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Female Korean Celebrities - Before & After

soymilksoymilk Posts: 785Friend of Soompi


plastic surgery???
I found these on Yahoo! Korea and I thought it was interesting enough to share..

edit - whatever i said/posted images about these celebrities whether they have surgeory or not, they're not facts/100% real!!! its just interesting to look at before and after photos. it's obvious some of these if not all are photoshopped or just bad examples of before and after. i dont care if they do get plastic surgery or not. if its something that makes them happy and feel more confident about themselves, then go for it.

IPB Image

im not sure if son ye jin had any. she looks so natural and she looks almost the same in her teenage years.
IPB Image
IPB Image

she looks like a different person.
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image

ugly ducklings....
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image

i love jjh. you can see the difference in her nose.
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image

IPB Image
IPB Image

im guessing she had a boob job? not sure...
IPB Image

she's rockin the bowl haircut alright. ;p
IPB Image

feel free to add more


  • thebestazn209thebestazn209 Modesto, CaliforniaPosts: 115Member
  • shinhwaholicshinhwaholic SHINHWALAND with my ♡s - eric&hyesungPosts: 3,530Member


    edited October 2006
    alot of them are gorgeous now.

    it's quite mean of you to put the subheading 'ugly duckling' on top of kang eun bi's pic.
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  • soymilksoymilk Posts: 785Friend of Soompi


    QUOTE(shinhwaholic @ Oct 4 2006, 02:58 AM) »

    alot of them are gorgeous now.

    it's quite mean of you to put the subheading 'ugly duckling' on top of kang eun bi's pic.

    sorry i didnt mean it in a 'mean' way..
  • suejinnerssuejinners Posts: 8,571Friend of Soompi


    edited October 2006


    most of these are made by the ANTI's. They pick out the worst pictures and point them out... and compare them to their good pictures

    i think only two of them are natural.
    the rest did atleast one thing.
  • ahyoungahyoung Posts: 895New Member
    edited October 2006
    kim heesun, sung yuri, son yejin, kang eunbi, BoA didn't do anything

    screw the pictures..

    if people think that they did ^ then at least they still look good before..
    'cause some of you deniers don't want to accept anything;;
  • pikapikapikapika Posts: 3,983Friend of Soompi


    edited October 2006
    i remember

    when leesooman said boa did not get surgery i thought "oh so getting sankapul these days is considered surgery?"

    u can tell whether sankapul is fake or not tho it getting harder and harder to tell
    and sankapul doesnt change so drastically

    i think people need to face it...korean get plastic surgery like americans get their teeth fixed...

    and if they never had plastic surgery they would be telling the whole world because they would pretty much be the only one...remember when jang nara and byul first came out? they let it known that they never had anything fixed...of course later on when they both came back with their 2nd cd they stopped saying it and it was pretty clear that they tweaked their faces
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  • yum yum dimsumyum yum dimsum toombaktooPosts: 996Member


    edited October 2006
    some of the 'before' pictures are low quality, streched out, squeezed, bad lighting, different angle, blurry, bad late 90's make-up, horribly photoshopped, etc... so that kind of slightly 'mutated' some of the faces and then they get compared to the 'perfectly photoshopped' newer pictures.

    also people's (most esp females) faces change as they mature. Weight loss, loosing the baby fat, their face structure is becoming more feminine etc..

    These pictures isn't much of an 'exact' proof if these girls did have surgery.

    what's really bad is, some people see pictures like this and automatically they go "omg i cant believe they had something done"......... o.O

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  • bluewatersbluewaters Posts: 745Member
    some of them already looked good before
  • jnccrsjnccrs Posts: 4,639Banned
    edited October 2006
    QUOTE(suejinners @ Oct 4 2006, 02:19 AM) »


    most of these are made by the ANTI's. They pick out the worst pictures and point them out... and compare them to their good pictures

    I couldn't agree with you more. Not to mention most of them were chubby back then and had totally outdated haircuts which can make a huge difference on the way they look.
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  • VEGECHANVEGECHAN Posts: 213Member
    kim hee sun looks the same to me.
    i know kang eun bi draws her little mole on her nose hahaha which is kinda interesting.

    a lot of these celebs probably just got eyelid surgery and lost weight.

    that's what i think at least.
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  • snoopisnoopi ****Posts: 165Member

    The first two.. Kim Hee Sun and Son Ye jin Definitely DID NOT Have SURGERY. I know that for a fact and its unfair to assume that because celebs look BETTER now so they've had surgery. image I don't know about the rest Kang eun bi just lost weight; its a bad photo, her face is swollen and she's squinting for goodness sake

    If someone posted pics of myself when I was younger and compared them now ppl would probably believe I had surgery on my nose and eyes because my nose is longer, smaller and higher & I have double eyelids now... ! image
  • beckiibeckii 한번뿐인 인생 이렇게 살수 없어. Posts: 4,668Member


    a lot of these ppl havent had surgery...but a lot have, and u can tell!! kim sun ah got something done to her eyes or sth, i cant really tell....possibly hyori had a boob job also...or mebbe she just grew up??
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  • charzzycharzzy :o SingaporePosts: 5,651Member
    some looks better after the surgery. but some.. looks the same. =x
  • chubzzychubzzy healing process Somewhere in my own fantasy world...Posts: 7,557Member
    not surprising that celebs will fix some thing about them.
    but some are really... WOW... WHAT A DIFFERENCE!
  • rosarosa Posts: 564Member
    boob jobs are quite common in korea now ^^ now that more skin is being showed, they are popping the boobies in. It's like double eye lid surgery---- so very common!
  • hunnyhunny Steady Pom PIPI! icelandPosts: 3,133Member
    hyori's all freakin natural!
    and i guess most of them just had eye surgery
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  • cammieecammiee Posts: 1,942Member


    wow some of them look really different
  • LovexMelodyLovexMelody californiaPosts: 683Member
    i always thought taht jun ji hyun was a natural
    i guess she was one of the big cases of plastic surgery...
  • swtgreenteaswtgreentea Posts: 533Friend of Soompi
    I don't think Hyori got boob job, I think she's all natural but I mean.. she did enter the enterainment business at a young age. So haven't even fully develop in some of those old pictures so yeah. image I highly doubt she did a boob job.
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  • KimmieKimmie Back in HwanHee's net ? TH&#39;s studio.Posts: 5,049Member
    I don't get why some people make plastic surgery a big deal.
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