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  2. So good to hear news about Sapphie! I hope Mingki ends up in a good home too.
  3. ♥ Official Khuntoria Couple Thread ♥

    [PIC] 160214 Victoria - Movie 'My New Sassy Girl' Promo Poster | cr : dc [WEIBO] 160214 Victoria Studio Weibo Update | cr : 宋茜工作室 [WEIBO] 160211 Victoria Studio Weibo Update | cr : 宋茜工作室 [WEIBO] 160212 Victoria Studio Weibo Update | cr : 宋茜工作室 cr to owners
  4. Happy Valentine's Day! I wrote a little drabble about that first kiss. Thank you so much for reading. It's a hurried thing, so feedback is most definitely welcome. 
  5. I have been wondering for some time now. About surnames. In Sassy Go Go (did i get the title right?), they said that siblings with differents parents (who got married later on) are not allowed to marry. And i also heard that cousins or people with same chinese or korean surnames are not allowed to marry? Is that true? 
  6. Hello! Sorry for the late response but I'm in for the fanfic part!  The days have been slow but the last one day of waiting is going to be the slowest, I think! I   
  7. Shin Se Kyung 신세경

    Hwang Jung Eum and Shin Se Kyung make Valentines Day tolerable all kpop 2010 Guys, we all know Valentines day, for the most part, is a day of misery and money splurging... but these two ladies make it somewhat tolerable. The beautiful ladies of High Kick Through the Roof have transformed into "sweet girl" Shin Se Kyung and "lovely girl" Hwang Jung Eum, for a Valentines themed spread in CeCi magazine. Accessorized with items from COACH's new "Poppy Collection," both ladies are looking fabulous. In other words, I wouldn't mind throwing down $50 for a dozen long stem roses on these ladies, you know, as opposed to picking flowers from my neighbors lawn... opps, I'm giving away all my secrets. The full Valentines day spread will be released through CeCi magazines February issue.  cr:
  8. [Current Drama 2016] Signal 시그널

    Hi @bebebisous33 -- I had him as Chief Anh and then I changed it because someone said he was Kim whatchamacallit... and then I got really confused. Anyhow... that's fine. I'm glad we got that cleared up because I'd hate to be confusing between one really corrupt cop with one that's only slightly less corrupt because he's taking orders from the really corrupt cop.   But what's all this talk of PHY dying? That's really confusing me too. When is this dying supposed to happen? Ack... Of all the people in the show who are least likely to carc it, it would have to be PHY surely?
  9. [OFFICIAL] YongSeo/용서/SeoHwa Couple Thread 3 ♥

       Toggle ‏@ToggleSG  And that's a wrap for #ComeTogetherinSG! Stay tuned for pics, videos & the full report tomorrow #CNBLUEinSG #CNBLUE        HallyuSG  [#ComeTogetherinSG] A group photo on stage to end off the concert! Thank you #CNBLUE!     [#ComeTogetherinSG] Perfect song for Valentine's Day, CNBLUE performs the piano ver of 'Love Light'!  HallyuSG ‏@HallyuSG [#ComeTogetherinSG] We had a perfect Valentine's Day Eve tonight! Thank you #CNBLUE!        MyKpopHuntress ‏@MyKpopHuntress  Our leader Yonghwa and Jonghyun from last night #ComeTogetherinSG concert Cr : One Production CNBLUE    MyKpopHuntress ‏@MyKpopHuntress Happy day BOICEs! Having fun from last night #ComeTogetherinSG concert? Lets have some recaps from it shall we? CNBLUE      Straits Times Life ‏@ST_LifeTweets  Fans lit up the stadium with illuminated red & white balloons, & blue light sticks at the #CNBlue concert. 정용화 and 이정신    Teenage Magazine ‏@TeenageMagazine  Beautiful red and white balloons fill up the venue! #ComeTogetherinSG
  10. Bogum/Junyeol bromance is the death of me!
  11.   Hi jazreen, you said it right - I couldn't agree with you more.  
  12. Pictures no 4 & 5 crashed huhu i cant see it. But what a beautiful university! I know my time has passed but i'd love my kids to study here in the future! Lovely. Thanks for the photos!
  13. ♥ Official Khuntoria Couple Thread ♥

