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[us]♥ J U N Y ' S♥ {4/22} Clothing For Girls Of All Sizes S M L - Bags - Jewelry - Beauty /

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Major CLEARANCE! + Free shipping for orders over $20

MAJOR CLEARANCE! I am trying to clear most of my inventory =)

4/22: added 1 new earrings, 3 rings, 1 hairband, 1 bag, and 1 new top to NEW ARRIVALS section


Inspired by Korean fashion -- all our fashion merchandise come directly from Korea, Asia, and even right here in the USA. You will be able to find a variety of items here, including beauty items from famous Korean brands. Please note that we do not restock on many of our items, so once it's's gone for good. Fresh new arrivals come into our HQ and are uploaded here on soompi, so you're bound to find something that piques your interest!

Welcome to JUNY'S! {soompi shop thread} {survey thread}
*V* [+25, ~0, -0] on SOOMPI S&T **I have at least 100+ more whitelists but whitelist updates are slow**
***International customers, buy with confidence! I have shipped numerous packages outside of the US to international countries such as Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Germany, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, etc. No single problem to report so far!***
dude, i wish i could give this girl a million whitelists for the transaction we just had.
kept me updated every bit of the way, and she shipped super fast too.
lightning fast service & replies, and super nice. and very trustworthy
you won't be disappointed with her :)

Here to leave a positive mark because Juny definitely deserves it. Wish I could leave more than one because she has been incredibly helpful, even with things beyond our transaction.

Definitely treats customers with some amazing courtesy and respect. She's unbelievably helpful, honest, trustworthy and understanding, going beyond her role as a seller.

As for the items I bought, they're just as stated in their description. Questions of any kind can expect prompt answers and I absolutely love that items with free shipping only get charged the extra difference for international customers.

Most pleasing online shopping I've ever done, and I definitely look forward to my next transaction at Junys.

Thank you for such a great shopping experience :D :D :D

This is the BEST seller on soompi!!
1.She is friendly and caring with customers. A+ customer satisfaction. (+1)
2.Answers pm's ridiculously fast; Within 24-36hours! (+1)
3.She is reasonable with prices! I had a situation, she understood and lowered the price for me! (+1)
4.Her products are one of the best in the forum; updated daily, descriptively explained items and pictures are fabulous! (+1)
5.Shipping is so fast! It took approximately 2-4 days to get here! TX-->NY! (+1)
TOTAL: +5 STARS!! and this was my first transaction with her!
I've already put in a second transaction order! I can't wait for my items to get here!

This is my second transaction with her, and she is such a sweetheart and a kind seller! I was having problems with my mail, and PMed her about it, and she was very nice about keeping it safe~

so I just went through about 14 transaction (some of them are still ongoing) at once. (haha I like indulging myself in shopping sprees) and it helped me to compare and contrast different sellers. Most sellers I've worked with had no problems at all. I have been buying stuff from soompi since 2004 and I realized that soompiers are usually good, friendly business partners ;p.

But, I dislike whitelisting people unless there is something that really "wow-ed" me about their service. (haha it's something I've changed to recently b/c I used to whitelist everybody)

but juny really stood out to me. so here are my thoughts:

+ juny

responds to PMs ridiculously fast & it shipped fast as well

clothes are packaged really nicely/professionally - it was folded and neatly put in a bag. something which I really appreciated b/c I had a soompier that completely tried to stuff the package and I ended up ripping the cloth in the process of trying to open the package.

the clothes itself were of wonderful quality - they are completely true to her descriptions and are absolutely, and totally cute. I've gotten a lot of compliments about them already. hehe.

the willingness to be flexible and understanding - i wanted something else as a freebie that wasn't listed as part of the freebie and she gave it to me when she saw that what I wanted was pretty reasonable. also, when I had doubts about certain items, she helped me to solidify my decision to buy it by giving me extra descriptions. and I don't regret listening to her at all.

the gift that was added in without my knowledge was just an extra plus that made my day.

I definitely am planning to return to her store when I go another shopping spree. thanks for making the transaction so smooth & easy.


** Please, please, PLEASE read item descriptions. It helps. A lot. Not to mention it eliminates most questions.
** I have the right to refuse service to anyone who I find suspicious. I am pretty intuitive ;) I do check up on blacklists regularly, so please be honest. I will be honest with you.
** Free shipping only applies within the US
** Selling since 2006 on soompi
** I ship from the United States!
** I accept PayPal and well-concealed USD cash. I am not responsible for lost cash in the mail. If you are sending more than $30 in cash, please make a money order or divide the cash in 2 separate envelopes. I strongly recommend PP.
** Please send payment within 3 days after confirmation!
** I ship within the US, Canada, and also to international countries
** I update buyers on their status via PM. I am too busy to maintain a status thread, so I utilize soompi's PM system due to its efficiency. I will PM you to confirm your order, PM you when I receive your payment, and PM you when I ship it off. You can also contact me at shopjunys {at} gmail {dot} com.
** I ship via USPS First Class Mail or Priority...if you want a different delivery option, please let me know!
** SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED in the price -- BUT the more you buy, the bigger the discount. Don't hesitate to ask me for a shipping quote before placing an order! Just provide me with your zipcode in this thread & I'll PM you.
** Do remember that the shipping charge not only covers postage but helps to cover packaging materials, fuel charges, boxes, and labels. Please understand in that aspect :)
** I DO NOT ship first, even in a trade. I recently had a bad experience with this...
** I am not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen packages. I can provide you with post office receipt upon request, I keep every single one of my post office receipts.
** No backing out once you PM me your address as confirmation, or you will be blacklisted
** All sales are final. No refunds, exchanges and returns. If item was damaged upon arrival, please PM me with a CLEAR picture of the damage, and I will give you store credit (amount depends on severity of damage/defect). I cannot refund money.
** I do not honor any trades for new items at this time, but will consider trades for used items

