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  1. Rania Zeid added a post in a topic Lee Jong Suk 이종석   

    hugs sweetie 
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    It's been a little over 24 hours and I'm missing them already. I hope to hear news about the two of them ASAP.
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    Backstage BKK

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    I have a few collection other couple like JjongAh couple, Khuntoria, Alex Teukso and a few more, but only this couple I keep the collection with HD quality. Other couple just maybe 480p quality but not this couple. And only this couple make me ship so hard and join to forum. I never join other forum just for WGM 
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  6. qoxie added a post in a topic Jyp's Wonder Girls (원더걸스) Official Thread 3   

    EunSun Q&A in The Star Korea. 
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    via blognaver
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    Listen to your heart beat , is that love ❤❤

    cr.hyde,jekyll,me fb
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  9. Soah-Bin added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] ✿ Oh My Ghost 오 나의 귀신님 ✿| Thank You Ghostess :D   

    @elephants_and_peanuts_stv yeah! I always thought she had beautiful legs! Nowdays you still can see they are somehow muscular but she's definitely more thin.
    Here are some videos from the wrap-up party. Mostly JJS. Cr: OMG DC and Weibo.
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    When I saw the preview for their final episode those days that have passed, I felt a deja vu of the Gundam couple in them. I watched Gundam couple's wgm and their ending is like JY's, recording a song together. LSY also measured JJ's with a tape measure too for a couple shirt just like how SY did with JH. Their wgm stint is also too short!  What I mean is, could it be that just like Gundam couple...they are already started dating irl! Maybe mbc ends a couple's stint when they start to have feelings for each other because what they show is too real to be considered a virtual marriage. Haha. Sorry for being like this. Still suffering from severe gonglee withdrawal syndrome.  
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    @saeedeh seems like oppa is wearing jeans more frequently too..LOL!  

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    @lilac95 thank you so much for the translation of video interview
    @maiwun thank you so much chingu for the video link of IU and LHW interview  I remeber when I saw LHW pic not knowing who he was on a tumblr though he resembled PBG I found his eyes/gase and smile different from PBG and then I realised that he's LHW  
    @fleurofjasmine thank you so much chingu for all the articles and videos what I understood from the cut scene of PBG from the movie is that he was crying while the man gave him the clothes of someone dear to him maybe his father(?) and asked him about his name and he replied it's Bae Su-bong and the man told him that his father always thought about him and when he was about to leave Bae Su-bong asked him to join him in the fight and the man agreed. I hope I made some sense
    I saw that scene from Chinatown and that's why I can't bring myself to watch the movie
    @vannie05 thank you for the tumblr links  I was using one of them currently to share pics and news about Bogomie  
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  13. irilight added a post in a topic [Current Weekend Drama 2015] I Have A Lover 애인있어요 | Sat-Sun 21:55 KST   

