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  1. Danie_A added a post in a topic Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥   

    OMO this boy is the happiest when he's amongst his peeps aka Minoz lol just look at this glorious happy face :
    I want Candy  

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  2. camillekv added a post in a topic ♥ Official Khuntoria Couple Thread ♥   

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  3. Rania Zeid added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Darling Couple (Lee Jong Suk ♡ Park Shin Hye)   

    [23.05.2015] Lee Jong Suk @ Gimpo airport going to Japan
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  4. iheartpink2day added a post in a topic Wang Jackson & Young Ji (Tuesday/JackJi Couple) - Roommate Season 2   

    KARA 7th Mini Album [ In Love ] LIVE SHOWCASE INTERVIEW
    YJ neomo yeppuda!!!so pretty!!!!! and also Kara unnniieess...Indeed a Visual group...and kinda like all of them had tanning..were'nt they? 
    Also..exciitteed for the Dream Concert tonight...JJ RocketeerzZ!!! hope we'll have something to spazz on...really really hope so... Jebal...miss them soo much...
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  5. rainbowconnection added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL THREAD]HeWon♥ Henry Lau (Super Junior-M) & Kim Yewon ♥ Mildang Couple
    im ready with my lappy
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  6. tehlimau added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Happy weekend Yeorobun! Welcome to all newbies here, too many to name one by one, just know we are happy to have you board our wonderful turbo ship. Please have loads of fun back reading plus share with us your CSI skills. Kekeke so that @Ahpheng myself and @fyeahjcw will have new material to work on.
    As usual Ahpheng, great comic. If only wookie will hear our cries and post something on SNS. Seriously he is moping, isn't he, people?! New loves - sigh....
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  7. Rania Zeid added a post in a topic Lee Jong Suk 이종석   

    [23.05.2015] Lee Jong Suk @ Gimpo airport going to Japan
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  8. HannaP added a post in a topic Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥   

    Min Ho is so cute here. Our 3 year old boy 

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  9. pandalover1 added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Warm and Cozy 맨도롱 또똣 Ep 3-4 May20-21 * Wed-Thurs 10pm KST   

    @MaraT hi chingoo! owh no no.. RIchard Simmons is just soompi's way of censoring foul words used.. it had nothing in relation whatsoever.. if someone writes a swear word, it will be automatically translated as Richard Simmons.. hahaha.. when i was new i was wondering too..

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  10. star2010 added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Who Are You: School 2015 후아유: 학교 2015 | Mon - Tue 10 pm KST   

    ​agree that YA wants to protect EB. However, whether it s EBi or EByun, she is 18, old enough to judge who she can and wants hang out with. YA's action shows his lack of confidence in EB's judgement
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  11. Danie_A added a post in a topic Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥   

    Minho taking pics of his darling Minoz?  

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  12. ayvah added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL THREAD] JongYeon ❤ Brown Eyed Couple : Lee Jonghyun (CNBLUE ) & Gong Seungyeon   

    I strongly agree with you. I just told myself that i will completely understand jh if he won't be making any obvious sy-related posts on his ig. and yeah, in my delulu mind, it means he really cares about her. the real world can sometimes be cruel and scary. And  you're right, we can get our unlimited delulu about them together. And our delulu is much better and more possible than the delusions of cray-cray fans who believe they own their idols or that their idols don't date. It's actually a happy thought that we are far saner than them hahaha!  
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  13. atilia added a post in a topic [Upcoming Drama 2015] ◇∞ Ex-Girlfriends' Club ❤ 구여친클럽 ∞◆ 1st teaser,poster page 9   

    Thank God the story started to pick up at Ep 4. I didn't really enjoy the first 3 episodes because they felt more like set-up episodes. 
    My take on ep. 5, I never expected MS to be more into fake relationship he has with SJ compared to SJ herself. He seems to be serious about acting out as a couple while SJ thought it was fake. I somehow think he would like to turn the fake relationship into a real one and I hope the story will be heading the direction.
    As much as I want MS and SJ to be a couple, I agree that MS should be a lot more braver or bolder. Like Ji Ah said, he cannot make everyone happy. MS needs to change his view and stand up for what makes him happy. It seems like MS feels inferior about himself and it is possibly one of the reasons why he broke up with his exes. Definitely he has his own good traits that make his exes to still have lingering feelings on him but when the time comes for them to take the relationship to another level MS probably backed out due to his inferiority. We already saw how he felt insecure about his well-being when he went to meet Hwa Young at her office, him as a poor and average man compared to Hwa Young. With Ji Ah, he might feel he could not give stability that she wanted and with RaRa possibly he felt he could not be bolder or aggressive like her. Thus his inferiority actually lead the relationship failed. If he would have been braver, one of the relationships might work out. 
    So I think the story would show us how MS change to become a more confident man in pursuing what he wants by having the fake relationship with SJ. Considering he might still have feelings to her and seems very serious about it, he might need to step up the game if he really wants the relationship to work out given the competition we will see from JG. And I think his exes will serve as the 'voice' in his relationship with SJ. 
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  14. Lmangla added a post in a topic [variety] We Got Married 우리 결혼했어요   

