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    [CF] 2016.02.11 #ParkShinHye @ssinz for #AltonSports    
  3. OMG SY and TOP!!!!!!! Big Bang is one of my favourite group! I am so happy is this true
  4. dilemma: i need to exercise (walking: don't judge!) but these days i'm only listening to the CITT OST and my favorite songs are pretty slooooowwwwww.  solution: increase the playback speed to 1.2; songs are faster and i get my workout + CITT listening in.  win-win #thestruggleisreal
  5. Ryu Jun Yeol 류준열

    I don't think these photos have been posted yet so I'll post them Cr: 일간스포츠  Oh and this is a picture of RJY's "fill in the blank" Q&A Cr: 일간스포츠   
  6. *sorry mods i cannot unquote this pic i dont know why* TT Ughhh she's soooo beautiful without even trying!! SJS is sooo damn lucky!!  Btw is he the same photographer for OMV poster photoshoot? Because i notice he posted this pic few weeks ago:  
  7. Episode 1   Episode 2 Credit: KBS World TV
  8. Hello, if anyone is interested in reading, posted continued fanfic. Thank you people!!!
  9. haha @niq8803 i was driving when i saw this just now in main thread. i giggled so hard that the driver beside me looked at me weirdly hahahaha luckily today the road is pretty empty not as congested since i guess people still on CNY holiday lol i cannot with baron. just look at his expression when he sneakily put his arm inside his shirt hahahahahaahahahhaha when i saw this in video last night i went 'whaaaaaat is that baron??!' okay now i know where is that idea came from  and @akinahana89 !! our lady moderator. thanks. will discuss with fellow classmates on which contest we're gonna join hehe
  10. Park Shin Hye hangout with her relatives at Seoul Vinyl, seen here in their respective IG updates In Shin Hye's IG , she was checking out the LP turntable and listening to Cold Play's music "Always in My Head". She wrote in her caption: Eager to try turntable. Gathering with relatives, family. Everyone is growing(becoming adults)
  11. bwahahahaha... LOL we must vote for him if there is Best kiss award he kiss beautifully swoon.... I've read somewhere that when actors shooting kiss scene he must show his Jaw line. and uri Bogum Jaw line is so gorgeous.
  12. @akinahana what we need to prepare??hehe..1st time.. so excited!
  13. @anniepanda Thank you for answering~ At everyone: what do you all think about the contest? I checked out the contest rules and past year's contest (Round 1,2,3,4 ) and it definitely seems do-able, if there are enough participants for each round. We can tap on the talents over at the main thread (Surely there would be closet shippers / lurkers who would be interested in joining) I'd say we gauge the response from here and the other thread first before making a further decision.   Quick question, If we do join this, which rounds would you be interested in joining? Theres:  Round 1: Introduction and Smash Poetry Round 2: Fan Art Round 3: Fan Fiction Round 4: Fan Video There are other ways to contribute even if there are aspects youre not confident about (like your opinions!) Anyways if we do this it'd be for common bonding/spazzing purposes so the only important thing is having fun along the ride   
  14. Omo Omo  I found belmakang tag @rubon__ in shin mina pic last night . he/she is soshin shipper too . Wow .... Peoples around SMA was know somethings . It's seem like them cheer up this couple too    
  15. The things we do for the song goes !
  16. It's going against Remember - Son's War (SBS) and Master Trade Inn (KBS). Remember - Son's War (SBS) is doing well in it's rating, plus it's almost the finale (next week).. So viewer who follow the story would remain stay tune to find out the ending...
  17. Finally started my crying fest, aka ep. 51-52. Smart Oppa was quick to put things together and confirm what he was suspecting through a. My heart breaks seeing Oppa's reaction and his processing of the discovery of Mom's illness and then acceptance. Great acting of OMS. Actually great acting from everyone. Oppa is still one of my favorite characters so am really glad to see his growth and change. I had to stop towards the end of ep.52 when JA-HJ and Mom Dad went on a trip. Too much crying already for today and I think the end will be another tear jerker scene, so will just find another time. If that's the reaction we got from Oppa, I really can't imagine what will it be like when JA finds out. Being pregnant and all that. I am now suspecting that as Mom leaves, her baby will arrive. Don't like to see this kind of scene in dramas, but I'm pretty sure that's what will happen here, roughly estimating the time frame given for Mom's survival. Side-note: you really can't escape a karaoke session in a k-drama, lol
  18. 160212 ‘돌아와요 아저씨’ picture credit : scorpiola -      
  19. hello... welcome to BoGum paradise Absolutely believable as a conductor, I LOVE when he conduct full of energy and we can feel his sincerity. Two thumbs up for him.
  20. Thank you @pandalover1 Great supporting cast lineup especially Ms Most-like!   Hoping for some interesting cameo too. Hmm...still no pictures of script reading.
  21. Thank you so much. I have seen those magnifiers and thought they looked like those used by jewelers. So, it's true that the grey hard man is connected to the Blue House and he indeed is Blue Beauty. I always thought that Blue Beauty was a person. When HW was still working for KSH and he spied on the delivery of a suitcase of money to a man. At that time I thought Blue Beauty was a person rather that the name of the slush fund. Thank you for all your information. It's been a great help. I re-watched the scene of the grey haired man in the car when he was deciphering the message that was written on the back page in the book that KSH ask ES to deliver. There was a second book on the armrest. It had a more colorful cover. The reason I notice it because how did the man decipher the message? Did he already know the code that CM invented? He was looking at the book and went to pages and used the magnifier to find certain words on certain pages and lines, but how? Unless he already knew the code. Then why did he need the coded pages with the yellow rose of sharon?  Is he going to take over moving the money? We all know that KSH had every intention of putting IJ in the Blue House. And he was going to use that slush fund to buy her way there. But things have changed. I wonder now that KSH has taken IJ back into his house what will be his plans?  If IJ becomes President, then KSH will control Korea.......WOW ! ! ! One more the Presidential Chief of Staff working behind the President's back with KSH or is the President working with KSH to help him get IJ into the Blue House? This question is for anyone that is wondering the same thing in this drama.
  22. I'm so sorry for that, please forgive me. I didn't have any intetion of insulting certain party. I'm one of her fan too... I just share my delution.... Once again, I do apologize for my mistake. Thank you  I've deleted my post
  23. Song Il Kook 송일국

    I'm waiting for episode12 of JYS.  I wonder what happen?  Dramacool is usually fast in uploading the episodes.  
  24. 160212 ‘돌아와요 아저씨’ picture credit : scorpiola -     MORE --   Hilarious Hijinks Abound in 3rd Trailer for “Please Come Back, Mister”     SBS has recently dropped its third teaser for the upcoming drama “Please Come Back, Mister” starring Rain and actress Oh Yeon Seo. In the gut-busting trailer, two recently deceased men, played by Kim Soo Ro andKim In Kwon, are given a second chance at life and suddenly inhabit the young, good-looking bodies portrayed by Rain and Oh Yeon Seo. They are then instructed to never reveal their true identities, and then we get a few hilarious clips of the men adjusting to their new bodies. Star Daily News It’s not all fun and games, though – both Rain and Oh Yeon Seo are seen shedding tears in the trailer, as well. The drama is set to air its first episode on February 24 at 10 p.m. KST. Will you be tuning in for the premiere? Watch the trailer below to check out the story for yourself!       Source (1) / soompi news  
  25.   Thanks @marwa501, do you or @utkim happen to have any information on the website to stream the drama in Singapore? Many thanks!
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