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Son Ho Young 손호영

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Son Ho Young (손호영)


Date of birth : March 26th, 1980
Physique: 177cm, 60kg
Education: Drama and cinema, Danguk Univ.
Family: Son Jung-Min, Actress & sister, Father, Mother
Hobbies: Tennis, Skiing, Basketball
Speciality: Sports, Dance, Rap


He was a member of popular group g.o.d, then returned as a solo artiste. His debut album ‘YES’ is said to have captured him in the most honest, pure and undiluted way: nothing but himself. The music video for the mid-tempo, funky title track, ‘YES’, showcases a perfect combination of Son’s unique voice and his boyish good looks. Son’s fans are sure to hail him as the new prince of K-pop.

Now he returns with his much-awaited second album Returns, mesmerising his fans once again with his killer smile. The singer again demonstrates his uncanny ability to embrace the current trends in mainstream music while also maintaining a respectful level of musicianship. Son, who was recently cast as the lead for the upcoming remake of the popular musical B-boy and Ballerina, has been effortlessly shifting from singing to acting to performing musical plays since the start of his solo career. However, the multi-talented star returns to his roots with his latest album. Ready to make an impact on the music charts, the album's principal track, 'I Know', is a trendy R&B medium-tempo number with powerful beats accompanied by a captivating mix of catchy piano riffs and sophisticated electronic sounds. Written by Son himself, the lyrics speak of one's agony preparing for an eventual breakup while still continuing to hang on to the last thread of hope. As an added bonus, the album cover, which encapsulates Son's sexy chic look, reveals a different image of the star when cut along the perforated lines of the page - a unique feature that's sure to please his fans.


* YES (1st album, 2006) : Kiss, Yes, Call Me 5500, 4U, Pleasant Imagination, Happy Virus, Gift, Confession

* Sweet Love (Single, 2007) : My Heart's In Heaven etc

* Returns (2nd album, 2008) : What Memory Is, I Know, To Hope (feat. Tim), More & More, In Front of Your House, Happy Day, Eyes, Nose, Mouth (feat. Ock Joo Hyun), When One Loves, Thorny Bush, Beautiful Day, Happy Life (feat. Tim)

* Lee Hyun Wook [EP 2008.11.18 : I Have Read to Wash (씻고 준비해야죠) feat Son Ho Young]
* SuHo [Single 2009.03.31 : Baby I Love U (feat. Son Ho Young)] 


* 2006.09.04 YES MV
* 2006.09.04 Love Bring Separation MV
* 2006.09.04 I Cry MV also as OST for movie The Old Garden
* 2006.09.04 Little Bag MV
* 2007.07.27 My Heart Is In Heaven MV
* 2008.10.09 I Know MV
* 2011.06.15 Donate My Birthday MV
* 2011.11.08 Pretty But Hateful (feat. Bizzy) Teaser | MV

* 2007.3.13 As One - Close To Me Again (with Son Ho Young) MV 
* 2008.12.18 Lee Hyun Wook - Getting ready to forget you (Duet Son Ho Young) MV
* 2009.02.05 Suho - Baby I Love U (Feat. Son Ho Young) MV
* 2009.05.11 Hye Ryoung - Why Am I Leaving (feat. Son Ho Young) MV
* 2009.05.19 Kim Tae Woo - Memories and Remembrance (feat. Joon Hyung, Ho Young, Danny) Teaser | MV
* 2010.07.12 Kim Jin Woo - Raining (feat. Son Ho Young) MV


Website | Twitter | Facebook 
Soompi : g.o.d | Acting

to be continue


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