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  2. "To look at this episode very simply, this show just set up the time-old assertion that no power can beat friendship and love. But with Remember it’s always more than that, the characterization is spot on and the people feel real and complicated enough for it to be more than bad guys versus good guys or the strong versus the weak. Because the weak can be bad too, and the strong can be good." (quoting nobodybutkyu)
  3. I want to think like @awsparkle mentioned Halmoni knows all about what her daughter was up to and I think she is uncomfortable and does not like SG that much is because of that fact. She knows her daughter was not a good wife to him and that HJ is not his kid. Yet he has assumed that role of father and I still have to wonder after seeing her with that man before she died if he did not wonder if HJ was his either. If he did and I can see him having a test done to check. Only for him he accepted it and moved on. HJ may not be a child of his blood but of his heart.  You get resentful at having to look at the survivors after a relative dies and of the person that is still so nice and filial after all that happened behind their backs. That woman knows her daughter was out there and had another man that she died with and HJ is her blood but not SG's I bet. I think she would have been fine if he left that family after that woman died leaving HJ to her. I want to bet she would have wanted him gone from her husbands company. Thank goodness the man left it to SG and not her. @lclarakl What you posted makes me really think that SG is not the father of HJ. I want to think that the man her mother died with was the bio father. For her to think he has no right to chastise her or to hinder her when he thinks she is not ready for something only makes me feel like she knows that truth. (I have to wonder if HJ found this out too as a child.) Even if he is not the blood he assumed the role of father to this girl and he can say anything to her since she is on his registry I bet. GO did not out the truth prolly since it would effect HJ. But little does she know I bet HJ already knows the truth that SG is prolly not her father. It will be interesting to see if that is truly the case that SG is not the bio dad of HJ or he is.I really hope not though. I can't see him with a child like her even if she has more influence from her grandmother.  As for GO having come from humble beginnings as well. After a time you tend to forget where you came from and being thankful and encouraging to those that come from the same type of backgrounds. It is easier to look down you nose at someone then to admit that they either remind you of yourself long ago or they are working hard to achieve their goals just like you did. If she did come from a poor background I can see her needing a lesson in reminding her to not have her nose so far up in the air. I am very sure that HJ will prolly be the one that will facilitate that lesson as that girl will do something to hurt someone not caring who in her anger and crazy, deluded moments. .
  4. Park Ki Woong 박기웅

    Park Ki Woong on His Most Difficult Experience in the Military ehk38 February 6, 2016 Actor Park Ki Woong has officially completed his military service and returned to the open arms of fans. Domestic fans and even fans from China and Japan attended the actor’s official discharge ceremony on February 7. Park Ki Woong expressed his gratitude for his fans’ support and reflected on his time in the military. “I enlisted on Parents’ Day and ended up getting discharged on [Lunar] New Year’s,” he notes. “Thank you for not forgetting me and coming.” “I really wanted to act,” he continues. “That’s why I quickly selected my next project. I am preparing hard for it.” Park Ki Woong also shared the most difficult experience he had during the past one year and seven months: shoveling snow. “I didn’t think I’d have to shovel snow because I was in the police unit, but I had a very difficult time clearing it,” he says. “Our base was in Seoul, but we were in a location 300 meters above sea level, so a lot of snow fell.” Meanwhile, Park Ki Woong has confirmed that MBC drama “Monster” will be his first project post-discharge. The drama is slated to air this coming March following the conclusion of “Glamorous Temptation.” Source: orig / soompi  
  5. [OFFICIAL] Kwak Si Yang & Kim So Yeon

    Tq're the best  Clips that I love from ep 307             And this I love MOST...........      
  6. I agree but GH seems the weakest link out of all of them by agreeing to be engaged to that  twit and probably lead to marriage I'm so nauseated just hearing that word ugh!!
  7. the surprise visit to Song eomma's office wasn't the one that got was the video that Song appa showed to eomma, and their very last greeting at the end...especially what Manse said at the end. I'm still bawling like a baby now....and that very last video from Song appa of them playing in the snow. It really couldn't have ended better. I miss them already...  i dunno how PD could have edited it without shedding any tears.  Thank you Song family for letting us into your home and your life for the past 582 days. You must know how many lives you have touched, our dear healing  babies 대한민국만세.... 
  8. Wanna try learning Chinese? xD It's a horrible start if this is going to be your first foreign language though. Anyway, yolo right? Go for it!
  9. Thank you! Looks like they will follow the webtoon(+ the extra scenes of Inho which are a - for me)  
  10. Ryu Jun Yeol 류준열

