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  1. phoenixcv added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Oh Yeah Couple || Oh Min Suk && Kang Ye Won ||   

    Why am I crying again. Like Ohyeah can't do this to me. Omg...........
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  2. maria3617mm added a post in a topic ♥ Official Khuntoria Couple Thread ♥   

    hello dear friends , i saw this earlier and i wanted to inform you too, but please lets not be happy about it till we are sure that it's real not just a rumor like the last time.

    they said it's gonna be held on 20/01/2016
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  3. larus added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Kwak Si Yang & Kim So Yeon   

    We know that he whispered on her ear "Thank you for being born" (something like that)... but he said other things too.  I just love how he took her from her shoulders, whispering gently to her.
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  4. pixiepolly added a post in a topic GOF Porter Couple: Lee Seo Jin & Choi Ji Woo   

    @tilac Still suffering from jet lag... So I shall just summarize the key points of interest to us in the article from Hong Kong's Apple Daily 
    The article wrote that TVN broadcast season 3 of GOF in March this year with CJW joining them no less. In the end, her "some" relationship with LSJ became public interest and the show also enjoyed high ratings.
    Na PD shared that another season of GOF would be most likely when asked about sequels to TMAD, TMAD Fishing Village and New Journey to the West. He is filming Youth Over Flowers in Iceland. He hopes to do a GOF every year with the grandpas. 
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  5. mikoshine added a post in a topic (OFFICIAL) Micheoseo Couple T♥G Taecyeon ♥ Gui Gui; Global Couple Thread !! TaecGui ♥ YeonJie Part 2   

    from just looking through the link guigui shared, I think it's an article about her trip to Japan especially at Universal Studios... the glasses might have been from when she cosplayed Harry Potter

    she does seem like she's taking quite a liking for spiderman, right? and besides spiderman, i think she also bought a ton of other stuff (if I'm guessing it correctly) 

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  6. ruken added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Oh Yeah Couple || Oh Min Suk && Kang Ye Won ||   

    you're welcome 
    I enjoy reading your posts and gifs/photos you shared , and I think every one of you is awesome 
    ps. MBC trolled us again with today's episode 
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  7. qingreen added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Bubblegum 풍선껌 | Mon-Tues 11 PM KST   

    I see. I didn't expect LDW to have such a method way of acting  yeah, I did notice he kept mentioning PHW, and looking at her rather mischievously, lols.
    Do share your thoughts with us. When you are ready, of course
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  8. nevill added a post in a topic Shin Se Kyung 신세경   

    the time we were in love
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  9. samzz added a post in a topic _DONGHAE [Official] LEE DONG WOOK + LEE DA HAE | ChaMo lives on! :)   

    is there a new one? which website?
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  10. windofwar added a post in a topic Kim Woo Bin 김우빈   

    First Teaser Peek at Arbitrarily Fond’s College Campus Filming with Kim Woo Bin and Suzy

    It was expected that there would be fast updates once filming begins on 2016 airing K-drama Arbitrarily Fond with Kim Woo Bin and Suzy. Both are extremely popular in Korea and as long as it was being filmed domestically there would be fan sightings aplenty. the fans are out in full force it seems thanks to the first filming taking place last week on a college campus.
    I wasn’t sure if the prior connection between the two leads characters were in childhood or older but it appears to be a college era first love type romance. I don’t know why but visually Kim Woo Bin and Suzy totally do it for me, and if I end up loving their characters then it’s going to be so much easier to vault over any acting limitations. The first teaser poster is wonderfully moody with the hazy look, and the one fan pic of Kim Woo Bin laying on Suzy’s leg has me squeeing already at the cute.
    isn't it a fan made poster? no? i'm confused...
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  11. larus added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Kwak Si Yang & Kim So Yeon   

    I love how So yeon was looking for Si Yang to come back at their house. She kept herself busy but she was looking out the window to see when he will arrive home. She run to him (just like his desire of recharge) and embraced him tightly. She did not expected the forehead kiss and she was shy about it but she surely like it so much.
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  12. MsMemaaaa added a post in a topic Shinhwa Eric Moon (에릭) / Moon Jung Hyuk (문정혁)   

    Something to brighten your day & warm your hearts up   ♥♥♥♥

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  13. Msiafan added a post in a topic Lee Da Hae 이다해 李多海 イ・ダヘ [Upcoming Drama Best Couple]   

    What a coincidence, I am watching My Girl again and had just watched that happy act. Gosh does Dahae fans have the same esp? 
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  14. seesaw_love added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Kwak Si Yang & Kim So Yeon   

    I AM ALSO overwhelmed by just watching.   She is the one who is you can imagine.   my heart pounding so fast! 
    He really set very very high standard.  The panelist said....what is this guy doing....making alot noises. 
    There is one part they were talking in the car,  i only understand abit ...... but i nearly teared of what siyang told soyeon.  let's wait for translate tonight if i get what he said correctly.     

