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  2. Omo ya'll this MV gets it. It's like the person who made it heard all the questions of "how did they start dating?" "why did Seol say yes?" "why do they like each other?" and was like BAM here's your answer of how it all started. Seriously they took everything I try to get some people to get LOL and put in a 4 something minute video. My mind was kind of blown after watching it (I"m easy okay LOL) so I need ya'll to watch it and tell me if they got it or I'm just easily excitable   <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> @Nahoku04 Gibson is DSI Stella Gibson played by Gillian Anderson in the Brit show 'The Fall' It also starts James Dornan (yup the 50 Shades of Grey dude) as as the best kind of intelligent and challenging serial killer. He's like the Alice to her Luther. I just realized today is only Monday. For some reasonI thought it was another day. Ugh this means we still got a week to go. Man I have watched the preview so much and hyped the hug scene in my head so bad LOL. I swear anything short of a 'From Here to Eternity' beach moment and I'll parish LOL. I have built it up that big in my head. Yes, Jung and Seol fall onto the sidewalk, weeping in each others arms, and profess 'I love you' and to never leave one another again or risk death. I know it's not going to happen but I have let my imagination run wild....Also for real guys, was his car parked on the sidewalk? Please answer because that's killing me. How did he get the car in between those light poles? It's on the side walk? Is that legal? What are others supposed to do when they come upon the car and them? That's kind of rude if it is on the side walk...Is it like a small side road or is it a legit side walk? Why does it bother me so much, I don't know. I'm the type of girl who hates when people rage in movies and like flip tables and throw food and break dishes and stuff. Why? Because all I think about are the poor movie resturant workers that have to come clean it up or like "you idiot after all this you going to have to be so careful sweeping up all those broke dishes. What are you going to eat and drink out of now?" So really, is the car parked on the sidewalk?
  3. Ryu Jun Yeol 류준열

    there's no news regarding he pulled out from THE KING. but our member here said that the korean media said he did came at script reading. our worry started because he didnt appear on the photos the script reading. since there's no news of him pulled out, i hope we can rest our worry.
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        It's not me, it's @MiDnite89
  6. Jung Hwan x Deok Sun COUPLE

    Lol props to the ppl who still enter the MT. I agree it's suicidal lol but why don't they take these theories into the tk/ds thread? If they are still so focus on the husband?  Let the MT be a mutual 88 home right? What are the shippers threads for again? I could go and write about why JH should of been the husband but I'm way over that. I've accepted that he is not and I'm no longer bitter. Not being the husband brought him more attention especially because we were are mislead to "think" it's def. him. They can argue what they want but in a case like this the "majority" wins and there are way more ppl who think JH was/should of been husband compared to Taek per the script/direction/focus of the entire drama up till 18. I respect the TK shippers who can see this. 
  7. Park Shin Hye 박신혜

    #PARKSHINHYE FAN ARTS                       cr:      
  8. Jerry Yan 言承旭 Jenneth
  9. Can you spot on Bogummy here??  Right there, the boy-scout goes outdoor adventure fashion sense..  White cap, white long sleeves, white socks and white sportshoes. *winks* #can’twaittowatch4OTPonYOF Park Bo Gum Bogummy Youth over flowers credit to :
  10. I am wondering what are they doing now  @4nn1987 side note: See how special Min-ah for SJS shippers? Does anyone mention SJS special care with anyone then Min-ah. YIY herself even approved how care a lot SJS-shi with Min-ah. Hmm.. ** YIY ssi or whoever another costar in OMV please forgive uri hallyustar couple for taking care of each other so much kkk    
  11. Not sure if it a new or old photo but it mentioned Shanghai (could be the city or name of club). If it's a new photo, looks like it's LMJ beside LBH. Photo credit: digy2k  
  12. Bong Sam updated his instagram twice today. Think he is helping Man Chi to advertise his product.   Credit :  
  13. Ask The Ladies - Read First Post

        yeah i see, its odd, but then i suck aye. well at least i know not to drop my guards and only see her as a friend since its wayyyyy in the beginning and not too far in. She messaged me today about a really fancy pretty restaurant to check out before it relocates i asked if she would go with me, she agreed so thats cool. But yeah that being said, i will only see it as friends, wont let myself go. haha. Thanks guys.   man reading back a few posts, feel pretty stupid to let it slide that long i suck at this business. hahahahahaha
  14. Again.. another article bout the girls.. Kkk sorry if i keep spamming guys since i really2 don't have another thing to do this day.
  15. Jerry Yan 言承旭 Jenneth...
  16.   Park bo gum la lee hyun woo yu benzeten bir tek ben degilim degil mi ? (Tüm çekikler aynı kafasından bi kurtulup bakın please) Ama bo gum forever      found this in tumblr :   those two just like a twin.  
  17. Jung Hwan x Deok Sun COUPLE

    THIS. It depends on the woman. Looks like he wouldn't be a noble idiot that will give way if the girl likes her back anyway. Include the girl on the triangle and not both backing off when there haven't been a face off at the first place. Of course JH shouldn't have let go when we weren't shown on how DS clearly feel. Why would the show left us hanging at that confession and not have a kissing scene of JH and DS to make it balance? T_T; It's just so sad and unfair that JH didn't knew DS like him at some point and just need to solidify their feelings for each other. They were on the same page. I can't believe that even after years, he wouldn't know that DS did make her antics to him. GAH.
  18. soldout810_kj: 힘들게#촬영 중에도 활짝웃는 #박보검#귀요미 credit : prkbgm tumblr     still amazing even without his smile. credit :  
  19. Joo Won 주원

      Or writing Thesis for His exam.....Wonder if he would graduate from Graduate school before MS.   For Dramas,I really dont want God Of Noodles for Him.I love noodles but this is not the time for it.Neither Rom-Com.This genre is too risky.  Oh wait...What I want then? I don't know but something really good and help him seal his name in industry before he leaves...
  20. Jerry Yan 言承旭 Jenneth...
  21. Jung Hwan x Deok Sun COUPLE

    @angeliesa same here. I will never understand why they never showed what DS thought of JH's confession. I'm pretty sure she has an inkling that what he was saying is true because she experienced all those. I'm pretty sure during the confession, she could remember all those moments as well. It's weird that they never showed her reaction after, she never wondered or it never bothered her why JH made it look like a joke but you can see in his eyes that he is serious and in pain. And also they never showed how DS's love for TK developed. Like what is it just about the kiss that made her like him? I mean that's not an enough reason for you to quickly fall in love with someone. Makes me think that DS is fickle minded but I love her you know. It's just that the last 2 episodes doesn't make sense.
  22. JH seems really enjoying his trip....he's showing off a lot of pictures... Looks so happy and contented...
  23. Just made a gif out of the Episode 07 trailer :3 You qi is just so cute <3 I agree with you being that you qi wanted to carry lou yin when they will put him on the infirmary but gu hai insisted that he will carry yin XD
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