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Son Ye Jin 손예진



  • jcldfcjcldfc Posts: 59Member
    edited April 2011
    you know I've been listening to Big Bang's new song "Love Song" and you can hear TOP rap/sing " nan ye jin hee". I'm pretty sure it's not about our girl but it's pretty cool to hear her name " ye jin" in their new song. Check it out!  Does anyone know the meaning of "ye jin" ?

    TOP and SYJ were photographed at Blue Dragon awards standing next to each other heheheh

    Also check out Night after Night this week I think they talk with idol stars and Seulong from 2AM and Personal taste is on and I think they're going to talk about Busan Film Awards and Seulong hanging out at the hotel with "L girl" and "S girl" and I'm thinking it's Lee MIn JUng and SYJ!  Lee Min Jung said she's close with Seulong and we all know she's close with SYJ, they probably were hanging out together.

    edit:: actually TOP says "yuh jin hee"  my bad
  • mona_rukiamona_rukia Posts: 101Member
    SYJ @ 2011 Chatelaine Fan Signing Event

    ...missing her...


    from Son Ye Jin (손예진) Unofficial Fan Page

    she's so ADORABLE ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ in the videos...

    [孫藝珍] OHUI簽名會-2_20110402

    [孫藝珍] OHUI簽名會-1_20110402
  • cris14cris14 Posts: 1,386Member
    missing her too mona..really.. :tears:
    i cant wait to see her again promoting eerie..
    thanks for bringing those over mona.. I missed you guys too!

    JC: you sure are matchmaking TOP-SYJ..hahaha why not?..
  • reydioreydio Posts: 66Member


    Thanks mona!! Wow, she looks real good. Wish I could just fly and get her autograph from here.....oh well. Aloha All to SYJ'ers!!
  • mona_rukiamona_rukia Posts: 101Member
    waaaaaaahhhhhh were gone for a long time ...and the other SYJ'ers too.....was wondering what's up with that.....sooooo glad to see familiar names....
  • cris14cris14 Posts: 1,386Member
    edited April 2011
    i am still here mona..i visit all the time.. i am sad too that some people hasn't visited for a long time..but that's okay..thanks for updating this thread while i am busy with some other things also. I really cant do everything at the same time..i have to sacrifice something which is really sad..but dont worry eerie promotion is near so, i promise to give updates as well together with you..ok?! thanks mona!

    jc: do you have any idea what this is? what is this picture about?
  • jcldfcjcldfc Posts: 59Member
    Hello... I think that picture is gallery for  the movie Tower, it says it starts shooting 4/11?? I think but I'm not sure.
  • mona_rukiamona_rukia Posts: 101Member
    Don't worry Cris ..I'll be holding down the fort while you're busy...heheheheh

    It just gets lonely sometimes...anyway i'll be bringing updates to keep the thread going....

    SYJ'ers Fighting!
  • reydioreydio Posts: 66Member


    Thanks mona and cris for the constant's always nice to see her pics. I just re-watched her old movie "Crazy First Love".......she still looks the same.

    Aloha and Mahalo SYJ'ers!! Aja!!
  • mona_rukiamona_rukia Posts: 101Member
    Reydio -- i agree with you she still looks the same as her old movies...though she definitely has a more mature 'woman' look right now....but there are also times she still looks so young and fresh....haaaaayyyyyy........

  • cris14cris14 Posts: 1,386Member
    손예진, '오싹한 연애' 마쳤다…"고생도 많았지만 즐거운 시간"

    [노컷뉴스 영화팀 황성운 기자] 손예진, 이민기의 목숨 건 연애담을 그린 로맨틱 코미디 '오싹한 연애'가 지난 4일, 3개월 간의 촬영을 끝마쳤다.

    '오싹한 연애'는 예기치 않은 사고 이후 귀신을 보게 된 여자 여리(손예진)와 귀신과 마술하는 남자 조구(이민기)의 연애담을 그린 작품.

    지 난해 12월 첫 촬영을 시작한 '오싹한 연애'는 지난 4일 여리의 사고 장면 촬영으로 크랭크업했다. 평범한 여고생이었던 여리가 물에 빠져 순간적으로 숨이 끊겼다가 다시 깨어난 후 귀신을 보는 능력을 갖게 되는 매우 중요한 장면이다.

    마 지막 촬영을 마친 손예진은 "지난 겨울 폭설과 변덕스러운 날씨 때문에 고생도 많았지만 즐거운 시간이었다"고 소감을 전했다. 또 손예진과 호흡을 맞춘 이민기는 "로맨틱 코미디지만 로맨스 외에도 마술쇼 등 볼거리가 많은 영화가 될 것"이라며 "오싹하지만 사랑스러운 영화를 기다려달라"고 기대를 더했다.

