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  1. Rania Zeid added a post in a topic Lee Jong Suk 이종석   

    and you are more awesome... thank you for being part of BD project hugsss 
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  2. minnie91 added a post in a topic Han Ji Min 한지민   

    Capital scandal 2007 BTS photos 

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  3. rosera added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL]✩Jang Wooyoung♥Park Se Young✩[THE YY NATION] ♥Congratulations Seyoung♥   

    Anyeong Everyone 
    I'm lurker long time ago, some newbie might doesn't know me 
    Nice to meet you guys too 
    @wingting Thank you so much for your kindness, please give my thankful for Chinese Fan who's translate 
    Seyoung news  
    Miss everyone talk to you later 
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  4. dramafan100 added a post in a topic Lee Jong Suk 이종석   

    mygirls - did you contribute to that bus advt?  Awesome!  
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  5. lho688 added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    Me too!!! A girl after my own heart  I have always love the strange & unfamiliar fantasy world with the magic of romance
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  6. unhskikr4ever added a post in a topic [Official] Sungjae (BtoB) ♥ Joy (Red Velvet) Byu Couple ♥ SungJoy - Welcome JaefulJoys!   

    I believe that her straightforwardness is real. I saw a few facts about her and I read that her friends in school mentioned that she's an honest and kind girl. I really can't imagine her faking her image. Why am I so sure she's not faking it? The impression she gave me on the first episode when she received the mission note with her members told me so. Her reactions were genuine. I do agree that SM usually tells their idols to act a certain way but I have a gut feeling that Joy doesn't really conform to the rules.
    Ah.. that unaired episode. There are two ways to interpret what Wendy said;
    1) It's like you said. Perhaps Joy really hasn't fallen for Sungjae so Wendy asked the BTOB members if she has. But I personalyl think that's a little weird. Why would she ask them that? Wouldn't that mean they'd know Joy hasn't been truthful about it? Because Eunkwang also did ask them if they contact outside of WGM. That's where I think there's more and Sungjae and Joy aren't just doing it for the show.
    2) Wendy purposely asked that because she felt that Joy made it too obvious that she likes Sungjae. Therefore, she was trying to make it seem like she actually doesn't like him (in a real, honest, romantic kind of way) to save her image but Joy might actually do. If I'm not wrong, during that day, the first and second episode had aired and viewers could see that Joy really liked him but some thought that Sungjae didn't.
    She's probably only said that she likes that he's handsome because it's true and if she listed more, she could have make it seem like she really has fallen for Sungjae and she's not only doing it for the show. That's where she's trying to protect her image. And on the latest episode, since they've spend the whole day farming and bonding, PLUS, they slept together (on separate rooms though), it's obvious that they have become more comfortable with each other. And when she said that she thinks she might have really fallen for him, I really believe that it's true. I don't think she's the type to lie in this situation. They were having a heart-to-heart talk here.
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  7. anitsuga22 added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Yong-Pal 용팔이 | Wed-Thurs 10PM KST | EP 9 Txt/Vid Previews on pg 215/217   

    What a beautiful creature by God! He's dangerous smile killing me softly...

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  8. xoxo_yanna98 added a post in a topic Wang Jackson & Young Ji (Tuesday/JackJi Couple) - Roommate Season 2   

    HOLY CRAP, mah bae's so handsome!!
    Creds to owner.
    xD MarkSon so hawwtt!!!

    My bae is so nice to his fans!! awwww!! I wanna cry!! I wanna see him when he comes to my country in November but I can't!! TT.TT
    Just a lil bit of MarkSon, peeeps!
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  9. tinatrix236 added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] The Great Wives 위대한 조강지처   

    Exactly what the dean must be thinking. If those two really want the 'rumors' to end, they shouldn't even be seen together in the same room. They think everyone else is as stupid as they are and it's only a matter of time before some nosy students follow them around and upload some photos. They just keep digging their own graves and at this rate, YJY won't have to do a thing but sit back and watch them crash.
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  10. mintea18 added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] ✿ Oh My Ghost 오 나의 귀신님 ✿   

    I really don't know chingu. Just check it out yourself   
    And whether we're seeing thing or not, this kiss is still hot as fire and I can't believe it's PBY's first onscreen kiss! Is there anything this girl can't do????
    Another really famous and young actress?? Oppa is the one who is lucky here hehehe. Really happy for him for getting another good project. But I still can't picture him with another actress... I am not ready yet lol
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  11. azwhoony added a post in a topic ❤ Lee Jonghyun ♡ Gong Seungyeon ❤ [JongYeon | Brown Eyed Couple]   

    oh dear~~... it was discovered few years ago...glad he is eventually become one of the vampire that people keep talking about even the drama ended..hehe...with the light brown eyes and pale matches well with the character...

