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[drama 2009] Hero 히어로

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[MBC] Lee Jun Ki, Yoon Soy, Uhm Ki Jun, Shin Ju A, Baek Yun Sik
Date of Airing : 18th Nov 2009
Official Site :
Writer : Kwon Ki Young
PD: Kim Kyung Hee
Actors/Actresses :
Lee Jun Ki, Yoon Soy, Uhm Ki Jun, Shin Ju A, Bbaek Ka, Lee Han Wie, Ji Chang Wook, Jung Soo Young, Baek Yun Sik
Story : About crimes & fraud - Lee Jun Ki will be playing the main lead "Jin Do Hyuk" 진도혁, a reporter who is smart and clever enough to make anything he wants successful but he later choose to live a life of despairs and fallen when the woman he loved most, dies. But he finally came back to his senses one day and decided to start a new life by helping and protecting weak and kind-hearted people who are victims of criminals by gathering a group of (faulted) people together to fight against the unreasonableness, non-ethical and senselessness crimes of the world.


"Jin Do Hyuk" 진도혁(Lee Jun Ki) is a third-rated reporter who wishes to be a famous reporter like his late father eversince he was young. Although he is good in his studies during highschool, he couldn't make it to the first-rated colleges due to the death of his father and the burdens brought upon by his immature elder sister. He joins the news agency owned by a former mobster head, Jo Yong Duk who was one of his interviewees after the agency he formerly works for became bankupt. Since then, Jo Yong Duk becomes a father-like figure to Do Hyuk who is determine to fight against the unreasonableness, non-ethical and senselessness crimes committed by the 'un-touchable' people of the higher society. Do Hyuk crosses path again with Kang Hae Sung, his rival since highschool and gets into a triangular love relationship with him again with the arrival of Joo Jae In, a female cop.

"Joo Jae In" 주재인 (Yoon Soy), a female cop who gets emboiled into Do Hyuk's schemes by fate. Like Do Hyuk who is following his late father's path to become a righteous reporter, Jae In chose to become a cop like her late father. Although she and Do Hyuk got on the wrong foot with each other when they first met, their relationship got better when they found out that they were fighting for the same cause and people. Although Jae In is attracted to the elite reporter "Kang Hae Sung" at first, she found that her feelings are often swayed to the side of Do Hyuk whenever both men got into arguments or fights. She is currently living with her mom who is the first love of Do Hyuk's mobster boss.

"Kang Hae Sung" 강해성 (Uhm Ki Jun), the political reporter who has outstanding ability and a cold appearance. He has been Do Hyuk's rival eversince their highschool days, he knows what he needs to climb the society leader and is willing to make use of anything and anyone to get a step higher. Hae Sung is currently engaged to Lee Ho Kyung, the daughter of the newspaper agency Chairman whom he is currently working for after snatching her away from Jin Do Hyuk even through he doesn't really love her at all as he needs her as a stepping stone in his career. But his beliefs and heart began to wavier with the appearance of a clumsy female cop, Joo Jae In. He wasn't interested in her at first although he knows that she is attracted to him, but as time goes by, he becomes jealous and uneasy over her growing relationship with Do Jin.

Jo Yong Duk (Baek Yun Sik) is a former mobster boss who has just been released after spending 15 years in jail after being betrayed by one of his followers. He is looked down upon by his daughter 'Yuri' who wants to have nothing to do with him because of his past crime records. Yong Duk recruited Do Hyuk into his news agency after he lost his job and became a father-like figure to Do Hyuk eversince. Unknown to most of his family and people around, Yong Duk is actually planning to take revenge on the person who had betrayed him 15 years ago.


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  • sang_woo_alwayssang_woo_always taeyang's VIP Fresno, CALIFORNIAPosts: 1,338Member
    awesome. missed junki!
    I hope the female lead is
    someone i like. =]
    Dong Young Bae. Lee Gi Kwang. Kim Jonghyun. Park JayBum. Xiah Junsu

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  • lucky_moonlucky_moon 이준기~♥ 하늘 -.-Posts: 10,968Friend of Soompi


    Thanks a lot for the great news, if I have a time machine I'll turn it to April.. image
  • lilgzllilgzl Fortress of SolitudePosts: 611Member
    Junki sshi!

    why must the girl dies?.. will he meet another girl?
    really hope this time he'll get to end up with a girl..
    btw...I guess the rumour about he's being sued and will be frozen from any project is not true?

    Anyway..can't waaaaaaaaaaaitt!!!

