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  1. juniper_ added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Answer Me 1988 응답하라 1988   

    Welcome to the spazz discussion haha! I was nervous about her acting but episode one really casted off my worries too. I'm hyeri's fan so I hope you fall for her, hehe.
    She has a thick neck I guess, but she's pretty. You'll notice she has a mole on the corner of her bottom lip (on the left i think).

    It gets covered up by the thick makeup most of the time, but you can see it in close ups. Idk why I'm mentioning it but I think that beauty mark makes her so endearing.
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  2. badsmuler added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] The Village: Achiara's Secret 마을- 아치아라의 비밀   

    "The Merchant: Gaekju 2015" sets record
    "The Merchant: Gaekju 2015" came in first with a record breaker.
    According to Nielsen Korea, the KBS 2TV drama "The Merchant: Gaekju 2015" came in first with 12.2%.
    This is 0.5% more than the previous episode and a record breaker.
    "The Merchant: Gaekju 2015" is the success story of Cheon Bong-sam (Jang Hyeok) who starts off as a seller and in the end becomes a merchant.
    Meanwhile, SBS "The Village: Achiara's Secret" and MBC "Sweet, Savage Family" recorded 5.9% and 7.6%.
    Credit :
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  3. kappy added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Kwak Si Yang & Kim So Yeon   

    @Hajar Ahmad - Thanks for sharing how you came to watch our beautiful couple.  I had to laugh reading how you are hooked...ani...addicted.  I think that would appropriately assess my situation.  Haha. One great thing about the internet is that if you have an interest in something, and you have to know NOW about that interest and A LOT about it, that interest - or hunger - is fed.  We can be gluttons.  So I know what you are talking about when you said the Berries are satisfying your addiction.  Sounds unhealthy, doesn't it?  Hmm.  Could be, I guess, in some ways.  Berryitis hitting us. I think of that song that says, "If loving you is wrong, I don't wanna be right."  There is also that other song that says "Might as well face it, I'm addicted to love."  Both could be said of us.
    And I'm excited about the subs for Ep. 295 being released, too.  But I have to agree..@thesuitelife547's subbing is awesome and better than kshowline.  Chincha!
    Thanks for the info about the most probable reason behind So Yeon wearing that blanket during the piggyback.  I was thinking along the lines of propriety - the best "manners."  It does share something about both of them, and I like that, a lot.  
    Specifics I liked and observed about the piggyback ride:  
    - Didn't know their playing basketball had anything to do with the piggyback.  I was wondering why he seemed so upset when he missed that shot.  So it meant since he missed, he wouldn't piggyback her?  Or am I not understanding right?
    - So Yeon:  Excuse me (because I'm heavy)  Si Yang:  You're excused. (and you're not heavy)
    - Before she got on his back, that little shy squeal of hers and the movement she made with her arms, hands fisted.  So cute!
    - She hung on to him well, arms nicely wrapped around his neck, with her face close to his.  There was one part when he turned his face towards her face and they were almost about to touch, but then the camera changed the shot.  Grrrr!
    - So Yeon: I should walk now.  Put me down over there.  1, 2, 3, 4...    Si Yang:  Nooooooooooo!  ("runs away")
    - Big smiles on their faces all the way through.  
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  4. vickhun22 added a post in a topic ♥ Official Khuntoria Couple Thread ♥   


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  5. luv2skulz added a post in a topic ♛ BIGBANG ♛ The Official 빅뱅 Thread ★彡[ Ver. 3 ]   

    Sorry- this formatting is not ideal, but whatevs.

    2015 MEN OF THE YEAR – G-Dragon

    Disclaimer: this is a translation of the original post on GQ Korea

    G Dragon especially stood out this year, although he himself claims that nothing much has changed since before.

    “It all passed so quickly. I still can’t say for sure what kind of year 2015 was. And I have another concert tomorrow, too.” From spring to summer, BIGBANG was all-in with productivity. They released eight single tracks and seven music videos. “This year? Hmm… BIGBANG is everything. G-Dragon is BIGBANG. In 2015, BIGBANG was such a huge part of my life.” G-Dragon was always BIGBANG’s leader, but has the group ever looked more stable than now? Perhaps this is due to the disappearance of critical views against them, whether they be simple envy or outright rejection. “I don’t make music or dress the way I do to gain support from those who don’t like me; I’ve never thought too deeply about those people. Of course I keep in mind what the public likes these days. That’s my job. Nothing much has changed.” The fact that he calls this his job is notable; it shows that he thinks, perhaps more than others, about what a true star would naturally do or show to the public. Experimental if an experiment, challenging if a challenge. “They’re all memorable because they were all things I wanted to do and that I had fun doing.” Was the exhibition <PEACEMINUSONE> the start of him displaying his name, similar David Bowie and Bjork? In the summer, he, with a bright hair color, dominated the party scene with Tilda Swinton, Kanye West, and the Chanel Haute Couture collection. He attended the end of the year awards in a hot pink suit, and, with other BIGBANG members, energetically danced to ‘Fantastic Baby‘. And finally this lucid moment. “I am.” When on <Please Take Care of My Refrigerator>, Jung Hyung Dong jokingly accuses him of putting truffle mushroom, caviar, and foie gras in his fridge “to look cool and classy,” G-Dragon laughs a bit, and says this line, distinguishing himself from all others. What really is “cool”? As the answer to this question, G-Dragon stands on stage, in front of the camera.




