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  • matahari123
    Hi, gue widi..
    mau tanya dong, gimana sih cara insert picture.
    ajarin gw ya :)
    March 22
    • xoxbinmin_stv
      haaaay aku amel, sorry baru bales soalnya aku baru lihat pesen kamu maaf yaaah hehe
      gampang kok kamu
      1. pilih foto dari mana ajah tapi gak bisa foto dari PC kamu misalnya kamu pilih dari forum sompi
      2. terus kamu klik kanan pilih copy image addres atau copy image
      3. terus kamu cari insert image paste copy image addres kalau kamu pilih itu terus submit post komen deh atau
      4. tinggal copy image ke kolom komen kalau kamu pilih copy image terus post deh

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  • winnieho
    This is unbecoming behaviour from you. I thought that you were a mature 19 year old trying to find answers. I treated you like an adult by listening to your questions seriously and trying my best to answer. I hope that I am not wrong in my judgement of you being a good person. But then I read some of your posts today and it looks like you are trolling, instigated by others.

    I am very disappointed.:(

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    CONGRATULATIONS!! KuHyeSun & team of BLOOD the multi-talented actress! You're the Best!
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    March 28
  • Annyeong Honeybees! I am one of the lurkers who has just decided to unlurk after the longest of time due to my overflowing love for Solim couple and this forum. So.much.feels.can't.contain.ugh! I have been following this thread since the very first beehive (that's page 1 until page 2000 right there, yup!). I may or may not read every single page (some pages were meant to be read repeatedly) the first thing every morning religiously. I may or may not ogle every single pic, gif, meme and MV created on this thread (still maintaining the illussion that I am not obsessed). I have always been in an awe by your sharp analytical skills and observation, not to mention wise point of views and ribs-fracturing funny jokes. I have been watching WGM since the very 1st season with Ant couple, Lettuce couple etc...etc.. but none has hooked me up this deep (I played Solim episodes during a work meeting, bad I know... don't do it) So anyhow... please take care of this rookie! Lots of Love!
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    Hi everybody :) My name is Tiffany. I am a 20 year old potato that plays league of legends (which is basically the only game I play because mmo's are boring for me), lurks the internet, and watches kdramas and anime :D I've been loving healer so far AHH JI CHANG WOOK.
    Some of my favourite kdramas are Pinocchio, Doctor Stranger, Boys over Flowers, and shining inheritance. 
    I'm new to forums but just discovered the amazing-ness of them when I was browsing through kdrama recommendations ^_^ 
    kasjdhakjshd this post is so derp LOL everybody is so random but but hope everybody is having a good day :)