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Bae Yong Joon 배용준



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    bb: wanna introduce a series of blog entries by emcees and tv show hosts in taiwan...
    well, these lucky ladies managed to get up close and personal with yong joon
    during his taiwan trip
    and after he left taiwan, these ladies blogged about their encounters with yong joon.
    quite interesting reads, have translated them into english so that more can share...
    oh, some of the pics were added by these ladies themselves,
    i've also added some pictures in my blog so it's more fun to read image


    Original in Chinese: Jennifer Sun 斯容 /
    Translated into English: happiebb /

    EETV host blogged about her heart-stopping encounter with bae yong joon –
    part 1/4

    2005/08/23 00:59:38

    IPB Image

    I’m very lucky! Really really lucky!
    Not only did I fulfil my own dream as a Yon-sama fan,
    it’s like a dream come true for me,
    yes, it’s a dream that most other Yon-sama fans would never be able to fulfil ~~
    Yes, up close and personal with Yon-sama!
    I spoke with him, I shook his hand, and even our eyes met!

    The afternoon of 20th August.

    I was the emcee for the press conference that EETV Shopping Channel has organized
    where Bae Yong Joon has been appointed as the Charity Ambassador.
    The truth is the night before, I was already so excited I could hardly sleep.
    Well, I am the Number One Yon-sama fan!!
    Right from the morning that day, my heart was beating so quickly that it was out of control…
    I’ve been a shopping channel expert for the past five years,
    and this is the very first time I actually felt nervous and uneasy about hosting an event.
    Just before setting off, even my closest colleagues were teasing me,
    they said I was behaving like a little girl!

    After the rehearsal and make-up came the endless waiting.
    Finally! It was time to go on-stage.
    But I suddenly received notification that Bae Yong Joon had asked to meet with the emcee
    for the press conference before the event commenced.
    I didn’t expect that, so totally unprepapred,
    I walked towards the other VIP reception room at the Grand Hotel feeling very very nervous.
    I had only just stepped in and it wasn’t long before I heard Yon-sama’s voice…
    He was wearing a light-coloured suit
    and the Korean media who was in Taiwan to cover his trip was surrounding him.
    A group of people came into the room where I was …
    My heartbeat went from ‘pu-tong-pu-tong’ to thump thump thump thump…
    Although I was telling myself to stay calm, I was unable to get a grip on my emotions.

    The very moment I laid eyes on Yon-sama, my whole head went blank.
    Totally blank. Until I saw the warm smile that’s exactly the same as it was on TV.
    And until I saw him stretch out his hand politely and was greeting him.
    Then I came to my senses
    and used my somewhat awkward and not-at-all-smooth Korean to introduce myself…
    I was so so so worried that I would make a fool of myself!
    Yon-sama smiled ever so slightly, just like Jun-Sahng in Winter Sonata…
    Then the next moment he was speaking easily and casually with his manager
    and the interpreter who were standing next to him.

    Oh my God ~~ Then and there, I felt that I was more nervous meeting him
    than meeting the president of the United States!
    Afterwards, many people asked me what Yon-sama was like in real like.

    Based on my observation,
    his physical appearance, his height, his personality, temperament and his body language
    were not that much different from what we’ve seen on TV, all very familiar to us.
    That is to say, he’s really very very very good-looking in real life!

    Honestly, most stars whom we see on TV would typically look
    drastically different from real life.
    But the handsome Yong Joon is really exactly the same as we have seen him on TV.
    Even his skin, his complexion seemed fine.
    He gave the appearance of being very clean-cut, gentle and even scholarly.
    But he seems to be the type that make us want to admire and like him from a distance.

    [to be continued....]

    robert pattinson dazzles ~~
  • liezleliezle (^_^)v Posts: 10,563Friend of Soompi


    [Trans] PREMIERE September 2005 -#1
    translated and posted by Gaulsan in BYJ's Quilt

    Style scanned and posted the Cover Story of mini PREMIERE 2005.8.19-9.1 No. 31.
    Please enjoy her pictures and my translations.
    I will post it one by one, as the article is quite long.

    IPB Image IPB Image

    BYJ & SYJ, smiles in the middle of the heavy rain.