    cr to the owner n MY7THLIFEsubs
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  12. nonski added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Yong-Pal 용팔이 | Wed-Thurs 10PM KST | EP 9 Txt/Vid Previews on pg 215/217   

    Knock, knock.... not @ezze nor @drmjs
    just my thought, i  was thinking and i dunno if i right so need subs, it was also the reason he is apprehensive at first, he is not in obstetrics.
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  13. RachelL added a post in a topic 2EYES Faces Potential Legal Trouble for Comeback Concept   

    Not sure what they expected - How can you "borrow" someone else's work and make money off it and not expect to get sued. NOW they want to partner with the brand? Talk about doing things backwards! Girls look super cute though.
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  14. TheaN added a post in a topic Ji Hyun Woo (지현우)   

    yesung instagram post

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  15. sukreen added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Thanks @Yonghwa for the interview cut @gayu312 for the link and @cheerkoo for the translation 
    Here another aricle shared by Jung
    나탈리 포트만, 드류 베리모어, 구혜선의 공통점은? (출처 : 대한민국 .. | 네이버 블로그)
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  16. superbing added a post in a topic ❤ Lee Jonghyun ♡ Gong Seungyeon ❤ [JongYeon | Brown Eyed Couple]   

    I was so busy today but as promised here's my #02ThankYou for the day. I feel so excited seeing the teaser of our JY International Fan Travel Book Project. I hope both JH and SY could receive them personally.
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  17. JenniferG added a post in a topic The Official Dooley/YongShin Couple Thread (Jung Yong Hwa & Park Shin Hye)   

    #Parkshinhye (TATTOO FAN ARTS) 9-3-15  

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  18. pikki added a post in a topic ❤ Lee Jonghyun ♡ Gong Seungyeon ❤ [JongYeon | Brown Eyed Couple]   

    Really...i missed that..i really thought it was the time the new spread out. But anyway...i think she's not going to like any picture anytime soon...We must be strong and be patient...sigh
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  19. peanuts281 added a post in a topic Kim Rae Won 김래원 ❤ Ardent Actor ❤ Shining Star   

    Dear Rae-Won'ers,
    Wow that is such great news about the movie! 
    Thank you so much @irilight for the news!! And also for the picture from marie-claire, as always, our Prince looks

    I'm sure we ALL look forward to this new work! 
    Have a nice, great September everybody! Summer is slowly leaving us, Fall will be coming, but with such great news and a new movie to look forward to, it will be a great Fall after all 
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  20. NewKDramaAddict added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Save the Family 가족을 지켜라   

    Wait...this is 100 now? Every place I check shows this one as 120!!
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  21. ailanthus added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    it's okay dear it's understandable because i ever had experienced something like that, to be honest i'm going to watch YP after SWWTN end because some reason (everyone has their own reason), well i think the main reason why we watched drama is for entertainment right so like you said that enjoy it   sorry for my poor english
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  22. rubie added a post in a topic [Variety 2014] Three Meals A Day 삼시세끼 (tvN) | Season 2 Premier May 15, 2015   

    Mingki's fitness influence

    They'll be big-ger boys in no time

    Uncle got you, Sappy

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  23. aseman added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    Haha yes the third  and he takes photos with his crew
    I haven't watched this episode yet, but after reading recaps and watching screencaps I think it is wonderful episode. Thanks everyone who bring them to us.
    Yeah YS calm down crazy vampire in a second, it is very good they should not separate again never and ever, I really want happy ending for my otp.This is a picture I tried to finish, it needs many works to complete but I want say it is my wish for ending, my otp in peace in eum sok gol wearing beautiful hanboks like the poster, can it be true?

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  24. ruizhen_derraj added a post in a topic [Variety 2014] Three Meals A Day 삼시세끼 (tvN) | Season 2 Premier May 15, 2015   

    Finally! Oppa Seojinie wins on rock,paper,scissors. Ha,ha,ha!
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  25. beelove added a post in a topic ❤ Lee Jonghyun ♡ Gong Seungyeon ❤ [JongYeon | Brown Eyed Couple]   

    Hello brownies. Its midnite here. After put my kids on bed i decided to replay from the start. Im at epi 4 now. After 6 month, im still giddy, shy and bump face on pillow...owh momma miss them so much. 
    And im glad we still here to delulu-ing about them. I love my fellow brownies...
    Regarding those bracelets..i dunno if that his new signature for the album or sponsored?? Rock? Hipster? I bet his the one who want to wear it and his stylist cant say no about it. It's wierd when he wear it at all pic. Or as u guys mention maybe there is a secret about the bracelets. He even wore with a suit..a suit??? Are you kidding me papa bear. JH never wear accesories except his watch. So hmmmm it must be something with those bracelet. And i just noticed the '02' on 2gether cover album. Very mysterious lah. 
    spread the love brownies. 
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