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  1. valsava added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Make a Woman Cry 여자를 울려   

    Thanks @dexter8010, I didn't think they were the same person I know of her dramas may she RIP 
    Have a good 4th of July for those in the states
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  2. luci888 added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] My Love Eun-dong 사랑하는 은동아 — Fridays and Saturdays at 8:40PM KST   

    Thanks, @bebebisous33, for your insight.  That's a sad custom they have in SK.  These poor orphans already started out less fortunate than others and yet they have to deal with this crap.  Nevertheless, ED's adoptive father is a disgraceful parent.  If that's how he felt towards her, he should've never adopted her or any other child in the first place. Parenting requires nurturing and with it huge responsibility.  Instead, he sees her as more of a burden.  I'm going to gain great satisfaction when people start pointing fingers at him for all the wrong he's done to ED once they start looking into his claim that the book are lies.  He will have no one to blame but himself since he started the situation.  Serve him right for not reading the book as suggested by his wife! 
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  3. valsava added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] My Love Eun-dong 사랑하는 은동아 — Fridays and Saturdays at 8:40PM KST   

    @ninaanin,  I think next Saturday Episode will be the cliffhanger of the marriage issues if the writer is planning on ending this on a happy note. We got EH learning he has a son this is when he may be taking RA IL out of the house and out of JH little game.. Which adopted dad never will see this coming this two men have some sins to pay for.. Now if ED bring up the marriage issue or learn of the marriage issue but something keeps telling me she knows it's something not right about it but she was willing to stay quite for EH sake and handle this between her and JH.. I don't see no way around her trying to keep this quite without EH loosing it..  As for SR if we get and happy ending they should invite her to the wedding..      
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  4. dexter8010 added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Make a Woman Cry 여자를 울려   


    Here it is her profile.
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  5. Rania Zeid added a post in a topic Lee Jong Suk 이종석   

    most prob they ll announce abt his new project this month and as far as i know it's goin to be a film... so let's wait and see hope it's true
    well i duuno either but let's hope suki will win something  
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  6. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] KBS - Bluebird's House 파랑새의 집-Saturday&Sunday   

    Sorry @valsava, as I am I out of town, traveling, I only quickly watched the episode, and don't have time for a full recap of details.  But mostly what you saw is all there was, I think.  Only a quick recap. 
    Sorry I have to run...  Hopefully I can find a little time tomorrow for Ep 40.  Not sure.
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  7. cutie_let_let added a post in a topic Kim Soo Hyun 김수현 [ UPCOMING MOVIE "REAL"]   

    Hello there @AiO
    KSH PH will be meeting on Saturday, July 11, in SM Megamall to watch the Philippine premiere of The Thieves. You should join us.

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  8. little0704 added a post in a topic Super Junior-M’s Henry Cries Over Unhappy Memories While Practicing Violin on “Always Cantare”   

    the official link:
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  9. prism2103 added a post in a topic [Official] Hong Jong Hyun ❤ Yura (Kim Ahyoung) - JjongAh Couple || Thread 2   

    jong updates on the plane w seojun stylist hyung. stylist hyung writes their on a delay. and jong says he's hungry w a cry emoticon LOL. i thought jong never eats on the plane. oh the change w emoticons and eating delicious plane foods... it reminds me so much of someone we know so well.... YURA!  
    pls enjoy urselves and soak all the love fans have for you in HK! 
    HK fans are all ready for his arrival! how sweet! jong's bound to have a splendid time for sure. 
    and likewise it seems the event has been properly set up and awaits for the arrival of jongstar
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  10. ferlycious added a post in a topic Ha Ji Won 하지원   

    episode 4 preview

    HJW's different kinds of smile
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  11. evori added a post in a topic [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2015] The Journey of Flower 花千骨   

    The story behind the last god thing is that there was this huge battle between the demon god/realm and the heavenly gods which lead to the extinction of all the gods. The last god killed the demon god and sealed it into the holy items. The last god became cursed, died, and past on into reincarnation. She reincarnated into Qian Gu. Thats why Qian Gu's blood is so special because it is the blood of a god. Qian Gu has her power and ability. The reason why Qian Gu is weak right now is because she is not in her true form. Her true form have the power to bring on ultimate destruction. I think that she is not a demon nor the demon god because the last god and demon god are different characters within the book. Also the demon god is suppose to be sealed within the holy items. I think in the novel Qian Gu steals the holly items and releases the demon god while trying to save BZH from dying from poison. Not sure they added the demon god into the drama.. 
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  12. rochellovesJJHandKSH added a post in a topic DAESANG COUPLE 2014: Jun Ji Hyun/Cheon Song Yi/Yenicall ♥ Kim Soo Hyun/Do Min Joon/Zampano   

    Oooopppss sareeeeh peace  don't want to hurt anyone on my post...
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  13. orcabear888 added a post in a topic Yook Sungjae (육성재)   

    so many updates! I love you guys! hehehe so Sohyun is a TaeBi Shipper herself eh?! and i don't think you're still acting on the cheek kiss scene my dear with the way you describe it hahaha....thanks to whoever posted this first
    I just hope HOPE! HOPE! that there would be an alternate ending like seriously WAY SCHOOL 2015 needs to redeem itself!!!! (I am still ranting and it's JULY!)
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  14. sky5joyous added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Leeteuk (Suju) & Sora Couple We Got Married   

    4 july 2015  Sora posts a message in her Instagram : she does a V-sign and she writes 6 times "SEOUL" ... maybe because she will go to SUPER SHOW 6 in SEOUL ?!  it's my hope  
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  15. ferlycious added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] The Time We Were Not In Love 너를 사랑한 시간   


