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[drama 2007] Mackerel Run! 달려라 고등어!

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edited June 2007 in k-dramas & movies
[SBS] Lee Min Ho, Moon Chae Won, Kwon Se In, Jung Yoon Jo
ChaGongChan (LeeMinHo) likes MinYoonSuh (MoonChaeWon)
BaekHyun (KwonSaeIn) likes MinYoonSuh (MoonChaeWon)
YoonSaeMi (JungYoonJo) likes ChaGongChan (LeeMinHo)

Min Yoon Suh and Yoon Sae Mi are RIVALS
Baek Hyun and Cha Gong Chan are RIVALS

Jang Dong Gun likes Yoon Sae Mi
Jang Dong Gun is also RIVALS with Cha Gong Chan

Go Bong Tae is Chas Gong Chan's friend
Lee Min Ho
Birthdate: 6-22-1987
Entertainment Company: 스타우스엔터테인먼트 (Starus Entertainment)
---> Park Jin Woo (Noon Non Stop 5) and Choi Eun Suh (Sharp 2 and 3) are in the same company
Drama: 2006 EBS Secret Campus
2007 SBS Mackeral Run

Moon Chae Won
Birthdate: 1986
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Entertainment Company: Star Key Entertainment
---> Yoo Ah In (Sharp 1 and Shin Family Movie) and Jung Il Woo (High Kick) are in the same company
Hobbies: Music
Specialty: Art, Singing and acting
Drama: 2007 SBS Mackeral Run
CF's before

Kwon Sae In
Birthdate: 6-29-1982
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Entertainment Company: Jelly Box
---> Shim Hae Jin (Yil's mom in Goong) is also in this entertainment company
Drama: 2007 SBS Mackeral Run

Jung Yoon Jo
Birthdate: 3-6-1981
Entertainment: Kay Entertainment
Drama: 2005 KBS 2TV A Love to Kill
2006 KBS 2TV First, Let's Run!
2007 SBS Mackeral Run!
Movie: 2006 BangGwaHoo, Attic (Choi Mi Na character)
CF and plays before

THX to jina_bing_bang

image plays CHA GONG CHAN-main male lead- real name: LEE MIN HO
imageplays MIN YOON SUH/Moon Chae won
imageBaek HYUN/Kwon Sae In

official website

I've watched the first eppie.
It's like a comicy high school drama, sort of like Ban Ol rim.
It's really funny^^!!!!!!!!


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