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  1. Ldy Gmerm added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] A Daughter Just Like You 딱 너 같은 딸 20:50KST   

    Video for Episode 104:

    Video Credit DramaSBS Channel on YouTube.
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  2. baduy added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] The Village: Achiara's Secret 마을- 아치아라의 비밀   

    I strongly suspect that nearly everyone in the Village below a certain age, say 40, is the offspring of the rampant boss of Haewon. It's bit like Duke Karl August of Weimar, patron and boozing buddy of the German Shakespeare-equivalent Goethe. A large proportion of the children in his Duchy were either rumored, or actually known, to be his. The way they got known to be his was that he was in the habit of using a different pronoun to address his illegitimate offspring from the one usually employed by the high nobility when ordering the peasants around.
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  3. Msiafan added a post in a topic Lee Da Hae 이다해 李多海 イ・ダヘ   

    Zhoumi can sing in Korean, his song Rewind is pretty good. You can check it out in YouTube, appearance not too bad either, able to demonstrate emotions in his music video.
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  4. bone23_stv added a post in a topic What Do You Think Is The Most Important Thing in a Marriage?   

    I agree with everyone about it being a combination of things. 
    If I had to choose one I would say being best friends before anything. Being able to communicate about absolutely ANYTHING. Trusting them with everything you have. Being able to tell them how you feel - good or bad.  
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  5. osanm4013jy added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Lee Jonghyun ♡ Gong Seungyeon [House Of Brownies] ♥   

    Hey guys, this is my first comment (always been a lurker and reading your comments) ^^
    I've been JY shipper since day one of their wgm eps. aired
    Since no one seems to post about this vid, so i bravely enough to join n post it 
    i can't believe i finally join here
    This is from yesterday (Oct.12)
    CNB Interview/Q&A, i think from SSTV (SPACE SHOWER TV - japanese tv channel)
    Does anyone here understand japanese? I only know a lil bit
    JH Part Clip
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  6. RoseS added a post in a topic Song Hye Kyo 송혜교   


      Home>   EVENT~ 2015/11/15 2015/10/06 LOVE FESTIVAL TIARA   
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  7. valsava added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Save the Family 가족을 지켜라   

    @unnisarah,  Hi how you these days
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  8. chocmagma added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Lee Hae Sung (Kim Young Kwang) & Jung Ddol Mi (Jung So Min) | D-Day Couple | DocDuo   

    Bring it on, bebeh!
    Maybe because of JSM's happy-go-lucky personality, thus it's easier for them to get closer to her. It's a good thing I guess.
    The first thing I remember about KYK is his smile that resembles Seunggi's, apart that he's so tall. I love him in Good Doctor and whenever he interacts with the kids in the hospital. He's so sweeeeet awwwwh~
    I remember watching KYK in Happy Together where he appeared as one of the guests for Good Doctor Special. Gonna watch it again oyeah!
    Thank you for the stills, @eileen0316_stv!
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  9. jongski added a post in a topic Ji Soo 지수 @actor_jisoo (Upcoming drama 2015: Cheer Up! / Sassy, Go Go!)   

     @fleurofjasmine  thanks chingu for translating the web drama. Now I understand! also for ep 2 vid thanks. And yes, I read your messages. Thanks for all the updates mwaaaahugs!
    He sure looks like our Bokdongie in this ep. The hair, the the smile, that shyness. That sweet puppy boy look..awww Ji Soo!
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  10. Shajoona added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] ✿ She Was Pretty 그녀는 예뻤다 ✿ | Wed - Thurs 22.00 KST | Ep 9 on October 14   

    Oh Hello sweetie @KSHxKYJ
    sorry to cut your post ..Yes of course i remember you ..long time no see ..oh my gosh ..a member of TaeBi shipper is a family for me ..welcome my dear glad to have you here ..and thank you for wishing me a happy birthday ..being around lovely people like you make my day even better ..^^
    Welcome again my dear ..and let me give you a warm hug ..

    This drama is amazing let's enjoy it together .. <3
    @zurah90  awwww ~ thank you sweetie *Hugs* Let's all wish that we're gonna have something beautiful tomorrow..I'm okay with just a hug too i swear ..
    EDIT :
    @siena407 oh my god SiWon singing for a new OST ..!! is this the surprise of episode 9..?!! kill me already Mr.dimples ,,OMGGGG 
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  11. myonenonly added a post in a topic [Current Weekend Drama 2015] I Have A Lover 애인있어요 | Sat-Sun 21:55 KST   

    Yeah HK/YK2 sis. I reviewed the hospital scene & BS' dad was there to see SR (this is when JE got hurt in the fire) The dad didn't see HK's face close enough.  Thanks for the reply.
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  12. valsava added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    @irisz,  Thanks for the update Do know of any place I can watch this movie will it becoming out in the theaters or can we view it online.. ?  Poor LJK we got to find him a girl he's in his 30's now and still haven't experience love yet I'm scared when he do get a girl his charming personality might change..  He needs a sweet innocent girl like LYB around his age.. The man is in his 30's now can the scholar find real love
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  13. yaqiyuki added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015-2016] Glamorous Temptation 화려한 유혹   

