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    I'm happy for CHOI  JI WOO  for her latest movie I don't know if she have award in her previous drama  in 2015.but atleast she has name  HALLYU MEGA STAR amazing.she deserved it
  3. Triplets wear one of Indonesian traditional outfits (javanese outfit) The cap called Blangkon and The shirt called Lurik     
  4. Song Il Kook 송일국

    Entertainment Weekly, 12 Feb 2016. - Interview with Song Il Kook and the Triplets  
  5. 93-line in music industry, from a handsome boy to the man's man feature #SHINee #Taemin trans & credit: pixiedustjk
  6. HI TO ALL OF YOU  who are  my previous co followers of Falling for Innocense. I'm quite late because I've just finished watching an awesome rom-com drama OH MY VENUS. Although, I'm doing a marathon viewing to catch up with you friends.   Hi Larus, Ororomonroe, I am viewing also Pls Love the Useless Me ..   Thanks
  7. Gong Hyo Jin 공효진

    Oh yay! I can post now! Apparently I've been jailed from posting yesterday, posted too much for a newbie. LOL. I wanted to post that new Vincis ad. I love simple things and designs so Gong Hyo Jin X Novo is so... *heart eyes*   GM to all^^
  8.  93-line actors? 93-line idols are trendy too: SHINee Taemin, EXO D.O, WINNER Mino... credit: theseoulstory@twitter
  9. Good morning everybody   Hwonhwon, please tell us more about the picture you posted on the bus. "From Korean fans" does it mean they pay for the advertisement.? You have more pictures of it? Thanks.
  10. @chrianna if you hit the eye icon you see next to the text color icon a spoiler box should appear. Just type spoilers in there. It won't be hidden to you but once you hit save and post the comment it shall be hidden.  @coffeeboy Also guys please remember that we are not allowed to quote pictures, gifs, or vids. I don't want to see our thread closed because of this. Once you quote some one, you can go in the quote box and delete images. You do it the same way you would edit your own comment. Click in the box then select the unquotable stuff and delete . I don't mean to nag or sound like a mod. I just would perish without this thread and all you guys input and such so I need it to never close LOL. 
  11. After rumors that Block B was working on their next album, we finally have confirmation! Block B’s official Twitter account revealed a special image for the comeback with the group’s 5th mini-album earlier today. The group last made a Korean comeback in 2014 with their “H.E.R” album. Following that release, the group focused on sub-unit […] The post Block B Confirms March Comeback with Album Release and Concert Plans appeared first on Soompi. View the full article
  12. People really need to chillex. @skeletonworks share some spoiler and only convey what the friend told him/her (sorry new here).. I am currently reading the novel and I must say that the spoiler is quite spot on. The only thing lacking there and in the series was the feeling GH and BLY have for each other really didn’t deliver as good as in the novel. That’s why I think it’s good that we have @alvinboi to do the novel comparison. He really did explain it well. Now about the rape thing. It’s true that GH force himself on BLY but one have to understand why did GH do that.  And to understand that, one have to know what kind of boyfriend GH is to BLY. He is obsessed with BLY, he is also possessive. Basically the psychotic boyfriend we never wish to encounter. But BLY accepted this trait of his because he knew besides the entire crazy stunt GH did, he is the most caring person ever. Always put BLY interest above all. And never want BLY to get hurt in any way. He really regretted it after that. Even cried for BLY and determined not to touch food for as long as BLY not allowed eating. Of course this doesn’t justify his action but with all the misunderstanding and other things happened that lead to the unfortunate event, I as reader, can accept GH stance. *Chai Jidan really know how to make readers absorb with her writing **I really hate reading Shi Hui part in the novel. And you guys must be surprise when I said that it was BLY who looks for GH first after that. It was the first time he makes the first move. Oh wait, no, it’s not. The first time he made a move was when he carries GH to the bedroom and kisses him. My point is that after BLY found out why GH did what he did; his willingness to forgive GH was also a beautiful part in the novel to read. It shows that they already deep into each other and to realized that they are about to lose each other because of that richard simmons, is not worth it. Sorry for the long rant. I just feel unfair when others are quick to judge without knowing their true characters. But I really can blame nobody for that because the series simply don’t portray that side.   I will share something here (to make me feel less crazy here on my own), just a small bit from the novel. They had their first kiss when GH kidnaps BLY for the first time. So it won’t be long now for the first kiss show up. It was after they found out they’re step siblings. They had first oral sex when BLY thought he have hepatitis b. GH didn’t even care that he might get infected as well. And first sex (or the rape) happened when GH kidnap BLY for the second time. Because GH thought BLY was going to follow Shi Hui back to America.
  13. He's so hot that he doesn't need a jacket LOL Credit to @mgicc
  14. aigooo... I wake up so early this morning just to prepare my work, but I end up peeping to this thread... @qwenli thanks for the translations, mwahugs... @mgicc well, thanks for the free hugs event gif, anyway, it indeed a sudden attack... ommo... the two namjas around their arms surprisingly when those girl hit them hard. LOL I can't stop myself from lolling... tho they are lucky... if I were those girls, I'd like to hug them slowly, I mean just hitting them like that... lol @bluesky2323 have you got your answer, if it's not, then here it goes... to remove videos or picture from ur quote, just put the cursor to the pictures or videos in the quote u want to delete, then press backspace or delete on ur keyboard or ur virtual keyboard. Or u can simply right click on the pictures and delete. Hope this answer won't confuse u. I hope you won't mind if I share ur work to all of us here,  I love you made it, keep them coming... ah, special request, will u make the bed-kiss scene comparison later on.. thank uuuuu... firework scene Flashbackscene "When did you feel something toward me?" Highschool flasbak featuring BIH-YJ ========================================================================================================== 박해진 남주혁, 여대 습격 사건! '치즈인더트랩' 시청률 공약 프리허그 이벤트 실시 Trans by Bing: "Park Hae-Jin, Nam-Joo-hyuk, attack! ' Cheese in the trap event conducted ' ratings commitment-free hug"   Park Hae-Jin, Nam-Joo-hyuk, attack! ' Cheese in the trap event conducted ' ratings commitment-free huh   The protagonist of ' persecution ' cheese in the trap and was hit on by Nam-Joo-hyuk.   Actor Park Hae-Jin, Nam-Joo-hyuk of the tvN drama ' cheese in the trap ' ratings commitment-free hug event 12, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Sookmyung Women's University centenary Memorial Hall on the 1st floor in the lobby.   ' Cheese in the trap ' side "give viewers a steady cheer before send to reward free hug event had come up with," and the purpose of the event is conducted.   Landscape is the place for the last 4 days of thin that portal site was determined by voting through the bulletin, Seoul was conducted by getting the most votes. Source    
  15. [Current Drama 2016] Madame Antoine 마담 앙트완