[b]Soompi ID:[/b]<br />
[b]Item(s):[/b]<br />
[b]Total Price (w/o shipping):[/b]<br />
[b]Payment Method[/b] (CC/MO/PP)[b]:[/b]<br />
[b]Zipcode, Location:[/b]<br />
[b]E-mail:[/b]<br />
[b]Buyerlisted/whitelisted?:[/b]<br />
[b]Blacklisted?:[/b]<br />
[b]Tracking # (FREE for US PP buyers or orders over &#036;10, not available for international)?:[/b] <br />
[b]Insurance (starting at &#036;1.75 and up)?:[/b]<br />
[b]Comments:[/b]	  <br />


Tassel Hardware Hobo Bag
[alternate view]
[back view]
[alternate view]
[alternate view]
AVAILABLE IN TAN & BROWN Supple faux leather hobo bag with gold hardware, sturdy straps, and tassel cords with wooden beads. Zipper compartment and cellphone pouches inside. Stylish with plenty of room to throw everything in! Height: 19", length: 12.3", width: 14.5" Price: $25 shipped

Missing Bike Top
[detail view]
BRAND NEW-- Size M. Freesize, meant as a loose fit. From Korea. Price: $15

Candy Heart Earrings
AVAILABLE in GREEN, BLUE, RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, OR PINK BRAND NEW-- Cute, playful, glittery earrings! Price: $1 each

Stone Bow Ring
[detail view]
[back view]
BRAND NEW-- Size adjustable. Price: $5

Bouquet Crochet Ring
[cream color]
[pink color]
AVAILABLE IN CREAM, MINT, OR PINK BRAND NEW-- Size adjustable. Price: $4

Shooting Star Ring
[alternate view]
BRAND NEW-- Size adjustable. Price: $5

Agabear Hairband
[back view]
BRAND NEW-- From Korea. Price: $7

Exquisite Metal Rose Earrings
AVAILABLE IN RED, WHITE, BLACK, PINK, BLUE, PURPLE, GOLD, SILVER, FUCHSIA BRAND NEW-- Rose earrings add a final touch of femininity to your outfit. Delicately, beautifully designed and quality made with metal. Steel post & butterfly stud backing. Price: $5 $1

Multi-tier Black Ruffle Chiffon Dress
[detail view]
[alternate view]
[alternate view]
Size Medium, BRAND NEW. FROM KOREA. Black. Has lining inside. Chiffon. Price: $21 $10

Sleeveless Ruffle Layering Dress
[detail view]
[alternate view]
[alternate view]
^NOT the same skirt, just example of how you can layer
2 1 IN STOCK Size Small~Medium (onesize), BRAND NEW. FROM KOREA. White with multi-color checkered bottom. Cotton. Price: $12 $3 1. bloopidybloot 2.

Checkered Print Smocked Blouse Dress
[detail view]
[alternate view]
Size Medium, BRAND NEW. FROM KOREA. Black & White. Material: Cotton. Price: $23 $10

Knit Wool Puff Sleeve Dress with Suede Satin Pin Ornament
[alternate view]
[detail view]
[detail view]
***ACTUAL PRODUCT IS GRAY; BEIGE IS EXAMPLE PICTURE*** Onesize (Small~Medium), BRAND NEW. FROM KOREA. Knit wool. Price: $21 $10

Belle Blue Dress with Princess Chiffon Sleeves
[detail view]
Size Medium/Large, BRAND NEW. FROM KOREA. Chiffon & cotton. Price: $20 $10

Two Tone Dress Vers. II
Free size, BRAND NEW. Simple yet unique two-tone solid color dress with stylish pouches on waist and chest. Armpit to armpit: 17.5", length: 33", sleeve length: 23". Price: $12 $3
SOLD to jenkimmy

Cowlneck Polka Dot Dress, Long-sleeved Version
[alternate view]
Size Small/Medium, BRAND NEW. Wool-like cowlneck dress with polka dot top and solid bottom hem. Attached fabric long-sleeves & button accent on cowlneck. So comfortably cozy yet chic! Armpit to armpit: 16.25", length: 33.4", sleeve length: 24". Price: $20 $10

Flying Without Wings Top
Size Small, BRAND NEW. White boatneck top with pink graphic design on front. Price: $7 $3

