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  1. KJon added a post in a topic Moon Chae Won 문채원 ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ   

    Thanks for sharing, they really look good together!
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  2. kaiskloset added a post in a topic Kang Sora - 강소라 - 姜素拉 - カン・ソラ - คัง โซรา - كانغ سورا   

    not soo sure but the soju fan signing dress and this one looks the same except for the neckline
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  3. yesamania added a post in a topic g o d 지오디   

    help pls..
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  4. Melchai added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015-2016] Glamorous Temptation 화려한 유혹   

    The PD and the rest of the production team are the best.. the lists of actors and actresses in this drama are at their best in their acting .. from KSH, HW, Eunsoo, Ill JOo, HW mom, Eunsoo Mom and the rest are phenomenal .. KSH (love him in saeguk drama)  and  JSW are two great actor who can act in Modern n Saeguk (historical) drama ... since 34 episodes to go i really hope they  will keep up the momentum with more unexpected twists, more nerve wrecking plot  .. and of course the music background and the OST for ep. 16  blend really well with the emotions of HW  and was well acted by JSW  in that particular  scene .
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  5. maryofbethany added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Bubblegum 풍선껌 | Mon-Tues 11 PM KST   

    “In the end, it’s you. It was you from the beginning. It was all you….. I can hold you and I want to. But I’m not going to, I’m not going to do anything you don’t like.” Said RH.
    RH knows he is not perfect, thus he did “ran away”, since teenage when Mom threatened to throw HA away, he did ignore his heart and allowed her to run away, and now even think of breaking up. Allowing her to go to all her other relationship and believed in her dream that she care not, is a dream both of them should wake up and stop pretending that they can go back to where things once were. Once you wake up to your true feeling, there is no turning back. But the unique thing about this KD hunk is at this crucial time, he recognized the moment he let go, he will go back to her, because he knew from the beginning his heart was hers. So, he knew clearly, from the beginning to the end, it will always be: her in him, and him in her. Whosoever stands in between them, Sukjoon or whoever, doesn’t count at all. Still knowing the root of all problem is Mom, so he promised and will work on it, not giving empty promises without any plans. Thus, he will not even force HA, but let her come to him in her own timing, knowing Mom does matters to HA. Isn’t how HA felt about Mom been part of what touches him also? Loved a guy that will wait and let go his hand, to let the girl comes to him at her own timing. To have something you loved for a score years, it’s hard to let go and be patient and refused to hold on in selfishness, is greatness itself. Park Ri-Hwan should be the best role Lee Dong-Wook ever take on, at least to me. Watch his other drama, nothing strikes that much like RH.

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  6. willenette added a post in a topic Joo Jin Mo 주진모in upcoming Chinese Drama, "Sorry, Honey" (P549 - 550)   

    Hi, I completely agree with you - so, it would be balanced since he just finished doing a drama. But, it's fine also when he takes another drama for his next project. As long as we could get to see him on the screen, why not.....
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  7. XXXlatebloomerXXX added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Sassy Go Go (Cheer Up) 발칙하게 고고   

    Wa~~~~ great discussions by @season_goong & @darkangel123 chingus & updates from @fleurofjasmine chingu.
    One thing I like about SGG is we got tonnes of ship to choose from!!! Of course, in the end I'll just ship #OT13 plus Saem-deul. 
    @season_goong- chingu, sadly Mister X is apparently still unwell. or else he will definitely be reviewing this drama. heck, he even reviewed some of the worst dramas ever kekeke...
    Now I am gonna post the remaining 2 parts of Adieu 'Sassy Go Go' series by Sports Chosun (just to clear things, this series came out directly after the conclusion of SGG earlier this month..just that I found it this week)
    아듀 '발칙하게 고고'③ 이원근-지수, '제2의 이종석-김우빈' 될까
    Adieu ‘Sassy Go Go'③ LWG-JS, Are They Becoming “The 2nd LJS-KWB”?

