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  2. In what state did guigui attend kindergarten when she was in the US? Is it the same city as ty? Cause I read something somewhere saying that they both stayed in the same city but not at the same time. Wondering hiw trye this is. 
  3. [Current Taiwanese Drama 2015-2016] Bromance 愛上哥們

    recently had seduce one of my friend to watch this drama... after she watched and hooked till ep 16 and got the same immortal virus... she told me this: "zifeng knew yanuo's secret (girl) and he is keeping a secret till yanuo revealing it herself. He respect her privacy" "yanuo knew zifeng know her secret... but unable to confess out due to she want to wait till 26 years old" my friends says "it is sooo obvious ady okay??? from the hug to the kiss... he should know ady by touching her !!!! even the recent accident, she admitted in the hospital.. the doctor sure exam her one!!! Zifeng is 100% know the truth!!! " lol... i am currently seducing my mom to watch it also....she watch till ep 3   by the way, to those in Malaysia subscribing Astro Shuang Xing channel, they are going to release/air bromance this year .. remember to get your friends to watch it if they haven't watch online
  4. I completely agree with everything you said so eloquently. It's always interesting to me that Seol has a few really close friends. Friends from childhood, through college that she has never told about her feelings regarding Jun and her dad. Things she has only told Jung because he also opened up about his feelings regarding his dad, thingsthat he has never told anyone as well. Jung leads a pretty lonely life surrounded by hanger ons and people always out to use him so it would be difficult for him to find a true confidant. Seol doesn't have that problem, she has all these people that would love share her pain and talk to her about her concerns, but she just can't let herself be that vulnerable with them.  Since his relationship with his dad is so crappy, I'm dying to see a scene of Jung with his mom. By all accounts they're suppose to be close and she seemed to be someone that had his back. Also, I'm really curious what would be his reaction if his dad found Seol unacceptable and made home choose between her and his family. I can't help thinking how completely baffled he was by Joo Young decision to give up his family for love. From the second he found out he was like you're not living in a drama hung, you need to go home. Was that only because of Joo young living conditions and how it seem like he gave up his future or did he genuinely think love wasn't worth it? 
  5. I agree with you @xcalibur07...i can see our dearly missed triplets actually were sad because they can't meet uncles and aunties dino again...i believe they're already like their family and very close now...
  6. Song Il Kook 송일국

    this is my fav  scene! Daehan's salesman manly voice  and saying"we don't have many blue ones" haha so cute
  7. I read about Aaron's new drama a few days ago and wondered when it was starting. This seems interesting and I will be checking it out. I adore Aaron Yan.  There's no drama page from what I can see. 
  8. i love how Bogummy's standee fits right in with these handsome fellas  taken from Infinity Challenge Ugly Festival episode. hehehe. this is the "handsome corner."
  9. that fanart! i'm literally typing this using my right hand as my left hand covers my mouth to keep my jaws from falling off. 
  10. 3yr old resting Hope to see him in event again we haven't seen him since the concert on 25th january
  11. Song Il Kook 송일국

    kwanghee with mingukie and manse from IG cr:@prince_kwanghee
  12. After watching the preview for episode 18, I can guaranteed that Prosecutor Tak is doing some undercover works. I believe he is still good, not sure about the detective. In-ah is crossing over to help out but she is putting herself in risk.
  13. [OFFICIAL] Kwak Si Yang & Kim So Yeon

    Do you guys think that the fireworks, the one Soyeon posted, would be included this saturday?