Sweet Character Graphic Print Boatneck Tunic Top
[detail view]
[alternate view]
[alternate view]
[detail view]
AVAILABLE IN PINK & GRAY Freesize (Size Small~Medium, roomy fit), BRAND NEW. FROM KOREA.
Cotton. PRICE: $18 $10

Graphic Model Print Long-sleeved Top
[detail view]
[alternate view]
[alternate view]
2 1 IN STOCK Size Small/Medium, BRAND NEW. FROM KOREA. Beige. Cotton. Price: $16 $10

Heathered Green Roundneck Striped Long-sleeved Top
[alternate view]
[detail view]
Size Medium, BRAND NEW. FROM KOREA. Heathered Green. Cotton. Price: $12 $4
As worn by misogirly:

Attached Three-piece Striped Long-Sleeved Top with Beading
[detail view]
[alternate view]
[alternate view]
Size Small/Medium, BRAND NEW. FROM KOREA. Brown & White. Price: $18 $10

Heathered Boatneck Cuff Tab Sleeve Sweater
[detail view]
[alternate view]
[alternate view]
2 IN STOCK Size Medium/Large, BRAND NEW. FROM KOREA. Light Gray. Polyester. Price: $15 $10


Pocket Roll-up Cuff Tab Sweater
[detail view]
[alternate view]
[alternate view]
Size Medium/Large (freesize, roomy fit), BRAND NEW. FROM KOREA. Hot Pink. 100% Cotton. Price: $15 $10

[detail view]
[back view]
Size Small, BRAND NEW. From Asia. This bling-bling tee is filled with eye-catching rhinestones and catchy phrases. Contrast stitching & cap sleeves. Price: $12 $4

Silky Satin Kitty Tunic
SIZE SMALL, 2 1 MEDIUM & LARGE IN STOCK BRAND NEW-- This is absolutely adorable and such great quality! With a silk-like satin texture, cream-colored stitched cat design on front side, and thick stitching detail on neckline and sleeves make this a one of a kind tunic. Also has separate lining inside. Small measurements (please estimate other sizes based on this measurement -- will not be taking measurement requests) --] Armpit to armpit: 18.25", length: 31". 60% POLYESTER 40% COTTON. Price: $15 $9
Hi! My name is juny, and I love film & acting.


  • junyjuny 샤방샤방☆ Posts: 2,086Friend of Soompi
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    Plaid Tunic With Cropped Jean Vest
    [back view]
    [detail view]
    SIZE SMALL, 2 1 MEDIUM & LARGE IN STOCK BRAND NEW-- Stylish and kfashion style red/green plaid tunic with attached mini denim vest, denim-trimmed front pockets, and rounded bottom hem. Denim vest has satin straps. 100% COTTON. Price: $14 $9

    Girly Smocked Vintage Tunic
    [unbelted view]
    Size Small, BRAND NEW. Brown tunic with vintage-style floral print & button-up smocked bust. Can be worn on or off-shoulder. Armpit to armpit: 11.5", length: 31", sleeve length: 24". ***Black turtleneck top not included*** Price: $14 $3

    Nick & Jessica Sweetheart Sweater
    AVAILABLE IN GRAY/BLACK & CREAM/MINT Size Small, BRAND NEW. Adorable sweater with soft fuzzy heart design on front and button decorations on shoulders. Cream-- Armpit to armpit: 15.75", length: 20", sleeve: 25.5". Gray-- Armpit to armpit: 14.5", length: 20.25", sleeve: 26". ***Gray one has tiny pinhole on armpits, practically unnoticeable*** Price: $13 $4
    CREAM/MINT SOLD TO mrstrawberribunni

    Satin Ruffle Blouse
    [detail view]
    [alternate view]
    [alternate view]
    1 MOCHA 1 BLACK IN STOCK Freesize, BRAND NEW. Absolutely gorgeous satin halfway buttonup blouse with chiffon ruffles on bust. Armpit to armpit: 17.25", length: 24.5", sleeve length: 24.5". 100% POLYESTER Price: $20 $7
    BLACK - SOLD to muggai_1

    Cozy Red Knit Sweater
    [alternate view]
    Size Small/Medium. Can you say adorable to the max? This is THE sweater to wear this winter! Thick knitted and warm, not flimsy. Short-sleeved sweater with single button collar and festive winter woven pattern. Would look great with leather boots or uggs. Armpit to armpit: 17" (stretchy), length: 25.2". Price: $18 $9

    Knit V-neck Sweater
    3 2 IN STOCK Size Small/Medium, BRAND NEW. Simple yet stylish. Khaki v-neck short-sleeve sweater that is great for layering and still keeps you warm. Its loose fit is great for pairing this sweater with a tight turtleneck top underneath. Armpit to armpit: 20.5", length: 23.25", bottom width: 15.5". Price: $14 $4

    Regard Caressant Satin Bow Top
    3 2 IN STOCK From Japanese brand, Regard Caressant. Size Small, [/b]BRAND NEW WITH TAG.[/b] Long-sleeve gathered empire-waist top in a lux magenta color, complete with laced square neckline & satin bow. Armpit to armpit: 16" (stretchy), length: 22.5". Price: $16 $6

