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  1. ororomunroe added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Second Time 20 Yrs Old 두번째 스무살 | EP 14 Vid/Txt Previews on pgs 139/140 | EP 13 Recap on pgs 140-141   

    'Twenty Again' Choi Ji-woo finds out about shocking past
    Choi Ji-woo became to learn about a shocking past. It was about Choi Woon-yeong's cruelly irresponsible demeanor.
    On the 13th episode of tvN's "Twenty Again", Ha No-ra (Choi Ji-woo) accompanied her husband Kim Woo-cheol (Choi Woon-yeong) to a dinner meeting with a professor couple whom he used to work for in Germany. During the meeting, No-ra confirmed that Kim Woo-cheol had been hiding her existence for the entire four years while they had been staying in Germany. But it was ok because she was vaguely aware of it.
    However, there was more. In April, 2000, when her grandmother who was like her parents passed away, Kim Woo-cheol made an unnecessary trip to Washington D.C. in US instead of attending the funeral.
    Ha No-ra exploded with anger and left the dinner table right away. Kim Woo-cheol came out following her and she slapped him on the face. Ha No-ra went to the tteokbokki restaurant that her grandmother used to run. She cried her heart out in front of the locked door.
    EP 13 Rating - 6.076% (-0.889%).
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  2. heartkwbheart added a post in a topic Kim Woo Bin 김우빈   



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  3. Nancyzak added a post in a topic Kim Tae Hee * 김태희 * 金泰希 * キム・テヒ、   

    Video of KTH's vehicle arriving at KDA venue and KTH on red carpet, by onlooker.
    Credit : 마레
    Arriving and on red carpet.
    Credit : Spring Spring 21
    Taiwan TV news on KDA 2015 that includes KTH.

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  4. kelela added a post in a topic [Variety 2015] Three Meals A Day - Fishing Village 삼시세끼-어촌편 (tvN)   

    Anyone know anyone subbing last season or this season? I'm disappointed that tvN hasn't done much as far as getting licensing done (I have a feeling with all the popular songs they use, it could be a problem). Even so, I'd love to see this subbed. Already did a Viki request. 
    I love Cha Seung Won and would LOVE to see all the available episodes. 
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  5. suchadiva42 added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015-2016] Glamorous Temptation 화려한 유혹   

    I don't think HW father's death wasn't no accident and that's why HW intends to find out what really happened and will have those corrupted ones begging on their knees. Stay tune everyone were about to see some serious action 
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  6. augustwentie added a post in a topic |WGM Chinese Version| We Are In Love - BF Choi Siwon |SUJU| and GF Liu Wen |Victoria Secret Model|   

    Celebrities usually have "vacation" time to spend with their families/friends/loved ones before enlisting. I don't know if Siwon will have that vacation time or he will just be a workaholic and take in works until his enlist date. During this hiatus, their pictures are mostly fan-taken or self-posted but we are well aware that paparazzi still follow them. They definitely won't want to get caught at this sensitive period, because any scandal involves enlistment (before, during, and after) would affect them in every other way (mostly bad.) *cough*
    Some sources said that SM male celebrities have good relationship with Dispatch people (this is not clarified but seeing SM idols beside SNSD are rarely involved in any dating scandal, I will just pretend this is true..) I hope he will have a peaceful enlistment. 
    Since we all want them to meet up before he leaves for his service, I think it's best that they would post it on their SNS themselves, kind of a "friends-meet-up-wassup/we're-good-friends" (but who knows what's behind LOL) That would be safe for them, and it can satisfy 16 fans, non-fans, as well as the media. 
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  7. mygirls added a post in a topic Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)   

    @Corearan, Yes that outfit he wore at the award was beautiful, it reminds me of the outfit he wore for the SBS award in 2014 for pino...He is amazing, and i agree he needs to work to get more awards and one day DAESANG...So proud of him...JS be more confidence and stand TALL, handsome fella...
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  8. myden added a post in a topic [Mainland Chinese Drama 2015] The Journey of Flower 花千骨   

    @Cupcakeninja LOL!!! I know right?! I had to pause several times. It's insane how artists can shoot this kind of scene while so many people are present. LY always had cute and innocent roles. The behind the scenes are probably worse than actual bed scenes.. I was thinking of watching The Palace a while back but i didn't commit to watching it. Do you think its worth it? Wallace is indeed a God among mortals. He's definitely every girl's dream.. 
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  9. dramaonsofa_stv added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] D-Day 디 데이 | Fri-Sat 20:40 KST | Ep 7 Recap on pg 27   

    Recap for ep 7
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  10. ecs707a added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Yong-Pal 용팔이   

