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PharmacistPharmacist Posts: 44Member
edited October 2005 in general discussion
Soompi Official Wrestling Thread
Well since everything got deleted it was only a matter of time before someone restarted another wrestling here we go. Any and all news, infos and whatnots relating wrestling lets bring it here.
Ill start. So heres my 2 cents with the WWE Homecoming last monday...
• Angle vs HBK match was awesome but kinda unsatisfied with the ending.
• Wish the Undertaker made an appearance
• Bra and Panties Match...Just when u thought womens matches couldnt get worse it did.
• Linda McMahon F'd up
• HHH is looking flabby
• This was Raw why was smackdown there?
• Hogan got cut short due to time..haha
• Stephanie is looking pretty good
• When Flair was getting his Richard Simmons kicked crazy, why didnt AA do anything?? He appeared immediatly in the next segment so im sure some fans were thinking the same thing.
• Cena still sucks


this will be the wrestling offical thread


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