  11. I have little attention span for reading. I love watching a series more than reading a book. Heh. Sorry. xD
  12. Pre-order Singles magazine March edition (Taemin cover) by feb15 and get a free  purse
  13. Lol.  My guess is probably not. n I certainly hope not !!  
  14. He did kill her father. He confessed and apologized. Because HG loves JinEon, she asked him to tell JinEon that he didn't kill her sorry for Hg!!!
  15. MH regained consciousness; enough to say a few words HK called JE back into the room but MH dies a few minutes later   End of ep. 44.  
  16.   I agree that DB has become softer. The funny thing is, when this drama first begin, all the women had a little more back bone. It was DB that attacked GH thinking he was a thief. Se Sil also was not as irritating. GH was no pushover and now he seems like he is. I don't want a man who is easily manipulated by a woman to be the lead male in a drama. I like when the leads can stand up to these manipulative women.
  17. Lee Min Jung 이민정

    to our asian yewons and especially to our Min Jung  .... hope you all have a great and happy Lunar New Year  
  18. Ohhhh moments! Some Gumri goodness. ❤ *squealing hard because of the songs used  
  19. [OFFICIAL] The JYJ Thread

    #KimJaeJoongNOX of course!   1theK(원더케이) ‏@1theK  Feb.(2월 2주차)] Which artist have u been the most waiting for? 이번주 가장 기대되는 아티스트는? (click on twitter link above and 'reply' your vote) cr:  ita♥Jae ‏@itaJYJ     Jaejoong shares the preview to his second full-length album 'NO.X' February 7, 2016   As promised earlier by C-JeS Entertainment, fans won't have to wait until 2017 rolls around for Jaejoong to release new music.    SEE ALSO: Jaejoong releases teaser for 'Love You More'!   Thankfully, the singer had a second full-length album in the works and finished before he entered his military service. It's almost like Jaejoong never left in the first place!    The album, titled 'NO.X,' contains a total of 12 tracks and will be released on February 12. The teaser for "Love You More," which is the album's title track, came out last week so be sure to check it out if you haven't!    Of course, you can also listen to the album preview in the clip above. Jaejoong's album seems to be full of catchy pop rock tracks and mellow acoustic ballads the second time around, some of the lyrics for which Jaejoong himself penned. allkpop       "2016 KIM JAE JOONG 2nd Album Hologram real live Concert in Japan" to be held at Yoyogi National Stadium on 02/09-10  ‏@xiahjunjjyu   JYJ CAFFEINE: JYJ News Week of 2/1-2/7/2016
  20. ep. 44. JE visits his dad at the hospital HK who heard from JE's friend of MH collapse comes there JE left the room to allow HK time for closure with MH    
  21. Hello soompiers, could you tell me which current drama is this show replacing? So there will be another drama Marriage Contract with Uee at 21:45 right after this one? It says that this show starts at 20:45 and the other one at 21:45, this can't be right?
  22. Ryu Jun Yeol 류준열

    Hello again dearests RJY fangirls XD, I was only gone for a day but look at all these stuff that I missed T.T, N'way to make up for it, here are some pics of uri beloved Junyeolie with Friends/ Colleagues  BYH48 -- I really want to see these awesome foursome in a project, please drama God make it happen 
  23. [OFFICIAL] JYJ Kim Junsu - 김준수 Thread

    OMOXIA~* ‏@Vichellelicious 160207 Junsu awarded as Best Musical Actor from 2015 Audience Choice! Congrats! …
  24. Ryu Jun Yeol 류준열

    I was trying to stay away from anything abt Junyeolie and avoid this thread for couple days. Just want to know whether my life will back to normal or not. Because when I kiss my husband and I wish it was Junyeoli lips, literally almost every night dreaming about him, missing him day by day. Oh and that broken heart feeling too! I am not kidding, that's really really not healthy at all...  But here I am. Again. Letting my self being delusional. Geez! What ever. this is the only place where I finally find peace for my broken heart. Give me more my daily dose!
  25. These are my exact thoughts.  Technically he did tell him Jung needed more sincere care/attention but Daddy Yoo drew out the 'his mom and I are busy...blah blah blah' card. Here I found fault in both Baek and Yoo. First of all what the heck dude!? So just because you're too busy then that immediately means you have an excuse!? NO! You are his father. You are the one who should be taking care of him, nurturing him, loving him, protecting him, teaching him, etc. (This goes to his mother as well.) Ok, so you got a big company to take care of. Why'd you have a child if you weren't going to put him as your number 1 priority or at the very least try to have a healthy balance between the company and your son? I absolutely hate how he immediately gave that excuse. "I'm too busy." You're too busy for your child? If he really cared for him he would have woken up and realized he had to make an effort to change his ways-to spend more time with Jung and be a real father. Not just someone who gives him a home, food, and comforts. He should have been giving to him on an emotional level. Second. Baek, what? Okay, this is why I've always felt he had an ulterior motive in this situation. Perhaps I read too much into it but I've always thought that Baek wanted Mr. Yoo to take in his grandchildren. Baek probably figured that one day he was going to be gone and his grandchildren wouldn't be so well off. It just seems bizarre that he didn't insist on Yoo becoming a father to Jung. Yoo said his excuse and Baek was all chill about it. "Ok then get him siblings or sibling-like friends."  Really? Um sibling-like mean like your grandkids?  *sigh* Everything's complicated in Jung's life.
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