    학원물의 정석은 브로맨스다.
    High-school drama’s formulaic bromance.
    KBS2 월화극 '발칙하게 고고'가 10일 종영했다. '발칙하게 고고'는 열등생들의 댄스 동아리 리얼킹과 우등생들의 응원부 백호가 치어리딩부로 통폐합되며 벌어지는 이야기를 그린 작품. 이원근-정은지-지수의 삼각관계, 악녀 채수빈의 만행, 이시대 고등학생들의고민과 현주소 등이 유쾌 발랄하게 그려지며 1020대 시청층의 지지를 받았다. 그리고 그 가운데 빛을 발했던 코드는 바로 이원근과지수의 브로맨스다.
    KBS2 Mon-Tue drama ‘Sassy Go Go’ ended on the 10th. SGG is a drama about the merging of the dance club Real King and the cheer club of top students Baek-ho into a cheerleading club. (This drama) portrayed the relationship triangle of LWG-JEJ-JS, the atrocity of the antagonist CSB, the worries and current state of present-day high-schoolers in lively and pleasant manner (thus) received support from the viewers of 1020 generation. Also, at its centre is the shining bromance between LWG and JS.
    극중 김열(이원근)과 서하준(지수)은 어릴 때부터 알고 지낸 소꿉친구다. 비록 김열은 머리부터 발끝까지 완벽한 엄친아이고, 서하준은 성적 지상 주의에 폭력적이기까지 한 아버지 밑에서 자라며 분노조절 장애를 앓고 있는 신비주의 소년이지만 두 사람은 세상어디에도 없는 진한 우정을 쌓아왔다. 부모의 사랑을 느끼지 못하고 서로만을 의지하며 지내왔기 때문. 어릴 때부터 "서로 좋아하는 사람이 생기면 가장 먼저 알려주자"고 약속하기도 했을 정도다. 비록 이들 모두 강연두(정은지)를 좋아하게 되면서 갈등을 겪긴했지만 브로맨스는 여전했다. 
    In the drama, KY (LWG) and SHJ (JS) are childhood friends who have known each other since (they were) small. Although KY is a perfect ‘Golden Boy’ from head to toe (while) SHJ is an occultism boy who studies only for the sake of results under the control of his violent father (thus) suffering disorder in controlling his anger,  these two built strong friendship that (can be found) nowhere in the world. Because they have been used to not getting love from their parents and only having each other to lean on. They even made promise to “From childhood let each other be the first to know if we find person who we like”. Although both ended up falling for KYD (JEJ) and faced conflicts but their bromance remained.
    김열은 성적을 비관해 자실 시도를 한 서하준 곁을 지켜줬다. 또 비밀 보장을 약속했다. 권수아(채수빈)에게 이용당한 것을 알고 폭주한 서하준을 막은 것 역시 김열이었다. 이렇게 끈끈한 사이다 보니 두 사람 사이에 오고 가는 대화도 예사롭지 않았다. "또 너를잃을까 두려웠다", "이 악물고 버티잖아 너 때문에…"라는 등의 심상치 않은 대화가 이어졌다.
    KY was always by SHJ’s side to protect him from attempting suicide due to his despair of result. Again, they promised to keep it a secret. Once this was known by KSA (CSB) she took advantage (of the secret) and it was KY who stopped the pressured SHJ. Watching this kind of sticky/close ‘Cider’, the conversations that went on between the two of them were not something common. “I am afraid I would lose you again”, “I am setting my jaw and endure, because of you…”, these are among their out of ordinary conversations that went on.
    더욱이 이원근과 지수의 연기 호흡이 좋았다. 두 사람 모두 풋풋한 마스크와 시원시원한 연기력으로 케미 부스터를 달았다. 이런모습은 마치 '학교 2014'의 이종석 김우빈을 연상케 하기도 했다. '학교 2014'에서 이종석과 김우빈은 오해 때문에 멀어졌지만, 누구보다 서로를 이해하고 아끼는 사이로 등장했다. 오해를 풀고난 뒤 다시 마음을 연 이들의 브로맨스는 수많은 여성팬들의 심장을 저격했고, 이 작품을 통해 이종석과 김우빈 모두 초절정 스타덤에 올랐다. 물론 이들과 '발칙하게 고고'의 캐릭터나 설정 자체는 다르다. 하지만 비주얼과 연기력으로 손발 오그라들지 않는 브로맨스를 표현해냈다는 점에서 이원근과 지수 역시 '학교' 시리즈 레전드스타로 남은 이종석 김우빈의 계보를 이을 수 있을거란 기대가 높아지고 있다.
    Moreover, LWG and JS acted well. Their fresh faces and straightforward acting all together have become the booster for the chemistry. This kind of appearance has been associated to the like of ‘School 2014’s LJS-KWB. In ‘School 2014’ LJS & KWB became estranged due to misunderstanding, but they started to get closer once they got to understand each other more than anyone. After clearing their misunderstanding and opened their heart (to each other) again, their bromance shot through the hearts of many women fans (and) this drama has shot LJS and KWB to stardom. Of course, the setup of the characters in SGG is different than these two. However, displaying their bromance without (causing) fingers to curl through their visuals and acting power, the expectation is increasing whether they can inherit the legendary ‘School’ series stars LJS-KWB.
    [Source:; Translation by ME] 
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  8. MiAmour added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] VIXX 빅스 Thread - Comeback November 10th!! #Chained_Up   