    I rent a studio with a well lighted window, planning the concept of today’s work as
    ‘beautiful adultery’. But Alas! Oh my god! It was raining cats and dogs from the

    (As I wrote in the article,) To make matters worse, BYJ appeared with a gloomy
    face, just like the weather, and SYJ, who came a little late, was not in good mood
    either. But in conclusion, these two celebrities started to laugh aloud from the
    beginning of the interview. (BYJ, who is known to prefer chatting with tea to noisy
    parties, seemed to feel better when the surrounding quieted down.) Thanks to this,
    there are lots of words on this cover story.

    image image
    :: BYJ :: SJS :: SS501 :: MyBlogspot ::
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    aww hehe he was great in winter love song. that's the only thing i've seen him in xP

    nhihb2zh0.gifBanner:starlette* Blinkie: Nhi ☆彡
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    Original in Chinese: Jennifer Sun 斯容
    Translated into English: happiebb /

    EETV host blogged about her encounter with bae yong joon
    – part 2/4

    2005/08/23 01:28:33

    The Bae Yong Joon on-stage is as gentle and gentlemanly as off-stage,
    but he does have his own principles and insistence when it comes to certain things.
    He is immensely careful in his speech and actions,
    and carries himself with the style and grace of a international mega-star.
    Ever so conscious about his own image and mannerisms,
    this is definitely K-star professionalism at its best!

    IPB Image

    Having already met with the handsome Yong Joon backstage,
    I finally felt a little better, more at ease and ready to work the press conference.
    Though Yon-sama has the style of a superstar,
    he definitely doesn’t have superstar attitude!
    That really left me with a deep impression.

    Thereafter came the official opening of the press conference.
    That to me was a wonderful and very exciting experience.
    Although I was not the main star, not the key focus in that press conference,
    but even as I was speaking,
    there're hundreds and hundreds camera flashes coming from all corners of the room.
    That’s something only mega-stars of the century would have a chance to experience.
    To me, a very small-time show host,
    that experience allowed me to have a taste of what it could be like.
    I know I’m being pathetic here, but it was a good experience.
    The press conference that followed went on smoothly.
    Prior to the event, my boss was careful to remind me
    not to be too close or intimate with Yong Joon,
    and also, he has cautioned me not to be overly excited.
    So I was already feeling the pressure as the host of the event,
    and during the entire press conference, I was very guarded and conscious,
    and I tried to be very careful with my choice of words.

    I would grade myself a PASS for my performance in this press conference.
    I believe that with this experience, I will become better in terms of hosting events in future.
    But what’s interesting is that no matter what our handsome Yong Joon was doing,
    no matter his actions, big or small,
    or when he’s speaking [in fact, even when he’s not speaking],
    the camera flashes would not stop.
    In fact, they did not seem to stop at all throughout the session.
    What it felt like was that these flashes were like the warm applause of the media present.
    Yes, these camera flashes replaced cheers and claps!
    I would think that I ain’t the only one present who felt this way.
    Including the artistes and other entertainers who have watched this even,
    you all would have shared the same thought:
    I hope one day I will become as big, as famous as Yon-sama!

    Because the charm of the mega-stars is without borders and boundaries,
    and its magic ceaseless.
    When you witness first-hand the charisma emitted from a superstar,
    no matter whether you’re working or you’re just a fan chasing your favourite star,
    there’s no stopping the fingers working the digital cameras…
    Really, you just can’t stop taking pictures of him!

    [to be continued...]

    robert pattinson dazzles ~~
  • liezleliezle (^_^)v Posts: 10,563Friend of Soompi


    edited October 2005
    [Trans] PREMIERE September 2005 -#2

    IPB Image

    "I was not born as an actor"

    BYJ attempted his ‘outing’ from his own working style through ‘April Snow’,
    the work with director HJH. It was a tough path that he bore with sometimes up to 80
    cigarettes a day. How have BYJ changed and what was left to him after this venture?

