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    Rising Star Choi Woo Shik Poses for Max Movie Magazine Actor Choi Woo Shik was chosen as one of the “11 Rising Stars of 2016 in the Movies” in the February issue of Max Movie magazine. Other actors listed as ones to watch for in 2016 are Park So Dam, Park Bo Gum, and Ryu Jun Yeol, among others. During the interview, Choi Woo Shik spoke about receiving Best Rookie Award at the 36th Blue Dragon Award. He commented, “I stress out about doing a better job in my next project. But thanks to the recognition I received, I am given chances to challenge myself more.” He showed his passion for acting saying, “I’m open to shaving my hair off if the role calls for it.” In the pictorial, Choi Woo Shik showed off boyish look as well as masculine charisma side to his looks. Choi Woo Shik recently rose to the top as the up and coming actor through his work in the film “Set Me Free.” He received a total of six awards for his work in it, receiving spotlight from the movie industry. In 2016, Choi Woo Shik looks forward to working in the film “Your Name Is Rose” (working title) alongside actors Yoo Ho Jung and Ha Yeon Soo. It’s about a character named Hong Jang Mi who dreams of becoming a singer. It’s a story of love between family members and going after your dream. We will be seeing lots of Choi Woo Shik in 2016 as his upcoming films “Marital Harmony” (working title) and “Busan” (working title) are due to release soon. 
  3.   Same! Was actually expecting them to kiss in EP8....didnt happen and it broke my heart .-. I wanna download the english subbed episodes. Anyone has a link or do i need to get the ones from youtube?
  4.   source : Ohhh and I think this hasnt been aired yet right?? SH visiting Mimo at work... hmmmm is he looking for a partner too? following HJ technique is he? Nah his SH he will have his own reasons  hahaha!  cr DC gallery  
  5. @jetsu yup yup, I like that 'reach the car key' part.. As a symbol how desperate (?) she is to reach him soon    HW priority be like : Shin Eun Soo, Shin Eun Soo, Shin Eun Soo.... Shin Eun Soo even after the world ends LOL Unlimited for her.  While the other : 1. Money - Power 2. Money - Power 3. Money - Power 4. IJ 5.ES 
  6. Wait, wait, wait.. @Jillia, could you help me translate the caption of the IG update I post earlier?Am I right if I think with my so limited Koren, it says "ENDING?!" So the manhwa is a happy ending with Black having a baby with Swan?lol..the drama hasn't even started yet..what am I doing..just guessing
  7.  Thanks for your thoughts. I agree that the teasers are very good "oozing with sincerity" as you said. I really love the first teaser, when the actors are talking about this drama/ their thoughts. I wish to know what they are saying, not to miss any word. So yeon said that she is ready to play a mother and I believe Won Mi kyung talked about how she felt returning to the set after so many years (but I am not sure). I want to comment on what you said about the plot. It is the second time I read that Hyun Ki (played by Lee Pil mo) will have a crush on Hae Ryung (Kim So yeon) and that`s how the love triangle is formed. How could a man married for 13 years has a crush on his wife? Maybe the doctor, Ji Gun (Lee Sang Woo) would have a crush on her at first. IMHO, the doctor will form the triangle, he will fall in love with a woman who should not be involve with, not only because she is married, but for other tragic circumstances that I won`t mention because it is not official yet. Lots of heartbreak ... many tears... Even the teaser told us that.
  8. KEYEAST JAPAN mobile site update!
  9. i replayed it over and over again.. so much pain.. so much longing.. writer nim/pd nim MUST show us their emotional meeting after both thought the other is in danger... please...
  10. Ep. 7 Preview "Classifying real and fake"  
  11. 'Cheese in the Trap': Drama scene vs. Webtoon scene   tvN's latest drama series 'Cheese in the Trap' recently aired it's 9th episode, garnering much love from the viewers for it's accurate interpretation of the original webtoon of the same title. Even before the webtoon was remade into a drama, it drew in a solid fanbase and is currently running their second season (in LINE Webtoon). Here are some scenes that you see in both the webtoon and in the drama, check out how the scenario changed as the transition was made from webtoon to drama!   Seol wants to take a year off, again One line synopsis: Seol gets drunk and talks of how she wants to get a year off from school again because of Yoo Jung. In the drama: In the webtoon:       Seol drops papers and Yoo Jung ignores One line synopsis: Seol trips over herself while carrying load of papers and Yoo Jung acknowledges, but doesn't help.   In the drama In the webtoon:             Credit :        
  12. Shin Se Kyung 신세경

    'Six Flying Dragons' Yoo Ah-in reveals to Sin Se-kyeong, "I should become king" (hancinema) On the 38th episode of SBS' Monday & Tuesday drama, 'Six Flying Dragons', Yi Bang-won (Yoo Ah-in) revealed his ambition to Boonyi (Sin Se-kyeong). Yeon-hee (Jeong Yoo-mi) advised Boonyi that Yi Bang-won was holding different ideas and she should keep a distance from him. Although Boonyi noticed Yi Bang-won and Jeong Do-jeon had been conflicting with each other, she herself wanted to confirm it. Boonyi asked Yi Bang-won about this. Yi Bang-won confessed his path was different from Jeong Do-jeon. Boonyi was disappointed with Yi Bang-won's change. Yi Bang-won asked Boonyi, "You said we should do something at least as far as we are alive. Did you give up on the idea?" He also said there's nothing he could do in the new nation and he could not withstand it any longer. Yi Bang-won confessed he should become king to be able to do something at least. And he also said that, for his goal, he would need Boonyi. Source : cr:
  13. Jung Hwan x Deok Sun COUPLE

