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  1. Loveping88 added a post in a topic ♡ BinMin ♡ Hyun Bin ♡ Han Ji Min ♡   

    Happy weekend !
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  2. khairunni added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Kwak Si Yang & Kim So Yeon   

    MBC facebook fanpage uploaded the preview video (similar with last week preview we have), and the captions for today episode is:
    Tears of a surprise birthday party
    Can't wait.
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  3. lucy13880 added a post in a topic Joo Jin Mo 주진모in upcoming Chinese Drama, "Sorry, Honey" (P549 - 550)   

    To get more info about Sorry Honey, you can follow this weibo account. 
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  4. seesaw_love added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Kwak Si Yang & Kim So Yeon   

    recently i am catching up with Siyang's works.  I watched night flight & watching Perseverance Goo Haera last night.  All is well is out for me as it is too long.   However, it seem like almost every pcs of his work (think oh my ghost dun hv),   Siyang has kiss scenes !!!       Even his work before he changed his name, has kiss scenes too!  
    When i watched soyeon's dramas with kiss scene, my mood just flow with the drama. However as soon as i saw Siyang's kiss scene, i rolled eyes ! !  WHAHAHHAHA...... am i getting jealous on behalf of Soyeon.     
    Guess i must adjust my mode when i m watching ACTOR - KWAK SIYANG and not Husband Kwak. 
    =>  GOGOGO 100 pages challenge ! => => =>  
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  5. lxands added a post in a topic [Official] ❤ Taeyang Couple ❤ Duk Sun and Sun Woo Reply 1988   

    I see your point.  The things is all clues pointing to JH too fast. They're still in middle school,  going on high school for another year or so, then college. Especially college when old DS said it would gonna take a whole night if she was to list all the names of the girls hubby dated in college.  So its hard to imagine JH who has been in love with DS since middle school would go around dating a lot of girls in college & after he had all his fun, he returned back to his old love. Simply just doesn't work for me. 
    However if its between SW & DR, I can accept all his fling with girls in college since they didnt have feelings yet for DS when they were in school & while they had their fun, or at least they're not aware of their feelings for DS yet. So its more acceptable. 
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  6. Newsie added a topic in hot off the press: soompi news!   

    Kwak Si Yang and Kim So Yeon Are Extra Cheesy and Cute on “We Got Married”
    Kim So Yeon and Kwak Si Yang raises hairs amongst viewers through their sweet interactions on MBC’s “We Got Married.” When Kwak Si Yang returns home after working until the early morning, an excited Kim So Yeon adorably runs barefoot to greet her husband and gives him a hug. Kwak Si Young asks Kim So […]
    The post Kwak Si Yang and Kim So Yeon Are Extra Cheesy and Cute on “We Got Married” appeared first on Soompi.
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  7. odaesan added a post in a topic Rant All You Want Here..Whining Allowed.   

    No, fool. I went to get some rare Amiibo that were getting restocked but there was a decent amount and they weren't being bought out by resellers. It was surprising. There were some good deals, but it seems that online retailers are taking a lot of the load now.
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  8. hazelzerone added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Oh My Venus 오 마이 비너스 | Mon-Tues 10PM KST | EP 5 Vid/Txt Previews on pgs 68/71   

    OMO, chincha? I better make my bet now before i missed it. Ok, i bet for ep11. I am ready to lose the bet, haha...
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  9. Mico Ricco added a post in a topic Lee Sang Woo (이상우), [부탁해요 엄마], [All About My Mom], Sat&Sun 8pm KST - KBS2   

    credit :

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  10. Reen2you added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] YongSeo/용서/SeoHwa Couple Thread 3 ♥   

    @varine as far as i know and even long term gogumas will telling you the same . and from my own experience when this matter came out back then . Yes it is . a gift from fan to Seohyun but gave the piano to Yonghwa instead . 

    AND PLEASE ~~ DO NOT QUOTE ANY IMAGE / GIF OR VIDEO or Moderator will lock this thread . Thankyou in avdance . 
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  11. fleurofjasmine added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Sassy Go Go (Cheer Up) 발칙하게 고고   

    New article about Jisoo from soompi -->
    some translated LWG  interview by DeathBerry28
    Thank you chingus..for all updates...  
    soooooo happy seeing them still meet-up..#OT13 FTW!!
    and those LWG interview about Eunji...please LWG stop!! are playing with my delulu shipper heart...LOL
    However..I really need Eunji to talk about SGG and OT13 (esp LWG and Jisoo..hehe)
    so, I know how EJ's thought about LWG..
    bonus: Jisoo new video interview from The Star (Jisoo "I grade myself 92/100 as a son, and 37/100 as an actor" --> aww..he's such a good son )

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  12. Newsie added a topic in hot off the press: soompi news!   