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  16. ben1090 added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] The Time We Were Not In Love 너를 사랑한 시간   

    I wanted to cry when I watched Hana cried. 1 things I like about HJW's acting is when she cried she looks realll...
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  17. Konoha_RockLee added a post in a topic [Variety] Let's Go! Dream Team Season 2 출발 드림팀 시즌2   

    Ep. 288 06/28/15 Ep. 288 Muscle Girls part 2
    Dream Team: Lime, NS Yoon G, Jang Do Yeon, kim jin won, Asia, Chun Yi Seul,
    Muscle Girls: Jang Areum, Jessica (yoga instructor), Oh Hyun Jin, Lee Yeon, Jung In Hye, Nancy Lang
    Results:Jung Areum W
    obstacle course:
    walk across horizontal rope using hanging hoses with water coming down
    spinning horitzontal tube
    beam with 4 spinning donut pads
    sandbag jump: jump and grab a pillar on a track and land on 2 platforms
    run to finish - finish button is on the mud wresting platform
    lol the spectator guy tried the obstacle course with his phone and wallet

    prize is massage chair
    wresting was better.
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  18. valsava added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Oh My Ghost 오 나의 귀신님 | Fri-Sat 20:30 KST   

    @ruzikie,  Hi,  How are you, ? You found the first episode superb I didn't get that I like the ghost but the other parts was just so so for me so my gang I'm going to let a few episodes go by and see you around episode 6 
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  19. azwhoony added a post in a topic ❤ Lee Jonghyun ♡ Gong Seungyeon ❤ [JongYeon | Brown Eyed Couple]   

    yes. thanks  @Ishi-chan ...u have no idea how thankful we brownies are with the translations especially for this one...the raw completely shortened my lung capacity to breath...with the sub...i might need to do a full medical ...this is a married woman/a wife/a mom is talking...even ahjumma like us are frantically spazzing ...i wonder how u guys handle it...hahaha
    i agree with u on this...with this high degree of honey bee..they won't be able to stop once they would be rated at least 18sx or higher for some countries...haha...i doubt either SY or JH will back-off easily...they will be like "the hell with others...don't care anymore..." lol.. i'm glad they be able to keep their mind straight at that moment and save it for their own personal memories..
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  20. cnsdlover49 added a post in a topic ❤ Lee Jonghyun ♡ Gong Seungyeon ❤ [JongYeon | Brown Eyed Couple]   

    BEC surely make my day more meaningful now.. How can they be this beautiful. Correct me if i'm wrong, from my understanding i think JH say initially he just want SY to find that ring while scoping the ice cream and ask him about it. So he don't expect SY to actually eat that ring, that why he becoming more nervous. Lol,haha.. Really love to see SY and JH 2nd sister interaction.. It is just me that has this feeling like they are lost twin? hahaha.. from their interaction, for sure they can be a good friend to each other..
    About sy hurt finger.. i aware about it after seeing their baseball bts photo. i got curious since when it's happened, so i was re-watching their episode to find the answer only to noticed it's was there in busan trip when sy scream jingoo name. now after watching yesterday episode i got the answer, so she hurt her hand because of gayageum? Wow, she must be practicing a lot to perform it in front his family. Great job sy, i have to give her standing clap for this.. 
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  21. ninaanin added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] My Love Eun-dong 사랑하는 은동아 — Fridays and Saturdays at 8:40PM KST   

    I rewatched the episode 12, this time enjoying the pace and the details. First time I was ansious to know what will happen and as one could expect, I lost many important things and meanings. Whatching it "slowly" makes me understand better what is going on (at least, I hope I did it ).
    First, I think that when ED said to EH "I'm sorry" for not keeping her promissed (marry him), it doesn't necessary follow that she didn't keep her promisse because she married another man, but could just mean what is a fact: they know each other since 20 years and the aren't married; the time that they should get married was in their 20's, it would happened if she wasn't got involved in the accident. Anyway, I think that the marriage issue will be one of the last "mystery" to be solved in this drama, I don't think it will become clear to us next week (hope I'm wrong!!).
    SR said she wants EH loose everything (friends, money, woman, career) and then he will come to her begging. Well, she is also delusional lol. I think she will get nothing, because I'm sure even HB will stick with EH, and he will have the support of his family too.
    And I felt the same as @seungshin at the end of this episode: happy! I can't believe that a story that have such a ep. end full of joy, hope, love and will to battle the world could have a sad end. To me, the message is that of hope, but the route to the happiness will be tough!
    Hope the writer doesn't disapoint us .
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  22. kimchee4me added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] My Love Eun-dong 사랑하는 은동아 — Fridays and Saturdays at 8:40PM KST   

    Aww ED's promise was to get married to EH hopefully that is some use of forshadowing by the writers and it will end beautifully with ED and JH marriage being a sham... which sends the stepfather to jail !!
    I really cant wait for EH reaction to Ra II we already saw a glimpse its so cute
    and EH in the preview where he says " I found my fiance....she was married and even had a child... I that childs father and we will get married and have more kids *me smiling like an idiot*
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  23. HumairohB added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] The Time We Were Not In Love 너를 사랑한 시간   

    dramafire have sub eng.. so fast.. i am shock
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  24. fille-fatale added a post in a topic Lee Jong Suk 이종석   

    hahah woah i don't know what to think about you now @Rania ahahha, how you know this stuff? i'm in awe XD are you from the secret service? ahhh but now i'm a bit disappointed that he's not abroad hahaha
    And still no clue about his next project, I wanna know! 
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