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    • Ernie

      I'm going to eat and watch something on the internet. I got done writing on the forums.
    • Missstoryteller

      Gong smiled at Rumi as she turned around in surprise. He had been sitting in his car in front of the building for half an hour debating whether to go up. If he did, what would he say? What excuse would he give for finding her? What would she think? He had to admit to himself that his actions were a bit like that of a stalker. He had almost thought of giving up for the night and returning with a proper plan tomorrow when he suddenly heard laughter, a woman yelling out in English and spotted her in his side mirror. He had just stepped out of his car moments before she had bumped into him ..

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    • Missstoryteller

      Rumi walked out of the bathroom and looked at the note on the side table. She couldn’t believe it, the person she had seen at the restaurant was in fact Gong Joo the actor. She wasn’t familiar with any of his work or just how famous he was, but from Thidas’ reaction the previous day she guessed that he was very well known. So why was he asking her to breakfast? She read the note again. He missed my smile, she thought, he must use that line a lot. If he is as famous as she thought, then women would not be an issue for him. He was good looking, she had thought so when she noticed him watching her a few nights back. He had innocent looking eyes and a warm smile, but he was also manly and well presented. His charm was hard to describe, but the smile he gave every morning after she had acknowledged him made her heart flutter. If his personality matched his looks then she could easily get lost in him and actors were good at getting people lost in them. That was a scary thought and she almost contemplated turning down the invitation only to realise it would be awkward to run into him at the restaurant where she would be eating anyway. Perhaps she was thinking too much of herself as well, it was probably just a friendly gesture given that they were both usually the only early birds in the restaurant ..
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    • Missstoryteller

      Gong stared down at the magazine irritated. Another morning and another article about his fictional romance with actress Kim Tae Young. He had met the petit actress on a promotional tour six months ago, the meeting was short and sensible and that should have been the end of it, but it wasn’t. Now South Korea was speculating on their marriage and he was forced to stay low-key while Kim basked in the publicity. Her agent had asked Gong for patience and consideration so the rumors would naturally die out without hurting her image, but both staying tight lipped had only escalated the situation.
      He closed the magazine and looked out the window, he had been staying at the Park Hyatt Seoul for three days now and the staff were incredibly helpful in keeping it a secret. The hotel restaurant, the Conerstone was almost empty, most guests didn’t come down for breakfast for at least another hour and he enjoyed this solitude. Solitude and something else, he was waiting for her. A woman he had noticed while having dinner on the first night after checking in. A waitress had guided her to the table in front of him next to the window. She was tall, her skin beautifully tanned, her body had curves in all the right places and her long highlighted hair swayed lightly down to her waist. She was wearing a navy blue dress, V-necked, full sleeved with splits on both sides from her thighs to her ankles, her lips pink, her eye-shadow blue and her eyes beautifully big as she sat looking out the window. She had smiled at him sweetly when she noticed him watching ..
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