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  15. xoxo_yanna98 added a post in a topic Wang Jackson & Young Ji (Tuesday/JackJi Couple) - Roommate Season 2   

    [ARTICLE] 151127 @koreantimes
    “You know what is best? It’s not the food, it’s not the mangoes, it’s you!” – Jackson Wang (referring to Filipino Ahgases)
    Got7’s diverse talents combined with their flower boy charms, antics and limitless fan service had shaken the Big dome last November 14, 2015 as All access productions organized Got7’s first fan meeting in the Philippines. Mark, JB, Jackson, Junior, Youngjae, Bambam and Yugyeom collectively known as Got7 was the 2nd Korean artists who held a fan meeting at the Araneta coliseum with Lee Min Ho being the 1st.
    The fan meet started off with Got7’s performance of “Stop stop it” followed by their debut single “Girls, girls, girls” which made the Ahgases (Got7 fans) all hyped up. The boys then sat back for an interview with Korean TV host Sam Oh. Mark Tuan the eldest member of Got7 said that he feels good to be back in the Philippines. The Chinese member Jackson Wang expressed his love for Philippine mangoes by speaking in Tagalog “Gusto ko kumain ng mangga” (I want to eat mangoes). Mark on the other hand said that he likes dried mangoes. Bambam their Thai member said that he likes a Filipino dish called Kare-kare. The fan meet then proceeded with a game called musical chairs similar to the well known Trip to Jerusalem game. Got7 together with few lucky Ahgases played on stage and the winners got to snap a selca with the boys. The fan meet went on with their performances of “Just right” and their latest single “If you do” from their album “Mad”. Sam Oh continued with the interview of the boys and talked about the music video of the song “If you do”. According to them, they really like the sexy concept of the music video. Park Jin Young also known as Junior then added “In this video, the two 19 years old members were the sexiest”. They also re-enacted the scenes on the said video. Bambam then revealed that he prepared a Tagalog song and sang it with flawless diction. The song was “Ngiti” (Smile) by Ronnie Liang. In return of Bambam’s surprise, Filipino Ahgases prepared a video and Got7 specifically Jackson was teary eyed while watching it. JB the group’s leader then thanked the fans for their love and support. The fun continued as Got7 and Ahgases played Telepathy & Pedometer Game. There was also a segment where the boys got to choose and grant a request from the fans which were written on a fan board. There were a variety of fan requests and one of it was for Bambam to perform a girl group dance. He danced to “Ooh-ahh” by the girl group Twice. Ahgases surprised the maknae Yugyeom with a birthday song and a cake. Before they performed the songs “Playground”, “Magnetic” and “Bounce” Got7 delivered their heartwarming messages to their fans. Their encore song was “A” remix version. A photo op and hi-touch event then took place.
    Prior to the concert, a press conference was held. Read on as the boys answer each question.
    Q: Got7 has done a lot of interesting concepts – from cute to hip-hop to the latest, sexy. Which concept do you like the most? Why?
    Bambam: Of course sexy! We’re waiting for this concept for 2 years already.
    Jackson: Which concept do you like best Young Jae? In English, cute or sexy?
    Young Jae: I like sexy!
    Q: What did you feel about your first music show win?
    JB: We feel really grateful to the fans and also the staff who supported us and helped us on the promotion and it’s really an honor and I really think that we should work harder from now on.
    Q: It is already your second visit here in Manila. Are there any Filipino foods that you have tried before and you want to try again? What are your favorites?
    Bambam: We had a lot of Filipino food last night. We don’t know what is it, like they have many. They have something like, how do you say it?
    Jackson: Shrimp!
    Bambam: Shrimp yeah, something like that and they have like nut soup (kare-kare).
    Jackson: Mango is the best! Junior what food? Green mango or yellow mango?
    Junior: I like you!
    Jackson: I’m not a fruit ok? I’m not a fruit.
    Q: The Philippines has a lot of beautiful places outside Manila. If given a chance to visit one, where would you go?
    JB: We heard about Bohol, we want to go there with all the members and have lots of fun and rest. We also heard about halo-halo (Philippine version of bingsoo) we also like to try it.
    Jackson: We wanna go to you know the mango tree? You know the biggest mango tree in the Philippines.
    Q: If you can stay any longer in the Philippines, what activities do you want to do? Sports? Phoroshoot? Vacation?
    Bambam: We want to have a comeback show in the Philippines. We want to have a concert in the Philippines.
    JB: We want to look for the famous places and restaurants in Manila and go there to try the food.
    Bambam: That’s it maybe, or maybe have dinner with our Ahgases tonight. Oh sorry no time, next time promise.
    Q: What are your expectations for the Filipino fans for the fan meeting later? Are you looking forward to any first or unique experience with them?
    Bambam: I have one but let’s see in the fan meeting.
    Jackson: Yugyeom is expecting something. What are you expecting Yugyeom?
    Yugyeom: Got7 and I got7 together game.
    Q: Since it is your second time here in the Philippines for an event, what are the things that you remember most about Filipino fans?
    JB: I strongly remember the heartwarming passion of the Filipino fans. Yesterday after the rehearsal when we were coming out, there were a few fans who greeted us, I really remember it.
    Q: Filipino fans are known for being one of the loudest when it comes to expressing support to their idols. If given back to them through actions, how would you show it?
    Jackson: Through aegyo. It’s Mark’s aegyo!
    Mark: Saranghaeyo (I love you)
    Bambam: Are you ok? Are you ok? (Asking the audience)
    Mark: Also Jackson!
    Jackson: Also Got7’s dancing machine, are you ready? (Referring to Yugyeom)
    (Yugyeom danced while Jackson was beat boxing)
    Q: If there is one song you want to dedicate to Filipino iGot7, what would it be? (It could be any song-from your albums, from other artists, Filipino song, etc.)
    JB: Any song would be ok as long as you like it.
    Bambam: Another song “Just right” Everybody is just right for us, just the way you are.
    Jackson: That’s Bruno Mars Bambam, that’s Bruno Mars not Got7’s song.
    Bambam: Just right!
    The fan meeting’s success is a concrete evidence of the growing fan base of Got7 in the Philippines. Ahgases are truly looking forward on the day when you will finally hold a concert in the Philippines.
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  16. larus added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Kwak Si Yang & Kim So Yeon   