    So I'm not the only one who feel this.... Even until now sometime when I'm on the bus, listening litle girl song by Oh Hyuk / lee moon se I always remember our OTP moment, our jungpal beautifull confession and I endup feel this pain again .... everytime I meet my sister we can't not talking about how unfair the ending for Jungpal, how it still not make sense how they end a great beautifull drama like that, no mater how many time we replay reply 1988 we still feel that our OTP is fated to be endgame, many clues, their chemistry, camera moves. Sometime we can accept, yeah uri taek and deoksun is cute together, we don't hate them, we love them as we love this drama so much. But if I think about it again it really not make sense at all... if they show taek side of story longer maybe it will be more acceptable, even we saw much development on chilbong or taewong with najeong/siwon...but like in almost every scene between deoksun and taek they show nothing but deoksun taking care of taek like she taking care noeul....for me it will be moreeee beautifull if their relationship is stay sibling....trurhfully I really enjoy their sibling like in episode 19-20 I somehow still feel their love is sibling love..nothing more.... Pink shirt, Jungpal's christmast gift, deoksun×kim sajang moment, jungpal's elementary school diary which is full of deoksun, the hajima scene, alley scene, bed scene, bickering scene, really theres sooo much scene that left useless (sorry I can't find other proper word) if I think the point they show us that scene really...first snow scene, even jungbong wish, fiancee ring, forest gump scene, and on 2015 deoksun said to her husband to not reading manhwa too much, ahhhhh...sooo much ambiguos useless scene if they plan to make taek the husband from the start. Once again, i not hate taek or deoksun...I loooveee them...but thinking about the ending is just make my head and heart hurts so much.....sometimes my delusional mind feel like they have plan for uri jungpal/kim familly maybe they will be the focus of the next installment of reply..finding his wife maybe..because really....they are soooo precious, such a waste that their charachter are over in this series.. talking about unique Jungbong, such a perfect husband material junghwan, funny but not soo funny kim sajang, and uri ra miran..ssangmundong cheetah...on top of that they are all kindhearted, they do everything for everyone on ssangmundong... and to think that on next installment we won't see them again make my hearts huuurt soo bad... I don't know when will I move on, for now I just can silently lurking here and ryujunyeol thread, sometimes I feel better reading all of your fanfic, fanpict, even your opinion about our I'm not alone here, we feel the same....thanks guys.... thank you very much.....ahhh even I type this with watery eyes....
  14.   Oh Oh Oh, I have no words to describe this episode. It's beautiful - HW and ES's strong bond, the talk of true love by YA and to see it in action was DAEBAK!!!   You know, what I got from the ending was the best STINKING SLIMEBALL was thrown at KSH by ES;  the unmistakeable overt message for KSH seemed to be "You are not a person worth loving at all KSH; Your'e a worthless piece of s**t" from your 'darling wife' who played you out when you were SO busy playing other people out. ES got the last laugh here and what a fantastic throw it was S-P-L-A-T. Thumbs up to ES cos she really got him there like nobody has hahahahahaha - serves you right KSH   I hope you eat M-U-C-K for the rest of your life KSH.    Oh, I just loved the ending so much (and I don't care what happens next week!!! 
  15. Kim Tae Hun 김태훈

    The drama continues...  
  16. Relax it's only a drama, don't compare it to reality. Besides ES purely carry the title as KSH's wife and KSH knew well that the marriage is for a purpose (him wanting ES to stay and ES did it for MR and revenge).  From the start ES has already betrayed this marriage ... splitting the husband's family and taking revenge on them.  To me a marriage is out of love that 2 person vows to love, care and cherish each other.  Clearly does not exist between KSH and ES .... and that's marriage because they signed a paper?     I'm just enjoying this as a drama and happy to see OTP's development.  Seriously, HW is too perfect to be in this world (only in drama).   
  17. A Pink (에이핑크) Official Thread

    Chorong fancafe update       Chorong Instagram Updates (160210) Trans: #ISAC #apink #btob #clc #FutsalOppasAlthoughTheresNoPhoto #YouveWorkedHard Congrats congrats on winning!!       Trans: #ISAC #apink #btob #clc         Eunji Instagram Update (160210)   해나언니는 사진을 못찍는다 #발카#아이폰으로#못찍기#쉽지않은데#멋져   Tr: I can't take photos with Haena unnie (Eunji's Sassy Go Go co-star) #Valka #WithIphone #CantTake #NotEasy #Right     trans cr: apinktrans        
  18. From the conservation between Taejong and Sejong in TWDR it was Taejong that handed Moo Hyul to Sejong so it is safe to deduct that MH was loyal to Taejong until  he was given to Sejong so I believe that in SFD, Moo Hyul will remain by Taejong side till the end of the drama. I also think that BY will choose BW over JDJ as she is far more open minded that the less of the people in Sambong's organization plus what YH is to JDJ, BY is the same as she is BW confidant and she is the only he lets his thought known to.
  19. [Current Taiwanese Drama 2015-2016] Bromance 愛上哥們