    '오싹한 연애'는 '시실리 2km', '두 얼굴의 여친' 등을 집필한 황인호 작가의 감독 데뷔작이다. 후반 작업을 거쳐, 올 하반기 개봉될 예정이다.

    jc? hehehe help out!

    Son Ye-jin and Lee Min-ki finish up "Chilling Romance"

    Son Ye-jin and Lee Min-ki finished shooting the movie "Chilling Romance" in three months and started cranking up. Having first started shooting last December, the shooting of "Chilling Romance" ended with Yeo-ri (Son Ye-jin) in an accident on the 4th of April. She is a normal high school student who drowns and loses consciousness for a while but wakes up again and has the ability to see ghosts.

    According to the production crew, Son Ye-jin was very tensed up as the scene that day was very tragic according to the layout of the story. Son Ye-jin said, "It was difficult shooting the drama because of the snow and changing weather conditions last winter but it was fun". Lee Min-ki, who acted Jo Goo, popular illusionist of a horror magic show said, "It's a romantic comedy but there are many other things to see such as the magic shows". "Chilling Romance" is about the relationship between Yeo-ri who sees ghost after an unexpected accident and Jo Goo the magician. It is also a feature-film bu director Hwang In-ho, who was a scenario writer from "Sisily 2km" and "2 Faces of My Girlfriend". The movie is to be released in the later half of the year.

    credit link:

  • mona_rukiamona_rukia Posts: 101Member
    Son Ye-jin, Lee Min-ki finish shooting new romance flick
    by Son Ye Jin 손예진 World (Intn'l Syjers Page) on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 8:48pm
    Korean actress Son Ye-jin and actor Lee Min-ki have finished shooting a new horror romance film, according to the film's distributor CJ Entertainment.

    On Tuesday, CJ announced in a press release that Son and Lee recently completed filming their feature flick tentatively titled "Eerie Romance" which will open in local theaters during the latter half of the year.

    "Eerie Romance," helmed by first-time director Hwang In-ho, tells the love story that blossoms between Yeo-ri who starts seeing ghosts after an accident and Jo-goo, a magician that performs magic tricks with ghosts.

    "The cast and the staff went through a lot of hardships because of the weather this winter but I still had a lot of fun working on this film," Son was quoted as saying, while co-star Lee explained that "Eerie Romance" contains various genres that the audience will enjoy.

    Son made her debut in 2001 through MBC drama "Delicious Proposal" and has since appeared in many successful TV series and movies including "Summer Scent" (KBS, 2003), "Alone in Love" (SBS, 2006) “Personal Taste” (MBC, 2010) and movie "The Classic" in 2003.

    Lee made his debut in the entertainment industry in 2005 with his role in the drama “Be Strong, Geum Soon!” (MBC, 2005) followed by appearing in the series "I Really Really Like You" (MBC, 2006) and films "A Good Day to Have an Affair" (2007) and the Korean blockbuster "Haeundae" (2009), which was the highest-grossing Korean film that year.

    Reporter : Lucia Hong luciahong@
    Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@
    <ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>

    from: Son Ye Jin 손예진 World (Intn'l Syjers Page)

    Cris do you know who is the admin of the fb Son Ye Jin 손예진 World (Intn'l Syjers Page)????
  • mona_rukiamona_rukia Posts: 101Member
    shining yejin

    below are some behind the scenes from her previous works thanks to Son Ye Jin 손예진 World (Intn'l Syjers Page)

  • reydioreydio Posts: 66Member


    Thanks mona!!!......bottom picture must be from "A Moment To Remember"...........
  • kpopindiafankpopindiafan Posts: 24Member


    @Drewdo::WOW!! u actualy gotta meet jess!!!m sooo jealous!!!
  • ching22194ching22194 NeverlandPosts: 912Member


    I was watching Secret garden in youtube and i didn't know she was having a cameo appearance in that drama so i was really shocked. Watching her makes me realize how much i missed her...
  • imang_yejinimang_yejin Posts: 7Member


    i miss yejin :(
    does all of you lives in korea?
  • reydioreydio Posts: 66Member


    edited April 2011
    imang_yejin wrote on 22 April 2011 - 03:17 AM:

    i miss yejin :(
    does all of you lives in korea?

    i know, can't wait to see her new movies or hopefully a drama this year.....
    btw, I'm from Pearl City, Hawaii....will probably visit Korea next year

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