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Polymer Clay Creations?

tinhieutinhieu yakusoku wa iranai. Posts: 554Member
Charms, Jewelry, Projects, Creations and everything~~
Hey. I just made my first polymer clay charm today. An onigiri.... because it is super easy. hehe. :sweatingbullets:


For those who don't know what polymer clay is, a brief introduction:
Polymer clay is a type of sculpting clay that used by many hobbyist, crafters and artists. They come in different colours (just like play-doh)
They don't actually dry out in air like regular clay do. This is a really good advantage.
And you oven bake them (not high temperatures like kilns) to harden them permanently.

Here are some better examples. These people are too pro. lol
Bubble Tea Charm
Cute Cube Fruit Charms
SNSD and SHINee Polymer Chibis
A Huge Creation of Charms
Starbucks Coffee Charm
B1A4 Charm Necklace

Feel free to post up your creations!


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