    I thought he's purely having a vacation in Thailand but it seems that he's working at the same time? [Dofpdavi's IG] Coming soon April, korea magazine with Nichkhun cr to Aummiii3
  14. @emy_rose Hello~ Welcome! Thanks for dropping by to reply~~ Judging from ur dp I suppose you're under the R'88 Team JHxDS banner? Haha Good Luck for your ship too!!  \o/ \o/ 
  15. Is the interview video clip of the gif above available somewhere to watch? Is this the interview with just them two? it seems like SJS got sweaty and had to change his shirt hahaha. SMA still wore the same outfit as when she appeared at the OMV press conference.
  16. Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    cr damdam2da
  17. I vote for cheesybriegade as our fandom name. @magicc for the first round the pregenerated smash letters sets hasn't been announced yet, right ? 
  18. Treat it as fun! I think when I joined a shipper's contest the last time we didn't win the first prize but we got the prize for something like most fervent fan group. Correct me if I am wrong @mywebfoot
  19. BTS, ommmoooo.....  bigger size... . they're so adorable credit to tvncheese fb @Kasmic #5 of coursee... it's Jung-seol place to meet. Those place are all so beautiful, me too, woudn't mind of courseee... @Gloom I guess they did the add for that, @madlena saengil chukahae chingu-ya... wish all the best for you, and yesss, wait for the presents on Monday... just wait a little bit... @chrianna happy bday to ur daughter too, wish she grows prettier and be a good kid.
  20. I just realized TY started to smile in eps 8 & he's so cute.poor little kid trapped btwn mum n dad conflict. Can we have won bin or hyun bin become special comeo fr this drama for real? Cz both name been mentioned 2 times (HJ went to MM first time & when SH with MM in eps 7)
  21. ♥ Official Khuntoria Couple Thread ♥

    Another big project for Vic! Waah! She's taking over China! CONFIRMED! Vic repost that drama weibo and @ HXM. TongHua novel adapted drama from "My Sunshine" production wow!!! [INFO] Victoria to be the main actress and Huang Xiaoming to be the main actor in '曾许诺'. Both of them come Qingdao. [INFO] '曾许诺' is TongHua's novel. She wrote '步步惊心(Scarlet Heart)', '最美的时光(Best Time)', '风中奇缘(Sound of the Desert)'. cr to owners
  22. [Current Drama 2016] Madame Antoine 마담 앙트완

    When I say that it's the best psychology-based drama I've seen I mean that it actually deals with issues and debates within psychology itself. The majority of psychology-based dramas are more like science fiction/ fantasy dramas... where the afflicted are freaks of nature or metaphors for the disenfranchised. In those instances, psychology is window dressing for another story. Here psychology or at least someone's vision of what psychology can do, is driving the story. While it is potentially helpful, the idea that psychology has all the answers is shown to be flawed and there are all kinds of assumptions underlying all kinds of research that have no place in proper scientific study. As Sherlock Holmes says in the Scandal of Bohemia: “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.”  The show doesn't attempt to whitewash SH's mad experiment at all but does call attention to the ethics and the problem of this kind of "data collection" over and over again. It also does highlight the limits of psychology as a tool for understanding the human mind which often defy labels. Even if such an experiment is deemed ethical in our community, the results will always be inconclusive. There are just too many variables as to why someone might fall in love with someone else. Just my 2 cents.
  23. So far, there's no clear indication that they are together. Here, we are just speculating regarding the true nature of their relationship: have they stay connected? Do they contact each other every now and then? What's there status: friend, special friend or more. We'll be patiently waiting for that most awaited and most-anticipated day for all Brownies that they will positively confirm our suspicions.
  24. [OFFICIAL] YongSeo/용서/SeoHwa Couple Thread 3 ♥

    is that dandelion yong? cr owner               [Yongstagram] Our Singapore concert just ended. Thank you to all our Singapore fans! You guys always give me so muc…
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