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[official Thread] Andy And Solbi --- Our Fave Wgm Couple



  • CrazyYochyCrazyYochy DRPosts: 989Member


    edited May 2008
    I knew something like that would happen. I wish they wouldn't not blame them or us because of it. For everyones taste there are colors, you choose who you like.


    I decided to post this in case you guys haven't read about this before.

    [08.05.16][news] Andy confesses, "I went on a blind date 3 years ago"
    [08.05.16][news] Andy: A 90% intention of dating Solbi

    Thanks to our friend strawberry16 @ Andy's Music Thread

    Thanks to our dear cpopbaby19 for this wonderful gif. for more go to the 'We Got Married' thread page 102.

  • taaiieztaaiiez JYC bangkokPosts: 82Member
    QUOTE (flower pot @ May 18 2008, 03:08 AM) »
    i just pity Andy and Solbi for getting blamed for everything just because they're extremely popular...

    i'm so happy that someone thought is same as mine !!! but just leave that coz' we already have the thread to support ANBI.

    just enjoy seeing ANBI ^0^

    btw, thank you flower pot for created this thread
  • Far^awayFar^away Kim Yuna is ? Prifysgol Caerdydd ♥Posts: 1,297Friend of Soompi
    QUOTE (coffinhouse @ May 17 2008, 06:06 PM) »
    some people want andy to be recognized as andy the singer/entertainer and not andy from "we got married" .....but i beg to differ... cause i see "we got married" as something he uses to promote his career right now...

    *nods nods* You stole that words out of myown mouth! I mean, if people doesn't know who's Andy, at least if the watched We Got Married they know a singer named Andy EXISTED. more and more people are more interested in him, so i think its good for his career. No publicity is BAD publicity, right? He's a singer, I agree. 100%. But he also need something to promote himself. If people doesn't know his 'Love Song' at least when they watched 'We Got Married' they get to know it when he sang.

    Whats wrong being in variety shows? Wasn't it there to help an artist to boost up their career?

    QUOTE (flower pot @ May 17 2008, 08:53 PM) »

    Tomorrow is Sunday! Yipee! We Got Married day and definitely Andy and Solbi day! Hope someone can post episode guides as soon as it's aired in Korea for us not from there who would still have to wait for monmonsnow's upload... Kindly post all views and opinions tomorrow about AnBi in this thread already instead of the WGM thread...


    flower pot, I'm 100% sure I'll be here tomorrow, rather than being in WGM thread. XD I dunno why, but I have symptoms of withdrawal to that thread. Oh la la~ Furthermore, here I can talk as much as I wanted to about my AnBi couple, right? I won't offend anyone if I do that, right? image

    QUOTE (flower pot @ May 17 2008, 09:08 PM) »
    Just wanna say that i just visited the WGM thread and wow! even the ratings drop is now being pinned on Andy and Solbi's overexposure... tsk, tsk, tsk... Of course, no names were mentioned but you kinda have the idea already that they're the ones being talked about since this word has been used soooo many times by those who are not so into them...

    What does it have to do with AnBi overexposure? Erm... okay~ if that's so i think there's a lot more factors if the rating is dropping. the ratings drops as well when Alex and Shin Ae leaving the show, which were referred as the 'boring couple'. Well, perhaps that rings a bell. I strongly believe that the rating drop because it had been a bit slow lately, which I think is the best since there's 2 new couple being inserted. If the 'old' couple went too much ahead, the continuation will, kinda... erm... what's the right word.... disrupted?

    back to Anbi, as much as they think Anbi is boring, well... what things in this world that doesn't get boring once in a while? Even life can be boring at some point. image



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  • Cimegs5088Cimegs5088 Posts: 115Member
    QUOTE (xbaby3phatx @ May 18 2008, 04:00 AM) »
    awwww the first pic...theyre holding hands under the table...AND solbi's hand is on his thigh =o


    haha, i was kinda confused at first, im like isnt that Andy's hand...

