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Ha Ji Won 하지원



  • niknokdagu425niknokdagu425 Posts: 872Member


    edited February 2011
    db31e1a5.jpglife1-1C-2.jpglife1-1C-1.jpgi really wish someone can upload this drama.LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL/BEAUTIFUL LIFE

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  • seemaseema Posts: 258Member


    edited February 2011 all jiwon's die hard fans in this beautiful thread. I'm a new member to join the club. Started admiring her after secret garden.WOW! she gave a solid performance in the SE GA series. She somehow kinda similar to that badass girl from IRIS, Kim So Yeon, when acting stunt. I'm still in the process of backtracking jiwon's old dramas and movies. And know what....until now, I'm still wondering why I'm so late in knowing her. She's so awesome, amazing and great warrior in DAMO and DUELIST while in LOVE SO DIVINE,DADDY LONG LEG, REVERSAL OF FORTUNE, MY LOVE BY MY SIDE, BABO, SEX IS ZERO, she immerse herself into romantic and sweet girl.I also like her dark character in WHAT HAPPENED IN BALI. Her role in that drama could make the audience hated her becoz of her indecisiveness in choosing the right guy. I also hate her for toying with In sung and Ji sub character . Honestly...right after SE GA, I watched WHIB to ease my withdrawal mode. And it works. Right to this moment....I still think Jo in sung and So ji sub are the most powerful opponents for Hyun Bin if I've to make a choice who is the super best partner on screen for HA ji won. Their sizzling chemistry with jiwon in WHIB is at the same par with what the JUWONRAIM couple has in SE GA. Try to watch WHIB if you don't trust me.

    Personally thinking...Jiwon for me just like an open book. She come to you in different face, different style and different vibe ...depending on what character and transcript she has. Well ...that's how great acting should be..right? And I think it's the right time for me to give her a standing ovation [ IF I have a chance]. She deserve all the grand awards that being given to her all this while after all her greats efforts in nailing her characters. She is indeed an AMAZING woman either in reel or real life.

    EDIT: Hi..niknokdagu. I currently downloading LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL from this link.

    Drama 2001 LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL
  • purpleZpurpleZ DreamlandPosts: 1,973Member


    edited February 2011
    @coppersun: Awww, I meet my fan here :) Glad you like my videos. You know, I've been wanting to make MV's out of SG, but I know SBS is very strict. I'm afraid my new account will be terminated too, so perhaps I'll wait a bit. Lately, many more unseen WHIB clips are surfacing in tudou. But they're only to be viewed in China :(

    @ps3hl: Thank you for your compliments too. If you ever need any graphics for your blog, let me know. But I think you're quite creative yourself :)
    Before you start WHIB, I think it's wise to read some of the ending spoilers, to avoid heart break. I think most of you have already known that it has a frustrating ending, especially if you're shipping for the couple already...

    Oh right, I've been wanting to know the link to FB SG Perv Club. Since you mention it, would you post me the link please? Yup, purpleziye was my username in YT and pZiye is the new purpleziye. Thanks for your compliments. Of course you may use the pics for your wallpaper. As long as you give the credits to me if you use it outside :)

    I know which one you mean, I'll have to look in which clip the cut is found.

    @ps3hl & kjkfan7: Thanks for hardsubbing and translating the Duelist VIP premiere clip! You guys are awesome. Speaking of Duelist, sharing with you the pics of KDW, HJW rehearsing :wub:

    KDW, Jiwonnie with a dog :)


    Thank you all for your support! :wub:

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  • ganaaxganaax Posts: 423Member


    from upcoming movie sector 7


    some random pic......




    from sex is zero
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  • koblokoblo Posts: 105Member
    Thanks so much for sharing news and pictures of HJW =D Starting to miss HJW onscreen =(
  • niknokdagu425niknokdagu425 Posts: 872Member



    Welcome to the club,truly hajiwon is indeed an amazing woman, glad you like WHIB shes really indecisive as being Lee Soo Joung, who wouldnt be if  you are about to choose between Jo In Sung and So Ji SUp i really dont how, both are handsome and are willing to give you everything,but im really into Jo In Sung he is my type of guy i like guys who are babyface and funny.Thanks for the Life is beautiful Links ive been looking for this for


    Thank you so much,by the way, i downloaded in my ipod one of your video clip,the insatiable attraction, im always watching it,i really love it.thanks againsmile.gif

    @ps3hl and kjkfan7
    thanks again for that beautiful

    thanks for pics especially the Sex is zero pics

    Thanks to all Hajiwon's fans for your continuous love and support  
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  • gle_perrygle_perry seoulPosts: 368Member


    ps3hl wrote on 21 February 2011 - 12:07 AM:

    *quoted image*
    [ENG] 'Duelist' Movie Premiere - Kang Dong Won + Ha Ji Won + Ahn Sung Ki


    Translations: kjkfan7

    Sorry it took me a while to finish this. :)

    hyun bin is also coming to the movie premiere Duelist ..
  • gle_perrygle_perry seoulPosts: 368Member


    @ viki peipei

    Secret Garden" Amazing Concert at 19h March 12th .


    with OST' singers Baek Ji Young, Kim Bum Soo, 4Men, Bois...