    unreleased pics

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  9. Prettysup added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] The Merchant : Gaekju 2015 장사의 신-객주 2015 | Wed/Thur 10 PM KST   

    Credit :
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  10. nearsea added a post in a topic [Official] ❤ Taeyang Couple ❤ Duk Sun and Sun Woo Reply 1988   

    @lxands I wish I could warm up to jh,as that would save me lots of headaches but I some how can't =/.I like all the tricks jung bong pulled off a lot,but it's mostly the group activities that cracked me up.Probably if some one else was doing the role of jh,maybe I'd have liked him,some how the actor is not up to my choice lol.About jae bo new theory is coming up,as it's still confusing to understand the right word being said,whether it was jae boo or jae woo,the confusion still remains..probably @sc_12c8b0ed95055cea92622993793eb685 can clarify it for us =].But by now I'm not giving it much importance,and I'm past the phase to expect anything lol.What I'd share here would be just my take on how I see the drama,but I don't have any remaining hope =/.I am already looking forward to the next reply,and this is just like a play of luck,you could either be on the winning side,where you guessed it right or not lol.
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  11. KJon added a post in a topic [Upcoming "MBC" Drama 2016] Goodbye Mr. Black 굿바이 미스터 블랙   

    As the others said, not all her fans think this way, you can see her fans here are supportive and have no problem at all with LJW as the lead. even if those people are really her fans, they represents themselves only.
    Personally, I think if they really love her they should at least wait and give the drama one chance before complaining, and posting negative comments won't do any good thing for her drama anyway, but everyone is different.
    Like @mulberry9 said, let's just ignore them and support the drama together.
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  12. willenette added a post in a topic Song Il Kook 송일국   

    Hi adelinetew, thanks for sharing the translation of his message. So NICE of his fans to support him while filming now. I'm sure he feels so happy knowing that his fans are always there for him. 
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  13. baduy added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] The Village: Achiara's Secret 마을- 아치아라의 비밀   

    That's correct. Ep 14 only this week, today (Wednesday)
    Final eps 15 and 16 in the normal slots next week, UNLESS pre-empted by baseball, awards show, or regional  finals of the over 75's kimchi making contest.
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  14. loveoppayam added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Oh Yeah Couple || Oh Min Suk && Kang Ye Won ||   

    because I was curious about this article , I use Google translate and Naver to understand it.
    translated as:
    Instrument was unveiled that is contestant in the drama 'please, Mom.' became an actor.
    Last January, unless tvn He was a confessional tone, saying,"In the past was an aspiring actress met a girl friend" in 'talk show scene of a taxi'.
    Followed by " But I persuaded a girlfriend, and agreed. I am going to army since. No need to know. but my girlfriend and I were a holiday agency office and professional encounter with deception. But put backup my girlfriend was lying and "to do 3:05" girlfriend is, when it got mad at me, cemented his mind towards smoke. A girl friend came to see from the military, tv. I guess it will remain the big injury I discharged in shock, we decided it's okay to open up.
    So he been a source of wonder, said it was "The solution is I think it was ' I will pop an actor.".
    (still hard to understand )
    @miri13 @ohye.lovers please help us
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  15. hoodz added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Oh Yeah Couple || Oh Min Suk && Kang Ye Won ||   

