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  3. [OFFICIAL] Kwak Si Yang & Kim So Yeon

    I know this may be late but i would like to share the "KSY effect" on my life too 1. I have Jung Yup's Why did you come now, GNa and Wheesung's Nice to meet you, in my playlist even though i dont understand Korean. I love playing them (and singing along!) repeatedly, despite getting weird looks from others keke 2. I am also on the look out for Soyeonnie's nail polish color and try them on myself 3. I love ordering Korean food that are usually eaten by our couple (only those that are available in my country) 4. Started buying strawberries, blueberries, mandarins 5. Decided to become thrifty like uri goddess 6. Watched Falling for Innocence ever since the epi where the cast visited our couple 7. Bought a bracelet similar to what they have during the first few episodes 8. I have them as my phone's wallpaper Just like fellow berry @suwon, it is my first time to join a fandom too, first time voice recording for a couple and writing letters. I never thought i would do these type of things. I incorporate them in my daily life too much, it's not even normal  i never fail to look at @seesaw_love's ig posts and this forum everyday. And i do feel emptiness in my heart whenever there is no new articles/news about our couple. And as for our couple's progress, i do agree with fellow berry @kappy that their love is indeed "approaching"/getting there. I don't want to get my hopes really really up due to consideration of Siyang's rising star status but if both of them decided to give love a chance (I can feel that Soyeonah has high chances of opening her heart), then I would be the happiest shipper in the world  
  4. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

      Oh you're right, 34. Wrong calculations Hehe that's a good way for you to remember ! Yes, once, some years ago, when I was lighter and stronger somehow ^^ You have to carry almost all of your weight with your elbow. @proudme, actually I expected something much worse with what we saw last time with the colorful princes. But I like how JG looks. The hair is fine and if his color is black it's great. I don't know what he is wearing on the pic but it doesn't look like a regular "ceremonial/royal" hanbook like the princes last time. Now I'm really looking forward to the different costumes and hairstyle we'll get to see in the drama ! IU is looking fine too. Very pretty. Still not sure of their couple chemistry though.    
  5. I'm shocked that halmoni is still going ahead with the wedding plans after what she witnessed. That should have set off alarm bells and it's surprising that she didn't ask if this had happened before. If SJ had told her that it wasn't the first time, I think she may have had second thoughts about it and insisted on another candidate for SJ. She may be worried about her grandson being alone but I don't think it's right to push him into a marriage so soon with a woman who is already showing signs that all may not be well. She should have advised SJ to wait a bit and see how things go(if only to observe JH some more) instead of giving the go ahead for the engagement party. Now SJ is bound to this woman and even though we know, he will walk at the slightest chance of being with SY, it will be a huge blow to the family's reputation should it happen.
  6.   Blake is fansubbed I guess. They upload the same day with english sub, really good english subs, few mistakes, typos most. Then, j2skyj is from the official facebook page, so they come a little bit late but with the more or less accurate translation, even explanations in bubbles on the videos. Hope it helps you choose 
  7. Kim Woo Bin 김우빈

    cr: TOPUbin & KimWooBinPH
  8. Page Turner  teaser for this special drama please check previous pages. This is only 3 episodes. A Coming-of-age drama. A genius pianist and an athlete, who is bold, brave and fearless yet short-tempered, get to live a different life completely opposite to each one’s previous regular daily life, after the two got into an unexpected accident (cr:hancinema) I've been waiting for this since last year when they announced it. Tweeps asking why only 3 episodes and not 16.. I dunno. But we can expect a good one with this drama.3 young stars and their caliber of acting they have have, excited to watch especially Ji Soo. Kim So Hyun is the piano prodigy. Ji Soo is the athlete and Shin Jae Ha is the rival pianist.
  9. @Ldy Gmerm, Thanks chingu for the video clips I deeply appreciate your hard work. @tinatrix236, Don't worry chingu you'll get there being an Immortal  I really don't know why that crazy gone mad looking child hasn't come and realize that she'll never have GH heart, and for her to simply go on a blind date to find a man that's willing to give her his whole heart. because as we've seen the twit heard it right out of GH's own mouth that he doesn't love her and not behind a bush but up front in her face and still willing to sacrifice losing her state of mind over a man that never wanted her smh. I also like SS hair straight and maybe she could become more mature then the previous episodes, in which she really had me skipping thru some of her scenes. but is willing to see some improvement for remainder of this drama. 
  10. Lee Min Jung 이민정

