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Do you like to share food?

GreenTeandSASHIMIGreenTeandSASHIMI Posts: 268Member


edited March 2012 in food
Random question but today i was making myself a pack of instant noodles then suddenly my older sister comes along and asked if she could have some so i was like sure and then she just freaking eats so much of it!! I don't know why i'm bothered by sharing food like noodles, etc. But i'm fine with sharing food that you pick, like chips, candy, popcorn etc. But i just HATE sharing food that you get with chopsticks, forks, spoons like noodles, rice, etc. I don't know i just cannot keep my eyes on how much they take and i start getting kind of frustrated but of course i don't say anything because it's rude if i do but i secretly hate it
call me greedy but near the time of the month people who touch my food will DIE in my thoughts lol

im relieved that i'm not the only one who doesn't like to share food.. lol this afternoon i was pissed about it so i didn't know whether this was normal or not



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