    Pretty Girl Top
    [alternate view]
    2 1 AVAILABLE IN PINK & YELLOW Size Small, BRAND NEW. Slim fit tee with three-button accent on neckline, double-layered raw edge hem, and "pretty girls" design print on front. From popular brand Jack & Jill in Korea. Looks very cute with a pair of jeans and a big chunky belt! Bust: 30", length: 20". 100% COTTON. Price: $12 $2

    Smoldering Flames Cardigan Wrap
    [alternate view]
    Forever 21 brand. Size Small, BRAND NEW WITH TAGS. Short-sleeve long cardigan wrap with fashionably bold smoldering flame print & asymmetrical draping bottom hem. Shirring on back collar. Price: $15 $4

    Cropped Wrap Cardigan
    Size Small, LIKE NEW. Black cropped cardigan with 3/4 sleeves & long wrap hem that can be worn down or tied. Very cozy. 63% POLYESTER 34% RAYON 3% SPANDEX. Price: $10 $3
    Hi! My name is juny, and I love film & acting.
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    Pink Knit Belted Cardigan Wrap Sweater
    [alternate view]
    [detail view]
    Size Medium, BRAND NEW. FROM KOREA. Pink. Cotton & polyester blend. Price: $22 $10
    SOLD to flyingcupcakes

    Gray Knit Belted Cardigan Wrap Sweater
    [back view]
    [detail view]
    Size Medium, BRAND NEW. FROM KOREA. Gray. Cotton & Polyester blend. Price: $22 $10

    Black Satin Double Breasted Jacket
    [detail view]
    [alternate view]
    Size Medium, BRAND NEW. FROM KOREA. Color Black. Satin. Price: $34 $12

    Knit Argyle Cardigan
    [alternate view]
    Size Small, BRAND NEW. Gray knit cropped cardigan with 3/4 sleeves & classic argyle pattern. 82% COTTON 18% SPANDEX. ***Modeled together with CrissCross Belt -- sold separately*** Price: $15 $5

    Pleated Tie Cardigan From Korea
    2 1 IN STOCK, BLUE AND GREEN Size Small (can fit Medium), BRAND NEW! GORGEOUS knit wrap cardigan w/ waist tie, pleated bottom & sleeve detail, and small pouch pockets. Perfect for layering for the upcoming fall & winter. Length: 23", bust: 34 " from armpit to armpit, unstretched. ***White blouse underneath not included*** Price: $22 $8
    BLUE sold to agenth

    Bat Sleeve Hoodie Tracksuit
    [modeled view]
    [modeled view view]
    2 AVAILABLE IN BLACK & GRAY Size Small, BRAND NEW. Set of hoodie & shorts. Comfortable enough for lounging around at home or working out. Bat-sleeve zip-up hoodie with matching shorts. Similar style as seen on Son Dambi in her debut drama "Dream". Hoodie-- length: 20.75", waist: 15.25". Shorts-- length: 14.5" Price: $18 $3

    GRAY -- p01ntl3ss, BLACK -- PENDING to Joisushi

    SNSD-style White Skinny Jeans
    [alternate view]
    Silver Diva brand. Size 3, in like new condition. 96% COTTON 4% LYCRA. Price: $15 $5

    Stonewash Vintage-style Jeggings -- Available in Blue & Black
    [front view]
    [modeled view]
    [modeled view]
    [detail view]
    [front view]
    [detail view]
    [alternate view]
    [modeled view]
    [modeled view]
    [measurement chart]
    BLUE -- AVAILABLE IN SIZE 26 & 28, BLACK -- AVAILABLE IN SIZE 27 From Korean brand Avril, Est. 1977. Stone-wash faded jegging skinnies with a vintage look. Looks just like denim but feels so comfortable like leggings! Infused with quality spandex. Unique back pocket stitched design. 100% COTTON. Price: $27 $12 for BLUE, $26 $12 for BLACK

    BLUE, 26 - PENDING to bunny-chan, BLACK - PENDING to bunny-chan

    Purple Striped Pocket Skirt
    [in stock photo coming soon]
    AVAILABLE IN SIZE SMALL & MEDIUM Miley Cyrus & Max Azria (BCBG) brand. BRAND NEW-- Casual cotton jersey skirt with two front patch pockets & smocked waistband. Length: 13" from waist to hem. Price: $7 shipped $5 shipped (within US) (returning buyer discount doesn't apply)

    Ribbon Bow Stirrup Leggings
    [detail view]
    [alternate view]
    Thick and great quality stirrup leggings that looks so stylish with ballet flats. Adorable ribbon bow print adds a dash of chic! Price: $14 $5

    Over the Knee Two-Tone Socks
    [alternate view]
    [detail view]
    BRAND NEW-- Dark purple and black two-toned over the knee/thigh high socks from Japan. Great quality. Price: $12 $5
    PENDING to bunny-chan

    Salmon Pink Cotton Skirt
    [detail view]
    Size Medium, BRAND NEW. Korean brand Jack & Jill. Salmon pink cotton skirt with pleated pocket detail, zip-fly button closure, and ruffle bottom hem. Perfect for the upcoming spring! Hits mid-thigh or little above knee depending on height. Waist: 73 cm. Price: $12 $2
    1. SOLD to payopayo 2.