    Well, we can rationalize the lack of blood by assuming that it was probably safety glass, so it broke into chunks, not shards.  Still, falling that far and having glass (in a hospital!) that breaks under the weight of a tiny female is clearly pure fiction.
    Lol, that we are.  Imagine us making this concentrating face as we work:

    If only my eyebrows were as fabulous...
    As @yonaomi123 said, it's a drama.  But the connection between it and YJ/"Young Ae" is that the drama starred Lee Young Ae.  So that's what the joke was.
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  11. mygirls added a post in a topic Lee Jong Suk 이종석   


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  12. Cupcakeninja added a post in a topic [Mainland Chinese Drama 2015] The Journey of Flower 花千骨   

    Dear Lord, I tried to watch this clip last week when someone posted it in one of the forum. I couldn't even watch this clip, but i admit that I watched The Palace. Yup, it's very very interesting. Li Ying in this role was totally opposite from the other characters that she acted.
    @myden Wallace's face structure is perfect. His jawline....his eyes, nose and lips are perfect! Whoever gets to marry him is lucky
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  13. suchadiva42 added a post in a topic [Current Weekend Drama 2015] My Daughter Geum Sa-wol 내 딸, 금사월   

    After seeing the next episode, that devils avocate Man Hoo really can be a mean daddy the way he was about to hit son CB with a golf club tsk, tsk, tsk, I waiting to see how DY treats SW knowing she's her daughter and will DY following SW like she did with HS. This drama is like an unsolved mystery but I will stay tune to see how it unfolds.
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  14. Nancyzak added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Yong-Pal 용팔이   

    Video clips of Kim Tae Hee arriving at KDA venue, on red carpet, receiving the award and giving her acceptance speech.
    Credit all videos above : Joo Won Kim Tae Hee
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  15. chakita babe added a post in a topic So Ji Sub 소지섭   

    Good morning beautiful people in the house....'sharing is caring' and again, everything posted here of our gorgeous man has been much appreciated, absolutely! Thank you so much for the many beautiful pictures, memories, updates and discussions of what SJS is up to these days....
    YAY! Confirmation now of OMG, miane, Oh My Venus (okay, not as catchy a title as OMG, but no matter.....) anything with our gorgeous SJS will be AMAZING!! woot woot!! Late November, Mondays and Tuesdays has been locked in....the DO NOT DISTURB sign will be on my bedroom door....LOL!! I know, so polite, I dont wanna have to say 'kkyeogo' to anyway who interrupts my viewing, so its good to fore-warn the rest of the family, dont you think....YAY!! I would have just returned from my holiday so I reckon 'jetlag' will be the perfect excuse to isolate myself in my room.....absolutely!
    @sojisubaddicted, loving the Marmot pics around town....woot woot! I reckon this will be the closest I would get to SJS when I visit SK soon, taking a selfie with a Marmot billboard/poster....hahahaha!! SJS is going to be busy busy busy with his new drama...YAY! so either I kidnap Kato, stalk the set of OMV or sleep outside 51K.... I dont think I will be lucky enough to meet this hunk of a man due to his schedule, so I guess I should be thankful for the many posters and billboards of SJS around town, right!....kamsa!
    @sugarmay, thank you chingu for the heads up details of where to buy So Ganzi, you know what, I have been a member of this website 51k for so long, but do you think I can get in now... I have come across problems logging in with a message saying to contact them in Korean which I dont understand, so I have not been able to log in since a few months ago now,  and Im going CRAZY!!...AHHHH...ottoke ottoke, wae wae????...I have tried to send emails to the address given for HELP but have not received any love....OMG!! sigh, so Im kinda looking at different avenues of where to purchase SJS memorabillia now, cos Im totally lost and confused, and of course heartbroken... sigh!
    @mathi, your had work and efforts here have been much appreciated, thank you so much for the gorgeous pics...loved SJS in the hoodies...looking so casually normal, but unknowingly sexy and spunky (to the many female fans....). SJS just has that something something about him, that just makes him SO GANJI!.....absolutely!
    I really do love the BTS of anything produced, because it kinda makes viewers and fans realise and see that there is fun had by everyone, not just hard work, but little witty moments that capture the emotions of the moment, and resulting of course, in fantastic and awesome pictures and/or takes....kamsahmnida... SJS is such a professional, and works so hard to achieve great outcomes for all fans worldwide, to appreciate and embrace, absolutely...
    Congratulations SJS, Good Luck with OMV, Seeing SJS on screen again promoting good health and wellbeing....WOAH! Thats going to be FAB!!
    Have a great and happy weekend @EVERYONE.....!!! Smile and make a difference in some ones life....SJS FIGHTING!!
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  16. Shajoona added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] ✿ She Was Pretty 그녀는 예뻤다 ✿ | Ep 9 on October 14 | Subbed BTS on Pg 322 & 339 :D   