    So Yeon is so shy... she was overwhelmed with attention in this episode. I think after that day... she will remember for ever how Si yang prepared everything for her, celebrating her birthday. 
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  17. rionae added a post in a topic Joo Won 주원   

    Joowon‬'s Instagram post on 27 November 2015.
    We usually do not translate his IG posts as there are already many users doing it, but we want to share this meaningful message, the resolution he makes for himself. We will always support you, Moon Jun Won!

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  18. seesaw_love added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Kwak Si Yang & Kim So Yeon   

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  19. quekyy06 added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Kwak Si Yang & Kim So Yeon   

    Today's episode is berry berry sweet.  Cant get enough of them.. now will have to wait till next week to see the second part. 
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  20. xiashenghan added a post in a topic [Current Taiwanese Drama, 2015] 必娶女人 Marry me, or not?   


    In the upcoming episode of MARRY ME OR NOT? (必娶女人), Hao Meng (Roy Chiu) is injured when he protects Cai Huan Zhen (Alice Ke) from a falling flowerpot. Huan Zhen, a notoriously aggressive driver, then rushes him to the hospital. Although the close-up scenes show Alice at at the wheel, it was actually Roy who filmed the crazy driving stunts, causing the drama’s crew to call him “Taiwan’s Michael Schumacher.”

    The MARRY ME OR NOT? crew requested for streets to be closed off in order to film the driving scenes, but they still proved extremely difficult to pull off. Roy Chiu, a known racing aficionado, enthusiastically provided suggestions, after which director Yu Zhong Zhong told him to give it a shot. Everyone praised Roy’s driving abilities, and he was so precise at parking that the car ended up being just a smidgen away from the camera.

    Another difficult scene is when Hao Sheng Nan (Joanne Tseng) finds out that her older brother, Hao Meng, is dating her rival, Cai Huan Zhen, and angrily throws water at them. They had to redo the scene so many times that the director even threateningly said, “If we have to film this one more time, we’re going to throw Hao Sheng Nan to the first floor.”
    Source: F Yeah! Roy Chiu
    I definitely want to see the BTS for this driving scene!
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  21. LadyAgeha added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Oh Yeah Couple || Oh Min Suk && Kang Ye Won ||   

    hahahahahah thanks as usual @ruken
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  22. misskoala added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Oh Yeah Couple || Oh Min Suk && Kang Ye Won ||   

    Yahoo..tq ruken!!
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  23. skeletonworks added a post in a topic [Official] ❤ Taeyang Couple ❤ Duk Sun and Sun Woo Reply 1988   

    Last time it was at least 50-50 (international + Koreans) with majority of the Koreans rooting for Trash because they like the bicker alpha male. Maybe Taek needs to up his game quickly to balance out the supporters
    What's interesting is SW doesn't give up on BR even though he got rejected while DS does give up on SW. I don't see it going anywhere we want it to be :-/
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