    B-cut photo from last HIGHCUT pictorial  
  11. Can I like the interview a 1000x over?
  12. Hey, just wanted to spread the word about this. If you want to read the novel, Are You Addicted? by Chai Jidan in English, please write to and tell them you want to see them publish the book in English language. Email them, write to them on their Facebook, and contact them on Twitter. When we have the book available to buy, we have the opportunity to support Chai Jidan. SuBLime manga email: SuBLime Facebook: SuBLime manga Twitter: @SuBLimeManga
  13. @winterbubbletea   Thank you, thank you. Read chapter 7 and love it very much. You sure have ways with words. Kudos to you. Please have a good rest. 
  14. crystalcove  February 11, 2016 The premiere of the highly anticipated Song Joong Ki–Song Hye Kyo drama,  “Descendants of the Sun,” is coming soon, and in addition to excitingtrailers, we are also getting preview stills that give us a look into the characters that populate the story.Watch one of the trailers for “Descendants of the Sun” below. It’s coming soon exclusively to Viki! Source (1)  
  15. Yay! We've got numbers 14 and 15. I am in love with today's episode! It was so good. 
  16. Park Shin Hye 박신혜

    ShinHye IG update SH enjoyed listening to Cold Play songs with favorite turntable she wanted to have, at the family gathering.
  17. [Upcoming Drama 2016] Happy Home 가화만사성

    Thank you everyone for all your updates and thoughts!  Am having trouble catching up this week.  Panting Panting!! @larus Thank you for allforyou photos.  Ahhhh...  Lee Sang Woo and Kim So Yeon look so gorgeous together   Perfect Valentine Shoot  I love this picture too ... they look so fresh, relaxed.... Their love triangle in Happy Home will not allow them to do much of this huh? I am so looooking forward to watching them together in Happy Home.  Somehow I think Lee Sang Woo @ Genius Doctor will not appear so soon.  Would really love to see them together but at the same time.. reading all your discussions and thoughts about Ji Gun-  Hae Ryung - Hyun Ki love triangle is making me really nervous ahhh.... how, how, how???? Cause... either is good.  Depends on how we look at it.  For this writer, I have watched 2 of her dramas - Feast of the God and Hotel King.  For both dramas, the love lines are quite interesting - female lead have 2 good male candidates.   Looks like Happy Home is the same - Hae Ryung will have 2 good choices.  Good for different reasons.  Hae Ryung will have to make a decision that she feels right   As an audience.. i feel i will have to calm my heart all the way until the end....  For Feast of the God.. you do not know for sure until pretty much at the end.  As for Hotel King.. you pretty much know who she will end with.  But again, it was a good challenge with second guy.  Hmmm.. i am deliberating .. if I should or could I wait for the end of 50 episodes before I watch...   Hahaha this is the exact effect he has on me too "the more I see him, the more I like him".  Natural charm.  I have also read in a few press articles in 2015 - Lee Sang Woo has been referred to as "Prince of Melodrama" too!    Here is english trans for Kim So Yeon's Seollal Greetings...  source 'Happy Home' actress Kim So-yeon sends out Seollal greeting for her Korean and Chinese fans "Happy Home" actress Kim So-yeon sent out a new year's wish for her fans in Korea and China. On February 8th, Kim So-yeon has posted her new year's greeting through the official Facebook of her agency Namoo Actors and her Weibo SNS account. In the revealed photos, Kim So-yeon showing such a bright smile is holding a sign saying, "Happy New Year" in Korean and Chinese. Her lovely handwriting on the card has caught our attention. Kim So-yeon is returning to the small screen through MBC's new weekend drama, "Happy Home". As the first episode is about to go on air, she worked hard filming the drama on February 7th, a day before Seollal. While she is working hard without a holiday, she took a short break in between filming on the set in order to send out the heartwarming sincere messages for her fans. "Happy Home" is a family drama delivering the true meaning of family and happiness through the small and big events in Bong Sam-bong's family, who is an owner of a successful Chinese restaurant that he built almost from nothing. Kim So-yeon in the drama plays Bong Hae-ryeong, Bong Sam-bong's eldest daughter. "Happy Home" begins on February 27th.  
  18. [Current Drama 2016] Signal 시그널