    @kwave06,   @Carmarie     @myonenonly,     @nearsea            Welcome to the thread  
    It was so wonderful to watch the two subbed episodes, finally..!  (Actually - I also watched half of ep. 3 - since it is already 70% subbed. I watched until there were not more subs.)
    Now I am going through your enlightening comments and POV's
    @Misstwilightfan1416 - thank you for First Impressions on Ninja Reflections, and for video clips.
    First of, I have to say that I am so impressed by KHJ's performance as both sisters. I am in awe of her performance!
    @nevill, @suchadiva42, @valsava    - interesting discussion on the nature of lawyers - their emotions and their ethics, and HK being so cold on the job - re the dead girl.  I think lawyers have a choice where the want to work, and hence whom they will defend. I think there are lots of ethical jobs for lawyers. (One of my first Kdrama was "Love Story in Harvard" in which Kim Rae-won sued a multi-national Corp. for the damage they did to the environment that caused many deaths and mutilations).  Granted corp. lawyers are probably some of the most highly paid. It feels to me that HK's persona as a lawyer - that detached, seemingly unfeeling person - is the one that her husband, JE - sees her as these days. When he told her he could not stand her smell (or something to that effect) - I thought he meant not just literal smell, but figuratively speaking - what she is about in his mind, these days. @valsava,   I liked that quote: "In the words of a few lawyers the laws are designed to protect them the Criminals and not the Victims."
    I also think that it is the reality with "Big Pharma"  that often we do not see sufficient warnings on labels - AND - FDA often approves horrible and dangerous drugs as well as "food" for consumption.
    @LHRCN    I wonder if the fact that we saw SR taking those medications, will mean that in the future we will see her in court against HK. I also want to know the back story of HK and JE, and what happened to their child.
    @andy78      Thank you much for recapping
    @12blbl      The way I see it, SR did not only helped give the last push for JE's marriage to end (and granted, she became more motivated to do that, after she had seen the divorce papers in his desk. But that is no excuse. As he told her, "she came knocking on the wrong house, he is a married man;" but she also destroyed her own career bright future. Remember - she was accepted into one of ivy league colleges (I think - Stanford?) - so she gave that up for really - just an infatuation.    
    I also wonder about JE - what was in his mind. What happened between the time he told SR to not bother with him, and the time he gave in to her advances at the elevator?
    @suchadiva42,    I was so shocked at HK, with the tooth brush and the toiler water! OMG - talk about ruthless. How does she even think of things like that!   
    @ayselluna       oh... it would have been perfect if he tried to kiss HK after he brushed his teeth...!  Loving it.
    @zagigirl     That would be the Law of Karma at work...!      
    It occurs to me, after further reflection on ep. 2 - that it may not have been an accident but attempted murder - only they got the wrong "victim" - they were attempting to kill Yong-Gi.
    We saw that Yong-Gi looked under her car and saw a tracking device there.  She also saw this man whom she recognized and was scared of him. She then took HK's car, and HK took her car. But those people who were after YG did not know the drivers were switched in the cars. We saw him looking at where the car is. Then HK ran out of gas and pulled over to the side of the road, where she sort of dozed off.
    That big track entered that section of the road, and immediately they shut off the road so no other cars can follow. That truck hits YG's car which was parked on the road shoulder, and continues on it's way. A normal passing truck would most likely not have hit a car parked on the shoulder, and certainly would not have continued to drive.
    So now - once HK recovers - we are going to end up with two "YG" - while the murderers thought they disposed of their "problem."


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  14. Sandy5959 added a post in a topic Lee Jong Suk 이종석   

    It's not the show itself dear. I just read sth I shouldn't so that why...  Some people just acted like they knew everything but I found them pathetic. Maybe you know what I'm talking ab so I just stop here hehehe  I don't want to bring some negative vibe to our lovely home  September is coming and I want to spread LOVE 

    My problem isn't ab 3MAD but the edited pic is kinda fun  Thanks @aydenJ  And LOOOOL someone just fulfill my wish hahaha: the clearest version of that photo  Let me send a heart to our @Rania 
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  15. blinkyblinky added a post in a topic ❤ Lee Jonghyun ♡ Gong Seungyeon ❤ [JongYeon | Brown Eyed Couple]   

    Agree, Jonghyun is usually quiet during interviews. Yonghwa/Minhyuk will say all the politically correct stuff and Jungshin will sometimes troll everyone and say some 4D stuff lolx. Basically, Jonghyun is not really interested in acting or variety as he only wants to focus on his music - Yonghwa had to really push him to take on his first role in Gentleman's Dignity to try new things.
    i'm surprised his fans thought he'll be quiet and awkward in WGM though. Those who follow CNBlue would know Jonghyun is quite the ladies' man amongst the 4 members - he's always been dating as he's the type who can't stand to be lonely. I think what everyone didn't expect was how real Jonghyun decided to be on WGM when he saw Seungyeon and showed all his cheesy side. That's why Jonghyun mentioned before in the BRI that he got scolded by his members for doing certain things on camera, and also got scolded for the famous recharging.  
    I also think that's why FNC decided to pull him out of WGM because it's upsetting some of his fangirls. FNC is very, very mindful of those crazy fans and will do anything to maintain CNBlue's scandal-free image. CNBlue is FNC's breadwinner and no, FNC is not as friendly as some of you here think. (OT: I have seen Yonghwa changed over the years and he himself admitted he's become not as courageous now compared to debut. I only realised the extent when he was careful not to mention Seohyun or anything his WGM time during Jonghyun's stint). So yeah, I blame FNC for the BEC leaving the show.  I believe BEC couple was really enjoying their time on WGM and leaving the show was not their choice but FNC's decision. 
    I really hope BEC couple will continue to stay in touch, but i've prepared myself that i won't see much news about them. Even for CNBlue's comeback, the agency can filter away questions about WGM for interviews if they want to (just see Yongseo's example sigh).  Very frustrating for a shipper haha but I hope Jonghyun will continue to be "rebellious" and do whatever he likes.
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  16. allnaturalcrunchtime_stv added a post in a topic |WGM Chinese Version| We Are In Love - BF Choi Siwon |SUJU| and GF Liu Wen |Victoria Secret Model|   

