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Andy Lee 앤디

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~the cute, hot singer/actor/mc...thread
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Our slogan: "This is an Andy thread, not a Shinhwa thread"

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Name : Andy Lee 앤디
Real Name: Lee Sun Ho 이선호
Occupation: Singer, Actor, MC
Birthdate: 1/21/81 (Real birthdate: 12/21/81)
Blood type: O
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 58 Kg
Debut: 1998 with group Shinhwa (SM Entertainment)
Awards: Popular Music Video Award 2004, SBS Singer Daesang Award 2004, Seoul Music Daesang Award 2004, 19th Golden Disk Bonsang Award 2004, SBS Music Popularity Award 2000
Talents/Hobbies: Piano, basketball, sports, dancing
Entertainment company: Good Entertainment (EMG)

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Lovers in Prague (SBS, 2005)
Official site

Banjun Drama (SBS, January 2005-August 2005 for Andy)
Official site (with X-Man)

[01-16-05] 1) Get That Girl - Andy/RyeoWon/Lee Hui Jae
[01-23-05] 2) The Suspicious Man - Andy/LeeJin/Lee Hui Jae
[01-30-05] 3) Bunjee Jump - Andy/YooMin/Lee Hui Jae
[02-06-05] NGs Special (Andy)
[02-13-05] 4) Today's Fortune - Andy/LeeJin/Lee Hui Jae
[02-20-05] 5) Cop Story - Andy/LeeJin/Lee Hui Jae
[02-27-05] 6) The Dangerous Bachelor - Andy/LeeJin/Lee Hui Jae
[03-06-05] 7) Yeoneu Nal Kapchagi - Andy/LeeJin/Lee Hui Jae
[03-13-05] 8} I Wish - Andy/LeeJin/Lee Hui Jae
[03-20-05] 9) Pianist - Andy/LeeJin/Lee Hui Jae
[03-27-05] 10) Inside Your Imagination - Andy/LeeJin/Lee Hui Jae
[04-03-05] 11) Sick Heart - Andy/LeeJin/Lee Hui Jae
[04-10-05] 12) Lie - Andy/LeeJin/Lee Hui Jae
[04-17-05] 13) Father & Son - Andy/LeeJin/Lee Hui Jae
[04-24-05] 14) Bad Girl - Andy/LeeJin/Lee Hui Jae
[05-01-05] 15) Vanishing Woman - Andy/LeeJin/Lee Hui Jae
[05-08-05] 16) Life Reversal - Andy/LeeJin/Lee Hui Jae
[05-15-05] 17) Her Secret - Andy/LeeJin/Lee Hui Jae
[05-22-05] 18} Cinderella Maker - Andy/LeeJin/Lee Hui Jae
[05-29-05] 19) Brothers - Andy/LeeJin/Lee Hui Jae
[06-05-05] 20) Non-Stop Thief - Andy/LeeJin/Lee Hui Jae
[06-12-05] 21) Gumiho - Andy/LeeJin/Lee Hui Jae
[06-19-05] 22) Sad Karma - Andy/LeeJin/Lee Hui Jae
[06-26-05] 23) Room Sounds - Andy/LeeJin/Lee Hui Jae
[07-03-05] 24) Marriage Stock Company - Andy/LeeJin/Lee Hui Jae
[07-10-05] 25) Searching for My Man - Andy/LeeJin/Sung Shi Kyung
[07-17-05] 26) My Love Paparazzi - Andy/LeeJin
[07-24-05] 27) She Wins - Andy/LeeJin
[07-31-05] No Banjun Drama aired
[08-07-05] Banjun Drama NG X-File Special
[08-14-05] 28) The Secret of the Yellow Rose - Andy/LeeJin/MC Mong (LAST ANDY BANJUN)

Credits to Banjun Drama Thread

NonStop 4 (MBC, September 2003-2004)
Official site

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Beautiful Sunday (SBS, August 2003-November 2003)

Inkigayo-Popular Song (SBS, June 2005-?)
Official site

Cohost-Park Hye Won (June 2005-October 23, 2005)
Temporary cohosts-ChaeYeon, Bin, Park Jung Ah, Ivy, Kim Dong Wan, SooJin
Cohost-Han Hyo Joo (November 2005-March 2006)
Cohost-Goo Hye Sun (April 2006-?)

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Beega-너이기 때문에...Everything (2004)

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2006-Ivyclub Summer (w/ Shinhwa)
2005-Ivyclub Winter (w/ Shinhwa)
2005-Kyochon Chicken (w/ Shinhwa)
2005-Aloe Bar
2005-Coca Cola (w/ Shinhwa)
2005-Rado Swiss Watch (w/ Shinhwa)
2004-Ivyclub Summer (w/ Shinhwa)
2004-Oh! Gamja!
2003-FRJ (w/ Shinhwa)

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Love Letter (SBS, 2004-?)
Official site

X-Man (SBS, 2003-?)
Official site (with Banjun Drama)

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Debut: 1998
Entertainment: SM Town Entertainment until 2003-2004, changed to Good Entertainment
Members: Andy (Rap), Eric (Leader, Rap), Lee Min Woo (Vocal), Kim Dong Wan (Vocal), Shin Hye Sung (Main vocal), Jun Jin (Rap, Vocal)
1st jib-해결사 (1998)
2nd jib-T.O.P. (1999)
3rd jib-Only One (2000)
4th jib-Hey, Come On! (No Andy) (2001)
5th jib-Perfect Man (2002)
6th jib-Wedding (December 2002)
7th jib-Brand New (2004)
8th jib-State of the Art (2006)

Official website

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Credit: Loving_D for organizing and designing
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