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  2. [Current Taiwanese Drama 2015-2016] Bromance 愛上哥們

    This is a pivotal episode that tipped the scales to ZF is highly suspicious. Episode 9: Make a Wish ZF sees YN in the pumpkin carriage. He is shocked to see YN dressed up as a female again. But this person doesn't know him. Confusing things, XJ appears  and calls out "YaQi!" But is this girl YaQi or YN in disguise?  1) YaQi recognizes him without ever seeing his face before. She also recalls a stranger's name without difficulty. 2) Handshake feels like YN. The posture when extending hand and grip is YN's.   3) It is confirmed. ZR likes YN and YQ is YN.  ZR does not know who YaQi is. ZR: Your sister? YaQi? Who is she? He even puckers his eyebrows (13:33), a sign of genuine "I don't know who she is".  ZF: YN's twin sister. Didn't you grow up with her? Why don't you know? (cue: "I am suspicious" music comes on. Any thought that the person ZR is waiting for is YaQi vanishes). ZR turns to YN for an explanation, puzzled. But YN is avoiding everyone's eyes. She looks totally uncomfortable/ guilty(?) Then ZR quickly admits of course, he remembers who YaQi is. But he looked nervous as he said that. Also, YN's guilty expression turns from guilty to surprise... and gratefulness as ZR covers for her. But ZF has seen enough. His expression as he faces ZR, "Hey, who are you kidding? You couldn't remember the twin sister of the person you are in love with."  He then returns to the subject of picking dishes for YaQi and turns to YN.  ZR, do you have to make that big sigh of relief, not once, but twice? (14:10) ZF might be talking to YN but he has big eyes. Then ZR quickly offers to walk home YN. ZF's eyes seem to say: "You want some explanation from YN, huh? Or are you trying to escape again?" YN, still looking uneasy, bids ZF goodbye. ZF is again looking smug with the "I know" look (14:30). Flashback to conversation yesterday in the office. It is confirmed: ZR likes YN. And YQ is YN. ZF watches them leave, watches them for a long, long time as they walk away, Thoughtfully. To confirm ZF again asks YN to come with YQ for dinner. Oh, that smug but wicked look. YN, YaQi is you. Who are you fooling? "My intuition never fails me." ZF is that cocky (ep. 1). From here, it's a series of confirmation that YN is YQ. XJ exposes the fact that YN likes ZF. Also that YN = YQ (to ZF only) XJ is YN's confidant so is a credible source. She lists what YaQi likes in a man, which exactly describes ZF. To ZF, XJ has always tried to match make him with YN from the beginning - the dance and kiss in ep. 1, to the kiss in the next episode at Papa Du's house. She can't be matchmaking both YN and YQ with ZF, can she? So YN = YQ. When the episode ends with ZF sleeping over at YN's house, he was just humoring her in the room, "I won't find anything funny here, right?" At this time, ZF is more suspicious of YN being a closet cross-dresser. I don't think he is suspicious of YN being a closet female. Any thought of the latter I think is being suppressed by the weight of the evidence for the former. At this point.   
  3. [OFFICIAL] Kwak Si Yang & Kim So Yeon

    @jl08 Thank U I like U chingu I am not so good to express my mind or my feeling. Ur writinģ really help me so much to what I want to write. Thank u chingu.
  4. The Divine Move

    Anyone on board for rewatch session for Reply 1988 this Friday evening 7 pm UK time til Saturday? Let's dissect further the series, and who knows if we can get more baduk related analyses  
  5. Kim Soo Hyun 김수현 [ Upcoming project "REAL" ]

      Yes , it is . I give you more pics to complete your awards pic
  6. Song Ji Hyo 송지효

    #HwangJungMin mentioned #SongJiHyo in an interview. He was asked which actress does he want to cooperate with, and he answered #SongJiHyo and #JungYuMi, both actresses have worked w/ him in movie projects New Worlds and here is a small promo video for WGM i found, I don't know what the other contestant said but i found out what Song Ji Hyo said in the video Jihyo for WGM season 2 chinese version! first scene " i think this is a rather good show " second scene " i also want to experience a sweet and memorable love " Cant wait for show to begin!        
  7. It's really hard to imagine someone not liking him. OK, I am biased, I guess) But he is so adorable 
  8. Ryu Jun Yeol 류준열