    [[ Oh, it’s my turn. When I received the baton from the photo-director, frankly speaking,
    I couldn’t think anything. Actors are a very sensitive species, and their emotions are
    not predictable like an unusual change in the weather. Moreover, the fact that BYJ
    didn’t make his sparkling smile even once from his arrival to the studio to the end of
    shooting made me nervous. Not knowing the dramatic reversal, I was sweating
    while approaching him step by step, tried to say hello to him with all my courage.
    On the face of BYJ looking back towards me, oh my god, there was the smile! What
    kind of situation is this? Did I do something good? It was still raining outside, but it
    seemed shining inside the studio.
    BYJ, he is on his absolute popularity by Japanese fans. But even he, the one who
    seems to hold the whole world, agonized at the shooting sight of April Snow. What
    on earth made him do so? ]]

    Yon-sama, Broken into Pieces.
    Q: You smoke a lot. People say that you smoked a lot also at the shooting sight.

    A: I quit smoking for quite a while, and usually, I don’t smoke much when I start
    shooting, but I smoked quite a lot this time. It was very tough. (What was so
    tough?) The situation that the character was put into was very difficult, and the
    feeling needed was very hard for me to understand, and it was different from my
    own opinion. I was confused personally.

    Q: You mean you couldn’t understand Insoo and Seoyong?

    A: No, I couldn’t. I agonized a lot because of that. To be realistic, can a person who
    encountered one’s spouse’s traffic accident and unveiled relationship; who are
    suffering from betrayal and embarrassment; and who finally finds someone in the
    same situation that one can talk with, and sympathize…. Can they fall in love?

    Q: You mean they shouldn’t have gone beyond the ‘good feeling’?

    Q: I thought so. If my wife had a extramarital affair, I will feel very painful, won’t I?
    Pain, sadness, anger…. And I will feel like attempting suicide. (Not attempting
    homicide instead?) Can you be fond of anyone in such situation? Moreover, she is
    the wife of the man. I felt like this when shooting. Maybe this woman was the ideal
    type of woman for Insoo. (Chuckle) I think love was something like ‘trust’ to Insoo.
    So Insoo must have suffered the pain from betrayal of ‘trust’, rather than from
    betrayal of ‘love’.

    Q: Other than Insoo’s emotion, what was difficult?

    A: As you know, the director’s style is unique. (laugh) I used to prepare a lot before
    shooting. I evaluate and think a lot. (thinks for a while) I always think of this. There
    are actors born as an actor, and actors not born as an actor. There are people born
    to match a certain field, but I don’t think I am born as an actor.

    Q: You mean you don’t think you are talented as an actor?

    A: I really mean it. If I don’t prepare a lot, I can’t do anything at the spot. Maybe I don’t
    have confidence. Lacking confidence can mean I am not trained systematically. I
    was not trained as an actor and not stepped up from the base. I made my debut all
    of a sudden, and learned later. Maybe that’s why I keep thinking I’m not prepared.

    Q: Are you stressed by your style that you can’t do anything without preparation?

    A: Because of my working style, sometimes I feel dissatisfaction. Why can’t I help
    performing like this? I tried to overcome my style, and sometimes I thought I did, but
    when I started this work, it all turned out to be a fake. What I thought was
    wrong… And director HJH pointed it out without mercy! (chuckle) I think I smoked
    the amount I used to smoke for 1 or 2 years. I smoked up to 4 packs
    image image
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    Original in Chinese: Jennifer Sun 斯容
    Translated into English: happiebb /

    EETV host blogged about her encounter with bae yong joon – part 3/4

    2005/08/23 01:44:26

    From Bae Yong Joon,
    I could feel the professionalism and how passionate he is about his work.
    But I still cannot imagine how it would feel like to be in a relationship with him…
    Well, for one, he’s really much too busy
    and there’re so many staff following him everywhere he goes.
    It would feel like being watched no matter where you go.
    And also, from the various little things, he seems a little “self-obsessed”…
    [bb: before you go all upset with this comment, do read on…]

    IPB Image

    The professionalism of Korean artistes are truly commendable.
    During the press conference, one reporter asked him something that’s very “everyday”,
    Yong Joon was asked if his mouth felt tired from smiling so much the whole day.
    Yon-sama seemed to take his question very seriously
    and he answered in a cute and honest manner.
    From here, we can see get a glimpse of his true personality,
    and also how much he values the media.
    But from my vantage point during the press conference,
    I was able to watch him quite closely.

