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  2. First script reading photo of 'Cinderella and Four Knights' revealed!
  3. Lee Jong-seok 200 million donation to UNICEF expensive "I wanted to share love."   2016-02-08 08:12:22       [Newsen joyeongyeong News] Lee Jong-seok have spent the Warmth hands of for children to receive marginalized at home and abroad joined in sharing.   Lee Jong-seok support at home and abroad underprivileged children have to spend a cold winter difficult time and sipdamyeo February 8 to UNICEF Korea Committee 200 million won has delivered. on pony power to support children before Lee Jong-seok donation helped fund the aggressive expansion of the past wolen proceeds from the sale are donated to wrestle a talented line-up of a brown doll pictorial donated to UNICEF UNICEF.        Lee Jong-seok thought that we could share with more people worried what love was a way to give back a little bit of love received from "fans through UNICEF. We will try to be an actor never forget the warm hearts together with the surrounding people placed in a difficult situation, "he said.  UNICEF Korea Committee without a place to ₩ 100 million of this fund to go and marginalized overseas Koreans and migrant workers, children of government support plans to take to create a nest with babies of migrant women are able to live together   sent 100 million to UNICEF China office won the school facilities dogs, maintenance, teacher training, educational materials and support to poor educational environment of China's mountainous areas improved   It is expected to be used. (Photo: Lee Jong-seok) joyeongyeong j_rose1123 @ News Report and Press Release© Silberschatz, news media yen Unauthorized redistribution prohibited rants. Read it here:
  4. Happy Seollal /Lunar New Year to those who celebrate it. Meanwhile, Seollal greetings from the cast of HP --   As you can probably guess, this was shot on the same day of the HP press conference.  
  5. Most welcome.. and thank you for reading it..
  6. Can this be my home now? I feel this huge amount of great feelings just looking at his pics. I might sound a bit greedy, but I really wish he picks his next project soon. Talking about popularity, I think he's experiencing Kim Soo Hyun's path of fame after You From Another Star. The difference is.. I like him way better than KSH. hahhahahahhahahah...
  7.   I don't know about law, but was HG crime belong to criminal law? Or she just violated the ethic of her profession? I hope she will not go to jail. looking at the end, the dispute between mido SIS vs HG and MH, the one suffer the most was HG. Mido eventually got his company back and would get his family back also, since his family still alive.  It's his own fault trying to kill HG while instead killed ES just because his drugs or whatever got stollen. So he deserved in jail, although i think it was too short. 
  8. [Current Taiwanese Drama 2015-2016] Bromance 愛上哥們