  14. I hope what I said didn't offense anyone. I guess I was trying to target the message to the JungxSeol shippers who are in doubt about JungxSeol as the endgame (trying to make them feel better) but got caught up with my feelings about the whole love triangle that the writer's creating. In the end, Hong Seol is my number 1 priority and what makes her happy, makes me happy. @coffeeboy I agree with you. I don't like it when people say "A deserve more than B" Comparison is my worst enemy. I don't mind giving/discussing flaws and strengths of character(s) but comparison is not to my liking. It makes it seems like the female protagonist is some sort of object, he did better so he deserves the "cookie." But anyways, I was so caught up with my post i forgot why I was on here for. To anyone that knows, that scene after the kiss on the bench when Seol texts Jung if he got home safely, and Jung texts back with misspelling. The subtitles on dramafever didn't tell what the misspelling was, so can anyone tell me what "exactly" did he text her. I"m a gif maker on tumblr and while there's no new episodes this week I'm going back to watching the aired episodes and wanted to gif that particular scene since Seol is so cute. And if anyone is interested you can check out my CITT tag on my blog. I've been working on an appreciation post for Seol's wardrobe and this girl has the best style. I'm so in love with her. Love everything about her. And some of you mentioned that this is your first KGE's work and how you never heard of her before CITT, me too! When they mentioned her as the female lead I thought she was Han Go Eun. I was like isn't she too old to be playing Hong Seol, a college student But anyways, KGE is so perfect for this role, I honestly can't imagine anyone playing Hong Seol. I'm definitely a fan now.
  15.   Oh my!! I thought the same thing too when I re-watch this scene last night!! credit @Kasmic That I love their height difference~~  And MM looks so cute with her hair ties up like that! I want more SH-MM moments tonight! Maybe their reunion is tonight, right? We'll see young SH and MM too?
  16. I am so addicted to this! I even tried copying the chinese novel and using google translate for it. But some words and sentences were funny!!! Hehehehe. I wish it could be translated well into english and sold commercially so i can buy! And also DvD copies of this web series!!!   i soooo love Gu Hai who is a toughie but also a softie when it comes to Bai luo yin. And of course Bai Luo Yin who is a softie but can be a toughie as well. Just love them both!
  17. @sugarplum892 Thank you for opening this thread! I can't wait to see Aaron's new drama. Is there a fan page on viki?
  18. Park Shin He ranks at top 10 most followers in Weibo … *Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho remains at the top position with more than 28 M followers.
  19. OK. Here goes with What Grandpa Said, from ep 8 today... We start in around 14 mins in, with an all-too-familiar Kdrama situation. Rich mother-daughter pair enjoying a massage side-by-side in an elegant spa, when suddenly in comes a cellphone call that spoils the mood. This time it's from Grandad to Yu Gyeong, insisting that she brings her daughter into line pronto. Yu Kyeong is willing to let the old grouch wait a bit, but Se Jin asks for a dressing gown right away. She's going to go have it out with her tetchy elder right away. Her mother tells her to relax and wait, but Se Jin says it can't be put off for ever, so she prefers to get it over with. If her mother doesn't want to accompany her, she'll go face Grandad alone. After a final worried looking protest that this isn't a sensible thing to do, Yu Gyeong of course goes along too to Grandad's mansion (the one with the amazingly hardy over-lifesized marble nude snowbathing on the right hand side of the front yard) but is noticeably relatively quiet through most of the brouhaha that ensues until right at the end (when her words echo the ones she called after Yun Ae as she walked off along the highway). @ggry's remarks about Yu Gyeong's shrewd sense of what she can and can't get away with and her concern not to worsen her own position by overstepping those bounds are very much borne out by Yu Gyeong's facial expressions in this scene, which the camera visits frequently despite her actually seldom joining in the exchanges. We can see at every stage exactly what she thinks and feels, even though she judges it prudent not always  to put her reactions into words. When we cut to the mansion interior we hear daughter and mother loudly protesting "Grandfather!!  Father!!" at something the old man has just said. "Dont' you realize that's preposterous?" Yu Gyeong indignantly inquires. We discover that what's so enraging mother and daughter is the diktat Grandad has delivered just before we came in and now repeats in very determined tones: Se Jin is to go right back, grovel to her husband and live with him for at least one year longer. If Se Jin still insists on a divorce when that year has elapsed, Grandad will then let her have her way. But she has to remember (how could anyone who has watched even a single Kdrama ever forget?) that a marriage is about an alliance between two families, and in Chaebol-land, between two enormous commercial enterprises as well, not two individuals, and its not for the couple themselves to determine if and when enough is enough. But Se Jin defiantly (but not, we can't help noting in her favor, petulantly or self-pityingly) stands her ground, insisting there's no way she's going that house of torture and that she has a right to be respected as a person, not as a mere pawn in a