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  1. teredenz added a post in a topic [Official] Hong Jong Hyun ❤ Yura (Kim Ahyoung) - JjongAh Couple || Thread 2   

    this mid night is the start of their anniversary and the start we flood their twitter and IG with our colorful and pretty card hahaha
    here's some throwback  of Jjongah

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  2. edensor added a post in a topic ♡SooU♡ Kim Soo Hyun & IU :: [Official Thread]   

    Another fanmade video. What I love more from this video is that the fmv maker using Take Care of Aggashi's OST by Narsha. I really love this song haha
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  3. cdcotr added a post in a topic [variety] We Got Married 우리 결혼했어요   

    ​Great points.
    Doesn't EXO have more than a dozen members? that seems waaay too many for me.
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  4. TsundereHime added a post in a topic [Current Thailand Drama 2014] Love Sick The Series   

    @isuzusoma I pm you !
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  5. satanghaesolim added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2   

    Just a quickie post about Solim 300 day gif.  I like the photo book and food truck idea.
    What we know so far SE likes meat, JR likes street food and rice haha.  Or maybe we could get a food truck that makes different international foods?
    For the photo book I like the movie posters that our talented Honeybees have made very pretty.
    Or I have a vague idea.  I don't know how many different countries we Honeybees are from but wouldn't it bee cool if we create somesort of travel guide/ photo atlas or photo collage of where we are from introducing the highlights of each country from attractions to food to sites etc We could also photo shop in the countries flag and make it really cut with those emticon thingys or maybe photoshop in Solim? This could also give them ideas for their next honeymoon and since SE likes to travel.
    It could be Solim fans around the world or Around the world with solim in 50 yrs etc.
    Some cute pics I found to illustrate

    pics from google
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  6. myaShe added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Darling Couple (Lee Jong Suk ♡ Park Shin Hye)   

     @nyahh   i guess she included lmh becoz mc brought his name first.." it will too abvious to brought sukie's name first.. so they choose to be save 
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  7. IAmSoulReader added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL THREAD] JongYeon ❤ Brown Eyed Couple : Lee Jonghyun (CNBLUE ) & Gong Seungyeon   

    @vreiya... Finally I can share this with someone! I almost fainted so I am sure JH would have dropped dead if he ever saw SY like that in public. SY's sister really did well though. She does have star appeal. Runs in the family I suppose. Does anyone know what SY's other sister is doing?
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  8. ruby014 added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Who Are You: School 2015 후아유: 학교 2015 | Mon - Tue 10 pm KST   

    ahhh I was wrong haha I just watch that scene again and he said that his laptop was broken first and he did not touch it before gym class...
    Haha the other events in the story are jumbled in my head ... (my head is filled with taekwang x eun bi scenes lol)
    well I guess if teacher jung really broke the laptop ... was it luck or does she really know that MJ will do something drastic like that? scaryyy haha she is involving innocent people with her issue regarding her sister... but I know MJ was at fault too but he looks pitiful waaaa also he still did not confess/admit it because of his mom ... the issue is getting bigger ... just like the soo in incident 
    I guess we need to see more of what happened at that day..
    ...ahhh I hope on the next episode will get more clues on the Soo In mystery also .... I like Eun Bi to find the rest of the pages of EUn Byul's diary so we'll get some idea about Soo In...
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  9. edensor added a post in a topic ♡SooU♡ Kim Soo Hyun & IU :: [Official Thread]   

    I'm back to Soompi just because of Umbella Couple! I can't stay hibernate from Soompi while waiting Soompi fixing it self XD
    Since last Saturday I've been craving for this cute couple.
    Angie! You should add the "Umbrella Couple" on the tittle hahaha...
    Since am here... I want to post many things!XD
    First... fanmade video of Umbrella Couple!
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  10. NitePanda added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2   

    ​Hahaha because there's once a girl who told him to stop dieting
    That girl named soeun who likes jaerim chubby cheek hihi 
    and we also like his chubby cheek! thank god he doesn't need to do diet anymore hoho pervy panda like it !! 
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  11. eunsuhae added a post in a topic [Upcoming Drama 2015] Mask 가면 (First Episode Tonight!! | Wed-Thurs 10PM KST)   

    Morning! And it's finally D-day
    Here's a group hug for patiently making it through the excruciating wait
    I'm in the office and I'll still be working when the episode airs so I can't promise anything but I'll definitely be sneaking a peek at the live streaming because I just can't wait.
    Apparently, an account is required to watch directly on SBS official site so it seems like I'm gonna resort to unofficial streaming sites, at least for now.
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  12. zinnia added a post in a topic Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥   

    ​The source 'Dailykpopnews' doesn't seem to be a good reporter nor a good Korean language expert, either.
    His/Her translation of MC Shin's words was not correct in my perspective and what about this?
    LMH is awarded with 'Popularity Award' last night for his drama 'The Heirs'.   Hello? Is this the year of 2013?
    Where did LMH's movie 'Gangnam Blues' go?
    I would like to advise you to take those translated articles with a grain of salt all the time. They are prone to have false parts.
    And I can't help you all the time even though I find the errors.  I just feel sorry for you international fans and just move on. 
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  13. nourma87 added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2   

    ​totally agree with you capt.. he looks younger now.. hehehe
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  14. raiskara added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2   

    that's because ...

    #delulu ==" sorry
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  15. valsava added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Warm and Cozy 맨도롱 또똣 Ep 5-6 May27-28 * Wed-Thurs 10pm KST   

    @icemaid,  LMAO  have a coke and add a cookie to it she took my mind way into left field with that the first thing this morning.. Poor guy must not know about the perv club..   
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  16. gerrytan8063 added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Hwajung 화정 -Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 pm KST!   