    Hollister Totebag
    [detail view]
    BRAND NEW-- Super cute Hollister tote bag! THE perfect bag for this spring/summer! The bag features the seagull logo with canvas straps and beautiful floral leaf fabric print. Rare! Spring/Summer 2010 collection. Price: $22 shipped $10

    Teal Quilted Shoulder Bag
    [detail view]
    [inside view]
    [modeled view]
    Forever 21
    brand. BRAND NEW-- Compact and stylish, this faux leather shoulder bag features diamond-quilted shapes with brushed metal hardware. Chain links add style to the adjustable shoulder strap while the back features a zippered compartment. Hidden magnetic snap-button. Price: $15 $10 SOLD

    Grommeted Faux Leather Bag
    [alternate view]
    Forever 21 brand. BRAND NEW-- A highly grommeted faux leather bag featuring a drawstring, optional/removable shoulder straps, and a spacious interior. Interior zip and wall pockets. 19.5" H (short handles incl), 38" (shoulder strap incl) x 14" L x 8 " W. 100% SHELL PVC. Price: $15 $8

    ~~~NECKLACE (one necklace flat rate of $1, 2+ flat rate of $2)
    Faux Pearl Choker Necklace
    [detail view]
    BRAND NEW-- Beautiful faux leather necklace from Asia. Lobster clasp closure. Price: $8 $1

    Rocking Horse Pendant Suede Necklace
    [alternate view]
    [in stock photo]
    2 1 BLACK & 2 BROWN IN STOCK BRAND NEW-- Whimsical metal rocking horse pendant with suede double-string necklace. Price: $8 $2

    ~~~EARRING (one earring flat rate of $1, 2+ flat rate of $2)
    Silver Starfish Earrings
    [in stock photo]
    4 IN STOCK BRAND NEW-- Romantic silver starfish earrings. Size: 1.9x1.9cm. Price: $6 $2

    Eiffel Tower Star Earrings
    [in stock photo]
    3 1 IN STOCK BRAND NEW-- Golden Eiffel Tower earrings with stars. Price: $7 $1
    1. APXIII 2. SOLD 3. PENDING to AlyM37

    ~~~RING (one ring flat rate of $1, 2+ flat rate of $2)

    Hi! My name is juny, and I love film & acting.
  • junyjuny 샤방샤방☆ Posts: 2,086Friend of Soompi
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    ~~~RING (one ring flat rate of $1, 2+ flat rate of $2)
    Crystal Starfish Ring
    [alternate view]
    [in stock photo]
    3 2 IN STOCK BRAND NEW-- Beautiful crystal-studded double starfish ring. Starfish size 2.1 cm, approx US size 7.5, material: crystal & alloy. Price: $7 $2
    1. SOLD 2. 3.
    As worn by misogirly:

    Chunky Knit Long Ring Muffler
    [detail view]
    [alternate view]
    ONLY BLUE LEFT!!!, ROSE, FUCHSIA, PALE BLUE, CREAM, BLACK, MULTICOLOR, AND BRIGHT PALE YELLOW BRAND NEW-- Handmade beautiful and super warm chunky knit ring muffler that wounds generously around 3 times. As seen on numerous celebrities (such as Kim Taehee, Park Shinhye, Song Hyegyo, Jung Ryeowon, Han Yeseul to name a few) and in dramas (You Are Beautiful, Iris, Will It Snow on Christmas?, etc.) this winter! Hit item and a warm, stylish piece to complement any outfit.About 7" wide and 78" long all around. Price: $15 $8
    ROSE -- resa_massu; PALE BLUE -- pure.sophiestication FUCHSIA -- pure.sophiestication; BLACK - sshu1yah; MULTICOLOR - opalineskies; PALE YELLOW -- fly heart

    Sheer Chiffon Scarf Series last one left!
    {Juny's note: These scarves are so pretty! As layering is always in during colder seasons, this is the perfect accessory to complete your outfit.}
    [in stock photo]
    Plum and Light Purple Layered Combo (2 separate fringed scarves) -- must purchase together
    BRAND NEW-- Price: $12 $2
    SOLD to unbelievable

    ~~~WATCH (one watch flat rate of $2, 2+ flat rate of $3)
    Candy Color Black Outline Watch
    [alternate view]
    CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN 10 COLORS BLUE, GREEN, PURPLE, YELLOW, PINK, ORANGE, ROSE PINK, RED, WHITE, AND GRAY BRAND NEW-- Simple can make a statement. Case in point, this watch! With a black, faceted bezel and textured watch band, this watch will surely stand out and complement your outfit at the same time. And with a pleasing variety of rich colors, it'll be hard to choose just one! Take your pick (or two)! Japan Quartz movement. Quality PU leather. Price: $13 $9
    As modeled by fuzkittie: (skip to 22:38 to see review)
    As modeled by fuzkittie(2): (skip to 5:23)