    And my observation is that his every move, every little action,
    including the trademark smile the media has captured,
    how he touched his chin as he contemplated a question,
    how he used his finger to push up his glasses,
    how he chuckled in delight,
    how he held the little children,
    and how he bowed so politely at the end of the press conference…
    Every single thing he did was truly a personification of perfection itself.
    Every move, every gesture was perfection,
    everything about him was flawless.

    As an actor,
    the effort he puts in to maintain and upkeep the perfect image in the fans’ minds is astonishing.
    I would imagine his entire life is just like a perfect [scripted] drama.
    So long as he’s in an environment in the presence of people,
    he is what the name Bae Yong Joon represents.
    Maybe you would ask, Isn’t it tiring to live a life like this?

    Somehow I think Yong Joon’s pursuit for his own perfection
    is even more stringent than we could ever imagine…
    He probably demands more of himself than we know. Really.
    Based on what I’ve seen, there’s no crack, no slip—up whatsoever.
    The moment he steps on stage, he is Bae Yong Joon.
    This is really no easy feat, I’m totally bowled over and impressed!

    But there’s another thing about the handsome man that impressed me so.
    That is, despite his status as an international superstar,
    he is as humble and polite as ever.
    This is, again, no mean feat, not easy at all.
    Especially when it comes to the numerous requests from fans,
    he is so obliging and polite.
    It is very difficult to even imagine how a super-VIP like him,
    a person who rakes in so much money every second of the day,
    can be so obliging and polite and thankful to his fans.
    [bb: Where does he find the energy and the time?
    It is indeed baffling how he keeps up…
    I would imagine he’s under a lot of mental stress day in, day out.]

    And it’s not just towards his fans that he’s polite.
    Even in private, he’s fairly warm and polite towards people
    who work with him and follow him around,
    and also to us, the working crew in Taiwan.
    From his behaviour,
    you will not see the arrogance that seems to be the middle name of most stars.
    I feel almost guilty watching him…

    How does he do it?
    How does he manage it all?

    [to be continued...]

    Original in Chinese: Jennifer Sun 斯容
    Translated into English: happiebb /

    EETV host blogged about her encounter with bae yong joon
    – part 4/4

    2005/08/23 08:49:02

    A man is at his best when he’s serious or hard at work…

    I suppose all Bae-fans share a wish…
    I would imagine that all Yong Joon fans’ hearts are filled with love for the man,
    but it’s not the sort of love that wants to possess and claim him for yourself, right?
    As we watched Yon-sama made a birthday wish to be able to find a woman
    whose hand he could hold for the rest of his life,
    our hearts all tugged and twitched a little.
    And we all felt sorry for him….

    IPB Image

    Yes, he’s undoubtedly an international mega-star…
    But with that, he’s lost the space and freedom that the common folks have.
    I think right now, Yon-sama’s popularity is at its peak,
    and this loss of freedom is possibly the saddest part of the whole deal….

    I’ve seen how Yon-sama tried for the best when he worked,
    and I’ve witnessed how he strived for perfection.
    But I’ve also seen how hard he tried to ensure that all the fans
    who have been supporting him go away happy and contented.
    No matter how dead tired he was,
    he would still flash his impossibly beautiful smile,
    and all this… only for the fans who adore him so.
    Yong Joon is truly truly wonderful!

    I’m so fortunate to be able to get up close with him this time.
    To be able to work with him, to go through the entire press conference,
    believe me, I feel immensely happy!
    After all, it is a very proud moment for me, something that others can only envy,
    that I actually got to work with my idol who also happens to be top super-star!

    The day Yong Joon left Taiwan, I was making a silent wish in my heart.
    I wish him smooth sailing in his career,
    and I also wish that he would very soon meet his special someone.
    Now, fans, please don’t hit me ~image)

    [the end....]

    robert pattinson dazzles ~~
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    [Trans] PREMIERE September 2005 -#3
    Translated and posted by Gaulsan in BYJ's Quilt

    IPB Image

    Q: They say that the plot changed a lot at the shooting sight.