    Ryu Joon Yeol Speaks Up About His Rise in Popularity
    Actor Ryu Joon Yeol from the drama, “Reply 1988,” spoke up about his recent popularity. On November 27, news outlet Sports Chosun conducted an interview with the actor, who is currently receiving a lot of love for his portrayal of the tough, but extremely sweet Kim Jung Hwan in the drama. Ryu Joon Yeol said, “After […]
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  13. juniper_ added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Answer Me 1988 응답하라 1988   

    When Taek was going to sleep after he had that moment with his dad, I was screaming at my screen like "You're sleeping??! Don't sleep!!! Manitto!!! You dumbie!" before he pulled out that piece of paper.
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  14. pwnkl added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Yong-Pal 용팔이   

    The only Taiwan drama that I'll ever recommend will be Fated to Love You  I watch the on-going dramas right now.. but no nothing tops Yong Pal 
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  15. emok added a post in a topic Lee Da Hae 이다해 李多海 イ・ダヘ [Upcoming Drama Best Couple]   

    I am speechless if BC is going to air in MBC.
    Fortunately it should be air in internet, china tv then Korea tv, I would think, right?  I hope they will put lots and lots of promotion and bts in the internet and china tv instead of hiding by MBC.  They must have pay quite a big money to buy the copyright.  If MBC bought the drama but put it in an un-noticeable timeslot, I will believe someone was probably hired to suppress Dahae's profession. lol!  One thing I don't need to worry is the drama will not go with the audience's preference as it's pre-filmed.  I just really don't like how the Korean drama following the crowd to change the ending, so un-respectful to the actor/actress!

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  16. chic-chic added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL]✩Jang Wooyoung♥Park Se Young✩[THE YY NATION] ♥Congratulations Seyoung♥   

    Is this the gown? She really looks stunning and elegant in this gown.

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  17. 13infamyss added a post in a topic [MANGA/ANIME] Akatsuki No Yona ; Yona of the Dawn   

    Thanks for the heads up! I've been really busy these days and haven't had the time to get caught up with my manga dosage. I can't wait till the holidays and read this series. 
    Hak and Soo Won reunited? LIKE WHAT?! I think I`m gonna cry seeing that scene.
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  18. ilwoo_aein added a post in a topic [Upcoming Drama 2015] Remember – War of the Son 리멤버 – 아들의 전쟁 | premieres in 9th December | 1st teasers pg 13 ~ script reading video pg 14   

    More HD version for YSH new stills. YSH always looks handsome even when he's acting angry 

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  19. mellinadear added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Answer Me 1988 응답하라 1988   

    Dramabeans recap is up.
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  20. BrittanyL added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Answer Me 1988 응답하라 1988   

    Just got into this drama this week (I had no idea it was here!) and I just got to say I'm still strongly rooting for Jung Hwan. Although Taek is like my smol child, I love him. I just feel like DS and JH have more chemistry is all. 
    Glad this thread is here so we can all fan together!
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  21. mellinadear added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Answer Me 1988 응답하라 1988   

    I am so happy for the cast and crew for the ratings. Yowza,it keeps going up and up. 
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  22. missling1 added a post in a topic Park Seo Joon 박서준 ~❤❤   

    Some lucky fan got an autograph from PSJ during his flight from Incheon to NY? 
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  23. Vergara added a post in a topic [Current Thailand Drama 2013~2015] Hormones The Series (Season3 Ep01 on 26 September)   

    Just done watching episode 9, I have to admit that is not interests me, but the story is still good. When I read recap, I thought that job was like prostitute (though without sex involved), lol, but still no idea about that service in real life, does it common in Thailand?
    In my opinion, Hormones always gives audience 2 opposite opinions about one story. As you can both like and hate Boss at the same time, for example, Sun's story might be just alike. He just thought he wants give happiness to people by taking such job, it's good, but on the other hand, when he dives into that much and in fact, he is too naive and inexperience, he got bad consequence by taking those women's offer. He loss parents and friends's trust, Mali, SeeScape, his car, his pride and it seems everything. I hope he learnt his lesson but how he can start over when everyone dont trust him anymore. I think in this case, only Jane will accept him, and I heard that many people start to ship Jane and Sun lol.
    For the next episode Pala's, just see his facial expression when hearing Zomzom talk to Sun: I hope you get HIV/AIDS. What will she act if she discover Pala has this illness too? Oh, no. Everyone made mistakes, they can start over, but Pala, no 
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  24. ferlycious added a post in a topic Ha Ji Won 하지원   

    cr. HJW Malaysia1023 FP
    HJW schedule for Swarovski Event at Hongkong
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