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    • melia3005

      Injection Mold Design
      QSI Automation, Inc. offers years of experience in plastic injection mold design and build.
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    • joongkyo

      Actor Lee Jung Hyuk says that SHK is his ideal type.

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    • Rose34

      Only two solar eclipse occur in 2016. The total eclipse (diamond ring effect) on March 8/9, 2016 and the annular eclipse on September 1, 2016 (the ring of fire). Interestingly, MLSHR start to airs on Aug 29, 2016, the week of the annular eclipse!!! It is just 3 days before the eclipse. 
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    • gentlelily12

      Wishing the best for my favourite couple, LMH and Suzy and I hope you both will be happy together enjoying couple stuff, success, love, friendship and companionship with one another:

      ....Suzy at the GB movie premier, looking so LMH's woman!!!   Suzy and Minho had never been in the same event before except this Gangnam Blues premier.
      Suzy: he is very understanding and caring. He is also a very warmhearted person and I think that’s why I began to fall for him.”
      LMH: "Looking at Lee Min Ho's personality, we are aware that he thought about it a lot before professing his feelings. He was worried that it would burden Suzy, but [he said that] he couldn't hold his feelings in any longer."
      According to a Chinese insider, Suzy and  Lee Min Ho started to know each other since September 2014.
      Here is what the dispatch reporter who was following them said..
      ''Lee Min Ho and Suzy grew close to each other exponentially since the first encounter. Since Lee Min Ho asked Suzy out, they enjoyed many dates around Seoul, taking time from their hectic work schedules. Most Seoul dates took place inside of his car, except one night when they were spotted coming out of a bar''.
      SUZY & LEE MIN HO'S SIMILAR THOUGHTS by Suzy Sizzling News
      °°°Definition of a charming person

      ~Suzy: People with confidence. People who know their own charm. And woman who can handle her own speed (W Korea March 2015).
      ~Lee Min Ho: First of all, a woman who understands herself and cherishes herself will make people feel her magnetism. So a woman who is full of self-confidence under any circumstance will be charming (Cosmopolitan China, Feb 2014).

      ~LMH: As for cooking, probably the only thing I can make with some confidence is ramen? (laughter.)
      ~Suzy: I can only cook ramen haha! (Cosmopolitan, Sept 2013)
      ~Lee Min Ho prefers spicy than sweet foods and rice cakes than noodles (ABS-CBN News, July 2013).
      ~Suzy: Food that I eat frequently when I’m exhausted is Spicy rice cakes, haha. I don’t like eating sweet stuff, I like salty and spicy food (Nylon, March 2015).

      °°°Happiness (is having a communication, chat, or conversation with other people)

      ~LMH: Meeting and communicating with the fans helps me feel encouragement from them. These are all ways to make me feel happy (Cosmopolitan China, Feb 2014).
      ~Suzy: Spending much time with the staff of my company, my relatives, and my friends, and have a chat. These make me feel better (Ceci, April 2013).


      ~LMH: You must work hard in your life for a better future. (The Star Magazine, Feb 2015)
      ~Suzy: I will try my best to do my own works and keep doing so in the future (Cosmopolitan, Sept 2013).

      °°°Sleeping Habits

      ~LMH: I grind my teeth and talk in my sleep, which is why my pals don’t want to sleep with me when we travel (ISPlus, BOF).
      ~miss A members once said that Suzy talks while she's sleeping (Suzy Miss A Facts).

      °°°Filial Love

      ~LMH: If I can be successful, I will give my parents a precious gift (SmartShe, Jan 2013).
      ~Suzy gifted her parents a new house, car, and  3 cafè based from her own earnings (Suzy Miss A Facts).

      °°°Maternal Love

      ~LMH: I love my mom (Sina, 2014).
      ~Suzy: My mom is like my friend. She usually tells me her stories. It makes me feel very good so I can share with her everything (Cosmopolitan, 2013).

      ~Both Suzy & Lee Min Ho are close to their moms than their dads.
      "In the middle of his performance, Park Jin Young made a dramatic gesture, only to casually say hello to Lee Min Ho. Lee Min Ho appeared surprised as he politely shook hands with Park Jin Young as the actors around them all began to laugh."
       credit to aochan55
      Lee Min Ho's latest album "Song For You" was released on exactly Suzy's birthday, October 10, 2014.
      MH cuteness overload at the Baeksang Awards (@2:53, see MH placed his HP under tissue):
      credit to uploader and as tagged
      So beautiful a couple:

      "They also have the right to privacy just like everyone else. After all, they never denied it when they were found out, to the risk of losing their career. And their respective agencies confirmed it."

      Here below (minute 1:30 in this video ) Kim Woo Bin stepped up for Suzy by answering, "I knew this question would be asked. Shin Min Ah gave us a lot of support and watched all of our drama teasers. (Suzy's boyfriend) Lee Min Ho is also a friend so he's been showing his support as well.   He also said that he gets support from both Shin Min Ah, his girlfriend, and Lee Min Ho, Suzy’s boyfriend. “Every time a teaser came out, [Shin Min Ah] would give me support. She’s very much looking forward to the drama. […] I’m also close with Lee Min Ho, and he contacts me to cheer me on as well."
      credit as tagged / credit to uploader
      End of Tribute to MINZY real life couple!!!
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