    A: Later on, I didn’t even bring the scenario. The lines changed at the sight according
    to the emotion of the moment, discussion with the director, and accordingly, the
    lines following that also changed. Sometimes, the director didn’t give any direction
    at all. It was a scene standing with Seoyong awkwardly. Director just ordered us to
    do it. ‘Do what?’ I thought. It was even difficult to stand there. Then, director said,
    “Cut! OK!”. I asked, “What’s OK?” He replied, “You were awkward, weren’t you?”

    Q: Didn’t you have information about HJH’s style?

    A: Yes, I had. I heard that he changes all the words on the shooting sight, and takes
    dozens of shootings. I thought that taking a scene dozens of times wasn’t a matter,
    because I also don’t give up until I am satisfied. But, he changes everything at the
    shooting sight? Then I can’t prepare anything. It could be dangerous, but I wanted
    to try. In fact, I chose this work because of director HJH’s style. I thought this was a
    path that I needed to go through as an actor.

    Q: You must have had difficulty working with him in the beginning.

    A: He is a good person. You get crazy when you start working him, though. When it
    comes near 30 takes, I felt I couldn’t stand any more. (chuckles) It’s not 30 takes to
    catch a certain emotion. Its 30 times changing words, emotions, and motion each
    time. I once slept on a bench instead of going for a meal. I couldn’t even open my
    eyes. I became so nervous that my sight blurred up.

    Q: I saw the making film. The dialogue between Seoyong and you has changed.

    A: We did that scene without preparation. Seoyong talked more than I did, but it was
    not settled that way. (You mean you didn’t know what SYJ would speak?) No, I didn’
    t know. This woman suddenly almost bursts into tears. I get surprised. In this
    situation, man would listen to what a woman says. Later I watched the film, and I
    thought, oh, this kind of emotion can be expressed… oh, one can react like this…..
    Haha… the reaction was quite strange.

    Q: Is there a scene that was signed OK at once?

    A: Yes, only once. It was the scene that I woke up in someone else’s room. And the
    scene that I drank with my junior was signed OK in the second attempt. I drank with
    director that time. It was also a change for me. My face and eyes get flushed when
    I drink alcohol. I don’t drink when I work because of that. But we drank and
    discussed how to perform, and did it, which was successful.

    Q: Did you change the style of your routine through this work?

    A: I like taking pictures, and Cartier Bresson is one of my favorite artist. He doesn’t
    take pictures of objects artificially produced. He takes natural vivid expressions
    coming out from the unconsciousness. I think HJH is similar to him. Even thought
    the course was very tough, I learned one more. I can’t wait till I start another work.

    Q: I’ve thought that April Snow was an easy choice, thinking that the image was
    similar to your previous works, but it wasn’t at all. It makes me already expect for
    your third work.

    A: I decided my next work, and I am curious if I could try what I’ve felt, though it is a drama.
    When I choose works, I choose one that is somewhat not of my style. I do so
    because I want to break the prejudice, and I like the feeling of achievement that I
    gain with my hard work. “Scandal” was an example, and my photo album was the
    same. People advised me to take pictures just as I was, but I couldn’t. So I went
    through an out-of-sense-training for 3-4 months to shape up myself
    image image
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    ~~ thanks so much bb for all these wonderful translations image

    bb: remember i mentioned a few days ago about this hong kong talk show host
    who gave AS the thumbs up?
    well, he spoke about the movie during his program on saturday night,
    fellow fan from hong kong, katemak, shared what she heard on a chinese site,
    and i've translated it into english for all to share.


    Original in Chinese: katemak /
    Translated into English: happiebb /

    [Trans] HK DJ Benny Lau Talks about April Snow

    Right at the start of his weekly program on Saturday night [27 Aug 2005],
    Benny Lau* reiterated that April Snow is really a movie worth watching.
    He proceeded to explain about the plot of the movie briefly.
    He also shared that this is Director Hur’s new work in three years,
    and that this movie is still very much Director Hur’s distinctive style.

    The pace of the movie is on the slower side,
    but it allows much space and freedom for people
    to think and contemplate about things and issues.
    There is not much dialogue and lines in the movie; most of the time,
    the characters needed to use their facial expressions and body language
    to convey their inner thoughts and emotions.