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  • jimmylee78jimmylee78 usaPosts: 1,503Member
    i guess if he having a new movie out maybe he win his case or it just a rumor about him being sued but it nice to see Lee Jun Ki will have a new movie coming out soon but why does his wife have to die anyway hope the lead actress is likable who ever she might be
  • hye091hye091 HOTTEST ♥ Posts: 2,164Member


    OMG!! I am so happy that LJK has been casted for this drama. Will defitnely be looking out on this. image
    -semi hiatus-
  • lilcrashlilcrash Posts: 2,775Member


    Thanks for creating this thread!
    Definitely watching this since Lee Jun Ki is in it. image
    Can't wait for the female lead! image image
    Watching: Nice guy & May Queen & My daughter Seo young
  • sayroosayroo HARU2SUBS YURILANDIA!Posts: 3,599Friend of Soompi


    i'm hoping this one is SUCCESSFUL! *fingers crossed*
    komawo! image
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  • jimmylee78jimmylee78 usaPosts: 1,503Member
    oh mine bad thought it say movie lol anyway it nice to see he will have a drama coming up in 2009 hope the female lead is someone who is good at acting
  • luthienluthien Posts: 2,581Member


    Thank goodness for a new project! I got worried when I heard about his management troubles. But so happy to finally see another project from him.
  • yeindarrrlingyeindarrrling sig&icon Posts: 415Member
    edited November 2008
    man ! i wish he was doing return of iljimae...but i guess i'll be satisfied
    with him being in another drama; man is he a good actor; cant wait to watch ! (:

    &;___leadja; come back.+
  • lilcrashlilcrash Posts: 2,775Member


    edited November 2008
    Lee Jun Ki Denies Involvement in New Drama

    November 27, 2008 by coolsmurf

    Lee Jun Ki has responded through his management today that he hasn’t confirmed on his next work as yet. There were news yesterday and before that he would be involved with a movie and 2 dramas. But with this new announcement from the man himself, all of these are now just rumors.


    A representative from Lee Jun Ki’s management expressed, “It’s true that Lee Jun Ki has been offered roles in the movie Full Autumn and dramas The Story of Men, Strange Heroes. But he is only considering the offers and have not made any decision whatsoever. He will only do so after further thinking.”

    The representative continued, “Some companies have not come to a final agreement with us and yet they go ahead with the announcement that Lee Jun Ki has been confirmed. We are very disappointed with their actions as this will not only create confusion among his fans but also affect Lee Jun Ki’s judgement in picking his next work. We hope that this will not happen again in future. Once Lee Jun Ki has confirmed his next work, the fans will be notified at the earliest possible moment. So everyone, please wait for the official announcement.”

    With a court case from his former management, Mentor Entertainment hanging over his head, it was hard to believe all these news that Lee Jun Ki would be appearing in a movie and 2 dramas and that’s why I refrained from posting the news when it appeared. It’s hard to report credible stuff nowadays.
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  • riehaeriehae Pearl Sapphire BluePosts: 10,369Member


    I really hope that Junki will accept this drama. I would really want to see him in another drama.
    Once Again the Album Kings
  • huangsyhuangsy Posts: 5,758Member


    edited December 2008
    Debuts early 2009.

    Director :
    Scriptwriter : Kwon Ki Young 권기영
    Cast : Lee Jun Ki

    Official site :
    Daum drama site :;photoId=381936

    While in Iljimae, LJK acted as a Chosun hero, in this drama, he will act as a modern day hero. This drama would be his own production.

    News source about this drama;newssetid=746
  • kje_chocolatekje_chocolate Only Min Ho Posts: 313Member
    I think this drama is "Strange Heroes/히어로즈" - they just change the title ^^. It's also a work of Scriptwriter Kwon Ki Young (Crazy For Love)
  • huangsyhuangsy Posts: 5,758Member


    edited December 2008
    Video clips.

    16 Dec 2008 (about LJK acting in own production)
  • dramaluv3r101dramaluv3r101 Posts: 199Member


    here's the thread to Strange Heroes that was made earlier...
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  • huangsyhuangsy Posts: 5,758Member


    edited December 2008

    No mention in the news that this is a renaming of Strange Heroes, in fact, the news says he chose his own production, which is this drama making the news today.
    If really is mere change of name, then this thread can be merged with earlier one later.
  • hye091hye091 HOTTEST ♥ Posts: 2,164Member


    News in chinese:

    Not sure if it is same as stange heroes
    -semi hiatus-
  • kje_chocolatekje_chocolate Only Min Ho Posts: 313Member
    edited December 2008
    QUOTE (huangsy @ Dec 16 2008, 10:55 AM) »
    Press conference photos later.

    No mention in the news that this is a renaming of Strange Heroes, in fact, the news says he chose his own production, which is this drama making the news today.
    If really is mere change of name, then this thread can be merged with earlier one later.

    If you read summarize of two drama, you can see
    Why ask me not mention about this? image
  • White StarWhite Star hellPosts: 2,321Friend of Soompi


    edited December 2008
    kje chocolate,

    I think you misunderstood, huangsy meant that there is no mention of strange heroes in the today news article.

    anyway......LJK is keeping himself busy....can't wait for more info


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