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Son Ho Young 손호영 First Teaser Share House released. Oppa Don't Cry.



  • naxarethnaxareth *booness*Posts: 678Friend of Soompi
    right on! hoi's thread.

    he was on music core???? gah. must download!
    IPB Image
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  • jess1tym4lifejess1tym4life JINHWAN PROPERTY OF JESS 4 LIFE BABY Australia-MelbournePosts: 3,891Friend of Soompi


    edited September 2006
    QUOTE(cherrie.7 @ Sep 18 2006, 03:22 PM) »

    Son Hoyoung <33. Everyone said Yes grew on them but not yet for me T_T. and im not digging his hair either. but the song isnt bad. im still gonna buy his album to support him for god's sake. xD

    everyone here seems to be a 1tymer xD. I used to be a crazy 1tym fan during 3 and 4th album but it kinda died down during 5th. anyone wanna help bring me back the love? xD

    U want to bring the 1tym love back sorry can't do it here join us in the 1tym, yg thread..

    Damn those pics are hot need to download perf still if it is hot as the mv woot got to see..

    Thanks Dabin9307 for the pics..

    adikkeluangman so that's the forum i saw it in god thread br but didn't know the link goes to join u mind if i add it to the first post..

    What company is he in now?
  • mintoromintoro lee min woo ? Posts: 2,948Member
    edited September 2006
  • jess1tym4lifejess1tym4life JINHWAN PROPERTY OF JESS 4 LIFE BABY Australia-MelbournePosts: 3,891Friend of Soompi


    edited September 2006
    sorry if posted before but no harm in looking again.. image

    credit:daum news, osen, etc, jess @soompi
    IPB Image
    IPB Image
    IPB Image
    IPB Image
    IPB Image
    IPB Image
    IPB Image
    IPB Image
    IPB Image
    IPB Image
  • wishywashywishywashy *~???er~* *&#9829;&#52380;&#51116;&#39;s pocket&#9829;*Posts: 1,541Member
    Thanks for those pics from his performances and showcase~~~
    Used to be a 1tymer? Im still into 1tym!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So far i only listened to young's album once and some songs are quite good! Must listen to the album more~~
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  • adikkeluangmanadikkeluangman Yours truly KL, MYPosts: 12,137Friend of Soompi


    edited September 2006
    Son Ho Young now in LOBE


    Pictures during showcase on 12 September 2005.

    IPB Image IPB Image
    1- Chop to enter the showcase
    2- With MC.

    c: 0720supporters

    Here are during 1st autograph session at 15th Sept 2006. If only I at that place.
    IPB Image IPB ImageIPB Image IPB Image
    IPB ImageIPB Image
    IPB Image

    c: purewhite2+krkv+yunho@kpopkingdom + adikkeluangman@soompi
  • heygingersnapheygingersnap hi, i'm vanessa. BoA&#39;s heart &lt;33Posts: 3,401Member

    though i was never really a GOD fan...
    i really like the sound of his album!
    image image
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  • ck16ck16 Posts: 4,260Member


    N'war & jjhth--> Thank you so much for the pictures. He's so sexy in those pictures.
  • blue_izce8blue_izce8 secret admirer <3 DJ Danny&#39;s &lt;3Posts: 503Member
    edited September 2006
    i agree...HY looks so hot in those pics O_O... i'm glad that the launch was successful...

    i think i really need to get used to seeing HY with less clothes on..hehehe

    is it true that he'll be in HK soon?

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  • mandy_quyenmandy_quyen Posts: 2,434Member
    since he started his solo activities , i guess there is a chance of him being in Xman or Love letter ,rite? ^^ would be great if he can
  • mintoromintoro lee min woo ? Posts: 2,948Member
  • jess1tym4lifejess1tym4life JINHWAN PROPERTY OF JESS 4 LIFE BABY Australia-MelbournePosts: 3,891Friend of Soompi


    edited September 2006
    what's everyones name in here i'm jess.

    wishywashy me once a 1tymer always a 1tymer.. image

    QUOTE(mintoro @ Sep 19 2006, 04:55 PM) »

    yeah yea!!!!
    that'll be great~~~
    i want him to be on xman~~~~

    but honestly... i dun like his hairstyle >"<

    I actually like it it looks a bit like when he used to have it back in the god days can't remember which jib it was.. image but i didn't like it in the comeback perf when he sang that slow song i was ekkk..Thanks mandy btw for the clips.. image

    i so hope he does go back onto xman that show was funny when god was on..

    (18 Sep 06) Hoyoung- Autograph signing etn new not good quality but ehh he was there signing till at night ohh poor HY

    credit:jess 4 caps
    IPB Image

    more pics..

    IPB Image

    ahhh check this out can his pants get any lower..
    IPB ImageIPB Image
    IPB Image

    credit:starnews, stardoc, daum news etc, jess 4 upload
  • adikkeluangmanadikkeluangman Yours truly KL, MYPosts: 12,137Friend of Soompi


    ‘Solo’ HoYoung Son, “Though I’m a bit nervous to be on the stage alone, there are my fans waiting for me…” - SportChosun

    IPB Image

    HoYoung Son’s new turnout does not seem usual as before.
    HoYoung recently revealed his first music video, ‘Yes,’ through music cable channel, and the public was surprised as HoYoung’s sexy dance moves
    with the girls in the music video since these sexy moves were never expected to be seen when HoYoung was in a boy-band, god.

    Moreover, HoYoung added, “I picked 3 of those girls in the music video by myself.
    I think each of those girls has unique attraction point in their outlooks, and I bet all the guys will think they are the hotties.”

    He also disclosed some secrets from his music video. Apparently, HoYoung had a bed scene with one of the dancers in his music video, and it got really hot afterwards.
    HoYoung shyly said, “I am a really good friend of that dancer, so we were just thinking of finishing the cuts as soon as can.
    But, unfortunately, those scenes will be deleted from the music video.”