    @Melchai hahaha although idk what's going on but that code says "I'll take responsibility for your son." who said it? Was it KSH? And according to the above article, it seems HW's dad told him not to find out about the truth, because that's the only way that will keep him the safest.
    Wow I'm so curious hehehe  
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  14. moonee added a post in a topic |WGM Chinese Version| We Are In Love - BF Choi Siwon |SUJU| and GF Liu Wen |Victoria Secret Model|   

    One could only hope this applies to both her professional and personal life. 
    Every relationship, even the strongest one, has its ups and downs, and at times, ons and offs. It's never easy to be in a LDR, with the added burden of physical distance that contributes to emotional withdrawal and thus insecurities, let alone a LDR for the whole world to speculate and scrutinize. Hope they will realize how blessed they are to have found each other and they will work together to make things work for them. 
    Just a thought, perhaps SW didn't spend enough time with her when she was in Seoul, which led to her feeling insecure, alone and lonely whilst being in a relationship? I don't know why I always have this feeling about LW -  despite of being a career minded, successful and strong woman, there is a certain part of her that feels cold, insecure and lonely..she really needs a certain someone to warm her heart up with care, love and tenderness. 
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  15. RyuujinjakkaJ added a post in a topic Moon Geun Young 문근영   

    @aka_moons: 다들 즐거운 토요일 저녁 되세요^^ 밥도 맛있게 챙겨드시구요^^ 꼭꼭!!!! #투투기념 #브이브이 #곰숑키들아#✌#즐저녁 #즐밤 #불타는 #토요일 #보냉 #

    Trans: Everyone hope you have an enjoyable Saturday evening^^ Please make sure to have a delicious meal^^Make sure make sure!!!! #(asa)twotwocommemoration #vv(sign)#bearshyongkies #✌ #havean #enjoyableevening#enjoyablenight #burning(awesome/fun) #saturday #

    aka_moons쭈구리아카문스- 늦은 출근에 싄났다요! 다들 즐점하셨나요? 히- 남은 하루도 화이팅!!
    #일요일 #같은 #월요일 #오늘은 #두씬만 #찍으면 #끝이다요#싄난다!! #꺄- #곰숑키들 #밥무쪄? #잘챙겨무라잉~ #덕질은 #체력!! #

    Trans: Crouching aka_moons- Excited work started late! Everyone did you have an enjoyable lunch? hee- Hwaiting/fighting (good luck) with the rest of your day too!! #asunday #like #monday #today #ififilm#justtwoscenes #imfinished #excited!! #kkya-#bearshyongkies #didyoueatyourmeal #makesure#toeatyourmealswell(dontskipmeals)~#deokjil/fangirl(boy)ing(Bears have told Moons on multiple occasions that bears are Moons’s “thekoos” aka “deokhus,” which means Moons’s avid and passionate fans. Moons is playfully playing with bears and making sure bears eat well as they deokjil.)#isstamina!! #

    aka_moons다들 굳밤되세요^^ 저는 좀 늦은 퇴근을 할것 같으네요~ 좋은 꿈 꾸고 푹 자요
    #늦은출근 #당연지사 #늦은퇴근 #사필귀정 #난 #무얼 #기대한걸까 #또르르 #그치만 #힘내서 #얍얍! #곰숑키들 #오늘은#먼저자랍 #굳밤

    Trans: Everyone hope you have a good night^^ I think I’ll finish work a bit late today~ Have a good dream and sleep well #alatestarttowork #asamatterofcourse#alatefinishtowork #justicewillprevail #whatwas #i#expecting #ddoreureu #but#illgatherstrength(andworkhardfilming) #yapyap!#bearshyongkies #today #(you)gotosleepfirst#goodnight

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  16. zurah90 added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] ✿ She Was Pretty 그녀는 예뻤다 ✿ | Wed - Thurs 22.00 KST | Ep 9 on October 14   

    It's finally midnight here! Omo just have to countdown the times now...
    *HUGS* to all Pretties, Handsomies & Newbies...even to silent lurker...muahahahaha
    Okay i know i'm being cranky right now that i even smile across my face while writing this post. It's the time that the kiss scene to happen, if not by ep10. 
    To all whose contributes lots of updates, i wanna say you are all the biggest saviour. You know who you are. Really appreciates with all the hard work in this thread. Though we have our very own PAC clubs here, the atmospheres never fails me to cheer up with all the posts. All of you are definitely need to receives the JJANG Awards.
    For ep9, watches the preview countless times and already decided to put my emotions aside. We can interpret anything but sometimes the revelations can be the opposite. No mishaps scene please pdnim & writernim; it's already down to 6 eps left after ep9 and 10.
    So peeps lets dance while we can. The moment is here... ☆shake, shake,shake☆
    @Shajoona Happy Birthday! Wish for the good episode... Have a bless too
    @Adwina Oltariani Omg i thought so too! It's a bonus hint for us!!!
    @siena407 Uri SW is definitely King of Troll!
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  17. lovebeats added a post in a topic _DONGHAE [Official] LEE DONG WOOK + LEE DA HAE | ChaMo lives on! :)   

    it is such a nice twist if cha jae wan appear. haaha
    how i wish about the encounter recently is 100% what we want to believe and that man in le jardin is wookie as the lips and the posture he sit is looks like wookie. ...