    hmmm, but LJH knew future PHY not long ago before LJH was killed. it wasn't like LJH couldn't talk to him for last 5 years. LJH talked like it didn't have been long since he last talked with future PHY. LJH couldn't have done much at that short time that changes PHY's own life that dramatically. that walkie-talkie is magical and those, who hold it and know about it, remember the change. that's the point. and there are two people who are affected by it. and they are holding the SAME walkie-talkie. i think it's logical that the walkie-talkie should affect the two people in same way. both stay remembering the change. if both die, both repeat the timeline restarting from when they first got the magical transmission from the SAME walkie-talkie.
  19. Ryu Jun Yeol 류준열

      EMM any idea, what are they up to, I mean BYH48? are they meeting up or something? not in stalking mode today coz I'm at work XD
  20. [Current Taiwanese Drama 2015-2016] Bromance 愛上哥們

    Ummm not so much, guys can and do get diamond rings for engagement. The band will be wider, but the diamond will be there
  21. [Current Taiwanese Drama 2015-2016] Bromance 愛上哥們

    @literatelush, so sorry to hear about your mom. take care of yourself. So that you will be healthy to take care of them.  Its the season for sick kids here. The weather is a  bit hot and dry. 3 of my smaller kids are down with fever. But on the upside, the streets are lined with flowers resembling sakura flowers. The earlier government planted many of these trees and now we have so many flower blooming everywhere. That compensates a bit , not being able to go to Japan and watch real sakura flowers blooming. In my opinion, ZF found out just before he comforted her on the street where YN was crying after she met ZR at the clinic. He was totally different at their secret hideout. He was still treating her like a buddy at their night market date (still remembering Chris Wu and Nikki Hsieh's date at night market in Substitute Princess. I loved that drama. Another example of how awesome actor(s) can help a badly written drama. And how that actor gained fan recognition who then forced the scriptwriters to rewrite the whole drama. Ending with the 2nd lead becoming the hero. But it was also because the hero was a nice guy who didnt mind becoming the 2nd lead, for fans' sake)
  22. [Current Taiwanese Drama 2015-2016] Bromance 愛上哥們

    @winterbubbletea Yay! I'm watching Yameneko too!!! :DDDDDDD  By the way, did anyone notice how Baron was trying to pose in the beginning of the video when they asked him to pose with/move his hands more? It totally reminded me of this pose by Meagn... Ahem, let the delulu begin XD Baron has seen this photo that fans shared with him and was trying to do something similar XD Like who would randomly does this pose in a photoshoot?  Without seeing someone special pose this way haha
  23. @Gitakawaii Sorry if what I said seemed off-topic.  I posted those questions here because I want to get more insight into the depth of JungxSeol relationship so I thought it was more a question for this JungxSeol thread than main thread.   Anyway, these questions keep popping up now that I'm re-watching the episodes over again.  I swear, I never looked this closely into any relationship before.  It's the crazy chemistry.
  24. Would this be considered a high standard when dating?