    "At the end of Ep 14, the way Hwa yi eats the sweet wrapping it with the white piece of paper and the way she serves tea to the king, isn't that a bit too feminine?....Her manner is not that of slave growing up in Japan.  It is well-refined and elegant.....Gwanghae is watching so intensely.....Why is the king mad?   
    This is because Hwa Yi knows the etiquette of Royal Darye (다례, 茶禮) which is practice only in the Royal Family & some in Yanban class as tea is not drank further that those classes
    Tea is drank with an accompanied of sweets & dessert
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  17. ferlycious added a post in a topic Ha Ji Won 하지원   

    Ha Ji Won’s Pictorial on Movie Week August
    August 26, 2011  |   Filed under: 2011 Movie,Actress,Fashion,K-Movie,K-Stars  |  
    Sorry it’s too late, but it’s too gorgeous to be missed. Just for your information, Ha Ji Won appeared on Movie Week magazine for August as cover story talks about her new movie “Sector 7″.
    Because I think I have much to tell about Ha Ji Won, her career, her personalities and so on, even you may  know about her more than me, so this time I just wanna share these photos. On “Sector 7″ she (almost) always performed with the overalls and being muddy, but for this photo shoot she let go of those overalls to wear sexy dresses and put make up on her pretty face. With her perfect body she looks sexy, glamorous, alluring, and tough.

    But actually for Ha Ji Won, even on overalls and get dirty with mud, her charm is still stunning. Although theoveralls was pretty heavy, until she fainted a couple times  because of exhaustion and dehydration, Ha Ji Won really enjoyed the challenge during the filming “Sector 7.” She really loves her character on that movie, Cha Hae Jun, as warrior woman, it was her dream since a long time.

    No more comment about these photos, she’s so amazing… 

    [by Blossom]
    I like this kind of concept and I miss HJW with this kind of look
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  18. Akopinoy2228YS added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL THREAD] JongYeon ❤ Brown Eyed Couple : Lee Jonghyun (CNBLUE ) & Gong Seungyeon   

    Actress Gong Seung Yeon puts her innocent image aside for a sexier look in 'InStyle'

    Rookie actress Gong Seung Yeon exposed her never-before-seen toned body through a 'summer look' themed photo shoot in the June issue of 'InStyle'.
    During the photo shoot, which took place at an abandoned amusement park, the young actress was able to shift her focus immediately from leisurely taking selfies of herself to posing charismatically for the cameras with dynamic facial expressions once the shoot began. 
    In the following interview Gong Seung Yeon spoke more about CNBLUE's Jonghyun, who she is currently acting as a couple with on the fourth season of 'We Got Married'. She joked, "I worried that Jonghyun oppa, who is more pale and delicate-looking than I am, might appear prettier on the show." She also expressed her gratitude and affection for her make-believe partner by expressing, "Thanks to his patience and understanding, I was able to adapt well to variety. Sometimes he makes my heart flutter by showing his tougher side." 

    Credit: Allkpop
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  19. vreiya added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL THREAD] JongYeon ❤ Brown Eyed Couple : Lee Jonghyun (CNBLUE ) & Gong Seungyeon   

    @greatlakes1022  when you are quoting someone, please cut the video or images first before making a post. Its soompi policy  But yeah! I notice the cute melons after watching it 5 times HAHAHAHA
    @b8l8 Okayy, I didn't realize at all that it was a fist bump   Now knowing it was a fist bump, so... they didn't purposely show off their couple ring huh, it's only there just because it is. XD
    off topic here
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  20. jojo05 added a post in a topic Chae Rim 채림   

      agreed, my fav too ... brings back memories

    Chae Rim   2000  -  2015
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  21. JulieSean added a post in a topic [variety] We Got Married 우리 결혼했어요   

    @cdcotr    You are right, many idols got the lead roles even when they haven't hone their acting skills. That is the gripe of many. Idols have overtaken the drama scene despite not being able to act to save their lives. Case in point was Krystal from My Lovely Girl. That was bad acting, but her agency must be really powerful to garner her the lead role when her only acting experience was a supporting role in Heirs. She was ok there but not enough to become the lead of any drama.  It's annoying to have idols who can't act headlining a drama when there are better actors/actresses out there.
    JR joined to gain popularity and let viewers see him in a new image. But I'm afraid I'm not able to imagine him as a cool guy in any drama anymore. For me at least. The image I have of him now is what he presents in WGM - which is spineless fool with a big heart.  It's no longer believable for me that he has a role of a kickass assassin....Same with SE. I can no longer believe she's a goody two shoes sweet girl in her dramas. It is only believable if she's the evil villain.
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  22. spicystrawberry added a post in a topic (OFFICIAL) Micheoseo Couple T♥G Taecyeon ♥ Gui Gui; Global Couple Thread !! TaecGui ♥ YeonJie Part 2   

    23 Behaviors of A Gentlemen
    20. A gentleman pays attention to details.
    Take mental notes. Her likes. Her dislikes. Her shoe size. Her ring size (please note that nearly all jewelry stores display a default ring size of 6 for women). Her favorite color. This information will prove useful and when it does – when you show up with a bundle of lavender because you know it reminds her of her grandmother – it shows you care. 

    Join in everyone!
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  23. innasalvatore added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2   

    ​He looks like a little bit chubby.
    After UW end he no needs to take a diet anymore.
    Thankfully that drama already end, hahahahahaha...

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