    As the relationship between the main characters in the movie
    involves the element of moral values, revenge, true love and other values,
    therefore the play of feelings and emotions of the main characters
    very much brings out the difficult journey of people and human nature in general.
    Benny Lau also feels that the development of the story is commendable
    and rather non-mainstream,
    and the movie is able to trigger the audience to think about things.
    Benny Lau shared that when he finished the movie,
    he walked out of the theatre exploring the many issues and questions about ‘going out’
    [bb: extra-marital affairs].

    Benny Lau is of the view that all married people or people in steady relationships
    should all watch this movie.
    This is because the movie explores the aspect of love
    whereby one wonders if one should embrace love that comes, or give it up,
    it also touches on love, hatred and others.
    The audience can experience the many different feelings and facets of love in this movie.
    [Katemak: Isn’t this exactly what Yong Joon had wanted us all to feel?]

    At the end of his commentary, Benny Lau said it again,
    “April Snow is a movie that’s worth my sincere recommendation.”

    * Lau is a Hong Kong radio show host who’s also an expert in Korean entertainment.
    incidentally he's also the emcee for yong joon's fan session in hong kong last year.

    robert pattinson dazzles ~~
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    Hi Baegals, does anyone of you here knows how the others can post? I think some were already able to register but cannot post. Tiffany and Sara are having this problem. Anyone can give an answer? Thanks.

    image image
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    QUOTE(liezle @ Oct 5 2005, 01:09 AM) »

    Hi Baegals, does anyone of you here knows how the others can post? I think some were already able to register but cannot post. Tiffany and Sara are having this problem. Anyone can give an answer? Thanks.


    wow, so the problem is still on image did they check their emails for the activation of their accounts ??
    robert pattinson dazzles ~~
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    QUOTE(france @ Oct 5 2005, 12:13 AM) »

    wow, so the problem is still on image did they check their emails for the activation of their accounts ??

    Frances, i pmed Sarangheo012/Chelly and she told me that maybe they have not checked their emails and click on the link provided for activation. I posted a message for Sara in Quilt already and still have to post my reply in Tiff's post at KOB.
    image image
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    Hmmm.. what is the error message that they receive?

    As per France, they will have to activate their account before posting but I'm sure Tiff and Sara should know.. hmm~
    IPB Image
    "My fans are my family. No matter what the media is saying or spreading,
    my family will only believe in my words."

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    Liezle sis, i went ahead of you & posted this pic image our Yong Joon looks boyish in this photo image

    IPB Image
    robert pattinson dazzles ~~
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    Finally, I could post. Board seems to have gone all funny and it's talen me a few attempts before I managed to get to this stage but still I take my hats off to the people who run this board.

    And thanks to all who go this thread up and running so quickly.

    Can't contribute much now coz got to finish my work in time to watch my AS tonight. Will be back later to help upload infor.

    Thanks everyone!
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    [Trans] PREMIERE September 2005 -#4
    Translated and posted by Gaulsan in BYJ's Quilt

    IPB Image

    Q: Scandal was quite a pleasure, as you took off your glasses.

    A: Not because I took off my clothes? (Laugh)

    Q: What about the style of director Hong Sang Soo? Don’t you want to work with him?

    A: I would like to try what I’ve learned, first. Haha, or maybe I’ll work with director Hur once more. (chuckle)

    Up to the high ground!

    Q: What did you feel when you had to shoot while your fans watching?

    A: Actually, actors feel hard to concentrate if there are non-staff people at the shooting sight,
    but I became used to the situation. (chuckle) Once, there was a moment I felt difficulty performing.
    I also had conflict with the director. So I decided to take some breath outside.
    I was really about to collapse then. It was about 2 AM when I went out, and my
    fans were there applauding towards me.
    I bowed to them, came back to the shooting sight, and I could integrate myself.
    Aja! I should try some more. I felt … somewhat … the weight of life.

    Q: You can’t even squat and have a smoke.

    A: If I did…. But my family is different and unique. They think me as real family.
    I feel more responsibility because of that.

    Q: Does the existence of your fan affect your choice on your work? April Snow seems
    to be one of the kind your fans would like.