    Where can u find this? 
  9. [Movie 2016] A Violent Prosecutor

    'A Violent Prosecutor' hypes up its premiere with three new posters! February 2, 2016   Just a day before its premiere, 'A Violent Prosecutor' has released three additional posters to get people flocking to the theaters!  This crime film, interposed with bits of comedy, stars the heartthrob Kang Dong Won and seasoned actor Hwang Jung Min. Though the two form an unlikely duo in the movie, they join hands in the thick of the plot for a common cause. It's precisely the two actors' contrasting yet natural chemistry that  has been garnering attention! Be sure to check out this dynamic duo and watch their chemistry come alive on the big screen! Credit :
  10. @kbleon  thanks for posting the article here about our DRAMA.... that article is really true...the scene of our OTP was always been emotional to watch...since they broke up during  their childhood  I REALLY HOPE TO WATCH A SCENE OF THEM  THAT IS A HAPPY .. and also the HEADING OF COLORFUL TEMPTATION ..that means the noticeable scene................... yes! It was indeed a victory for HW against KSH showing him and telling him that his own daughter was now against him.  
  11. @dawnx Hahaha, there's no secret to my Facebook video ripping. I just download it in HD when I rip it from Facebook which I assume means that when I upload it onto Facebook, it gives me the max quality option to view it in @carmens Ok, you win for best Chinese New Year picture. @Tyrea I read your long amazing post and I wanted to say you are totally right. Hehe, I don't normally listen to rumours, but you know, when you're shocked about something and you let your guard down? That was totally me on the good bye dinner night. But interesting all those rumours you mentioned! I think they were probably made up by the extremely zealous Megan-only and Baron-only fans who don't approve the Megan and Baron thing and zealous Bii fans who were worried about Megan getting too close to Bii. I think Megan gets along with him well, but only because she likes to tease for Megan and Baron not being close in the Men's Talk. Even though the Men's Talk from 1-7 is more spread out amongst the characters (after that it's like Megan and Baron dominate Men's Talk, and something Bii and Katie), I would say that they were always close, especially in Men's Talk 2, where he's supporting her and she's clutching onto him because she's so scared of swimming.... Ok, I'm off to CNY for the rest of the day! Bye!
  12. Yass thank you for the update im so eager to watch this <3  ps thanks for Blake (the one who fast uploads <3 . <3 )
  13. @carolinedl I read some of your comments and I think you're not a freak at all xD. Something I like in the drama more than the webtoon is that it's more humane. It gives audience time to think about why "bad characters" do bad things. I actually feel bad about MS. All the "if things could have gone differently..." don't make the present situation better but MS' actions are somewhat a chain of momentary decisions and that all leads to a very sad outcome. When presented with a picture in which someone does something bad, people might have different opinions and judge. Someone's behavior should be seen from different perspectives and taken into account situational factors (in this case, negative words from Bora and YG's manipulation). I don't think MS is bad. I think she made wrong choice, and she should be responsible for her action. It doesn't change much when Seol says things could have been better if she didn't ignore MinSoo in the beginning. We cannot fulfill everyone's expectations for us and we cannot change the past.  Indeed, it's easier to judge a fictional character than a real-life person, where our judgments are influenced by many more factors. I try not to judge people so much and even when I see someone do something "bad" (based on social standards), I'd start question why they do so instead of jumping on the conclusion that they're just hopeless. I think this is what Jung does. He does observe people carefully but he also applies his point of view to people he meets in life. So he's already prejudiced toward people's actions. He doesn't see life with a neutral filter. The best example is what he thinks about Seol. I really don't like the collective acts of some other students in this drama. And maybe the collective culture in South Korea. People do seem to regard so much about other people when they do something. 
  14. College Students Vote on Which Stars They Want to Take Home for the Holidays ehk38 February 7, 2016   In light of the Lunar New Year, college students in their twenties chose which stars they want to take home for the holidays. A total of 734 students majoring in a variety of entertainment-related majors including acting, modeling, MCing, TV show writing, and more participated in the poll. Out of 406 male students, 113 chose AOA‘s Seolhyun, putting her in first place. She was followed by Red Velvet‘s Irene who came in ㅁ close second with 101 votes. GFRIEND‘s Yerin took third place with 73 votes. IU and Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon came in fourth and fifth place, respectively. Among the 328 total female students, 108 chose Park Bo Gum. He was followed by actor Yoo Seung Ho in the rankings. Ryu Jun Yeol, Yoo Ah In, and Yeo Jin Goo came in third, fourth, and fifth place, respectively. Whom would you have chosen? Link:
  15. First script reading for drama series “Cinderella and Four Knights” First script reading for upcoming drama series “Cinderella and Four Knights” took place recently in South Korea. Main cast members including Jung Il-Woo, Park So-Dam, Ahn Jae-Hyeon, Lee Jung-Shin (‘CNBLUE’) and Son Na-Eun (‘A Pink’) all attended. Exact air date and specific network channel has yet to be decided.
  16. cr colorful clouds Kinga Osinska, a Polish model, starred in the PV of FTISLAND's new Japanese album. And she's following HK, JJ & SH  
  17. @bebe1989 me too...IRY is my first time recognize his face, I should know him since I watch Blind but I really didn't remember how his look at that movie  Taek's character is layered very well...every episode made me curious about him. But even if his screen time was a bit at the start, we never say that his character was like a cameo right? That's what I know from one JH shipper, she said JH in last 3 eps was like cameo. Remember that all cast in Reply series are protagonist, that's why the cast list showed horizontally not vertically like the most Kdrama.
  18. Ommoo... I'm late!!! So lateeee... why am I so lateee??? miannn... I've seen the new trailer and poster already just  a few days ago, okay..... KBS really spoiled us too much... It's still 3 more weeks... aigooo... Why every dramas that I watch maake me waiting so long... they're all torturing me!! credit to Koalasplayground The new tailers show more scenes of Onew... well, he looks handsome.. hahaha... But let's see how he will play his character later, hope he'll surprise me then... Kyaaaa Song-song couple!!!! let me re-post @utkim I feel so amazed with this poster gif, how epic it would be in the actual scene... and this, ommo.. like a father and son, hahaha... and have you guys see this, don't reveal unless you will be addicted, lol  
  19.   CACKLING on new easter eggs! This is glorious @otomame! Thanks for translating! Funny you brought this up coz in ep 1 when SW omma and Cheetah Omma were talking about JH and he appeared then SW Omma commented a korean idiom that translated to, "He (Junghwan) was obviously a slave in his past life." We see what you did there, writernim  
  20. Happy Lunar New Year to everyone! It's Seollal now... so I hope that our amazing cast and crew are resting and enjoying quality time with family and friends. Wonder how they are with their filming... are they still pretty much ahead? If I remember correctly, the script is already complete, so that should hopefully mean far less reasons (none, please!) for live shooting. Loving this drama so much, which has utterly exceeded my expectations... and looking forward to more incredible reveals this week. 
  21. Jo In Sung | Zo In Sung 조인성

    Jo In Sung and Lee Kwang Soo Attend First Script Reading For “Dear My Friends”   A representative from tvN reported that “the first script reading for the new, upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama, ‘Dear My Friends,’ was held at the CJ E&M center in Sangam-dong, Seoul on February 2.” According to the report, in addition to Go Hyun Jung, Shin Sung Woo, Kim Young Ok, Kim Hye Ja, Na Moon Hee, Joo Hyun, Park Won Sook; and Go Doo Shim, Jo In Sung and Lee Kwang attended the first script read-through for “Dear My Friends.” While Jo In Sung and Lee Kwang Soo are not part of the main cast, they will be making special guest appearances in the drama. This also marks the first time in 11 years that Go Hyun Jung and Jo In Sung will be collaborating together in a drama. “Dear My Friends” tells the life stories of the “twilight youth” who insist that they are still alive. It is written by No Hee Kyung, known for her detailed and substantial writing, and will be directed by Hong Jong Chan, who was also the director for “My Secret Hotel.” “Dear My Friends” will air this upcoming May. cre: Soompi
  22. Liu Wen having a blast (literally) in Chinatown, cr Sophia Li of Vogue    
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