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  18. MsKahili. added a post in a topic [Official] Lee Hongki and Fujii Mina (Global We Got Married Couple) Thread Part 2   

    cr  mimiforall
    cr caffetrieste261502  "we are connected heart to heart"

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  19. fleurofjasmine added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Sassy Go Go (Cheer Up) 발칙하게 고고   

    finished watching ep.4 raw..
    1. I love cheerleading teacher..all her scenes makes me LOLOLOLOL
    2. all OTP scenes!! especially bus scene, stair scene (when KY searching HJ) and almost kiss scene. Love their dancing in market. I don't know why but I feel, Lee Won Geun seems a bit out of character..what I see is..LWG who dancing, not Kim Yeol..LOL..he's so awkward..
    3. I think this ep, belong to HDJ and SHJ in character the first half we was showed about HDJ's backstory and finally he join cheerleading club eventhough I still don't understand what is his reason (need engsub for this). second half belong to SHJ. We was showed how when he angry and how KY managing SHJ's anger personality
    4. I love KY and SHJ scene under the rain. so intense.
    5. and eaaa..OTP (this OTP in here I mean romance and/or friendship) alert!!...I think that writer-nim set-up KSA with either HDJ or SHJ. however I love both pairing. KSA and HDJ pairing gives me cute and awkward vibes..meanwhile KSA and SHJ pairing gives me intense, sad and anger vibes..
    6. Love Real King team and Baekho team dynamic
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  20. mrdimples added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Yong-Pal 용팔이   

    I am rewatching Yong Pal ep 3 now. 
    I appreciate the fact that the characters as we know them at the end of the drama were consistent from the time they appeared. Yeo Jin said she will kill all who put her in the glass prison and also those who sided with them. Chae Young always enjoyed her power and status of being Chairman's wife. In the beginning, I wonder if kicking and firing that valet/security guy at the hospital driveway was part of her act. But it wasn't. That's who she is. 
    I miss Dr Kim Tae Hyun's money grubber and devil may care less attitude. Joo Won is such a joy to watch. 
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  21. chocmagma added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] D-Day 디 데이 | Fri-Sat 20:40 KST | Eps 7-8 Recaps on pgs 27-28   

    I'm back!
    Thank you for expressing my thoughts. That evil Director just staying in his office and the furthest that he went after the earthquake is the Mirae's Emergency door. For sure he wouldn't know what is happening out there and how hectic the situation is even the firefighters are sick watching dead people everywhere. Once again I do hope something bad happening to him so that he can learn a thing or two regarding the earthquake and not only thinking about the image of the hospital. Seoul is in crisis, dude.
    I cursed him when he was so busy watching his own interview and claiming how good the editing is and he even amazed with his speech and the ability of him to cry at the end of the interview. He's the evil Director I've ever found. How come he ordered his secretary to put the blame on the Management Office for water leaking? Is that what a leader supposed to do? Oh I forgot, he's not a leader. Meh~ I hope the sister realises soon that his brother a.k.a the evil Director never attempt to inform the firefighter to go search the swimming pool. Or maybe Director Kang Jooran remembered about it and ask Captain Choi to go and search that place.
    I love the scene where LHS and HWJ operating the patient together. I watched it repeatedly and somehow got teary eyes. The feeling is different and I don't know how to describe it.
    I really wanna watch more smiles from HWJ. So soothing and I was smiling too hehehe  PJN being jealous over JDM because of HWJ muahaha!
    While watching this scene, I couldn't help but LOL. Because of the funny scene behind them, I could hardly concentrate on our OTP. Aigooo.

    And.... hahaha nappeun Haesung making fun of JDM's height!
    Yayaya doctor, I shall go to sleep early but I doubt whether I can grow taller.  
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  22. bone23_stv added a post in a topic How to trust?   

    It's going to be hard, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. The first step is him being aware that it hurt you. He is going to have to rebuild your trust again ... However, you might have to ask yourself some questions first. Did he not tell you because he was scared of your response? If so maybe change the way you react to things so he feels more inclined to tell you. Second are you insecure about this topic? You will have to change that before you are able to trust again. If you are insecure then you'll never be able to trust again unless you look within yourself. 
    Still it is up to him to make you feel comfortable again. Such as telling you things more often or talking about the situation. Find out why he didn't tell you. Communication is key here.
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  23. corearen added a post in a topic Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young) dear @irenetan.....for you dr....DR .Stranger...i hate that i love you !...or....i love you even when i hate you !... choice....!...anyway , yesterday , i saw ...the true...!'re a great fan of LEE JONG SUK !... the best, my dear !....
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  24. lee1086 added a post in a topic Super Junior Says “Goodbye for Now” to Eunhyuk   

    so sad to say goodbye for now! eunhyuk has always been a great little "assistant" leader. i thought it was so touching that leeteuk said that place beside him would remain empty. these guys are definitely close! their friendship is an inspiration to many. good luck eunhyukkie and hurry back soon!
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