    A: How can I afford to think to that extent? No, I can’t. I just think what I should do right
    now, for the time being.

    Q: When Scandal was released, you said that you chose movie because you want to
    be an actor rather than a star. Are those words still effective?

    A: That’s why I’m here. (smile)

    Q: Do you think your performance improved after April Snow?

    A: I’ve learned a lot, but I can’t say. I think it is to be shown through my performance from now on.

    [[ When Scandal was released, BYJ surprised the Choongmooro(Korean Holliwood)
    with his unexpected quality of performance. But due to the Hanryoo boom, it
    seemed that actor BYJ has disappeared and only Hanryoo star BYJ was left. April
    Snow seems one of that kind, and the drama The Great King seems to be its
    successor. It seems so if you see from the outside. But During the interview, I
    could come to a conclusion that BYJ didn’t forget his title as an actor. We would
    see in a short while how HJH has changed BYJ, and how much BYJ have grown.
    At least there was one thing clear. He was not a big star full of conceit, and he was
    intensely monitoring his performance. I became more curious of April Snow by
    now. ]]

    image image
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    gorgeous black & white photos of Yong Joon

    IPB ImageIPB Image
    IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image
    IPB Image
    IPB Image

    yesss, Tiffany finally made it !!! i wish all our SG sisters a beautiful and wonderful "oe chul" tonight image
    robert pattinson dazzles ~~
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    Soompi is really unstable, especially at this point of time I guess, thus the difficulty to access~ Really salute to the administrator who maintain this forum coz the database is darn huge~

    Will be there too, Tiffany! image

    See ya~

    QUOTE(tiffany @ Oct 5 2005, 02:26 PM) »

    Finally, I could post. Board seems to have gone all funny and it's talen me a few attempts before I managed to get to this stage but still I take my hats off to the people who run this board.

    And thanks to all who go this thread up and running so quickly.

    Can't contribute much now coz got to finish my work in time to watch my AS tonight. Will be back later to help upload infor.

    Thanks everyone!

    Taster's Choice Set

    IPB Image

    IPB Image
    "My fans are my family. No matter what the media is saying or spreading,
    my family will only believe in my words."

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    harlow harlow i'm here too!
    so sad to learn that we've lost over 800 pages of posting...
    but let's try and build it quickly... i do have some stuff at home that i can put up here...
    will do that over the weekend, maybe....
    hee... have a movie to catch tonight, you know image

    p.s. chiliogoyo, yup yup, was 'suffering' from a bout of bae-fever last night...
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    translated & posted by Myonne in Quilt Freeboard

    IPB Image

    Film Review from Asahi Shimbun (Japanese Asahi Newspaper, evening edition) on 2005.9.22

    “April Snow”

    This is the latest work of Director Hur Jinho, who created the masterpiece of Korean movie ‘Christmas in August’. Or, should I call it a new work of the popular actor, Bae Yongjoon? For, there are overflowing talks of ‘Yon-sama’ here and there in the world.

    This film which depicts an impossible love, however, is not a sweet drama in a way some stars just brighten the story.
    It is a work whose director’s skills we should highly praise. In other words, it is a melodrama for the adults who have expert eyes for films.

    Insoo (Bae Yongjoon), a stage lighting director, receiving the news of his wife injured in a traffic accident, hurried to a hospital in a small rural town from Seoul. He was told that there was a man fellow passenger in his wife’s car, and they are both in coma. There is no room to deny the extramarital affair of his wife with the man. Insoo and the man’s wife, Seoyong(Son Yejin), stay in a motel near the hospital and start nursing them. Their smoldering days continue on respectively, and in no time their sorrow and distress make the two persons nestle up to each other.

    A calm and stoic narrative style is Director Hur Jinho’s card. Here again, he eliminates words and explanation as much as possible, gathers delicate emotion meticulously, and weaves a quiet, composed love story.

    We can see the procedure of love for these two adults in agony and hesitation depicted in the film very carefully. The two, awkward at first, going out to make a condolence call for a dead victim of the accident, are forced away, the woman cries, and the man cares about her, they become conscious of each other unawares, take a walk together, have a meal・・・・

    Director Hur Jinho, thus, convinces the audience of the thirst of love which lurks in the inner body of these two who have faithless wife and husband. In so doing, he brings the reality to a form of fatal love where this thirst draws them together, while asking us if it is a truth in life.