  • niknokdagu425niknokdagu425 Posts: 872Member


    edited February 2011


    sweet jiwon


    HAJIWON AND JO IN SUNG my favorite clip


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  • seemaseema Posts: 258Member


    Thanks for the welcome. Yeah...I really like jiwon team up with in sung and ji sub in WHIB. I think we are in the same ship...going gaga for jo in sung and jiwon tandem. You're right to say that in sung has a babyface feature or cute and funny guy. If I'm not mistaken...from what I read in the interview article that uxmod translated, jiwon like the guy who is fun and cute. From WHIB bts, we can see In sung acted funny around Jiwon and always teased her. This scenario also goes to Kwong sang woo in their Bang-bang CF bts.

    ps3hl & kjkfan
    A very big THANK YOU for all the hardworks: subbing and translating for all the clips given. Your teamwork with uxmod are marvellous. JOB WELL DONE!

    Purple Z
    Thanks for the pics of jiwon and Kang dong won. How I wish this pair can be acted again opposite each other in drama series after dong won having finished his army. I can't get enough of them in DUELIST movie becoz of the time limit. If they can do a 20 episode dramas... then I can have plenty of time to ship them as a beautiful on screen couple.

    ganaax & gle perry
    Thanks a lot for the pictures and infos.
  • coppersuncoppersun Posts: 361Member


    Really miss those days Jo in sung , soji sub, kang dong wan N dear HJW...bring back all those memories. II save remember i watch WHIB three times repeating just love each of their character.
  • limestar08limestar08 Posts: 14Member


    edited February 2011
    Hi everyone, i'm a big fan of Ha Ji Won too.
    Can anyone help me to find HD version or 720p version or Bluray of movie  "Duelist" (2005) (Starring Kang Dong Won & Ha Ji Won)?
    I need it in a hurry!
    Please help me as soon as possible.
    Thanks in advance :)
  • ps3hlps3hl Posts: 133Member
    limestar08 wrote on 22 February 2011 - 07:33 AM:

    Hi everyone, i'm a big fan of Ha Ji Won too.
    Can anyone help me to find HD version or 720p version or Bluray of movie  "Duelist" (2005) (Starring Kang Dong Won & Ha Ji Won)?
    I need it in a hurry!
    Please help me as soon as possible.
    Thanks in advance :)

    Hi there,

    You can check with SilentRegrets or maybe YellowCinema. Hope this helps! ;)
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  • maccaymaccay Posts: 1,053Member


    Ha Ji Won Interview

    uxmod or kjkfan7 kindly translate, please and thanks!


    Because of her charismatic performance in Secret Garden, Ha Ji Won ranked No.1 in popularity according to a special survey receiving 47%, beating Soo Ae of Athena- 39% , Moon Geun Young-9%.

    I like this thread, everyone shares anything about JiWon, be it her new or past projects.
    Oh coppersun i wish i live in Korea but I'm from Canada. ;)
    I hope i can find that W Korea magazine here.

    ganaax i truly enjoyed watching JiWon in Family Outing. I love her laugh and her efforts in doing her tasks with a smile.

    I'll be rewatching WHIB after I'm done with Hwang Jin Yi. ;)
  • RAINLUVER012RAINLUVER012 Posts: 389Member


    I just finished Hwang JinYi and I feel like rewatching WHIB and Damo now.
    I may just start a HJW marathon. :D
    Because she's such a hard worker, there are so many different movies/dramas to watch: horror, drama, romance, comedy, action, historical! haha
    And she is a completely different character in each project.
    Soon my computer will be filled with her work :D
  • niknokdagu425niknokdagu425 Posts: 872Member


    edited February 2011
    Estee Lauder CF My link
    Hajiwon Interview My link
    credits to Jiwonwonderland
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  • gle_perrygle_perry seoulPosts: 368Member


    I really was idolized HJW, because not only beautiful but has a very good acting ..
    since watching the drama WHIB, I immediately liked her acting ...
  • rori0711rori0711 Posts: 309Member


    Ha Jiwon could be very intimating actress yet she's not. She keeps her two feet in the ground despite her solid background in films and dramas. She's not arrogant. She keeps getting better and better. She's focus and hardworking. She deserves all the happiness and love. :)
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  • coppersuncoppersun Posts: 361Member


    HiHi, found this  video guys going to enjoy !uxmod or kjkfan7 need your help , add up to our SG video, thanks.
  • the girl who!the girl who! ♥ forever 이민정 ♥ PeruPosts: 31,527Member


    Ha Ji Won for ELLE Korea March Edition :



    pretty as always!

    source : Daum
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