dynastic game who has to do her duty by the needs of company and family whatever the personal price. Before long, Yu Gyeong gets to her feet and tells her daughter to do the same "There's no point in listening to your Grandfather any longer." She then informs her father there's no way she'll agree to Se Jin meeting his demands. She seizes Se Jin in a Kdrama wrist-grab and tries to drag her out of the house, but stepmom Yeong Suk blocks their way and says the two of them can't leave on that note. Se Jin plainly agrees with her step-grandmom. She asks her mother to stay out of this (엄마 가만히 있어) -- I'm quoting the Korean there because shortly afterwards we'll hear her saying what would in English be exactly the same thing to her mother, but with a grammatical nuance only Korean could manage, and which I won't be able to resist a linguistic ramble about when we get that far into the scene). She calmly leaves her mother standing anxiously near the exit while she herself advances calmly back into the direct firing line of Grandad's blockbuster tank wheelchair. "Fine!" she tells him. "I'll do exactly as you demand, Grandfather." "What's gotten into you, girl?" demands Yu Gyeong,returning into the danger zone so she can deliver a typical Kdrama grown-up-offspring-chastising blow to her daughter's  shoulder.  "After all the hurt, you're going to go back there?" At which Se Bin again asks, or rather this time tells, her mother to keep out of it. But there's a linguistic dimension here which Korean native speakers pick up intuitively, maybe without even being able to consciously articulate it, but which the foreigners among us have to work at a bit. I'll spoiler what I mean by that to avoid frustrating people who just want to get on with the plot.   And now, Se Jin ups the ante by addressing Grandfather with more than a hint of a superior grin on her face while looking him straight in the eye. "But there's a condition. If you agree to that condition, I'll submit completely to your demands."  That triggers looks of shock and fearful anticipation all round, as the camera dutifully records. "Out with it," Grandfather snarls tigerishly. What is it you want?" Se Jin doesn't do any bush-beating. "Give Baek Do to me, please," she replies coolly. Which doesn't go down at all well with any of the listeners. Not with Grandad   Nor with Mom (because this is a direct violation of her "don't push your luck" approach)   And as for Yeong Suk... Well, she's so flabbergasted that all her porcelain dental crowns fall off at once and she swallows both sets in a single reflex gulp.     "If you give me your solemn promise that the Baek Do Group will pass to me, and not to Uncle Hwi Gyeong," Se Jin continues completely unabashed, "then without so much as a murmur I'll comply with whatever you demand. So how about it?" Grandfather's reply, when he recovers his wits, is a drawn-out contemptuous cackle, heralding words that take that ghost of a superior grin right off Se Jin's face and visibly confirm her mother's fears that she's really blown it this time by showing her over-ambitious hand so blatantly, though Yu Gyeong rather unconvincingly counters her stepmother's rebuke to Se Jin for daring to try to bargain with an elder by asking just what has her daughter just asked for that she hasn't every right to request. "Well now," Grandad continues, "I see now that rather than take after your father, you've inherited a whole lot more of your mother's traits.  [Tee hee! If only the nasty old codger knew!! I wonder if at some plot-critical stage one of both of Se Jin's birth parents is going to show up. Or maybe a long forgotten figure from the past will pop up and say "Yu Gyeong! Long time no see! You left your set of fake pregnancy belly pads at my place way back then and I thought you might want them  back in case you had a daughter who wanted to pull the same trick on some stupid loser."] "You're exactly how your mother was," Grandad carries on, "she was always consumed by a burning greed to have more than her [rice?] bowl could hold" [Not completely sure about what the idiom is there, but I think the general idea that "her eyes were always bigger than her stomach" in the sense that she wanted things she wasn't good enough to handle despite the evidence of her own incapacity].  And so, to truncate the rest of Grandad's mocking response a little, since it's getting very late here and my typo count is going off the scale, that's why he approved of Gyeong Wan as a son in law: he knew how much his rice his bowl could hold and never expected any more than that, so he was a safe pair of hands to keep his wife in check and the company on a stable course until his son was old and experienced enough to take over the reins. Gyeong Wan, Grandfather implies, always knew his own limitations and worked within them; but his wife left to herself never did, and it looks like the exact same thing goes for his grandaughter. He signals that the conversation is over and Yeong Suk is wheeling him out when Se Jin angrily calls after him, demanding to know why she shouldn't be preferred over Hwi Gyeong, who makes no secret of his lack of interest in moneymaking, but Grandad contemptuously responds over his shoulder to the effect that greed is useless without talent, and she and her mother had better come to terms with that. Yeong Suk tells mother and daughter it's time for them to "Go safely" as the Korean expression has it, but she audibly puts more conviction into the "go" bit than the "safely."  As a parting shot, Yu Kyeong warns that she and her daughter won't be put down as easily as that, and they'll see who has the last laugh in this matter.