    When I see the WonWen reposts from n_407, all I can think of is how mercenary the operator is in promoting a fledgling start-up to the most receptive base (shippers). I now have similar thoughts in regards to Siwon's Bugsy posts, too.
    And I get delulu these days as well, but delulu along the lines of wondering if Siwon's appearance on the show is somehow tied to his company and its marketing strategy.
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  17. jly31 added a post in a topic ❤ Lee Jonghyun ♡ Gong Seungyeon ❤ [JongYeon | Brown Eyed Couple]   

    cr: Gong-e Engsub
    Final episode.
    Aired August 29, 2015
    Dialogue: 0,0:00:06.24,0:00:07.36,Default,SY,0,0,0,,
    SY: ...good. Jh! What's that?
    Dialogue: 0,0:00:07.38,0:00:11.07,Default,JH/SY,0,0,0,,
    JH/SY: Woohoo!!!
    Dialogue: 0,0:00:11.19,0:00:11.70,Default,JH,0,0,0,,
    JH: Wow!!!
    Dialogue: 0,0:00:16.21,0:00:17.19,Default,SY,0,0,0,,
    SY: Wow! This is nice...
    Dialogue: 0,0:00:17.68,0:00:19.26,Default,JH,0,0,0,,
    JH: Wow! This is no joke!
    SY: Uh huh. Did you like it?
    JH: Uh huh
    MC: JS: Charging~
    SY: Today, I’m feeling good from the beginning
    JH: Oh, this is good
    SY: Oh! It’s mangoes! Mangoes!
    JH: Oh!
    SY: Oh!
    JH: I hate mango!
    SY: Oh! Do You?
    SY: That’s right! You said you didn’t like mangoes…
    JH: Uh huh
    JH: Do you want to eat it?
    SY: No. If you don’t like it, I won’t eat it
    MC: MS: This road must be the flower covered road!
    JH: Oh, look at that… Oh!
    SY: This is the place! It’s here!
    SY: I just saw the red light house
    JH: Oh!
    SY: Oh! This is the best!
    JH: Oh!
    SY: This tastes good~
    MC: JS: Oh, the weather is really nice!
    SY: It’s sweet
    JH: Ah~
    SY: Good boy! You’re eating well!
    JH: Oh! I want to ride that!
    MC: MS: Just now, she smeared the ice cream on purpose, right?
    MC: JS: Yes…
    MC: CH: Oh, it’s really….
    Dialogue: 0,0:01:30.74,0:01:32.16,Default,SY,0,0,0,,
    SY: Oh~~~ the light house!
    JH: This is the place?
    SY: Uh huh
    SY: A lot of people take pictures in front of a light house
    JH: Uh huh
    SY: Do you know what a ‘life shot’ is?
    JH: Uh huh
    SY: Like the picture I took for you in front of the ocean earlier…
    JH: Uh huh
    SY: The one that came out really good
    MC: MS: Oh, this looks cool!
    MC: Wow!
    SY: They say it’s where you can get a once in a lifetime shot
    JH: Here?
    SY: Uh huh
    SY: It’s pretty, isn’t it?
    MC: MS: Ah, the red light house is pretty!
    JH: 1. 2. 3!
    SY: Come here…
    JH: Your legs came out really long!
    MC: DD: Oh!
    JH: Why are you so pretty?
    JH: Do me one more
    SY: What kind?
    JH: Hurry up and dance for me
    SY: Yeah~ X 2
    MC: DD: …….dancing with no tunes is…
    MC: EN: Sy is a very upbeat person…
    JH: It has been a video recording!
    SY: Let’s take a picture
    SY: Together, making funny faces…
    SY/JH: 1. 2. 3!
    SY: Ah, What the heck! Why didn’t you do it?
    SY/JH: 1. 2. 3!
    SY: Stop it! It’s not…
    SY/JH: 1. 2. 3!
    SY: ~
    Dialogue: 0,0:02:50.02,0:02:50.49,Default,JH,0,0,0,,
    JH: Ah~
    Dialogue: 0,0:02:50.50,0:02:51.93,Default,SY,0,0,0,,
    SY: Oh...!
    Attendant: Just don’t row to close when you’re out there
    JH: Yes!
    AT: Sit here on this side…
    SY: Oh! Oh!
    AT: Just the right hand…
    SY: Oh! This is scary!
    MC: DD: Wow! This is really pretty!
    MC: CH: Wow! That’s something!
    SY: Ah, this is nice!
    JH: You like it?
    SY: Uh huh
    SY: It’s not tiring?
    JH: Huh?
    SY: It’s not tiring?
    JH: It’s actually fun
    SY: So cool!
    Tourists: Wow!!!
    T1: So pretty! ~
    T2: You’re pretty! ~
    SY/JH: Thank you!
    SY: Jh, there is a very sad story to this place
    JH: What is it?
    SY: Long time ago, with a girl,
    JH: Uh huh
