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Critique My Appearance (read 1st Post)

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The beauty & fashion mods have decided to restart the Critique My Appearance thread due to people's lack of reading the first post, and the old thread getting bulky.

Please note that if you are going to participate in this thread, make sure it abides to the general rules of Soompi forums.  This is NOT a thread where you can throw an attitude, it will merit a warning and the possibility of disabling your posting abilities.

People seem to forget that this is the CRITIQUE MY APPEARANCE thread.  So this is not the appropiate place to ask for ratings and to ask "what's my age/ethnicity".  IF YOU DO EITHER OF THESE, YOUR POST WILL MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEAR, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

If you want to play the "guess my age" / "guess my ethnicity" game, post in 411.

Guess my age

What's my Ethnicity?  How old am I?

Also, Don't forget!  Do not quote images!


Original post:

If we choose to, we can post pictures of ourselves and ask others for suggestions on the ways to improve our own appearance. Yes, we apply our own makeup, wear our own style of clothes, and choose our own haircuts, but it's sometimes a good idea to get opinions from others because others may see what you don't see, or have an eye for things that you might not.

So, just post general pictures of yourself, either just your face (try not to make it blurry, or our advice might not be so helpful), and get opinions/suggestions on what you could do. You can even include a little appearance bio about yourself to provide more information for the advisers.

This is not to bash eachother, so I ask that you state things nicely.

And say things that plausible. Like, a suggestion on applying makeup a slightly different way. Or point out a different style of clothes that might be more flattering. Don't say something like, "Oh god.....your nose is huge. Get plastic surgery, you look like a freakin' anteater!"

Well you know the drill! wink.gif
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