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Where can I buy SMALL HEELED black heels??

mintcrackermintcracker Posts: 7,286Member


edited March 2012 in beauty & fashion
Being 5'7 is such a drag -_-
Where can I find a good quality, affordable classic black pump? Ideally around 2 inches in height? I'm 5'7 and I don't really want to get anything higher than that as I don't like towering over people.
Hoping to buy one to wear for special occasions and work. Can't avoid heels forever haha.



  • duh123duh123 Posts: 1,379Member


    i really like the naturalizer brand. i think they have very comfortable heels. i buy their more office appropriate heels and i have never been disappointed. their leather is really nice and it's really good quality.
  • polarpooh17polarpooh17 Posts: 27Member
    DSW has a lot of smaller, work appropriate heels & cute shoes, just need to look through which brand suits you. Many of my work heels come from there.
  • dollinrougedollinrouge Posts: 14Member

    H&M's Spring collection sells these cheap nice ones for $25 and the heels are a decent 2 inches.
  • likeloverslikelovers Posts: 1,192Member
    dollinrouge wrote on 02 March 2012 - 10:57 PM:

    H&M's Spring collection sells these cheap nice ones for $25 and the heels are a decent 2 inches.

    Seconded! Was just about to recommend H&M (: They had another style of black pumps I saw at the store, too~
    But I don't think the quality is particularly great considering it's only H&M.

    Try scouting out a department store like Macy's or Nordstrom.  The quality is probably better than H&M, and there should be a bigger selection.
    Good luck!  I'm the same height as you so I know where you're coming from haha
  • d00lied00lie U.S.A.Posts: 2,322Member


    they don't have your size atm. but you could wait for the restock?

    i'm actually pretty short but I like low heels because I'm constantly walking/running everywhere so high heels aren't ideal.

  • ChristinaisweirdChristinaisweird Posts: 2,147Member


    If you live in NZ or Australia, then Cotton On, for the rubi section, look up the Kitten Heels for $5.
    Cotton On is affordable with the sale and it is the same product as the pictures they provide. In addition, great quality. ^.^
    DBSK [TF]1 [TF]2! {love.}*©-p.dee``
  • cocoacocoa Los Angeles, CaliforniaPosts: 738Member
    I just bought these Vince Camuto pumps:

    It's 3 inches but it doesn't seem like it to me....I chose these specifically because I'm 5'7" as well, haha.
    image image

    ♥ rincakes
  • StreakerStreaker Posts: 2New Member
    Browns Shoes always has a good selection of pumps and heels. I recently bought these ones which fit really well and are pretty comfortable.

    These ones are 85mm but there's also a 75mm heel one. The patent leather looks great and can be dressed up or down.

    They were on sale for $100 but the sale recently ended I guess.

    Also, you should check out Winners, especially the College/Yonge location. They always have tons of black pumps from various brands (i.e. Michael Kors, Guess, BCBG, etc.). Some designer brands, some mid-range - usually priced pretty well though.
  • jimmyrodricsjimmyrodrics Posts: 17Member, New Member
    I thin online shopping will be the best option..It is best, cheap as well as hassle free..
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