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[movie 2004] The Scarlet Letter 주홍글씨

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Han Seok Gyu, The Late Lee Eun Joo, Seong Hyeon Ah

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The Scarlet Letter 주홍글씨 (2004)

Starring: Han Seok-Gyu, The Late Lee Eun-Joo, Seong Hyeon-Ah
Director: Daniel H. Byun
Genre: Thriller, Romance
Runtime: 117mins
Production: LJ Film
Distribution: ShowBox
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

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Ki Hoon (Han Seok Gyu) is a criminal investigator; intelligent and with animal instincts. He has a submissive wife, Soo-hyun (Uhm Ji-won), and a passionate mistress, Ka Hee (Lee Eun Joo). Ki Hoon feels guilty, yet continues to move back and forth between these two women, who also happen to be schoolmates from high school. One day Ki Hoon goes to a murder scene and there he meets Kyung Hee (Seong Hyeon Ah), a woman accused of murdering her husband...

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SOURCE : 주홍글씨


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