  • IndiesIndies New YorkPosts: 1,217Member


    edited May 2008
    Ah, sorry to disappoint you but I don't think they are holding hands. Blow the picture up, and see. Andy is holding his own hands and Solbi's hand on her lap.
  • Cimegs5088Cimegs5088 Posts: 115Member
    QUOTE (indies67 @ May 18 2008, 05:10 AM) »
    Ah, sorry to disappoint you but I don't think they are holding hands. Blow the picture up, and see. Andy is holding his own hands and Solbi's hand on her lap.

    yea that's wat i thought....

    but anyway, they're still very sweet!

  • flower potflower pot Lost in MinSun LOVE! makati, philippinesPosts: 1,161Member


    Far^Away... of course no one's gonna stop you from ranting and raving here... as i said in my first post this is a home for us AnBi lovers so just go right ahead and we'll be here to share in your observations and to listen also...

    Sharing some gif's from EPISODE 9:







    They just look more and more perfect for each other as time goes by... *sigh*

    I really enjoy watching these two!

  • CrazyYochyCrazyYochy DRPosts: 989Member


    edited May 2008
    I totally love the part were she hugs him from behind!!!
    That's like the best!
    Thanks a lot for posting them flower pot (what's your name?), I was going to do it but, my connection isn't working well today.

    I am with Far in all she said!


  • estrellaestrella Posts: 360Member


    thanks for starting this thread, i <3 this couple. even though some of his fans don't like the fact that he is becoming more popular for being a (make believe?) couple with solbi, at least he is becoming more popular, right?
    i think people who watch this show, and like this couple will go and find out more about them. like me, i was one of the people who never knew who andy was before this show, but now i really like him cause he seems so sincere and kind.

  • ChiyaseChiyase Virginia, USAPosts: 98Member
    YAY! I'm excited about the AnBi thread ^^

    I'm at the Sheraton in LA right now and I hope I run into Minwoo because I'm totally going to say Andy & Solbi saranghae ~ for some reason I think he'd get a kick out of that.

  • flower potflower pot Lost in MinSun LOVE! makati, philippinesPosts: 1,161Member


    QUOTE (Chiyase @ May 17 2008, 04:42 PM) »
    YAY! I'm excited about the AnBi thread ^^

    I'm at the Sheraton in LA right now and I hope I run into Minwoo because I'm totally going to say Andy & Solbi saranghae ~ for some reason I think he'd get a kick out of that.

    Hope you do get to see Minwoo chiyase!

    Kindly extend our love for the AnBi couple and to the rest of the Shinhwa boys who love the AnBi couple as much as we do image
  • CrazyYochyCrazyYochy DRPosts: 989Member


    edited May 2008
    Welcome to our thread, to all the new AnBi fans!
    I am glad most of you are getting to know him thru the show or got the opportunity to become a recent fan.

    [08.05.12][news] Andy: I've had 2 girlfriends...they're both married now

    [08.05.14] [Info] We Got Married couples to appear on Come To Play
    [08.05.14] [Info] Andy to appear on Sang Sang Plus Balloon Talk

    Andy's Song: Propose Lyrics

    Romanization + Translation

  • nurkeyandienurkeyandie CaliforniaPosts: 360Member
    forgot to say thanks, flower_pot.

    i mean, i love the other couples on wgm too (like crown j and siy) and remember our discussion about how i just realized how complex the show really is? my point is, i for myself was still discussing the show and not just anbi. and if there were more info about the other couples (again, crown j and siy) then i'd have posted/commented about them too! the thing is, anbi's hot and there's so much info/news about them that it's inevitable people will keep posting/commenting about them. sad that people are hating on them just coz they're popular... image

    wow, i so wanna see that star golden bell ep...does anyone have the link? thanks! image

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  • KimWonSaDanKimWonSaDan U.S.APosts: 790Banned
    Their chemistry is really natural and real. Seeing them together is never trying. I can't wait for ep. 10
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  • masyhamasyha United KingdomPosts: 6Member
    Hello... it's good to know there's a separate thread for AN-BI!!!

