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[drama 2008] Happiness / Bliss / I Am Happy 행복합니다

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[SBS] Lee Hoon, Kim Hyo Jin, Kim Jong Su
SBS weekend drama replacing Golden Bride from 9th Feb 2008.
Every Sat and Sun 8:45 pm

PD : Jang Yong Woo 장용우
Scriptwriter : Kim Jung Soo 김정수
Cast : Lee Hoon, Kim Hyo Jin, Ahn Yonh Joon, Kim Jong Su (singer)
Official Site :
English site :
To watch episodic preview VOD, go to
SBS English subbed site free to watch;prgid=1001488

Storyline :
Seo-yun(Kim Hyo-jin), the Chairman of a top Korean conglomerate’s oldest daughter, is dating Joon-su(Lee Hun), who is impervious to this fact. At the end of the year, she is forced by her mother to go on a family trip to Hong Kong. Unbeknownst to Seo-yun and due to a fateful car crash suffered by his manager, Joon-su is also in Hong Kong, accompanying the Chairman of his company, who happens to be Seo-yun’s father! The two finally run into each other at a dinner party, where Joon-su tells Seo-yun that they must end their relationship because of the social class differences between them.
Meanwhile, Seo-yun’s younger sister, Eae-da(Lee Eun-sung), finds herself in trouble while walking the streets of Hong Kong alone after the dinner party. Kang-seok(Ha Seok-jin), a K1 fighter who is in Hong Kong as a last minute replacement for an undercard bout, comes to her aid. After being rescued, Eae-da can’t help stop thinking about her new hero.
Following the trip to Hong Kong, Joon-su does his best to avoid Seo-yun. While feeling a jilted, she decides to barge in on him at his family residence, where she goes about behaving like a daughter-in-law. Giving way to her persistence, Joon-su makes up his mind to marry Seo-yun. However, Seo-yun’s mother, Se-young Lee(Lee Hwee-hyang), pesters her constantly, trying to disturb the relationship. Seo-yun also must reconcile Joon-su’s refusal to accept any assistance from her family. Under these circumstances, Seo-yun begins her married life in Joon-su’s family residence.

To download (subbed by With S2), go to
For Viet-sub link:






OST download links :


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