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Hairstyle Thread (for Guys)

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Read first post for helpful guide
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NOTE: DO NOT QUOTE IMAGES, TAKE OUT ANY [IMG]TAGS BEFORE YOU POSTABSOLUTELY NO BUMPING POSTS, EITHER.from the mod: stay on topic! - conversational posts belong in PMsGATSBY MOVING RUBBER (hair styling product): STYLES. Find pictures for the perfect hairstyleKorean site(s):BombheadEvanstyleDubaljayuDaumJapanese site(s):rasysae-melangebluefacesbeauty-navicyokibeauty-boxb2casianmulletEnglish site(s):Asianfanatics galleryFACE SHAPES. Learn your face typeOval Face. Length equal to one and a half times width. Overall, you can try a variety of styles.Lee Jun Ki, actorLee Chi Hoon, UljjangKim Hyun Joong from SS501Round Face. Face is as wide as it is long. This may vary a little, but generally the measure is close. It is best for you to keep with short hairstyles.Shindong from Super JuniorDaesung from Big BangOblong / Rectangular Face. Longer than it is wide. Short to medium length with full sides and soft bangs are the best way to go.Tora from alicenine.Diamond Face. Widest at cheekbones, narrow forehead and jaw line of approximately equal widths. A variety of styles works for you. Try to keep the weight in the nape or back area.<under construction>Heart Face. Narrow at jaw line, wide at cheekbones/and or forehead. Wispy bangs and longer hairstyles are the best option for you.<under construction>Square Face. Your face is about as wide as it is long. Short to medium length hairstyles with some sort of wave or roundness around face. Wispy bangs and/or height at the crown.<under construction>VIDEOS. Video tutorials of hair stylingShimmy. Tutorial for one style.Troneko. Well known hair stylist. Specializes with "J-Rock" hairstyles.Psymansim. Two informative tutorials.Daniel. Poopie. Explanation of how to use different Gatsby waxes.Purplelettuce. Puuurrple - lettuce. Long fauxhawk tutorial and another.Trungiie. Trungiie's tips on how to cut hair the "fob" way.Rachel Yamamoto. Tutorial for a long, spiky style.If you happen to find a good video not found here, feel free to post it as a reply.GLOSSARY. If you don't already knowFob/Asian hair: The stuff you see on Soompi.J-Rock hair: J-rockstar hair, usually long and high maintenance.Anime hair: Along the lines of impossible, emo and Rock Lee.QUOTE (trungiie @ Apr 27 2009, 07:51 PM) »Mini-Guide to Straighten Your Hair Using a Round Brush1) split your head into sections to make it easier--the same way you would when using a flat iron2) next you want to have your blowdryer in your dominant hand and the round brush in the other. 3) then, grab a section of hair that you will be attempting to straighten4) place the round brush under the section of hair, close to the roots5) place the blowdryer directly on top of the hair section (the brush and dryer should meet with the hair in between)6) using high heat, simultaneously moving the brush and dryer down the hair section (away from the roots) while rotating the brush in the direction your hair is growing (toward the ends of your hair)*make sure you are putting some pressure onto the hair using the dryer or you will lose the hair section, as it will get blown*7) repeat at least two-three times for each section*note: it works alot better if you have a large round brush as well as a concentrator attached to your blowdryer*If anyone needs advice and didn't find the FAQ helpful, please fill this form and add as a reply:Your Face Shape: Current Hair Length: Current Hair Texture:Photo: <insert link/photo of your current hair>Trying to attain: <insert link/photo of the hair you want to attain>This is the final copy.


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