    Hi ladies! glad to find some fellow countryman.. or should I say countrygals? @Tapikoo, are you staying overseas?
    As for our lovely couple, from what I've seen so far, KYW is still kind of reserve in showing how she really feels, but I can tell that she feels deeply about OMS.  coz I'm kind of like her myself.. I do love my hubs but sometimes I may appear to be ignorant or not showing enough effort to express my feelings.  I just hope that OMS realises this (I mean KYW's feelings) and not feel put off by it.
    What I wish now (I think a lot of fans are also thinking the same) is for them to meet the parents.  I mean at their age, I'm sure the parents are anticipating, as in really want them to get married.  So, perhaps by meeting the parents, they can be nudged to head towards the right direction, much faster..
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  16. asiaren added a post in a topic Jerry Yan 言承旭   

    ....i'm   still a free man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  17. yumiko_hitoshi added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015-2016] Glamorous Temptation 화려한 유혹   

     @Nonglak Koomkamhaeng: Me too. Crying with HW and ES.
    KSH's really one of the best senior actors. Others actors and actresses are also doing well with their characters. They make us like them or hate them so much .
    Calling @Melchai, @kbleon or everyone, would you help to make a clip of those beautiful scenes when the OST song’s playing? . Thanks in advance .

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  18. briseis added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] 5-ji Kara 9-ji Made (From Five To Nine) 5時から9時まで   

    Seriously, this drama keeps redefining perfection with each new episodebut let’s begin with the bad news first - 5→9 will end with 10 episodes. I’ve seen a scan of a TV program article on Twitter today which stated that the final episode is going to air on 14.12. So you can mark the date in your calendar and book yourself into the nearest detox facility, because it’s the day this awesome drama will leave our lives for good and a withrawal syndrome of epic proportions will be imminent. I have no idea what I’m going to do - perhaps you have already noticed that my life revolves around this show and I pretty much plan my week according to it! We need that 11th episode! I admit in comparison to most jdrama rom-com where the OTP actually gets together only in the final moments of the last episode we are light years ahead, but I want to see more of this epic OTP! Even teh ratings are strong - the show has never fallen below the 10% mark (episode 7 recorded the 2nd strongest rating - 12,6%)  and this is the most succesful rom-com Fuji TV had since RMPW, and if 5→9 will continue like this it will equal RMPW’s ratings.

    Junko abruptly wakes up the morning after the wedding from a dream in which she takes Takane’s hand and he’s watching her with a smile on his face that would melt an iceberg - or at least she thinks it is a dream until it dawn at her that it was all real! She is literally dying of embarrassement, berating herself for doing it. Finally, she blames it on the wedding atmosphere and magic. However, the moment she looks at her hand it’s as if she could still feel Takane’s touch lingering there. As if his touch caused sensory overload for her and she closes her eyes, losing herself in that wonderful memory once again, because she can’t help herself, wanting to see his beaming face again, the way he was looking at her with his loving eyes. But then she quickly snaps out of it:

    It’s obvious Junko knows she fancies him but is still in denial how deep her feelings for Takane really are, and is basically looking for excuses. Finally, in typical Junko fashion she decides to run away - she is going to the US, she reminds herself she already saved so much for it (on transport, food,…) - I find it symbolic and fitting because it’s been something she’s been doing the whole drama long, being afraid of facing her problems and rather avoding them or downright running from them; it’s something that changes in this episode and it’s been Takane who has inspired this in her with his love and devotion. Afterwards, she gives herself a pep talk “game face on” which I’m pretty sure is a hilarious meta on Gokusen and off she goes to eat breakfast.

