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  2. Ryu Jun Yeol 류준열

    I'll admit it I'm also drawn in by his looks! He was the only one who caught my eyes in episode one! That was truly love at first sight!  And after that I saw the behind the scenes and his v app and found out that he is truly an admirable, inspiring person. His views on some things are really outstanding, he gave so good advices I was near to tears seeing that. And he is humorous as well, I died laughing when he said he is ugly when he cries or laughs but I don't think that, he still is so adorable and sexy I don't find him ugly at all.  In conclusion I think this combination is what makes Junyeolie the real deal and I think he will stay for a long long time. I just love everything about this man. 
  3. [Current Taiwanese Drama 2015-2016] Bromance 愛上哥們

    no no no no! even though sometimes you're not fast in updating your blog its always worth the wait  
  4. [Upcoming Drama 2016] Jade Lover - Lee Jong Suk

    Lee Jong Suk Sign Autographs to Fans At Jade Lover Set In Shanghai  Cr: As Tagged 
  5. [OFFICIAL] Kwak Si Yang & Kim So Yeon

    Another sweet episode from our dear couple  Even though I don't understand what they're saying, I still get to smile and laugh at their cute interactions. It's so nice to see them again in their car. Whenever they're inside, my eyes would immediately stare at their hands. So sweet! I can't help but notice the girls (I think they are stylists) were also laughing during Siyang's dance and the part wherein our couple were touchy-touchy with each other. One of them even took a video of Siyang dancing. LOL! Why do I find it adorable whenever Soyeon mentions her mother? Every time she mentions her mother, I'm hoping she (mother) would appear on the show. But I think that would not happen for sure. One could wish right? Hehe Anyways, next week is their trip! Can't wait! Looks like they rode a lot of vehicles to get to their destination. And I agree that she looks so cute when she was wrapped by the scarf 
  6. @irenetan,thank you...soompi didn't let me pm you..even just to reply.....i am very happy now....yuhui.... excuse me everyone ...the weather not cold anymore....@aydenJ...let's dance to this coming holiday....wait the bell ring soon..kkk..4 or 5 years is no long when we in love right....
  7. 2PM's Hwang Chansung (황찬성) Official Thread

    Twitter update ~ 5/2/2016 @2PMagreement211: Gyu ??   @2PMagreement211: Shall ???   @2PMagreement211: heh..   @2PMagreement211: Euheeheehee the first filming is complete   Conversation of ChanNuneo on the same day   @dlwnsghek: @2PMagreement211 Yo, y'all follow me   @2PMagreement211: @dlwnsghek Is this a duel?   @dlwnsghek: @2PMagreement211 I am your nuna   cr 2PMAlways
  8. Ah the ex-boyfriend! I forgot about him...yes he'll be back because she was definitely scared about what he had on her. Whatever it is must be quite scandalous...even to make GH run away from her. HJ is too busy tormenting DB and manipulating others that she forgot about the skeletons in the closet. I hope that guy comes back to drive her crazy....DB needs a break from the nutcase.
  9. @niq8803 Thank you! You're a gem  That video is perfect
  10. @MrsSoJiSub Right, I agree with everything you wrote. Jung turned around and did exactly what she told him not to do.  So let's pretend Jung and Seol talked it out and Seol had agreed to his 'plan' (yeah I know I know very unlikely but just pretending). Would the Joon-Minsoo setup still be seen as something wrong/questionable? (I probably didn't word my initial question correctly otl).
  11. guys there are new bts pics posted on phj's companys ig account..dont have time to post them, so if any kind soul would post them it would be much appreciated..   P.S. It's from the kiss scene on the bench
  12. Hve a nice day/night to us faithful MINSUNners...thanks for all d hardwork guys...Remember sisters GHS interview last 2013 from HK, when  d mc asked who was LMH to her? She said OMMA, like a mother y? Bcoz he seems like he's gving her a lot of freedom n also seems like he will help her n let her grow up freely....if u read between d line guys that was GHS indirect revelation/admittance of their "real but  hidden relationship"...hve u noticed that interview from HK, no one dared to asked her a follow up question in Korea knowing that she had done a couple of interviews back from 2013-2015...d mc who interviewed her last 2014 asked also if they r still in contract of LMH, then GHS avoided that question smartly  n d mc nver follow up as well, do u get what i mean guys? I think some really knows "MINSUN existence" already, really i'm very sure of that...maybe bcoz of respect n loyalty so they keep their mouth sealed... No date  of airing yet of MINSUN couple separate movie n drama in big/small screen missed them so badly (sigh)...LMH comeback drama no news as well who would be his leading lady, impending, last minute revelation  of his co-star maybe GHS lol....MINSUN really something if my thoughts really happen as well....I would be d happiest, guys fighting,our couple homerun already lol!
  13. Ha Ji Won 하지원