    SY: And the servant of that house, fell in love
    JH: Uh huh
    SY: There was too much of a gap in class…
    JH: Uh huh
    SY: Everybody opposed it, of course…
    JH: Uh huh
    SY: So they say that the guy couldn’t bear the sadness and jumped off of here and died
    SY: Eventually, the girl also jumped to her death, and this is the place that has the sad story from long ago
    SY: What do you think it would have been like if we had met long time ago?
    JH: If we had met long time ago, wouldn’t it be like this?
    SY: What if I was the girl, and you were the servant
    JH: That is just too sad
    SY: Sad?
    JH: I’ll be the noble
    SY: ~~~ No way!
    JH: No?
    SY: No
    SY: You’re making it scary. What are you doing! X 2
    SY: Oh! X 2 
    SY: Stop it! X 2
    JH: Stay still! X 2
    JH: Don’t panic! X 3
    SY: How was it? Our summer vacation?
    JH: For me, 
    SY: Uh huh
    JH: I had many thoughts
    SY: What kind?
    JH: It reminded me of our first travel
    SY: Uh huh
    JH: And like, no matter how many times I see you, you’re still pretty…
    SY: I’m going to miss this place, let’s not go…
    JH: I’m going to stay here
    SY: Is this it for Jeju Island?
    JH: I’m not going
    SY: I’m not going
    JH: I was thinking of going all the way to the end, riding this!?
    SY: To where?
    Dialogue: 0,0:04:56.71,0:04:57.10,Default,JH,0,0,0,,
    JH: To Seoul
    SY: To Seoul?
    JH: I’m going to ride this all the way to Seoul
    SY: How can you ride this all the way to Seoul?
    JH: Why not?
    Dialogue: 0,0:05:17.96,0:05:18.37,Default,JH,0,0,0,,
    JH: You're here!
    SY: Hi!
    JH: What did you bring?
    SY: Oh, things I’m going to give you
    JH: Huh?
    JH: What is it?
    SY: I heard that you liked sweet rice flour before…
    SY: So, I made it with my mom
    MC: MS: Wow! Really! She made it into powder…
    MC: DD: She actually did it herself…?
    SY: Sweet rice flour
    MC: MS: My god…
    SY: And, to mix it with the sweet rice flour…
    SY: Honey, and…
    JH: Wow!
    SY: You know how you like cooking?
    JH: Uh huh
    SY: Plum extract, and…
    SY: And, a tumbler to make your drink
    SY: And since you really like sweet rice flour, I prepared one more
    MC: Wow!
    SY: My mom said she would give you refills, anytime
    JH: Then… I’m going to call you after I finish everything
    SY: Sure
    JH: To get some more…
    SY: Uhm…
    JH: Did you receive it?
    SY: Uh huh
    SY: Ah, it’s strange!
    JH: Read it please
    SY: Jh Sy husband and wife,
    SY: Among so many people, like many stars in the sky, and meeting each other
    SY: Ggong-e couple, who had a lovey dovey, honey dripping marriage life
    SY: As of today, your virtual marriage is going to end
    SY: Make an everlasting memory and spend the last hours together as a husband and wife
    SY: Ah…
    SY: How should I face this farewell? I thought that was the big assignment
    SY: Just… How should I accept this and how should jh and I finish this up…
    SY: I just kept on thinking about that
    SY: Which way of bidding farewell would be nice and pretty?
    JH: There will be no reason to come here anymore…
    SY: This…
    SY: We have to organize this, right?
    JH: Uh huh
    JH: Should do it…
    Dialogue: 0,0:07:29.97,0:07:31.46,Default,,0,0,0,,
    JH: I couldn't think of anything. Just...
    JH: Felt numb for a while…
    JH: I didn’t know what to do
    JH: The last six months,
    JH: Like a movie, with just a touch, it replays in your head…
    JH: While saying, ‘I remember that’… X 2
    JH: I think that’s what I went through
    JH: We should pack things up
    SY: Uh huh
    SY: ~
    JH: Ah, this…
    SY: The time when I was really surprised…
    JH: The much issued key chain…
    JH: You know that couple key chain…?
    JH: I lost it
    SY: Hey~
    MC: MS: He customized few of them…