    Er that's not high standard, that's bein' realistic LoL. I mean wouldn't you want to be in a relationship with security/stability as well? It's a no brainer frankly. 
  25. Before my vacation, i asked my good friend what r the drama she followed as for now. She said none. So i said, "here, take this and u'll love it!". Two days ago, i came back from vacation (glad no new episode during cny), she sent me a whatsapp saying that she fell in love. I called her straightaway to confirm, thinking she was seeing somebody. But she said no, she fell in love with CITT especially with PHJ. Ok, back to counting days people! 
  26. @NRGchick Thanks a lot chingu for using my ideas and calling me as one of Cheese biggest fans!! I have been thinking about DY. She is one of the girls who are always in the background, but so far, noone has never tried to analyse her! In the episode 1, we see that she is trying to seduce Yoo Jung because she can't get close to him as NJY is next to YJ and uses her spot to push away DY. Because of her behaviour, we observe that DY was interested in YJ. However, her interest was superficial as she saw YJ as a popular student. Dating would be benefitial for her: he is good-looking, rich, hardworking and has a good reputation. When YJ came back from the army duty, his reputation had preceded him. Bora described him as the perfect guy meaning that although he had been away for two years, his good reputation didn't suffer from it and people hadn't forgotten him like MS or OYG later! DY wanted him as boyfriend but couldn't succeed due to NJY's reputation and methods! Then we see her again, when she is working with Seol together for that presentation. She tries to work, but as she notices that the others don't show up, she doesn't go to the meeting either. We learn that she did even prepare her part but acted like the others, as if she had an excuse and hadn't done anything. Her behaviour in this matters reveals to me that DY is the kind of girl who will try to follow the flow. She feels insecure herself since she doesn't stand up for herself and her work! She could have given her paper, but she didn't, too scare to make MS and SC uncomfortable. Besides she must have felt that she wasn't less good than Seol therefore she didn't give her paper. when she was asked, she couldn't answer to the question which proves, she isn't that good compared to Seol! As conclusion based on these two events, I consider DY as a superficial girl who feels a little unsecure and she needs a popular boyfriend to feel secure. Later in the episode 9, when OYG is trying to convince Seol to become his girlfriend, he gives her his good points:  Actually I believe, he must have used the same points to DY in order to convince her to date him!!! And this time, he succeeded! In the last picture, DY is mentioned by OYG and he describes her as his tool. But if we think a little more about it, she did the same thing too! She was also using OYG! Interesting is that DY criticised Bora for not dating Eun Taek, while she would seduce other male students. She adviced her, just to pick one guy and date him! When DY said that to Bora, she was actually projecting her own thoughts into Bora. DY is the one who looked at the students and decided to choose OYG!! We see the way she acts that her affection for OYG isn't real. She is mad at him, when he humiliated her as he attacked YJ who is so popular! OYG would lose his popularity status and it would affect her. But she was acting the next day as the caring girlfriend because OYG had been able to become a victim and his popularity (as a victim) had helped to be surrounded by other students. As soon as OYG's reputation got better, she acted differently since he wants to be popular as well. Striking is that she decided to believe OYG's lies (Seol was the one being after him) because it would look much better in her case. DY is the victim of OYG's popularity among girls! She is dating a popular guy and a lot of girls want to date him. She couldn't help believing his lies as if she hadn't believed him, she would have become pathetic: Why on earth would she date a stalker and a two-timer? She would appear as loser because she had been fooled by him! As conclusion, DY is also interested in becoming popular among the female students, but the difference between MS and her is that she works more and she has more self-confidence. Yet, she shows some signs that she lacks courage as she always wants to follow the mainstream! In reality, she reveals herself as someone who doesn't have her own opinion or judgement! She will think what others think. Hence she is very different from Seol! That's why OYG's words had no impact on Seol, since she isn't a superficial girl! Moreover, she makes her own judgement about people but her flaw is to be too prejudiced! 
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