    The sincere, clean, moderate appearance of Bae Yongjoon is agreeable. Son Yejin, in gracefulness, impresses the familiarity and the temperature of an ordinary housewife alive.

    It is an excellent work with fragrance of poetry.

    Writtenby Noboru Akiyama, a film critic

    robert pattinson dazzles ~~
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    [Trans] PREMIERE September 2005 -#5(end)
    Translated and posted by Gaulsan in BYJ's Quilt

    IPB Image

    << Bonus : This is an interview of BYJ in the same article. But I couldn’t find this
    part in the picture posted. I will just add it here. – gaulsan- >>

    Q: People say that it is lonely up there at the peak.

    A: Yes, I am lonely, very lonely. (When do you feel lonely the most?) Always.
    I tell myself that if I get something, it is fair to loose something, and if there is an
    uphill, there will be a downhill. I think I am used to this by now.
    Previously, it was hard for me to bear, but now I try to find happiness of the
    moment. Thinking so, I realized that loneliness is also a feeling of a moment.

    Q: What about today? Do you feel depressed when it rains?

    A: Yes, I was depressed a lot as it rained this morning. So I drove her by myself.
    Somehow I wanted to be alone today…. But I feel good right now, as I can talk
    about my life and my feeling, instead of other’s interest. I think it relieves me.
    Talking to someone about myself.

    Q: Do you really think that you are not born as an actor?

    A: I can tell that I can do my best. Frankly, I do my very best. Someone would say I
    could even die by working so hard, but I never thought such things like ‘maybe my
    performance is nice’. This work has given many meaning to me. Everything has
    collapsed. I have thought that there were proper answers to everything. I always
    sought for the approximate answer, and I thought that my standpoint was quite
    objective. But all of these thoughts have disappeared. There are no ‘right’ answers.
    Everything can exist in various forms, and can be seen different from different
    points of views.
    As I was working in a style that I never worked before, and abandoned my personal
    character, there were moments asking myself ‘Am I supposed to do this?, What am
    I doing here?’. Sometimes I my self-identity was in danger. (Meanwhile, YJ worries
    about his fans.) In fact, doing one’s best is not all that matters.

    Q: I recalled the fact that when Lee Mi Sook worked with you at Scandal, she said
    that you could die of your hard work.

    A: I think I could do to that extent because I don’t have much.

    Q: Don’t you have much?

    A: I wasn’t born with much talent. It’s quite strange. When I work, I talk to myself it
    will become better next time. Unlike my will, the work seems to become harder and
    harder. I always feel like a beginner. Doing one’s best is not all that counts, one
    should do things well. I try my best to do well.

    Q: You are heading towards the better way, aren’t you?

    A: I think I should be satisfied with fulfilling little by little. I learn something through
    this movie, and so on…. I hope that this would do.

    Q: You are saying so, because you have an ample of scope by now, aren’t you? ( ^^)

    A: Yes, I think so. ( ^^ ) If there is no pleasure of filling the missing part, I don’t think
    I would deliberately work. I think it’s like golf. At the field, you don’t know where the
    ball will drop. If you get self-conceited, the result comes right away. Any best
    player can make mistakes at any moment. I think that’s the merit of these two fields.

    The interview of SYJ About BYJ…

    Q: Didn’t you mind the fans of BYJ were surrounding the shooting site?

    A: Even my fans would have come to the shooting site, I couldn’t take care of them.
    So I felt free that there weren’t my fans there. I think BYJ must have been stressed a
    lot, as everybody was watching him. No one can always smile or be in good mood.

    Q: What did you think after working with the actor BYJ?

    A: He really has a strong will. I use to feel embarrassed if my performance doesn’t
    improve with several takings. Sometimes, I ask the director, “What if we go with the
    previous one?”. But BYJ never gives up, even to the thirty takes.

    Gaulsan: Hew, today’s project is over. I’ve tried my best to translate well… haha…..
    Wow, ain’t YJ a philosopher? He talks like a zen monk!
    image image
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