    MC: EN/CH: Right…
    MC: MS: You know though, they probably don’t feel the farewell just yet
    MC: MS: They’ll know once time passes
    JH: I’m going to take this
    SY: Even the mirror?
    JH: Mirror. I think it’s pretty…
    JH: Cotton swabs! 
    JH: I think I’m all out of cotton swabs at home…
    JH: The dryer…
    SY: What was that thing… it feels like I’m transferring to a different school…
    SY: You’re very thrifty and packing a lot of things
    JH: Oh, I should use it…
    MC: JS: Yes. They practiced and did the ceremonial first pitch and bat, together
    Dialogue: 0,0:09:08.11,0:09:10.00,Default,MC,0,0,0,,
    MC: MS: They're sharing each other’s names...
    JH: I’ll wear it at home
    SY: Send me a proof shot
    JH: Ok
    JH: I’m going to take this
    SY: That?
    JH: Uh huh
    SY: You want to hang it?
    JH: Uh huh
    SY: I’ll write one for you
    JH: Yes
    SY: I’m trembling…
    SY: Keep your eyes closed!
    JH: Let’s just go outside like this
    SY: Did you pack everything?
    JH: Uh huh
    JH: I must’ve packed a lot
    SY: It doesn’t want to leave…
    SY: Ah!
    JH: Huh?
    MC: MS: Travel book!
    JH: You brought it
    SY: Uh huh
    JH: It’s mine!
    JH: ~~
    SY: Why?
    Dialogue: 0,0:09:59.34,0:10:00.33,Default,,0,0,0,,
    JH: “I’m nervous even more!”
    SY: This was when we were still talking to each other like strangers…
    JH: Oh, this tastes good!
    JH: Why am I keep getting runny nose???
    JH: ~You’re my love…~~
    JH: ~So pretty! ~
    JH: ~My wife! ~
    SY: You looked handsome back then
    JH: What about now?
    SY: Now…
    JH: Why? Is it just normal?
    SY: No… You’re handsome!
    SY: Everyone looks handsome
    SY: Jh, sit here inside the flowers
    SY: Can’t figure out which one the flower is…
    SY: Guess where the flower is?
    SY: The first day we moved into our house
    JH: Ah!!!
    SY: After we painted the walls…
    MC: JS: DD, are you crying?
    MC: DD: No. No. I have eye goo in my eyes
    MC: JS: Oh, eye goo?
    MC: DD: Hip hop don’t cry…
    MC: JS: Oh! Hip hop don’t cry?
    JH: I shall take this with me
    SY: Do you like it?
    JH: Of course!
    JH: It’s not a matter of whether I like it or not…
    JH: I also prepared a present for you
    JH: You’re going to be really surprised
    SY: Why? Where are we going?
    JH: Open it up
    MC: MS: She doesn’t like the ghost room, until the last minute…
    SY: You’re going to frighten me like this till the end?
    MC: EN: Seriously? That place…
    JH: There will be something more surprising
    SY: What is this? I don’t feel good about this…
    JH: Close your eyes
    SY: I can’t even remember how many times I fell for this…
    JH: Close your eyes… X 2
    SY: Oh! What’s this? X 2
    JH: Oh! It’s ok! X 4
    SY: No~
    JH: Ah, hurry and open it
    JH: Ok, close your eyes
    SY: Oh! The smell is strange
    JH: Go inside!
    SY: Why, go inside?
    JH: Open your eyes! X 2
    SY: ~~~
    SY: What is this?
    MC: Wow!!!
    JH: I should have done it long time ago…
    MC: MS: The ghost room into flower room???
    MC: Wow!
    MC: CH: Ah!!!
    SY: Ah, wait…
    SY: I was surprised!
    MC: CH: What to do???
    JH: Why are you crying? Huh?
    SY: Oh, I was really surprised
    SY: Oh, it’s really pretty!
    JH: Go inside
    SY: I didn’t think I was going to cry…
    SY: Oh, it’s really pretty! 
    SY: Thank you
    JH: You get surprised with this stuff, huh?
    SY: Oh, it’s really pretty!
    JH: It’s pretty huh?
    SY: Uh huh
    JH: I told you I was going to give you flowers from the beginning?
    SY: Uh huh
    JH: The ones I missed until now,
    SY: Taking care of it in one shot?
    JH: In one shot…
    SY: I never imagined there would be that kind of present
    SY: I was surrounded by flowers…
    SY: Because I never even thought about it,