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  6. dac417 added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] ♔ MinShin (Lee Min Ho ❤ Park Shin Hye) ♔ - Thread 2   

    For Bruno Magli …

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  7. hkgoodsbuy added a post in a topic GOF Porter Couple: Lee Seo Jin & Choi Ji Woo   

    totally neglect lsy....
    jiwoo just stay with seojin oppa is enough
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  8. loveoppayam added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Oh Yeah Couple || Oh Min Suk && Kang Ye Won ||   

    Wow wow wow I just open this thread and lots of new facts about the couple. Really love how you all put our couple in serious mode. With all the 'Sherlock Holmes' things and theories about their relationship.  
    BTW related to ohyeyers subs, I really appreciate your hard work and I think yours is better because you put love into it. But if you are too busy to do it and since KSN started to subbing WGM again, then I am okay with your decision. Thanks for your effort and hard work ohyeyers subbing team 
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  9. nevill added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015-2016] Six Flying Dragons 육룡이 나르샤 - Mon. Tue. 10pm   

    @MiAmour not only informally but calls him stupid to boot - shows him how to communicate  with his wife 
    btw she doesnt seem upset and actually assume they consummated their marriage and he is the one admitting sheepishly that it is still not actual and you can see he doesnt really want to talk to her about something llike that doens want tofeel obligated to another woman when with BY    
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  10. Newsie added a topic in hot off the press: soompi news!   

    Seo In Guk Picks Park Bo Geom As His Potential Bromance Partner
    Seo In Guk said the actor he wanted to work with the most is Park Bo Geom. On November 25, he took the time to talk with fans through Naver’s V App’s “Real Live, Music & Talk.” When fans ask who he wants to act with the most, he answers, “It’s an actor that all […]
    The post Seo In Guk Picks Park Bo Geom As His Potential Bromance Partner appeared first on Soompi.
    View the full article
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  11. oceanluv added a post in a topic Kang Dong Won 강동원 | Upcoming movies: Hidden Time | A Violent Prosecutor   

    Daily viewers on 25 November 2015 = 57,334 (the 21th day of screening)
    The cumulative attendance = 4,620,899

    credit KOBIS
    more pics from SG on 14-15 Nov. 2015

    credit on pics, Devout Wish,       백,          Mintea
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  12. samzz added a post in a topic _DONGHAE [Official] LEE DONG WOOK + LEE DA HAE | ChaMo lives on! :)   

    hugging BTS is second nature to them-male/female best friends don't do this, unless both are gay/lesbian respectively


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  13. severus added a post in a topic Cute Things To Do For Your Boyfriend!   

    10 pages and not one mention of a BJ. 
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  14. agdr03 added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] ☆WooJoo/YeonSo Couple☆ (Yoo Yeon Seok ♡ Kang SoRa)   

    I miss you all YeonSo shipper's!!!
    how are you? When is Sora going to watch her Oppa's musical?   
    Sora's Pandora ad is gorgeous! soooooooooooo beautiful!
    Meanwhile Oppa! I'm very proud of you! I see clips and vids of your musical in IG and you sounded awesome! Keep it up! Fighting!
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  15. blue_angel_1004 added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Answer Me 1988 응답하라 1988   

    I think BR will reject SW. Just as there were many telltale signs that SW liked BR, there are too many telltale signs that BR already has a bf and is secretly dating someone else. That might even be the secret that she asks SW to keep between them. Even if SW gets together with BR in the end, it won't be for awhile, I suspect. 
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  16. severus added a post in a topic Girlfriends/Boyfriends   

    You make it sound like you're going around offing people who are better looking/ make your bf insecure.  
    If you glancing at a hot guy triggers his insecurities.... Yikes.  
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  17. MiAmour added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015-2016] Six Flying Dragons 육룡이 나르샤 - Mon. Tue. 10pm   

    First of all, you got a great point there, i respect ur opinion, but you probably think that this SFD drama following history 100%, (otherwise writers obviously didnt fully following history, cause its included with fact+fiction). About BW & BY, as you see BY started to speak formally towards him infront of other ppl (In Ep.16). but when theres only 2 of them shes kinda talk to him informal way, as supportive way.. so overall, we may never know what writer leads their story. Perhaps good or bad, only them knows.
    Anyway i wanna share this OST by Angel's Voice.. Junsu, it such a sad song thou 
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  18. Phi added a post in a topic Shinhwa Eric Moon (에릭) / Moon Jung Hyuk (문정혁)   

    From Tencent Concert

    Credit as tagged
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  19. amera46 added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL]✩Jang Wooyoung♥Park Se Young✩[THE YY NATION] ♥Congratulations Seyoung♥   

    seyoungie ig followers go to 11K 
    fighting princess 
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  20. rikimaiu added a post in a topic [Current Weekend Drama 2015] I Have A Lover 애인있어요 | Sat-Sun 21:55 KST   

    @thegoldbug, yes, HG knew about the JE/SR affairs when they were married and even tried to commit suicide. When they met again after 4 years, she knew JE is SR's boyfriend. But then, she didn't know she is JE's ex-wife and it has no impact to her. With her amnesia, she probably didn't remember that JE cheated on her with SR during the marriage. In my opinion, right now, she don't remember that JE cheated on her. It is going to be a huge difference in their relationship when she remembers everything especially the scene where JE begs his father to kick her out. 
    Right now JE is taking the advantage of her memory loss to be close to her again knowing that she still has not regain her memory especially with regards to his adultery. When HG asked JE why did they divorce, he mentioned it was due to 'exhaustion of love'. If he told her that it was because he was 'sick' of her and had an affair, how would HG react ? 
    I would say right now the whole affair thing has not hit upon HG yet. I am still waiting for the bomb to explode when she fully regains her memory. 
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