    Well SJ delivers a great kiss once again. I think SJ has a way of bringing out even the worst leading lady kissers on drama land out of their shells hahahaha. But, this show is def. giving us a lot of smooches if not anything else.. And seeing the preview for episode 8 those kisses don't seem to be stopping anytime soon. Episode 8 looks like it'll focus more on SY's trauma from childhood and frankly its about damn time, I want to know what happened to him, where did he mom disappear off to and what?. Although I'm glad the leads are developing into a couple now, wasn't him telling her "I love you" a bit too soon even for drama land??.
  16. Song Jae Rim 송재림

    That last video....guess they never got the memo: "Never work with children or animals."   They'll upstage you every time.
  17. Ryu Jun Yeol 류준열

    Omg this dance exactly what I did when I watch the teaser @lala14 I think my bias eyes tricked me too...but probably because there's 2 things that made us not wrong. Its because he was driving in most of the journey so that the camera loves to show it how cool he was driving a jeep in the desert. 2nd probably because he -s leading the boys to do anything mostly.   @EMM!kamsahamnida're  our hero . these boys're on tv guys . but i  guess they dont care lmao.   
  18.   when I first saw this scene and heard the HS/KGE giggle, I thought that it must have been another ad-libbed moment that the director decided to leave in the final product. Anyway, thank you all for keeping this thread fun and entertaining during this dry-spell of two weeks.
  19. I would love to join the shipper contest but I have zero talent for anything at all. Though I like to imagine I am pretty good with words. So if we want to join and you guys will help by giving me your reasons. I wouldn't mind writing up the intro and finding quotes and things that I think explains our ship.  It sucks that PHJ and apparently a lot of the main cast would be unable to go on the trip. I think it would best for tvN to just change the date of possible.  3 days until a new episode and our coupled reunion. The way has felt soooooo long. Now that's it's closer it feels even longer  
  20. i think the photographer who was tagged on SMA's recent post was the same one who shot SJS's grazia photoshoot Kim YoungJun
  21. This moment seems off script! I Can't seem to walk away... Daebak!  The way she giggles Credit to the owner  
  22. photo art compliments of chingu @christinajoyce thank u endlessly for this masterpiece!  it's awesome
  23.   I think you got the wrong drama --- you're probably talking about the currently airing "All About My Mom". I actually liked Glorious Day. It was different because the grandmother had Parkinson's this time, and everyone in the family knew but chose to keep up the smiling faces. Also, there was no selfish brats. For me, it was more realistic. Then again, I am a fan of most of this writer's works.
  24. Joo Jin Mo 주진모

    Thanks for the gifs, Joo!  
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