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Hankyung韩庚(sj's Member) Pics

myh813myh813 Posts: 104Member
edited May 2009 in k-pop
I wish you will have a great achivement in Drama in 2009!
Real Name: Han Geng
Date of Birth: February 9, 1984
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 66 kg
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Chinese Traditional Ballet, ballet, computer games
Casting: H.O.T. CHINA Audition Casting 2001
First Appearance: May 2005, Fashion Show F/W general idea by Bum Suk


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Page 1:Hankyung's different moldings in Twins/Miracle/U/Dancing out Times
Page 2:Hankyung with his friend—HeeChul,Hankyung in the mv <Timeless>
Page 3:Hankyung with his friend—SiWon 1,Hankyung's wallpaper 1
Page 4:Hankyung's diary(2007-06-14),Hankyung with his friend—SiWon 2,SJ in 07 TaiWan Golden Song Award
Page 5: Hankyung's smile 1,HanKyung's diary(2007-06-17),Hankyung's side profile ,A song for Hankyung's
07birthday present —The wing of love

Page 6:Hankyung with his friend kibum,SM's magazine <S>,Hankyung with his friend DongHae,Hankyung's diary (2007-6-25),MV-《The Wing Of Love》,《Bring me to life》
Page 7:HanKyung's tears 1--Christmas tears,Hankyung's smile 2,SJ's mv《Happiness》
Page 8:HanKyung's diary(2007-07-09)
Page 9:HanKyung's performance in Thailand,HanKyung's diary(2007-07-17)
Page 10:HanKyung's TV program in China,HanKyung in film fanmeeting
Page 11:HanKyung's program in China—dance part,HanKyung's diary(2007-7-23)
Page 12:HanKyung and SiWon in Chinese program
Page 13:Star King in ShangHai,China,HanKyung's diary(2007-8-18)
Page 14:perfect side profile,SOHU interview in August 2007 in CHINA
Page 15:HanKyung's diary(2007-9-03)
Page 16:HanKyung in StarKing and Chinese magzines,Hankyung in MV《Don't Don》
Page 17:Hangeng in Don't Don album booklet,Hangeng in TVXQ's manager wedding
Page 18:Hankyung in Mnet Mcountdown back stage,Hangeng In Blood Donation Event,Hangeng in fansign event
Page 19:hankyung in star golden bell,some Hankyung's cartoon pics
Page 20:YSMM online,some pics
Page 21: HanKyung in the torch carrier interview
Page 22:some pics
Page 23:HanKyung's diary(2007-11-18),HanKyung in MKMF 2007, A good fan-make mv <Soul Of The Dance> online
Page 24:HanKyung with his mom
Page 25:some Hankyung's gif pics
Page 26:HanKyung in FullHouse
Page 27:HanKyung in 2008 Beijing Olympics 100 days Countdown
Page 28:HanKyung's diary(2008-02-01)
Page 29:Hankyung&Siwon 2 pics,HanKyung's diary(2008-02-08)
Page 30:HanKyung's diary(2008-02-25)
You said we are your firendsimageYou said you are proud of us
We are the same!


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