    ​that sounds like a fun idea @anniepanda .. you know, you are not only celebrating the anniversary of your favourite couple, but you are also celebrating your community that has been around for a year!!! isn't that cool?
    so here's a little tip (hope it is okay) from someone who has been part of organizing several events at our ship -- some because we just wanted to have fun and made up celebrations!! those were so much fun as a community because they were a celebration of our ship and its unique quirks and character.
    you will have an idea of the kind of folks that are in your ship and the skills they have and what they bring to the ship -- some make MVs, some collages, some love to chat, others humour, some insight, some are silent but faithful members. so look for different ways to incorporate everyone in the ship with several different ideas so that everyone can feel included.
    I always look for ways to especially include our faithful, silent members -- those who hit the reaction buttons and support us even though they don't say much because they are shy or have a language barrier -- they are a wonderful part of your ship even if they don't speak up often. there are also those who don't necessarily have the tech skills (including myself) to create collages and stuff -- some on my ship don't even have facebook account!!! hahahahaahhahh...
    so something that we did was to pick a theme and ask everyone to change their display picture for a day and it was such a party to see those reaction buttons light up with that particular theme even from our silent members!! wait, we don't have reaction buttons anymore.. waaaaaaaaaaah
    since you have been together for a year, you know your ship -- its unique flavour and character -- and you can look at different ways to include everyone in a way that works for your ship because not only do you celebrate your favourite couple, you are also celebrating each others presence as a community.
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  15. Danie_A added a post in a topic Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥   

    MinHo and his irresistible smile 

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  16. newhere added a post in a topic ♡ BinMin ♡ Hyun Bin ♡ Han Ji Min ♡   

    For me the best hint that this two are real and still in contact with each other in spite of news blackout was when Ji Min's change her bodyguard. Bodyguards are for your own personal protection, I don't think Ji Min will change bodyguard immediately unless she loose confidence on them .....or if SOMEONE is very worried and wants to make sure she is safe by putting his own people around her? Who could that someone be?  
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  17. Danie_A added a post in a topic Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥   

    So adorable...I feel bad for the crowd control guys lol aww 

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  18. MaraT added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Warm and Cozy 맨도롱 또똣 Ep 3-4 May20-21 * Wed-Thurs 10pm KST   

    I'm new to these forums, but have been stalking them lately for translations/info, recaps, etc.  one thing I've come across lately, is reference to Richard Simmons.  Is that referring to the American exercise guru, and why?  I never heard of that reference until I came here, so an someone explain it to me, please?  I'm not offended, I just want to understand what it means!  Thank you!
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  19. hanna3188 added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] ♥O2 / Oxygen Couple♥ ~ *Jo In Sung & Song Hye Gyo* Heart-Warming Shippers   

    I love to read the interview..but its always in Hangul/korea... or Chinese..
    Englishhhh ppleasee...
    you have international followers..our dear.HyeKyo....
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  20. semzart5555 added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL THREAD]HeWon♥ Henry Lau (Super Junior-M) & Kim Yewon ♥ Mildang Couple   

    @‌jk1...Thank you for the update.  It's wonderful to hear that there many Kongdak couple shippers in Korea.  I am SOOOOOOO HAPPPY and so glad we are collaborating with our friends in Korea. 
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  21. hyolee143 added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL THREAD] JongYeon ❤ Brown Eyed Couple : Lee Jonghyun (CNBLUE ) & Gong Seungyeon   

    ​for the sake of ease of finding the links i'll repost this again:
    1st Channel (Main) - 
    2nd Channel - 
    3rd Channel - 
    4th Channel - 
    5th Channel - 
    6th Channel -
    7th Channel -  
    8th Channel -
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  22. jongski added a post in a topic Ji Soo 지수 (Currently filming upcoming Movie 2015: Glory Day)   

    because 140 words not enough....ha ha
    Glory Day will be show second half of the year I think and we're excited!!!!!!!!!  Need to see impressive breakout star rookie Ji Soo. Then I want another k drama. Oh drama gods pls make it happen because Jisoo's role as bokdong in Angry Mom captivated us. impressed us. He will be the next A lead superstar!
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  23. salijoo added a post in a topic [Upcoming Drama 2015] My Love Eun-dong 사랑하는 은동아 — MLE, The Beginning Episode 3, available (p. 63)   

    @jadecloud, Thank you so much for your hard work, I was looking so hard the poet's name, one of his poem was already shown in episode 2 of the web drama, that poem is apparently the most popular one from his; 인연 (Karma). 
    And DBSK's magic castle as the first OST? WOW, so original, never thought they would use old songs as OST. BTW, they are good at selling this drama, love what's written, hope it's not hoax, don't want to be betrayed wr-nim!!!
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