    Well, as a living reminder that it wasn’t a dream Junko finds the very man she was actually dreaming and fantasizing about sitting in the living room with her family (well, why so shocked Junko, it’s breakfast time and you know that Takane is always punctual for breakfast!) and he is pretty sure it wasn’t a dream and confirms it to her (he is so happy that he is finally going to marry her! LOL!). If it wasn’t enough her family congratulates her for her upcoming wedding with Takane who came to the conclusion that it’s done deal because Junko held his hand. To Junko’s aghast shock he’s already commenced with the wedding preparations. His first step? Printing the invitations, to be more precise - Takane proudly presents 2000 of them! OMFG! THEY LOOK LIKE COUPLE AUTOGRAPH POSTCARDS! WHEN CAN I GET ONE OF THOSE! Forget about subtlety, elegance, doves and gold italic handwriting, for Takane only a bold writing, pink heart and one big couple picture will do, and of course, he’s chosen the picture where Junko has her hands behind her back and holding his own hands with them! Marrying Takane has one huge advantage - you don’t need a wedding planner - this man loves to plan so when it turns out that Nene will be celebrating her 17th birthday on 23.11, he enthusiatically offers to organize the whole thing! I bet there will be a schedule!

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  19. wasted_youth added a post in a topic Jung Hwan x Deok Sun COUPLE   

    He's very attractive, indeed. The more you see him, the more you find him handsome. 
    Jung-pal raaa, do something chumm instead of sighing and looking sad every single time.
    Subtle ways don't work, DS that girl is too dense she won't get the hint  Only a kiss will wake her up and see you as real namja.
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  20. asiaren added a post in a topic Jerry Yan 言承旭   

    March 27, Apple Daily [Jerry barge pick up old shoes little brother die "get along" friend yesterday revealed grief] Jerry, Jerry, and she was not familiar with, have a common friend in a car accident before the injury, two more contacts, and later Jerry beat "Lupin III" while speaking English, Japanese pressure to quickly collapsed, she suggested that the people around him on a daily basis thanks to the write down of his great help. Dreamers Jerry Hall brokerage firm, said yesterday the two are just friends!!27 March 2014 - 05:11 AM
    27 March 2014 - 08:31 AM
    Jerry has a new love? After K song Driving Miss Daisy

    Jerry has a new love Tyrannosaurus came, coincidentally object is Jerry Zhang Xien friend's ex-girlfriend, do not be embarrassed it? Zhang Xien exchanges through brokers denied, just know for a long time friend.

    Tyrannosaurus Jerry the layout again, but this time instead of being photographed and spicy Japanese Mixed model, into Zhang Xien, two people singing KTV sing 3:00, and then a taxi to leave together, micro-filming of advertising films, TV series, Zhang Xien just recently became popular, and Jerry just go so close but surprising, because Zhang ex-boyfriend is, "Tang Guozhong," he was Jerry's good buddies, because the two are still very good friendship die when small, it even when he was accompanied by Jerry and Lin Chi-ling the year when love, intimate love to go visit.

    Artist Jerry (2012.8): "No matter, now married should also have target you, ah, that is true, it is hoped it can quickly born." Stammered for marriage, but I did not Jerry scandal broken, and after the break and Zhang Lin Chi-ling sweet oval face, the same 170 centimeters tall Japanese mestizo Matou Shoko exchanges, just love see light die instead became brothers ex-girlfriend escorts...
     27 March 2014 - 10:19 AM
    According to TW Next Magazine, Jerry's relationship with Shoko ended once their affair was exposed by the media. Now, he was suspected by the reporter to have special relationship with this new girl who had known him for a long time and who had dated Guo Zhong for one and more years before Guo Zhong moved his career to Beijing. The new girl's career is managed by Catwalk at this time. She stated that she had been friend with Jerry for a long time and it's very common for friends to leave together. At this time, she has someone chased after her, but she doesn't commit in any love relationship.

    thanks to kkla for translation
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