    Minimalist Watch
    [alternate view]
    [alternate view]
    [modeled view]
    [detail view of black strap]
    [in stock photo]
    PLEASE NOTE THAT BATTERIES MAY NOT BE WORKING. IN THAT CASE YOU WILL HAVE TO ADD A NEW BATTERY AVAILABLE IN 8 COLORS: *NEW COLORS, BLACK/PINK & BLACK/BLUE*, WHITE, BLACK, YELLOW, GREEN, PINK, AND BLUE BRAND NEW! White metal watch with PU leather strap. Japan-made movement and stainless steel back. We really like this watch for its "no frills" clean and minimal design. Price: $12 $8 **WHITE WATCH WITH WHITE RING ON SALE FOR $10 $7 FOR A LIMITED TIME**
    As modeled by Shirley from shirleyang211:
    As modeled by Shirley from shirleyang211 (2):
    As modeled by Shirley from shirleyang211 (3):

    Double Strap Watch
    [modeled view]
    [modeled view2]
    4 PINK & BLACK BRAND NEW! Braided double strap watch w/ adjustable holes. Very good quality, Japan movement. Price: $13 $9
    As modeled by Jen from frmheadtotoe:
    BLACK - PENDING to re.loaded

    Skinny Gold Watch
    Shiny rectangular watch face with attractive gold strap. Japan movement. Price: $9

    Pink Bracelet Watch
    *Please see blemishes on back of watch near hinge* Pink metal bracelet watch. Japan movement. Price: $3

    Red Paul Frank Watch
    [alternate view]
    BRAND NEW-- Playful oversized Paul Frank watch in bright red. Price: $12 $6

    Pink Crystal Heart Necklace Watch
    BRAND NEW-- Adorable crystal-studded heart watch pendant necklace. Rotating feature. Sturdy quality chain. Serves as a fashionable accessory to complete outfit!
    Quartz Movement
    Measurements-- Diameter of watch dial: 3.5cm, length of the chain: 69cm, thickness of the watch: 0.7cm
    Price: $16 $7
    1. Edith 2. SOLD

    Big Floral Sketch Watch
    [alternate view]
    2 1 WHITE & PINK IN STOCK BRAND NEW- Refreshing big watch with flower-etched face and faux leather strap. This looks really pretty in real life!
    Quart Movement
    Measurements-- Dial diameter: 4.3cm, length: 22cm, width of strap: 2cm, thickness of the dial: 0.8cm
    Price: $13 $7
    WHITE -- PENDING to happimexd

    Hello Kitty Stainless Steel Watch *RESTOCKED*
    [in stock photo]
    2 1 AVAILABLE IN SILVER AND PINK BRAND NEW-- Selling both watches in picture. Japan movement, stainless steel back. Chain links seem to be made with some sort of lightweight titanium. Price: $13 $6
    SILVER -- esperanza, rachelcakes!

    Hot Pink Leather Belt
    Gap brand. Size Medium, LIKE NEW. Hot pink leather belt with double holes & polished metal buckle. I'm iffy about selling this b/c it's one of my favorite belts. If it doesn't sell within a short period, I'm just going to put it down b/c I don't want to part with it >< Price: $10 $3

    Double Strap Leather Belt
    [in stock photo]
    [modeled view]
    DARK BROWN & 2 1 TAN AVAILABLE BRAND NEW-- Onesize. Man-made leather. Unique double strap belt with decorative metal ring. Length: approx. 42.5" (incl. buckle), width: approx. 1", buckle: 1.6 x 1.6", waist size: 30.7-36.6". Price: $15 $7
    DARK BROWN -- 1. babyface_o1 2. SOLD; TAN -- 1. SOLD 2.

    Cord-knit Pom Pom Beanie
    [alternate view]
    [modeled view]
    [in stock photo]
    ONLY PINK AVAILABLE BRAND NEW-- Playful cord-knit cotton beanie with pom pom end. Approx. 8x7.5". Pink slightly lighter than picture. Price: $9 $2

    Studded Heart-Shaped Earphones
    [alternate view]
    alternate view]
    Price: $10 $5

    Polka Dotted Mickey Mouse Earphones
    [alternate view]
    [alternate view]
    Price: $10 $5

    Baby Pink Embroidery Hairband
    [alternate view]
    Forever 21 brand. Like new! Hippie floral chic cotton fabric hairband with elastic scrunchie at bottom. Price: $4 $1

    Tweed Headband
    [modeled view]
    In like new condition! Magenta color preppy tweed headband from JCrew. Price: $4 $1

    Colorful Scissor Print Suspenders
    Freesize, BRAND NEW. Stretchy black suspenders with colorful scissor print. Adjustable straps. Price: $10 $3

    Metal Star Bra Strap
    Sexy and girly chain-linked metal bra strap w/ two rhinestone-studded stars. Little lobster clasps allow you to adjust the strap length. Price: $7 $1