    Can we please take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this scene ?!! he was like " okay ..this time i'm gonna catch you " his world is totally upside down because of her ..and you know what kills me ?!! that she doesn't know..i mean we spent the first half of the drama asking SJ to think open his eyes and see HJ..and now when he finally saw her ..i need HJ to THINK for the god see the way that he looks at her ..those she gonna ask herself ..why did he stopped her at that moment ?!! isn't she curious..why did he stopped me ?!! like seriously girl ..also that moment when she told him to pick up his phone and he didn't even take his eyes off her and looked to see who's calling ..he was looking at her with his mind and soul..gahhhhhhhhhhhhh Hye Jin ah ~ can't you see what he is going through ?!! do i have to see you guys suffering this much ..?!! Damn that scene was beautiful ~
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  17. CherryWookieForever added a post in a topic Lee Da Hae 이다해 李多海 イ・ダヘ   

    HAHA, Lee Da Hae is so funny and beautiful in Running Man, especially ep.82 which is entirely focused on her. Also, how the male running man members went crazy when it is revealed that she is the guest. I actually watched that for like so many times.
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  18. Chellsee added a post in a topic Song Il Kook 송일국   

    Appa Song Il Kook's youngest, adorable and beautiful Manserella. 
    Artwork by shandyclaws.

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  19. KTHubbybunch added a post in a topic THE OFFICIAL KANGTA THREAD   

    great! he's a goer on task this year a combining a group album + his own early next year. i feel that rapid "witch-snitch" out of the bloom with that new album, hopefully he won't end up with one of his marrying days ahead...!!!

    we'll share this cute little square rooted sweets together on his special day today.
    and in particular, NO SHARE TO WITCH-SNITCHERS who just wants a piece through him.
    may all bless him a marrying joyful days ahead of his career & life works. Keep him safe always. <3
    how's all the girls doing here?.. our be been busy hood, hope they drop by & kiss this time line for him, coz tomorrow is another day... for me~! hehe
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  20. RashawnS added a post in a topic Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Tae Hee, EXO’s Chanyeol, and More Win at 2015 Korea Drama Awards   

    I can agree with your list with the exception of KMHM, Healer, Scholar who walks at night, High Society and Angry Mom....Shine or Go crazy barely makes the list, everything else on the list is exceptional, Especially Heart to Heart
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  21. ecs707a added a post in a topic Joo Won 주원   

    Well, there is grief and angst in Gaksital.  It's worth it, though!  If you really can't, I'd say try Cantabile, Ojakgyo, or Good Doctor.  Ojakgyo is long, and there are angsty parts, but there's a nice balance between angst and cute throughout, with all the brothers and their separate storylines.  But 58 episodes.  So there's that.
    Cantabile is more slice-of-life.  I guess it'd be classified as rom-com, but I have my doubts because I almost never like rom-coms and don't usually find them funny, lol.  This is funny, but it kept some of the manga-esque humor, so it feels less like a typical rom-com.  It has so many lovable characters, and it's so very pretty.  It's not perfect - I was never a fan of the pointless "love triangle", even though I liked the other guy's character when they gave him more interesting things to do than just needle Yoo Jin.  And the music is another strong point.  Aaah.  Am I trying to talk myself into rewatching this?  Haha.

    Preettty.  Oh yes.

    Anyway, my third favorite of his dramas.   
    Good Doctor was...good.  But I can't say I really loved it either.  It was a little too after school special for me.  But it's very sweet and nice and the acting is good and it has my favorite cameo ever, so...
    I guess I'm agreeing with @ophris, haha.  @ophris!  You must watch Baker King!  You can wait until he leaves, but you must.    And I envy you, since the only thing I would have left to claim that I'm "saving" for the military service dry spell is the second half of Level 7.   Ugh.  Hopefully he does a bunch of projects and they come out after he goes, so it won't be so bad.
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  22. Chellsee added a post in a topic [Variety] The Return of Superman 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 WELCOME NEW FAMILY Lee Dong-Gook - 2 August 2015-E89   

    Adorable and beautiful Manserella. 
    Artwork by shandyclaws.

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  23. RashawnS added a post in a topic Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Tae Hee, EXO’s Chanyeol, and More Win at 2015 Korea Drama Awards   

    I have to add SooYoung to your list to make it complete
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