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    • raisin_  »  cupdaddy

      how random ^^
      · 0 replies
    • mujay

      Waiting is painful,forgetting is painful but not knowing wich to do is the worst kind of suffering
      My fav, Ms.Temper&Nam jung gi, my dear friends,pinocchio,MLFAS, Misaeng,SeGa, TGQSD,DY and Hwang jin nie...
      · 0 replies
    • angieknows

      I must make a correction regarding my last post below ... so, I shouldn't have said PHP media, but just articles written in English ... specifically by The Inquisitr, Gamenguide, Morning Ledger, etc. I'm tempted to add Allkpop since it picked up one of the two K articles (which, by the way, were both written by reporters who write based on assumptions and scour the portals for gossip), and Allkpop didn't even provide the source! 
      So, to anyone who reads in here, please encourage others on the thread to wise up and stop sharing nonsense articles from those sites. Seriously! People should know when a statement is official and when it isn't. Goodness.
      · 5 replies
    • angieknows

      Sorry, I had to delete and re-post. 
      Let the article die. Don't give it attention.
      First of all, the reporter from TV Report is reacting to the news that's been reported in PHP media and then spread in C nets---that Blossoms had confirmed the songs are dating---but those articles were nonsense to begin with. The Songs and Blossoms have not said anything at all. However, irresponsible people on the portals everywhere, including Soompi, continue to post such articles that have no official validity anyway. Even on Baidu, the admins had been working hard to pull such articles down. And now, the reporter from TV Report is reporting on what's been circulating ... basically, reporting about SSC fans and how fans are delusional---that the fans are making up this stuff. This is why people have to be careful about what they post on the Soompi thread. But nope, people continue to share click-bait articles. It needs to stop.
      Second, the report didn't say that the agencies denied. The reporter only said a couple of of people from the sides of the Songs denied. The reporter didn't name names, but now, the C media is reporting it as the agencies denying. See how rumors start?
      Third, that reporter from TV Report covered Ki's TW FM. She had misreported something about that FM (sorry had to edit this part for certain reasons), and she had to correct herself as she didn't even do basic fact-checking. Last year, she was also criticized by one blogger for another incorrect reporting (http://blog.naver.com/minwooinme/220358335631). That reporter wrote in 2015 a wrong an unfounded article about Exo member Luhan. She wrote about Luhan's girlfriend based on groundless rumors circulating in C net. This reporter has been criticized by other bloggers before for other instances of bad reporting. This particular blogger (http://blog.naver.com/gct2002kr/130190299018) has even likened her to a terrorist---maybe hyperbolic, but you get the idea. Park had written an article about the Saewol tragedy and criticized Lee Young Ae for attending a promotion of a luxury brand in Hong Kong at a time when Korea was in mourning. She claimed that LYA lacked patriotism. It was a very biased article. However, another reporter, Reporter Kim, pretty much defended LYA as she had worn a yellow ribbon (that symbolized the ferry accident) to the event that she was contractually obligated to attend. Kim even interviewed LYA, who was, of course, sorrowful about the tragic accident. However, Park didn't even bother to reach out to LYA ... If she couldn't even be bothered to do this, then, what makes people think she'll bother to reach out to SS inside sources? So, please, consider the reporter as an unreliable source!
      Fourth, the reporter seems to be a SJK fan. She only linked/tagged her article to Kyo and not SJK. Again, keep in mind this reporter covered his Taiwan fan meet. Anyway, that TV Report reporter is being pummeled in the comments of her article now, so, don't worry. It seems like the reporter is low level that she has to report on what the fans talk about.
      Fifth, don't you find it suspicious that this article has popped up just when Apan is to happen this weekend?
      Sixth, this is the only article circulating in K media. So far. And let's hope it stays that way, and that can only happen, if people stop linking to it and stop referring to it. 
      Seventh, as long as the agencies and the Songs don't respond, then, all is good. So, please don't worry.
      Sometimes, it's the fans' overzealous reactions and panic that blow things out of proportions.
      · 2 replies
    • Chewy Hoe

      Also it's a fact that lot of true blue veteran members of Song Hye Kyo have emphasised greatly that she doesn't care for getting awards Nor attending award ceremonies at all coupled with the fact that she has always been overlooked at awards hence it's nothing new. It's something that's in place for as Long as she is in Showbiz. Citing her co stars for being in the spotlight and winning instead of her is utterly useless to say the least since you cannot control the award body. 
      In a nutshell. If she doesn't even care for those awards, maybe you shouldn't too? 
      · 2 replies
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