    HoYoung will be the first member, who embarked on first official solo career among the former members of god,
    and he will start off with his first showcase, which will be held on ‘U-Us Shopping Mall’ on the 12th.

    In this showcase, HoYoung will show a total 5 songs from his first album, including his title song, “I Cry.”

    HoYoung explained difference as being a solo singer that he said, “I have worked as in god for past 10 years, and now it is nerve-racking to be on the stage alone.
    Before, I was really relaxed on the stage, but now, I can’t even go to sleep a night before I filmed my music video.”

    HoYoung’s title song, “I Cry,” is the melodious ballad song, in which HoYoung will be singing in 3 octaves.
    In the other hand, HoYoung’s other title song, “Yes,” which was already shown through the cable channel, is the medium-tempo funky song
    that will transform HoYoung’s traditional image into a totally different one.

    HoYoung said, “I asked music composers to write me a song as they think of HoYoung Son.
    Out of 70 songs I had received from them, I picked 14 of them.”

    A meritorious retainer for HoYoung’s album is SunJoo Park. She was both an album producer and a vocal trainer. HoYoung said,
    “I had a vocal training session for a couple of months, and I realized that my concentration begins to fall only after 2 minutes of singing.
    So, I started my recording my album after training myself to sing 4 minutes fluently."

    HoYoung will also have his first solo concert on September 30th and October 1st.
    “I am more scared because my solo debut concert will be at Olympic Hall, the place god had the last concert. However,
    I am putting all my effort to show best performance ever for my fans, who has been waiting for me all these times.”

    News Link:;menu_id=106

    credit translation:

  • JustsmilEJustsmilE Posts: 284Member
    edited September 2006
    Thanks for translation, adikkeluangman. It's good that the bed scene had been cut off, right girls? hehehehe. I love his mv!!! Oh my gosh, he's so hot!!! i got mq mv that i have dled from mandyquyen cb but i want to watch hq (then i can see very detail hehe) does anyone got hq one?

  • L1L_M1Z_SUJ1NL1L_M1Z_SUJ1N Posts: 1,543Member

    ^ OMGSH! where did my innocent hoyoung go!??! but he sitll loks good keke
  • adikkeluangmanadikkeluangman Yours truly KL, MYPosts: 12,137Friend of Soompi


    Son Ho Young schedule for this week 060917-060923.

    [2006.09.17 - Sunday] PM03:40 SBS Popular Music (Live)

    [2006.09.19 - Tuesday] PM07:00 M-TV Live wow (Daegu EXPO Plaza) / PM03:00 DoHyeon Yoon's Loveletter (Record)

    [2006.09.20 - Wednesday] tvn JooHyeon Oak's Like A Virgin (Record)

    [2006.09.21 - Thursday] PM07:00 Channel V - Asia Live / SBS-R TenTenClub (Record)

    Asia Live : From 19:00 at the labestar, Ilsan.
    24:00 (22nd AM12:00) SBS-R TenTenClub (Record)

    [2006.09.22 - Friday] KMTV Show!MusicTank(Duta) / SBS-R Happy Our Young Days
    KMTV Show! MusicTank (Duta)
    24:00 (23rd AM12:00) SBS-R Happy Our Young Days

    [2006.09.22 - Friday] M-TV Live wow (Suwon Stadium)

    [2006.09.23 - Saturday] PM07:30 M-TV Live wow (Kangbeon TechnoMart) / KBS-2TV HappySunday-YeoGirl 6 (Record)

    [2006.09.23 - Saturday] PM09:00 ETN open broadcasting
    There will be the open broadcasting of ETN at the Plaza in front of HaNam City Hall.

    [2006.09.23 - Saturday] PM03:00~06:00 KBS-2TV Vitamin Special (KBS Speical Studio) M/V

    [2006.09.23 - Saturday] PM01:30 YTN-star (Previous Record)
    The show will be recorded at Weight Lifting Stadium.

    c: + oopshoi[oops-hobbang] + adikkeluangman

  • HoiiHoii OM NOM NOM Washington DCPosts: 453Friend of Soompi
    Finally saw his MV... WOW. It was so hot, but at the same time, so funny... He was, like, smiling cutely through the whole thing, and it didn't seem to match with the sexy dance & theme of the MV.... but I liked it! =]]

    Also... that autograph session.... man, wish I could have gone to that =[
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  • Sarang^DBSGSarang^DBSG under God&#39;s protective wingsPosts: 589Member
    still a bit unused to the fact that ho young now is sexy!!! hehehehhe....
  • speedstarspeedstar Posts: 29Member
    i dunno but i miss the old hoyoung although i will support him
    cause god was the first gasoo i liked..
    i miss his innocence .... and god ....
    i wish they'll get back together ....
    god&1tym should all comeback as ONE ... !

    i didnt really like the song yes either ...... i miss the god style of music with JYP ...
    surprised JYP didnt help out .... (i guess too busy wif BI) <<WHY B NORMAL?>>
  • ck16ck16 Posts: 4,260Member


    jjhth--> Hi Jess! Thanks for the news caps. It's nice to see them performing duet like that. BTW, I'm Cindy. Nice to meet you.

    adikkeluangman---> Thanks for sharing the article and his schedule. He's everywhere and so much activities these days. That's nice. It means more Hoi to watch on TV.

    Mandy--> I hope so too. Hopefully, he'll be on the game shows again. It's fun watching him on the game shows.

    speedstar & sarang^DBSG--> Me too. I miss the old hoyoung. But sometimes you can still see that side of him when he's interviewed. Eventhough his appearance changed but he's still Hoyoung.
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