    SY: But, I, never thought that I would ever cry, seriously!
    SY: But, as soon as I saw those flowers, the tears just poured out…
    SY: It was very touching
    SY: Oh, this is really pretty! Thank you! Really!
    SY: Thank you
    JH: And knowing that I have to remove it…
    SY: Uh huh…
    JH: The ghost room has a lot of memories,
    JH: But, to surprise her even more,
    JH: I prepared a one big punch
    JH: She was dropping tears as soon as she saw it…
    JH: I didn’t do this to get her to cry…
    JH: I think she was really moved
    JH: It was first time seeing that kind of reaction…
    JH: It was a very touching moment
    MC: MS: Even when you’re happy, you do cry…
    JH: Were you touched?
    SY: A little bit!
    JH: ~
    SY: This much
    JH: Huh? Why?
    SY: I have a runny nose
    SY: Can I read it now?
    JH: Ah…
    SY: Oh!!!
    SY: You made it!
    JH: Uh huh
    JH: I went in the morning,
    SY: Uh huh
    JH: Played guitar, and made master recording
    SY: You made it until this morning?
    JH: I wrote it last night,
    JH: Got up and worked on it more
    JH: We’re going to record this today
    SY: Together, with my voice?
    JH: We have to do it together…
    SY: Oh really?
    SY: Then, do I get copy right fees too?
    JH: Can I…..? 
    SY: This is my first time! X 2
    JH: I started to make a song after the first meeting,
    JH: When we first met…
    SY: Yes
    JH: There was such a good vibe, I just couldn’t stop myself…
    JH: I want to fill it up, bit by bit, so…
    JH: The lyrics were based on what we wrote in Jeju Island
    JH: And until this morning, I was playing with it
    JH: Yes. Wait please
    JH: Can I hear the last part?
    JH: It’s a song made with what we experienced together,
    JH: And because it was the last time, I think I wanted to sing it together and leave something behind
    JH: Sigh…
    SY: This is the last charging
    JH: It’s the last time?
    SY: Huh? Uh…
    MC: EN: Oh boy…
    JH: How can you draw a line like that?
    JH: I wanted to spread the charging widely…
    SY: It’s still not too late
    MC: MS: Sy, has also been contaminated…
    JH: What’s up?
    SY: Can’t I just look?
    JH: Look as much as you can
    SY: Look as much as I can?
    JH: Uh huh
    SY: Touch as much as you can
    JH: Can I take this part with me?
    SY: You can take it
    MC: MS: The dimple
    SY: Haha, so cute
    SY: This is also the last time I ride this car?
    MC: CH: That’s right, they have a lot of memories in the car…
    MC: EN: Right, this couple had so many car…
    SY: It was always exciting when we got in the car…
    SY: It’s not exciting! X 3
    SY: When we were in the car, it was nice and comfortable
    SY: And it was always exciting when we were driving
    SY: We were going to places together
    SY: It’s sad, thinking that this will be the last time
    MC: MS: This couples’ car scene was the most prettiest
    MC: CH/DD: That’s right
    JH: Time really went by fast
    JH: Half a year, went by in what felt like 2 months
    SY: I know…
    JH: Seeing how it went by so fast, we must have had fun
    SY: It was fun
    JH: You’re not going to ignore me or anything like that, right?
    SY: Why?
    JH: From now on?
    SY: Why would I ignore you?
    JH: When we bump into each other…
    SY: Ah, LJH?
    JH: You’re not going to be like, “Hello! How have you been?”
    MC: MS: Oh, it almost made me talk in that fashion…
    SY: Ah, The brief marriage…
    MC: JS: Jh is really trying hard to keep it bright, and not show it
    MC: JS: I think guys will agree with this
    MC: DD: See, see!
    JH: You’re going to start shooting your drama?
    SY: Uh huh
    JH: You’re going to be busy…
    JH: I’m also going to be active
    SY: Right, you’re making a comeback…
    JH: Uh huh
    JH: When can we see?
    SY: Good question. How do we see each other now?