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  • junyjuny 샤방샤방☆ Posts: 2,086Friend of Soompi
    edited July 2012

    Hello Kitty Lanyard
    [detail view]
    BRAND NEW-- Great for cellphones, digital cameras, Nintendo DS's, and more! Angelic pink Hello Kitty lanyard strap. Never have to drop your precious gadget again! Great gift for friends or as party favors too! Price: $5 $2

    Morning Glory Mini White Out Roller
    BRAND NEW IN PACKAGE-- Morning glory brand. Mini size white out tape roller. Price: $2 $1

    Extendable Mini Tripod for Digital Camera *RESTOCKED*
    ALWAYS IN STOCK TRIPOD WILL LOOK SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT FROM PICTURE BUT VERY SIMILAR Mini travel size tripod for Sony, Nikon, Canon digital cameras. Also works for any digital and video camera with tripod socket. For you aspiring photographers, now you don't have to lug a huge tripod everywhere you go. Just slip this tiny tripod into your purse, and you're ready for any spontaneous photoshoot! Features include: 360 degree rotatable head, side screw to tighten head, and 3 extendable legs. Great for any camera lover or as a gift! Size: (L) 13.8 x (W) 2.4 cm, max length: 19.3 cm. Price: $4 $2
    1. x_fallen_ang3Lx 2. pure.sophiestication 3. ju-hsin 4. d00lie 5. misplaced 6. SOLD 7. PEARLeffects 8. bbluv 9. agenth 10. squishyxpd 11. mochi-love 12. baaby01 13. kyttiesakura 14. B1u_Crystal_Ice 15. OhMina 16. juanna 17. iamstacey 18. iamstacey 19. amioneichan 20. kawaiiheart 21. haelights 22. ForgottenReason 23. -icEcReaMz- 24. cpx3s0ul 25. PENDING to bunny-chan

    Fishbone Earphone Cord Wrap
    AVAILABLE IN 7 COLORS (PICTURES MAY NOT SHOW ALL COLORS); BLUE PINK LIME GREEN RED WHITE BLACK MAGENTA BRAND NEW-- Don't you guys hate it when you're digging through your backpack or purse for your iPod, mp3 player, or cellphone earphone cords, and you find it all tangled up? This little silicone fishie solves your problem, enabling to wrap your cord around its body! Keep your cords manageable and neat. Washable. Price: $1 each

    Figure Earphone Cord Wrap *RESTOCKED!*
    AVAILABLE IN 5 COLORS (PICTURES MAY NOT SHOW ALL COLORS); 3 BLUE 3 2 PINK 3 RED 3 WHITE 3 BLACK BRAND NEW-- Don't you guys hate it when you're digging through your backpack or purse for your iPod, mp3 player, or cellphone earphone cords, and you find it all tangled up? This little silicone guy solves your problem, enabling to wrap your cord around his mouth and legs "in pain" :P Keep your cords manageable and neat. Washable. Price: $1 each 1 PINK PENDING to AlyM37

    Tiny Espresso Cup Set
    -- receive 1 cup 1 dish per set
    Ever wish you could decorate your room with one of a kind pieces? This tiny cup set is a princess-perfect feature to have in your room or to give as a gift to a friend. I am a super picky person and very particular about the quality & details, so rest assured that these are not some cheapo sets sloppily painted. Cup is approx 1.5" high. For decorative use only, not actual foodware. ***Teapot is not up for sale*** Price: $15 $9

    Old-school K-Pop & American Pop Cassette Collections All in mint collection!
    K-pop Compilation Hits from 1999 Price: $3 SOLD
    H.O.T. Fifth(?) Album I-Yah! 1999? Price: $6 SOLD
    Jennifer Lopez First Album 1999? Price: $4 $3

    K-pop CDs - DBSG, Fly to the Sky, S.E.S., Tim, Clay Aiken, Harry Potter Soundtrack
    Tim 1st album - $5 $4
    DBSG 1st & S.E.S. 3rd - $4 each $3
    Clay Aiken Measure of a Man - $5 $4
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  • patiepatie Cali =OPosts: 314Member
    edited June 2007
    for the emo glasses
    can you give me more details on them?
    like how big is it?
    is it really wide?
    measurement please? >.<

    thanks TiNGxx2
    ii didn't see that even though ii stare at it for so long >.<

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  • flyxme.flyxme. ???????? Posts: 6,750Member


    ^ it's stated in the picture image
    sorry for the spam! i just had the urge to do that...

