you know little about them or  you know something about their past.  Yewon should not read rumors or listen to anyone regarding Minsuk. Instead she should go to the source if she feels any type of way. It makes me see that although I can see them getting married in the future. Maybe, their time to date would not be now. I want to see if they miss each other first. Although Yewon said she should not listen to the fortune teller it would not be good for any relationship. I think she slightly takes that into consideration because she does not know anything about Minsuk's past. Yewon seems like a person who needs to uncover stuff about the past in order to make judgments about the future. Like, if Minsuk is protecting himself and not revealing to much about his past than of course, she is going to make an assumption that he is a player. I completely understand why people feel shattered or upset about that situation but honestly we should just enjoy the show and not take things to seriously.  I think Yewon did design the shoes. It ws cool how she made the shoes herself it was sweet. Honestly, I have a feeling our couple will end soon and I think it will be sad but I think I want to see what happens after We got Married. Will they still contact each other  and be friends or will they ignore each other. Only time will tell.  Also, did anyone notice how their was a box of tissues in the karoke table. I was like huh? is MBC trying to tell us something.  Congratulations Minsuk for finishing your drama!!!!!!! Ohyeah fighting on your future projects!!!! 
  14. @mgicc i like the lighter tones (light brown / purple) as it stands out our cheesy couple more than the darker backgrounds. For name, I guess we'll go with the cheesy couple as it has the highest vote. @Anabela Sampaio thanks for the music but it all shows up as the 1st song by 우주히피 (Cosmos Hippie) from OST - PART 1.  Which one do you love the most that you said LOVE LOVE LOVE?  
  15. happy valentine's day! did you have a great day? here, the movie channel was so romantic..... they showed district 9 (aliens!), lord of the rings (wizards, evil magic) -- such great romantic choices no?! hahahah.... cr: kmxstitch/owner
  16. Lee Jong Suk 이종석

      hjunhee's IG Update with LJS in shanghai  Via: Pank Blue   
  17. Ep.10 trailer is updated on Qiyi GH and the cactus thorn! They're going to know truth about their dad and mom so soon! and This is for Valentine's day    
  18. Hi guys i barely post here, i mostly just lurk and liked kentang's posts lol... anyway, i wanna wish you all a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY FROM YOUR SIBLINGS/ STEP SIBLINGS/ IN- LAWS (LOL) How i wish we in laws get a double date scene!!! Hahahahah. these kissing experts...<3  Oh , and I dunno if this has been brought up (I was off soompi for the past few days and have yet to backread) but turns out the Sung parents are fated to be double in- laws since Reply 1997, by the way. 
  19. YeolGum

      Glad you like it. Actually there are more of this, but this if by far is the best. Here another one. This time is RJY-PBG-GKP triangle love    
  20. @mgicc light brown (tan?) background and my vote of CheesyCouple from earlier.  Them missing their hi-fives in both reel (arcade) and real (after kiss scene) life?    So cute and slightly cheesy.
  21. [Current Taiwanese Drama 2015-2016] Bromance 愛上哥們

    I can so relate because Baron Chen never appealed to me ... and yet, when he looks straight at the camera, whether as Zi Feng or himself... I just melt all over, and go Awwwww.  I am still watching it even though I should be sleeping now. Have work in like 3 hours! I still don't understand, but somehow I am able to catch on. Great acting by the Han Sheng actor (Is he Eddison Wang? Or Eddie Wang?).  Welcome to the BFF thread, btw!  
  22. flashback! well, if you ever wondered how she thought of greece, well now we know... they kept in touch! ref:
  23. Jang Nara ✪ 장나라

    Article korean languest , i dont understand ..  I think nitizen say Jang Nara,reaally baby face not change ..  Old n now loook same .. la
  24. possible ost musics for the fanvideo         Just love this one bellow! LOVE LOVE LOVE    
  25.   @mgicc I hope I didn't give the impression that I am/can be doing something... I can only help by throwing out ideas to those who are working on things.  And cheering, I can cheer.  Unfortunately, I don't have the necessary time to sit in front of proper equipment (computer) to do anything useful for you guys (always typing on the run on my phone).  Yup, always cheering. Happy Valentine's Day to all.  (I keep forgetting to say.)
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