    JH: Can you ride a bicycle?
    SY: Bicycle? Yes
    JH: Next time, let’s ride bicycle!
    SY: Bicycle…
    JH: Let’s go from Gang nam to Yeo uido
    SY: Gang nam to Yeo uido?
    JH: Uh huh, we can do it
    MC: MS: Without us?
    MC: EN: Call us too
    MC: MS: We want to see it too…
    SY: When I buy a bicycle, I’ll call you
    JH: We’re here
    SY: No, don’t arrive
    JH: Want to run away?
    SY: Where do you want to go to?
    JH: We can’t say it
    SY: Got it
    SY: Hello!
    JH: Our engineer, Jin Se
    SY: Hello!
    SY: Please help me out
    SY: I’m not a good singer, so…
    JH: Do a good touch up, please…
    SY: Good touch up, please~
    JH: Ok. Give it to me please
    JH: ~After the cold winter has passed~
    JH: ~and when the warm rays are shining~
    MC: DD: He looks cool!
    JH: How is it? Teacher…?
    SY: It’s good!
    JH: It’s ok?
    JH: I’ll try couple more times
    JH: ~After the cold winter has passed~
    JH: ~and when the warm…
    JH: Raise the vocal a little bit please
    MC: DD: That kind of things look cool right?
    MC: JS: Yes! X 2
    JH: ~Color of sky…
    JH: Sorry! X 2
    JH: Use the ‘color of sky’ from earlier
    MC: MS: So, he’s producing and singing…very detailed…
    SY: Is this what they always do? Is it this difficult?
    SJ: Today, he’s working really hard
    JH: One more time
    SJ: The hardest ever…
    SY: Oh, really? He’s really not like this?
    SJ: He’s working on it harder than their album
    MC: MS: He’s working harder than when his with CN Blue, right now
    JH: Just do it like this!
    SY: Ah!!! I don’t know!!! Don’t come out!
    SY: This is the most frightening space for me
    JH: You’re going down today!
    SY: Please take it easy on me
    JH: Ok!
    SY: Please?
    JH: We’ try it!
    SY: Yes
    ~moment I saw the smile, I fell at first sight~
    SY: ~Start love story~
    MC: MS: What is she saying?
    MC: CH: Start! X 2
    SY: Is that ok?
    JH: Take it easy! X 2
    SY: Yes
    SY: ~To our cherished relation, I thank you~
    JH: Again~
    SY: Ah, yes… Yes!
    JH: You don’t need to be afraid~
    JH: Again!
    // JH: Again!
    SY: ~To our cherished relation, I thank you~
    SY: Why are you laughing?
    JH: Sy…
    SY: Why are you laughing?
    JH: Honey, you need to breathe
    JH: Let’s try it again…
    SY: I think I forgot how to breathe!
    SY: How do you breathe?
    JH: You don’t need to get scared
    JH: Relax and take it easy
    JH: Don’t be so nervous
    JH: Open your shoulders!
    SY: ~and every moments, Thank you~
    SY: ~My love~
    JH: It’s not bad…
    MC: DD: You can’t let the recordings finish!
    SY: Is this the last picture?
    JH: They say this is the end X 2
    MC: Oh!!!
    SY: The end… This is the last part?
    JH: Uh huh
    JH: You did a good job!
    JH: Sy, was the kind of wife that fulfilled all of my dreams of a marriage
    JH: She was like an oasis in a very tiring and difficult reality
    JH: I liked the fact that there was a place where I can recharge
    JH: Seriously, I can’t thank enough, and also
    JH: In the future, we can cheer on and encourage each other
    SY: For making a lot of pretty memories together
    SY: And always treating me well
    SY: Giving me happy memories which I can’t describe with words
    SY: For those, I thank you
    SY: Though our marriage life is over, as a co-worker, 
    SY: It would be nice if we can remain and be of strength to one another
    ___sky blue colored coat___ by jh&sy
    The End~
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    @lho688 Thank for the ng....
    Why only korea drama/movie the piggy- backing or been carry out? Korea guy must be strong. I think LYB is a bit heavy for LJK. He keep dropping her in other ng. Poor him.
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    150830 G-Dragon Instagram:

    “Hangzhou >>>> Changsha >>>> Chongqing”

    150828 G-Dragon - MADE Tour in Changsha


    Source: YES我是Nono + Pocakiss@weibo
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    And can I just say that seeing my JY episodes collection, there really is no episode you can or would want to skip. First time ever for me among the few WGM couples I have episode collections of.
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    150828 'In The Heights' Musical Secret Focus- Key cut
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    @irilight Didn't Joon Soo's father have an affair? I thought that was the main reason why he divorced/left Mi Hee. Given the phone calls Mi Hee's receiving from her ex-husband it doesn't seem as if things are truly over between the two. I've only watched up to episode 3 so more may be revealed by the time I catch up with everyone else. 
    Given what we've seen of Dong Suk and his treatment of Se Mi I would have found it more liberating if when challenged by Choon Ja or her husband Se Mi would have just taken her son and left the house.She certainly would be better off without having to endure a mother-in-law and good for nothing husband who do nothing but complain and/or laze about the house scheming.
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    AGE: 20
    BIRTH CONTROL YOU'RE USING: Ethinylestradio/Levonorgestrel (dutch)
    HOW LONG YOU'VE BEEN ON BIRTH CONTROL: 4 or 5 years, can't remember.
    POSITIVE SIDE EFFECTS (and how long it took to notice them): So I got less cramps, less menstrual blood and I also have 1 or 2 heavy days and 4 light days.
    NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS: The only negative side effect would probably be that I didn't get bigger boobs LOL, nah just kidding but I don't have any negative side effects tho.
    WHAT YOU THOUGHT/HOPED BC COULD/WOULD DO: It definitely made my period a lot easier, I am sure when I'll get it and just having it is much more pleasant than before. (I still hate it tho). I also thought ma boobies would get bigger but oh well, you can't have everything.
    OTHER INFO: Do it because YOU want to do it, don't do it for you boyfriend because he wants to have sex without a condom.
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    Jackson kissing Hong Jonghyun 
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