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the side effects from WASHING YOUR HAIR TOO MUCH??

ANJEE&lt;3ANJEE<3 GOT SEOUL!?! <3~~Posts: 3,947Member


edited April 2006 in beauty & fashion
haha yeah... i practically wash it everyday... like 6x a week... and sometimes... i would wash it twice a day.. morning + night... like i'm not even dirty or sweaty... but i just feel like taking a shower and washing my hair for no reason

well i heard that washing it often is good for hair growth.. which i want cause i want it longer so i can do more with it...

and a bad thing i heard was that it will get more oily because you're washing out the natural nutrients... anything else that is bad???

also i know that you're supposed to wash it everyother day... but i just can't do that... my hair starts to bug me after i wake up or after i come home from school


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