    @mojobobo thank you so much for the translation! wow, ryu jun yeol is indeed very articulate! It shows in every interview of his plus his witty remarks are just bonuses it's great to listen and stan a man like him because of his maturity and wisdom, i learned a lot through his words and i wish that even if he, too is aware of how limited popularity is, his career and life would continue to flourish.  Like his words, share to love! <3 hopefully he would fulfill his dream to reciprocate all the love he is receiving
  9. ♥ Lee Yo Won 이요원 ♥

    So excited to watched it,yohooooo!! 
  10. i agree!!!Do you know what i think?The future is not IR ,IJ, MH OR ildoo BUT THE KIDS...ES brother,SH grandaughter and Ahreum...I'M so happy they are not corrupted...The bridge that united KWON and KANG was destroyed....maybe those kids will build a new one a real one...a true friendship...
  11. gif credit : the OTP in Hello Monster definitely Park Bo Gum and Seo In Guk LOL...
  12. @Kasmic but i dont have their rolls username.. the one that have it is nonski unnie..hahah u  can ask her,  hahaha.. sorry for late reply i become busy with works.. so hard to open soompi..
  13. The premiere of the highly anticipated Song Joong Ki–Song Hye Kyo drama,  “Descendants of the Sun,” is coming soon, and in addition to exciting trailers, we are also getting preview stills that give us a look into the characters that populate the story. KBS released stills of actor Jin Goo and actress Kim Ji Won today, […] The post Love to Bloom in the Field for Kim Ji Won and Jin Goo in “Descendants of the Sun” appeared first on Soompi. View the full article
  14. Actors Oh Min Seok and Kang Ye Won finally get married! On February 11, MBC’s Entertainment Instagram account uploaded a snapshot of their wedding, adding the caption “The Oh-Ye finally get married amidst tears of emotion.” The picture is a shot from the filming location for “We Got Married.” You can see a slight glimpse of Kang Ye […] The post Kang Ye Won and Oh Min Seok Hold Wedding Ceremony on “We Got Married” appeared first on Soompi. View the full article
  15. /based on my limited understanding/ the end of video 9: he's quite surprised the kiss scene finishes earlier than he expected (aka the PD-nim said 'ok' faster then he thought). Then someone asks him whether it was the first scene he shoot (in CITT). video 10: He answered " CITT, it's the first." explains that usually kiss scene takes a while to take.. He said " did take a while.. hehe hehehe hehee *keeps laughing*"  someone is happy? 
  16. hello CITT Friends.. its still thursday but i really miss yoo jung sunbae too much.. i did reply cosmos hippie song really a lot today.. and really glad to open soompi forum and see @pinkpopink posted about their BTS SCENE.. omggggggg sooo lovely..  can they really date for real? huks.. btw there's no new picture or perhaps more teaser of CITT? No CITT 1 week really makes me miss them.. huhuhu cant wait for next monday..  
  17. I find it rather strange that IJ, being a politician and public figure, she was creating a scene at the office lift lobby with HW to the extent of tugging his legs and being on the floor...can that even be real?   Maybe I am not understanding this properly.  
  18. Plasticisland update Cr.
  19. bromance in the air. I shipped Min and Lee Hyeon in Hello Monster to the level I hate Cha Ji An character.  gif credit :
  20. The Divine Move

    MASTER CHOI TAEK Credit to the owner
  21.   hohohoh... Don't Forget before he have relationship with Sooyung.. he be critic as using his dad to get a role in "I'm Sorry, I love You"... I know the feeling as My younger sister is anti-fan of him... and i can't said a word about this drama in the house as i know I will lose in this "because he the hero, things".... 
  22. @lovemarie  You are most welcome to RPS of Baron and Megan. 
  23. The KISS bts is a gift from heaven!!! OMG loving every second of it.. and I love the way KGE wrapped her fingers on PHJ's 
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