  20.   That the danger part of other man/woman when they want to have real relationship with Dahae/Wookie respectively, they will be haunted by the "soulmate tag" on Dahae/Wookie face.  Unless Donghae can get rid any trace of each other completely from their heart and soul-will they do that if they cannot be together? hehehehhe millions time I doubt they can do that-especially when they need each other for whatever reasons, "career or personal". Based on their 11 yrs of history, what we read and saw, they still cannot get rid of each other, and their last messages to each other after Hotel King, they still don't want it to be over also. credit to your blog @purplebass “Lastly, my Ah Mone, hehe DaHae yah, thank you. From the start when suggest you take up this role, you make a very difficult decision in agreeing to work with me. During the filming, always full of laughter. Ever time when I am tired, you always give me encouragement, bringing me good food to eat hehehe. To be able to work with you again after 8 years is my honour. U bring me more strength then SGC and JYR time. Thank you. If there is another opportunity again after some time, should be able to work together right? Be healthy, I will always give you my support.”- Lee Dong Wook‘s message for Da Hae when they finished filming Hotel King (July 24th, 2014) credit: mystery123 “For me, yesterday, I wrote on SNS: ‘Da Hae-ssi, My Ah Mo Ne…‘ what I wrote was really sincere. After eight years acting together again, it’s such a privilege. You’ve gotten more beautiful since then… more mature. Meeting you as Cha Jae Wan and Ah Mo Ne is more exciting than Seol Gong Chan and Joo Yoo Rin.” –Lee Dong Wook, Hotel King last day of filming (July 25th, 2014) “The last selca of Chamo couple. We’re sad yet happy. I’m thankful for the love everyone has shown until now! Thank you so much to Dong Wook oppa. You were the greatest actor and I was happy to be able to act with you. Let’s meet again in another 10 years and let’s love again!” – Lee Da Hae, tweet with Chamo wedding selfies (July 27th, 2014)
  21. "Remember" drops in percentage but remains in 1st place 2016/02/10 SBS drama "Remember" came in first. According to Nielsen Korea, SBS drama "Remember" rated 16.3%. This is 0.7% less than the previous episode but it's still in the lead. KBS 2TV drama "The Merchant: Gaekju 2015" rated 10.4% which is 1.0% less than the thirty-seventh episode. MBC drama "One More Happy Ending" rated 5.8% which is also 1.0% less than before. Credit :
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  23. Oh gawd the exhusband is back!! Source:
  24. @chic-chic thanks for the interpretation. Although it was in Japanese earlier and I didn't understand, I love watching their actions cos both very cute. Yj seems unsure in the beginning cos he is trying something new. Wy is very encouraging and helpful, teaching him and praising and very patient-  he makes a good mentor. Wy has the right people's skills  Happy birthday to chansung-  2pm growing older, can't wait for Wy's birthday next! 
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