  • SerioniiSerionii California(:Posts: 2,516Friend of Soompi
    edited June 2007
    Name: Sarah
    Item(s): Webcam
    Total Price: $10.00
    Payment Method: Concealed Cash
    Location: California, USA
    E-mail address:

    Is there a microphone in this?
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  • absolutelyboredxabsolutelyboredx Posts: 911Friend of Soompi

    Name: Tiffany
    Item(s): Black Emo Eyeglasses
    Total Price: 14$
    Payment Method: Concealed Cash
    Location: NY
    E-mail address:
  • rainbow_nonstoprainbow_nonstop Love is.... NYPosts: 4,120Friend of Soompi
    BIG HIT! Emo Glasses from GMarket
    -$14 shipped each

    Veo Stingray Webcam

    PLEASE PM M!!!
  • x1buckybabeyx1buckybabey GTAPosts: 2,429Member


    BIG HIT! Emo Glasses from GMarket
    -selling black & white emo glasses!<3
    -bought from another soompier, it's soo cute but unfortunately it doesn't match my face shape
    -brand new, still inside plastic wrap
    -comes with glass case and wiping cloth
    -$14 shipped each

    Interested in the Black one!
    may you provide your own pictures?
    as in proof you have it ^^

    image image
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  • PEARLeffectsPEARLeffects ♥ y o U-kiss Me on FiRE ♥ Posts: 4,510Friend of Soompi
    Veo Stingray Webcam

    product description: The Veo Stingray has been designed with first time camera users in mind, providing everything the user needs right out of the box. A streamlined software installation process and step-by-step instruction manual get things started quickly and easily. Within minutes, the user is able to send video e-mails, take digital snapshots, organize photos and catalog images. Videophone calls and web casting are also made easy through simple-to-use software technology. Ease of use continues with advanced features like automatic color control, iris control, white balance, contrast enhancement, and noise reduction. Performance features like 352 x 288 pixel CMOS sensor, vivid 24-bit true color and a high-quality optical lens provide a low-cost, high-quality camera experience.

    -comes with installation CD
    -used, but in really good condition
    -$10 shipped

    ^ interested.....

    is the quality good? and does a microphone come with it?

    pls pm me.

    thanks :]
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  • thisSHORTYthisSHORTY CAPosts: 600Friend of Soompi
    Item(s): Black emo glasses
    Total Price:$14 shipped
    Payment Method:cc
    Location:SF, CA
  • lilatlbabishortililatlbabishorti Atl, GAPosts: 443Member
    edited July 2007
    are the emo glasses compatible with prescription lenses? and are the lenses able to take out? XD
  • m012m012 Posts: 333Member
    are the white em glasses pure white?
    cause in the picture, they look they're of a cream color.

    will you please get back to me on this?
  • sunasuna Posts: 419Member
    edited July 2007
    Name: Suna
    Item(s): black emos image
    Total Price: $14
    Payment Method: Concealed Cash
    Location: PA
    E-mail address: can i pm?

    thanks! image
  • ansem975ansem975 Posts: 42Member

    Name: Brandon
    Item(s): white gmarket emo
    Total Price: 14
    Payment Method: paypal
    Location: honolulu, HI
    E-mail address
  • junyjuny 샤방샤방☆ Posts: 2,086Friend of Soompi
    edited August 2010
    reserved space
    Hi! My name is juny, and I love film & acting.
  • lovdlovd NJPosts: 233Member


    Name: Kim
    Item: Veo Stingray Webcam
    Total Price $10+?
    Payment Method: Concealed Cash
    Location: NJ, USA

    ++I really REALLY want this webcam, but it seems there's competition for it. PM me with their offers, because I'm willing to pay more. =)
  • junyjuny 샤방샤방☆ Posts: 2,086Friend of Soompi
    edited August 2010

    Benefit Benetint
    These are Benetints that were leaked during shipping due to poor packaging >< I'm going to be sending these out randomly (I don't take specific # requests labeled in picture) because they are all mixed up. These are anywhere from 3/4 or a little less than 3/4 full. The bottle itself is not leaking. I'll wipe any stains dried on the bottle before shipping :) Great opportunity to try Benetint at a bargain price!
    Price: $12 shipped
    *Returning buyer discount does not apply*

    Benefit Posietint
    NEW IN BOX-- *May have light scratches on the bottle, but this allows me to sell at lower than retail price*
    So the deal on why I'm selling this for so cheap is, it seems like the texture is no longer liquid but more of a "gel/putty" texture. It was the very last few I had in stock, and so it is a bit old. So I'm assuming the texture changed. The blush is still true to color. This is an awesome deal to try authentic Benefit items at a super low price if you don't mind the conditions given above.

    Another beauty hit from Benefit, after the cult favorite Benetint!
    What it is: A poppy-tinted lip and cheek stain.
    What it does: Benefit's Posietint is a petal-pink stain that plants a kiss of see-through tint on cheeks and lips.
    With hours of smudge-proof, just-picked perfection, you'll be the prettiest bloom in the bunch!

    Price: $8 shipped (Retail price: $30 incl. tax)
    *Returning buyer discount does not apply*

    Benefit Sugarbomb Blush
    BRAND NEW IN BOX-- As you can see, they are badly damaged - they were damaged while in shipping. It's such a waste to throw this away, and perhaps for those of you who don't mind that the pigments are crushed (you're supposed to swirl all four colors together anyways) it'll be an extremely good opportunity to try Benefit's newest box blush. They will of course come with the brush. Retails for like $30 with tax at Sephora.
    Price: $3 for partially crushed blush & $1 for fully crushed blush (shipping will be $2)
    *Returning buyer discount does not apply* Partially crushed -- SOLD to memoire

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