    I'm so excited... im practically counting the hours for the next WGM episode. i'm obssess with AN-BI and always looking for their next encounter... i want to see the clip of Andy in SGB bell... where is it? i thought it suppose to be aired already. did i get the date wrong? hmmmm...

    Anyhow, fighting for this couple. but no matter how much i want them to be together, at the end it'll be their decision, not mine and not the fans. From the begining we all know Solbi Do have feeling for Andy, and now Andy seems to be open up a little about his feeling. hopefully solbi is willing to wait (i think she will). This is such a cute scandal, seriously. Never really expect this thing to happen.. this is beyond KJK and YEH scandal in Xman.

    *counting the hours*

    God i want to see their encounter everywhere... hahahahha image

    Chiyase: I've seen u in other thread as well... i envy you..for meeting alot of korean celeb esp DBSK and SUJU... can i be you for a day hahahah image if you do meet MinWoo ask him about AnBi image))
  • tenjo*affinitytenjo*affinity yeonjae ? Posts: 2,015Member
    yay..i love them the most in WGM...they are so cute and funny together...match made in heaven....cant wait for next episode...

    dose of HAHAHAHA... GAINKWONPetiteCouple

  • dcleo1515dcleo1515 Posts: 482Member
    edited May 2008
    I am so happy that Any and Solbi got their own thread. Because of the comments over at the WGM thread I have been trying to avoid going there before I say something that I won't regret. Anyway, the thing about the ratings makes no sense. People just want to blame Andy and Solbi for it going down but as someone on the WGM thread stated the episodes with the high rating were the ones Shinhwa was on. Obviously they would higher than the rest, their fans wanted to see them all together on a show. And another thing I think the show wouldn't be talked about so much and watch if Andy and Solbi weren't on it. The thing that is going on with them is getting people curious and wanting to see what happens. Some people who are not fans don't like the fact that people are more interested in Andy and Solbi than their favorite couple.They seem angry that people are starting to forget them or something like that. I think people forget they are watching a show.
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  • heartdropsheartdrops yooruce willis. Posts: 7,052Friend of Soompi
    Omg I <3 this thread.
    Anbi is the main reason why I watch the show hahas <333
  • laydeebutterflylaydeebutterfly Posts: 3,476Member


    now now~ even if we are not in WGM thread or Alex-Shinae thread,please just dont bash them.I dont see any of it~ (or is it? i just skimmed through the essays in that one page theres like 5 essays..GOD~ i dont have the time to read em all.) but still lets make this thread full of love~ no bashing since this is the house of ANBI/ANSOL love!!~~

    as much as i love anbi to be together,i still think they are overexposed. hopefully both of them wont get hurt after this. its their feelings they are talking about..scripted or not..since the ANBI thing is going waaaaaay beyond the show itself~

    thanx flowerpot for opening this thread~~ lets share their love here~

  • hillz3388hillz3388 Jae.Hae.Teuk.Kyu.?style. England.Posts: 2,880Member
    edited May 2008
    yayz! =] the one and only AnBi thread for the AnBi loverz and supporterz! woo! which is good since we were bombarding the WGM thread talking about mainly just about this couple! ^^*

    lolz and they kinda were the reason i started watching this show aswell! =]
    so glad i just decided to click on the YT link!! haha! image

    QUOTE (indies67 @ May 17 2008, 10:10 PM) »
    Ah, sorry to disappoint you but I don't think they are holding hands. Blow the picture up, and see. Andy is holding his own hands and Solbi's hand on her lap.

    ahh yeah! i was quite disappointed when i realized that they werent holding handz, lolz....i was like " ahhhhhhhhh" at first but then realized they werent n it was like " awwwww" ohwelz..!

    loving the butt smacking momentz! haha but realli wonder what Andy thinkz of it tho o.O.

    just watched the "Star Recipe" vid, i didnt even know this vid existed lolz....dont recall reading anything on it.....but how he replied "No" straight away after the host asked if he liked Solbi kinda hit me....lolz but he was probz just panicking? image hopeZ*


    yay, first post here, and i get to top a page* sorri dont have any picz to share, as all the good onez are already posted!! >o<
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