    I can't find the magazine yet ^^+ just journal only, one page advertisement for HaJiWon February issue
  14. To reassure people, I'm honestly not that worried. I didn't watch Reply 1988 and have no intention of doing so. I was only responding to   a post that In-ho and Seol was a realistic endgame.  All I was saying was that from a storytelling point of view, it just doesn't make any sense no matter who you're rooting for. And it's clear to me from the last two episodes that despite spending a lot of time with In-ho in the last two episodes, that Seol doesn't think of him as anything more than a friend. I've also said repeatedly that In-ho knows that too.
  15. Ryu Jun Yeol 류준열

    i want to share here, bcs this thread is like a home for me! and thanks to RJY oppa, i met many awesome ppl around the world! kkkk~ welcome back uri awesome chinguuu  it's nice to have u back on trackkkk! since i love pony so muchh this is a present for youuuu kkkkkkk~
  16. Han Hyo Joo 한효주

    hehe same here!by land & sky is the last kdrama i watched but only watched all hyo joo's scenes hehe just done watching it now & i'm about to rewatch brilliant legacy now hehe..i've  only watched cold eyes 3x  but i guess i've watched love 911 more than 5x already
  17. Or at least why not insist that the very important witness be watched closely and protected. It drove me nuts that nothing was done to ensure that man's safety when they knew that he had the evidence or was the evidence which proved DP's (well it was actually his wife who dealt the fatal blow) connection to the murder. BH had already seen MR's at the hospital, yet she left this man to be open to be kidnapped or even murdered. The detective helping with the case should also take part of the blame. I'm not even sure he's really done anything to help so far.
  18. Joo Won 주원

     monster MBC drama  not SBS
  19. @yuhotarubi A lot of us are complaining about the Reply series, but despite it all, I think most of us can agree that we still love them to death and that they are among the best Korean shows ever made! You should at least give Reply 1997 a try. But I do agree that CITT is pretty straight forward and I don't think it is a story about any other couple than Jung and Seol. Whether they end up together or not is another question (someone mentioned that maybe Seol would end up alone, before meeting some else later; a realist idea I am not totally against), but the drama is about them for sure!
  20. [Current Drama 2016] Signal 시그널

  21.   Don't feel worry about me Sis, i'm here in my comfort and cozy room taken online courses with local Univ Prof as my supervisor.... be rejected and be denial every single pages... or event paragraph it totally normal for me as i'm the only one student taken this subject papers this semester, a lot of thing she put on line (her reputation and Univ names) as do I'm. That why I need a funny.. less dramatic...less stereotypes Kdrama to help me go throw this semester till April   Please... update more jokes..analyse the drama.. screen shot and cute picture of our OTP... it help me internally... that make everyone here Angels in my eye...thanks You, All....again....   See you on Wednesday and if you celebrating CNY~ Happy New Year...   (i don't even learn how to put monkey animation here... sorry...)
  22. and BFF Asuka's ins posted this! So you're buying a birthday cake for the birthday boy?  Happy Birthday, Lee Hongki!! 
  23. 2PM's Hwang Chansung (황찬성) Official Thread

    Twitter update ~ 4/2/2016 RT @2PMagreement211: Nam Bong-gee.. cr 2PMAlways  
  24. @lclarakl since the webtoon and drama are going exactly the same way, once upon a time I was where you are reading scenes between Inho and Seol playing the piano, working in the resturant and things like that while Jung was there but Seol didn't really trust him yet or he was at his internship or they were on the outs or Jung was making me question him a lot LOL and I didn't know what was going to come next. There were Inho/Seol webtoon shippers (yes they really do exist LOL)  who were taking about the comfort and ease that Inho and Seol have (which is/was true here and there) and how it is only a matter of time before Seol fell for Inho. However what I was reading was not telling me that I didn't know what was going to come, but what I was reading was two friends together that some in fandom wanted together and not going to lie would be kinda cute together; however the story wasn't going there. What I felt then about the webtoon is what I feel now about the drama, when I watch the drama I try to forget the webtoon (even though it doesn't always work) because the writer could go any way with it and they have because some of the developments are not in the webtoon and Inho's character is so dang different and they upped the "mystery" of Jung so I've kind throw the webtoon out cause it's different now. Still watching the drama I just don't see what you see (which is completely fine) I don't think the writer is doing anything different from what any other drama do and I think the writer has made it clear as day what  Seol feels for Inho, what she feels for Jung. The different things she gets from both, and who Seol wants to be with and continues to try and be with. I mean, Inho is standing right next to her being his puppy dog self and Seol is "there"as in a shell of herself but not there because her mind, heart if you will is on Jung. She almost walks into a pole thinking on Jung. She can't study with Inho and asks to cancel because she is thinking about Jung. I am confused about how much else clearer the writer could make it that Seol I would dare say is starting to fall in love with Jung or really really really like since I can already see people shaking their head nah. To me Seol's life cannot revolve around Jung and what he want and what would make him happy. So I have no problem with her hanging out with Inho even though it doesn't make Jung happy and  I have no problem with her not having much time with Jung now since she s a busy college girl and he is a busy university boy who also has to intern. When the two can they make the time and effort to be with one another. Right now in the story they can't because they are on a break but once that arc is over they will spend time together yet again. I don't think Seol should cut back on seeing Inho just because Jung doesn't have the time to see her equally as much. I don't think you should allow a relationship to dictate that much of other aspects of your life. I am dating you but I also have a life, friends, family, studies, work, etc, that require my time and attention as well. You are not the sun which I orbit. Seol is a nice girl and she treats Inho who she has known close to a year now as the nice friend that he is. I am really curious as to how you would like to see Inho and Seol interact with one another? Do you want her to tell Inho "today I am riding the train home at 7 and since Jung is uncomfortable with us hanging out with one another, please take the 6' train so we do not go home together" At work she shouldn't talk to Inho unless it is "table number 4 needs water" she shouldn't tutor Inho and should ask another friend to do it instead? She and Inho should have nothing more than a "hi" "hi" employer and employee relationship? I am really curious if you could state the type of relationship you would like for Seol to have with Inho and the kind you want to see her share with Jung. What specifically is Seol not doing with Inho and with Jung that you would like to see her do or not do anymore? What other than completely taking out the "love triangle" could the writer do? I think I could understand your point of view better. I hope I have not caused offense in anything I've said. *please excuse spelling and grammar mistakes. 
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