    Life would be boring if we agreed on everything ! I have different opinions on the following point. YN’s feminine aspect is not a clue that he’s a she. In this scene ZF is trying to find a logical explanation to the fact that he is attracted to YN. The only thing he can come up with is that he looks feminine. I think it’s his last attempt to reassure himself about his own sexual orientation : he fell for YN because he’s feminine, therefore he’s not really gay. Fortunately, he will later understand that he fell for YN because YN is YN. BUT, I gladly admit that YN saying that he’ll never fall for someone of the same sex may become a clue in due time (i.e., once he gets the certainty that YN also likes him).   Episode 8 Despite the spoiler that in the novel ZF knew at the airport, I couldn’t find any indication in the episode that could confirm it: when he enters the terminal, ZF quickly checks the departure board, climbs the stairs, finds YN, snatches the boarding pass and tears it into pieces without even looking at it, says : "You're not going anywhere. You can't resign. You can't leave." and reminds YN of his promise to always be with him. On the contrary, I think, his phone conversation with QY at the end of the episode clearly indicates that he still doesn’t know: "QY, it’s becoming more and more unclear for me what happened between YN and me (…) there’s nothing we can do about it. We can just let it be." And later to himself: "Maybe love is like that." At the restaurant, it’s ZF’s turn to tell YN that he was afraid of losing him, that he doesn’t want to lose him and YN promises not to disappear. XJ’s birthday. I absolutely love that part of the episode, for the girl time of course, but what I love most is the way YN and ZF seem to sense the other’s presence (at the cash for example, he hears her voice, looks in her direction but can only see the dark shoulder-length hair, then she hears his voice, turns her head in his direction but XJ’s arrival prevents her from seeing him), cross paths several times and finally meet. ZF finds himself in front of the real female YN. End of the episode.   I think the exchanges between ZF and ZR are important in this episode. ZF realizes that someone else is interested in YN, but also connecting ZR’s words and other elements at the right moment may help him move towards the truth. I report here after 3 scenes involving ZR. I won’t comment them, they’re sufficiently eloquent in my opinion. At the fountain: ZR mentions the person he likes and says that if he has a chance in the future, he would bring her to the fountain. ZR: I liked her since we were children. She isn’t my girlfriend yet (NB : I suspected a problem with the translation so I checked the subtitles in the raw episode and he uses the word girlfriend). I’m still waiting for her. ZF: (...) Is she out of the country ? ZR: Because of certain reasons, right now is not the time. But after a period of time, I will confess to her. ZF: The waiting process is pretty hard… ZR: It isn’t. Even though she doesn’t know my feelings, right now I can be by her side, share her happiness, share her pain, work hard to complete what she wants to do, and protect the things she wants to protect. I feel really happy. ZF: It seems that you really like her. YN's arrival interrupts them. ZF observes ZR and YN's interaction from afar and seems bothered/saddened.   In front of the paparazzi:  ZR : The one who likes Pi Yanuo is not him. It’s me. (…) I am not protecting someone. I’m just telling you my feelings. (…) YN and I are childhood friends. He is someone who is loyal, cares about friends and will wholeheartedly do anything for his friends. A person like him, I really admire him. And I also like him.(…) What surprises me most is that neither HS nor the journalists ever investigated about YN’s background. After all, it could be interesting to know who the supposed gay lover of a triad boss is. It’s very easy to find out the truth about her gender as her parents surely didn’t dare to declare her as a boy on their family register. But this is dramaland… Later in ZF’s office: ZF : ZR, thank you ! ZR : You don’t have to thank me. I just wanted to help YN out of trouble. ZF : What you said in front of the reporters, those are your real feelings, right? ZR : Huh ? ZF : Yesterday at the fountain, you said you have someone you liked since childhood and you’re waiting for the chance to confess. Is that person YN? YN enters the room at that precise moment, allowing ZR to leave without having to answer.   Major clue : There’s a girl ZR is waiting to confess to. But ZR clearly likes YN.
  20. [Current Taiwanese Drama 2015-2016] Bromance 愛上哥們

      Guys, remember that Megan said in an interview somewhere that five years ago when she worked with River, it was like they were elementary school kids and this time working together is like going to college waiting to graduate. Could this be what she meant studying together for 10 years? I do think it is a reference to River. Perhaps she is saying that it's time to finally graduate and she feels kinda sad that it's over? It does feel a little sad because I think they will be too busy to keep in touch. Anyways, hope everyone makes the effort to keep in touch. Isn't love worth going the extra mile?
  21.   Oh God, yes, me too @irit!!!! Ahhh, I had to pause and wait for a while bec it was soooo soooo agonising!
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